Hildegard Maelstrom

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Race: Dwarf

Nationality: Vinmarker

Age: 29

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 4'9"

Weight: 175 lbs

Religion: Dreherist Unitist

Hildegard was born in Stordam to a military family. Her grandmother was Yngred Maelstrom, a famous Stordammer general who died in battle before Hildegard's birth. She grew up determined to follow in her grandmother's footsteps as a great soldier and tactician, and trained for most of her childhood with her grandmother's sword and the musket.

She was accepted as a landed officer under the Stordammer conscription policy at the age of 21 and spent 4 years in officer school refining her skills, but during her first battle she lead a cavalry charge down a hill and her horse was shot out from under her. The horse collapsed on top of her, pinning and crushing her leg. She was pinned between the horse and a rocky ledge until nightfall as the battle raged around her. When she was finally pulled out by her comrades her leg was battered beyond repair and even healing magic could not fully restore its functionality. As she could no longer walk or run without difficulty, she was discharged from the army and relieved of the land holdings she had gained as an officer.

With nothing else to do and no real purpose she was recruited by her great-aunt Marta to go to the new world as an ostensible overseer for the security of their family's holdings there, which were under the control of Hildegard's second cousin Skalla Stormsvallvag, who was something of the black sheep of the family. She was instructed to also keep an eye on Skala's plans for the family business interests and to report back and uphold the interests of the family in all matters.