Hazen Trefusis

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Hazen is the eldest son of an ancient and noble family who have fallen on hard times. His family have never forgotten that a Trefusis once married Emperor Dreux III vak Andras (back about a thousand years ago), but it’s all been downhill since then. Particularly in the last century, due to a combination of bad luck and centuries of debts, the Trefusis family fortunes had diminished to the point where Hazen’s grandfather was forced to sell the family’s ancestral home in the Grand. His father wound up working in the administration of Emperor Marl Kizer, holding a minor post in the Lord Chancellor’s office. It was enough to maintain their family’s modest lifestyle (a house in the Pavillion, a tutor for the children) but not enough to host lavish parties or buy elaborate clothing - a respectable middle class upbringing, though never quite being allowed to forget their former greatness. A career in the church seemed a wise course for Hazen, who is by nature a prudent and responsible sort. Meanwhile, his younger brother Merric was always troublesome and reckless, getting into trouble and running up gambling debts that the family could ill-afford to pay off.

The final straw came when Hazen learned that Merric had pawned a family heirloom - a magical sword that had been handed down to him from generations past. In an effort to keep this information from their parents, and to extricate his brother once and for all from his debts, Hazen undertook to deal with the problem himself. He went to the Chance-House in Pearl City and eventually found himself face to face with its infamous owner, Garlan Hyde, a dangerous criminal who is said to have once escaped from the Imperial dungeons and a known associate of the Corriveau crime family. This has led him down a path he would never have anticipated taking, and one which he hopes will soon be at an end, so that he can put it all behind him and pretend it never happened.

Hazen is tall and muscular, wholesome-looking and more kindly than handsome. He has brown hair and blue eyes. Although not wealthy or particularly powerful, he has some of the typical attitudes of a nobleman, and has not been extensively exposed to the seedier side of the city. He is very loyal to his family, his faith, and his girlfriend, Neva Lourival.