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Askuo Barbarian, male, age 25

Background: You are the son of Tebex, the chieftain of your tribe, and the greatest warrior of your tribe in this generation. Because your generation has been decimated by attacks, injuries, disease, and forced assimilation, however, this might not be saying as much as it used to. Still, it is your responsibility to protect your people, gain glory in battle, and, with some luck, to take on your father's role one day. You are also of (or indeed somewhat past) the age when you might be expected to marry and carry on your family's noble line, although with your tribe's numbers dwindling, your choices are somewhat limited. You will do what you must to preserve your family lineage, keep your peoples' traditional lands secure from incursion, and to drive back the Aveyronnais with force if need be.

The dragon Kaldruss fell in battle, dying a valiant warrior's death, and he deserves to be properly honoured for that. To have his remains go missing is a great affront to his spirit, which may be unable to rest in peace. Besides, if you do this service for the Aveyronnais duchess, perhaps you can persuade her to leave your people's lands alone, or even form an alliance with you that will benefit both parties.