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Colonel Nathanel Dixon was born in 1942. He was the middle son of a family that could trace its involvement in the US military to the Revolutionary War. He has 2 other brothers and 3 sisters who all have families of their own.

He graduated top of his class from West Point in 1964 as a second lieutenant in the US Army. He served a tour in Vietnam where because of his intelligence and service record he quickly rose through the ranks and was placed into Special Forces. He participated in various highly classified missions into Laos and Cambodia as part of the Omega Group. He served with distinction earning numerous commendations and medals including the Army Distinguished Service Cross and the Soldier’s Medal.

It was during this time that he volunteered to participate in a program to create superpowers in soldiers - the K-47 Project. The experiments gave him heightened strength, agility and toughness as well as a danger sense, heightened healing, and minor telepathy.

He led a team of soldiers like himself on numerous clandestine missions of national security around the world. Eventually the program was disbanded and the army not knowing what to do with him placed him at a desk. He started to drink heavily and he retired shortly after the first Gulf War because he was unhappy with his placement at a desk and also because he was starting to suffer from symptoms that were later to be diagnosed as Multiple Scelorisos, even though doctors noticed some differences from his symptoms and a typical case of MS.

Due to both physical problems caused by his illness and his lifetime service in the military in various secretive branches he was unable to function properly in society. Eventually becoming destitute he wound up in a VA hospital confined to a wheelchair. However, he was able to control his alcoholism. He has begun to believe that his illness was caused by the experiments that he participated in especially in light of the loss of almost all of his powers.

He was approached by Rosa Enterprises because of his military expertise, experience with fighting and commanding Metas in the field, and his proven discretion involving top secret material. Their original intent was to have him as a trainer and coordinator. Once told of the nature of the project he agreed only if something could be designed for him to physically be in the field. He sees this as his chance to be part of a combat team again and to have the freedom of movement that he lacks because of his wheelchair.

Col. Dixon was the field leader of the Menagerie team up until his declining health precluded further use of his tran-tech creature, the Myrmidon. He is now largely confined to the facility, as his kidneys have begun to fail as well and he requires the use of a dialysis machine. Dixon is a black ops vet, and ran the team like a military unit as much as possible. His no-nonsense command attitude made him a sort of mentor figure to Monarch, although some of the other team members found him hard to take. [edit] Dixon Leaving (OOC)

The following was issued by the GM, regarding Dixon's departure after his player moved to stupid Korea.

I was hoping to get to roleplay this out, but unfortunately it didn't work out that way. A major conference would be called; every major NPC is there, (except Ridgemont of course) and Sgt. Bentley does most of the talking. Irregularities have shown up in Dixon's standing wave from using the Tran-tech. We always knew he had more trouble using it than other people but now it's showing that long term use could cause serious brain damage. Because of this, Dixon can no longer use the tran-tech and must be pulled from active duty. We hope that eventually the technology reaches the point that he can again safely use it. Dixon will still be part of the team; feel free to talk to him about anything you might want help with. We will be looking at possible replacements for the field team, but we don't have any at the moment. We want to sincerely thank Dixon for what he's done for the team so far. His experience and field command have really set a standard for this team.