Echo (Gnomeland)

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Echo, as an anthropomorphised figure, is a being, usually female, who was born directly from the power of the Word echoic from the newly created world. She often serves as a trickster archetype in many clan myths, and the priests often serve this function as well. People who are mentally unbalanced are sometimes thought to be especially in tune to Echo, and often pushed towards joining the priesthood. The main temples of Echo are kept by the Highpeaks, who actually control an oracle. Clerics of Echo often serve as political advisors to the clan leaders, but generally this cult is not as significant to your average gnome as Druidic practice.

Clerics of Echo focus on the power of the Word of creation, seeking to tap into the power of the Creator by listening for the echoes. They believe that the power of the creator continues to be carried by sound, in these echoes, and that by listening to and for them, they can tap into the prime force, and that all things carry these echoes with them. Detecting and deciphering the echoes is a difficult prospect, as they are always distorted and incomplete.