House rules

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  • The following skills do not exist: Fly, Knowledge (planes), Spellcraft, Use Magic Device.
  • Knowledge (arcana) emulates all effects of the Spellcraft skill except those relating to creating magic items for which magic checks are used instead.
  • Linguistics may be used to acquire one additional language at character creation, if you spend a rank on it (languages may also be purchased using backgrounds, or acquired automatically by your class). Additional languages beyond these are acquired every 3 ranks above 1 (4 ranks = 2 additional languages, e.g.), as long as there is a firm rationale for it in game.
  • Heal: Treat Deadly Wounds takes only one use of a healer’s kit, and has a DC of 15 instead of 20. It still takes an hour to work.


  • Item creation feats other than Brew Potion do not exist as normal. Mystics receive the feat Craft Magic Item at 9th level which allows them to create permanent magic items. Herbalists receive Brew Potion for free at 1st level and Craft Wondrous Item to create non-permanent wondrous items at 7th level.
  • Point-Blank Shot is not a prerequisite for Precise Shot, Far Shot, or Rapid Shot.
  • Arcane Armor Training: reduces arcane failure chance by 20%
  • Arcane Armor Mastery: reduces arcane failure chance by 30%


  • Traits purchased using backgrounds or the Additional Traits feat can be from any of the categories, including the same categories as your two original traits.