Interesting Times: Gnomes

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Gnomes are inquisitive, sometimes to the point of being reckless. They enjoy jokes and pranks that take some thought or a sharp wit to pull off. They make good engineers, explorers and bards. They are quite fond of democracy, but can be a little hypocritical about it, because in Gnomish lands only Gnomes get to vote. Although personal freedom is very important to Gnomes, they also have a strong sense of patriotism, and have accepted some laws that limit their freedoms in favor protecting them as a people. (Such as the laws limiting firearms.)

Physical Description



Gnomes have very close relations with the Dwarves. They also get along very well with the Proudfoot. So well in fact that a group of Proudfoot Beguilers started a guild of Beguilers in the Gnomish capitol. Gnomes have a particular distaste for Goblins and Kobolds, particularly Goblins. They feel that the Goblins are always trying to steal their technology and innovations. The Gnomes and Dwarves work closely defending their territories. They have begun coordinating efforts in their war against the Orcs. Also, since the Dwarves no longer have access to the sea, many Dwarf cargoes pass through Gnomish lands first. Gnomes have grudgingly accepted the Kobold bank into their territory. The The Commerce League has quite a bit of influence in Gnomish territory (some would say too much) and the prospects of a second bank was too tempting for them. Gnomes are on fairly good terms with most other countries. They are very competitive against the Lizardfolk, but mostly in the realm of trade and commerce, no so much in war.


Gnomes tend fairly strongly towards being good aligned. While individuals tend towards chaotic alignments, as a country they are fairly Lawful.

Gnome Lands

Part of Gnomish lands are above ground and part of it are underground. Great cliffs hang over the edge of the water, making attacks from the sea difficult against them. They use a complicated series of pulleys and elevators to lift good ups from their bay. Their lands are ruled by a democracy, with a President at its head. Each adult Gnome is given one vote in elections. They vote on their President, members of parliament, and judges. There is a political movement to give more than just Gnomes the vote, but so far it has failed to pick up much support. Humans have integrated quite well into Gnomish society. They make excellent businessmen and do well in the Commerce League. Although they still do not get a vote in Gnomish politics, some have gained enough wealth to be quite influential in the political scene. Gnomes also have the only air force in existence and are the only race to use gunpowder. Firearms are still quite rare at the moment, and all firearms are considered property of the government. Individuals can't own them themselves. They pay for special carry permits to use them. The Gnomish Musketeers is a highly effective fighting force of Gnomes and Dwarves that help keep their lands safe.