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Session date: December 7, 2014
Diablotin date:


<DiablotinNarrator> It is the first week of 10th Month, and the weather is growing crisp and cooler, a relief from the heat of the summer and the rain of the previous month.

Zola has lunch with Valeen

<DiablotinNarrator> Zola, you have a friend-date with Valeen scheduled - do you want to meet her out somewhere, or at your house?

<Zola> (Valeen is the prof?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (she's the priestess)

<Zola> (Oh yay!)

  • Zola will meet her out someplace fun.

<Zola> (Maybe a nice bright restaurant for lunch)

<Valeen> (sure)

  • Valeen will meet you at a cute little restaurant in the Pav called the Riverside Bistro
  • Valeen bustles in and greets you with a hug when she spots you
  • Valeen is a short, plump blonde with a ready smile

<Zola> (Being a little unorthodox, do people call her sister?)

  • Valeen woudln't expect you to call her that, I don't think - unless you were teasing her or something :)
  • Zola stands to hug back. "Hiiii!"

<Valeen> Hello, darling!

<Valeen> It's been way too long - how are you doing?

<Zola> Good! The chill has given me an excuse to put away my heels ... at least for the street. You?

<Valeen> Busy, always busy! But I'm doing fine.

  • Zola is wearing tall boots & a fairly light but still fur trimmed coat hangs from her chair
  • Valeen is in a trim little red jacket and knee-length skirt
  • Valeen will sit down to peruse the menu

<Zola> I ordered us something small to start.

<Valeen> oh, lovely

<Valeen> I never know what to get, I'm so indecisive. I just want one of everything :D

<Zola> I'm sure they'd be happy to hand you that bill :)

<Valeen> probably!

<Valeen> I don't think my waistline would appreciate it though

<Zola> More reason to get out and dance :)

<Valeen> Speaking of dancing, how is work going?

<Zola> Good, things have quieted back down after that whole affair last month. It's a steady gig :)

<Valeen> That must be nice - less worrying about having enough jobs to get through the month, at least

<Zola> Yes, I felt bad for the crew who couldn't work when the cabaret was closed, but Tits did give them some pay for the week.

<Valeen> That's good

<Zola> I had another gig as Mico too... for Bright Rionet... charming House Rat boy rolling in cash.

<Valeen> ooh?

<Valeen> And was he charmed as well as charming?

<Zola> I think he came pre-charmed :)

  • Valeen chuckles

<Zola> But I get the impression he enjoyed the performance too.

<Zola> It's a bit of a shame, really...

<Valeen> That Mico has an admirer?

<Zola> Well... more that he has an admirer I'd like to admire right back :)

<Valeen> Well... do you feel like it would be worth pursuing?

<Valeen> I mean, if he's as charming and rich as you say :)

  • Zola waves her hand dismissively "Too complicated..."

<Zola> Sure if things happened more... organically, it might be worth working out.

<Zola> But two ships passing in the night sort of thing, you don't want to get onto the other ship and have to undo all the rigging and ...OK, I don't know anything about ships, but you know what I mean.

  • Valeen laughs

<Valeen> don't rule it out, anyway!

<Zola> I won't :)

<Valeen> Is there anyone else you're seeing lately? Does he have competition? ;)

<Zola> Oh, yes! Noren is back in the city.

<Valeen> oh, really?

  • Valeen looks intrigued

<Zola> For a few months now, it seems. He was at Bright's party.

<Valeen> iiinteresting ^-^

<Zola> He'd like to get to know me again :)

<Valeen> and does a spark still smoulder there?

<Zola> I wouldn't mind a little ember... I was just worried he might be thinking of the past, but he seemed to say the right things about us getting to know each other in the now.

<Valeen> He always did strike me as a very sensible boy.

<Valeen> Knows what's good for him ;)

  • Zola gives her a comical "Really?" look

<Zola> You remember he was shipped out for buying me these, right? *points*

<Valeen> Well... maybe 'sensible' is the wrong word ^-^

<Zola> Maybe ... self-aware :)

<Valeen> Yes, that could do :)

<Zola> It would be nice if it could happen again... the magic. If not I suppose we can have some fun trying :)

<Valeen> I hope so too

<Valeen> I have a little bit of a dilemma. Well, not a dilemma. A ... a decision to make.

  • Zola nods

<Zola> Clamouring suitors? :)

  • Valeen grins, showing dimples

<Valeen> Always, dear. But that's not the current problem.

<Valeen> I don't like boys who make me decide, anyway ;)

<Zola> Haha, true :)

<Valeen> No, this concerns a more... hmm, ecclesiastical matter.

<Zola> Oh?

<Valeen> Well, I don't know.

  • Valeen sighs

<Valeen> A couple have come to me and asked for my help in getting married.

<Valeen> That's nothing unusual of course, I do that all the time. It's my favourite part of the job :)

  • Zola nods

<Valeen> The only tiiiny hitch is that they're both men.

<Zola> Can't you just do it in private?

<Valeen> Well, I could - there's not much I can do about the legal side of things, of course.

<Valeen> I think that's not what's most important to them anyway

  • Zola nods

<Valeen> But if the church finds out, it could make things difficult for me.

<Zola> Pfft

<Valeen> It's really not any different than when Matriarch Pasith started doing inter-House marriages though.

<Zola> What do they know :P

<Valeen> They know how things have been, and they don't want them to change :p

<Valeen> Is it true the Church of Serpent will do weddings for people of the same sex?

<Zola> (I might know that through Hugo & others?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you've probably heard rumours that they do, but you might have to ask Hugo or someone to confirm for sure)

<Zola> I don't know for sure... I could ask some of the folk at the cabaret though.

<Valeen> Could you? That would be lovely. I don't know if they'd be interested in that, anyway, but I thought it might be an option for them.

<Valeen> But um...

  • Valeen realizes something

<Zola> I will, but why bother? You don't need them. Maybe they're all the more reason the church has to change some more... it's done so much lately.

<Valeen> If you do ask around at the cabaret, maybe be discreet?

<Zola> I will.

<Valeen> One of the men in question works there, and I wouldn't want him to think I was dropping his name around town :)

  • Valeen says, spilling the beans in the process :p

<Zola> Oooh.

  • Zola tries to think of who

<Valeen> Probably I shouldn't even have said that - at least not until things are settled and they can announce it to whoever they want

<Valeen> Darling, I'm terrible at this confidentiality part of being a priest :p

<Zola> Maybe that's what happens when you want a world where we wouldn't need it

  • Zola gives her a rueful smile.

<Zola> I admit I am now dreadfully curious.

<Valeen> Well, exactly! I don't think they should need to keep quiet if they don't want to. They're in love, so who cares who knows?

  • Zola fidgets

<Valeen> well, I would be simply awful if I told you...

<Zola> Auugh, it's so hard not to ask you

  • Zola says at the same time -_-
  • Valeen seems like she could be persuaded
  • Zola is trying hard not to -_-

<Zola> Well it can't be Ghiles, he always seems to have such a high goal with that sort of thing.

<Valeen> what if I said his job rhymes with 'tecurity'

  • Valeen says obliquely ^-^

<Zola> That's not even trying :P

<Valeen> I tried a little :p

<Valeen> nothing rhymes with it!

<Zola> So it's Geffrard?

<Valeen> Well, I didn't tell you ^-^

<Zola> I mean, I've been meaning to ask if Haft is a man, but I imagine that might bring up other issues anyway

<Valeen> but really - he's been with this fellow for years, so why shouldn't they get married?

<Zola> And Carsten seems a little young

  • Valeen sighs

<Valeen> I just want to help them be happy.

<Zola> Well if you accidentally confess to not quite telling me, you can tell him I'd be happy to throw in a song at the ceremony :)

<Valeen> Aww.. that's sweet, I'll see what they think :)

<Zola> "Wait how does she know?" "Uhm..."

<Zola> Save that until immediately *after* you agree, so they're still awash with relief :)

  • Valeen chuckles

<Valeen> That's a good point

<Zola> I think the right thing is to celebrate their Love... but I guess the choice is yours as to whether you want to deal with any hassle?

<Valeen> I think you're right - that it's the right thing to do, to challenge the church on this.

<Valeen> If it has consequences for me, then I'll deal with them.

<Zola> It's not like they can take away your priesthood, anyway. The Revelators showed that.

  • Valeen nods

<Zola> I'll be here to have a drink with you if they get on your case too bad :)

<Valeen> All right - thank you :)

<Zola> Ah, look, the appetizers.

  • Valeen is easily distracted by the arrival of the tasty food

<Zola> *OM NO NOM*

Dorien finds out his father is ill; Gen hides

<DiablotinNarrator> Dorien, you're at the club. It's a fairly slow night, middle of the week, nothing too exciting.

<DiablotinNarrator> But it's early in the evening still, so maybe it'll pick up later

  • Dorien_Voclain mills around, straightening his display and greeting people

<DiablotinNarrator> You're scanning the club, looking for any potential customers you can maybe lure over, when you spot someone you pretty much never expected to see here - your mother.

<Dorien_Voclain> ...

  • Sylvise looks distinctly uncomfortable and out of place here

<Dorien_Voclain> (Does she see me?)

  • Sylvise hasn't spotted you yet, but she is looking around as if seeking someone
  • Dorien_Voclain me will hurry discreetly over to her.

<Sylvise> Dorien! I was looking for you.

  • Sylvise says as you draw near

<Dorien_Voclain> Mother? What on Earth are you doing here?

<Sylvise> I needed to find you...

  • Sylvise seems shaken up, upset

<Dorien_Voclain> Are... are you ok?

<Sylvise> I'm all right.

<Dorien_Voclain> What's wrong?

<Sylvise> Your father's in hospital.

  • Dorien_Voclain freezes for a moment, shocked.

<Sylvise> He had a ... a bad turn this morning. His heart, they said.

<Dorien_Voclain> Does Lucette know?

<Sylvise> Yes, I was able to get in touch with *her* easily.

  • Sylvise says a bit pointedly

<Sylvise> She's with him, now.

<Dorien_Voclain> Where is he?

<Sylvise> At Mercy Hospital.

<Sylvise> .. is there somewhere we could sit for a moment? I've been running off my feet all day.

<Dorien_Voclain> Yes, of course. Give me one moment. I'll be right back.

  • Dorien_Voclain will let whoever is on bar know that he is stepping out for a moment and then escort his mother into a quiet area of the cabaret

<DiablotinNarrator> (maybe back into that area near the stairs to the basement)

<Dorien_Voclain> (yeah)

<DiablotinNarrator> (that's nearby and probably quiet)

<Dorien_Voclain> Is he... is he going to be alright?

<Sylvise> It's still touch and go. He was awake, at least when I left. But the healers said it could happen again.

<Dorien_Voclain> Gods...

<DiablotinNarrator> Gen, you are just returning from the basement with your freshly-filled flask - that stashed bottle of brandy is serving you well!

  • Gen feels pretty good today. Free booze!
  • Gen pats her flask in her vest pocket proprietarially, then stops short when she sees who is sitting near the stairs to the basement. She will try to turn around and go right back down unnoticed.
  • Gen suddenly feels sick.
  • Dorien_Voclain glances up and pales when he sees Gen standing in the stairway
  • Sylvise is still caught up in her grief and doesn't pay attention to a new arrival, yet
  • Gen quietly turns and goes back downstairs if she can, then!

<DiablotinNarrator> You can make a Stealth check, Gen

<Gen> (13)

<DiablotinNarrator> Well, you're not exactly silent, but you can turn around and hope they didn't see you

  • Dorien_Voclain tries to ignore her and turn his attention back to his mother

<Dorien_Voclain> How are you holding up?

  • Gen does turn around and find someplace to hide in the basement, and proceed to drink... probably everything she just transferred to her flask.

<Sylvise> Well, I spent half the day looking for you.

<Sylvise> That apartment of yours is in quite a ... colourful neighbourhood.

<Dorien_Voclain> You... were at my apartment?

<Sylvise> Of course I was.

<Dorien_Voclain> How did you find it? Cyrell?

<Sylvise> Yes - he was very helpful. He's a nice boy, you should spent more time with him, instead of this... this crowd you've fallen in with.

<Dorien_Voclain> Mother...

  • Sylvise sighs

<Sylvise> I know, it's not the time for that.

<Sylvise> But I worry about you, Dorien.

  • Dorien_Voclain sighs as well.

<Dorien_Voclain> I know.

  • Sylvise hugs you
  • Dorien_Voclain hugs her back.

<Dorien_Voclain> I'm sorry I haven't seen you. I've been meaning to. I just...

<DiablotinNarrator> Gen - are you going to hang out in the basement, or try to come back upstairs by another route?

  • Gen is going to have to hide out in the basement for a while as a drinking, emotional mess before her work ethic kicks back in and forces her upstairs.

<DiablotinNarrator> okay - if you're hiding out, are you hiding out near enough to the stairs to hear them talking, or would you want to go further away?

  • Gen would have gone wherever she could hide without being noticed as a slacker; she wouldn't really be thinking of eavesdropping on Dorien and her aunt.

<Sylvise> Will you come to the hospital tonight?

<Dorien_Voclain> Do you think that's wise?

  • Sylvise asks, brushing aside your excuses for why you haven't been around

<Sylvise> He would want to see you... even if it's not easy for anyone.

<Dorien_Voclain> We weren't on the best of terms last time we saw each other. It might only aggravate him.

<Sylvise> Dodo... he misses you. No matter what he said, or what you've done, he's your father.

  • Dorien_Voclain seems hesitant for a moment, but then sighs.

<Dorien_Voclain> Ok...

<Dorien_Voclain> I'll go.

  • Sylvise nods, giving you another hug

<Sylvise> I should be getting back - do you want to share a cab, or will you make your own way?

  • Dorien_Voclain think s about the awkward cab ride and the questions his mother might ask.

<Dorien_Voclain> I need to grab some things and let people know where I'll be. I'll make my own way shortly.

<Sylvise> All right. He's in room 12.

  • Dorien_Voclain nods.

<Dorien_Voclain> I'll be there.

  • Sylvise gives you a kiss on the cheek and will depart, then
  • Dorien_Voclain will gather himself and head down to the basement...
  • Dorien_Voclain walks slowly down the basement stairs. "Gennie?"
  • Gen tries to decide if she wants to see Dorien, or anyone, right now.
  • Dorien_Voclain looks around for his cousin.
  • Gen is probably doing her best to stifle sobs in a utility room or something.

<Dorien_Voclain> Gennie, I need to talk to you...

<Dorien_Voclain> Please...

  • Gen forces herself to her feet; she isn't a child and she has to work the rest of the night and he'll be working too, and so it is stupid and childish for her to try to hide.
  • Gen opens the door to the dark utility room she is in.
  • Dorien_Voclain hearsscraping sounds coming from a utility room and moves towards it.

<Dorien_Voclain> Are you ok?

  • Gen turns on the light to the utility room and turns around to refill her flask with the stowed brandy bottle.

<Gen> I'll be fine. She just looks so much like Maman.

  • Dorien_Voclain puts a hand on her shoulder.
  • Gen has obviously been crying.

<Gen> I'm glad she comes to see you.

<Gen> I'd thought... I'd thought you were estranged from both your parents.

<Dorien_Voclain> I... I am. My father is in the hospital...

<Dorien_Voclain> She came to tell me.

  • Gen turns around to face you.

<Gen> Something serious?

<Dorien_Voclain> Yes. His heart.

<Dorien_Voclain> I don't know much more than that.

<Gen> Well what are you doing here, then?

<Gen> You need to go see him. You'll regret it for the rest of your life, if you don't, and he...

<Dorien_Voclain> I...

<Dorien_Voclain> I will. I wanted to check on you, first.

  • Gen shakes her head.

<Gen> Don't worry about me. Go be with your family.

<Dorien_Voclain> Do you... do you want to come with me? They're your family too.

  • Gen looks rather stricken.

<Gen> If your father... dies, and I pray he doesn't, will my being there really be a good thing?

<Gen> Your mother will want to know about Maman, and Papa, and Andri.

<Gen> And there is only one thing I could tell her.

<Gen> She doesn't need to think about that while her husband is sick.

<Dorien_Voclain> And we'll tell her... eventually. We have to tell her some time. Right now, she could use another person to talk to. And it would lift her spirits to see you.

<Dorien_Voclain> I don't know... maybe you're right.

<Dorien_Voclain> Maybe I just... don't want to face them all alone.

<Gen> I'm not going to be able to raise anyone's spirits, Dorien.

  • Dorien_Voclain nods.

<Dorien_Voclain> Will you be ok?

<Gen> I'll be fine. Will *you* be okay?

<Dorien_Voclain> I don't know.

<Dorien_Voclain> I guess I'll find out.

  • Gen nods.
  • Dorien_Voclain wonders how it is that his life can possibly keep getting more and more complicated.

<Gen> Go, Dorien. Time is of the essence.

  • Dorien_Voclain nods. "I'll see you when I get back. I'll let you know what's happening."
  • Gen nods.
  • Dorien_Voclain hugs his cousin.

<Dorien_Voclain> Please take care of yourself.

  • Gen hugs him back as best she can with her arms.
  • Gen nods.

<Gen> I will.

  • Dorien_Voclain will take his leave.
  • Gen collapses on a bale of laundered table cloths and drinks.
  • Gen will go ask Myrtale if she can go home early, because she is not feeling well.
  • Gen could, she realizes, even tell Myrtale the truth: that she has learned her uncle is in hospital in a serious condition, and her heart is not really in the work, tonight.

Aubrienne and Lathra help Jaspart through an overdose

<DiablotinNarrator> Aubrienne, you've just finished your act for the evening, to much applause, and you and Jed are heading backstage

<Aubrienne> Told you 'Guess Your Length' would be a big hit.

<Jedrezej> You were right. We should make that a permanent part of the show :)

<Aubrienne> Yeah, and you don't have any ulterior motives there. ;)

<Jedrezej> Shush ;)

<Jedrezej> They were eating it up.

<Jedrezej> ... not literally.

<Aubrienne> This isn't that type of club.

<Jedrezej> Maybe for the after-hours entertainment ;p

  • Aubrienne laughs

<Aubrienne> So, what've you got going tonight?

<Jedrezej> Briza ^-^

<Aubrienne> You're welcome.

  • Aubrienne elbows Jed playfully

<Jedrezej> I'll decide whether to thank you tomorrow ;)

<Aubrienne> Fair point.

<DiablotinNarrator> Sonnet heads onto the stage after you, and you know that Jaspart should be up next - except he's not waiting in the wings.

<Aubrienne> Huh, that's weird.

<Aubrienne> (Is anyone else around?)

<DiablotinNarrator> Christofel is also hanging around there, apparently looking for him as well

<Aubrienne> No sign of Jaspart?

<Aubrienne> (to Christofel)

<Christofel> Not yet. I saw him earlier, when he got in. He's still in his dressing room I think. I banged on the door, but no answer.

<Christofel> He's got a few more minutes to pull himself together.

<Aubrienne> Yeah...

<Aubrienne> I'll just go check on him.

<Christofel> Okay

<Aubrienne> (to Jed) Have a good night, if I don't see you later.

<Christofel> I'll see if Zola can go on early if she has to

<Jedrezej> Thanks...

<Aubrienne> Right.

  • Christofel heads off to locate Zola, then
  • Aubrienne wanders over to Jaspart's dressing room, thinking that he wouldn't want to have to follow Zola's act if he doesn't have to.
  • Aubrienne knocks somewhat more loudly than usual

<DiablotinNarrator> There's some indistinct mumbling from the other side, and then a rather loud crash.

<Aubrienne> Oh!

  • Aubrienne tries the handle

<Aubrienne> (doorknob, whatever)

<DiablotinNarrator> It's locked

<Aubrienne> Grr

<Aubrienne> (Who would have a key?)

<DiablotinNarrator> Tits and Geff certainly

<Aubrienne> (Are there any gaps in the doorway? Like at the bottom or anything?)

<DiablotinNarrator> sure, there's a little bit of a gap at the bottom - enough that you can see light through it, anyway

<Aubrienne> (Is it big enough that Prizrak could fit through?)

<DiablotinNarrator> I'd say yes - he's a little garter snake sort of snake, right?

<DiablotinNarrator> (he/she? I forget)

<Aubrienne> (He's a tiny viper. Not sure how big that means. I assumed he was, and I know the many jokes here, is long and thin.)

<Aubrienne> (-is)

<DiablotinNarrator> (heh)

<DiablotinNarrator> (no doubt many jokes that Aubrienne has used in her act ;)

<Aubrienne> (Oh, for reals)

<DiablotinNarrator> You can send your familiar under the door

  • Aubrienne will let him slither out of his tattoo state, sending him under the door to see if Jaspart is okay.

<Aubrienne> (Is anyone else nearby? I don't want to shout if it will be heard by patrons.)

<DiablotinNarrator> Probably just other performers and crew - there wouldn't be patrons back here

<Aubrienne> (I meant if it carried, but if I'll only be heard by performers and crew, I'll shout for someone.)

<DiablotinNarrator> Yeah - Sonnet is on stage belting out some old favourite, so it should be safe

<Aubrienne> Help! Anyone around?

<Aubrienne> I might need a hand here!

  • Haft strides over, having heard your yells

<Haft> What seems to be the problem?

<Aubrienne> Haft! Thank Vrag! I think something might have happened to Jaspart.

  • Haft 's face is expressionless, as usual, but he nods

<Aubrienne> Do you have a key? Or happen to know where Geff is?

<Aubrienne> Or...

<Haft> I don't have a key.

<Haft> Do you need me to open the door?

  • Aubrienne sizes up Haft

<Aubrienne> If it wouldn't be too much trouble.

<Aubrienne> :/

<Haft> No trouble.

<Aubrienne> Do try to be careful.

  • Haft takes a step back, and then opens the door in a loud and splintery way
  • Aubrienne jumps a bit, but quickly rushes through the door.

<Haft> There. Careful.

<Aubrienne> Thank you, Haft.

<Aubrienne> (What do I see?)

  • Jaspart is lying on the floor, along with some of the junk off his dressing table, which seems to have been knocked there when he fell
  • Jaspart looks like he's completely trashed, to put it kindly

<Aubrienne> Oh, Jas...

<Jaspart> ..mhsfff?

  • Aubrienne will go to pick him up, at least get his head off the floor

<Aubrienne> Are you okay?

<DiablotinNarrator> There are a couple of empty vials and bottles you can see, which suggests a proximate cause for his current state

<Jaspart> nahh..m'okay...

  • Jaspart says as you help him up

<Aubrienne> Haft, would you mind letting Christofel know Jaspart isn't likely to be up to performing tonight?

<Haft> Yes sir.

  • Haft will head off to inform the stage manager accordingly.

<Aubrienne> You don't have to call me...

<Aubrienne> Thank you!

<Aubrienne> (She calls out after him)

<Aubrienne> (Does he have a couch or something soft he can lay on?)

<DiablotinNarrator> There is a couch, yeah.

<Jaspart> ...gotta get t'the other side ...

  • Jaspart mutters
  • Aubrienne will carefully, and likely with great effort, try to get Jaspart onto his couch.

<Aubrienne> C'mon, buddy.

<Aubrienne> What's that? The other side?

  • Jaspart isn't very large, but he's kind of dead weight at the moment, so it's a process of dragging him over there

<Aubrienne> (Heh, yeah, I figured)

<Jaspart> ... valley...

<Jaspart> where's my gun?

<Aubrienne> Whoa, your gun?

  • Jaspart fumbles around trying to find it, which makes it harder to drag him

<Aubrienne> Hey, it's okay Jas.

  • Jaspart shakes his head

<Aubrienne> You're at Tits, there's no valley, you don't need your gun.

<Jaspart> nuhh it's not

<Jaspart> not okay

  • Aubrienne really hopes he doesn't have a gun on him
  • Jaspart does not seem to actually have a gun on him, although whether there's one hidden somewhere in his dressing room is another question
  • Aubrienne lays him out on the couch with his head in her lap when she finally wrangles him onto the thing

<Aubrienne> Shhh, shhh, it's going to be all right.

<Jaspart> ...she's so pretty...

  • Jaspart mumbles dozily
  • Jaspart will obligingly lay where you put him, at least for now

<Aubrienne> (Given Aubrienne has more experience with possible overdoses, should I be trying to keep him awake?)

<DiablotinNarrator> You do think that having him fall asleep at this point might be a bad idea, yeah

<Aubrienne> Who's so pretty, Jas?

<Christofel> What the void ...?

  • Christofel shows up in the doorway, peering in at the scene

<Christofel> Not going on tonight, huh?

<Aubrienne> Yeaaaaah, I'm thinking not.

<Christofel> :/

<Christofel> Does he need to see Lathra?

<Aubrienne> He might, actually, if someone could send her in here.

<Christofel> I can get her if you think it'd be a good idea

  • Zola peeks in briefly.
  • Christofel nods and will head off to find her

<Zola> So right after Sonnet it is...

<Aubrienne> Heya Zola, sorry, you're going to need to go on a bit early.

<Aubrienne> Jas, you still with me?

  • Zola nods and heads back to her dressing room.

<Jaspart> .. 's dark... can't see for all the trees...

<Aubrienne> The trees sound bad, funny man. Let's try to focus on the pretty lady.

<Aubrienne> (That could have been read as very worrying. :p)

<DiablotinNarrator> Lathra, Christofel comes to find you and let you know that Jaspart isn't well

  • Lathra grabs her things and rushes over

<Jaspart> I see her Aubri... she's not gone...

<Aubrienne> Who's not gone, Jaspart?

<Jaspart> the lady in the trees

<DiablotinNarrator> you can arrive, Lathra - it's not that far

<Lathra> What's going on?

  • Lathra starts checking Jaspert for trauma

<Aubrienne> He took too much of something.

<Aubrienne> I hadn't had much chance to see what.

  • Lathra casts detect poison

<Aubrienne> Who's the lady in the trees, Jaspart?

<Aubrienne> He keeps talking about a valley, and trees, and some lady.

<DiablotinNarrator> Lathra - you detect poison

<DiablotinNarrator> But that could in theory just be drugs.. you can make your Wis check or Craft:Alchemy if you have it to figure out what it is

<Lathra> (Is it likely that I'd own an antidote kit or anything similar? The kit is like 100g)

<Lathra> (Ok, I'll do that for sure!)

<Lathra> (20)

<DiablotinNarrator> good enough!

<DiablotinNarrator> Lathra - you think Exile, most likely. He has a little cut on his arm that could have happened in the fall, but his symptoms plus the cut make you suspect the drug instead

<DiablotinNarrator> And while you don't likely own your own antidote kit, I think it's the sort of thing the club woudl keep on hand for situations like this...

<Lathra> (Does he seem stable, or do I think he could worsen?)

<Lathra> Aubrienne, could you run and get me the antidote kit from Tits' office please?

  • Jaspart seems stable for now - at least, he's lying down and breathing steadily, eyes half closed

<Aubrienne> Oh, uh, sure.

  • Aubrienne will carefully disentangle herself, gather up Prizrak, and head down to Tits' office (or to find Tits if she likely not in her office and it is


  • Titania can be located in her office
  • Lathra starts trying to manage the symptoms and ensure that Jaspert keeps breathing.

<Aubrienne> (Should I be talking to Tits in another window? What's easiest here?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (we can do it here - I'll cut back to Lathra in a minute :)

<Titania> What's up?

  • Titania says, seeing from your hurry that obviously *something* is

<Aubrienne> Hey pretty lady, Lathra said you have an antidote kit in here?

<Aubrienne> Jaspart...he took too much of something and she's seeing to him now.

  • Aubrienne isn't breaking down or anything, but she seems very visibly distraught

<Titania> Oh... yeah, of course.

  • Titania will grab the kit

<Titania> I'll come too - how bad is it?

  • Aubrienne will start walking back with Tits.

<Aubrienne> Scary. He's talking about things...I think they might be from the war.

<Aubrienne> You know he never talks about that sort of stuff.

  • Titania nods

<Titania> So.. maybe this is a weird question

  • Titania says as you walk

<Titania> But do you think he did it himself? or did someone dose him? I just don't know, with all the stupid bullshit that's going on, what to think.

<Aubrienne> I was a little worried about that when he wasn't backstage, and then I heard him fall...

<Aubrienne> That thing that attacked Dorien did dose him, right?

<Titania> Poisoned him, as far as I know - it had a knife or something like that.

<Aubrienne> Well, Lathra's there. Maybe she can sense if there's anything magical afoot.

  • Titania sighs

<Titania> I guess when Jaspart comes around, maybe we can find out more

  • Titania nods

<DiablotinNarrator> Lathra, you are tending to Jaspart when Titania and Aubrienne arrive with the kit

  • Aubrienne goes over to Jaspart, but addresses Lathra

<Aubrienne> Any change?

  • Lathra continues to do that.

<Lathra> Not yet. I'm not a strong enough cleric to simply cure him, so all I can do is help him fight it.

  • Jaspart remains about the same

<Aubrienne> So, uh, Titania had a possible theory about what happened.

<Lathra> Oh?

<Aubrienne> You were around when that faerie thing was running around before, right? Could you sense if something magical were around?

<Lathra> I can certainly try

  • Lathra casts detect magic

<Aubrienne> I'm really hoping we don't have an encore performance.

<DiablotinNarrator> Other than magic items on people in the room (Tits' ring, I forget if Aubrienne has anything magic she wears all the time?) you don't sense any magic in the area.

<Lathra> There's nothing here with us now...

<Titania> It was just a thought. Maybe it's crazy.

<Titania> Gods know he doesn't need a fairy to drug him :/

<Aubrienne> :/

<Lathra> Somebody should run and fetch a better cleric - it'll be safer, if we can afford it.

  • Jaspart blinks, confused, as he starts to come around a little more

<Jaspart> .. huh...? did I die and go to the plane of hot ladies?

<Aubrienne> Well, at least you're feeling better.

<Titania> We'll get you some help, okay? You're not allowed to die - I have you under contract.

<Lathra> Apparently not yet, dear.

  • Titania says affectionately
  • Lathra cracks a relieved grin

<DiablotinNarrator> Haft can go and fetch a healer to come and have a look over him, but he does seem to be improving now.

  • Titania waits to make sure he's okay before she'll head back to work
  • Aubrienne catches up to her

<Titania> Hm?

<Titania> What's up?

<Aubrienne> I'm sure I'm being silly, but he won't, uh, be in trouble or anything, right? I can do a second set tonight to cover his time, if it's a problem. He keeps a lot bottled up, and I know sometimes things get to him, and I just wouldn't want him...

<Titania> Oh...

<Titania> Don't worry about it. I knew he had his problems when I hired him.

  • Titania smiles a bit grimly
  • Aubrienne looks profoundly grateful

<Aubrienne> Thanks. I just worry about him.

<Titania> I do too.

<Aubrienne> You're a peach.

  • Aubrienne lets that hang for an awkward second.
  • Titania 's smile becomes a bit more genuine

<Titania> why, thanks ^-^

<Aubrienne> Anyway, I should get back...

  • Titania nods

<Titania> Listen - catch me after closing?

<Titania> I was going to go out, but now I'm not sure I feel up to it.

<Aubrienne> Oh, uh, sure.

<Titania> If you don't have other plans, that is.

<Aubrienne> Nothing that can't be canceled for you.

  • Aubrienne smiles

<Titania> Okay :)

<Aubrienne> And I could use some good company too.

  • Titania gives you a quick hug and will get back to work, then
  • Aubrienne hugs back and heads out

<Aubrienne> I'll catch you then.

Denise and Argent are offered a job by their old gang leader

<DiablotinNarrator> Denise, you're at the club one night, being a bit bored as Ander has some long conversation with some old man.

<Denise> . o O (Aww I wanted to see the comedian guy :/)

<Denise> oh well

<DiablotinNarrator> (heee)

  • Denise covers her mouth as she is supposed to be being quiet and sideeyes Ander to see if he noticed >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> You notice a woman approaching the table, and you probably shouldn't let her interrupt Boring McBoringpants.

  • Denise eyes them again and then will stand up as she gets over closer if she is clearly coing over here

<Denise> You lookin' to talk to someopne' ma'am?

<DiablotinNarrator> She definitely is, but the odd part is that she seems to be looking at you, not at Ander. It takes you a second to place her, just cause you weren't expecting to see her - Collete, one of the leaders of the Swarm, who as far as you know was in prison

  • Denise blinks and then grins

<Denise> Collete :D

<Collete> Den? You grew like six inches!

<Denise> aww, it ain't that much...

  • Collete gives you a clap on the arm

<Denise> when did you get out :D

<Collete> Just a few days ago.

  • Denise hesitates for a second, then gives her a big hug
  • Collete hugs back a bit awkwardly

<Collete> So... how you been doin?

  • Denise lets her go quickly then

<Denise> I'm doin' good...

  • Denise eyes Ander and his meeting

<Denise> Got another thing going...

<Denise> oh guess who's workin' here though!

<Collete> who's that?

<Denise> Argent!

<Denise> :D

<Collete> oh, yeah?

  • Collete grins

<Denise> yeah!

<Collete> I thought he got himself arrested or killed or somethin'

  • Denise scans around to see if he's around anywhere
  • Argent is likely around doin' the waiter thing!

<Denise> I dunno, I guess some churchy type intervened so as they could.. I dunno, reform him or somethin'

  • Denise shrugs

<Denise> now he's a waiter

  • Denise waves at him

<Collete> hopefully not too reformed

<Denise> nah

<Denise> But its steady work, I guess

<Denise> but like

  • Argent will slip away when he can and approach his friend and her companion

<Denise> Argent! Look who i found :D

<Denise> or I guess she found me?

<Denise> anyway! :D

  • Collete grins

<Argent> Hey Collete!

  • Argent smiles as he approaches

<Collete> Argent, kid, you grew up *pretty* ^-^

<Collete> How're you doin?

<Denise> hey - what about Francois?

<Argent> Have to look nice for the job.

<Collete> Nothin' says I ain't allow to look :p

<Denise> no I mean, lke

<Denise> where's he at?

  • Argent is a little taken back by Collet, but quickly regains his composure.

<Collete> Oh - he's out too :)

<Collete> good behaviour an' stuff

  • Collete says with a shrug

<Collete> that plus they ain't got room in the Creux

<Denise> un huh...

<Denise> :|

<Argent> Glad to here your both out and about.

<Collete> Out and lookin' to get back to work :D

<Denise> oh yeah?

<Collete> Can you take a break for a couple minutes? I'll buy ya a drink

  • Collete asks both of you

<Denise> Well, I can't go too far >.>

  • Denise keeps an eye on Ander and the boring old dude

<Denise> but we coudl go over there...

  • Denise nods at a close by table where she'd be able to keep an eye out still

<Collete> Fine by me

<Argent> I'm sure I can take 15 at least... just let me get my tables covered, ill grab some beers on the way back.

<Collete> I won't keep ya long

<Collete> I know you both got other stuff to be doin'

  • Collete nods

<Collete> Thanks, I appreciate it

  • Argent nods and heads off quickly to grab the drinks

<Denise> You guys stayin' back in the old place?

  • Denise makes idle conversation while we wait for argent, catching her up on the whereabouts of various old members

<Collete> Nah... some squatters moved in, we ain't moved 'em out yet

<Collete> Gotta get a bit more muscle for that

  • Denise nods
  • Argent just takes a minute to rounds up the mugs and swings back to the table

<Denise> Maisie's still oveer that way

<Argent> Here we are.

<Denise> she's gonna have a baby, likel any *day* now though so she prolly' ain't no good for ya

<Denise> thanks man :D

<Collete> Thanks

  • Collete takes a beer gratefully

<Argent> Works gotta have a couple of perks now and then.

<Collete> Yeah that prolly ain't no help... she happy about it?

<Denise> yeah I think so?

<Collete> good on her then I guess

<Denise> Her man's there too

  • Collete nods

<Denise> I dunno if they'd a picked it but they're doin' okay

  • Collete nods
  • Denise drinks some of her beer

<Collete> So I know you both got other things goin' on...

<Collete> But I got a lead on somethin' big. if you wanna side job.

<Denise> oh?

<Argent> Big eh?

  • Denise sounds interested but also remembers how their last Big job went >.>

<Collete> Yeah. Heard about it in the Creux.

<Argent> oh?

<Collete> You heard of the Duke of Crouch End?

  • Denise will try and catch Ander's eye so he knows she hasn't gotten far

<Argent> (have we?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can make k: local checks to see)

<Denise> (18)

  • Argent shrugs

<DiablotinNarrator> (Crouch End is a neighbourhood in Pearl, you know that much at least.)

<Denise> what, over in Pearl?

<Collete> Yeah, he's an old guy over in Pearl, sorta had a gang once but it's kinda fadin' out these days

<Argent> still waiting on the big part.

<Collete> Anyway, one of the ladies in the Creux - this old bitch with no teeth an' arms like steel girders - told me how she useta work for him

<Collete> I got in nice with her, an' she said there's a secret passage into the basement of that inn he's got

<Collete> an' that they keep their loot down there

<Denise> ooooh...

<Collete> she had some other crazy stuff to say too, dunno what to think about that

  • Argent is expressionless

<Denise> like what?

<Collete> like that they got a demon down there, guardin' the stuff

<Denise> no way

<Argent> probably some guy in a mask

  • Denise says, because that's *crazy*.

<Denise> yeah

<Collete> that's what she said, but to be fair, she been hit in the head a lot too.

<Argent> being the loot's in the basement... your plan is?

<Collete> Go in through the undercity, come up from underneath 'em, and clean 'em out.

<Collete> well, after we scope out the place first 'course

<Argent> (do I get the feeling she's confident in this plan, or is she just tryin to sell it to us?)

<Denise> you got somens knows the tunnels back in pearl?

<Collete> Well, we're workin' on it

<Collete> You know someone?

  • Collete 's plan seems... in development, Argent

<Denise> maybe?

  • Denise says knowing Enver would probably be all over this and also not sure if this is a terrible idea >_<
  • Argent gives the impression he's thinking hard on it

<Collete> How's your boss guy there feel about you takin' side jobs?

<Collete> I don't wanna step on his toes

<Argent> There could be nothin there and this is a big waste of time.

<Denise> it depends, like...

<Denise> guess it'd depend on if we got any kinda arrangement with this duke guy

<Denise> I doubt it though.

<Collete> We'll case the joint proper first

<Collete> Don't wanna get sent right back, eh?

<Denise> yeah no kiddin'

<Denise> just you an' Francois on this so far?

<Collete> We're talkin' to some of the other folks from the old crew.

  • Denise nods

<Collete> If we go for it, can I count on you two?

  • Denise eyes Argent to see which way he swings :3

<Argent> If you're all in Collet, I'll help. You've trusted me in the past so I'm not loosin trust in you.

<Collete> I appreciate that

<Denise> I just gotta check on some things, is all, but I shoudl be good :)

<Collete> right.

<Argent> understand if you can't Denise.

<Argent> But it would be fun to have you along

<Collete> We're gonna get the old place cleared out an' back in shape, so you can prolly find us there. If you wanna help with that, too, lemme know, but I can't promise any cash for that :)

<Denise> gotcha :)

  • Argent nods

<Denise> That I can prolly give a hand with, no problem >.>

<Collete> great

<Collete> I gotta get goin', and I'm sure you two do too... but thanks for the beer, an' I'll catch you soon :)

<Denise> later! :D

  • Collete finishes her drink and heads off

<Argent> just out of curiosity... why did that lady say the guard was a demon?

<DiablotinNarrator> (oh, sorry)

  • Argent asks before she leaves
  • Collete can wait long enough to answer your question

<Collete> Well, she said it looked like one. All pointy tail an' wings and such.

<Collete> She said they messed with some bad shit to get it.

<Argent> Like I said, guy in a mask.

<Denise> huh

  • Argent says, not indicating any belief in such a story.

<Collete> maybe so

  • Collete says with a shrug

<Denise> guess we'll see, eh?

<Collete> could be it's nothin' cept her own drunk talkin'

  • Argent nods

<Argent> gotta take any story heard in the box with a grain of salt

<Collete> true enough

  • Collete will take her leave

<Denise> hmm...

  • Denise eyes Argent

<Denise> whada you think, really?

<Argent> What? its likely a tromp through the tunnels to some old empty basement.

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> still... there's things in the tunnels sometimes >.>

  • Argent shrugs

<Denise> What if ther really is a demon though!

<Argent> Like zombie rats?

<Denise> can you just fight that, like, regular?

<Denise> an; yeah...

  • Denise grins at that

<Denise> they's easy though

<Argent> I'm sure there are ways to fight a demon, just need to find out how.

<Argent> not that I even think there is one

<Denise> jus' in case, eh?

<Denise> I dunno

  • Argent nods

<Denise> There's stuff out there, ya know?

<Argent> cant be too careful

<Denise> Lke that... creepy elf thing

<Denise> and the rat

<Denise> and like - that dog :/

  • Argent frowns

<Argent> I know there are some not nice things in this world

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> Just - one little rat, sure

<Denise> ain't no thing

<Denise> but how do you fight shit like that?

  • Denise ponders, perhaps rhetorically

<Argent> There's always a way

<Denise> I dunno if you can just punch a demon

<Denise> or shoot it, I guess

<Denise> aww, prolly' you;re right anyway :)

<Denise> I'm gonna see what Ander says

<Denise> abot the duke, I mean

  • Argent nods

<Denise> a=maybe he's heard more, if it is something that might be true

<Argent> I'll ask around... people will think Im crazy but I'll find out if there is anything we can do

<Denise> anyway, if he don't care if *I* go we coudl prolyy get Enver in on it

<Denise> he knows the tunnel pretty well all over

<Argent> That would make the scouting easier

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> it'd be nice if it were a big score...

<Argent> Really I just want to help Collet and Francois out.

<Denise> yeah...

<Argent> Although score would be a nice side benefit

<Denise> I dunno

<Denise> I could use it, ya know?

<Denise> For mam...

<Denise> and Mikel

<Denise> :|

<Argent> and what about you?

<Argent> I know makin' sure your family is good.. but don't you want anythin'

<Denise> Oh I dunno, maybe?

<Denise> I'm doin' okay though

<Denise> I guess maybe Aunt Hettie wouldn't mind if I got out of her hair

<Denise> but I dunno, I'm so used to livin' with folks I don't think I'd want somewhere on my own

<Argent> maybe you could get yourself a nice jacket for once?

<Denise> hey I got a nice jacket :p

  • Denise smoothes down her coat

<Denise> I can't get nothin' what fits in the stores anyway

  • Argent laughs

<Denise> So Aunt hettie makes me stuff

<Denise> it's the *nicest*

  • Denise says pointedly

<Denise> and like..

<Argent> good thing I didn't say anything about your haircut.

  • Denise smoothes down her profile, which seems all fine, but then pats her side and presses down on the fabric so that you can see the outline of her gun

<Denise> :P

<Denise> What am I supposed to do with this mess? :p

  • Argent laughs some more

<Denise> can't cut it short less I wanna look like I got hit biy lightnin'

<Argent> You're the best Denise.

  • Argent smiles

<Argent> But we both have to work

  • Argent will get up and gather the empty mugs

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> thanks for that, anyway :p

  • Denise is maaaybe still a bit miffed about the clothes thing

<Denise> catcha later!

  • Argent nods and heads off
  • Denise will head back to her table

Hettie accompanies Serge-Yves to a tragic scene

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie, you get up around your usual comfortable afternoon hour, to find Denise is gone (probably off with some of her friends or the like) and Serge-Yves is pacing around your living room

<Hettienne> Mornin'...

<Serge-Yves> Oh... hey, Hettie.

  • Serge-Yves seems concerned about something, you'd say

<Hettienne> Wearin' a rut in my carpet, hon.

<Hettienne> What gives?

<Serge-Yves> I was supposed to meet Vairon at lunch an' he never showed. I checked by the boarding house where he's stayin' and they said he didn't come back last night.

<Serge-Yves> so... maybe he just got picked up by someone >.>

<Hettienne> Maybe just had too good a time?

<Serge-Yves> Maybe that too

<Hettienne> D'you know which joint he was at?

<Serge-Yves> Well, we had a few drinks at the Gem last night, an' then I said I was turnin' in an' he wanted to stay out longer.

<Hettienne> Reckon I'd ask there if he left with someone, or by his lonesome...

  • Serge-Yves nods

<Hettienne> Could even be he's sleepin' it off in the drunk tank...

<Hettienne> If you're worried though, that's where I'd start.

<Serge-Yves> Would you come with me? The city's changed enough since I been away, just havin' someone who knows the place better would be a help.

<Hettienne> Sure... just lemme yank a comb through this mess.

<Serge-Yves> thanks

<Hettienne> And we gotta pick up a coffee at the place down the way.

<Serge-Yves> 'Course

  • Serge-Yves smiles a bit at that
  • Hettienne ducks back into her room to make herself presentable.

<Hettienne> Right, let's get a wiggle on.

  • Serge-Yves will go along with you, and get you that coffee on the way

<Hettienne> Nectar of the gods.

<Hettienne> Black like my heart. ;)

<Serge-Yves> heh

  • Serge-Yves takes his with cream ;p

<Hettienne> (of course he does. haha)

<Hettienne> So, the Gem...

  • Serge-Yves will make his way down to the Gem, which is a run-down kind of place near the river in the Shambles

<Serge-Yves> Yeah - it's not as good as it used to be

  • Serge-Yves shrugs

<Serge-Yves> Used ta go there when I was a kid, before I knew what good booze was :p

<Hettienne> Welp, let's see what's shakin'.

  • Serge-Yves heads on inside. The place is pretty dead this time of day, just a tired-looking woman wiping some glasses clean. or at least 'clean'.

<Barmaid> What can I get ya?

<Serge-Yves> I'm just lookin' for a friend of mine, was here with him last night.

<Hettienne> Big fella, a bell bottom.

<Serge-Yves> Curly brown hair, bit shorter'n me?

<Hettienne> (er, scratch big)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Well, he's muscular... could call that 'big' :)

<Hettienne> (haha, I couldn't remember, and I had a 50/50 chance...)

<Hettienne> (ok then)

  • Barmaid thinks a bit

<Barmaid> Might be I'd remember better if you jogged my memory

<Hettienne> Riight.

  • Serge-Yves will push a couple coins her way
  • Barmaid eyes them with a sniff, but tucks them into her pocket

<Barmaid> He left a while past midnight - maybe one or two. With a couple fellas I didn't recognize. One of 'em had a metal arm though.

<Hettienne> (does that sound like anyone I've heard of?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (doesn't ring a bell for you)

<Hettienne> Huh. Did it look like it were voluntary?

<Barmaid> I can't imagine someone gettin' his arm blowed off 'cause it sounded fun.

<Hettienne> The leavin'.

<Barmaid> Oh

<Barmaid> Sure, he looked willin' enough. He was pretty drunk though, he'd a gone with just about anyone.

<Barmaid> They headed off down that way, down towards the river

  • Barmaid says with a gesture
  • Hettienne looks to Serge-Yves.

<Serge-Yves> Well... thanks.

  • Serge-Yves sort of shrugs back to you, in a 'I guess check it out?' kind of way
  • Hettienne nods.

<Hettienne> Guess they ain't folk you know neither, then?

  • Hettienne asks once they're back outside.
  • Serge-Yves shakes his head

<Serge-Yves> It was hours an' hours ago.. prolly nothin' to see here anyway

  • Serge-Yves says as he walks down the muddy 'street' towards the river
  • Hettienne looks around for any street people who might have been in the neighbourhood last night/this morning

<DiablotinNarrator> As you're looking around, you both see some sort of commotion by the riverbank - some folks wading in the marshy edge of the riverbank trying to get to something, other people standing back watching

<Hettienne> . o O (Oh hell.)

<Serge-Yves> ...

<Hettienne> ...

<Serge-Yves> it's not

  • Hettienne elbows her way to the front of the crowd.
  • Serge-Yves too

<DiablotinNarrator> You can see they're pulling a body out of the muddy ground

<Serge-Yves> it can't be

<Hettienne> (Is it him?)

<DiablotinNarrator> The body is so covered in dirt and debris that it's hard to tell for a bit, but it looks the right size

  • Serge-Yves wades forward to try and see

<Hettienne> (Are there guards?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (it's the Shambles....)

<Hettienne> (so that's a no)

<DiablotinNarrator> (so, no, at least not yet)

  • Serge-Yves cries out when he sees the body more clearly as it's carried up onto solid ground

<Hettienne> Oh honey...

<Serge-Yves> let me see...

  • Serge-Yves demands, and nobody seems inclined to stop him
  • Hettienne stays close to her brother.
  • Serge-Yves wipes some of the mud off Vairon's face
  • Serge-Yves pulls him close, paying no attention to the dirt it's getting on his clothes

<Serge-Yves> Oh you stupid idiot...

  • Hettienne puts her hand on his shoulder. :(

<Serge-Yves> I shoulda stayed

<Hettienne> You couldn't'a known... :(

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie, as you're standing there with your grieving brother, the crowd sort of shuffles away uncomfortably, and you catch a glimpse of someone there

  • Hettienne looks up to see who it is.

<DiablotinNarrator> A face you could never forget, hair like fire... Annyck. She's standing a bit back, watching, and as she makes eye contact with you she looks startled and turns away to go.

  • Hettienne freezes, stiffens.

<Hettienne> HEY

  • Hettienne shouts out involuntarily.
  • Annyck breaks into a run
  • Hettienne glances at her brother, pained.

<Hettienne> ...

<Hettienne> I'LL FIND YOU!!

  • Hettienne yells at her retreating figure.

<Hettienne> . o O (Could she have...?)

  • Hettienne doesn't know what else to do; she can't leave her little brother like this.

<DiablotinNarrator> Eventually, even in the Shambles, guards will show up and remove the body. Vairon was stabbed in the back and dumped into the marshy ground near the river. Serge-Yves can tell them what he knows (leaving out the drugs, naturally) and then you can take him back home and get him some tea or something stronger.

  • Hettienne will opt for something stronger, feeling pretty shaken herself.
  • Serge-Yves mostly cries for a while

<Serge-Yves> We're headin back out in a few days, Hettie... I can't... I ain't gonna be able to take care of this.

  • Serge-Yves says at last once he's calmer again

<Hettienne> Take care of it?

<Serge-Yves> they're just gonna say he got drunk an' got robbed

<Hettienne> Honey, you just tell me what needs doin'.

<Serge-Yves> but that ain't true - it can't be true

  • Hettienne nods.

<Serge-Yves> Someone did this to him because of somethin' he knew... or because of what we brought back. I don't know.

<Hettienne> Somethin's hinky, I feel it too.

  • Serge-Yves nods
  • Hettienne sits with her arm around her big little brother.
  • Serge-Yves just leans against you and eventually nods off to sleep on your couch
  • Hettienne will tuck him in and try to make him comfortable before she has to leave for work.


Dorien visits his ailing father in hospital

<@DiablotinNarrator> Okay - so you want to make your way to the hospital?
<Fishmalk> (Yes, probablly by taxi)
<@DiablotinNarrator> ('k)
<@DiablotinNarrator> You can make your way to the room your mother told you, after talking your way past a nurse at the front desk
* Dorien opens the door slowly, hoping not to disturb his father if he is sleeping.
* Lucette and your mother are seated at the bedside, where your father lies looking pale and fragile, but awake at least
* Dorien freezes for a moment.
* Lucette turns to look at you and sort of frowns, but your mother looks relieved, as if maybe she'd doubted whether you would actually come
<Dorien> Father...
<Jerard> Dorien?
* Dorien nods.
* Jerard sounds as if he couldn't quite believe it was you
<Jerard> So... you're here.
<Dorien> I... heard what happened.
<Lucette> finally
* Lucette mutters under her breath
* Dorien glances at his sister but doesn't respond.
<Jerard> Well, I'm afraid you've probably been dragged out here for nothing. They're going to let me out in a day or two, I expect.
<Sylvise> now, dear, you'll stay as long as they say you need to stay - you need your rest.
* Sylvise says patting his hand
<Dorien> I'm sorry I couldn't get here quicker.
<Jerard> Never mind that.
<Jerard> ... it's good to see you, son.
* Dorien approaches the bed.
<Jerard> How are you?
<Dorien> I'm... good. There were some rough times, but... how are you?
<Jerard> I'm fine, just had a bit of a turn. Be right as rain in no time.
<Dorien> I'm sure you will. Still. mother's right. The doctors know best.
* Jerard seems not to be taking this too seriously, or else putting on a good front
<Sylvise> They said that you need to relax, dear. Remember that. Even if you go home, you need to take it easy.
<Jerard> Relax? Work isn't going to do itself!
<Dorien> Work can wait until you're well.
* Jerard grumbles at that
<Jerard> Speaking of work, what are you doing these days?
* Sylvise gives you a slightly alarmed look
<Dorien> I'm a... freelance chemist. I've been developing new formulas for a small business across town.
<Jerard> ah.
<Jerard> well... it could be worse, hm?
<Dorien> It certainly could.
<Dorien> Father...
<Dorien> I... wanted to to say I'm sorry. For... how we left each other last time I saw you.
<Jerard> Hrmph. Well. Yes.
* Dorien 's mouth tightens slightly, but he says nothing.
<Jerard> Things were said on all sides, I suppose.
<Jerard> I... was too harsh with you.
* Jerard manages to admit
* Dorien puts his hand on Jerard's.
<Jerard> ...Maybe I always was.
* Dorien opens his mouth, but no words come out.
<Dorien> You... you just wanted the best for me.
<Sylvise> we did
* Sylvise agrees
<Dorien> For both of us...
* Dorien glances at Lucette
<Lucette> :/
<Jerard> You made mistakes... but you've learned from them, I hope.
* Dorien nods slowly.
<Dorien> I hope so, too.
<Jerard> Dorien...
<Dorien> Yes?
* Jerard seems to be considering his words carefully
<Jerard> If you wanted to... to try and start over, perhaps there would be things we could do to help.
<Dorien> I...
<Dorien> Let's... let's get you well first. Then we can talk about... about starting over.
* Lucette looks like she is really biting her tongue to avoid saying something
<Jerard> all right...
* Jerard looks worn out
<Dorien> You should rest.
<Sylvise> You should sleep now, dear.
* Dorien nods.
<Lucette> Let's let father get some rest, then.
* Lucette says, standing.
* Dorien squeezes his fathers hand.
<Sylvise> ... all right, dear. If you're going out, maybe you could bring back a little bite to eat? I'm going to stay with him while he rests.
<Lucette> Yes, of course.
* Dorien looks at his father. "I'll be outside. I'll stay at least for the night."
<Jerard> ...that's good.
* Jerard says wearily
* Dorien leaves the room, trying not to look at his sister as he does. Once in the hallway he pulls a crumpled carton of cigarettes from his pocket and lights one.
if you think for one moment that they'd take you back if they knew what you really do, you're fooling yourself.
* Lucette hisses to you as she passes you
<Dorien> It's good to see you too, Lucette.
* Lucette just keeps on going, presumably heading off to find some food for herself and your mother.
* Dorien sighs and slumps against the wall, tears starting to form in his eyes.