Katia Dyess

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Katia is eighteen, the youngest child of Ombretta and Laurain Dyess, with short, straight black hair and gray eyes. She is very beautiful, and many bachelors are competing for her hand in marriage. She gives the impression of being quite flighty and superficial, but this is largely an act. For several years her brother raped and tormented her in secret, but after she cut her hair short, he said that she was too ugly for him to bother with. She was quite willing to help in the heroes' efforts to lay him low. In order to escape her family, she married Loick Talavera, with whom she had reached an understanding. She brought charges against Davilas, but they were dismissed by Patriarch Azarel Waring, under the influence of her mother. Loick was goaded into challenging Davilas to a duel, but before that could take place, Kalman killed Davilas in another duel. Katia remained confused about her feelings, however, and was beginning to explore those feelings near the end of the campaign.

See Katia Talavera.