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Askuo Shaman, female, age 38

Background: You are the last remaining shaman of your people, the Askuo. As the shaman, you commune with the spirits of the sea, land, and sky in order to help guide and protect your people. Since the Aveyronnais came to your island, the spirits have been troubled and your people have been dwindling. If no change is made, then in another generation or two, they will likely be gone, either dead or swallowed up into the Aveyronnais without remembering their true heritage. Your own daughter, Nekane, who should one day have taken over your role, went to the city and disappeared there two years ago. You don't know if there's anything you can do to overcome these trials, but you try to resist the urge to despair and remain strong for the rest of your tribe.

Lately the spirits have been more disturbed than usual, particularly in the coastal marshy areas. You are greatly concerned that something is wrong there, but you aren't sure what - the Aveyronnais have only a minimal presence there, as far as you know, seeing little use in the swampy land. It's possible that the disturbance is somehow related to the dragons' return, but you can't be sure without looking into it yourself. Besides, if you provide this aid to the Aveyronnais duchess, perhaps she can help you to locate your missing daughter.