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Session date: January 10, 2016
Diablotin date: End of Third-Month


<DiablotinNarrator> it's approaching the end of Third-month, and the weather continues to be unseasonably cold in the city. Some of the more powerful priests have begun casting Control Weather in certain areas to try and fend off the snow and ice, with mixed results.

<DiablotinNarrator> Of course, this is only a temporary solution, but if they keep on casting it regularly, perhaps it can prevent the situation from becoming worse.

Lathra meets Briony and together they begin plotting for Marika's benefit

<DiablotinNarrator> Lathra, I understand you have been going occasionally to visit Marika de Jazet in jail, where she awaits trial for her attack on you.

<Lathra> (That's right, so long as she'll see me)

<DiablotinNarrator> She isn't especially friendly, but she is sort of withdrawn these days, rather than screaming obscenities at you.

<DiablotinNarrator> This particular day when you pay her a visit, there's another woman there, also trying to talk to her.

  • Lathra waits in the doorway, not wanting to barge in

<Other_woman> ...can't help you if you won't let me, Rika

  • Marika mutters something you can't make out
  • Other_woman sighs

<Other_woman> You know I'll help however I can.

<Other_woman> But maybe it would be for the best if you did take the deal...

<Marika> They just want me to betray my friends!

  • Other_woman shakes her head
  • Lathra sort of tries not to listen, but doesn't move out of earshot

<Other_woman> Your friends got you into this mess.... and where are they now? They're not the ones coming here week after week, trying to help you.

  • Other_woman seems weary and frustrated, like this is a conversation she's had before

<Marika> I don't even want to see you! You just keep coming back!

<Other_woman> because I love you, stupid. you're my sister. I'm not just going to abandon you.

<Marika> Just leave me alone!

  • Lathra knocks, to let them know she's there
  • Other_woman turns, looking a little surprised

<Other_woman> I was just leaving.

  • Other_woman says to you
  • Other_woman seems upset

<Lathra> Oh I don't mean to interrupt, I just didn't want to... be here unannounced.

<Other_woman> It's fine.

  • Other_woman says, visibly pulling herself together.
  • Lathra extends a hand

<Lathra> Lathra Scales, pleased to meet you...?

<Other_woman> Briony de Jazet. Ah, Sister Briony.

<Briony> Are you...?

  • Briony seems to recognize your name, but glances at Marika as if she doesn't want to elaborate
  • Lathra waits a moment for the end of the question

<Briony> ... are you here to see my sister?

  • Briony concludes, although that probably wasn't her original question

<Lathra> Oh yes, certainly. Are you a relative?

<Briony> ...yes.

  • Marika peers out of her cell as much as she can, and sees you there, Lathra

<Lathra> Well I am most charmed to meet you! Oh and where are my manners, I haven't greeted our host! Hello Marika!

<Marika> Get out! Fucking bitch!

  • Briony rubs her forehead

<Briony> I'm really sorry.

<Lathra> Oh not at all, don't worry about it.

<Briony> She's already upset, probably my fault.

<Lathra> <to Marika> If that's what you want dear, I'll be on my way. Have a nice day!

<Briony> Look... can I take you for a coffee or something?

  • Briony asks you

<Lathra> I'd be delighted!

<Briony> Rika, I'll be back to see you soon, okay? I love you.

  • Marika just screams incomprehensibly at her
  • Briony will walk out of the jail with you

<Briony> I'm so sorry.

  • Briony says again once you're out of earshot

<Lathra> I'm sure you're not responsible for her, dear, and her behavior today is much more pleasant than the first time we met.

<Briony> I mean for the way she behaved today, and just... in general, for how she's treated you.

<Briony> It's very good of you to try and visit her, even if it isn't... welcomed, all the time.

<Lathra> Well, that's nice of you to say, for sure.

  • Briony suggests a café that is only a short walk away.
  • Lathra walks there with her.
  • Briony will buy us both some coffee and sit with you to talk

<Briony> I guess I wonder what you're hoping to achieve with your visits. Not that I'm trying to discourage you, I'm just curious.

<Lathra> To be honest, I feel very much like an interloper... but all I'm hoping to do is show her that I'm not... whatever she thought I was that she'd be a part of that.

<Hettienne> lol

<Lathra> I don't really want to see her go to jail either. I was hoping if she could show me that she wasn't going to... do anything like that again, I could try and get them to let her go.

  • Briony nods sadly

<Briony> They want her to give them the names of the other people involved in the attack, in return for a lighter sentence.

<Briony> I'm trying to get them to see that she needs help, not to sit in prison for years...

<Briony> Not sure whether that'll work, though.

<Briony> Maybe you and I could .... work together on this? If you were willing to lend your support, as one of the victims of the attack, maybe that would help her case. <Lathra> I'm afraid I really don't know her well enough to know why she did it. If you think that there's something that could help her, I'd be happy to work with you to get it for her. So long as she's not going to be able to... try it again. To anybody.

  • Briony nods

<Briony> There was an incident, when we were children.

  • Lathra listens

<Briony> Our mother was a widow - our father died when Marika was a baby. After a few years, our mother took up with a new man.

<Briony> I didn't like him, but there was no way I could get my mother to listen where he was concerned... besides, I was only eleven, so what did I know?

<Briony> As things turned out, I had good reason to mistrust him.

  • Briony speaks calmly, like she's distancing herself from the emotions involved

<Briony> He was an Outsider - a type of demon. I don't know how much you know about them.

<Lathra> Oh a little, of some kinds. I'm a priestess actually.

<Lathra> But do go on

<Briony> oh, all right

<Briony> well... he killed our mother. Tried to kill us as well, but I got my sister and brother out of the house and ran to the church.

<Lathra> Oh!

  • Lathra covers her mouth

<Lathra> That's terrible...

<Briony> Marika was never quite all right again after that.

<Lathra> I don't think I would be either...

<Briony> I don't know if she doesn't understand that not all outsiders are the same, or if she just doesn't care.

<Lathra> I don't know either... but I imagine she's scared, either way. And now... trying to make herself safer rather backfired on her.

  • Briony nods

<Lathra> And well now she's certainly not going to trust me in anything any time soon, if she sees me the same as the man who betrayed your mother.

<Briony> I just want to see her get some help. Even if that means an asylum or something rather than prison.

<Briony> She's nearly all the family I have left. Apart from my son.

<Lathra> Well whatever you need from me, I'm happy to help, with no dark bargains, priestess' honor

  • Lathra holds up two fingers

<Briony> I'm sorry to dump all this on you... I would totally understand if you don't want to be involved.

<Briony> But thank you for listening.

<Briony> Is there some way I can get in touch with you, if an opportunity does come up where it seems like you could help?

<Lathra> Yes of course, here. Take my card. And... do you think it'd be best if I stop coming to see her, or would it be ok?

<Briony> I really don't know. I don't think it will make things worse, at any rate, although I have no idea if it's helping either.

<Briony> I guess if it isn't too upsetting for you, then go ahead.

  • Briony accepts your card and will give you her phone number in return.

<Lathra> Well... I'll take that for now. I just... wanted to be a positive example to show her that we're not enemies, but... I don't want her to be scared I'll turn on her.

<Briony> I hope that in time she can come to see that.

<Briony> Thanks for your time...

  • Briony will head off

<Lathra> Thank you for taking time for me!

  • Lathra goes about her day.

Dorien finds out from Cyrill that the government is (surprise, surprise) probably up to no good

<DiablotinNarrator> Dorien, you're home after work, just getting relaxed somewhat, when there's a knock at your door

  • Dorien takes his gin and tonic with him to answer the door.

<Dorien> "Hello?"

<Cyrell> Dorien?

<Dorien> Cyrell? Hey! How've you been?

<Dorien> Come inside, it's cold out.

  • Cyrell steps inside

<Dorien> Sorry the place is kind of a mess...

  • Dorien eyes the burnt dishes still in the sink

<Cyrell> Well, I wasn't expecting a palace ;)

<Cyrell> So this is your new flat? Or maybe not so new, I guess.

<Dorien> Well, I've definitely lived in better.

<Dorien> But it's home for the moment

  • Cyrell nods

<Dorien> How are you doing these days?

<Cyrell> I'm ... well, I guess I've been better.

  • Dorien raises an eyebrow

<Dorien> Is everything alright?

<Cyrell> I don't know. Not really.

<Cyrell> Do you have another one of those?

  • Dorien frowns. "Have a seat and I'll get you a drink. You still drink gin?"
  • Cyrell asks, nodding to your drink

<Dorien> (heh)

<Cyrell> Yeah

  • Dorien will go to the kitchen and pour a gin on the rocks for his friend.
  • Cyrell has a seat on the couch

<Cyrell> I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately

<Cyrell> Apparently I'm the kind of shitty friend who only shows up when there's a problem.

<Dorien> To tell the truth neither have I. It's been a... busy... few months.

<Cyrell> How are things going with you?

  • Dorien hands him his drink

<Cyrell> thanks

<Dorien> Well, they were really bad. Then they were sort of bad. Then they got bit better. Then worse again. Now they seem on an upward trajectory.

<Cyrell> Well... I hope that continues?

<Dorien> Heh. Thanks. Now... tell me what's wrong. It can't be that bad, can it?

  • Cyrell shrugs

<Dorien> Just... please tel me you don't owe any money to the shadar kai mob.

<Cyrell> Hah, no.

<Dorien> Good. I am completely out of cards to play in that department.

  • Cyrell gives you a Look at that

<Dorien> Never mind. Sorry. Continue.

<Cyrell> You know I've been working for Talhain Chemical Supplies, right?

<Dorien> Yeah, last I heard.

<Cyrell> Well... there's some weird shit going on there.

<Cyrell> And I don't know what to do about it.

  • Dorien sips his drink.

<Dorien> There seems to be a lot of that recently. What kind of weird shit?

<Cyrell> Orders of equipment for people who don't exist. Orders that are going to... I don't know where.

<Cyrell> Workers working midnight shifts off the books.

<Cyrell> I tried to ask my boss about it and got told to keep my mouth shut and my nose in my own work if I knew what was good for me, in so many words.

<Dorien> Huh

<Cyrell> I'd quit, except it isn't so easy to just find another job, you know?

<Dorien> That's definitely odd, but if your bosses want to run a shady side to their business, certainly that's their problem, right?

  • Dorien seems almost disappointed that it isn't something involving fungus fairies.

<Cyrell> I guess it's their business, but something about it doesn't feel right. It isn't like how sometimes, say, a shipment of chemicals goes missing and you just figure it was a 'donation' to the mob or something.

<Cyrell> It's on a bigger scale than that.

<Dorien> Well, that's certainly ominous. What kind of stuff is it?

<Cyrell> Alchemical equipment, that sort of thing... some pretty specialized parts, too. 'Don't ask what it's for, just make it to these specs' kind of jobs. Someone has very specific requirements.

<Cyrell> I wondered if you'd know what they were for, if I showed you the designs.

<Dorien> I can certainly take a look. Do you have them on you?

<Cyrell> No... I'd get fired for sure if they caught me taking plans out of the factory.

<Dorien> Can you describe them?

  • Cyrell can try to sketch them and describe them

<Dorien> (alchemy check?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (sure)

<Dorien> !roll 1d20+14

  • Zola rolls for Dorien: [ 1d20+14 ] getting [ 20 ] which, after the modifier [ 14 ] totals [ 34 ].

<Dorien> (Wooooo!)

<DiablotinNarrator> (nice)

<DiablotinNarrator> You believe you've seen some of these designs before, or something very similar to them - some sketches tacked up on the wall of Polly Hayn's office at the experimental farm you visited with Gen.

<Dorien> (Any idea what they would be used for?)

<DiablotinNarrator> As to what they're for, you can only speculate that they could be used in extracting fluids from plants, or for some of them, perhaps inserting alchemical solutions into plants

<Dorien> (w)Son of a bitch...

<Cyrell> What?

<Dorien> I've seen these before.

<Cyrell> you have?

<Dorien> It's... hard to explain. There's a farm outside of town. Supposedly a government contract lab. Doing weird things with plants.

<Cyrell> if it's a government contract, why isn't it on the books? I mean, we do work for the government sometimes, that's nothing out of the ordinary.

<Dorien> I'm not sure. Obviously someone doesn't want it on the books. The question is who.

<Cyrell> Why keep it so secret?

<Dorien> I don't know. I need to compare notes with some friends of mine. They might know more.

<Cyrell> Well... okay. Can you leave my name out of it? I don't want to get in more shit over this.

<Cyrell> I really can't afford to lose my job right now.

<Dorien> Of course. And I'll keep you in the loop if things pop up. Listen, for right now, I suggest you keep your head down and your ears open.

<Dorien> Are you still at the same phone number?

<Cyrell> Okay.

<Cyrell> Yeah, same number.

<Cyrell> you busy tonight, or do you want to hang out for a bit? maybe get some food?

  • Dorien grins. "Yeah, that'd be good. I actually have the night to myself for once."

<Cyrell> I don't want to be a dick who just drops by, throws some problems at you, and leaves.

<Dorien> Hey, man, how long have we known each other? You're always welcome to stop by. Even with problems.

  • Cyrell smiles
  • Cyrell will hang out with you and you two can have a good evening, then

<Dorien> :3

Genevriel learns from Silvia that another servant of the One may exist

<DiablotinNarrator> Gen, you are at your aunt and uncle's house, it's mid-morning and you are resting after a long night's work, when your aunt knocks at your door.

<Genevriel> Yes?

  • Genevriel asks blearily.
  • Genevriel stumbles to her feet and opens the door a crack for modesty since she's in her nightclothes.

<Sylvise> Gen, dear, there's a visitor to see you - the Duchess of Coindeliere?

<Genevriel> ...

  • Genevriel looks perplexed.

<Genevriel> (Who is that? I do not have K:Nobility.)

<Sylvise> (then you don't know who that is)

<Sylvise> She's just in the front parlour, I'm having some tea brought for her.

<Genevriel> Do you know her... actual name?

<Sylvise> Oh! Silvia Rionet.

<Genevriel> Oh!

<Genevriel> Okay. I do know her, then. Um... I'll be down shortly. I have to get dressed.

  • Genevriel looks flustered.

<Sylvise> That's fine, dear, I'll keep her entertained until you can make it down.

<Genevriel> Thank you, Tante Sylvise.

<Sylvise> Of course, dear.

  • Genevriel closes the door and gets hastily dressed. She runs her fingers through her hair but it probably doesn't do much to tame it, at this awkward in-between length.
  • Genevriel heads down to the parlour.
  • Silvia is seated with your aunt, having some tea and chatting politely.

<Sylvise> Oh, here's Genevriel! I'll just leave you two to your talk, then :) It was lovely to meet you, Silvia.

<Genevriel> Good morning... your Grace.

  • Silvia smiles
  • Genevriel feels weird addressing her formally.

<Silvia> It's fine, please, call me Silvia.

<Genevriel> I apologize for my appearance. It was a late night at work.

  • Genevriel takes a seat in a chair near Silvia.

<Silvia> Don't worry about it. I'm sorry to bother you at this early hour.

<Silvia> How are you doing?

<Genevriel> I am... ah... feeling static, I suppose, is the most appropriate term.

<Genevriel> And you?

<Silvia> Preoccupied, I'm afraid. I did mean to get back to speaking with you sooner than this, but things have been very busy.

<Genevriel> It's quite all right. My strangeness is not all that important, in the grand scheme of things.

<Silvia> Well, perhaps, perhaps not.

  • Genevriel pours herself a cup of tea... need caffeine, and offers to warm up Silvia's cup.

<Silvia> thank you

<Genevriel> So, what brings you here today?

<Silvia> I wanted to let you know - we may have found another person with similar powers to your own.

<Genevriel> Oh?

  • Genevriel wakes up rather abruptly.

<Silvia> Possibly, yes.

<Silvia> She's a worshipper at Sirris's temple. She was also in the war, and has spoken to him somewhat about her experiences there.

<Genevriel> What's her name? Does she know anything more about the One? Can I speak to her?

<Silvia> Her name is Philida Chantranes. Sirris asked if she would be willing to speak with you, and apparently she was quite eager to meet someone who might have similar experiences to her own.

  • Genevriel nods, both excited and relieved by the prospect.

<Genevriel> It would be good to know if I'm not the only one.

<Silvia> If you're willing to meet, we can help to arrange things for you to have some privacy and time to talk.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> I would be. Willing, I mean. Thank you.

<Silvia> All right.

<Silvia> How have you been, otherwise?

<Genevriel> Like I said - static. Trapped, in a way.

<Silvia> Trapped?

<Genevriel> But it's not all bad. An old friend and I have been reacquainting, and that's been good.

  • Silvia nods

<Silvia> I'm glad to hear that, then.

<Genevriel> Trapped - not knowing. Not being equipped to know.

<Genevriel> I'm working on that, too, though. Slowly.

<Genevriel> My mind's a bit too old to pick up a new language quickly.

<Silvia> Understanding can be a lengthy process.

<Silvia> What language are you trying to learn?

<Genevriel> Celestial.

<Genevriel> That's what the One speaks. A dialect, anyway.

<Silvia> Ahh.

<Genevriel> And a... woman named Karala made some inquiries on my behalf. I don't think I asked the right questions, though.

<Silvia> Sirris speaks Celestial, if that would be of any help. I'm sure he would be willing to converse with you.

<Genevriel> Thank you.

  • Silvia adjusts her glasses

<Genevriel> Well, my questions weren't a complete waste. They did help me confirm some of my assumptions.

<Silvia> Oh?

<Genevriel> But the nature of the spell meant the answers were very limited. Or I'm just insatiable. Probably that.

  • Silvia nods

<Silvia> well, I hope it was more helpful than frustrating.

  • Silvia sips her tea
  • Genevriel shrugs.

<Genevriel> I set my expectations too high.

<Silvia> :/

<Genevriel> I'm not well suited to this role.

<Silvia> I don't want to keep you from your rest - next time I visit, I'll try to make sure to do it in the afternoon.

<Silvia> We'll make the arrangements for you and Philida to meet, though - and if you want to practice your Celestial with Sirris, we can certainly find a time for that as well.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Thank you. I appreciate that you came by.

<Silvia> Of course.

<Silvia> Good day, and I'm sorry again for waking you.

<Genevriel> It's fine, really. I need to do my rounds anyway.

  • Genevriel will see Silvia out, politely, then go to feed/warm up/heal the poor before stopping by Madds to give him a nightmareless night and going to work.

Aubrienne helps Jed through some family conflict

<DiablotinNarrator> Aubrienne, your brother is still under supervision, and working on recovery - you can visit him from time to time but he also needs quiet and rest.

<DiablotinNarrator> (I just wanted to update you on how he was doing, as I'm sure you were wondering :)

<Aubrienne> (Aubrienne will be visiting him pretty regularly. He needs time to think, I'm sure, but she'll try to keep him from getting trapped in his own head if that makes sense.)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay, sure)

<Aubrienne> (Bring him beer and cards ;))

<DiablotinNarrator> (heh)

<DiablotinNarrator> Meanwhile, Jed comes home one day and seems super grumpy.

  • Jedrezej bangs things around in the kitchen
  • Aubrienne will watch from the doorway

<Aubrienne> <sk> Problem?

<Aubrienne> Normally this is what it sounds like if *I'm* trying to cook.

<Jedrezej> <sk> Mothers. Why couldn't we be traditional and have nothing to do with each other?

  • Jedrezej grumbles

<Aubrienne> <sk> Rikkah giving you trouble?

<Jedrezej> I told her about the movie.

<Jedrezej> Now I guess I'm a traitor to my people and going to ruin things for all of us.

<Aubrienne> Wait, what?

<Aubrienne> Want to run that by me again?

<Jedrezej> I don't know if I understand it either :p

<Jedrezej> and I might be exaggerating slightly :p

<Aubrienne> You? Exaggerate? Well, I never! ;)

<Jedrezej> She thinks a movie made by a human but starring a shadar-kai is bound to get things wrong...

  • Aubrienne will take a seat at the kitchen table.

<Jedrezej> paint us in a bad light, or something, I don't know.

<Aubrienne> In fairness to her, that's a legitimate concern.

<Aubrienne> If it was anyone other than Kori.

<Jedrezej> I tried to tell her that.

<Aubrienne> Plus, you and I'll be there, and Kori will listen to us.

<Aubrienne> Do you think it'd help if I introduced them?

<Jedrezej> That ... well did she think I'd have said yes if it was going to be some kind of exploitative, gross thing?

  • Jedrezej sighs

<Jedrezej> don't answer that- I already know what she thinks about our act :p

<Aubrienne> I was going to say...

<Jedrezej> you're not exploiting me :p

<Jedrezej> I can't speak to whether it's gross or not, my cultural sensibilities are skewed by my perverse background :p

<Aubrienne> I know that, [playful sk insult, like 'dork'].

  • Jedrezej smiles

<Jedrezej> I'm pretty sure that Kori will have me wearing more clothes than you ever do ;)

<Aubrienne> As if it wasn't your idea for all the "free advertising." :p

<Jedrezej> heh

<Jedrezej> No, no, you're a cruel taskmistress who bends me to your will.

<Jedrezej> clearly.

<Aubrienne> Well, that is true.

<Aubrienne> But anyway, yeah, I think Kori really wants this to be good for the shadar-kai. Some positive media portrayal, all that.

<Jedrezej> maybe if she did meet Korisse, it would help put her mind at ease a little. If she knew more what the movie was going to be about, and could see it wasn't supposed to be insulting or making us look bad.

<Aubrienne> I can understand Rikkah being worried, but, overall, I think it will be a good thing.

<Aubrienne> I'm sure Kori would be happy to meet her, though wrangling into her schedule can be a chore.

  • Jedrezej nods

<Aubrienne> I'll give her a call, though, try to set something up.

<Jedrezej> Thanks

  • Jedrezej sighs

<Jedrezej> I know she means well... and compared to a lot of people, she's really not that traditional.

<Jedrezej> I mean, she came here, and kept me, so she's already broken at least a couple customs

<Jedrezej> But sometimes it's like to make up for that, she's going to be as closed-minded as possible on other things.

<Aubrienne> *shrug*

<Aubrienne> It's important to keep up some traditions. I know it can be rough, but Rikkah is just trying to hold onto herself.

  • Jedrezej nods

<Jedrezej> I just wish she could trust me that I'm making reasonable decisions for myself.

<Aubrienne> Oh, well, that's a parental custom that crosses cultural lines. ;)

<Aubrienne> I still have an open invitation to come home and run the pharmacy whenever "acting doesn't work out."

<Jedrezej> heh

<Jedrezej> I still have a lot of shadar-kai poetry memorized. like, a LOT.

<Aubrienne> Some of it's nice. :)

<Jedrezej> Some of it is long and boring.

<Aubrienne> Well, okay, a lot of it in my opinion, but we have different cultural relationships to it.

<Aubrienne> I wasn't forced to memorize it. :p

  • Jedrezej nods

<Aubrienne> But I can also recite the lineage of my family back...well, a lot of generations, essentially offhand.

<Aubrienne> And I have a *big* family. ;)

<Jedrezej> So do I, somewhere.

<Aubrienne> Fair.

<Jedrezej> I think because it's just me here, though, she has to put all of her expectations and values and everything on me.

<Jedrezej> She had other kids she left behind >.>

<Aubrienne> :/

  • Aubrienne will be quiet for a moment

<Jedrezej> They were older than me - I don't really know much about them, she doesn't like to talk about it.

<Aubrienne> Have you ever tried contacting them?

<Jedrezej> But old enough to make up their own minds about leaving, I guess.

<Jedrezej> No...

  • Jedrezej sighs

<Aubrienne> I don't know what to tell you.

<Jedrezej> it's okay. They're not my problem - I'm sure they're fine.

<Jedrezej> I just don't want to let my mother down.

<Aubrienne> Rikkah loves you. She's your mother, and she's going to worry about and annoy you. It's practically contractual.

  • Jedrezej nods

<Jedrezej> come on - let's go get some food, I can tell my cooking is going to be terrible.

<Aubrienne> Yes please!

<Aubrienne> <butler voice> I shall bring the car around, sir.

<Jedrezej> And make it snappy.

<Aubrienne> See, you'll make a great movie star. :D

  • Jedrezej smirks

Zola and Elianne have lunch

<DiablotinNarrator> Zola, your sister will meet up with you for lunch

  • Zola is all bundled up in a fur lined coat against the chill @_@
  • Elianne booked us a table at a nice restaurant
  • Elianne gives you a hug in greeting
  • Zola dances around to warm herself while the attendant attempts to take her coat

<Zola> Sis!

<Zola> It's so cold @_@

<Elianne> I know, it's awful - although actually around our place it's been quite nice, once the thunderstorm settled down.

<Zola> Thunderstorm? :o

<Elianne> They're trying to do something about the weather. I don't really understand all the magic involved, but I guess it's clashing with whatever's making the cold and causing weird effects in places.

  • Elianne shrugs

<Zola> Wow, I knew about them trying to control the weather though, but I hadn't heard that yet... I guess it's not a surprise there'd be some conflict.

  • Zola will follow her to our table.

<Elianne> It's good to see you - how are you doing?

<Zola> I'm good! It's good to see you too!

<Zola> How've things been?

<Elianne> Recovered from your party yet? :)

  • Zola gives up a teeny grin about that.

<Zola> Of course I have, I'm a big girl.

<Zola> Have you recovered yet? :)

<Elianne> Ah, more or less.

<Elianne> It was quite something.

<Zola> Mmm? Did you have a good time?

<Elianne> Yes, I did. It was nice to get to meet some of your friends.

  • Elianne says neutrally, sipping her water

<Zola> You know what I meant :)

  • Zola will end up ordering something hot to eat.

<Elianne> Why, what on earth are you implying?

<Zola> I'm not implying a thing, I want to know if you had fun with Hugo :D

<Elianne> Hugo is a very charming man... and yes, I did have fun.

<Zola> Good :D

<Zola> I'm glad you had a time AT the party too :)

<Elianne> I just wish I could find someone who was similarly... entertaining... but also suitable for marriage.

<Elianne> I suppose that might be asking for too much, though.

<Zola> You've still got time to find someone who's fun and suitable!

<Elianne> Not if Mother has anything to say about it.

  • Zola rolls her eyes.

<Zola> Is she still trying to hook you up with that furniture guy, or whatever it was he did?

<Elianne> She's compiling a short list of suitable gentlemen. He's still on it, yes.

<Zola> Are any of them any fun at all?

<Elianne> I don't really know any of them, so I'm not sure.

<Zola> Ugh.

<Elianne> Maybe if I get them list to you, you can tell me if you know anything about any of them?

<Elianne> Pro or con?

<Elianne> (the list)

<Zola> Sure, if I know any of them. Maybe Hugo might know a few too.

  • Elianne nods

<Zola> It'd be nice if she just stopped playing at nobility and just let things happen. Torvalle & co is hardly an empire.

<Zola> (Torvalle & Family even)

<Elianne> I'm afraid she sees it as one, though. Preferably one to be enlarged and fortified by suitable alliances with furniture companies or car companies or whatever.

<Zola> Well then maybe she should put out for their owners herself :|

  • Elianne makes an 'ew' face
  • Zola laughs

<Zola> It might not help in the long run anyway, I guess.

<Elianne> I don't even really object to the idea,I suppose.... I just would also like whoever it is to be decent and thoughtful and kind and maybe sexy... :p

<Zola> Sure, but it'd be a crime to miss someone like that because they're lacking Mother's seal of approval.

<Elianne> that's why I said it's probably too much to ask for :/

<Zola> You should just tell her to stuff her list where no one suitable would find it :|

  • Zola says like that's easy to do
  • Elianne sighs

<Elianne> I told her I would meet them. I figure if there's someone who seems good, *and* Mother approves, it will save me headaches down the road.

<Elianne> But I didn't agree to anything without getting to know them first.

  • Zola is forced to admit that's not unreasonable with a quirk of her mouth

<Zola> (er, and shows it with)

<Zola> Well, get me the list, and if it's atrocious, maybe we can go on the offensive and find some better fellows to introduce you to.

<Elianne> And I insisted that I get to meet them on my own - without Mother and Father hovering nearby.

  • Elianne nods

<Zola> Good.

<Elianne> Who knows, that way if one of them does seem potentially good, maybe I can find out for myself ;p

<Zola> She'll probably shut up a bit while you're 'courting' too :P

<Elianne> Hopefully, yes.

<Elianne> Although she does like to remind me that I'm not getting any younger, and if I expect to have children, I should really get started, and blah blah blah.

<Zola> Thank the Gods I don't have to deal with that...

<Zola> Perks of being the black sheep, I guess :)

<Elianne> heh

<Elianne> How about you, how are you doing?

<Zola> I'm good... the party went fabulously, things are going well with my career. And Noren and I had a big talk and worked through some things.

<Elianne> Oh?

<Zola> Yeah, we uh, took a bit of a break for a while.

  • Elianne nods

<Zola> I wasn't sure what I wanted, and he has ... he'd like things to go specific places if things go right... picket fences and summer homes, you know?

<Elianne> Ah.... and it was a bit too settled down for you?

  • Elianne guesses

<Zola> For now, at least... and I was worried things would end badly if we just let things run their course. But we talked it out and ... we'll see. I've got to trust he'll let me know what he's comfortable with.

<Zola> There was some crying and some shouting that I may have asked for, and then there was a lot of sex. It was nice <3

  • Elianne smiles

<Elianne> I hope things will work out with him, then, if he makes you happy

<Zola> He does.

<Zola> I ... didn't want to tell him this in case it hurt his feelings... but...

<Zola> He said he was thinking of running for Council... and I figured... he's telling me as... an ultimatum of sorts, right? If you don't want to be with me, I'm going to go ahead and run for office.

<Zola> But that wasn't it at all... he just wanted to tell me because of my secrets with Mico.

<Elianne> aw

  • Zola gets a little misty eyed.

<Elianne> That's very sweet

<Zola> Yeah, he's a swell guy.

<Elianne> And even Mother might approve of a politician in the family ;)

  • Zola dabs at her eyes so her makeup doesn't get out of control.

<Zola> Hah... I do wonder what her face would be like if I switched houses though.

<Zola> :P

<Elianne> Oh gods.

<Elianne> Well, you've already switched lots of other things... maybe that wouldn't be so bad ;)

  • Zola grins
  • Elianne will have a lovely lunch with you, then
  • Zola drinks warming drinks :3

Argent, Denise, and Hettie continue their treasure hunt

<DiablotinNarrator> Enver has been busy working to find another route that won't require you to go through a creepy ghost and his 'children'

<DiablotinNarrator> Finally, he thinks he has come up with an option that might get you where you're trying to go

<Denise> aww yess1

  • Denise will see that he is properly rewarded ^-^

<Enver> It should take us around the catacombs, an' bring us out where the red river comes out

<Denise> swell!

<Hettienne> Ace.

<Enver> It's gonna be annoying, but bettern' the alternative, I guess

<Denise> annoyin' how?

<Enver> Goin' through some real little passages. We'll haveta crawl for some of it.

<Denise> I hoep i'm gonna fit :3

<Enver> As long as you can crawl, it should be okay.

<Enver> Just ain't gonna be able to walk some ways

<Denise> okay

<Denise> I acan do that

  • Enver nods

<Hettienne> Brings back memories... ;)

<Nycki> heh

<DiablotinNarrator> All right

<DiablotinNarrator> Enver can lead the way on this trail - it does indeed require a fair bit of crawling through small tunnels. Nycki might cheat and be a rat >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> After some fairly annoying hours of crouching and crawling and going through some pretty gross places, you can finally hear the sound of running water up ahead

<Enver> Almost there

<Denise> good -_-

<DiablotinNarrator> You finally emerge into an area that's large enough for you to stand up in

<Hettienne> whew.

  • Nycki will shift back to her human form
  • Denise stands up and stretches, looking around
  • Argent also keep a watchful eye as he brushes himself off

<DiablotinNarrator> You're in a tunnel - to your right, the passage ends in a rockfall. To the left, it seems to open up further, and that's where the running water sound is coming from.

<Enver> Down this way...

  • Enver says, gesturing to the left
  • Denise follows
  • Hettienne sniffs the air before proceeding

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+11

  • Zola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 18 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> It smells kind of musty, but not like the air is really bad - just like it has been closed up for a long time.

  • Argent follows after Enver and Denise

<Enver> This is part of the old city.

<Denise> how'd you find a way in?

<Enver> Well, it started with bustin' through a wall.

  • Denise looks around with more curiousity

<Denise> heh

<Enver> An' then, those little tunnels, they were really made for their rats I guess. The big rats, like, not the tiny regular ones.

<Enver> So I think when they were sealin' it up, they didn't pay as much attention to those ones.

<Enver> I crawled around a lot, and smelled for the water

<Denise> huh

<Enver> I knew more or less where it oughta come out, I just had to find a way to get there

  • Denise pokes him

<Denise> You just be careful, is all, pokin; around on your own

<Enver> Yeah, I know.

  • Denise is clearly pretty excited to be down here though ;3

<Enver> Let's be careful headin' in there

  • Denise nods
  • Nycki sticks close to Hettie
  • Hettienne keeps her eyes open...

<DiablotinNarrator> The tunnel opens into a large cavern, with the stream running through it, forming a larger pool

<Denise> huh

<DiablotinNarrator> You can see as you emerge into the room that there is some fungus growing near to the water and up along the walls. It's blue and kind of has wispy tendrils that reach out and sway slightly, although there's no breeze down here.

<Denise> so now we're what - lookin'for a passage what opens with a feather or somethin'?

  • Denise scowls at the mushrooms and gives them a wide berth

<Argent> (any way to tell if the fungus is dangerous?)

<Hettienne> Fucking mushrooms.

<DiablotinNarrator> Anyone got k: nature they could roll to try and see

<Denise> (lol)

<Denise> (this is why I'm dating a ranger ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> (er maybe it's k: dungeoneering actually)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I forget what funguses count as ;)

<Denise> (oh that I might have!)

<Argent> !roll 1d20+4

<Denise> !roll 1d20+7

  • Zola rolls for Denise: [ 1d20+7 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 7 ] totals [ 17 ].
  • Zola rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+4 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 4 ] totals [ 14 ].

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+7

  • Zola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+7 ] getting [ 3 ] which, after the modifier [ 7 ] totals [ 10 ].

<Argent> (+6 if its a monster... so 20 in that case)

<Hettienne> (lol)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I'll say you can use either, which ever you have or is higher)

<DiablotinNarrator> !roll 1d20+6

  • Zola rolls for DiablotinNarrator: [ 1d20+6 ] getting [ 19 ] which, after the modifier [ 6 ] totals [ 25 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> (that was for Enver)

<Enver> This kind feeds off the water - I don't think it'll try an' eat us. But let's not touch it, just in case.

<Hettienne> Don't gotta tell me twice...

<DiablotinNarrator> You can also hear a faint sizzling noise as you walk by the patch of fungus

  • Hettienne eyes it with distaste and suspicion...

<Denise> yeah....

<DiablotinNarrator> The stream is shallow enough that you could wade through it

  • Denise Murodea is willing to test that steory, with ner fancy new boots and all ^-^

<Denise Murodea> (theory)

<DiablotinNarrator> Enver will also wade through

  • Hettienne will cross as well
  • Nycki will cross
  • Argent Lundi follows

<DiablotinNarrator> You can hear something scuttling from that passage that's directly across from the one you entered through

<Hettienne> Here we go...

<DiablotinNarrator> It's a large millipede-like creature, but probably about 10 feet long and with a sort of blue glow to it

  • Denise Murodea braces for a fight

<DiablotinNarrator> okay, then Hettie is up first

<Hettienne> welp

  • Hettienne is gonna shoot it.

<DiablotinNarrator> okay!

<DiablotinNarrator> that'll do

<DiablotinNarrator> it's a gun, you don't have to aim too good :)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay - anything else you want to do?

<Hettienne> (no, using the focused shot is full round)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay. Argent's turn, then

  • Argent Lundi will try and make a K-roll to identify this critter (Dungeoneering?)

<DiablotinNarrator> apparently technically this is under k: arcana, being a magical beast

<Argent Lundi> (all the same)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<DiablotinNarrator> okay, you think it's a centipede-type creature that's also infested with fungus, thus the blue glow

<Denise Murodea> (damnit, this is when I remember I meant to ask about gasmasks >.>)

  • Argent Lundi will cast divine favor, activate judgment for AC and move so I can flank it if it closes.

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<Argent Lundi> (that's me)

<DiablotinNarrator> Nycki's turn. She's going to draw her rapier and take a 5 foot step, but wait for it to close

<Denise Murodea> (anyone have temp feat suggestions for this? >.>)

<Argent Lundi> (oh, I was drawing my rapier too as I moved... sorry)

<Denise Murodea> (I can have two these days :D)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

  • Enver will move up to it and attack with his axes.

<DiablotinNarrator> nope, that won't hit. It's going to try to bite him

<DiablotinNarrator> that will hit. ow

<Denise Murodea> D:

<Denise Murodea> Enver!

<DiablotinNarrator> Denise's turn

<Denise Murodea> I am going to move there, and I'll take cleave as a swift action for may feats, and then i am going to punch it A Lot, so bear with me :p

<DiablotinNarrator> kk

<Denise Murodea> (the first one hits so I can cleave?)

<DiablotinNarrator> yup

<Denise Murodea> (and that's at the same bonus?)

<DiablotinNarrator> it's at your full attack bonus, whatever that is

<Denise Murodea> (okay so how many hits is that? >.>)

<DiablotinNarrator> 2

<Denise Murodea> (okay)

<DiablotinNarrator> k. Hettie's turn

<Hettienne> shooting again

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<DiablotinNarrator> nice!

<Hettienne> (roll for crit)

<DiablotinNarrator> kk

<DiablotinNarrator> yup, that's a crit

<Hettienne> now I gotta look it up >.>

<Argent Lundi> (x4 for guns) (im pretty sure)

<DiablotinNarrator> yeah, I believe so

<Hettienne> 52. welp.

<DiablotinNarrator> lol

<Denise Murodea> (did we just get spattered with funguspede?)

<Hettienne> (also it's deaf)

<DiablotinNarrator> And also it's super dead

<Hettienne> (lol)

<DiablotinNarrator> yes you get splattered with centipede bits

  • Hettienne pets ThunderCunt
  • Denise Murodea tries to block spatter from her face

<Denise Murodea> ugh

  • Denise Murodea wipes it out of her hair -_-

<Denise Murodea> You okay?

  • Denise Murodea asks enver

<Enver> there's legs everywhere :(

<Denise Murodea> un huh. Nice shot :3

  • Denise Murodea says to her aunt
  • Nycki will give Hettie a squeeze for that :)

<Hettienne> Thanks :D Still got it...

  • Argent Lundi will keep any eye out for anything else that may be attracted by the gunfire

<Denise Murodea> is that the way we gotta go?

  • Denise Murodea peeks cautious,y down the passage

<Enver> Nah, I think won't go anywhere good... not if that thing came out of it.

  • Denise Murodea nods
  • Enver will basically keep along the edge of the water and follow where it goes. THere are some stalagmites.
  • Denise Murodea goes back over to the ppol to wash fungusgoo off her face and hands

<Hettienne> This your boat?

<DiablotinNarrator> Denise, as you're washing your hands off, you feel a weird... tingling sort of feeling from the water

<Denise Murodea> uhhhh

<Enver> Nope, not mine...

  • Denise Murodea steps back ad makes a face

<Denise Murodea> somethin's werids about the water D:

<Hettienne> (Does it look recently used?)

  • Denise Murodea will take a sample, like Dorien said >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> You notice that the brooch Enver gave you is glowing, Denise.

<Denise Murodea> ... whaaaa

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie- the boat looks like it's been there quite a long time.

<Denise Murodea> (was it glowing when I waaded through earlier?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (no, but you had rubber boots on ... ;)

<Denise Murodea> (true)...

  • Denise Murodea will catch up with the others

<Denise Murodea> I think we oughtta try an stay out of the water @_@ an like... not touch it. it feels weird

  • Enver looks and says "what's going on with your brooch?"

<Denise Murodea> I don't know! It started glowin' when i went to wash my hands

<Enver> huh

<Hettienne> Is it s'posed to do that?

<Denise Murodea> I dunno :o

<DiablotinNarrator> There's some kind of little structure up ahead of you - man-made, and clearly very old

<Denise Murodea> anyway jus.... I'll let you know if I start feelin 'ill or somethin'

<DiablotinNarrator> it's probably not really as nice and square as that, but it is made out of stacked stones

<Denise Murodea> come on

  • Denise Murodea will skip over to it

<DiablotinNarrator> It actually has a door on it, as opposed to this diagram

  • And on the door is carved a symbol that looks like a feather

<Hettienne> Wait... could be a trap.

<Denise Murodea> I ain't touchin, just lookin'

  • Argent Lundi will detect evil towards the structure

<Denise Murodea> But maybe that's the door :3

<DiablotinNarrator> Nycki: this must be it @_@

  • Denise Murodea hops

<Hettienne> (can I look for traps... is it dd or perception, I forget)

<Argent Lundi> (perception usually, but if you have trapfinding you get a bonus)

<DiablotinNarrator> Perception to spot them, dd to remove. You don't think the door is trapped, Hettie. Nycki will also peek at it, just as a back up. seems fine!

<Hettienne> Locked with a feather, huh

<Denise Murodea> want me to try it?

  • Denise Murodea reaches up to poke the feather first, but slowly in case anyone thinks better of it

<Denise Murodea> poke

<DiablotinNarrator> Denise, when you poke it, the edge of the door glows faintly blue for a moment and then it opens

  • Denise Murodea grins widely

<Denise Murodea> Awww swell! :D

  • Denise Murodea looks through
  • Hettienne peers inside.

<DiablotinNarrator> Inside it's pretty empty. There is just a stone table, two round stools, and on top of the table, a leather bag a bit larger than your palm

<Denise Murodea> huh

  • Denise Murodea steps in then
  • Hettienne takes a step inside.

<DiablotinNarrator> Nycki peers in, not being able to really fit in with two other people in there

<Denise Murodea> who wants to open the bag? :o I mean Like I wanna but it was Nycki's treasure >.>

<Hettienne> Nyck, you should do it.

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay...

  • Nycki will step inside and gingerly pick up the bag and peek inside it
  • It's a Harrow deck. A real old one.
  • Denise Murodea tries to peek as she does :3

<Denise Murodea> huh

<Nycki> is this it? o_O

<Denise Murodea> (A deck of many harrows? :V)

<Hettienne> That's.. not what I were expecting. :o

<Denise Murodea> Maybe it's magic...?

<Nycki> maybe...

<Denise Murodea> (is it made of "leather"?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (yes)

<Denise Murodea> maybe this were like... a fortune teller's place?

  • Nycki nods

<Hettienne> Must be somethin' to it...

<Nycki> We'll take it back up... maybe get someone who knows summat about magic an' the Harrow to take a look at it.

  • Denise Murodea loks at Argent

<Denise Murodea> can you tell if it's magic?

  • Hettienne nods.
  • Argent Lundi will cast detect magic and see

<Denise Murodea> Aubrienne know about Harrow an' magic

<DiablotinNarrator> It's strongly magic, Argent.

<Hettienne> Oh yeah, she reads the cards, don't she...

<Argent Lundi> It's magic... quite strong

<DiablotinNarrator> you can make a k: arcana to know the school

  • Argent Lundi will look at Denise' pendant while the spell is up

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent, you sense faint magic from Denise's brooch

<Argent Lundi> You're broach is magic too, but just faint

<Denise Murodea> huh

<DiablotinNarrator> It's abjuration and evocation for the brooch

<Denise Murodea> maybe that's why it was glowin'...

<DiablotinNarrator> Denise - the glow fades away after about 10 minutes, which is probably soon if it hasn't happened already

<Argent Lundi> it was likely triggered by something... the magic is protective in nature. Figuring this stuff out isn't really my specialty... I usually have no luck reading the auras

<Enver> Well, if Mlle Aubrienne knows stuff about the deck, maybe she can look at the brooch too.

<Denise Murodea> huh. maybe :3 if she can't I know some folks who can >.> though prolly you do too...

  • Denise Murodea says to Nycki
  • Argent Lundi will take guess and cast detect poison towards the river

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent, the river is not poison.

  • Nycki nods.

<Argent Lundi> (worth a shot) anything else in there?

<Denise Murodea> just the chairs...an table

  • Denise Murodea has a closer look just in case >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> People can check with Per rolls to look around

  • Hettienne will search around in case there's something hidden

<Denise Murodea> rolling 1d20+10

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie and Denise, the only other things you find are a small bag of very old coins tucked into a nook in the wall, and some small bones that probably belonged to a rat or rats.

  • Hettienne will take the old coins and look them over <DiablotinNarrator> sure

<DiablotinNarrator> No clue - they're not very valuable if you just count them as money, but because they're old, maybe they're rare...? collectors and that sort of thing might value them more highly than their face value.

  • Hettienne shrugs and pockets them.

<Denise Murodea> well! I guess now we squeeze back out

<DiablotinNarrator> You can proceed back on your exit through the very small tunnels etc.

  • Denise, were you taking a fungus sample, or just a water sample?
  • Argent Lundi will check on Enver's wound to make sure its not infected or anything

<DiablotinNarrator> just so I'm clear on who has what :)

<Denise Murodea> (I'll try and get a fungus one if I can get close) (and of the deadthing)

<Argent Lundi> (yes samples for Dorien)

<DiablotinNarrator> Yeah, you can take some of it carefully/ When you touch it, again your brooch glows for a bit.

<Denise Murodea> hmmmm

<DiablotinNarrator> Enver's wound is pretty bad, but doesn't seem infected (and he made his save, that was the roll earlier ;)

<Denise Murodea> I gotta get that looked at for sure >.> (Argeeeeent can't you heal my boyfriend ;_;)

  • Argent Lundi will cure him once were out

<Denise Murodea> (yay)

<Argent Lundi> 2 cure light wounds does it

<Denise Murodea> thanks :3

<DiablotinNarrator> Enver will also thank you, and you can lecture him about tactics as we go ;)

<Argent Lundi> I will

  • Denise Murodea can give him snuggles later to help mitigate any butthurt ;)

Hugo and Eirini spend time together

  • Eirini will show up at your house one afternoon, Hugo

<Hugonel> (is that a surprise?)

<Eirini> (well I'm not sure she has a phone, so... yes.)

<Hugonel> Ah, Eirini! Uhh ... just give me a moment and let me get into something a little more respectable.

  • Hugonel is wearing a long bathrobe as he was just bathing before heading over to the cabaret
  • Hugonel will get himself straightened around and then welcome Eirini in.

<Hugonel> My apologies!

<Eirini> not at all

<Eirini> Would you like to come out with me?

<Hugonel> Certainly ... I have at least two hours before I need to be at work.

<Hugonel> Where would you like to go?

<Eirini> Would you still go with me if I said it was a surprise?

  • Hugonel considers for a moment.

<Hugonel> Do I need to bring anything?

<Eirini> No

<Hugonel> All right, then.

  • Hugonel grabs a top hat and his walking stick and a jaunty-looking brown scarf.
  • Eirini seems in a cheerful mood today

<Hugonel> What's the occasion?

<Eirini> I'll show you...

<Eirini> you are really very impatient, you know

<Hugonel> So I've been told.

  • Eirini will take you across the river to the Firefly Gardens

<DiablotinNarrator> The first thing you notice when you get there is that it feels like spring

<Hugonel> Oh ... my ... is that ... warmth?

<Eirini> Isn't it wonderful?

<Hugonel> Is this natural?

<Eirini> This is what's supposed to be.

  • Hugonel nods.

<Hugonel> It's wonderful.

  • Hugonel smiles warmly.

<Eirini> Come this way... let me show you something.

  • Hugonel follows Eirini.
  • Eirini leads you along the paths, which are still lined with (melting) snow, to a grove of birch trees

<Eirini> Look - leaves!

  • Eirini gestures to the small leaves that are unfurling

<Hugonel> I see them!

<Hugonel> Does this mean ... that we're beating the cold back? I thought the cold was preventing the Blight from spreading.

<Eirini> I don't really know... they're doing this with magic, and I don't think it has a very large area... and maybe it will fade again in a day or two. I just want to enjoy it for now.

  • Hugonel smiles.

<Hugonel> That makes perfect sense.

  • Eirini plucks one of the little leaves from the nearest tree and will reach up to put in in the band of your hat as a decoration
  • Hugonel laughs.

<Hugonel> I'm so glad you came by today.

<Hugonel> I had wondered when I might see you.

<Eirini> I suppose I haven't made it easy to get in touch with me.

<Hugonel> That's all right.

<Hugonel> Where are you staying? In ... a tree? I don't know how this works.

<Eirini> Yes, I suppose that's right.

<Hugonel> Is Linthira ... with you?

<Eirini> Well, not at the moment, no.

  • Eirini says, looking around with a slightly playful smile
  • Hugonel laughs

<Hugonel> I just mean, I'm trying to understand here, for real. Is she physically in the city, or ... elsewhere?

<Eirini> Can't it be both?

<Hugonel> I don't know.

<Hugonel> You said you were here in the city to be close to her. But isn't it dangerous here, with all this other stuff going on?

<Eirini> She is nearby

<Eirini> And yes, perhaps it is dangerous here... but it's dangerous everywhere

  • Hugonel nods.

<Hugonel> Do you suppose that sometime ... I could talk to her?

<Eirini> Maybe... I could ask. Why?

<Hugonel> ... well, you know, there has been all this weird stuff going on, with me, with the cabaret, with my friends. I

thought ... maybe she would have answers for me?

<Eirini> I couldn't say

<Eirini> But I can ask her if she'd speak with you

  • Hugonel nods.

<Hugonel> I need to ask, Eirini: what are your intentions towards me?

  • Eirini looks puzzled

<Eirini> Am I supposed to have intentions?

<Hugonel> No.

<Hugonel> If you don't, that's fine. That's an answer.

  • Eirini nods

<Eirini> I don't know how long I'm going to be here

<Eirini> I just want to try and enjoy the time that I have.

<Hugonel> By here you mean ... the city? this world?

<Eirini> Yes.

  • Hugonel nods.

<Hugonel> I hope when all this wintry business is done, you'll have some time to enjoy the spring.

<Eirini> I'd like that.

  • Eirini takes your hand to walk in the spring-like weather.
  • Hugonel will walk with her.


Denise and Enver talk about shacking up and getting married

  • Enver is kind of grumpy/upset, although seems a little better after getting washed up
  • Denise shivers in her too-small towel

<Denise> you wanna crawl in under the covers until the room is warmer?

<Enver> yeah, that'd be good

  • Enver gets into bed, curling up
  • Denise curls up with

<Denise> How're you doin'?

  • Enver sort of huffs and sighs

<Enver> He didn't need to lecture me

<Denise> That's... just how he thinks about stuff

<Denise> He lectures me on it too

<Enver> I been goin' down there for years, I ain't dumb

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> we never woulda got that far without you

<Denise> everyone knows that

<Enver> I found the way in

<Denise> that's what I mean

  • Enver nods

<Enver> I know... I ain't upset at you

  • Enver kisses you as he snuggles up closer

<Denise> I know....

<Denise> But...

<Denise> I mean, he ain't wrong, neither >.>

<Denise> it's different, bein' with folks, an bein' on your own, is all

<Enver> :/

<Denise> If you were down't there on your own, an you saw somethinn' like that... thing, what would you a done?

<Enver> well... if it ain't noticed me yet, I'd prolly try an' hide, or go back the way I came from

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> I weren't real keen on watchin' that thing take a big chunk outta you.

<Enver> well, I weren't real keen on it either. But I wouldn'ta wanted it to go after you.

<Denise> why not? I'm prolly the tougest one of all of us who were down there

<Enver> 'cause you're my girl

  • Denise flicks your nose

<Denise> don't be dumb

<Denise> I don't need no one to take hits for me

<Denise> I need you for lotsa other things, but not that

<Enver> :/

<Denise> that's like, my whole job

<Enver> I know...

<Enver> but if I'm there, I don't wanna hide behind you >.>

<Denise> it ain't hidin'

<Denise> Like... it ain't about that at all

<Denise> It's just about, like.... thinkin how best to use the folks you got

<Denise> I'm gettin' better at it

<Enver> well how're you sposed to know what to do when it's runnin' at you?

<Denise> that's just like... trainin' I guess :/

<Denise> or gettin' in lots of fights >.>

<Enver> if I get in a lotta fights, I ain't doin' my job right

<Denise> yeah

  • Denise agrees

<Denise> you got plenty of other stuff to worry about

<Denise> I dunno - like I said, I got lectures from Argent too, 'cause I weren't used to thinkin' about fightin' with other folks much too

<Denise> he's got a good head for that sort of thing, I guess

<Enver> you don't think I can't handle a fight, do you? :/

<Denise> I know you're smart enough not to get into one if you don't have to, and you ain't gotta prove nothin' else to me.

<Denise> You shouldn't oughta need to worry if you can handle one or not :p

  • Enver sighs

<Enver> well maybe it won't be a problem

<Denise> maybe

<Denise> an if we are in a group like that an run into somethin' else like that - remember there's other folks there, an it's better not to go runnin at things right head on if we can be smarter about it.

<Denise> 'Cause, like, I know you're smarter than I am, anyway

<Enver> I just wanna do a good job an' show you I can handle it

<Denise> you're real good at your job - the best :3

<Denise> but part of handlin' a fight is fightin' smarter

<Denise> knowin what the things are you can do to get or over quickest, mostly >.>

<Denise> Man I got all kinds of trainin' now and that bit is still hard

  • Denise sighs

<Denise> it *is* my job and I ain't always real good at it.

<Denise> (ugh feats, how even)

<Enver> you did real good

<Enver> at least, I thought

<Denise> I did okay

  • Enver strokes your damp hair

<Enver> I can't help gettin' worried 'bout you, even if I know you're good in a fight

<Denise> ain't nothin' ever gonna be worse than gettin turned to ice @_@

  • Denise shivers
  • Enver nods

<Denise> ...'cept maybe that....thing.... the pricess magiced up @_@

<Enver> I felt real bad for not bein' there for you then

  • Denise nods

<Denise> I wished you were there after

  • Enver holds you closer

<Denise> we weren't so close then yet though.... now if somethin' liek that happened, I'd make someone go find you

  • Enver nods

<Enver> I hope it won't

<Denise> yeah me too @_@

  • Denise shivers again and snuggles up

<Denise> but it feels like everythin' just geting worse an' weirder ;/

<Enver> it's all pretty weird, yeah

<Enver> like that thing... was it some kinda fungus-infected thing, again?

<Enver> it just don't seem normal

<Denise> seems like :|

<Denise> I guess its some kinda disease?

<Enver> bleh :/

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> Everytime one of us gets sprayed with that gross stuff, or hit by one of them things, I get worried we're gonna catch it

<Denise> even though I know we're both pretty tough

<Enver> yeh...

<Enver> legs everywhere

  • Enver says with a faint shudder

<Denise> yeah @_@

<Denise> that was a real swell shot though!

<Enver> yeah

<Denise> I knew that gun of aunt hettie's was fancy, but I ain't ever seen it do its thing like that before :3

<Enver> yeah... it was real neat

<Denise> but loud @_@

<Enver> yeah

<Enver> why's your aunt even got a fancy gun like that?

<Denise> oh, heh

<Denise> She got it from Nycki, I guess... Used to be stick-up girls together.

<Denise> its a real big Story >.>

<Enver> oh, yeah?

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> Aunt hettie's been in the big house twice, the second time was on account of Nycki settin' her up, I guess 'cause of the Hush :p

<Enver> ... an' they're still together?

<Denise> well

<Denise> that were a near thing but I guess they sorted it out or I figure one of 'em wouldn't be here no more >.>

<Enver> @_@

<Denise> plus now they're gonna have a baby I guess

<Enver> wow

<Enver> like, with a fella?

<Denise> at least they want to

<Denise> I dunno

<Denise> i mean, I guess so?

<Denise> they need a fella in there somewhere >.>

<Enver> well I suppose so... unless they were gonna do magic for it somehow

<Denise> but they want to be mums together I guess?

  • Enver nods

<Enver> so you'd have a new cousin :)

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> but liek prolly also I'm gonna need to find somewhere else to be livin' >.>

<Enver> oh

<Enver> well, like... you could come stay here, for sure. I know it ain't real fancy or nothin', but it'd be swell havin' you around

<Denise> babe... I know this is like... your real swell all yours special place on the wall an all

<Denise> but I figure if we were livin' here the two of us all the time prolly we would not keep gettin' on so well >.>

<Enver> oh...

<Denise> I'm all spoiled with like, havin a real bathroom an' stuff >.>

<Enver> 'cause of it's too small, or just 'cause... you don't wanna live with me?

<Denise> it ain;t you

<Denise> I think it would be real swell, gettin' to wake up with you all the time

  • Enver smiles at that

<Denise> but it is kinda small for two folks, plus, like, there ain't really any water, or heat, or nothin :/

<Enver> well, like... I like this place a lot, but I like you better. We could look for someplace better for the two of us. That'd have that kinda stuff.

<Denise> :3

<Denise> that be real swell....

  • Enver runs his hands down your back
  • Denise gets a far away look for a bbit

<Denise> (like, daydreamy faraway)

<Enver> what's on your mind?

  • Enver asks, nuzzling up to you

<Denise> Just thinkin', what I'd like in a place...

  • Enver nods

<Denise> I dunno though, I ain't realy got much money for it, so it prolly wouldn't be so nice :/

<Denise> or all my money goes for mam

<Enver> well, I got some ... this place don't cost a lot, really, so I got some saved up.

<Enver> an' there's things I could sell, too, if it came to that. stuff I find.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> I don't even know what's gonna happen with my job right now, ;cause I think Ander is movin' on to other stuff...

<Enver> maybe it wouldn't be fancy, but it could be nice

<Enver> what sort of other stuff?

<Denise> I dunno, some kinda politics things

<Enver> huh

<Denise> he says I ain't gotta worry but... >.>

<Enver> well, I don't think Ander'd be the type to just leave you hangin'

<Denise> no

<Enver> at the least, I bet he'd find you somethin' else in the Mala Tajna that'd be good

<Denise> I know he'll look out for me how he can', but it hard to plan, with not knowin'

  • Enver nods

<Enver> maybe there's ways to make some extra money, too, if we wanna try an' save up for a proper house

<Denise> yeah...

<Enver> I could do some spare jobs

<Denise> what kinda jobs?

<Enver> it ain't like my work has me busy every day

  • Denise nods

<Enver> well, like... runnin' errands, maybe pickin' up some work at the docks unloadin' or loadin' stuff

  • Denise nods

<Denise> I could do that sorta thing too

<Denise> in the afternoons, like, maybe

<Enver> you know, you could do some boxin' matches, if you wanted.... you'd be real good at it I bet, an' folks might not bet on you 'cause you're young an' a girl an' stuff, so maybe I could place some bets an' we'd clean up that way ;)

<Denise> heh

<Denise> I oughtta ask Syrez about that

<Enver> I mean, I don't wanna see you get hit, but like... that sorta thing's still safer than wanderin' around in the sewers.

  • Denise says thoughtfully

<Denise> yeah

<Enver> an' quicker

<Enver> work for five or ten minutes, make a bundle

  • Denise grins

<Denise> that would be alright - prolly it wouldn't even last that long ^-^

  • Enver smiles

<Enver> not if you get in some good punches right off the bell, yeah

<Enver> d'you think Ander would care if you did that?

<Denise> Uh

<Denise> I dunno?

<Denise> I guess like, I dunno.... I dunno what it means for him goin' in politics.

  • Enver nods

<Enver> I just wouldn't want you to get in shit over it... but if he thinks it's okay, then maybe it's not a bad idea for makin' some cash quickly.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> well we got lotsa time I guess

<Denise> like, more'n nine months so far :p

  • Enver nods

<Enver> we'll figure it out

<Enver> an' if you tell me what sorta things you want for a house, I can keep an eye out too

<Denise> well.... plumbin', that's a big one ^-^

<Enver> heh

<Denise> a nice kitchen :3

<Denise> gotta have a room for your work stuff >.>

  • Enver nods

<Denise> or somethin' anyway.

<Denise> you got a good system here but it' be even nicer with like... hot water, I bet :V

<Enver> yeah...

<Enver> an' a tub

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> or like... shower @_@

  • Enver nods

<Denise> real fancy

  • Enver smiles
  • Denise smiles too

<Denise> what would you want?

<Denise> if we were livin' together?

<Denise> :3

<Enver> well, I'd wanna make sure it was safe. I know it sounds crazy, but just makin' sure it's solid.

<Enver> a room big enough for a big bed for us

  • Denise nods

<Enver> an' like... if we figured on stayin' there a while, maybe an extra room too >.>

<Denise> ...

<Denise> yeah....

<Denise> if we're gonna be there awhile

<Enver> yeah. I don't mean for right away or nothin'.

  • Denise nods

<Enver> just for someday :3

<Denise> ...

<Denise> would you wanna get married?

<Denise> If we were gonna live together, like...

<Enver> someday?

<Enver> or like... now

<Enver> @_@

<Denise> gosh, not like *now* @_@'

  • Enver smiles

<Denise> but like

<Denise> in nine months, or so, like, then we'd a been together a year, right?

<Enver> yeah

<Enver> I guess I don't think we *gotta* get married to move in together. Lotsa folks don't. But... if you felt like you were ready in a few months or a year or whatever, then yeah, I'd be ready too.

<Denise> I know we don't gotta, but I think I'd like that, if we did...

  • Enver nods

<Enver> me too

  • Denise smiles
  • Denise kisses you
  • Enver kisses back

<Enver> so, are we engaged?

  • Enver asks a bit lightly, but also seriously

<Denise> gosh - I...guess so :o

<Denise> :3

<Enver> I feel like I oughta ask you proper

<Denise> what, are yo gonna ask my pa?

<Enver> shit, no... it ain't up to him, it's up to you.

<Denise> well I already said I would.

<Enver> even if I ain't got a ring... not sure if you'd wanna wear one, 'cause of punchin folks

<Denise> You already gave me some kinda magic brooch ^-^

  • Enver smiles at that

<Enver> 's true, I did

  • Enver kisses you again
  • Denise kisses back

Hettienne, Argent, and Denise consult Aubrienne on the tarot deck Rat treasure

Pre-scene OOC setup discussion, whee

<DiablotinNarrator> okay, what's our setup? You guys going to take your loot to Aubrienne to look at?

<Hettienne> Ian ratted himself to death in Dominion

<Aubrienne> ?

<Denise> its a card

<Denise> a terrible card that can eat you're deck unless you're very caeful how byou use it

<DiablotinNarrator> Hazel already said

<DiablotinNarrator> in the other window

<DiablotinNarrator> so. our setup?

<Denise> Well I figure hettir or Denise can tell her in advance we have something we'd like her to look at?

<Hettienne> yes we're meeting up with Aubrienne

<Denise> and leave the when and where up to her?

<DiablotinNarrator> all right

<DiablotinNarrator> Aubrienne, where would you like to meet with them?

<DiablotinNarrator> and should Nycki and/or Enver be there, so I know who I need to play? :)

<Aubrienne> How important is it, and is it anything that needs to be kept secret?

<Aubrienne> (Obvs Aubrienne needing that info, as I know at least the first part)

<Hettienne> Nycki yes I think

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> and Enver it depends on where we meet maybe but denise would hate to leave him out if everyne else is going to be there >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> I assume they'd tell Aubrienne it's both important and secret?

<Denise> I think that maybe until we know what it is keep secret at least?

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> and rattey

<DiablotinNarrator> at least for now, yeah

<Denise> and magic :3

<Aubrienne> Then she'd say to drop by her place, I guess. It's easy to find a time when Jed's going to be out.

<DiablotinNarrator> Jed, are you off boning a princess again?

<DiablotinNarrator> maybe so what if I am >.>

<Aubrienne> It what all the cool people are doing.

<DiablotinNarrator> heh

<DiablotinNarrator> <Menard> yay I'm cool!

<DiablotinNarrator> <Marl> Shut up, Menard. it doesn't count if she's only a princess because you married her.

<Denise> heee

<DiablotinNarrator> <Menard> aw.

<Denise> I forget who Jed is boning

<DiablotinNarrator> Vera, at least allegedly.

<Denise> oh right

<DiablotinNarrator> it was sort of implied anyway.

<DiablotinNarrator> okay, so people can head round to Aubrienne's place at your convenience. Oh, were you doing something with the coins? taking them for appraisal or whatever?

<Hettienne> yeah, the latter

<Denise> I know some people who would give me a good rate I'm just saying >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> a good rat(t)e

<Denise> though Nycki probably also had contacts ;p

<Denise> hee

  • Nycki is more interested in the cards than the coins - if you want to take them to your contacts, she isn't going to argue over that

<Denise> cool, will do!

<Argent> so should we bring wine? good guests bring wine, right?

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - they are a mix of older Imperial coins from approximately 200-400 years ago, and some oddities thrown into the mix that Edvina says are old rat currency and some that could be from the Shadow plane, but she's less sure about that.

<Denise> whoah

<DiablotinNarrator> but they will certainly be worth something to a collector, more than what their face value would suggest. And she'll want to know where you found them, but it's up to you if you want to tell her.

<Denise> denise will say that it ain't on her to say more, but probably hint that they came from somewhere in the undercity >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<Denise> they aren't hot - more like real cold :3

<DiablotinNarrator> She'll offer you 200 for them, which you can take or try to do better elsewhere.

  • Denise will tell her she's gotta check with the others

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<DiablotinNarrator> well then, you can head to Aubrienne's - bringing wine if you like :)

  • Denise kinda wants to keep one of the old rat ones once she knows what they are :3
  • Denise will bring the coins to show her too
  • Denise has people who can probably tell her if the maybe shadow plane ones are actually shadow plane or not and whether they might be valuable

End setup discussion

  • Denise will knock ^-^
  • Aubrienne will answer the door

<Aubrienne> Well hey folks, come on in. :)

<Denise> thanks :D

<Hettienne> EVenin'

<Aubrienne> I'm really curious what you have for me. It sounded terribly mysterious. :)

  • Denise is excited and has been since we found the stuff

<Denise> it is!

<Denise> its so swell!

<Aubrienne> Can I get you all anything? Pop, beer?

<Nycki> hey there

<Argent> I brought wine

  • Argent offers a pair of bottles

<Enver> hello, Mlle. Aubrienne.

<Aubrienne> Well, there we go.

<Denise> oh uh, I guess I dunno if you met everyone?

<Hettienne> Brie, this 's my partner, Nycki

  • Aubrienne will take them and give Argent a playful kiss on the cheek.

<Hettienne> Nycki, Aubrienne

<Nycki> nice to meet you

  • Aubrienne will shuffle the bottles so she can offer Nycki a hand

<Aubrienne> You too. I've heard a lot about you.

<Denise> (I am going to assume she got to be introduced to Enver at the birthday party)

<Nycki> Ah, only the good stuff, I hope.

<Aubrienne> (Works for me)

<Enver> (sure)

<Aubrienne> Wine? ;)

<Nycki> don't mind if I do

  • Aubrienne will go grab glasses and drinks for everyone.

<Aubrienne> Have a seat.

  • Argent will help serve... he's quite good at it
  • Hettienne gladly accepts.

<Aubrienne> (after everyone is settled in) So, what'd you bring me?

<Aubrienne> Other than some nice wine.

<Denise> It's a magic harrow deck :3

<Aubrienne> ...

  • Denise says, with all the patience of an excited 17yrold

<Aubrienne> You're joking.

<Denise> nope!

  • Aubrienne smiles widely.

<Aubrienne> From where?

<Denise> I knew you'd be real keen on it, plus, like, maybe you might know more what it is >.>

<Denise> From the Undercity :3

  • Denise glances at the Adults to make sure she's not talking too much here >.>
  • Aubrienne puts down her glass.

<Aubrienne> Seriously? (She will direct this more to Hettie and Nycki)

<Hettienne> Mm-hmm

<Nycki> Yeah.

<Hettienne> Hell of a goose chase to find it.

<Hettienne> So we're keen on knowin' what it's about.

<Aubrienne> Okay...give me a sec.

<Nycki> It's kinda a long story, but we got some tip that there was some kinda big treasure or whatever down there. We followed the clues, I guess you could say, an' this is what we found at the end of it.

  • Aubrienne will get up for a second and return with a pair of gloves.

<Aubrienne> Anything special about the place where you found it?

<Hettienne> Behind a door locked with a feather :p

<Nycki> This little hut kinda place.

<Aubrienne> (Does that mean anything to Aubrienne?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (uhhm, roll k:history if you have it I guess?)

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+8

  • Zola rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 13 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> (nope, no clue)

<Denise> looked liek it was a fortune tellin' place?

<Aubrienne> Well, that would make sense.

<Aubrienne> Can I take a look at the deck?

<Aubrienne> (This would be one of the few times you've seen Aubrienne look genuinely serious)

  • Denise assumes Nycki or Hettie has it?

<Hettienne> (Nycki I think had it)

<DiablotinNarrator> (dammit, the description from roll20 isn't in the logs... I think it was in a bag, but I forget now)

<Aubrienne> (I think I remember it being in a bag)

  • Nycki will take out the worn leather bag and hand it to you carefully.

<Denise> (yes, in a bag)

  • Aubrienne takes it very carefully, setting it down on the coffee table in front of her.

<Aubrienne> Well, you brought one of the components I need.

  • Aubrienne produces an owl's feather for the second ingredient for Identify.

<Aubrienne> (What kind of magical aura does it give off?)

<DiablotinNarrator> Strong all schools.

  • Aubrienne whistles.

<Aubrienne> Okay...

<Denise> what?

<Aubrienne> It has a very strong aura, across all schools.

<Aubrienne> That's...unusual, to say the least.

<Hettienne> All of them?

<Hettienne> What's that mean?

<Denise> is it..good?

<Denise> bad?

<Nycki> it's powerful, anyway.

<Aubrienne> It's powerful.

<Denise> huh

  • Aubrienne nods to Nycki.

<Hettienne> What does it *do*?

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+23

  • Zola rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+23 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 23 ] totals [ 27 ].

<Aubrienne> (Ugh, I'll use my Inspired to roll that again)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay)

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+23

  • Zola rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+23 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 23 ] totals [ 33 ].

<Aubrienne> (Eh, fair enough)

<Aubrienne> (So long as it's under CL 18, I can identify it :p)

<DiablotinNarrator> You don't know what it does. Which is weird. You feel like you probably should be able to tell, but you just... can't, for some reason.

<Aubrienne> Well, crap.

<Aubrienne> Hettie, I have no idea, and, well, I should.

<Hettienne> Huh?

<Aubrienne> It's strong, sure, but I just threw a spell at it that should be strong enough to tell me what that thing is.

<Aubrienne> Have you taken it out of the bag at all?

<Nycki> I ain't an expert, but like.. could it be hidden with magic somehow? like somethin's blockin' your spell?

<Nycki> We just peeked inside enough to see it was a deck. We didn't look at it more'n that.

  • Aubrienne will place a handkerchief down and then carefully remove the deck from the bag.

<DiablotinNarrator> The deck looks old, Aubrienne - at least as old as or older than yours. It isn't fancy or ornate, just plain leather cards. You're looking at the back of them, the way you drew them out.

<Denise> you ain't never heard tell of some kinda magic harrow deck?

  • Aubrienne will place them carefully on the handkerchief, not actually drawing one, and take another look at them and the bag separately, just to verify.
  • Denise is now operating on the assumption that this is not the sort of thing of which multiples exist @_@

<Aubrienne> Sweetie, I *have* a magic Harrow deck, but this thing puts my Baba's to shame.

<DiablotinNarrator> Same result, Aubrienne - they are strongly magic across all schools, but you can't for the life of you tell what they are supposed to do. The bag is just a bag.

<Hettienne> What if you look at 'em one at a time?

<Denise> yeah, like, maybe each card is different?

<Aubrienne> (Also, have I heard of other types of magic decks? I can roll history, which she's admittedly not great at, but this does sort of fall into her area of expertise)

<Aubrienne> That's, ah, sort of what I'm afraid of.

<Denise> and that's why its howin' as all the things?

<Denise> (showin')

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can roll and I'll give you a bonus for Harrow-relevance :)

<Aubrienne> (heh, okay)

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+8

  • Zola rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 14 ].

<Aubrienne> (butts)

<DiablotinNarrator> (yeah, still no idea, alas :/)

  • Aubrienne will carefully draw a card from the top of the deck.

<DiablotinNarrator> (hhmm roll k:arcana too, Aubrienne)

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+13

  • Zola rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 22 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> Ah well. you draw a card, turning it over?

<Aubrienne> (Yes)

<DiablotinNarrator> You recognize the card you drew, although the illustration on it is not exactly what you're accustomed to in your own deck. A figure being struck by a bolt of lightning to the head - The Vision.

<DiablotinNarrator> At once, Aubrienne, you feel a sort of trance come over you and you see a scene.

<DiablotinNarrator> You are in the Imperial Palace. You feel somehow at home there, and people who pass you in the hall make polite bows or nods to you, as if you are a respected person.

<DiablotinNarrator> You push open a door and step into a library.

<DiablotinNarrator> A white-haired shadar-kai woman who looks familiar to you emerges from the shelves and offers you a book.

<DiablotinNarrator> It's a dark red, with gold embossing on the cover, and she says "This should have the answers you seek, ma'am," as she hands it to you.

<DiablotinNarrator> You open the book, and see inside it a ritual, or the beginning of one at least. You feel sure that this is the book you need to help your brother, to make him better.

<DiablotinNarrator> The vision shifts, and you are running in a tunnel. Water splashes under your feet as you race desperately ahead of something that is pursuing you.

<DiablotinNarrator> You shift into the form of a rat, hoping that it will hide you, but somehow knowing that it won't help.

<DiablotinNarrator> You duck into a narrow crevice, panting for breath, and watch as your pursuer approaches - a creature with the shape of a beautiful woman with pallid green skin and hair from the waist up, but from the waist down, a writhing mass of fungus.

<DiablotinNarrator> "Come out, my lovely one," she croons, and you feel your will wavering - you know that you are going to step out of your hiding place and then she'll have you.

<DiablotinNarrator> You drift back towards yourself, towards the present, and feel a certain knowledge that one of these visions is true, and the other is false. You don't know which is which.

<Aubrienne> (Knowing ooc what this is, any chance Aubrienne knows what this thing is now? ;))

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can speculate, yes :)

  • Aubrienne comes out of the trance looking terrified for a moment before she calms herself down to just incredibly troubled.

<DiablotinNarrator> (I'll assume she has some folkloric knowledge of a deck of many things, or the Harrow equivalent)

<Aubrienne> (Makes sense. Between her family and the Vjestaci, I would think it would have come up)

<DiablotinNarrator> (yeah)

<Aubrienne> Well shit.

<Denise> are you okay?

<Denise> :o

<Aubrienne> Not in the slightest.

  • Nycki leans forward, looking concerned and wary

<Nycki> What is it?

<Denise> what happened?

<Aubrienne> I didn't think these were real.

<Aubrienne> It's a story, to scare little children or entertain apprentices.

<Aubrienne> It's not supposed to be an actual thing.

<Hettienne> Didn't think what were real?

<Denise> what *is* it? :o :o

<Aubrienne> Spil mnogih stvari ([r] Deck of Many Things)

<Aubrienne> (Took me a sec to translate it :p)

<Denise> okay but what is that?

<Aubrienne> It's a Harrow that can alter fate.

<Aubrienne> Void, it can alter reality.

<Aubrienne> At least, that's what they say.

<Aubrienne> That's why I said I didn't think it existed.

<Nycki> ... what's that card do, then? the one you picked.

<Argent> that sounds... dangerous

<Aubrienne> It gave me a vision. Well, two visions, one true, one false, but no clue as to which is which.

<Aubrienne> That's one of the one's it's supposed to do. I thought it was just a puzzle setup, a test for apprentices.

<Aubrienne> But it lines up.

<Hettienne> What do the other cards do, then? :o

<Aubrienne> I saw...I *was* someone in the Imperial palace, looking for a ritual to help my brother, and a shadar-kai woman in the library there gave me a book with the right one. Then I was in the old tunnels, running from a woman who was a mass of fungi from the waist down.

<Hettienne> Well that's horrifyin'.

<Aubrienne> Uh, grant you wishes, summon things to kill you, turn you into things...there are a lot of cards and each one is different.

<Hettienne> And you don't know what it'll be 'til you pick...?

<Aubrienne> Nope.

<Hettienne> Why would someone *make* that?

<Denise> like we couldn't just all pick up the same one you picked?

<Aubrienne> Actually, supposedly you can. It *is* magical.

<DiablotinNarrator> In fact, the card Aubrienne just drew is now back in the deck somehow. You didn't really notice it moving, but it's not where it was, anyway.

<Aubrienne> Yeah, see, that's one of the things it does.

<Aubrienne> It always has all it's cards.

<Aubrienne> No matter how many you take.

<Denise> huh

<Nycki> This is so powerful. And our people had it?

<Nycki> ... did they use it? I mean... they must have? but for what?

<Aubrienne> *shrug*

<Aubrienne> I have no idea.

<Denise> someone's gotta know...

<Nycki> maybe they knew some better way to control it. so it weren't just random picks.

<Aubrienne> I could ask some people.

<Aubrienne> I know some folks who might know more about this sort of thing.

<Denise> I bet the boss would know, or his gran would know >.>

<Nycki> 'cause if you got some big problem you need help with, drawin' a random card to solve it seems fuckin' risky if it might help or might kill you.

<Nycki> ... I should take it to Lord Grey.

  • Nycki hesitates

<Denise> I dunno about that

<Nycki> but... what'll they do with it?

<Hettienne> Is he even one of us?

<Denise> put it somene for theor own folks to study an we'll never see it agin, is what

  • Nycki shakes her head

<Nycki> ugh. nothin' good, prolly.

<Denise> prolly he'd have to give to to the emperor

<Denise> :p

<Nycki> but somethin' like this, just floatin' around, scares the shit out of me.

<Aubrienne> It should, but, I mean, it's ours.

<Nycki> maybe it'd be better off with the emperor -_-

<Denise> maybe that's why your sorce left it where it was :p

<Aubrienne> Our people's, I mean.

  • Nycki looks unhappy, but nods to that

<Nycki> it is. it ain't theirs.

<Hettienne> What about the channels?

<Denise> we could take it to *pur* emperor >.>

<Denise> or yeah, the Channels :3

<Denise> (our)

<Aubrienne> My vote would be the Vjestaci, but the Channels are just as good.

<Aubrienne> Not that I really have a vote here...

<Argent> I'm not sure who we could trust this with... those with power may be even more tempted to use it feeling they can deal with the consequences

<Hettienne> It should stay with our House.

<Aubrienne> Oh, I don't think this thing should be used.

  • Hettienne says firmly.
  • Aubrienne gives Hettie a weak smile and nods.

<Denise> Aunt hettie is right.... but so is Mlle Aubrienne

  • Nycki looks at the deck with a wary fascination

<Denise> I mean...

  • Denise does too

<Denise> like

<Denise> things could go real wrong, couldn't they?

<Denise> You just got lucky

<Denise> ...right?

<Aubrienne> Unbelievably so.

<Denise> well it is a real treasure at least

<Denise> ...

<Denise> >.>

<Denise> we coudl put it back I guess?

<Aubrienne> Half the cards in any Harrow deck are evil, and not all the neutral ones are friendly...

<Nycki> Back for someone else who ain't as sensible as us to find? ;p

<Hettienne> Yeah.

<Denise> :/

<Aubrienne> Yeah

<Hettienne> I feel like, no offense, but too many of us know about it for it to stay secret there

<Argent> put it in a lead box and drop it in the siltiest part of the river.

<Denise> well, its too magic for that, ain't it?

<Aubrienne> Umm, if the legends are true, the one thing we can't do is destroy it.

<Denise> :/

<Hettienne> Can't-can't, or shouldn't 'cause something terrible will happen?

<Aubrienne> Literally can't, from what I've heard.

<Aubrienne> But my knowledge isn't exactly complete here.

<Aubrienne> I've just heard it's basically indestructible.

<Argent> This makes no sense... it was sitting in a hut, effectively unguarded.

  • Argent looks with horror at the stack of cards

<Hettienne> 'Cept for that ghost

<Aubrienne> Ghost?

<Denise> uhhh, yeah....

<Hettienne> What don't make sense to me is why anyone would want to make this!

  • Hettienne repeats

<Hettienne> It's awful!

<Denise> there were folks who stayed behind...

<Nycki> Maybe nobody made it.

<Denise> and now they're like... an army of ghost rats led by a crazy ghost

<Aubrienne> Nycki's right.

<Nycki> Maybe it's a thing like... like the Arch or somethin'. That just *is*.

<Denise> yeah

<Aubrienne> From what I've heard, nobody made it.

<Denise> or like, a curse or somethin' that happened where somethin' went wrong

<Nycki> somethin' that all the Harrow decks are based on... or sorta, maybe even, drawin' their power from, somehow. I dunno.

<Hettienne> A curse, sounds right.

<Hettienne> NOw it's our curse :p

<Aubrienne> It's not a curse, it's a responsibility. It's just Fate, sort of...distilled.

<Aubrienne> I'm not saying it's something good, but, well, like fate, it just is.

<Argent> could it be a fake? A powerful fake? The visions were a made up?

<Aubrienne> That's entirely possible, but unlikely.

<Aubrienne> Anyone want to draw a card to test out that theory?

<Nycki> ... is it wrong if I say kinda, yeah?

  • Aubrienne laughs.
  • Nycki looks at it sort of wistfully

<Argent> (how wistful?)

<Aubrienne> I would say 'Your funeral," but that could be literally true and I don't want to jinx you.

  • Denise bites her lip and ... looks at it
  • Nycki just seems torn. like this is an amazing and also terrible thing that she now has access to.

<Aubrienne> Whoa, I was kidding, people.

<Denise> yeah I know

<Aubrienne> Professional comedienne, and all that.

<Aubrienne> Just because it's real doesn't mean it's not *also* a cautionary tale.

<Aubrienne> Don't go mucking around with fate.

<Nycki> It's stupid, but I feel like it's mine. I mean, I know it ain't, not really. Somethin' like this don't belong to anyone. But he told me where to look, an' there it was.

<Hettienne> D'you think he knew what it was?

<Nycki> I dunno.

<Nycki> Maybe he figured he'd be dead an' it wouldn't matter? ;p

<Denise> who was it told you where it was?

<Denise> ...is he dead?

<Nycki> The old Lord Grey, what was before the one now. An' yeah, he's dead now.

<Aubrienne> (brb, sorry, have to go help my dad with something)

<Enver> Well... not that it's up to me, but I'm for tellin' the Vjestaci, an' the channels, an' seein' what they say. We ain't qualified to decide how to use this thing. But that don't mean we gotta hand it over to them right off. We could see what they say first.

<Denise> yeah!

<Hettienne> alright by me..

<Denise> I think we should leave it here though

<Aubrienne> (back)

<Denise> Anyway Nycki you ain't never would have got there with just you

<Nycki> No, I know

<Hettienne> I ain't sure it's safe just sittin

<Hettienne> here...

<Denise> well, I ain't sure where it *would* be safe, neither

<Aubrienne> It's not really safe anywhere.

<Denise> yeah

<Enver> What if we put it somewhere none of us can get to it, but where we know where it is, an' no one else knows.

<Denise> ...uh, how?

<Enver> that'd be as safe as it were before anyway.

<Denise> if we can't get there, how could we put it there?

<Denise> unless you're talkin' the same as Argent >.>

<Enver> well like... say, we could give it to Ander, or Titania, or someone who's got a safe or whatever. Without tellin' 'em what it is, just that it needs to get locked up tight for a bit.

<Denise> yeah!

<Enver> They can get at it but they dunno why they'd wanna, an' us who do know what it's all about, can't get at it too easy.

<Aubrienne> Please don't give it to Titania. >.>

<Denise> I'd rather give it to Ander though

<Denise> he's responsible an we can trust him

<Denise> un huh

<Nycki> ...

<Denise> what?

<Denise> We can.

<Nycki> well I guess we're trustin' him for enough other stuff.

  • Nycki says vaguely :p
  • Hettienne stifles a snicker.
  • Denise gives you a confused look

<Nycki> I ain't got an objection to that for now. Temporary, like. While we figure out somethin' better.

  • Denise looks around for objectinos

<Denise> okay.

<Argent> so Denise and Enver just bring it over to him?

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> or me an aunt hettie

<Hettienne> Yeah, I'll go.

<Denise> so who's gonna talk with the channels?

<Argent> and tell him what? Just keep this for a while... only give it back to both of you?

<Denise> I'm guessin miss Aubrienne will talk to the Vjestaci

<Denise> yeah

<Aubrienne> Yeah.

<Nycki> sounds good

<Nycki> well no... sounds shitty, but bettern' anything else we came up with.

<Aubrienne> I've got an uncle who's a channel too, unless someone has another connection.

<Denise> My brother is :3

<Hettienne> Pretty sure he's got experience holdin' goods.

<Aubrienne> Works for me.

<Aubrienne> I get the idea of getting someone else to hold onto it, but it does seem like passing the buck a little.

<Aubrienne> "Hold this bomb, only I'm not going to tell you it's a bomb, it's just a box, but don't look in the box..."

<Denise> I think its more to protect us from ourselves >.>

<Nycki> as long as he don't look in the box, it ain't a bomb.

<Aubrienne> That's taking a bit of a risk, isn't it?

<Aubrienne> Or, worse, taking one for him?

<Denise> no it ain't.

<Argent> He's got no magical skills? This thing will shine like a beacon.

<Hettienne> Don't think so.

<Denise> Uh.

<Denise> well...

<Aubrienne> Denise?

<Denise> Look, the thing it, if I tell him, this is a real important thing, but its dangerous and its gotta be kept secret an safe an the less you know the better, he'll trust me, and he can take care of that

<Denise> I can't think of who else I would trust with a thing like that

<Nycki> I'd trust Lord Grey with somethin' like that, but he ain't one of us.

<Denise> yeah

<Aubrienne> I guess if you trust Ander, I do, too.

<Aubrienne> I don't have a better idea.

<Nycki> Me neither :/

<Hettienne> me either.

  • Argent will close his eyes and say a silent prayer, hoping for some inspiration or guidance to come to mind

<Aubrienne> This might sound dumb, but, you know, I could Harrow for an answer.

<DiablotinNarrator> (Argent, you could always consult the church... Sister Briony might have thoughts ;)

<Aubrienne> Not with this deck, obviously.

<Denise> yeah...

<Denise> like that makes sense?

<Denise> to me

  • Denise says to Aubrienne

<Denise> I mean

<Denise> the harrow's gotta know about itself >.>

<Nycki> I guess, why not... we ain't gotta do what it says, anyway

<Nycki> if it says somethin' crazy

  • Hettienne nods.

<Aubrienne> I'm thinking this is something for the suit of Wisdom to tackle...

<Nycki> seems like

<Denise> un huh

  • Aubrienne will pull out the cards from the suit of wisdom, shuffle them, and lay them out on the table for everyone to pick one.
  • Denise says even though she doesn't know much about real harrow stuff, just messing around with decks her friends have had

<Aubrienne> (I guess we roll 1d9 for everybody (wonders of electronic dice))

<Denise> (we each roll?)

<Aubrienne> Everybody take a card.

<Aubrienne> (Yeah)

  • Hettienne eyes the cards, then draws one.

<Argent> (shouldnt it go 1d9... then d8... then d7)

<Aubrienne> (Yeah, I suppose so)

  • Argent takes a card

<Argent> !roll 1d8

  • Zola rolls for Argent: [ 1d8 ] getting [ 1 ].
  • Denise will draw next!

<Aubrienne> (Hettie draws The Mute Hag)

<Denise> !roll 1d7

  • Zola rolls for Denise: [ 1d7 ] getting [ 6 ].

<Aubrienne> (Argent draws The Eclipse)

<Denise> (Hettie drew first - she rolled a 2)

<Denise> (but in the other window

<Aubrienne> (Denise draws The Lost)

<Aubrienne> (I did Hettie's)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Enver will draw next)

<Enver> !roll 1d6

  • Zola rolls for Enver: [ 1d6 ] getting [ 1 ].

<Aubrienne> (Enver gets The Winged Serpent)

<DiablotinNarrator> (followed by Nycki)

<Aubrienne> Whew, finally a good one...

<Nycki> !roll 1d5

  • Zola rolls for Nycki: [ 1d5 ] getting [ 5 ].

<Aubrienne> (Nycki gets The Midwife)

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d4

  • Zola rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d4 ] getting [ 4 ].

<Aubrienne> (Aubrienne gets The Queen Mother)

<Aubrienne> Okay, well, that's something, but it might be promising.

  • Aubrienne holds up her card

<Aubrienne> At least this is the card of knowledge, so that could be good.

<Denise> Mine don't look so good...

<Hettienne> What's mine?

  • Denise looks a little disturbed

<Aubrienne> Well, Hettie, yours is the card of secrets, terrible truths and things best left unsaid and buried...

<Aubrienne> So, you know, maybe a little appropriate. (eyes the deck of many things)

  • Hettienne grimaces.

<Aubrienne> Denise, yours is the card of the lost, literally and figuratively. The mad, the abandoned.

<Aubrienne> It can be an opposite match, though, so we'll have to see the spread.

<Denise> okay

<Aubrienne> Nycki's is the card of bringing new things into the world, so that could be good.

  • Aubrienne says with an attempt at cheer.

<Enver> Mine was a good one too, right?

<Enver> you said that...

<Aubrienne> Yeah, it's the card that bridges knowledge and understanding.

<Aubrienne> So maybe you hold the answer we need.

<Enver> @_@

<Aubrienne> Argent...your's is a little strange. It represents a loss of faith, but it usually only comes up for clerics and channels, those sorts.

<Aubrienne> *shrugs* weird.

  • Aubrienne will shuffle the wisdom cards back into the deck for the spread.
  • Aubrienne shuffles the deck exactly six times and lays out the 3 x 3 grid of facedown cards.

<Aubrienne> Okay, let's see what we have in the past.

  • Aubrienne turns over the first column of cards, revealing (from top to bottom) The Big Sky, The Crows, and The Eclipse

<Aubrienne> All right, hmm.

<Aubrienne> The Big Sky means freedom, escaping enslavement, a momentous change, something like that.

<Aubrienne> Possibly something to do with our people leaving the undercity?

  • Denise nods

<Aubrienne> The Crows is somewhat misaligned...possibly a justified theft.

<Aubrienne> Maybe it means this deck was taken from someone who shouldn't have had it.

<Aubrienne> And, as I said, the last one means the loss of faith, of self-doubt or a loss of purpose.

<Denise> what's it mean that Argent's card turned up?

<Aubrienne> It means this particularly applies to him, but I'm not sure how.

<Denise> maybe its just abotu all the stuff we lost coin' out of the undercity :p

<Aubrienne> Anyone in your past that was some kind of servant of the divine that lost their way?

<Aubrienne> A channel that quit, something like that?

<Denise> someone from that monastery more like

<Aubrienne> Well, whoever it is may have something to do with this, or be significant in some way.

<Argent> I know of.. somebody.

<Denise> oh!

<Argent> but they have nothing to do with the deck

  • Denise wonders if she knows who

<Denise> well let's keep goin'

<Aubrienne> Well, they may not have anything to do with the deck, but have something to do with a solution.

<Aubrienne> Anyway.

  • Aubrienne flips over the next column of cards, revealing The Unicorn, The Bear, and The Snakebite.

<Aubrienne> Well, the Unicorn is the bearer of gifts.

<Aubrienne> It offers the solutions to problems, but it's only partially aligned, so that might mean the deck, since it's so volatile.

<Aubrienne> I'd say the Bear definitely means the deck. It represents pure power, uncontrollable and impartial.

<Aubrienne> The Snakebite...that's a warning.

<Denise> ....about the deck? >.>

  • Denise guesses

<Aubrienne> It means poison, but not just literally. It can often mean people turning on each other.

<Denise> huh

<Aubrienne> I think it means whatever we decide to do, we all have to agree to it.

  • Denise nods

<Aubrienne> And now for what we're really curious about.

  • Denise bites her lip as the cards get flipped
  • Aubrienne turns over the last column, revealing The Owl, The Rabbit Prince, and The Desert.

<Aubrienne> Well, the Owl is the card of wisdom, particularly that of the natural world.

<Aubrienne> That sounds to me like maybe it's suggesting the Channels are the better choice?

  • Hettienne nods.

<Aubrienne> Hmm.

<Aubrienne> The Rabbit Prince usually means combat, but it can also stand in for members of the royal family.

<Aubrienne> And one of the visions seemed to include someone who might be one...

<Denise> which roayl family?

<Denise> like, ours ot th' others?

<Aubrienne> That's a perfectly valid question.

<Aubrienne> I saw one of the Imperials, I think, but I'd be more inclined to think one of ours.

<Aubrienne> The Desert is odd, here. It's misaligned, and means being lost and unable to rely on others for aid.

<Denise> well great, that dn't help at all :/

<Nycki> ...like we gotta make up our minds for ourselves?

<Aubrienne> I'm hoping it's just a warning about the dangers of picking wrongly whom we give this to.

<Aubrienne> It's not like this stuff is completely straightforward.

<Hettienne> Ugh.

<Denise> I don't think we got any better plan outta this :/

<Aubrienne> The only thing I'm really concerned about from this is that last card.

<Denise> So I say we do what we were gonna an take it to Ander while we consult

<Denise> 'cept maybe Argent should tak to his ladyfriend

<Aubrienne> Our plan seems to follow this fine, except for the part where we rely on someone else to take responsibility for this for a while.

<Aubrienne> I'm not sure that's wise, Denise.

<Denise> which?

<Aubrienne> It's not that I don't trust Ander, but there seems to be an inherent warning about trusting someone else with this.

<Denise> well trusting the *wrong* person...

<Aubrienne> I suppse.

<Aubrienne> (suppose, even)

<Denise> an, like you said it is about the lost an that was my card, right?

  • Denise bites her lip

<Argent> With everything else going on, this mess was not needed.

<Denise> no

<Denise> :/

<Aubrienne> Well, theoretically this could answer our problems, but it's also amazingly dangerous.

<Aubrienne> On that note, though, there is an, uh, alternate interpretation.

<Denise> oh yeah?

<Denise> is it better or worse >.>

<Aubrienne> Well, the Owl is the representation of the wisdom of the natural world, and the fey represent the natural world...

<Denise> uhhhhh.

<Denise> no

  • Aubrienne shrugs sheepishly, not entirely happy with her own interpretation

<Hettienne> Hells no.

<Hettienne> No fucking chance.

<Aubrienne> I'm not saying giving it to them. I'm saying maybe one of them knows something.

<Denise> well maybe

  • Denise says dubiously

<Argent> This item would be as much or more of a temptation to them I imagine than us.

<Denise> but I ain't gonna ask >.>

<Denise> yeah

<Aubrienne> That's fair. I'm not thrilled with the idea, but it seemed like I should offer up what interpretations I could.

<Aubrienne> That said, I say we continue essentially as planned, though I'm still concerned about giving it away temporarily.

<Nycki> a'right

<Nycki> I feel kinda bad for draggin' you in on this

  • Nycki says to Aubrienne, or to everyone really >.>

<Aubrienne> We're Rats.

  • Aubrienne says as though no more explanation is necessary.
  • Denise nods

<Aubrienne> Or close enough (looks at Argent)

<Denise> he is

  • Argent smiles at Denise' comment.

<Aubrienne> Good enough for me.

  • Aubrienne smiles at the both of them.

<Denise> okay

<Denise> (what time is it, ish?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I guess I was assuming this was maybe in the afternoon before work?)

<Denise> (okay)

<Denise> We coudl go right now

<Argent> lets see if we can find something better to put it in before we hand it over

<Denise> okay

<Aubrienne> Yeah, it's kind of scary that this has just been carted around as is. :/

<Denise> yeah...

<Denise> oh... can you look at somethin' less scary maybe I hope?

  • Denise takes her broach off and puts it on the table

<Aubrienne> I'd be happy to. What've you got?

<Aubrienne> Hmm.

  • Aubrienne will cast Identify again

<Denise> (Denise has a bunch of magic on her actually, which you would have noticed during your spell way back when)

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+23

  • Zola rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+23 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 23 ] totals [ 35 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> I'll just paste this rather than trying to copy out the relevant bits 'cause it's late: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/wondrous-items/a-b/brooch-of-amber-sparks

<DiablotinNarrator> that's Denise's brooch

<Aubrienne> Oh, interesting.

  • Aubrienne will explain all that. :p

<Denise> huh :o

  • Denise smiles at Enver

<Enver> @_@

<Denise> you shoudl get some of that other stuff you found looked at sometime :p

<Enver> I didn't get it checked for magic... maybe I should be doin' that more regular on stuff I find.

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> like

<Denise> prolly if it makes it in one piece down there it aint a small chance of it >.>

  • Enver nods

<Aubrienne> Well, I'd be happy to give things a once over if you need.

<Enver> Well, sure, thanks

<Nycki> So, we're gonna take this bitch over to Ander, then?

<Denise> yup

<Nycki> A'right.

<Aubrienne> Need a ride? The quicker it gets there, the better, I would think.

<Nycki> An' we'll talk with the folks we gotta talk to, an' I imagine we'll meet up again after that?

  • Denise nods to both

<Nycki> once we get any kinda answers... if there are any.

  • Argent nods
  • Argent hopes its a fake

Post-scene ooc discussion, whee!

<Denise> anyway

<Denise> we can take it to Ander

<Denise> Denise will make it clear that it is dangerous, the less he knows the better, the safer it is the better, and not to let anyone else near it or give it to anyone except her *and* hettie and she promises she'll explain when she can

<Denise> assuming he agrees to these things

<Denise> >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> Ander would agree to that, although he will be very puzzled/curious.

<DiablotinNarrator> he can lock it in a safe

<Denise> she will make him promise he won't look or tell anyone even ralf >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> which is probably also lead-lined ;)

Zola and Noren have sexy timez

  • Zola leans against Noren as he reads some dreadfully boring legal stuff on his couch.
  • Noren sips his coffee

<Zola> You know, I scouted out some of the closets on the floor below your offices...

<Zola> ...some of them are quite spacious.

<Noren> hm?

<Noren> do you need to store some of your wardrobe? ;)

<Zola> While I do have an overabundance of frocks... I was thinking of something a little more exciting.

  • Zola grins saucily

<Noren> oh?

<Noren> why don't you tell me what you had in mind? :)

<Zola> I was thinking how hard they make you work ... barely able to get away for lunch

  • Zola looks so sad about it all

<Noren> yes... very hard

  • Noren says, trying not to smirk
  • Zola nuzzles against his arm.

<Zola> Forced to eat in, what's next, I thought? Fuck in? Well, if it's going to be that way I might as well find a nice spot for it :3

<Noren> Does Fuck in's deliver? ^-^

<Zola> Might have to take some stairs.

<Zola> ... I did get a strange look from the cleaning lady at one point, though...

  • Noren kisses you on the cheek
  • Zola steals a peck herself :*

<Noren> She's probably seen stranger things.

<Zola> I'll do a little more reconnaissance next time I'm by, see if I can't drum up a handy wood wedge for the door. :)

  • Noren chuckles

<Noren> you've got it all planned, I see :)

<Zola> Just covering all the bases.

<Zola> I was thinking we could do something interesting some coming weekend too ...

<Noren> they should have had you in the officer corps in the war ;)

<Noren> hm?

<Noren> what did you want to do?

<Zola> I'm not sure my skillset is good for focus and discipline :)

<Zola> I was thinking maybe something a little... exciting?

  • Zola reaches over to scratch lightly at his chest through his dress shirt.

<Noren> oh? am I going to get disciplined, is that where this is going?

  • Zola laughs
  • Noren asks with a slightly raised eyebrow

<Zola> Have you been naughty?

<Zola> I thought you were too busy to get into trouble :3

<Noren> mm, I am... but I could come up with something, if you'd like

  • Zola gives him another kiss

<Zola> I bet you could... but I was thinking we might get into trouble together, someplace... out.

<Noren> oh?

  • Noren puts his papers down, since he obviously isn't reading them anyway, and puts his arm around you

<Zola> Well, there's Penumbra. I've only been a couple times, but I hear on some nights it can get pretty... intense :3

  • Noren nods

<Noren> I've never been

<Zola> It's a little public, but you could always go incognito :)

<Noren> mm, maybe

<Zola> Little too public? :3

<Noren> I think we might stand out rather a lot?

<Zola> Maybe that'll make it more fun?

  • Noren smiles

<Zola> Or maybe we could try something a little more ... controlled? Like the Treasury or the Jewel Box?

  • Noren looks a bit more intrigued at that

<Noren> Well, they're discreet. At least, that's what I hear.

<Zola> Mmhmm, and obliging :)

<Noren> Also expensive.

<Noren> but go on... I'm not saying no :)

<Zola> I do hear that >_>

<Zola> Well, we could try something new?

<Zola> Not that we can't here...

<Zola> But they're ... professionals :)

<Zola> No strings attached... well, except purse strings.

  • Noren chuckles

<Zola> We could have our own little sexy stage play

<Noren> I'm sure there are things that would be easier to try with an extra participant. or two.

<Zola> Sex trapeze?

  • Noren laughs out loud

<Noren> Maybe we can direct other people in the sex circus... I'm not sure I'm qualified ;)

  • Zola giggles along with.

<Zola> No way are you sitting it out.

<Zola> Unless that's something you'd like to try ... sitting behind a curtain like a pervy teenager :3

<Noren> Maybe if I can be the sexy lion tamer. not something that involves acrobatics ;)

  • Zola raars :E

<Noren> down, girl

  • Noren says mock-sternly
  • Zola settles down mock-obediently

<Noren> and I already had several awkward years of being a pervy teenager, I don't really need to relive that just yet. maybe when I'm older ;)

<Zola> We can host voyeur parties :3

<Noren> We'll need a bigger place

<Zola> With an oil pit

<Noren> I'll add it to the list of required amenities.

<Noren> I mean, why do you think I was at the club to see you? ;)

<Zola> For an oil pit?

<Noren> hahah

<Noren> For being a pervy teenager.

<Zola> Oh, theeeen.

<Noren> if they'd had an oil pit, it would've been filled with the dregs from their fryer.

<Noren> I mean, it wasn't a classy place ;) not like Titania's.

  • Zola makes an absolutely horrified and disgusted face

<Zola> Why would you even say that?

<Noren> to remind us how far we've come from when I awkwardly worked up the nerve to talk to you? ;p

<Zola> I could still have done without the fryer grease :P

  • Noren looks contrite

<Zola> And you know, I do sometimes miss doing the cancan without any knickers.

<Zola> Tits was right, though, not really conducive to a singing career :P

<Noren> well, I'm not stopping you...

<Noren> if you felt like it. for old time's sake.

<Zola> It's just not the same without a drunken crowd. And I might kick your coffee over!

<Noren> true...

  • Noren nuzzles you affectionately

<Zola> I'm sure we can arrange some other sort of knickers-free dancing :)

<Noren> so... if we went to one of these fine establishments, what would you be looking for?

<Zola> Hmmm, I don't know, it'd depend on which one we went to, wouldn't it?

<Noren> I suppose it would

<Zola> I've never really been with a woman.

<Zola> You might have to be my adventure guide :)

<Noren> I could probably do that, if you like :)

<Zola> Well, is there anything you'd like to try?

  • Noren considers the question

<Noren> I think it'd be very... interesting... to see you with a woman :)

<Zola> Yeah? Y'think?

<Noren> definitely

<Zola> Well I guess we'll try that first :)

<Noren> ...would you want to see me with a man?

  • Noren asks a bit uncertainly
  • Zola laughs

<Zola> I think I'd have trouble saying no to that peepshow.

  • Noren smiles then

<Zola> But it's OK if that's not something you want to try, honey. If we try the Treasury sometime, I'm happy in the middle :)

<Noren> I'd try it.

  • Zola bites her lip

<Zola> I'm gonna hold you to that :V

<Noren> all right :)

<Zola> Maybe I'll hide behind the curtain instead :)

<Noren> that poor curtain's going to get quite a workout

<Zola> I'm guessing it needs to be replaced fairly often anyway >_>

<Noren> or at least washed

<Zola> For such a sexy conversation there sure is a lot of gross talk >_>

  • Noren chuckles

<Noren> well, come here, and I'll stop talking so much

  • Noren pulls you over onto his lap
  • Zola squees suitably

<Zola> Now tell me what you'd like to see us do, me and our lady friend to be.

<Zola> :3

  • Noren can give some quite vivid descriptions ^-^

<Zola> oh my :3