Interesting Times: Humans

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As a race humans have learned to adapt or die. They don’t tend to have lofty long term goals and tend to take on the customs of the peoples they live around. Humans have been forced to adapt to the countries they live in. Humans do not tend to give up in the face of adversity, those who did died out long ago.

Physical description

As the PHB. Humans skin color varies more than most other races. They can go from quite pale to very dark. Skin color is genetic.


Humans can be found in every country in the world. Although few humans have strong political influence they have helped shape the modern policy of many countries. Their greatest asset has been agriculture. Although most cultures grew their own crops, few were as good at it as the humans. This increase in food production has been enough of a boon to many cultures that they want to keep the humans around. Humans greatest advances have been with the Orcs. They started out as slaves and chattel, but more recently they have gained further acceptance in Orc society. Some even leading Orc tribes or factions.

Human Lands:

Humans have no lands to call their own. Some human settlements within Elven land have quite a bit of autonomy but they still must fall under Elven rules. A group of humans led by a powerful Ardent claimed a valley in Dwarf lands as their own. This led to a short one-sided war with the Dwarves that soured relations with them.


Not much is well known of the time before the planar migration. Most humans were unaware that the greatest magic users of their age were working together to save a race on a dying world. Humans refer to the decline of their world as “the horror”. What truly caused it has been lost. Some Dwarven historians believe the initial accounts may have been describing widespread Ziggurix infestation. Others believe it was a volcanic eruption of unimagined power. Whatever the reason, humans were transported to a new prime-material plane, naked and confused. Over the last 1000 years humans have made a steady climb back from the brink of extinction. Despite integrating into every major civilization on the continent, Humans still do not have a country of their own. It has been difficult for them to gain strong political power and although each country has some humans that have risen to power and prominence, as a race they still remain second class citizens. Even in countries that treated them well from the beginning such as the Elves. Many Human adventurers have become extremely interested in trying to find out what happened 1000 years ago and what led to the destruction of their home plane.