Lambert mac Cillian

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Seeming: Wilder

Kith: Sidhe

House: Balor

Age: 26

Lambert is a relatively recent arrival to Whidbey, having only been on the island for a few months (as of the first session just before Samhain). He is originally from County Cavan in Ireland, and came to the Duchy of Evergreen a little over a year ago, for reasons not spread outside the Ducal household. Lambert is happy to tell people that Sitheach is 'a friend of the family' but has heretofore been cagey on the circumstances of his immigration. Whatever the case, Sitheach kept Lambert close in Seattle for that first year. While living in the Duke's household, he acquired a local reputation as a monster hunter, and something of an expert on Prodigals in particular, and it is common knowledge that he is an initiate of the Guardians of the Gate. It seemed appropriate that he take on a mortal job as a bounty hunter, so he signed on with a bail bond agency in Seattle. Over the summer, Duke Sitheach agreed to allow his ward a greater measure of independence. Lambert moved to Whidbey, where the DUke was pleased to have him as something of a representative of his House in the Free Land.

Lambert is very tall (6'5"), and strangely proportioned: his House Balor heritage has marked him with shins and forearms that are noticeably too long for the rest of his body. He is medium-fair complected, with wavy, chin-length silver hair (brown in mortal seeming). His eyes, in both fae and mortal seeming, are violet limned with gold. He is almost always wearing jeans with a t shirt and the same dark brown leather jacket, probably because he doesn't have that many clothes that fit him properly. In terms of outward personality, he is mostly friendly if a little wary; but can sometimes be moody and volatile. Lambert's weapon of choice is a greatsword that he calls Caretaker.

Lambert portrait sketch