Interesting Times: Xeph

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Xeph prefer finesse over brute force and subtlety over bluntness. This is true of how they see combat, art, jokes and almost any other aspect of their lives. They are quick to welcome people and make friends, but hold fierce grudges when betrayed by someone they trusted. Xephs are full of energy, but tend to live in the present rather than plan for the future.

Physical Description:

Xephs stant about 5’6” tall and are slender in build. Their Skin is typically brown and their eyes are dark. Their hair is usually black and straight; some wear it clipped short, while others shave their heads except for a topknot and weave that hair into a single long braid. It can be hard to tell the Xeph from a Human until you see their eyes. Xephs eyes are dark all the way through. With the rest of their eye being the same colour as their iris.


The Xeph traveled the ocean with the Kenku, coming from a continent far to the west. They are very close to the Kenku and understand their ways better than the other races. Their personalities match well with the Proudfoot and some of them have learned the ways of the Beguiler form them. Xeph apparently have some Dromite hives in their lands back west and made efforts to seek them out here on this continent. Recently Xephs have taking a strong liking to sea travel. This has led to far more contact with Lizardfolk. This contact has been both friendly and aggressive depending on the ships involved.


Xephs tend fairly strongly towards good rather than evil but only slightly chaos over law. However they tend to work quite well with people of varying alignments. The do not tend to expect others to believe as they do.

Xeph Lands:

Xephs on this continent live on a peninsula on the south-west corner of the continent. Their primary settlement is against the side of a mountain and between the steep mountain and the rainforest canopy very little light gets in. The Xeph seem to like it that way. On their native continent they live in deep valleys that get very little sun. Xeph prefer to be nocturnal in areas that doesn’t have a lot of sun cover.


Xephs do not talk about their history much with outsiders. What is common is their beautiful songs of travel and exploration. Xephs claim that they have traveled all over creation and have songs to prove it. Since each songwriter took a few liberties with the story, Xephs histories are beautiful, but not that accurate. It is known that they have been on this continent since before the time of the humans, but apparently they don’t have much communication with their ancestral lands. Some Elder Xephs know the true histories of their people, but it is seldom taught, even to other Xephs. Only the oldest and wisest Xephs learn what is know as “The Song of Truth”.

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