Interesting Times: Naming conventions

From RocksfallWiki

So, Curtana sugested I should pick a area of the world for each race for names. That way allt he gnomes have similar names, same with Elves, Orcs etc.

So here is what I've come up with so far. Let me know what people think.

Elves: Tolkien type Elf names

Dwarves: Tolkien type Dwarf names.

Proudfoot: Celtic

Ghostwise: Welsh

Gnomes: Spanish

Orcs: Slavic

Lizardfolk: Italian

Kobolds: Scicilian

Xephs: Fraci Persian

Kenku: Japanese

Dromtie: Instead of picking a real world language to base there names off, I want to go with insectoid sounding names, the the Thri-kreen and such.

Goblin: Greek.

Humans: Swahili

This is one area were I'd really like some feedback from people. Naming is something I always have trouble with.