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Session date: May 13, 2018
Diablotin date:


<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - as mentioned, we don't have Tuck today, so I think we have everyone who is expected to be here

<DiablotinNarrator> Just one thing before we start, in case I forget to mention it at the end. Even though it's a session early, I'm going to have you guys level up after this game. The main reason is because I think we are probably 2 or maybe 3 sessions from the end, and if I leave it until after next session it might be in an awkward place to level (or else be kind of pointless at that point).

<DiablotinNarrator> you might as well get the benefit of your last level before the climactic showdown ;)

<Hettienne> cool

<Denise> woooh!

<Argent> neat

<Hugonel> yay levels!

<Genevriel> cool

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - are there any questions before we get started?

<Hugonel> do we have an order or is it just chaos?

<DiablotinNarrator> I was going to do your thing first, just in case you need to leave to go get Arthur

<DiablotinNarrator> other than that, no specific order unless someone requests it

<Hugonel> ok

<Denise> did steve's thing from last time ever get finished? :o

<DiablotinNarrator> ... apparently we forgot ;p

<Denise> heh

<Hugonel> well let's get started because arthur could call at any moment

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

Hugo invites Dasra to Denise's wedding

<DiablotinNarrator> Hugo, you get a phone call at home.

<Hugonel> (what time of day is it?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (afternoon - let's say this is a couple days before Denise's wedding)

  • Hugonel answers the phone.

<Hugonel> Hello?

<Dasra> hi Hugo.

<Dasra> how are you?

<Hugonel> Dasra! How nice to hear from you!

<Hugonel> I'm well - and you?

<Dasra> I'm all right. I got back to the city yesterday and thought I would call.

<Hugonel> Things here have been all right - quiet for me, at least, for the past little while, compared to my many recent travels.

<Dasra> Hopefully you haven't been bored.

  • Hugonel laughs.

<Hugonel> No, I could use the rest.

<Dasra> Well, that's good then.

<Dasra> I had a good break as well. Quiet. Lots of time to think.

<Hugonel> I'm afraid it's just a brief pause in my case.

<Dasra> Oh? What do you have coming up?

<Hugonel> Well, other than the usual weddings, family events, and so on, I seem to have a number of unresolved threads in my life.

<Dasra> Hugo dear, I think that's just life. Unless it's over, there are unresolved threads.

  • Hugonel laughs.

<Hugonel> That's the truth.

<Hugonel> What do you have coming up?

<Dasra> Well, a few plans with friends - lunches and so forth, to try and start to catch up on what I've missed since I've been gone... or even before, really. Other than that, not too much.

<Dasra> I'm trying to ease back into life.

<Hugonel> I get that.

<Hugonel> Hey, here's a crazy thought, maybe.

<Hugonel> Come with me to Denise Murodea's wedding.

<Dasra> ah... all right. When is it?

<Hugonel> In two days.

<Dasra> Okay. isn't she a bit young to be getting married? Who is she marrying? will I know anyone else there besides you?

<Hugonel> His name is Enver. Good sort, nice working class fellow, but friends with the Emperor.

<Hugonel> You'll know all of my random collection of friends who seem to get mixed up in things.

<Hugonel> I think the Emperor and Empress are coming - I assume they are at least, I haven't seen a guest list.

<Dasra> all right.

<Hugonel> I've never been to a Rat wedding - are they different, I wonder?

<Dasra> I imagine it depends on the Rats. Some of them have priests - I think there are others as well, but I'm not really an expert.

<Dasra> I won't put you on the spot by asking what we're going as, other than old friends.

  • Hugonel laughs.

<Hugonel> As my guest, of course. Guest and guest, arm in arm.

<Dasra> That seems fair.

<Dasra> All right - when shall I expect you to pick me up, then?

<Hugonel> Ah, that's a good question, let me check the invitation.

<Hugonel> It starts at 3, so, let's say, I'll come over early afternoon, we can have a drink and then head over?

<Dasra> Sounds lovely. See you then!

<Hugonel> Of course, it'll be a grand time!

Denise gets ready for her wedding

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, on to the actual wedding then :)


<DiablotinNarrator> The wedding is being held at a hall in Rhenea (I think I said Rhenea, now I'm second-guessing myself)

<Denise> (sure sounds good ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> People will be gathering ahead of time, of course. Since the bride's family's side is large and the groom's side is small, I think they can probably fill up Enver's side with friends and associates ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> I have a list of about 70 people who'll be there and I've probably forgotten someone or not included people who don't have an NPC description, like, idk, Denise's next door neighours or whatever other people she invited from her home neighbourhood :)

<DiablotinNarrator> so I would figure there are probably 100 or more people there.

<DiablotinNarrator> And of course, because two of those people are Janelle and Ander, there's a cluster of photographers and reporters outside, but they don't get to come in ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> I'll go over at least some of who is there, for reference of who is available to talk to later, or just in case you're curious :)

<DiablotinNarrator> All the Murodeas, obviously. That's a lot right there.

<DiablotinNarrator> Denise's various mobster friends and associates.

<Denise> (did Yvie make it? :3)

<DiablotinNarrator> Yes, Yvie will be there, but she will basically just be staying for the ceremony.

<DiablotinNarrator> I'll imagine Margaux is sitting with her :)

<Denise> (yay!)

<DiablotinNarrator> A contingent of family members from Ariege. That includes Denise's great-grandparents, and her aunt Aina, and Aina's four kids. As well, Enver's grandmother and his uncle came.

<DiablotinNarrator> Various folks from Tits' - Jed (and Vera), Jonas (and Caurisa), Haft, Geff and Osmyn, Neva.

<DiablotinNarrator> Zola (and Noren), Lathra (and Leiris).

<DiablotinNarrator> Xan and Justen.

<DiablotinNarrator> Silvia, Sirris, and Iris.

<DiablotinNarrator> Helgea, Swynny, Ralf's little sister Dinah.

<DiablotinNarrator> Alea Pervenche, who may or may not have been invited.

<DiablotinNarrator> Syrez and Lhyphena, in order to terrify Dorien.

<DiablotinNarrator> I assume all of you are bringing various +1s as well :)

<DiablotinNarrator> Mikel is performing the ceremony. No pressure.

<DiablotinNarrator> Let's do a couple short scenes with the bride and groom (separately) before the ceremony :)

<DiablotinNarrator> Denise, you have Mireva there to reassure you, and ... are you having your dad walk you down the aisle?

<Denise> (keen)

<Denise> (Yeha, I think thwy're at a point where that seems like a reasonable thing)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay)

  • Denise is trying not to fuss with her hair and stuff
  • Elcie can also be there, making sure everything is okay before the ceremony :3

<Elcie> You look lovely, sweetheart. Don't worry about a thing.

<Denise> I know, I'm so excited, I don't know why I'm so nervous :3

<Mireva> 'Cause you're getting married!

  • Patric is mostly quiet and focusing on straightening his tie.

<Denise> yeah, like, just - it don't seem real, or somethin' @_@

<Elcie> You too, Pat - your tie is fine, leave it alone.

  • Denise keeps herself from fussing with her own tie >.>

<Denise> You look nice, Da :3

<Patric> Ah... it'll do I guess.

<Patric> Everyone'll be lookin' at you, not me. You're the star of the show.

  • Denise bites her lip at that, then looks in the mirror to see if the smudged her lipstick or gt any on her teeth

<Denise> ugh, I just gotta... not touch nothin D:

<Elcie> Just be yourself, and be happy - that's all that really matters.

<Denise> :3

<Denise> okay

  • Elcie sniffles a little, getting a handkerchief out of her purse.

<Elcie> My little girl :3

<Denise> oh ma'am :3

  • Denise will giver her a hug
  • Elcie hugs you back

<Elcie> All right I guess it's time for me to go sit down... I love you, dear.

<Denise> I love you too :3

  • Elcie hugs Patric too, before going to take her seat.

<Patric> Hrm. Well. I'm real happy for you, Denise. Seems like you got a good fella, an' he makes you happy.

  • Patric seems to feel like he should say something.

<Denise> :3

<Denise> He is - thanks da.

  • Denise will hig him too
  • Patric hugs you back.

<Patric> I hope you'll be as happy as me an' your mam have been. Even through hard times, you'll have each other.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> We'll be real happy - an real strng together. You'll see.

<Denise> (strong)

  • Patric nods

<Denise> Do I still look okay?

  • Denise checks with Mireva

<Mireva> You look perfect... here.

  • Mireva makes a tiny adjustment to your hair

<Denise> :3

  • Denise gives her a hug too

<Denise> OKay, now I'm ready.

  • Mireva hugs you back

Argent helps Enver overcome his nerves

<DiablotinNarrator> Meanwhile, Enver and Argent are hanging out as well - Enver is nervous so probably needs some reassurance.

<Enver> There's a lot of people out there @_@

<Argent> Relax... you got this

<Argent> A lot of people are happy for your and Denise

<Argent> (you)

<Enver> yeah...

  • Enver smiles a bit at that

<Argent> forget about them, and just focus on her, and this will be everything you want

  • Enver nods

<Enver> oh, uh, sorry if it's weird for you to stand up with Mireva - I didn't really think about that when I asked you >.> But you two are friends, right, so it'll be okay?

<Argent> It's fine, we're fine

<Enver> okay

<Argent> even if we weren't neither of us would let it get in the way of today

<Argent> so not a thing to worry about, even for a minute

<Enver> I know. I mean, I know you wouldn't, I just... want everyone to have a good time, you know? Not have anyone be awkward or upset or anything.

<Argent> I'm just really glad to be a part of all this

<Enver> Thanks for doing this.

  • Enver takes a couple of deep breaths, working on calming himself down.
  • Argent gives him a big smile
  • Enver manages a somewhat more nervous smile back

<Argent> besides, this will probably be the last time either of us sees Denise in a dress

<Enver> hah... I'm not sure she's wearing a dress :o I mean.. I don't know, but I seen some sketches Hettie made...

  • Argent rolls his eyes

<Argent> ... can't even let me get one jab in

  • Enver smiles at that
  • Argent shrugs

<Argent> there goes half my speech

<Enver> heh

The wedding

<DiablotinNarrator> Just before the ceremony is about to start, some more guests arrive, a rather odd assortment. They look more or less human (maybe less if you look closely) and will sit near the back of the hall, just watching curiously or cautiously, and occasionally shushing their pockets.

<DiablotinNarrator> Of course those of you who were in the First World will recognize them, or most of them. Some look a bit different than you remember (Giant Hettie is Medium Hettie for the occasion, for instance) and a few you don't recognize at all, but maybe they're in disguise.

  • Mikel will get up at the front of the hall, wearing his green Channel cloak, and Enver and Argent can take up their positions as well.
  • Mireva will enter from the back of the hall, followed by Patric with Denise beside him.
  • Denise is wearing a very nice pantsuit, like this, only on a more sandy colour and with a long jacket, with a bouquet of white and pale pink roses

<DiablotinNarrator> Of course, everyone will look to see the bride enter :3

<Denise> (https://www.flickr.com/photos/night_owl_inthewoods/5712308583/in/photostream)

  • Enver looks kind of stunned and then gives a big smile.
  • Patric walks his daughter down the aisle, looking Very Serious, and will give her a kiss on the cheek before letting go.
  • Denise is smiling like a fool as well
  • Enver takes your hand when you get to his side.

<Enver> <w> hi... you look great :3

<Denise> <w> you too :3

  • Enver says while there's still music playing to cover his words
  • Mikel looks out over the assembled guests, trying not to be nervous even though it's his sister's wedding and if he screws it up she'll never let him forget about it ;)
  • Denise smiles encouragingly at him

<Mikel> <r> Brothers and sisters, today we meet to join together two of our loved ones in marriage.

  • Mikel then repeats the same words in Aveyronnais, but I'm not going to do every line twice ;) just assume this is being done bilingually, for the benefit of those who don't speak Rat.

<Mikel> <r> Denise and Enver, you have come before us to receive our blessing on your union. By making your promises to one another, you are joining not only yourselves, but your families, all those who come before and after you.

<Mikel> <r> From this day, you will walk the same passages, watching over one another, taking each step together.

<Mikel> <r> Before these witnesses, let your vows be spoken, that all may bless them.

  • Mikel turns to Enver first.
  • Enver clears his throat, a bit nervous, before speaking.

<Enver> Denise... I am so honoured to be standing here with you. You have made my life so much brighter and more full ever since I met you.

<Enver> Today I give myself to you, without holding anything back. I promise to always be there for you, through good times and bad, helping us to find the way forward together.

<Denise> :3

<Enver> I love you for your bravery and determination and kindness, your sense of adventure and the way you can find fun in any situation. I vow to be there to support you as you kick ass, now and for the rest of our lives.

  • Denise sniffs
  • Enver nods to show he's done :3

<Denise> Oh gosh I'm gonna cry :3

  • Denise says, sniffing again and wiping her eyes with her free hand

<Denise> Um.

<Denise> Beloved Enver - you took a chance on a weird girl, and you've never asked me to be anyone other than myself.

<Denise> You've loved me for who I am, and supported me, and helped me. I want to be the same for you - to be there for you and help and support you and stand by you, for whatever you need, because I know that when we're together, nothing and no one can stop us :3

<Denise> You're so smart, and thoughtful and brave, and I just love you so much :3

<Denise> I vow to to be your friend and partner through good and bad times, and what ever lies ahead, because I love you and can't imagine not being with you.

  • Denise manages to get through her vows without sniffling tooo much :3
  • Mikel smiles

<Mikel> <r> Now you have spoken your vows truthfully, willingly, and openly.

<Mikel> <r> May you hereafter be joined together, to support and care for one another, with respect and honour for the past, and trust and hope for the future.

  • Mikel gestures for you to lift your joined hands, and puts his hand over both of yours

<Mikel> <r> Together, we bless your union, we join in your hope, and we celebrate your happiness.

  • Denise does as directed
  • Mikel gives you a nod and a smile to indicate that you can kiss one another now ;)
  • Denise 's hands are a bit sweaty but she's still smiling and crying a bit :3
  • Denise will haaaaaappily do so :3
  • Enver pulls you close for a kiss. and you're not in church so technically there can't be church tongue, but there's definitely some wedding hall tongue ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> Lady will then perform her very important task of bringing the rings, which are fastened on to her collar.

  • Denise is okay with that, but also a litlr self conscious so won't let that go on tooooo long :3
  • Enver will detach them so he can put one on Denise's finger, and give her the one for him :3
  • Denise will do so, being very careful not to drop it

<Denise> (plain platinum bands - fancy because apparenlty we can afford it, but plain because we both work >.>)

<Mikel> <r> Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you M. and Mme. Enver and Denise Murodea :3

<Genevriel> (Is applause the correct response?)

<Denise> :3 :3 :3

<DiablotinNarrator> (yes, that would be appropriate :)

  • Genevriel applauds with the crowd.

<Argent> YEAH!

  • Argent claps loud
  • Denise is sniffling again, holding her husband's hand tight. Maybe a little too tight >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> Daisy the robot spider will precede the newly married couple out of the hall, scattering flower petals from a tiny basket.

<Genevriel> (Everyone from House Wolf in the audience eyes it speculatively.)

<DiablotinNarrator> After the ceremony is complete, there's some time while the hall gets set up for dinner/dancing later, so there's a bit of a break and chance for people to talk.

  • Genevriel gives Madds a shy smile, glad that he took a chance on a weird girl, too. She has been practicing walking in heels for a few weeks, perhaps to Madds' and the downstairs neighbours' detriment. And she instructed Madds to pick her up from a beautician's in time to attend Denise's wedding. She is very boldly wearing a dress for the first time since she was old enough to tell her mother "No; I hate dresses!"

<DiablotinNarrator> aw :)

<Genevriel> ( a8aff9fb5a118e849f04aa05ee2954d7.jpg )

<DiablotinNarrator> pretty!

<Genevriel> (And her hair and makeup were done by the beautician, obviously. She just wanted to look on the outside the way she feels on the inside when she is with Madds.  :) )

<Denise> (awwww)

  • Genevriel 's heels are very modest since she is so self-conscious about her natural height! She is still shorter than Madds while wearing them.
  • Argent will make the rounds as much as he can

Aubrienne introduces Thea and Titania

  • Aubrienne will mingle, but make sure to go greet the fae guests.
  • Thea will smile when you approach, although she doesn't 'see' you of course.

<Thea> We made it...

<Aubrienne> Thank goodness. I'm so glad you were able to come.

  • Thea nods, smiling.

<Aubrienne> I know Denise will be very pleased as well.

<Aubrienne> I hope the trip wasn't too much of an ordeal. :)

<Thea> Thank you for your directions. It was very helpful.

<Thea> I'm glad we were able to make it at the correct time.

<Aubrienne> I do what I can.

<Aubrienne> Oh! Let me introduce you to my wife. Let me see where she is...

  • Aubrienne will look around for Titania.
  • Titania makes her way over when she sees you looking for her.

<Titania> Hi :) These are your, ah, friends from out of town?

<Aubrienne> That they are, sweetie, though friends is not entirely accurate for some. I'm still not entirely sure what Thea and I are to each other.

<Aubrienne> Titania, this is Thea. Thea, this is my wife, Titania.

<Titania> nice to finally meet you :)

<Thea> likewise.

<Aubrienne> So, are you or any of the others planning on sticking around for a while? We'd be happy to have you stay. I have a whole apartment mostly going unused right now. :)

<Thea> Well, I think some of us will need to get back - but some might like to stay for a little while, if that's possible.

<Thea> I'm certainly interested in learning more about this place...

  • Aubrienne smiles.

<Aubrienne> You could come to the club re-opening. It's going to be great.

<Aubrienne> How are things, ah, back home?

<Thea> It's been ... eventful.

<Thea> Linthira has been deposed from her throne, and Lamis, by virtue of his marriage to her daughter Helia, has taken up the mantle of Summer King.

<Aubrienne> o.O

<Aubrienne> Interesting.

<Thea> Yes.. we'll see what comes of it.

<Aubrienne> I hope that will calm things down some.

<Aubrienne> What happens to Linthira?

<Thea> She's been bound into her tree for safekeeping. There is some hope that being there will help her to heal and recover.

<Aubrienne> Well, I'll share that hope for now.

<Aubrienne> Anyway, today is a happy day. Let's not dwell on that stuff. There are a *lot* more people to introduce you to. :)

<Thea> I'm looking forward to it. Ah... do they know who we are?

  • Thea asks a bit concerned

<Aubrienne> I think the important ones have been apprised. Did you have a cover story in mind if necessary?

<Thea> I admit I have no idea what kind of cover story might be appropriate in this situation.

<Aubrienne> You're basically family. I can say you're visiting from out of town. ;)

<Thea> All right. That sounds good to me :)

  • Aubrienne will take Thea around to introduce her to folks.

<DiablotinNarrator> okay :)

Gen introduces Madds to Vreel

  • Genevriel mingles for a bit with Madds in tow, but kind of wonders if Vreel came with the fae delegation.

<Madds> So are those... people... you've met before?

  • Madds asks, seeing you glancing in that direction

<Genevriel> Yes - you did too, remember? It's Eletheni and Giant Hettie and the others from the First World.

<Genevriel> I kind of wonder if Vreel came with them. I doubt it - she didn't think very highly of our plane.

<Madds> Some of them look a bit different...

<Madds> For instance, there are no giants ;)

<Genevriel> She shrunk herself down - that's her.

  • Madds nods
  • Genevriel indicates Giant Hettie in her medium form.

<Genevriel> They can do things like that. Vreel can make herself invisible, or at least unoticeable. Everyone just kind of forgets about her, when she wants them to.

<Madds> Ah... so I guess she could be here and we wouldn't know?

<Genevriel> Yes.

<DiablotinNarrator> There's a little tug at the hem of your dress, Gen.

  • Genevriel looks down.
  • Vreel is standing there, looking quite nervous.

<Genevriel> Oh, hi. Vreel, this is Madds. Madds, this is Vreel.

  • Vreel waves
  • Genevriel crouches down so she isn't towering over Vreel.

<Madds> Hi, it's nice to get to meet you.

  • Vreel nods

<Genevriel> I wasn't sure if you'd come.

<Vreel> I wasn't sure either, but I wanted to see you.

<Genevriel> ...

<Genevriel> I hope my being part of you for a while didn't mess things up for you.

<Genevriel> I was in a bad place at the time.

<Genevriel> In my head, I mean.

<Genevriel> The First World was quite lovely.

<Vreel> It was strange. But I learned some things as well. It broadened my horizons, I suppose you could say.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> You... helped me, too.

<Genevriel> I didn't want to come back to all the sadness. But you lost everything too, and still found things to live for.

  • Vreel smiles a little at that.

<Genevriel> I guess you're kind of responsible for me and Madds getting together. Thank you so much for that.

  • Vreel gives a little 'ah it was nothing' kind of smile/shrug.

<Vreel> What happens next at this event? I haven't been to a human wedding before.

<Genevriel> Well, I'm not exactly an expert myself, but we just hang out for a bit while the bride and groom fill out paperwork and they might also be getting some commemorative photographs taken. When they come back, the reception begins.

<Genevriel> Food and dancing, like the party at the Hollow Hall.

  • Vreel 's eyes widen a bit at that

<Vreel> <w> well, I'll be around, but I might not show myself to others. But I can speak to you, at least.

<Genevriel> All right. It's your call to make.

  • Genevriel smiles.

<Genevriel> You'd be welcome to sit with Madds and I, if you like.

<Vreel> Thank you :)

  • Vreel will slip away for a bit, but at least you don't forget you saw her.

Hettie meets her long-lost relatives from Ariege

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie, you have baby Minerva there and she's been pretty good during the ceremony, mostly just sleeping, but she wakes up as there's more commotion and is a bit more fussy.

  • Hettienne will see if she's hungry...

<Hettienne> Hey there li'l bit, shh

  • Nycki is huger than ever and can provide some screening for you if you want a bit of privacy ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> A woman comes over to you - she looks ... a lot like you, but blonde. And she isn't Giant Hettie ;)

<Aina> Hey there... ah, I guess you must be Hettienne?

<Hettienne> Uh...

<Hettienne> That's me.

  • Hettienne eyes her with wary curiosity.

<Hettienne> You must be... from Ariege

<Aina> I'm Aina... your mam's other daughter.

  • Aina says, not quite wanting to say 'your sister' yet.

<Hettienne> Dee said good things about you...

<Aina> She's a nice kid - not really a kid, I guess.

<Hettienne> So, uh, nice to meet you.

  • Hettienne awkwardly extends a hand while holding up the baby with the other, boob out and all
  • Aina shakes hands, indifferent to boobs ;)

<Aina> Is this your first?

  • Aina asks of the baby.

<Hettienne> Yeah. It that obvious?

<Hettienne> Her name's Minerva...

<Aina> Aw that's pretty :)

<Hettienne> and this here's Nycki

<Aina> Nah, not obvious, just I figured if you had bigger ones they'd be hangin' around you. 'Course, mine aren't, so what do I know?

  • Hettienne looks up at her very pregnant partner :3
  • Aina gestures in the general direction of wherever her kids have run off to.

<Nycki> Hi, nice to meet you

  • Aina will shake her hand as well.

<Aina> My kids are around somewhere.. four of 'em.

<Hettienne> Oh yeah? how old?

<Aina> Reva's nineteen, the twins are thirteen, an' Cylla's the baby, she's six.

<Hettienne> They enjoyin' the city?

<Aina> Yeah, it's their first time here, everything's real exciting.

<Aina> We're plannin' on stayin' for about a week, if you wanna see 'bout gettin' together sometime... that'd be nice. I don't wanna impose though, I know you got a new baby an' all.

<Hettienne> No that'd be... that'd be real nice...

<Aina> All right :)

<Hettienne> You got a phone where you're at?

<Aina> Yeah, it's a hotel, the Silver Lion. Nice place.

<Hettienne> I'll give you the number then. :)

<Aina> Hey, an'... my folks - my grandparents, I mean - they're over here, if you wanna come say hi. Once you finish feedin' the little one, of course. But I know they're real excited to meet you an' your brothers.

<Hettienne> Oh... :o

<Hettienne> Sure!

  • Hettienne peers at them curiously.
  • Aina gestures to a rather nervous looking older lady and a matching little old man who keeps asking her who people are.

<Hettienne> :3

<Aina> Well, it's real nice to meet you. I'll talk to you again soon :)

<Hettienne> Yeah! Have fun! :3

<Aina> thanks :)

  • Aina heads off to check on what her kids are getting into.
  • Nycki puts a hand on your arm.

<Nycki> you okay?

<Hettienne> Yeah...

<Hettienne> It's just... weird.

  • Nycki nods

<Hettienne> I dunno if it's gotta be more weird for her or us.

<Nycki> yeah... well, she seems nice at least. hopefully it'll get less weird.

<Hettienne> I wonder why she never told us...

<Hettienne> I guess I ain't never gonna know.

<Nycki> People make dumb choices sometimes. I guess she prolly figured she was doin' what was best for her kids - all of 'em. But it don't mean she was right, necessarily.

<Hettienne> S'pose so.

  • Hettienne sighs.

<Hettienne> (what's my dad doing)

<DiablotinNarrator> I'll say Patric's keeping an eye on him so he doesn't get hold of booze, and they're sitting and not talking to each other.

<Hettienne> I hope Dee talked to Papa.

<Hettienne> About them Ariege folks I mean.

  • Hettienne frets.

<Nycki> Ah I'm sure she woulda... she wouldn't wanna spring that on him at her wedding.

<Hettienne> Yeah.

<Hettienne> Well, he seems alright.

  • Nycki nods

<Hettienne> I should go see those folks. My.. grandparents?

  • Hettienne says, tucking her boob away.
  • Nycki nods.

<Hettienne> Would you come with me?

<Nycki> 'Course.

<Hettienne> Thanks, babe...

<Nycki> If they ain't okay with their granddaughter bein' a big old dyke then you don't want 'em anyway, so might as well know up front ;)

  • Hettienne laughs loudly.
  • Hettienne gets up and takes your hand, cradling Minerva in her other arm.
  • Nycki will go over to the elderly couple with you.
  • Hettienne approaches with caution.
  • Corinne looks up at you and gives a nervous smile.

<Hettienne> Uh, hi there

<Hettienne> You uh, enjoyin' the party?

<Corinne> Hello.. oh.. you look so much like your mother :3

  • Corinne says a bit wistfully
  • Hettienne laughs nervously.

<Hettienne> Ain't no one said that to me in... a long time

<Corinne> Monty, this is Yvonne's girl - Hettienne, is that right?

<Hettienne> Yeah... you can call me Hettie, if you want.

  • Corinne nudges her husband to say something

<Corinne> Hettie, then :) Such a lovely name...

<Hettienne> An' this is m' wife Nycki

<Hettienne> and Minerva :3

<Monty> Hm? Wife? What?

<Corinne> She said this is her wife, and her little girl.

  • Corinne says louder for her somewhat deaf husband's benefit.

<Monty> All right, woman, you don't need to yell. I got it. Nice to meet all you lovely ladies.

  • Monty will stand up and shakes hands with you and Nycki.

<Hettienne> It's real nice to meet you.

<Corinne> We're just glad we could come... It was a long trip but we're so happy to be here.

<Hettienne> D'you uh, d'you wanna meet the boys?

<Corinne> Oh yes, we'd love to!

  • Hettienne scopes out the room to locate her brothers.

<Corinne> It's just so.... such a relief. To know that our Yvie was happy and had such a lovely family...

<Hettienne> SHe wa... the was great.

<Hettienne> You guys must have missed her a lot...

  • Corinne dabs at her eyes with a handkerchief, which she's had ready since even before the wedding ceremony I'm sure.
  • Hettienne says a little guiltily

<Hettienne> (she was great)

<Corinne> oh yes, we did. but we had Aina and we knew at least that Yvie had found a place for herself too. It was hard not having her in our lives, but ... I hope now we can make up for some of that time.

<Hettienne> I hope so too...

  • Nycki can go help round up your brothers to bring them over and meet their grandparents too ;)

<Hettienne> (cool cool)

<Nycki> Hey - maybe when you're done here, we could take Minnie over to meet Ander too. If you want, anyway. I know there's a lot goin' on right now, don't wanna get carried away.

<Hettienne> Sure!

<Hettienne> she's awake anyway, so now's as good a time...

  • Nycki says to you as an aside, while your grandparents are busy commenting on how handsome all these boys are, re your brothers :)
  • Nycki nods
  • Ander is trying to hang back and not cause too much fuss by being The Emperor ;)

<Hettienne> Heya

<Ander> oh, hey :)

<Hettienne> Swell shindig huh

<Ander> it's real nice - they're a great couple, I'm real happy for 'em both.

<Hettienne> Yeah.

<Ander> How're you doin'?

<Hettienne> So far so good...

<Hettienne> This here's Minerva

<Hettienne> Thought you might wanna say hello

  • Ander smiles

<Ander> She's lovely. Is it... could I hold her?

<Hettienne> Well sure...

  • Hettienne will make certain he holds her right though.
  • Ander will take her carefully, following your directions.

<Ander> hello there, Minerva :)

<Ander> Look, ah, I was wantin' to say. I know when we made this plan, I weren't Emperor, an' it weren't all so complicated.

<Ander> I don't wanna hold you to it if it's gonna be a pain for you an' your family. Ain't fair on you to get dragged into things you didn't sign up for.

<Hettienne> Oh, well.. we don't wanna make trouble for you neither...

  • Hettienne glances surreptitiously at Janelle

<Ander> Well... Janelle's all right with it, like - it weren't up to her, but she ain't mad or nothin'.

<Ander> I figure it's no one else's business, but that don't mean they'll look the other way. I mean - the Scourge or whoever.

<Hettienne> Hm.

<Nycki> Well, we can prolly deal with that if it happens. I mean I ain't above threatening reporters if I gotta :p

  • Nycki says, glancing at you.

<Hettienne> Yeah.

<Hettienne> We're big girls

  • Hettienne shrugs

<Ander> okay.

  • Ander seems relieved but also a bit nervous, like "oh now I have to figure out how this will actually work in practice"

<Ander> I guess we'll figure things out as they go. I'm glad that you got such a beautiful baby :3

  • Ander says, cooing a bit at Minerva before handing her back over to you.

<Hettienne> :3

<Nycki> Yeah, an' like... another one any day :)

  • Ander nods, smiling.

Denise plots Helgea's future

<DiablotinNarrator> Denise, Mikel and Helgea seem to be there together, so maybe things are back on with them, or they sorted stuff out? You could introduce her to Korisse/Jed/Aubrienne if you still think she would be good in movies ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> although if Josh just stepped away maybe that can wait.

<Denise> (HECK YEAH)

Hugo chats with Eletheni

<DiablotinNarrator> Hugo, a woman will step over to you and Dasra - you don't recognize her at once, but at the same time you do. It's Eletheni, only in a human form.

  • Hugonel is momentarily unsure what to say, as if caught double-timing someone ... but not?

<Hugonel> Ahh ... Ele ... theni?

<Eletheni> Hello, Hugo.

  • Eletheni 's voice is familiar at least ;)

<Hugonel> It is you! I hadn't imagined, I mean, rather, that I hadn't thought that you would be able to come.

<Eletheni> It was a fortuitous opportunity, to be sure.

<Eletheni> It's remarkable to be here.

<Hugonel> Ah, how rude of me. Please allow me to introduce you to Mme. Dasra Neherin. Dasra, this is Eletheni.

<Dasra> Lovely to meet you.

<Eletheni> And you as well.

  • Eletheni says, bowing politely to her.

<Hugonel> (what does she look like in this form? )

  • Eletheni looks sort of like her upper half, at least a bit - she has the silvery-white hair, and looks like an attractive human woman of maybe in her 30s or so.

<Hugonel> Is this the first human wedding you've attended?

<Eletheni> Indeed it is - is this a typical ceremony for your people?

<Hugonel> I suppose so, yes. It is a little odd in that the Emperor and Empress are here, despite it otherwise being fairly modest.

  • Eletheni nods

<Hugonel> And I wouldn't call Denise and Enver particularly traditional, so ... perhaps a little unexpected if you've been to lots of them.

<Eletheni> And now they are pledged to one another forever?

<Hugonel> Indeed.

<Eletheni> Vows are very serious things, among our people as well. I hope they will be able to keep theirs.

<Hugonel> I think they will. They're young but they've seen a lot. They know the stakes of what they're committing to.

  • Eletheni smiles

<Eletheni> May it be a fortunate day for them.

<Hugonel> What, uh, have you been up to of late?

<Eletheni> Oh... this and that. Helping overthrow the Summer Queen.

<Hugonel> Ah, yes, err, and that was ... a success?

<Eletheni> It is yet to be seen - the situation is still uncertain, but I hope so.

  • Hugonel nods.

<Hugonel> Obviously things here are more stable than they had been, but still ... well, there is much still uncertain.

<Eletheni> I hope that your efforts will also prove fruitful.

<Hugonel> Have you and the others had a chance to meet the Empress?

<Eletheni> I have not - would it be appropriate?

<Hugonel> I don't see why not. You're both guests here.

<Eletheni> Very well.

<Hugonel> Here, come with me.

<Hugonel> Dasra, dear, I'll just be a moment.

  • Dasra nods
  • Hugonel heads over to the Empress, wherever she is, fending off anyone else who may be interested in her time.

<Janelle> Ah... good afternoon, Hugo.

<Hugonel> Empress, how lovely to see you on this joyous day.

<Janelle> Yes - it was a beautiful ceremony :3

<Hugonel> I have someone I would like you to meet.

<Janelle> Oh?

<Hugonel> Yes. Please allow me to introduce you to Eletheni.

<Eletheni> Empress, it is an honour to meet you.

<Janelle> It's very nice to meet you as well, Eletheni.

<Janelle> Am I to take it that you have travelled quite far to be here today?

  • Hugonel laughs.
  • Janelle asks with a bit of a smile

<Hugonel> Is there a prize for that?

<Janelle> Perhaps only the prize of building better ties between our lands.

<Eletheni> I hope that may be so.

<Eletheni> There is still much to be done, and many who do not trust your people.

<Eletheni> But perhaps with time and goodwill, those of us who have tried to bridge those gaps will be successful.

  • Janelle nods

<Janelle> I hope so as well.

<Hugonel> Please let me know if there is anything I can do to facilitate these interactions, Empress.

<Janelle> Certainly. Thank you, Hugo.