Homoventures Chapter 4, Part 8

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Homoventures session logs
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Justen and Xan talk to Athos before leaving Imbros to try and find the wise woman Karala.


Session date: July 22, 2014
Diablotin date: Spring 2275

<Justen> well... I guess it's time to head out
<Xandhil> right
<Xandhil> find Athos and then go?
<Justen> we should stop here again on the way back, if we get a chance, it's nice
* Justen nods
* Justen gathers up his pack, ready to head downstairs
* Xandhil picks up his bag of holding and grins cheekily ;)
<Justen> *sigh*
* Xandhil get the rst of his stuff too though, and will head down with you
<DiablotinNarrator> Athos is sitting at the bar when you get there
* NPC1 is now known as Athos
<Athos> Heading off, are you?
<Xandhil> yes
<Xandhil> we did some diving in the lake though this morning
<Athos> oh, really?
<Athos> How did it go?
* Xandhil 's hair is probably still wet, even
<Xandhil> well!
<Xandhil> I had some spells that helped us get down pretty far
* Xandhil says vaguely
* Athos nods, listening with considerable interest
<Xandhil> there is the remains of a town down there
<Xandhil> and a monument ot orelius, marking his downfall
<Athos> So maybe the stories are true, about there having been a battle there, before it was covered with water
<Xandhil> maybe!
<Xandhil> there was definietly something there
<Xandhil> we found a few other things too
* Xandhil shows him the bowl
<Athos> oh, that's neat!
<Xandhil> there was some armour too, but I dind't think it would survive
* Athos nods
<Xandhil> there are also some big... moster turtle-y things down there, so be careful if anyone else wants to try and diver for stuff
<Xandhil> but I think you could distracted with other food
<Xandhil> (distract it)
<Athos> uh, okay... good to know.
<Xandhil> thanks for the tip off, anyway :)
<Xandhil> we're off to see if we can find that wise woman on our way out of town
<Athos> Okay, good luck.
<Xandhil> thanks
<Athos> Maybe on your way back from this tomb or whatever it is, you might stop in here again? I'd really like to know about what you find there.
<Xandhil> We'd like to!
<Xandhil> Justen was just saying that :)
* Athos smiles
<Justen> I was, it's true! Not just because your family's inn is comfortable and has great food and music, although that always helps ;)
<Xandhil> heh
<Xandhil> it is nice though
<Athos> well, you're welcome back anytime, of course :)
<Athos> we'd love to have you, er, see you again.
<Justen> We'll do our best to make it back here.
<Justen> So we can tell you all about the things we dig up.
<Athos> Thanks
<Xandhil> :)
<Xandhil> Shall we, then?
<Justen> Sure
<Athos> Good luck and safe travels!
<Xandhil> thanks!
<Justen> Thank you
* Justen shoulders his bag again, ready to set off
* Xandhil grabs hsi stuff as well
<Xandhil> do we actually know where we are going?
<Justen> well, we have the directions Athos gave us... hopefully that'll be good enough?
<Xandhil> keen
<Xandhil> then off we go :)
* Justen nods, heading north out of the village
<Xandhil> do you think he was insinuating anything with his little slip there? ^-^
<Justen> hmm?
<Xandhil> "have you no I mean see you?"
<Justen> oh, maybe? or maybe he just thought it sounded inappropriate in Aveyronnais, if it's not his first language.
<Xandhil> maybe
<Justen> when we go back, we can investigate further ;)
<Xandhil> I suppose allll the cute boys we meet can be gay ;p
<Xandhil> or whatever
<Xandhil> into guys
<Justen> it's because you're so alluring ^-^
* Justen takes your hand for a quick squeeze
<Xandhil> ?me squeezes back
* Xandhil squeezes back
<Xandhil> I think its the package ;)
<Xandhil> not my package
<Xandhil> but us
<Xandhil> though my pckage is pretty impressive
<Justen> it really is
<Justen> and sometimes I think, maybe in small villages and stuff, some guys have never met other ... guy-loving-guys.
<Xandhil> that's true
<Justen> so maybe it's a bit like 'ohh that's a thing?'
<Xandhil> we're just brining the mansex to the needy
<Xandhil> like fuck missionaries
* Justen laughs
<Justen> it's a good deed
<Xandhil> fuck missionary position is way better than the alternative though ;)
* Justen laughs again
<Xandhil> ^-^
<Justen> isn't that all the positions? for.. education? ^-^
<Xandhil> yes ^-^
<Xandhil> gonna secure thoe converst >:D
<Xandhil> I bet we'd be far more popular than the Way of the Wheel
<Justen> oh, definitely.
<Justen> although maybe Serpent already has the market cornered in that department?
<Justen> though I think they don't market it right ;p
<Xandhil> yeah...
<Xandhil> We need more Sirrises
<Xandhil> fewer of the crazy vak Andras types
<Justen> yeah
<Justen> I guess it's the sort of thing that could take a while to sort out
<Xandhil> he was pretty fond of our pitch, as I recall ^-^
<Justen> he hadn't seen anyone in thousands of years, he might have fucked anyone who found him ;)
<Justen> but I'm happy to take a little credit for his fuck-friendly attitudes ^-^
<Xandhil> ^-^
<Xandhil> I don't think he had anything to complain about with us anyway
<Xandhil> Am was...
<Xandhil> that was quite a trip @_@
<Justen> it was... sometimes I don't think anything will quite top that, but on the other hand, I'm happy that things are so much better with us since then.
<Xandhil> yeah
* Xandhil squeezes your hand again
<Xandhil> I was thinking that too
* Justen smiles, squeezing back
<Xandhil> all these other adventures are cool
<Xandhil> but that changed so much
* Justen nods
<Justen> it was really a wake-up for me... realizing how much I cared about you and didn't want to lose you.
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> I'm glad
<Xandhil> because I really do love you
<Xandhil> so much
<Justen> I love you too
* Justen leans over to kiss your cheek
* Xandhil smiles and blushes a bit
<Justen> I think this is where Athos told us to go more north-west, towards those hills over there
* Xandhil nods and will head that way
<Justen> and after we walk for a while, we're supposed to come to a stream, and then follow that until we get to her house
<Justen> probably at this rate, by the time we get there, it'll only be an hour or two until sunset.
<Xandhil> yeah...
<Xandhil> maybe she *will* have a guest room >.>
<Justen> we can ask, anyway
<Justen> even if not a room, maybe she won't mind if we want to sleep by the fire
<Xandhil> yeah
<Xandhil> or we can tent nearby maybe
* Justen nods
<Xandhil> at least
<Xandhil> (trufax - I can't remember what we wanted to talk to her for -_-)
<Xandhil> (checking the logs ;)
<DiablotinNarrator> (well, Athos said she was a priest of some non-Wheel sort, and I thiiink you wanted to see if she knew anything about local legends, or about horny goat-legged men ;)
<Xandhil> (oh yes ^-^)
<Xandhil> So how do we do this?
<Justen> hm? how do we get there?
<Xandhil> no
<Xandhil> I mean
<Xandhil> sdo we just knock
<Xandhil> and say "hello, we heard you were an interesting but eccentric wild woman, perhaps you can help us identify some local guardians?"
<Justen> hmm
<Justen> maybe just ask if we can talk to her, and then try to bring the subject around to that once we're inside?
* Xandhil nods
<Justen> it's either that or have you fake a sprained ankle or something ;)
<Justen> those are my best ideas
<Xandhil> heh
<Xandhil> I think we can probably muddle through the first
* Justen nods
<Xandhil> wise woman probably means healer which means she'll know I'm faking right away
<Justen> and if that doesn't work, we'll walk off and then you can start screaming in pain ;)
* Justen teases
<Xandhil> ;p
<Justen> I can hear the stream, it sounds like it's just a little bit this way...
* Xandhil nods
* Justen leads you over in that direction, until you come across a small, rocky stream
<Justen> and then we just follow it upstream I guess
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> hopefully it is on this side :p
<Justen> at least we can get a drink if we get thirsty
<Xandhil> eyah
<Justen> hey, showoff, you can fly across it, I'm the one who would get my feet wet ;)
<Xandhil> pft
<Xandhil> really we could teleport if we wanted
<Xandhil> I'm not dressed for flying though
<Justen> I could probably jump across it, it's not *that* wide
<Xandhil> It didn't seem like there would be much of a chance for it today
<Xandhil> yeah
<Xandhil> you could carry me ^-^
<Justen> I could :)
<Justen> or you could jump too, and maybe actually sprain your ankle ;)
<Xandhil> hee
<Xandhil> maybe
* Justen and you continue along the stream for maybe another hour or more, until you're able to spot a small, brightly painted cottage nestled between two hills
<Justen> that must be it... no one else probably lives this far away from the village
<Xandhil> yeah
<Xandhil> well it's certainly....visible
<Justen> yeah...
<Justen> maybe she's not so reclusive as we thought
<Xandhil> well
<Xandhil> she is still way out in the middle of nowhere
<Justen> true
<Justen> maybe she just likes bright colours
<Xandhil> who knows - I guess we'll see?
* Justen nods
<Justen> looks like we're on the right side of the stream, at least
<Justen> no risky jumping ;)
<Xandhil> shall we, then?
* Justen nods
<Justen> lead the way :)