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Aveyronnais Rogue, male, age 47

Background: You are a sailor and smuggler, a wanderer and a scoundrel, working for the highest bidder, or just for yourself. You have travelled the waters all along the coast of Aveyrone since you were a boy, first on other captains' ships, and eventually on your own vessel, the Dart. You make your living in whatever way necessary - ferrying passengers, taking cargo back and forth across the strait or between the islands, an occasional spot of smuggling or piracy. You know these waters like the back of your hand. One day, perhaps, you'd like to settle down - you're not as young as you used to be, after all - but that day is not quite yet.

The duchess needs help finding a dragon skull that got misplaced? And there's a reward involved? Sounds like an easy way to make some money, and having a duchess owe you a favour is never a bad thing either.