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Session date: April 19, 2015
Diablotin date:


<DiablotinNarrator> It is the middle of Twelfth-Month. The holidays are approaching quickly, and the weather is now firmly in a cold snap that suggests it will be a harsh winter this year.

Hugo and Zola report their alarming experience to Loick Silveira

<DiablotinNarrator> Hugo and Zola, it's been only a few days since your strange experience, and you wanted to talk to Loick about it. Where do you want to track him down, Hugo?

<DiablotinNarrator> His home, work, phone and set up a meeting somewhere else, etc?

<Hugonel> (work - want this to be somewhat official)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, you can arrange to meet him at the Palace, then.

  • Hugonel will pick up Zola at the cabaret and we'll head from there to the Palace. (I will have told him in advance that she's coming)

<DiablotinNarrator> Sounds good. Anything you need to talk about before you arrive?

<Zola> So what relation is the Court Sorcerer to you, again?

<Zola> (not really)

<DiablotinNarrator> (ah, that works - it's at least worth saying that :)

<Hugonel> He's my uncle.

<Zola> Oh yes... >_>

<Hugonel> Actually I suppose my second cousin once removed, or something like that, but to me he's Uncle Loick.

<Zola> Well, hopefully he knows something >_>

<Zola> Wait, are we going to tell him what happened, or just about the ... elements?

<Hugonel> He may not know anything directly, but he's the one person I know and trust well who is both connected to major Imperial goings-on and also about the possible arcane components of this mystery.

<Hugonel> I was assuming we would tell him what we know. Do you have another idea?

<Zola> Well, I was just thinking it might be embarassing if it was all a mistake and we accuse them all of being some sort of kabal of freaks.

<Hugonel> Well, no one is accusing anyone of anything.

  • Zola doesn't seem terribly confident that's a possibility.
  • Zola takes his arm and lets him lead the way

<Hugonel> (all right, off we go)

<DiablotinNarrator> You make your way to the Chief Sorcerer's office in the Imperial Palace, where a pretty young secretary will let him know that you've arrived.

  • Loick welcomes you into his grand office, with a view that looks out over the river to the north.
  • Hugonel will have tried not to dress too resplendently for this ... probably did though.

<Hugonel> Hello, Uncle. So good to see you.

  • Loick is probably around 60 by now, and carries a few extra pounds, but still very handsome. Zola, you can imagine Hugo probably looking like him in another 20-30 years. He has short wavy silver hair, and striking green eyes, and is of course very elegantly dressed.

<Loick> Of course. And your lovely companion as well :)

  • Loick says with a smile to Zola
  • Zola smiles fetchingly. "Zola, Your Grace"
  • Hugonel smiles warmly.

<Loick> So, what can I do for you?

  • Loick asks, after you're seated in a pair of comfy overstuffed chairs.

<Hugonel> I know how busy you are, and we wouldn't dare bother you for something we thought was trivial. But there have been some unusual transpirations over the past several months of whose nature we thought you might be informative.

<Hugonel> It began ... well, it began on the night the Count of Radstock was killed, wouldn't we say, Zola? With that Psyrene singer, Eirini.

  • Zola nods... "And possibly the creature in the basement..."

<Loick> Very unfortunate, yes. I don't know if I'm aware of all the details, though - what did the singer have to do with it?

<Hugonel> Possibly nothing, but she attempted or succeeded in some sort of enchantment, we think, on some of our staff, including myself. And then disappeared without a trace after the murder.

<Loick> hm

<Loick> Do you think it was some sort of Psyrene plot, then?

<Zola> It seemed possible she was simply spooked by the possibility of some sort of anti-Psyrene mob but...

<Zola> There was an awful lot of chaos that night. The imp thing in the basement, the boiler sabotaged, and the stage lights too... someone poisoned the wine...

<Hugonel> It's hard to say, but then ... I was struck, both with her and then with Mlle. Klara Dannan, about whom we'll come to in a moment, with some strange familiarity or resemblance that I can't quite place. Both striking redheads, and both ... unnaturally captivating.

<Hugonel> I'm not immune to the charms of a woman, but I like them to come by their charms honestly.

  • Loick chuckles slightly at that

<Loick> Klara Dannan the music critic?

<Hugonel> Yes, the same.

<Hugonel> I met Mlle. Dannan at an event at the home of Dasra Neherin, and there was struck by this odd resemblance. I struck up a friendship with her, and also with M. Luc Berthillon, of whose death you may also have heard. Apparently at the time of his death he was involved with a woman who he had called his 'songbird'.

  • Loick nods, listening

<Zola> Which is, perhaps not coincidentally, how Eirini suggested Hugo refer to her in her introductions.

<Loick> so you think she may also have been present, or implicated, in Berthillon's death?

<Zola> She was conspicuously absent from his funeral.

<Hugonel> Again, without wanting to accuse her without evidence, it seems suspicious.

<Hugonel> At M. Berthillon's funeral, Mlle. Dannan invited the two of us to dinner at her house, which we attended. And there ... well, there things take a strange turn indeed.

<Loick> oh?

  • Zola shifts in her chair uncomfortably.

<Hugonel> Mlle. Dannan, and several companions we had not met before - a couple of whom were also redheads, I should add - for what seemed like an ordinary dinner.

<Zola> Then I saw the opera singer's hair move on its own.

<Loick> o_O

<Zola> Tiazi, a Cozovode fairly new to town... I thought perhaps it was my imagination, but I saw it move again. I thought it must be enchanted, some sort of style from their country. I asked, and she skirted the question completely, even joked that it had a mind of its own.

<Hugonel> And I saw another guest's visage turn feral, her hands into claws, and then she snarled at me and raked my arm.

<Hugonel> At the time I thought I might be drunk. I wasn't, but it was so odd that I thought that I must be imagining it.

<Hugonel> A ripped silk shirt says otherwise, though.

<Loick> I have to ask - please forgive the implication - but is it possible you had imbibed any unusual substances?

<Zola> Jaida Misain, it was her wine that seemed to make us more and more stupefied as the night went on.

<Zola> Even spiked wine won't tear a jacket to shreds.

<Hugonel> Mlle. Dannan calmed her, saying 'keep peace under my roof, handmaiden.'

<Hugonel> Which, you might agree, is an odd thing to say.

<Zola> And he's skipped the strange toast.

<Hugonel> And when we toasted, she offered up the following, or something much like it: "To those who can't be with us tonight. From the exiles, to the missing and the dead." I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

<Zola> Except the rest of them knew. They repeated it in unison.

<Loick> that's .. odd. but perhaps it has some special meaning to this group of friends?

<Zola> And the blind seer seemed to know we were originally interested in Klara for less than social means. He asked me if I'd found answers to what we came for. And it seemed he could see perfectly fine throughout the night.

<Zola> Yes, certainly it did... but all together... it has all come out quite ... unsettling.

  • Loick nods

<Loick> I can see that it's certainly worrying you.

<Loick> Do you have any ideas of what it might mean? or are you at a loss?

<Zola> Well, we were going to look into some things at the Castalia library... the only thing I could think of is that there might have been handmaidens in the old faith before the Church came to Psyra.

<Hugonel> I have wondered whether perhaps we were dealing with a Psyrene conspiracy, at first. But I don't know how that would explain what happened to us.

<Loick> I feel I need to ask - were they all Psyrene? the 'exiles' could refer to having left their homeland.

<Hugonel> No, Tiazi, the opera singer, is from Cozovode, at least. Peladan Allais doesn't sound like a Psyrene name, either.

<Zola> He's the seer.

<DiablotinNarrator> (and at least Klara claims to come from Wray, which is in that area, but not actually part of the broader 'Psyra')

<Hugonel> Mlle. Dannan is from Wray, or claims to be.

<DiablotinNarrator> (Jaida did have vineyards there but not sure if that is where she's from, or just owned land)

<Hugonel> I do think that Mlle. Misain owns vineyards in Psyra.

<Zola> Yes, Klara said quite a few were damaged in the war.

<Loick> well...

<Loick> if it's a Psyrene conspiracy, it's a very unusual one, by the sounds of things.

<Hugonel> Yes, I think this may be something else.

<Hugonel> But what it is, I can't say. We were hoping you might know something or be able to point us in a useful direction.

<Zola> Why invite the two of us in the first place, if it was merely a political conspiracy?

<Zola> To scare us away?

<Loick> Yes, that is peculiar - inviting outsiders into their gathering would seem at odds with ensuring secrecy.

<Loick> Well, let's pay a visit to the library, shall we?

  • Loick says, standing up

<Loick> Maybe we can come up with some information there.

<Zola> Oh!

  • Zola looks a little surprised at how hands on he is

<Loick> (yeah baby, wanna find out? ;)

<Zola> (...maybe? :P)

<Hugonel> That would be excellent.

  • Loick will let his secretary know he's going to be at the library if she needs to contact him
  • Loick will lead you to the Imperial Library, then, since it's just down the hall.

<DiablotinNarrator> When you enter into the room, crowded with shelves of books and scrolls, a shadar-kai woman with some rather interesting facial scars looks up from her desk

<Loick> Dozilva, we need some information.

  • Zola is not exactly bookish, but admires the shiny new-to-her library nonetheless

<Dozilva> Of course you dol.

<Dozilva> (do)

  • Dozilva says dryly

<Dozilva> What are you looking for?

  • Loick runs down a list of topics - Psyra, red hair, handmaidens, mind-affecting magics, exiles...
  • Dozilva gives him a Look.

<Zola> Oh, and ... maybe gaunt white haired men?

<Zola> ... it might be nothing...

  • Dozilva sighs a little, but nods.

<Loick> oh and wine?

<Dozilva> Are you planning a party? ;p

<Zola> Wine that calms and confuses?

<Zola> We attended one :/

<Dozilva> I'll see what I can come up with...

  • Dozilva looks through her card catalogue <3
  • Loick makes a few notes
  • Dozilva hmmms over a few things

<Hugonel> I think if there were some branch of arcane magic with some of these properties I would know about it. But if there were some foreign or nonhuman capacity of the sort, perhaps not.

  • Dozilva will go to the shelves

<Zola> Well, the seer's power could be divine in source... as could whatever it was that the handmaiden seemed to manifest...

  • Dozilva returns with a couple books about the pre-Wheel religious traditions of Psyra, but also with a frown.
  • Dozilva hands those to Loick

<Dozilva> There were a few books on Psyrene folklore I was going to include here, but ...they're checked out.

<Loick> Checked out? by who?

  • Loick seems mildly surprised that anyone but him checks books out of here :p

<Dozilva> ... me.

  • Zola blinks

<Dozilva> Technically, my son is using them >.>

<Loick> Well, at least you know where they are.

<Loick> ...do I need to ask which son? It's not the one on the Shadow Plane, right?

<Dozilva> no, no. He has his own library :p Xan was using them for some clients' research.

<Zola> I suppose Psyra's still a fairly popular topic.

<Loick> Politics, military, sure. Folklore... less common.

<Loick> So someone else is looking into this subject? or something related, perhaps?

<Dozilva> You'd have to ask Xan, I suppose.

<Zola> Would he object? Maybe we could read through them when he's not using them?

  • Zola looks at Hugo

<Hugonel> Maybe we should just go talk to him.

<Hugonel> (I'm presuming I know who they're talking about here)

<DiablotinNarrator> (well, you weren't at the Castalia as the same time as him, but you probably had classes with his father? ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you could make a k:local check)

<Hugonel> (and I have an unearthly K: local)

  • Zola rolls [ 1d20+9 ] getting [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ 9 ] totals [ 25 ]

<Zola> (25 for Xan)

  • Zola rolls [ 1d20+9 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 9 ] totals [ 19 ]

<Hugonel> !roll 1d20+15

  • Zola rolls for Hugonel: [ 1d20+15 ] getting [ 3 ] which, after the modifier [ 15 ] totals [ 18 ].

<Zola> (Dozilva)

<Zola> (19 for Dozilva)

  • Zola does read the society pages or what have you.

<DiablotinNarrator> (Yes, that name is familiar - for both of you, in fact)

<DiablotinNarrator> (the Orecalo family are pretty well-known, for a number of reasons)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Hugo, you know Emkathon Orecalo from church, and I'm sure Zola has seen things in the papers)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Xan's amazing discoveries, etc)

<Hugonel> Well, this gives us something to start with, at any rate.

<DiablotinNarrator> (Hugo, you probably have read about those too, since you have an interest in magicy stuff, and you know Sirris, who knows Xan, etc)

<Loick> All right.

<Loick> I'll continue to see what I can find about the matter - in the meanwhile, if you want to read over these books, of course that's fine.

<Hugonel> As always, thank you, Uncle.

<Loick> And if you go to speak with my troublesome librarian's son, tell him, I told him to let you use the books he's borrowed ;)

<Zola> Thank you very much!

<Hugonel> Presuming of course that it is the son and not the librarian who is troublesome, I shall indeed.

  • Hugonel says with a smirk.

<Loick> Either, really.

  • Loick says with a smirk back
  • Dozilva rolls her eyes and goes back to work :p

Dorien and Aubrienne continue their conversation about the weird plants in The Shade

(Continued from a forum thread.)

  • Aubrienne frowns, looking worried

<Aubrienne> Where in the Shade did you find these trees?

<Dorien_Voclain> Near where Misery... my apprentice... lives. It's not too far from here if you want me to take you there.

<Aubrienne> I would, but let's see what we have at hand.

  • Aubrienne stands up, gesturing for Dorien to show her the fungus
  • Dorien_Voclain hands it over
  • Aubrienne casts Detect Magic, first off

<DiablotinNarrator> (The fungus radiates a mild transmutation and necromantic magic)

<Aubrienne> Well, I'm sensing a bit of transmutative and necromantic aura...

<Aubrienne> (bit of a, rather)

<Dorien_Voclain> Transmutation, huh... well maybe it is a growth accelerator, then. Or possibly it's just residual energy from whatever is causing the effect.

<Aubrienne> Could be either, though, for the effect you mentioned, I would think the latter.

<Dorien_Voclain> Yeah, especially if it's not that strong.

<Dorien_Voclain> Anyway, sorry to bug you with it. I just thought it was weird that a whole grove just suddenly sprang up in a vacant lot like that.

<Aubrienne> No, it's not a bother. It's actually rather concerning.

<Aubrienne> You said it seemed as if something were bleeding into the area?

  • Dorien_Voclain shrugs. "Possibly. The area is right above a shadar kai mushroom farm. I'm wondering if they're using some kind of magics down there that might be effecting the local fauna."

<Aubrienne> Oh, hmm.

<Dorien_Voclain> (Flora :P )

<Aubrienne> (What would it be to know if that's at all likely? Likewise, what would the roll be to examine the fungus further?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (k:nature I guess?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (k:arcana on the question of magic 'bleeding' into other areas)

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+10

  • Zola rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 14 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 24 ].

<Aubrienne> (for the k:arcana. I have no Nature. :p

<DiablotinNarrator> (it's theoretically possible that if they were using growth magics to aid the farming, it could also have affected other plant life in the area? but growing large trees seemingly overnight is still pretty extreme.)

<Aubrienne> I think it's unlikely the magic is related to farm...it would take a monumental effort to grow full trees that quickly.

<Dorien_Voclain> Huh... so what do you think might be doing it?

<Aubrienne> I...have a suspicion, but at this point it would just be jumping to conclusions. It'd be all to easy to let my imagination get the better of me.

  • Aubrienne sighs, the gives a little growl of frustration
  • Dorien_Voclain raises an eyebrow

<Aubrienne> And here I thought it would be a blissfully mindless morning.

<Aubrienne> You said the 'grove' wasn't far from here?

<Dorien_Voclain> Yeah, it's a mile or two, in the Shade.

<Dorien_Voclain> Sorry, if you want to get on with your trip, by all means. This was just a professional curiosity thing.

<Aubrienne> Well, I certainly didn't have anything else planned for the next few hours. If you wouldn't mind a stroll, I'd like to see it.

<Dorien_Voclain> I wouldn't mind, if you're sure you want to.

  • Aubrienne looks worried, but nods

<Aubrienne> If you'd be so kind.

  • Dorien_Voclain smiles. "Of course. Though... if you're wanting to do any rooting around in the farms themselves, I'd like to see if Denise would accompany us. From what I understand, her skillset is more in line with that sort of... covert reconaissance. And it might not hurt if we get Misery as well, since she knows the area.

<DiablotinNarrator> (and you could pick up Lathra too! ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> (for additional SK backup ^-^)

<Dorien_Voclain> (hee)

<Aubrienne> Can I use your phone. I think Lathra might want to take a look as well, if you don't mind.

<Aubrienne> (Ack, insert ? where necessary)

<Dorien_Voclain> Of course. the more the merrier, I suppose.

  • Aubrienne will go to do that, then

<Aubrienne> (Does Hettie have a phone? For getting in touch with Denise, I mean.)

<Dorien_Voclain> (It may make more sense if we go the next day, so we have time to round up everyone and prepare.)

<Dorien_Voclain> (I can see Denise at the cabaret that night)

<Aubrienne> (Yeah, sounds like a plan)

<Dorien_Voclain> (Cool)

<Aubrienne> Well, if we're going to arrange for tomorrow, then I have some time to kill...

<DiablotinNarrator> (then Aubrienne can still get high today, yay! :)

  • Aubrienne grins

<Dorien_Voclain> (Plus, I don't have to bug Misery on her day off and probably get punched.)

<Denise> (punching is my job :V)

<Dorien_Voclain> (heee)

<Denise> (also what exactly are you offering me for this? ;p)

  • Dorien_Voclain tosses Aubrienne her weekly supply with a grin. "Have a good trip."

<Dorien_Voclain> (My eternal gratitude?)

<Aubrienne> (Make-up tips? ;))

<DiablotinNarrator> (all the mushrooms you can steal)

<Dorien_Voclain> (Some Cherry Nectar for your next date? >.>)

<Denise> (but seriously)

<Dorien_Voclain> (Uhhh.... I guess I could give you whatever money I have. It's probably not much, after buying Misery her My Little Junkie™ chemistry set.)

<Aubrienne> (Aubrienne would be happy to pitch in, if necessary)

<Aubrienne> (Though certainly she can be more convincing than Dorien)

<Dorien_Voclain> (I don't think Denise swings that way, dear ;) )

<Aubrienne> (I didn't mean using sex)

<Dorien_Voclain> (Lol, I know.)

<Dorien_Voclain> (That, I say, that was a joke, son.)

<Aubrienne> (I just meant she's got a +11 Diplomacy and a +14 Bluff :p)

<Aubrienne> (By the by, how much fungus does Dorien have? Aubrienne would probably like to run this by Gelin, if possible.)

<Dorien_Voclain> (He probably has enough you can take a small sample.)

Dorien asks Denise for her assistance in a B & E

<Dorien_Voclain> That night, at the cabaret...

  • Denise chills with her rattemob peeps, mostly, but can certainly be caught alone
  • Dorien_Voclain takes a break from his counter during a slow point and heads over to her.

<Dorien_Voclain> Hey there kid, how's tricks?

<Denise> oh, hey Dorien!

<Dorien_Voclain> (If I can catch Aubrienne's eye on the way over, I will do so, if she's not on stage.)

<Denise> I'm a'right - you?

<Dorien_Voclain> Not too bad. Busy, lately. Lots to do.

<Denise> yeah, I hear ya

<Dorien_Voclain> Speaking of which, I was wondering if you might be interested in a little side work.

<Denise> oh?

<Denise> what kinda work?

<Aubrienne> (I'll honestly let Dorien handle it, unless otherwise necessary)

<Dorien_Voclain> Nothing too bad, but maybe not quite aboveboard. Aubrienne and Lathra and I were gonna go investigate some weird happenings in the Shade, and we might could use someone who knows how to get into places, if you know what I mean.

<Denise> uh

<Denise> like

<Denise> unless you mean like *break*....

<Dorien_Voclain> Well... I was hoping for a little more subtle than that...

<Denise> I dunno if I'm your girl for that sorta thing, 'less you think there's gonna be some kinda trouble

  • Denise looks thoughtful

<Denise> what's this for?

<Denise> like, you say weird stuff, what kinda weird stuff?

<Denise> is it like.... "not above board" weird stuff or just plain ol' weird?

<Dorien_Voclain> Well, Misery and I found some weird trees and fungus growing in a lot down in the Shade. Stuff that really shouldn't be there. Magical stuff. I showed Aubrienne and neither of us know why it's there. The whole thing is sitting on top of some underground mushroom farms, so we figure it might be related to whatever they're doing in there and we want to go check

<Denise> huh... *weird*

<Denise> well look

<Denise> that sounds cool weird

<Denise> so, like, I'd totally go!

<Denise> but

<Denise> if you need you know... access

<Denise> you oughtta talk to Aunt hettie >.>

<Dorien_Voclain> Hettie? The costume lady? Why? I don't need new pants.

<Denise> an then like, I can come too in case there' like... magic trouble ^-^

<Denise> no, man, like

<Aubrienne> (Man, my car only fits so many people...:p)

<Denise> Well Aubrienne oughtta know

<Denise> they worked together

<Dorien_Voclain> (hee)

<Dorien_Voclain> worked together on what?

<Denise> at that theatre

<Dorien_Voclain> huh...

<Dorien_Voclain> Well I guess I should see if Aubrienne will have a word with her, then.

<Denise> they canned Aunt hettie for some suff what weren't her fault, but she still gots friends from there, like Mrs Korisse and Mrs lealia

<Dorien_Voclain> Jeez, this whole thing is getting complicated. All I wanted to do was look at fungus. >.>

<Dorien_Voclain> (Sorry, that shoulda been in parenthesis )

<Denise> anyway

<Denise> you need in somewhere, you talk to her :3

<Dorien_Voclain> Ok, well, if you wanna come with, we're going tomorrow morning. I'll have Aubrienne talk to your aunt, see if she's in.

<Denise> okay! :D

<Dorien_Voclain> Thanks for the help. I gotta get back to work.

<Denise> see you tomorrow :D

  • Denise excites for Adventures!

Aubrienne asks Hettienne for her assistance in a B & E

<Aubrienne> (Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, but Hettie was innocent of the crime that got her fired from the Hesperange, right?)

<Dorien_Voclain> (I will take Aubrienne aside on the way back and quickly explain what Denise said)

<Hettienne> (yes but not the ones that got me sent to jail :v)

<Denise> (yes, nbut you probably knew that she *does* have a crimminal record for various crimes)

<Aubrienne> (This seems like it will be an awkward conversation...)

<Denise> (just blame it on me :V)

  • Aubrienne will track down Hettie backstage at some point, probably ask her to meet in Aubrienne's dressing room, 'if she has a spare moment'
  • Hettienne will drop by later on then.

<Hettienne> Whatcha want, Bree? Bust a girdle?

<Aubrienne> Heh, not at the moment, but if Jed keeps cooking the way he does...no, I had something else I wanted to talk to you about.

  • Aubrienne will close the door

<Hettienne> What's up?

<Aubrienne> It's, ah, it's a little delicate.

  • Hettienne arches an eyebrow.

<Hettienne> You're not knocked up are ya?

<Hettienne> 'Cause that's gonna be hard to hide in them outfits...

  • Aubrienne arches an eyebrow in return

<Dorien_Voclain> (LOL)

<Aubrienne> ...You know I like ladies, right? Pregnancy would be something of a miracle.

<Hettienne> Praise Rat!

<Hettienne> ;)

  • Aubrienne laughs

<Hettienne> So what is it?

<Aubrienne> Well, if I said 'Praise Serpent,' that might have other meanings.

<Aubrienne> No, uh, I might need your help with something.

<Hettienne> Uh-huh...

<Aubrienne> Dorien, Lathra, and apparently your niece, are going to go investigate something strange in the Shade tomorrow, and Denise said you might be of help.

<Hettienne> Me? In the Shade?

<Aubrienne> (Dorien, Lathra, your niece, and I, rather)

<Hettienne> How?

<Aubrienne> Well, it might be related to some of the weirdness that's been going on lately. A grove of trees appearing seemingly overnight.

<Hettienne> I ain't a gardener...

<Aubrienne> But it happens to be on private property, and Denise said you might be helpful in, ah, getting access.

  • Aubrienne looks sheepish

<Hettienne> Oh. Heh.

<Hettienne> How private, and whose property?

<Aubrienne> A mushroom farm, so I don't think terribly harsh security, and I'm not sure. I can check.

<Hettienne> a... mushroom farm. O_o

<Hettienne> Wait, did you say Dorien?

<Hettienne> That slinger kid?

  • Hettienne frowns.

<Aubrienne> Yeah, his, uh, his new apprentice is the one that noticed the trees.

<Hettienne> This ain't to do with his... business, is it?

<Aubrienne> Not so far as I know. I think it's just curiosity on his part.

<Hettienne> About trees an' mushrooms.

<Hettienne> And why is the sn-.. Why is Lathra comin'?

<Aubrienne> None of this seems to have any application for his work...they don't possess any qualities that would make them useful-

  • Aubrienne babbles slightly, but seizes on the Lathra question

<Aubrienne> Oh, well, there's been a lot of strangeness lately, with the fey in the club, and with some of her clients.

<Hettienne> Fey?

<Aubrienne> We've been looking into it, trying to help people.

<Hettienne> LIke that midget elf?

  • Hettienne frowns quizzically?

<Aubrienne> Yeah, the little ugly fast things that were here the night all the strangeness went down. When the light fell, and Dorien got stabbed, and that nobleman was killed.

<Hettienne> So the trees and mushrooms have... something to do with that?

<Aubrienne> It's possible. That's my concern. There seems to be something...bleeding through to our world from somewhere else.

<Aubrienne> And it could be dangerous.

<Hettienne> This is all pretty... weird.

<Hettienne> O_o

<Aubrienne> You're telling me.

<Hettienne> And you need someone to break y'all into a mushroom farm.

<Hettienne> Ohhhhkay.

<Aubrienne> I've been looking into it for a while now, and, honestly, it's pretty scary.

<Aubrienne> If you'd prefer not to be involved, I understand.

<Hettienne> So that thing with the elf was part of something more, huh

<Aubrienne> It is odd, and it might be for nothing, and I don't want to get you into trouble.

<Hettienne> Well, you got Denise involved.

<Aubrienne> Actually, Dorien did.

  • Hettienne snorts.

<Hettienne> Figures.

<Aubrienne> I'm still...I'm not sure about that part.

<Aubrienne> I know she works with some rough types, but she is just a kid.

<Hettienne> I gotta keep her out of trouble.

<Hettienne> Rough types, heh.

<Hettienne> Sweetie, our whole family is rough types. ;)

  • Aubrienne smirks

<Hettienne> Well I'll tag along.

<Hettienne> You got my interest.

<Aubrienne> Thanks, Hettie, I appreciate it.

<Aubrienne> (not sure if Hettie is the hugging type, but Aubrienne would probably give her a quick hug at that point)

  • Hettienne grudgingly accepts the hug

An expedition is mounted to The Shade

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, so can I get a rundown on the plan for this excursion? Dorien, Misery, Aubrienne, Lathra, Denise, and Hettie are going - did I forget anyone? :)

<Denise> We could bring Argent :3

<DiablotinNarrator> if you want!

<Denise> I don't think it would be a hard sell once everyone else showed up at his house :V

<DiablotinNarrator> heh

<Denise> come ooooon Argent :D

<Denise> Lets go look at weird treees :D

<Aubrienne> He's a busboy. What does he know from breaking and entering? o.O

<Denise> he's a *waiter*, please!

<Dorien_Voclain> Hettie's a seemstress.

<Denise> anyway, Argen used to run with the Swarm too

<Aubrienne> (Would I know that term?)

<Aubrienne> No, Hettie's a seamstress. I'm more of a seemstress.

<DiablotinNarrator> (you could make a k:local check to see if it's familiar to you)

<Dorien_Voclain> (:P)

<Aubrienne> (Yeah, no, I have no ranks in k:local, but I am from the area *shrug*)

<DiablotinNarrator> (it's probably a local gang, you don't know it specifically though)

<Denise> Anyway

<Denise> Argent knows all kinds of weird stuff

<Aubrienne> (Everyone is a criminal. People are right about our House! :p)

<Denise> 'caise he's always *reading*

<Denise> like

<Hettienne> I'm retired!

<Hettienne> mostly

<Dorien_Voclain> Void, who knew it takes this many people to look at some fungus.

<Hettienne> I know right

<Hettienne> (Ahem)

<Denise> (shall we actually be properly in character? ;p)

<Aubrienne> Okay, but at this point we're walking. My car can't fit one, two, three...Void, 6 people.

<Aubrienne> (Or is it seven? Is Misery with us?)

<Hettienne> Why *are* there so many of you?

<DiablotinNarrator> (seven with Misery there)

<Dorien_Voclain> It's only a mile or so

<Argent> what is going on?

<Dorien_Voclain> Well... I started with Aubrienne and it kinda... snowballed.

  • Argent is confused by all of this

<Denise> gonna go look at some weirdo stuff in the Shade ;3

<Aubrienne> I feel like we lose some of the element of stealth with, you know, a posse.

<Argent> what weirdo stuff?

<Denise> uh

<Aubrienne> Dorien, care to explain?

<Denise> some weird trees and fungus?

<Dorien_Voclain> Trees. Mushrooms.

  • Denise waves at Misery

<Dorien_Voclain> You know, weird stuff

<Aubrienne> Brilliant.

<Hettienne> Yeah I don't need to get into any trouble 'cause someone decided this was gonna be gods damned work outing

  • Aubrienne rolls her eyes

<Argent> is this those smelly mushrooms Dorien has been playing with for a week? I thought they were for his... you know...

<Dorien_Voclain> Yes and no. In that order.

<Aubrienne> Argent, there's been some strange goings-on recently. Those strange mushrooms came from some trees that might have grown overnight, and be related to the weirdness.

<Aubrienne> We're planning to look into it.

<Aubrienne> Denise here says you might be helpful in that.

<Hettienne> This is *not* how you do subtle, kids,

  • Aubrienne looks imploringly at Hettie

<Hettienne> You told me you wanted discreet.

<Aubrienne> Well, you are the expert here, I'm given to understand.

<Hettienne> Discreet this ain't

<Denise> well

<Denise> like

<Aubrienne> You ain't kiddin'.

<Aubrienne> So what do we do?

<Denise> are the *trees* actually anywhere we gotta be hush hush about?

<Denise> I thought that was just the farm part?

<Dorien_Voclain> No, they're just in a vacant lot.

<Misery> The trees are just out on the street where anyone can walk by them.

<Aubrienne> Oh, well, that part is easy, then.

<Dorien_Voclain> Yeah, it's the farm we need to be subtle about

<Denise> so like

<Argent> lets just go look at the trees then... if its boring, I'll just go visit Mireva and the walk wont be wasted.

<Denise> if you wanna get in there, you take less folks, right

<Hettienne> So why am I here exactly?

  • Denise grins at Argent

<Dorien_Voclain> For the subtle part.

<Hettienne> I think you can probably manage walking into a parking lot

  • Hettienne eyes him.

<Hettienne> Probably.

<Argent> so who here has "actually" snuck into a place they're not supposed to be?

  • Hettienne snorts.

<Hettienne> Are you kidding me, kid?

  • Denise just gives him a Look

<Dorien_Voclain> Does Aubrienne's dreswsing room count?

<Argent> I wan't refering to you.

  • Aubrienne looks askance at Dorien

<Dorien_Voclain> that was a joke.

  • Aubrienne still looks suspicious

<Aubrienne> I'm no expert at trespass or anything, but I've got a little bit of illusion that can help.

<Dorien_Voclain> Look, maybe it'll be nothing and there won't even be a lock on the door. I'd just rather we have someone who can get in if we need to.

<Aubrienne> I thought that's why we have Hettie.

<Argent> Lets just go look at the strange trees and then Hettie and who needs to can sneak into whatever the other place is and the rest just leave.

<Dorien_Voclain> That's what I'm saying.

<Hettienne> Fine.

<Dorien_Voclain> Excellent! Great plan! I'm proud to be a part of it.

<Aubrienne> ...This may be out of nowhere, but did anyone think to, you know, ask the farmer's about it?

  • Hettienne scowls.

<Dorien_Voclain> Not... as such.

<Aubrienne> Dorien!

<Denise> Well if you ask 'em first it'll be harder to get in

  • Denise says because duh

<Aubrienne> Yes, but it might also not be necessary to sneak in.

<Dorien_Voclain> Better to get forgiveness than permission.

  • Argent will get his jacket and start heading out the door.

<Denise> yeah

<Dorien_Voclain> Right behind you, good buddy.

<Aubrienne> Is there a particular reason to do this, well, criminally, rather than upfront?

<Aubrienne> Ugh.

  • Aubrienne casts a worried look at Hettie and Lathra and stands to follow

<Hettienne> If you didn't want to do this criminally, you shouldn'ta asked criminals, girlie.

  • Hettienne shrugs and goes with Denise
  • Denise shrugs and oes with the crowd to see creey magic treeees :D

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - what time of day is this, as you walk over to the Shade?

<Dorien_Voclain> I assume mid-morning

<Aubrienne> Wouldn't we want to do it sometime when it's dark?

<Dorien_Voclain> Fair

<Dorien_Voclain> So like, right after cabaret closing?

<Denise> isn't it under ground?

<Denise> not the trees

<Denise> but the other

<DiablotinNarrator> so like probably 4am by this point, after you've finished conversing?

<Dorien_Voclain> Yeah, the farm is underground.

<Denise> (then the dark won't matter - and I honestly don't know if there is less liely to be ppl around during the day or late at night in the shade >.>)

<DiablotinNarrator> Let's split the difference and say that you gathered after work, but by the time you're ready to go it's close to dawn anyway.

<Denise> (cool)

<DiablotinNarrator> You can make your way together to the Shade, where Misery can direct you to the no-longer-vacant lot

<Dorien_Voclain> (Has it grown more?)

<DiablotinNarrator> The trees sway slightly, although it's a bit breezy this morninh so that's not unusual. Dorien, you do think that they have grown even larger since the last time you were here.

<Dorien_Voclain> (w) Void... they're still growing, I think.

<Aubrienne> (What does Detect Magic turn up?)

<Denise> huh

  • Hettienne will go case the farm.

<Argent> <w> well, this is odd.

<Dorien_Voclain> <w> Toldja. Weird stuff.

<DiablotinNarrator> Anyone casting Detect Magic will sense that these trees radiate strong magic - can make their k:arcana to figure out what school

<Denise> I should tell Mickie, I bet the Channels would wanna see it

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+10

  • Zola rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 11 ].

<Aubrienne> (Oh come on!)

<Aubrienne> (I'll use my Inspired reroll)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay)

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+10

  • Zola rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 26 ].

<Aubrienne> (Much better :))

<DiablotinNarrator> Aubrienne - conjuration, which seems a bit odd, unless they were summoned from the demiplane of creepy trees or something?

<Aubrienne> (hee)

<Denise> an' they just came outta no where?

<Aubrienne> Okay, well, obviously they're magic. Seems like conjuration to me, which is strange.

  • Denise asks Misery, since she apparenlty found them

<DiablotinNarrator> That is the strongest magical aura, but there could be weaker ones as well that are being overwhelmed by it

  • Denise will also roll k' local to see if she remember what was here before

<Denise> !roll 1d20+6

  • Zola rolls for Denise: [ 1d20+6 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 6 ] totals [ 12 ].
  • Argent waits for Aubrienne to drop her concentration and then will Detect Evil.

<Misery> Yeah, pretty much - at least, they weren't here, and then a month later, they were.

<Denise> huh

<Aubrienne> (Is Detect Magic obvious?)

<Misery> Denise, you think just a vacant lot - if there was a building before that, you can't remember what it might have been

<Denise> (Dm is LoS isn't it? You could just stay behind her :p)

<Argent> (true)

<Argent> (and it is obvious...VS spell)

<Argent> (at least when you cast it)

<Aubrienne> (Then wouldn't Detect Evil be as well?)

<Aubrienne> (Or, I guess it's an ability. Does that make a difference?)

  • Aubrienne will keep DM for the three rounds to get full info, then drop it.
  • Denise will wander up for a closer look at the trees

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent, you do detect evil here, coming from the vicinity of the trees.

  • Argent will continue to focus to get a strength and location
  • Denise isn't evil, but does have magic on her :p
  • Denise willl.. climbs one?

<DiablotinNarrator> It's a bit weird, Argent... you're focusing in, trying to get more information. The number of auras is confusing, though. It's either a large number, or ... one? like a bunch of smaller things, that are part of one larger thing.

<Dorien_Voclain> Uhhh... hey kiddo, that may not be a great idea.

<Argent> Dorien may be right

<Denise> oh, 'kay

  • Argent will approach the trees near Denis

<Denise> they just look like real big trees

<Argent> something is very not right here

<Aubrienne> Anyone have a knife?

<Aubrienne> I didn't think to bring anything to collect a sample with.

<Denise> I coudl break you off a branck :p

<Denise> (branch)

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent, the evil is strong, and emanating from the fungus that's growing on the trees. Which might explain the many-but-one you were detecting, if they are all part of some ... fungal colony or something?

  • Dorien_Voclain breaks out his samplin' kit

<Argent> (k-planes help identify this stuff?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can roll it, sure. k: nature if you have it too?)

  • Aubrienne will take more samples of the fungus, plus some bark from the tree, soil from around the tree, some leaves, etc.

<Argent> !roll 1d20+4

  • Zola rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+4 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 4 ] totals [ 9 ].

<Argent> (no clue)

<DiablotinNarrator> (nope)

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie, meanwhile, you're investigating the entrance to the farm itself, which is a trapdoor in the middle of the ... glade.

<DiablotinNarrator> It is locked with a simple-looking padlock - just intended to keep out animals or scroungers, probably, not really a deterrent for actual thieves.

  • Lathra explores around the trees, looking for anything interesting and wondering whether they know we're here.

<Dorien_Voclain> <w> I wonder why whoever owns this farm never hacked all this stuff down. Unless they don't come out here very often...

<Misery> Or they're dead.

<Denise> maybe the trees are.... good for growin' mushrooms?

<Hettienne> . o O (seriously??)

<Denise> ...

<Dorien_Voclain> <w> Cheerful as always, misery, thank you.

<Denise> You an' your dad :p

  • Denise sas to her

<Hettienne> (I assume no traps then :p)

<Denise> cheery, yeah

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can roll, but it seems unlikely?)

<Hettienne> (DD to open the 'lock')

<Hettienne> (I get 15... but if that doesn't work I'll just take 20)

<Hettienne> (oh the 15 is for trapfinding I guess. I'll roll again)

<Hettienne> (17 to open)

<Hettienne> (rolling like a champ as usual)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can take 20 if you want, as nobody seems to be interrupting you)

<Hettienne> (kay)

<DiablotinNarrator> The trees do seem to whisper slightly in the breeze, but you can block that out, stupid trees, nobody's listening to you.

<DiablotinNarrator> You manage to get the lock opened after a while.

  • Hettienne looks around to see what everyone else is doing.
  • Dorien_Voclain is collecting samples

<Argent> Aubrienne, can you look for magic on the fungus seperate from the trees?

  • Lathra tries to figure out if the trees are actually whispering something or if it's an illusion of the wind.

<DiablotinNarrator> Lathra, you can make a perception check

  • Hettienne will take a peek inside the trap door then...

<Lathra> !roll 1d20+8

  • Zola rolls for Lathra: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 19 ].

<Aubrienne> (Julie, can I do that? Angle it to get the trees rather than any of the fungus?)

<DiablotinNarrator> The fungus kind of covers the trees in many places... you'd have to try and... scrape some off to clear it, maybe?

<DiablotinNarrator> (Ian, what languages does Lathra have?)

<Lathra> (FFF I knew there'd be something I'd forgotten :/)

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie, under the trapdoor is a ladder leading down into the dark.

<DiablotinNarrator> (no worries, Ian)

<Hettienne> Door's open

<DiablotinNarrator> Lathra - you do think there are words, but they're not comprehensible to you. As if they were in an unfamiliar language, or just very garbled, maybe.

<Lathra> (ok, thanks)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, who if anyone are going into the trapdoor?

  • Denise watches hettie but isn't sure we have sorted this all out

<Dorien_Voclain> (I will)

  • Argent will look to Dorien/Aubrienne, the leaders of this expedition

<Dorien_Voclain> Is there any light down the tunnel?

  • Argent looks back to Lathra with a different thought
  • Hettienne shakes her head.

<Dorien_Voclain> (sorry, meant to put that in parens)

<DiablotinNarrator> (it's dark as far as you can see from here - you can't even see the bottom of the tunnel, if you don't have enhanced vision of some kind)

<Aubrienne> Hettie, do you need anyone to go with you?

<Hettienne> (I have low light vision)

<Hettienne> Who's got god night-eyes?

  • Hettienne looks at Lathra.

<Hettienne> (good)

<Lathra> Well I'll come, in case anybody gets hurt, and I'll be able to see.

<Denise> I do

<Dorien_Voclain> Uhhhh... not me. too much reading.

<Denise> an Argent

<Hettienne> Right.

  • Argent nods in agreement with Denise

<Misery> I can see, but uh... no offence, but I'm not going down there.

  • Denise looks at Aubrienne 'cause you;re a rat, so hyou must, right?

<Hettienne> Let's go. But be quiet.

<Aubrienne> I'm not exactly stealthy.

  • Aubrienne says in response to Denise's look.

<Denise> we just let the quiet folks go ahead

<Denise> they can wave for us if they need us

<Aubrienne> Well, I'm happy to tag along, if you think it's feasible.

<Lathra> I could make a light for somebody?

  • Hettienne starts down the ladder.

<Hettienne> I got one.

<Dorien_Voclain> I have a few sunrods.

<Lathra> Oh splendid!

<Argent> flashlight is best

<Denise> thems too bright

<Denise> hard to hide if you need to

  • Argent will switch his teamwork feat to stealth synergy

<Dorien_Voclain> fair enough.

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay - folks can get on roll20 then)

<Denise> I'm gonna go in case there's trouble, gotta back up my aunt :3

<Dorien_Voclain> (I'll stay in the back with Aubrienne)

Curtana (GM): (The trapdoor is where Hettie is standing. the white area off the map is just for you guys to arrange yourselves in whatever order you want before going down :)

Hettienne: (Well I went down first)

Curtana (GM): (nod)

Denise: (I'm bringing up the rear with Aubrienne, if she's coming?)

Argent Lundi: (guess ill climb down next with Lathra?)

Curtana (GM): (Misery is probably more in the 'stay at the top as a lookout' mode)

Curtana (GM): Okay, if you have sunrods, I'll give you a 30 ft look down the tunnel

Aubrienne Romilly: (I thought we were using Hettie's flashlight.)

Dorien Voclain: (I think we'd decided to use a flashlight)

Curtana (GM): oh, okay

Denise: (those if us with LL/dark vision see twice as far anyway, don't we?)

Curtana (GM): yes

Hettienne: (how far can we see sans light, then (the cool people)

Lathra: (Four times as far as a human in dim light)

  • Hettienne will stop and listen at the bottom of the ladder, anyway

Curtana (GM): low light is twice as far

  • Lathra peers over Hettie's shoulder

Curtana (GM): like 60ft, Hettie

Curtana (GM): but basically that means a long tunnel, with one doorway opening off it that you can see

Curtana (GM): The walls are dirt, reinforced with wooden planks, but also there are roots that break through the ceiling or walls at quite a few points

Hettie, you do hear something up ahead, from out of the range of your sight. A faint shuffling sound.

Hettienne: (straight ahead, or ahead and around that corner?)

Curtana (GM): Straight ahead

  • Denise will have a listen, and sniff the air
  • Hettienne puts a finger to her lips.

Hettienne: (o yeah, I'll also roll scent)

Curtana (GM): 'k

Denise: (perception, then scent)

Aubrienne Romilly: (perception, then scent)

Curtana (GM): The smell down here is very musty and dank, sort of moldy. Not a 'clean' smell of dirt and growing things, but like something is off, faintly rotten?

Hettienne: (w) somethin' up ahead.

Curtana (GM): Hettie, you've moved up far enough that you think you can faintly make out another opening or doorway

  • Lathra moves easily behind, watching ahead to see if she can make anything out.
  • Hettienne creeps forward quietly.
  • Hettienne sneaks a peek around this close corner before going past.

Curtana (GM): actually from that opening (the second one) there is a faint glow

  • Argent Lundi will carefully follow lathra
  • Denise stays behind the squishies

Lathra: (My range of vision is twice hettie's)

  • Dorien Voclain stays towards the back

Curtana (GM): The room there has some large mushrooms growing in it, and some rubble in the corner as if the wall/ceiling is partly collapsed from roots burrowing through it

  • Hettienne will keep sneakin' along then
  • Dorien Voclain will look in the room. Do the mushrooms look normal or out of the ordinary?

Aubrienne Romilly: (Well, they are gigantic)

Curtana (GM): Yeah, some of them are very huge.

Dorien Voclain: Well that's definitely odd.

Curtana (GM): Hold up there before you go too much further, Hettie :)

Denise: shhh

  • Denise shushs Dorien

Curtana (GM): As you shine your light into the chamber, there is a sudden shrieking sound

Denise Murodea: >_<

Hettienne: D:

Curtana (GM): and all you guys can make a Fort save

Hettienne: (w) Arsebadgers.

Dorien Voclain: (Shriekers! I fuckin knew it!!!)

Denise Murodea: (well, I'm fine...)

Curtana (GM): The DC is 11, so Aubrienne is the only one who failed so far - still waiting on a roll from Lathra? unless I missed it in there

Hettienne: She died

Curtana (GM): Aubrienne, you take 3 sonic damage before the shrieking stops.

Hettienne: The hell kind of mushrooms they farmin' here?

Lathra: Well I never!

Dorien Voclain: Ow, ow, ow, ow...

Aubrienne Romilly: (I, uh, I also need to roll hp from last level)

Dorien Voclain: Okay, note to self... don't piss off the mushrooms...

Denise Murodea: screamy magic ones

Curtana (GM): anyone want to make a k:nature check? (not sure if anyone, uh, has that...)

Dorien Voclain: (I do :3 )

Curtana (GM): Dorien - you've heard of shriekers before, and that their screams can often attract other creatures, or serve as an alarm. They aren't otherwise harmful and are only very slowly mobile. like the ones that are very slowly creeping towards the door...

Dorien Voclain: Uhhhh... guys, those things might be bringing some kind of calvary here. Also... they're moving, which is creeping me out a bit, not gonna lie.

Denise Murodea: you want me to stomp 'em?

Dorien Voclain: Have at 'em.

Denise Murodea will stomp a shrieker?

Curtana (GM): okay, you can roll to hit it

Curtana (GM): uh, yes. that will hit.

Curtana (GM): it is mostly squished. slightly twitching still.

  • Denise Murodea stomps it again?

Curtana (GM): 'k

  • Denise Murodea misses any non squshed bit
  • Hettienne will creep ahead while the stomping is happening

Curtana (GM): The other two are still coming closer, and will also start to scream

  • Lathra shrugs and follows Hettie
  • Denise Murodea will go take care of them then -_-

Curtana (GM): 2 more fort Saves, except for Hettie and Lathra who are too far ahead.

  • Dorien Voclain would love to help but has literally no weapons that aren't noisy as fuck.

Curtana (GM): okay, so Argent, Denise, and Aubrienne each failed one - each of you takes 4 damage

Aubrienne Romilly: Void!

  • Dorien Voclain wonders if shooting his gun would really make any difference at this point -_-

Curtana (GM): well, probably anything down here knows you're here...

  • Denise Murodea stomps the shrikiest one first? :p

Curtana (GM): they're equally shrieky

Dorien Voclain: Oh for fuck sake...

  • Dorien Voclain shoots the one he can see.

Curtana (GM): but again, they do stop after 1 round

Dorien Voclain: oh

  • Argent Lundi catches up to the lead folks, figuring Denise has it

Dorien Voclain: (Yeah, no. I miss.)

  • Denise Murodea can clean them up but it will take her a round or two

Curtana (GM): again, it's mostly squished yeah. I see no way Denise can't murderate them with another round or two.

  • Hettienne stops at the next corner to peek down the hallway

Denise Murodea: y'all go on, I got this

Dorien Voclain: ...ok.

  • Lathra takes a backup-peek

Curtana (GM): The next room is a much larger chamber, full of glowing mushrooms.

Hettienne: (fancy that)

Curtana (GM): it lends enough light for even those of you without special vision to see pretty well in there

  • Denise Murodea will let the GM tell her when she catches up?

Curtana (GM): you can catch up :)

Hettienne: (mutters) those sure are some mushrooms :p

Dorien Voclain: That... that is something you don't see everyday.

  • Dorien Voclain will take samples.
  • Hettienne peers down the bext hallway

Hettienne: (next)

Denise Murodea: Are they magic?

  • Aubrienne Romilly peeks past Dorien to check

Denise Murodea: Those sure ain't eatin' mushrooms @_@

Curtana (GM): those of you who are SK or familiar with SK culture would recognize these - they cultivate them to provide light. although these are abnormally large.

Dorien Voclain: (Oh, nevermind then) (Though I will still take samples)

Aubrienne Romilly: Pretty standard type, just huge. Grab a sample.

Lathra: Oh my! How lovely!

Curtana (GM): hang up! Dorien, go back where you were :) well, there is also okay I guess

  • Argent Lundi will slip on his cold iron knuckles, and get his gun out, while switching back to Escape Routes for his teamwork feat

Curtana (GM): something from within the patch of mushrooms ... sprays a glob of... something gross at you.

Dorien Voclain: Gahck!

Hettienne: (mushroom got a little excited)

Curtana (GM): what's your ranged touch AC? or at least, does 14 hit it ;)

Dorien Voclain: 14 -_-

Curtana (GM): ties go to you, though, so that's good!

Dorien Voclain: (oh!) (ok) (Are you sure?)

Curtana (GM): (oh, no, he's right)

Curtana (GM): (attack needs to equal or beat the AC)

Curtana (GM): The stuff eats away at your sleeve where it hit - some kind of acid.

  • Dorien Voclain screams like a girl.

Curtana (GM): rolling 1d6 you take 3 damage, and can make a Fort save

Hettienne: (Dorien is the Jean Ralphio of our party -_-)

Dorien Voclain: (I have no idea what that means, but I choose to take it as a compliment)

Aubrienne Romilly: (Well, Dorien's sister is the worst)

Hettienne: (lol)

Curtana (GM): (just looking something up, sec)

Dorien Voclain: (Uh oh.)

Curtana (GM): Dorien, you inflict 1 point of damage on yourself with your weapon... which I guess is your gun @_@

Dorien Voclain: (...I just shot myself?)

Curtana (GM): maybe that means you pinched yourself ;p well, poorly, if so

Aubrienne Romilly: Dorien!

Dorien Voclain: (I pistol whipped myself)

Curtana (GM): yeah

Denise Murodea: woah!

Dorien Voclain: Ow!

Curtana (GM): let's go with 'hit yourself in the face with your gun'

Dorien Voclain: Why did I do that?

Denise Murodea would activate her Mage Armor as soon as something atcually attacked him

Dorien Voclain: :Let me know when I can move away

Denise Murodea: Crazy shrooms!

Curtana (GM): Dorien, now you attack the nearest creature which I guess is Lathra

Dorien Voclain: through the wall?

Curtana (GM): well, you can move to do so.

Denise Murodea: (can I move up and grapple him?)

Curtana (GM): I was just measuring who was closest without taking the wall into consideration Denise, you can try to, yes

Hettienne: (welp, gonna have to stab you now)

Denise Murodea: Dorien! Stop!

Argent Lundi: Denise grab him before he hurts himself and anyone else more.

Denise Murodea: rolling 1d20+6

  • Denise Murodea probably gets him?

Argent Lundi: (vs CMD)

Dorien Voclain: (CMD is 10, so very much so :P)

Denise Murodea: (you have no dex bonus? I thought you did, huh) (CMD is 10 + str + dex + bab)

Dorien Voclain: (Oh,sorry, 16)

Denise Murodea: (then i shoudl still get you, as per the rules we just looked up?)

Dorien Voclain: (Yes)

Curtana (GM): (yes, but he does get an AOO against you)

Dorien Voclain: (...do I have to?)

Hettienne: What the shit is happening here?

Curtana (GM): Dorien - you do not have to, because now you are just babbling incoherently.

Denise Murodea: The mushroom hit his with..., crazy goop

Dorien Voclain: lkjhliuvjhfsrxncbmhj;lkas lkgonw 4 dsrf;a ,mwe4

Aubrienne Romilly will try to get the gun away from Dorien while trying to console him

Denise Murodea: (This isss like the statue fight!)

  • Aubrienne Romilly looks to Lathra

Denise Murodea: (Is the mushroom coming any closer?)

Aubrienne Romilly: Any thoughts?

Curtana (GM): Dorien tries to punch himself again, but you can stop him, Denise

Dorien Voclain: (LOL)

Curtana (GM): aaand then, he's back to normal.

  • Denise Murodea will keep him from hurting himself

Dorien Voclain: (Do I remember any of that?)

Hettienne: Is this normal for these ... farms?

  • Hettienne asks Lathra

Curtana (GM): Yeah, you remember it. it doesn't make much sense, but you remember it

Dorien Voclain: ...thanks, kiddo... I think I'm ok now...

Denise Murodea: you sure?

  • Dorien Voclain wiggles his fingers and toes

Dorien Voclain: I think so.

  • Denise Murodea will keep hold of him an extra moment just in case he wigs out again
  • Lathra thinks about whether she knows about any acid/confusion mushrooms

Aubrienne Romilly: Maybe, umm, let someone else hold on your gun for now.

Denise Murodea: you're squirmier'n you look :p

Dorien Voclain: You're not the first woman to say that to me.

Denise Murodea: ... gross :p

Aubrienne Romilly: Yep, he's Dorien again.

  • Denise Murodea will definitely let go ;p

Dorien Voclain: Thanks.

Dorien Voclain will stand up.

Denise Murodea: ahh shiT!

Curtana (GM): The thing that spat at you is still moving, also...

Dorien Voclain: Oh fuck...

Aubrienne Romilly: Oh balls, killer mushroom!

Dorien Voclain: Uhhh... I'm all out of gun, apparently.

  • Denise Murodea can move in to engage

Curtana (GM): It'll spit at Denise, then

  • Argent Lundi will follow Denise in

Curtana (GM): rolling 1d20+4 does that hit your ranged touch AC, Denise?

Dorien Voclain is gonna go ahead and drink his shield potion now o.o

Denise Murodea: (it hits)

Curtana (GM): rolling 1d6

Denise Murodea: (fort save?)

Curtana (GM): 6 acid damage, and you can also make a Fort save

Denise Murodea: rolling 1d20+7

Curtana (GM): heh, nice

Denise Murodea: (i'm good :V)

Dorien Voclain: (YES!)

Argent Lundi: (can I smack this thing after I move in)

Curtana (GM): sure

Argent Lundi: rolling 1d20+5

Curtana (GM): Denise can also give it a stomp

  • Denise Murodea will power attack

Denise Murodea: rolling 1d20+5

  • Denise Murodea is a little wigged out, apparnelty

Denise Murodea: (also I forgot flanking but whatever)

Argent Lundi: (just checking for precise damage vulnerability)

Curtana (GM): not so much

Hettienne: (can lathra and I see what's down this other hall ?)

Argent Lundi: (should be good)

  • Lathra touches denise on the shoulder and casts guidance

Argent Lundi: rolling 1d3+1d6+3

Denise Murodea: (what's a useful feat here.... I can take a combat one temporarily :p)

Curtana (GM): okay, that hurt it, but it isn't dead yet

Denise Murodea: (lemme know when I can stomp it again)

Lathra: (+1 to your next stomp)

Denise Murodea: (woot)

Curtana (GM): rolling 1d20+4 well, it misses horribly with that acid spit

Denise Murodea: (good!)

Curtana (GM): so you can try to stomp it again, and Argent can attack again as well

Denise Murodea: rolling 1d20+8

Argent Lundi: rolling 1d20+7

Argent Lundi: rolling 1d3+1d6+3

Curtana (GM): not 12 crap

Denise Murodea: (Yeah, that was including flank and power attack)

Argent Lundi: (assuming the 20 hit... for 9)

Denise Murodea: (and guidance :p)

Curtana (GM): yes, the 20 hit rolling 1d20+4 it will spit at Denise again

  • Denise Murodea is spat at

Curtana (GM): for 4 damage

Denise Murodea: rolling 1d20+7 (made the fort)

Curtana (GM): woot

Denise Murodea: (I hope @_@)

Curtana (GM): yes

  • Denise Murodea stomps again!

Denise Murodea: rolling 1d20+7

Argent Lundi knuckles at it as well

Curtana (GM): 15 hits!

Argent Lundi: rolling 1d20+7

Denise Murodea: rolling 1d6+7

Curtana (GM): that stomp was enough to kill it

Argent Lundi: rolling 1d3+1d6+3

Curtana (GM): and then Argent mashes it into the dirt ;)

  • Denise Murodea huffs, covered in really gross mushroom....spunk.

Denise Murodea: D: D: D: grooooossssss

Argent Lundi: wish I brought a real weapon now

Dorien Voclain: Good. Good. Good job. Can I have my gun back now?

  • Denise Murodea claws it out of her hair
  • Denise Murodea will scramble to catch up with her aunt as well

Curtana (GM): Argent, as you look around the room again, you notice a body lying mostly covered in the fungus

Denise Murodea: I ain't got it

Argent Lundi: There's a body back here.

  • Argent Lundi will call out

Dorien Voclain: A do what now?

Denise Murodea: aww hell, Mis was right :|

  • Argent Lundi will approach cautiously to take a better look

Denise Murodea: lemme go first, in case there's more

Curtana (GM): it's a shadar-kai male, you think - it's pretty decomposed by now

Denise Murodea: or not... man :/

Dorien Voclain: Well fuck...

Denise Murodea: prolly that thing got 'm

Curtana (GM): and fungus are growing all over it

Dorien Voclain: Or he was put here as fertilizer, maybe...

Aubrienne Romilly: (The glowing kind?)

Dorien Voclain: What the hell kinda mushroom farm is this?

Curtana (GM): Aubrienne - no, not the glowing kind, more like the whatever kind it was they just stomped to death, which is whiteish in colour. but tiny ones, not like... 2 foot tall walking around ones... yet.

  • Denise Murodea has acid burns all over @_@
  • Argent Lundi will carefully check the corpse for any posessions

Aubrienne Romilly: (Are there any kind of supplies around? For the farm?)

  • Lathra casts cure light wounds on Denise

Curtana (GM): There are some coins, Argent, a gal-ralan that is still recognizable on what's left of his arm, and then a few odds and ends, like a shovel and a bucket nearby Hettie, over in the other room where you are, something shuffles among the fungus...

Lathra: rolling 1d8+3

  • Hettienne nopes out

Dorien Voclain: (lol)

Curtana (GM): Hettie, you see what looks like a small ... man? about 4 feet tall, but covered with growths it was sort of over near the small tunnel exit

Hettienne: There's a... miushroom man in there

  • Hettienne draws her gun.

Denise Murodea: what?

  • Hettienne points into the other room
  • Denise Murodea will run over to her aunt
  • Lathra also draws her gun

Curtana (GM): When you look into the room, Denise, you don't see any 'mushroom man'...

Denise Murodea: hey you! Stop right there!

Lathra: Perhaps he's lonely?

  • Denise Murodea calls out, though she doens't actually see anyone

Denise Murodea: I don't see 'im...

Hettienne: It was right by that back door...

  • Aubrienne Romilly detects magic

Denise Murodea: did it run off?

Hettienne: Maybe?

  • Argent Lundi will pocket the coins and catch up

Lathra: Argent, who was the dead person?

  • Denise Murodea walks down the middle of the mushrooms, lkeeping an eye out >.>

Denise Murodea: bck here?

Argent Lundi: I suspect one of the farmers. He was definitely Shadar-Ki, still had his arm thing.

Hettienne: Yeah.

Curtana (GM): Aubrienne, the magic here is on the mushrooms - some sort of lingering transmutation

Lathra: Oh my.

  • Aubrienne Romilly will carefully examine them further

Curtana (GM): You also notice on the rocks against the wall, it's like... a shelf, sort of. With a variety of little... weird globes.

  • Lathra nods, resolves to make a proper burial, contact the family.
  • Aubrienne Romilly will take a look at the rock shelf
  • Dorien Voclain will also look at the globes

Curtana (GM): Aubrienne, there are about a dozen spherical containers - not glass or any normal substance you might make jars out of, but some kind of faintly squishy organic material. each is filled with liquid, but some are different colours/consistencies.

  • Denise Murodea peeks into the last room thee

Denise Murodea: eww

Aubrienne Romilly: (Do they radiate magic?)

Curtana (GM): (yes, they do. I had to look that up ;)

Dorien Voclain: (Do I have any idea what they might }be?

Curtana (GM): (but they are effectively like alchemical creations, which apparently are 'magic' for the purposes of things like detect magic?)

  • Lathra goes to check the farmer's body, see if I can identify them
  • Aubrienne Romilly will, very carefully, reach out to touch one of the spheres.

Curtana (GM): Dorien - at a guess, alchemical extracts?

  • Dorien Voclain is taking samples :3

Curtana (GM): Aubrienne - they're solid enough to pick up

Curtana (GM): you think they would probably burst if you threw them it's like the consistency of a water ballon, or thick gelatin ;)

Dorien Voclain: Hmmmm...

Aubrienne Romilly: Well, these seem like they bear investigating.

Dorien Voclain: Definitely

Dorien Voclain will take the globes with me, actually

Curtana (GM): Hettie and Denise, those tunnels each lead off into narrow and narrower spaces, twisting and turning... you don't think they were made by anything humanoid, maybe by animals... or creepy little fungus men but you can't get through them without crawling, anyway and maybe not even then, depending how small they get

  • Denise Murodea is kinda big

Denise Murodea: definitely gotta tell the channels 'bout this :|

  • Dorien Voclain has a potion of reuce person... but he is not going in there alone.

Curtana (GM): from outside you can faintly hear Misery's voice asking "are you guys still alive? say something if you are"

Hettienne: Ugh.

Dorien Voclain: Something!

Aubrienne Romilly: Smartass.

Dorien Voclain grins

Denise Murodea: that's how she'll know it's really him :p

Curtana (GM): Lathra, the body is too decomposed for you to guess at an identity, but presumably the farmer who worked here? you could find out who that was by asking around, most likely

  • Lathra takes the Gal-Ralan, for safekeeping in case of... thieves.

Dorien Voclain will shout up to Misery "You should probably come see this place..."

Curtana (GM): "thanks but I'm good here. there was a lot of screaming before."

Dorien Voclain: "It's safe now... probably."

Aubrienne Romilly: Most of it wasn't ours!

Curtana (GM): "anyway what if someone locks us in"

Denise Murodea: .... my hair's all ruined :(

Dorien Voclain: "Get your skinny butt down here and help me get samples."

Curtana (GM): sigh fine

  • Misery will climb down the ladder to help you carry the weird jelly-globes

Curtana (GM): But we should probably wrap up here - I assume you are going to take your findings and retreat at this point?

Aubrienne Romilly: Si

Dorien Voclain: (We can send Argent to watch the door if it makes people feel better :) ) (yes) (As soon as I have sampled aallllll the things)

Denise Murodea: (can I get healed? :p)

Lathra: One more thing as we leave - I'd like to cast Comprehend Languages and listen to the trees again.

Hettienne: (Is there anything in the top room or just more tiny tunnels?)

Curtana (GM): more tiny tunnels

Dorien Voclain: Unfortunately, I can only heal myself.

Denise Murodea is still down 8 >.>

Denise Murodea: thanks :3

Curtana (GM): Okay, you can gather up the things and head up to the surface again. Lathra, you can cast your spell once you're up there.

Lathra: (I can spare a cure light and a cure moderate still) rolling 1d8+3 11 for Aubrienne 10 for Denise

Aubrienne Romilly: Why thank you, Lathra. :D

Denise Murodea: you're the best :D my hair though :(

Aubrienne Romilly: Well, ah, short is in right now? I know a good place. I'm sure they can...do something.

  • Lathra casts comprehend languages then

Curtana (GM): Lathra - you can understand what the trees are saying now @_@ "life comes from death, we rise again"

  • Lathra translates for the group

Aubrienne Romilly: Well void.

Hettienne: Cheerful

Dorien Voclain: Funtackular.

Denise Murodea: Swell

Lathra: Yes, and it's peachy, too!

Aubrienne Romilly: Well, who's up for breakfast? :p

Denise Murodea: Okay

Dorien Voclain: Sounds good.

Denise Murodea: anythig but mushrooms and Dorien is buyin' :p

Dorien Voclain: ...ok, that's.. that's fair.

  • Lathra wonders if I could fit a small glow-mushroom in my apartment

Dorien Voclain: (heee)

Aubrienne Romilly: (I' m betting they have potted ones)

Gen rescues (?) Raina

<DiablotinNarrator> Gen, you are heading home from the cabaret, very early in the morning. It was a pretty good night, all things considered - you were able to get almost a half-bottle of wine that one table didn't finish.

  • Genevriel feels a little guilty about the wine... but only a little.

<DiablotinNarrator> As you are walking through the chilly streets a bit before dawn, a light snow is falling.

  • Genevriel hates the cold, and pulls her thin coat around her more tightly.

<DiablotinNarrator> The streets are quiet and deserted at this time of night. But you spot some movement up ahead.

<DiablotinNarrator> A large catlike figure darts out from an alley, turns and pauses.

  • Genevriel will be cautious since it is only drunks, bar workers, or troublemakers who are out at this time of night.
  • Genevriel thinks of the crazy old lady's cat... is this a similar sized creature?

<DiablotinNarrator> You can see that it's too large to be a regular street cat. More the size of a lynx... and you've only seen one of those in the city before.

  • Genevriel remembers she was supposed to look for that Silvia person, but there's been so much else going on...

<DiablotinNarrator> It darts towards you, having apparently spotted you

  • Genevriel is surprised and braces herself to fight or flee if it attacks her.

<DiablotinNarrator> The creature skids to a stop a few feet away from you, hesitating as if wary or afraid, but not fleeing either

  • Genevriel stares at it blankly.

<DiablotinNarrator> It makes a sort of plaintive cry, turning to walk back in the direction that it came from, but looking over its shoulder at you

<Genevriel> You want me to follow you. Yeah, that's a good idea.

  • Genevriel thinks for a while; thoughts are slow to percolate at the moment.

<Genevriel> I suppose your lady might be hurt or freezing. Fine.

  • Genevriel feels obliged to follow in case the crazy lady needs her healing abilities.

<DiablotinNarrator> The lynx looks ... relieved, if such a thing is possible, when you begin to follow it.

<DiablotinNarrator> You follow it through the snowy streets, trying to keep up with it as it darts from building shadow to building shadow

  • Genevriel used to not be so bad at darting from cover to cover herself, but then she usually wasn't plastered.

<DiablotinNarrator> It leads you to an alley maybe half a mile away, and waits to make sure you're following before heading back into the dark, narrow passage between buildings

  • Genevriel does pause for a bit at the entrance to the alley to listen... Some self-preservation skills are still intact.

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can make a Perception check)

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+1

  • Zola rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+1 ] getting [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ 1 ] totals [ 12 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> (it's very quiet in there. no sounds at all, that you notice)

  • Genevriel wanders into the alley... lets her eyes adjust to the darkness if it's even possible to see anything in there, then will head in.

<DiablotinNarrator> As your eyes are able to make out shadowy shapes, you see that the lynx is curled up atop the body of an old woman, which lies motionless on the freezing ground.

  • Genevriel swears as she trips over some junk someone left behind as she tries to get close to the woman and do a heal check.

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+10

  • Zola rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 22 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> She is still alive, but barely. You don't see any obvious signs of injury to her - no blood, anyway. Maybe she is ill, or suffering from the cold?

  • Genevriel casts Stabilize to buy herself some time

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay

  • Genevriel doesn't have anything to warm the woman up with, unless there is some wood here and she can... set it on fire. ;_;

<DiablotinNarrator> There is some rubbish in bins nearby, you could use that, perhaps

<DiablotinNarrator> (metal bins, like trashcans - should contain the fire at least, if you use one of those)

<Genevriel> (Do I need to roll for the Stabilize or do we just assume since she is unconscious that she isn't going to try to make a save against it?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (yeah, she isn't trying to save against it)

  • Genevriel starts rooting through the trash bins to find something burnable, trying not to think about what she is about to do...

<DiablotinNarrator> (There are some newspapers, some broken wooden crates you might be able to make something out of)

  • Genevriel will attempt to cast Burning Hands once she has something combustible in a bin, but I might not be able to do it, due to my phobia. Willpower roll?

<DiablotinNarrator> (sure)

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+3

  • Zola rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+3 ] getting [ 13 ] which, after the modifier [ 3 ] totals [ 16 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> (that should be fine)

  • Genevriel breaks into a cold sweat and stifles an exclamation of fear as her hands light up. She holds them well away from herself, horrified and panicky as she touches the combustibles and leaps back once they catch.
  • Genevriel will have a closer look at the woman by the firelight, once her burning hands goes out.

<DiablotinNarrator> The fire catches, illuminating the alley better, although it will take a little before the warmth catches up

  • Raina_ looks pale and her face is drawn with pain, but she stirs slightly
  • Genevriel keeps her patient between herself and the fire.
  • Genevriel tries to focus on the woman and not on the fire, but it is hard, very hard.
  • Raina_ mumbles something under her breath
  • Genevriel will cast CLW since she is in pain. Could be internal bleeding...

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay, you can roll for HP)

<Genevriel> !roll 1d8+3

  • Zola rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d8+3 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 3 ] totals [ 9 ].
  • Raina_ looks slightly improved after that, still pale, but her mismatched eyes open and seem to focus on you
  • Genevriel looks frightened and drawn; it's a strain just being this close to the fire.

<Raina_> <w> you again?

  • Genevriel shrugs.

<Genevriel> Your... lynx brought me.

<Genevriel> I thought you might be hurt or freezing, and you were.

  • Raina_ pets it

<Raina_> <w> take me to Silvia

<Genevriel> Where is that?

  • Genevriel eyes the woman, trying to figure out if she thinks she can carry her or not.

<Raina_> <w> other side of the river.. in the Grand

<Genevriel> (How far is that from where I think we are now?)

  • Genevriel tries to think if she has enough money to cover a cab, if she can even find one at this time of night. Being poor sucks.

<DiablotinNarrator> (that would be quite a ways... probably a couple hours of walking, even if you weren't carrying someone)

<Genevriel> (would I be able to cover a cab fare, if I can find a cab?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (well, you have your tips from tonight on you, as you haven't had a chance to spend those yet... it would mean pinching pennies for the rest of the week though probably)

  • Genevriel thinks, a little panicky.

<Genevriel> (Does she still appear injured - ie, should I cast another CLW?)

  • Raina_ still doesn't seem back in shape, no. another CLW could help, but she also isn't falling lower at the moment as far as you can tell.
  • Genevriel will beg the One to heal the woman again.
  • Genevriel needs to get her able to walk a little distance anyways, until we can find a cab.
  • Raina_ seems a little better once more, and sits up cautiously

<Raina_> <w> here... make this easier on you.

<Genevriel> That's far. We'll have to find a cab. Can you walk?

  • Raina_ gives you an address in the Grand, and then shifts her form into a sparrow.
  • Genevriel blinks.

<Genevriel> Or... that... works.

  • Raina_ is now tiny and pocket-sized.
  • Genevriel handles the fragile creature carefully and glances at the lynx. She will then start traipsing towards the Grand.
  • Genevriel will keep sparrow lady close so she doesn't get cold. It's a little awkward, probably.

<DiablotinNarrator> You make your way to the address she gave you. It's a lengthy walk but at least the sun up by the time you reach the house, so it's a little warmer. The lynx trails behind you.

  • Genevriel will knock hesitantly on the door.

<DiablotinNarrator> A small girl, maybe about 6 or 7, with curly dark hair and a dark complexion, opens the door.

<Little_girl> ....

  • Genevriel smiles and hopes she doesn't look scary.

<Little_girl> ... are you here to see Mama or Papa?

<Genevriel> Hello... May I speak with Silvia, please?

<Genevriel> Uh... I guess that might be your Mama.

<Little_girl> MAAAAAAAMAAA!

  • Little_girl yells for her
  • Genevriel winces; hangover headache.
  • Silvia appears in the doorway. She's pale, with red hair, glasses, and mismatched eyes like Raina's, and she's in a dressing gown.

<Genevriel> Good morning; I'm sorry it's so early. Only this woman asked me to bring her to you.

  • Genevriel holds out the sparrow.

<Silvia> It's fine...

  • Silvia accepts the sparrow as if this is totally normal

<Silvia> Is she hurt?

<Genevriel> She was hurt in an alley. Unconscious and cold.

<Silvia> :/

<Genevriel> I did what I could.

<Silvia> Thank you

  • Genevriel shrugs.
  • Silvia fumbles for her purse and passes you a handful of bills - probably about 20 Imps.

<Genevriel> Thank the One - oh, no. I can't. Thank you though.

<Silvia> At least let me offer you enough to get a cab home, and for your trouble...

  • Genevriel refuses the money.
  • Silvia will put it away then

<Silvia> ... the One? o_O

<Genevriel> ...

  • Silvia says, with a slightly delayed reaction

<Silvia> Would you at least come in for some coffee? We were just going to have breakfast, but there's plenty to go around.

  • Genevriel looks down at her threadbare clothes and laughs.

<Genevriel> I smell like garbage.

<Genevriel> So, probably best for me to graciously refuse.

<Silvia> I promise you, we've seen stranger :)

  • Genevriel looks hesitant still, embarrassed and ashamed.

<Silvia> Can I ask your name?

<Genevriel> Oh... Genevriel. It's Genevriel Doucette.

<Silvia> It's a pleasure to meet you, Genevriel. I'm Silvia Rionet, and you've already met my daughter Iris.

  • Genevriel smiles a little.

<Genevriel> How old is she?

<Silvia> She's six.

<Iris> You can have some of my hot chocolate instead of coffee if you think it's yucky.

  • Genevriel squats down so she is at kid eye level.

<Genevriel> I actually don't think coffee is yucky, but thank you. Are you sure you want to drink your hot chocolate with a smelly stranger visiting, though?

<Iris> Aunt Raina is smelly too, an' I still haveta be polite to her. so I don't mind.

<Genevriel> Well, I guess. I am pretty cold. Psyra doesn't get like this.

  • Genevriel glances up at Sylvia and smiles slightly.
  • Silvia smiles back

<Silvia> Please, come inside. It's no trouble.

<Genevriel> Thanks.

  • Genevriel will continue to be very self-conscious, though!
  • Genevriel follows people in and politely doesn't gawk at how nobs live.


Gen has breakfast with Silvia, Sirris, and Iris

  • Silvia cups the small bird in her hands

<Silvia> I'll just take her upstairs and make sure she's all right.

<Silvia> In the meanwhile, please, have some food and coffee.

<Genevriel> ...

<Genevriel> All right.

<Silvia> Iris, can you show our guest to the breakfast table?

<Iris> Follow me!

  • Genevriel feels a bit panicky and more than a bit awkward about being left alone with a 6-year-old by her hostess.
  • Iris says, evidently enthusiastic about her responsibility
  • Genevriel follows helplessly.
  • Iris runs ahead of you, down the hallway and into another room.
  • Genevriel doesn't break into a run, but assumes that room is the one she is supposed to go to, and follows Iris into it.

<Iris> Papa, there's a lady here and she's supposed to have breakfast with us

  • Sirris stands to greet you as you enter, his daughter holding onto his hand.

<Sirris> Hello - please, come in.

<Genevriel> Thank you.

<Genevriel> I'm Gen - Genevriel Doucette.

  • Sirris is a tall man, maybe of around 30 or so, with long dark hair in thick braids or ropes, and dark skin. He smiles to greet you, and will gesture to an empty chair at the table

<Sirris> My name is Sirris. I take it you've already met Iris...

  • Genevriel nods and smiles helplessly.

<Genevriel> Yes, thank you. Pleased to meet you.

<Iris> She likes coffee, she says

  • Iris pipes up, getting back into her own seat

<Sirris> Well, we have plenty of that.

  • Sirris pours you a cup of coffee.

<Sirris> We also have plenty of eggs and toast, if that's to your liking.

<Genevriel> Oh... some toast would be good, thank you.

  • Genevriel isn't sure that her stomach could handle eggs.
  • Sirris passes you a basket with warm toast in it, and offers butter and jam along with it

<Genevriel> Thank you.

<Sirris> you're welcome.

  • Sirris has a somewhat unfamiliar accent, but you can't quite place it.
  • Genevriel helps herself to a couple slices of toast, a thin scraping of butter and and even thinner scraping of jam.
  • Genevriel also has an accent that might be unusual in Diablotin. :)

<Iris> Papa, she brought Aunt Raina...

  • Sirris just nods with a slight smile
  • Genevriel tries to think of something to talk about so she doesn't just sit and eat in silence, but can't come up with any ideas.

<Sirris> Thank you, Iris. I'm sure she can tell me about it if she wants though.

<Sirris> Otherwise, we can let our guest eat in peace :)

  • Genevriel makes the assumption that she should now speak about Raina, then.
  • Sirris seems inclined to let you have a bite to eat and not interrogate you, really :)
  • Genevriel will relate the encounter with a minimum of words and fuss.
  • Sirris listens attentively, though
  • Silvia returns just about as you're finishing your story

<Genevriel> So, once she could speak she asked me to bring her here.

<Silvia> She's resting now.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Silvia> Once she's warmed up, she should be fine.

<Iris> Is she still being a bird?

<Silvia> No, not right now.

<Silvia> But she's resting, so you're not to pester her, all right?

  • Genevriel tries to eat and not feel like an awkward interloper while the family talks.

<Iris> aww

<Silvia> Maybe later she'll have stories for you.

  • Silvia turns to you, Gen
  • Genevriel braces herself for more social interaction with strangers.

<Silvia> Is there anything else we can get for you?

<Genevriel> No, thank you. You've been very kind already.

<Silvia> Not everyone would have helped her.

  • Genevriel shrugs.

<Genevriel> Helping people is what I'm supposed to do.

<Genevriel> I think.

<Silvia> You think?

<Genevriel> Well, it is the right thing to do, too.

  • Silvia nods

<Silvia> But it sounds rather more personal than that for you.

<Genevriel> Sort of, yes.

<Genevriel> It's complicated.

<Genevriel> You ought to know, this isn't the first time I have met Aunt Raina.

<Silvia> oh?

<Genevriel> She told me I should find you, because you might know something that would help me.

<Silvia> Well, in that case, I'm doubly glad that we've met. Although I'm not certain what she thinks I know, she's probably right.

  • Genevriel shrugs.

<Silvia> Did she say anything more about what it might concern?

<Genevriel> I assume it has to do with the One, which is who... what? I prayed to in order to heal her.

  • Silvia exchanges a look with Sirris, but nods to you

<Silvia> That's very interesting. I did hear you say something about 'the One', and I was intrigued.

<Genevriel> Does it mean anything to you?

  • Genevriel asks with guarded hope.

<Silvia> Yes, it does.

<Genevriel> Might I ask what?

<Genevriel> Because all I can do is guess.

<Genevriel> They speak to me but I don't really understand their words.

<Silvia> Well, I can try to explain what I believe it means.

<Silvia> but... you hear them speak to you?

  • Genevriel nods, embarrassed maybe, and worried that maybe she is just crazy still.

<Genevriel> In my dreams, but also in my waking hours, sometimes.

  • Silvia nods

<Silvia> You don't have to tell me more about it now if you don't want. I know we've only just met, and it can be difficult to talk about these things. You probably worry that you're going mad sometimes.

<Genevriel> Sometimes, but then I really can ask for people to be healed, or ask for fire, and it works. I know I'm not just imagining that.

<Silvia> No, you're not.

<Silvia> And I don't think you're imagining your voices either.

<Genevriel> It might be some imagination and some truth, I don't know.

<Silvia> It's difficult to say sometimes.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> I haven't been right since my family was killed. So I might be partly crazy.

<Silvia> Oh... I'm very sorry for your loss.

  • Genevriel nods and manages to keep from crying, though she does wipe at her eyes once.
  • Genevriel takes a sip of coffee.
  • Iris squirms a bit uncomfortably

<Genevriel> That's nothing you need to worry about. I only told you in case it matters.

  • Genevriel glances at Iris.

<Silvia> Iris, you can be excused if you're finished. Just don't bother Aunt Raina, all right?

<Genevriel> Sorry, Iris.

  • Iris nods and will run off, with one last look at you from over her shoulder as she goes

<Silvia> It's all right.

  • Silvia assures you

<Genevriel> I hope she had enough breakfast before my talk made her uncomfortable.

  • Genevriel feels rather guilty.

<Silvia> Oh, no, she's fine.

<Silvia> Let me explain a little.

<Silvia> I'm a druid - I don't know how familiar you are with that tradition.

  • Genevriel is glad to have someone else carry the conversation for a while.
  • Genevriel shakes her head.

<Genevriel> I don't know anything about it; I'm sorry. I never really made a study of magic or priestly affairs.

<Silvia> That's fine - few people do.

<Silvia> The path I follow is the one that the Rats practiced while we were in the undercity.

<Silvia> During that time, Rat - the deity, that is - was bound within the Arch. So my ancestors found this way to continue to draw on magical, spiritual power from other sources.

  • Genevriel listens and tries not to embarrass herself by spilling crumbs or anything.

<Silvia> Sometimes that power, the source of the energy, is described as Nature.

<Silvia> But I think that's a way for us, for humans, to try and understand it as something we can touch and see.

<Silvia> The true source - of all magical power, however variously it manifests - is something beyond our comprehension.

<Silvia> Something that encompasses Nature, and gods, and star-substance, or whatever we choose to call the source of our power.

<Genevriel> I've read Jahrom's work on star-substance.

  • Silvia looks mildly impressed at that.

<Silvia> He had some interesting theories.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Silvia> I don't think his idea that there is some of this ... this energy, this force... inside all of us, is wrong.

<Genevriel> I have kind of assumed that the stars have something to do with my abilities, but perhaps that is just a lonely child's fancy of the stars being her friends.

<Genevriel> I sort of have wondered whether the One might be the star at the centre of the Wheel.

<Silvia> I don't know if stars can have friends.

  • Silvia says, not seeming to mock or discount your theory

<Genevriel> But maybe that is also just another way for my human mind to try and understand something I can't touch or see.

<Silvia> We all have to find that understanding our own ways - at least, those of us who are looking for it.

<Silvia> If that's how you can grasp it, then I don't think you're necessarily wrong.

  • Genevriel shrugs.

<Silvia> My husband is a priest - well, to be formal, my husband is a Servant of Serpent. He has his understanding of these matters too, and even though it doesn't coincide with mine on all points, I don't think he's wrong either.

<Sirris> We've had occasional debates ;)

  • Genevriel glances over at Sirris, perhaps a little uncomfortably. She is too polite to say anything, though.
  • Genevriel tries to maintain an open mind but sex and human sacrifice are both problematic for her. ;)
  • Genevriel smiles uncertainly to show she doesn't harbour any ill-will towards him. :)
  • Sirris smiles back

<Silvia> We've each had experiences that have gone beyond what either of our spiritual paths teach, formally. We both know there's more to it than these narrow views.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Silvia> It sounds like you're on a different path. Maybe a new one.

<Sirris> Maybe a very old one.

<Genevriel> Someone suggested that I might have stumbled unwittingly into the sight of an old god, one of the old Psyrene gods.

  • Sirris counters

<Sirris> such as that, yes

<Genevriel> Since it happened to me there.

<Silvia> Do you want to explain what happened?

  • Silvia asks kindly
  • Genevriel takes a deep breath and sighs.
  • Genevriel wonders how many times she will have to explain this. But anyway...
  • Genevriel will explain what happened - that she lost her belief in the Way of the Wheel early in the war, and then when she needed to save the boy she prayed to anyone who might be listening - you know the story well by now! :)
  • Silvia and Sirris both listen carefully to your tale, not interrupting
  • Genevriel does not break down into uncontrollable tears, to her credit.
  • Sirris pours you some more coffee though
  • Genevriel tries to be clinical but they can probably tell it's quite emotionally charged for her.

<Silvia> I'm sorry.

<Genevriel> It's all right.

<Genevriel> ...

<Sirris> It's all right if it's not all right.

  • Sirris says gently.

<Genevriel> I guess I should add that I might be a war criminal. In case that makes trouble for you.

  • Genevriel adds reluctantly.

<Silvia> I don't think that it will, but thank you for your concern.

  • Genevriel nods and just sips coffee for a while.

<Silvia> I'll have to think about everything you've said for a while.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Silvia> Is there a way I can get in touch with you?

  • Genevriel laughs away some tears; everyone wants to know that these days, it seems.
  • Genevriel provides her address and place of work.

<Silvia> Thank you.

<Genevriel> You're welcome, but really I ought to be the one thanking you for going to the trouble.

<Silvia> And... like Sirris says, it's very normal to feel angry about being... used as a channel for this kind of power. I don't know if that's how you're feeling, but I wanted you to know that if you are, it's understandable.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Silvia> Or confused, or wondering why you...

<Genevriel> All of that.

  • Genevriel nods again.

<Silvia> I wish I could tell you why.

<Silvia> Sirris has a bit more of a ... cynical view.

  • Sirris smiles slightly

<Genevriel> It is probably kind of funny, giving me the ability to call fire.

<Sirris> I can't help it, I'm afraid.

  • Genevriel agrees, thinking of how ludicrous she must have looked earlier, terrified of her own Burning Hands.

<Genevriel> Very amusing for someone.

<Sirris> Perhaps so.

<Silvia> I don't want him to depress you ;)

<Silvia> But I'll be in touch - I promise.

<Genevriel> All right. Thank you for breakfast. And I hope Aunt Raina feels much better very soon.

<Silvia> Thank you.

<DiablotinNarrator> As Silvia is showing you to the door, Iris comes to the foot of the stairs, a bit shyly, with her hands clasped behind her back.

<Silvia> Did you want to say goodbye, Iris?

  • Iris comes over to you, still shy, and holds out a wooden toy horse. It's very nicely carved and painted, with real hair for the mane and tail, a wealthy child's toy.

<Iris> For you. Because you were sad when you lost yours.

  • Genevriel is kind of stunned, and then she looks very unhappy indeed, but she tries not to because she knows Iris can't mean anything cruel by it.
  • Silvia puts her hands on Iris's shoulders
  • Genevriel struggles not to break down.

<Silvia> Iris, she might not want it. It's all right if she doesn't.

  • Genevriel shakes her head and crouches down so she's at eye level with Iris.

<Genevriel> That is very kind of you. But if you really want to give it to someone, maybe you could give it to a poor child?

<Iris> But it's for you.

<Silvia> I'm sorry... she's just trying to help...

  • Silvia says to you, apologizing for her child without trying to actively discourage Iris
  • Genevriel nods, smiling through her tears.

<Genevriel> I know, but I think a little child could give that horse a much better home than I could. That toy deserves to be loved and played with.

<Silvia> That's a good idea, Iris.

<Genevriel> Please?

  • Iris 's face falls but she nods

<Genevriel> Thank you.

<Genevriel> ...

<Genevriel> If it's okay with you, could I give you a hug?

<Iris> okay

  • Iris will give you a hug
  • Genevriel will carefully hug Iris.

<Genevriel> Thank you.

  • Genevriel will then stand up and say some quick good-byes before she breaks down completely.

Argent reveals his misgivings about his ancestry to Briony

<DiablotinNarrator> So you'd like to meet Briony at one of your usual meeting places?

<Argent> (that sounds fine)

  • Briony will be there as expected, then
  • Argent will sit down after having nabbed the waiter to bring him a coffee

<Argent> Morning

  • Briony nods

<Briony> Good morning

<Briony> how're things going?

<Argent> slower than I want on some things, but they may be coming to a head real soon.

<Briony> oh yes?

  • Briony looks intrigued at thaqt

<Argent> I have a lead on a fellow named Jonas, but its not going fast, but now there is these trees appearing out of no where in the Shade.

<Briony> Trees?

<Argent> I think some people know some more information and I've got an in to get it out of them

  • Briony frowns, sipping her coffee

<Argent> yeah, with fungus on them

<Argent> evil fungus

<Briony> ....okay then.

<Argent> I mean in the spiritual sense, not the gardening sense.

<Briony> Well, let me know if it gets too much for you to handle on your own.

<Briony> But I'd hope you can deal with some evil mushrooms.

<Argent> nothing overly dangerous has come up so far

<Argent> at least that I couldnt deal with

  • Briony nods

<Briony> That's what I like to hear.

<Argent> I have been thinking on something though...

<Briony> what's that?

  • Argent pauses, to appear to even maybe reconsider

<Argent> I always thought I had rat blood in me, you know the eyes and the good eyesight at night, but I got to see some full blood rats in the sewars.

  • Argent shakes his head
  • Briony nods, listening

<Argent> They're sight wasn't the same... its hard to explain

<Argent> they needed some light, or used thier sense of smell

<Argent> I see in the dark, perfectly

<Briony> So... what are you getting at?

<Argent> I guess that got me thinking about where I come from... who my parents were.

<Argent> Have you ever dug a little into my past? Has anyone talked about it?

  • Briony looks a bit ... wary/uncertain.

<Briony> Well...

<Briony> I always had the feeling you were special. Not just 'cause I'm fond of you.

  • Briony adds with a wry smile.

<Argent> So you know something? or suspect something?

<Briony> I don't know who your parents are. There's one thing I do know, though.

<Briony> The church has a... a file on you.

<Argent> Is that normal? Sounds like its not.

<Argent> Have you seen it?

<Briony> Not like the regular "where'd you train, where'd you work" kind of thing.

<Argent> those sound more like records, not a file.

<Briony> When I was put in charge of you, they had it. I got a glimpse of it, but they sure weren't handing it over for me to read or anything like that.

  • Argent shake his head confused and will use Sense Motive to guage if Briony is holding anything back.

<Briony> (you can roll)

<Argent> !roll 1d20+14

  • BalthCat rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+14 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 14 ] totals [ 20 ].

<Briony> !roll 1d20

  • BalthCat rolls for Briony: [ 1d20 ] getting [ 15 ].
  • Briony seems as uncertain as you about this.
  • Briony sighs though

<Briony> People high up in the organization... they're keeping an eye on you.

  • Argent nods

<Briony> I mean very high up.

  • Briony says meaningfully.
  • Argent raises and eyebrow

<Argent> At least I know now.

<Argent> For now, I'll just have to have faith that they have my best interests at heart. I have no reason to think otherwise.

<Briony> I don't know what it is they're interested in, precisely. They weren't asking me to spy on you, or take on any .... unusual responsibilities with regards to you.

  • Argent nods

<Briony> But if anything strange happened... well. To be fair, I would have told them anyway, for any junior of mine.

<Argent> Yeah exactly

<Briony> They just seemed to think it was a particular possibility for you.

<Briony> So far, you seem fine to me.

<Briony> And that's all I've told them - that you're doing well.

<Argent> Thanks for at least letting me know, but for your comfort, its not going to change anything, I still have my job to do.

  • Briony nods

<Briony> till the first and last time a Reverend Mother's sat in on one of those briefings, at least that I've seen.

<Briony> (Still)

<Argent> maybe I should pay her a visit.

<Briony> heh

<Briony> Well, that's your call.

<Argent> whats the worst that could happen?

<Briony> Probably don't wanna think about that.

  • Argent chuckles

<Argent> Its my plan the next time I'm hurting for punishment.

<Briony> I'm sure there are lots of girls your own age who'd be happy to help with that, no need to go running to a Reverend Mother ;)

  • Argent laughs

<Argent> too true

<Argent> Any new information on your end I need to know?

  • Argent changes the subject

<Briony> Nothing at the moment. But I have the feeling things are getting ... antsy. Like something's coming.

  • Briony shrugs.

<Briony> Maybe it's nothing.

<Briony> I'll keep you in the loop if anything big comes up though.

<Argent> thanks

  • Briony nods

<Argent> and if things pan out I'll keep you informed, of course

<Briony> all right- let me know about this evil fungus, it sounds ... different, anyway.

<Argent> cleverer minds than mine are already engaged on it.

  • Briony nods

<Briony> Good luck, then.

<Argent> and you.

<Briony> Thanks.

  • Argent will head out then

Argent and Mireva go on a date

  • Mireva will offer to take you to a restaurant she likes in the Shade, since you wanted to explore more in that neighbourhood
  • Argent gladly accepts

<Mireva> I hope you like shadar-kai food

<Argent> I hope so too

  • Mireva smirks
  • Mireva can suggest things for you to order that won't be tooooo weird ;)

<Mireva> So, you an' Denise were kids together?

  • Mireva asks once your meals are ordered

<Argent> yeah, we roamed the same crowd back in the Shambles

  • Mireva nods

<Argent> she had a family to keep an eye on her, me just some overworked nuns.

<Mireva> She talks about you a fair bit.

<Argent> we're friends. She's like the little sister I never had.

  • Mireva smiles at that.

<Mireva> and then she said you disappeared off for a while - she figured you'd got into trouble.

<Mireva> Is it true? ;)

<Argent> although these days, she's more like a big little sister...

  • Argent muses

<Argent> yeah, I was out of the city for a few months

<Mireva> Anywhere fun?

  • Argent shakes his head

<Argent> Unfortunately fun is not the word. It was a convent, and I was there to work. Better than prison, thats for sure.

<Argent> It's not a surprise I have a sordid past.

<Argent> but I'm doing a little better for myself.

<Mireva> well, I like a guy with some interesting stories, who's been around a bit :)

<Argent> So how did you and Denise meet anyway?

<Mireva> Well, she came into the shop one day looking for a job. We didn't have anything, but we kinda got to talkin' anyway.

<Mireva> I guess we were both just bored, an' it was more fun than workin' :)

<Argent> So you're saying you enjoy your job?

<Argent> or at least that job.

<Mireva> It's not bad.

<Mireva> Could be a lot worse, anyway.

<Mireva> But could be a lot better too ;)

<Argent> work is work...

  • Mireva nods

<Argent> So how where things for you? When you were younger?

<Mireva> I guess sorta like for you. 'Cept no nuns.

<Argent> they're gangs here?

<Mireva> Shadar-kai ... well, back in the Shadow Plane anyway, the traditional sorts - they raise their kids all in a big group. Nobody lives with their parents or that, like here.

  • Argent nods listening

<Argent> so you were just part of a group?

<Mireva> So when kids like me started turnin' up - I was the first one, but there's others - they did the same sorta thing here.

  • Argent nods

<Mireva> Put all the half-breed kids in one place, look after 'em easier.

<Mireva> Well, least if their folks didn't want 'em.

  • Mireva says with a shrug

<Argent> suppose it could be worse

<Mireva> Yeah... like havin' a bunch of little brothers and sisters, kinda. Annoying, but nice.

<Argent> and I see what you mean by same, without nuns

<Argent> I was never the oldest like you though.

<Mireva> Yeah... we don't really go in for nuns. But there were people who looked after us, anyway. It wasn't bad.

<Argent> we were bad. The war gave us the run of the streets.

<Mireva> Now I think more folks keep their kids, even half-breeds... at least, there's less little ones now.

<Mireva> yeah?

<Mireva> Denise tells some stories about it, but I wanna hear how bad you were ;)

<Argent> me, well, I usually didn't get my hands too dirty. I was the lookout and the scout.

<Argent> My job was to find the fun and then make sure we didn't get caught.

  • Mireva chuckles

<Mireva> And did that work?

  • Argent smiles

<Argent> You bet... these eyes aint just multi-colored pretties... they got good uses too :)

<Argent> But now and then I'd have to get a swing in or two, and take a few... just the way things happened.

<Mireva> They *are* pretty ^-^

  • Argent perks up at the compliment

<Argent> Glad you think so, most just think its a little strange.

<Mireva> I'm not as colour-crazy as some of the girls who've just come over from the Shadow Plane, but I still like 'em :)

<Argent> they were a pain when I was smaller, same with the hair... got picked on until I learned to fight back, or at least see them coming.

<Mireva> Aw... I know what that's like, at least a bit. People would call us all sorts of awful names when I was a kid.

<Argent> I took my name and owned it... it also didn't help that there were at least three other Jean's at the ophanage too.

  • Mireva smiles at that

<Mireva> Argent's more interesting anyway :)

<Argent> its me now

  • Mireva nods

<Argent> that other name was just the one I was given

<Argent> when I arrived at the orphanage

<Mireva> Shadar-kai think it's important to pick your name when you're grown. They give names to kids, but most people change them when they get older, to something that means something to them.

<Argent> did you pick yours?

<Mireva> Not yet. This is the one I got when I was a baby. But I'm not sure what to change it to, or if I even want to. Maybe when I'm older I will.

<Mireva> Or maybe not. Shadar-kai's just half of me anyway.

<Argent> is there a time limit? Or when you're 60 can you say, dammit, I'm Ginna now!

  • Mireva laughs

<Argent> cause if that the case, you might have some confused grandkids

<Mireva> Well, for me... I don't know how old 60 really is. Like, it seems likely we'll live longer than humans, but it's not something there's a lot known about yet.

  • Mireva says a bit awkwardly

<Argent> You'll still be cute when you're 60... I'll let you know.

  • Mireva laughs at that

<Argent> Ginna or whoever you are

  • Mireva blushes a little purplish

<Mireva> Oh, here's our food :)

  • Mireva will explain what the various dishes are as they are served

<Argent> let see what you've managed to summon from the darkest depths for us to feed on

  • Argent is an attentive listener and will try everything.

<Argent> so what wine would you pair with it?

<Mireva> Well, I think traditionally it would be Onyx, but that's not so good for you :)

<Argent> Onyx?

<Argent> Not familiar with that one.

<Mireva> Oh, well, it's illegal here, that's probably why.

<Mireva> Because humans who drink it get all ... crazy.

  • Mireva says with a shrug

<Argent> Oh... that Onyx...

<Mireva> yeahhhh, that one

  • Argent laughs
  • Mireva as well

<Argent> I'll remember that pairing when things are boring at the club.

<Mireva> uh huh - right before you get fired? ;)

<Argent> well if you're gonna go, at least leave an impression.

<Mireva> I guess so!

<Argent> and then end up homelesss without a job...

  • Argent shrugs

<Mireva> oh, some friendly girl would take you in

<Mireva> you wouldn't be homeless anyway, and I'm sure she could find some kinda work for you to do.

  • Mireva teases

<Argent> I do know how to clean sheets and make a tight bed... im sure those skills can come in handy.

<Mireva> especially if the other chores you do wind up with dirty sheets and a rumpled bed? ^-^

<Argent> doest though bismrich my noble reputation?

  • Mireva laughs

<Mireva> I don't think I'm besmirching anything ;)

  • Argent shrugs

<Argent> I suppose I would need to have a rep, and be noble for that to apply

<Mireva> well - how do you know you're not? ^-^

<Argent> how do you know you're not? We could be intermingling fueding bloodlines here and not even know it!

<Mireva> you're right :o

<Argent> It will be in all the rags by morning!

  • Mireva giggles

<Argent> Do you see flash bulbs... I'm sure I saw flashbulbs

<Mireva> do we need to sneak out the back so no one sees us together?

<Argent> that may be a good plan... quick thinking... find a nice secluded corner somewhere, at least with a nice view.

<Mireva> are you sure you don't just want to get me alone? ;)

<Argent> no I'm pretty sure I do.

  • Mireva smirks at that

<Mireva> well... finish your food first, and then we'll see?

<Argent> barring that, we can at least go for a walk after diner and show me some of the sights.

  • Mireva nods

<Mireva> Definitely.

  • Argent pokes at something on the plate

<Argent> I'll get this first, I think it was digesting my fork.

<Mireva> It's the bladder of this kind of fish they have to import from the Shadow Plane...

  • Mireva describes in probably more detail than you wanted to know ;)

Denise and Enver skate and kiss

  • Denise is happy to make more specific arrangements!

<Denise> So, where?

<Enver> Well, it's cold enough now for skating at the Firefly Gardens. An' then we could go get some food after, if you wanted.

<Denise> oh cool!

<Enver> Um... you ever go skating before?

<Denise> welll... not the ice kind

<Denise> but it can't be too differn't from the wheeled kind, right?

<Enver> oh - roller skating?

<Denise> yeah :D

<Enver> Yeah, it's pretty similar. More slippery, but it's kinda easier to stop too, 'cause you can dig your skate into the ice.

<Enver> Not like with pavement :)

<Denise> yeah....

<Denise> so you been then?

<Enver> Yeah, a couple times. I'm no expert or nothin'.

<Enver> But, well, it's fun an' doesn't cost hardly anything, cept for renting skates.

<Denise> that sounds really swell :)

<Enver> great :)

<Enver> so, meet you there at like 2, say?

<Enver> that should give us a while to skate, then get dinner before you gotta go to work

<Denise> uh, yeah, there's gotta be a bus goes out there, right?

<Enver> yeah, there is

<Denise> okay

  • Enver can tell you the number, no doubt, and where it stops ;)
  • Denise is grateful for this information, never having been to the firefly gardens before >.>
  • Denise will make more specific arrangement as to where to find him too :V

<Enver> (cool :)

  • Enver will meet you at the appointed place and time, then
  • Denise will show up early, probably, being paranoid about unfamiliar buses >.>
  • Denise 's cheeks are all rosy from being out in the cold already

<Enver> (There are a fair number of other people skating at the park, as well as various vendors taking advantage of the crowds to sell things like hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts and other warm foods)

  • Enver wears a warm wool coat, hat, and gloves

<Enver> Hey :)

<Denise> hey :D

  • Denise is also dressed warmly, and is wearing a Cute Hat over her short hair, as her aunt Hettie has impressed upon her the importance of such things :V

<Enver> did you get your hair cut? it looks nice.

<Denise> uhhh, sorta >.>

<Denise> I werent plannin' on it

<Enver> oh?

<Denise> say - you ever go in around the Shade much?

<Enver> sometimes, yeah. more, uh, under it, if that's what you mean?\

<Denise> kinda, yeah...

<Denise> so like, how about we get some skates and I can tell you about it? :3

<Enver> sure!

  • Enver will walk with you over to the booth where they rent the skates

<Enver> (they're just the kind that strap on to your shoes)

<Denise> (yeah, I figured)

  • Enver will get us two pairs, and then stroll over to a nearby bench to put them on.
  • Denise follows along :3
  • Denise was able to afford decent boots this winter, yaaaay!

<Enver> it's pretty easy to put them on... just make sure you do the straps up tight, an' you'll be all set.

<Denise> yup, just like rollerskates!

  • Enver nods
  • Denise smiles
  • Denise will get strapped in

<Denise> hmm...

  • Enver glances over toyou

<Enver> ready?

<Denise> I think so!

  • Denise will stand up carefully
  • Enver does too, offering you his hand for added stability

<Enver> good thing it's just a few steps until we get to the ice ...

  • Denise will take it

<Denise> yeah...

<Denise> we'll see if that's much better >..

  • Enver makes his way carefully towards the rink
  • Denise follows, actually keeping her balance quite well after an initial wobbly step

<Enver> okay... here goes :)

  • Enver steps onto the icy surface, sliding a bit but not falling over
  • Denise follows suit carefully.... flaililg a bit, but managing not to land immediately on her ass

<Denise> ahh!

<Enver> whoa, there ...

<Denise> that transition's rough!

  • Enver lets go your hand for a moment so maybe you can balance better (and so you don't pull each other over)

<Enver> yeah

<Denise> (yeah, I assumed so as well - hard to flail effectively one handed)

<Enver> (heh)

<Denise> okay, I think I'm okay on stayin' upright...

  • Denise offers you her hand again
  • Enver smiles and takes it

<Enver> okay - wanna try goin' around once, just takin' it easy?

<Denise> okay

<Enver> until we're used to it a bit more :)

<Denise> an' I can tell you about the thing

<Enver> yeah - the thing with the Shade?

<Denise> yeah so

<Denise> there are these trees, over by the mushroom farms

<Denise> that like - I guess they came outta nowhere?

<Denise> but they're whole big trees!

<Enver> somethin' magic?

  • Enver guesses

<Denise> with some kind creepy magic fungus on 'em

<Denise> yeah

<Enver> that's weird

<Denise> yeah well wait for it, 'cause that ain't all

<Denise> so Dorien got this posse of folks to go look at 'em

<Denise> an' he wanted to have a look 'round the farm, too

<Denise> in case it was maybe somethin' from there that growed 'em

  • Enver nods

<Denise> anywa, I kinda tagged along, cause that sounds pretty neat, right?

<Enver> sure, yeah

<Denise> so, we get in there

<Denise> an there were these different kinds of musrooms - that attacked us!

<Denise> mushroom!

  • Enver nods

<Denise> the first ones were real screamy little suckers, but that's all they really did

<Denise> you ever heard of somethin' like that?

<Enver> There's some kinds of fungus that grow down in the sewers that can be dangerous. I heard of the screamin' ones too.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> the other kind though - they weren't nothin' to mess with

<Enver> Georn says that back when our folks lived down there, they used 'em as like... alarms, I guess

<Denise> huh, yeah

<Denise> that makes sense

<Enver> now they just grow wild in some places

<Denise> I thikn that's what these were too

<Denise> I don't think they was wild

<Denise> >:|

<Enver> what did the other kind do?

<Denise> they spit out some kinda... acid goo

<Enver> ugh

<Denise> it was real gross'

<Denise> that's what happened to my hair >:|

<Denise> but like - it got dorien with that and he went right crazy for a bit

<Enver> aw... I'm sorry. I didn't know you didn't wanna cut it. But it *does* still look cute.

<Denise> thanks...

<Enver> crazy like how?

<Denise> I'm still tryin' to decide twhat I wanna do with it really -

<Denise> Oh

<Denise> like he started punchin himself with his gun, and he tried to shoot someone, and was just talking crazy talk

<Enver> o_O

<Denise> yeah

<Enver> what'd they look like? the mushrooms with the acid goo.

<Denise> I had to hold him until his head got right again so as he didn't hurt no one

  • Denise describes

<Enver> just so's I can ask Georn if he knows what those are. it ain't somethin' I heard of before.

<Denise> well

<Denise> there were i=only one down there

  • Enver nods

<Denise> but we found a body, probalby the farmer

<Enver> oh... he got killed by it?

<Denise> and it had like... little ones crawli'=n; all over it :p

<Enver> :/

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> so that ain't all anyway

<Denise> there were also these like reall little mushroom....people?

<Denise> they ran off into some small tunnels

<Denise> only me an Aunt Hettie saw 'em

<Enver> what kinda tunnels?

<Enver> like sewer tunnels?

<Denise> no, they were more like... cracks, maybe?

<Enver> huh

<Denise> so I dunno - they might still be down under there

<Denise> we found a mess of stuff that Dorien said was some kind of alchemy, too

<Enver> that's weird

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> maybe it was the mushroom people's

<Enver> is it okay with you if I talk to Georn about it?

<Denise> oh yeah

<Enver> like, if you wanna keep a lid on it, I'd understand - but he might know somethin' about it

<Denise> well also if there's anything creepin' around down there I wouldn't want you or him to run into it without any warning

  • Enver nods

<Denise> I don't think no one told the guard - they were gonna let the Shadar Kai deal with the body, I think.

  • Enver nods
  • Denise shrugs because she doesn't actually know

<Enver> it all sounds pretty crazy

<Enver> but there's a lot of weird stuff down there

<Denise> yeah

<Enver> I'm glad you were okay

<Denise> oh an the trees are like... *whisperin" all the time too

<Denise> an wavin around when there ain't no wind

<Enver> creepy

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> I gues its' like "blah blah blah we will riise agaaaaain"

  • Denise ssays in a creepy whisper

<Enver> uhh... that don't sound good

<Denise> but in some weird language

<Denise> yeah...

<Denise> I was gonna sya - what could they do? they're trees!

<Denise> 'cept I was just fightin' mushrooms

<Enver> heh

<Enver> true enough.

  • Enver squeezes your hand a bit
  • Denise smiles

<Denise> I think I'm gettin' the hang of this!

<Enver> yeah, you wanna go faster? :)

<Denise> yeah :D

<Enver> okay

  • Enver picks up speed a bit
  • Denise will follow suite

<Enver> you're doin' great :)

<Enver> better'n I did my first try

<Denise> well like I said, it aint tooo different

  • Enver nods

<Denise> plus, like, I always done pretty well at spots things

<Enver> well, if you wanna try some more fancy stuff, I can prolly let go for a bit here ;)

<Denise> mmmm maybe after anotehr round

<Enver> okay :)

<Denise> then I wanna see how fast ai can go, at least >:D

<Enver> we can try a race

  • Enver suggests with a smile

<Denise> ooh, you;re on :D

  • Enver will take you around one more time, then
  • Denise will chatter about more mundane things
  • Enver is happy to make smalltalk

<Denise> okay, then

<Denise> so

<Denise> where are we startin' this race?

<Enver> uh... how 'bout at that tree?

  • Enver points

<Denise> okay

<Enver> an' go to the other end?

<Denise> okay :)


<Enver> (kidding.)

<Denise> (OR ARE YOU)

<Denise> (I have no idea, I've never been here before :V)


<Denise> (I think that's just us ;)

<Enver> (heh)

<Denise> okay, ready?

  • Enver doesn't let go of your hand quite yet, giving it another squeeze
  • Denise will look over and give his hand a squeeze before we reach the tree mark :3

<Enver> okay, now I'm ready :)

  • Enver lets go only a little reluctantly

<Denise> :)

  • Enver takes his mark :D
  • Denise as well

<Denise> ready?

<Denise> set......

<Denise> go!

  • Enver will set off as fast as he can
  • Denise also

<Enver> (wanna roll to see who wins? ;)

<Denise> (sure - what are we rolling? ^-^)

<Enver> (uh... Dex checks I guess?)

<Denise> !roll 1d20+3

  • @BalthCat rolls for Denise: [ 1d20+3 ] getting [ 17 ] which, after the modifier [ 3 ] totals [ 20 ].

<Enver> (heh)

<Enver> !roll 1d20+2

  • @BalthCat rolls for Enver: [ 1d20+2 ] getting [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ 2 ] totals [ 13 ].

<Enver> (you can beat him for sure :)

  • Denise will swing aroud and wait for him at the finish
  • Enver skids to a stop a few moments after you

<Enver> whew :)

  • Denise holds out a hand
  • Enver takes it
  • Denise is all flush and bright eyed after that

<Denise> that was fun :D

  • Enver nods
  • Enver spins you around in a circle
  • Denise giggles
  • Enver takes your other hand too
  • Enver goes backwards, leading you
  • Denise tries not to crash into hom, or let him run into anyone else
  • Enver grins

<Denise> ahh, baby to yer left!

<Enver> whoops!

  • Denise will swing him around a bit out of the way

<Enver> (damn teenagers! no doubt someone is shaking their fist ;)

<Denise> (I'm sure the race earned us ignored dirty looks ^-^)

<Enver> (oh yes ;)

  • Enver goes back to skating beside you, then, holding hands

<Denise> should I try somethin' fancy?

<Enver> sure!

  • Denise has been watching other people show off

<Denise> I bet I can do the thing on oe leg all stretched out

<Enver> okay, give it a try :)

<Denise> okay

  • Denise will let go of his hand again and get a little ways away befoe stretching out carefully
  • Enver watches with a smile

<Denise> :D

<Denise> awww yeah!

<Enver> nice!

  • Denise goes in a little circle, but starts to wobble and straughtens back up

<Enver> once you can do that, you can do a figure eight more or less

<Enver> just that, but two circles :)

  • Enver demonstrates, also a bit wobbily

<Denise> okay, hmmmm

  • Denise will try that one

<Enver> it kinda gets easier if you do it faster - easier to keep your balance that way

<Denise> oh yeah?

<Enver> well, within reason I guess :)

  • Denise is okay with faster!

<Enver> that way you can kinda ... lean into it, if that makes sense

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> oh fun!

  • Enver grins
  • Denise will practice that for a bit, and some other stuff she can figure out either from enver or form watching other people

<Enver> that's about all the tricks I know, though - some people can do jumps an' stuff but I ain't that good :)

<Denise> I saw one lady earlier - that was really cool!

  • Enver nods

<Denise> I bet you'd have to come out here a lot to get good at that stuff though

<Enver> yeah, probably

<Enver> it's fun, anyway :)

<Enver> are you gettin' cold yet?

<Denise> a little

<Enver> we could get a hot chocolate an' warm up some

  • Enver suggests

<Denise> okay!

  • Denise does't really need much of an excuse for hot chocolate :3
  • Enver will take off his skates to get us two, then, and bring them to a bench for us to sit for a bit
  • Enver takes off his gloves to warm up his hands with the mug
  • Denise hobbles back over to sit with him

<Denise> thanks

<Enver> you're welcome

  • Denise will pull off her s as well
  • Enver sips his hot drink
  • Denise is not super cold really but it is nice ;3
  • Enver sits close to you, nestled up to you a bit
  • Enver is happy just being with you, and knowing that you're having fun too
  • Denise watches him sip, noting that his hairt is sticking out from under his hat in a cute way

<Denise> so, um, where were you thinkin' to go for dinner?

  • Enver glances over at you

<Enver> oh, uh, well... there's a place I like, a diner called the Blue Arrow. It's nothin' fancy, but the food's good, an' it's not too far off.

<Denise> okay :)

<Denise> i mean, I ain't starvin' yet if you still wanna do more skating

<Denise> I was just curious :3

<Enver> whichever you want :)

<Denise> maybe some more skating, until we get cold again?

<Enver> okay, that sounds good

<Denise> but like

<Denise> before that...

  • Denise says shyly

<Enver> hm?

<Denise> maybeifyourwannatrykissin'me againwithoutitbein'asurprisean'then running'away....that'd be nice?

<Enver> ...oh!

<Enver> I'd like that.

<Enver> I'm sorry I surprised you before.

<Denise> its okay

  • Enver holds his mug in one hand so he can take your hand with the free one
  • Denise looks ag you shyly
  • Denise is excited but a little nervous

<Enver> I'm gonna kiss you now, 'kay?

  • Denise nods
  • Enver says with a smile
  • Enver leans over and gives you a kiss, not as rushed this time
  • Denise will, having talked this over more with Mireva, kiss back!
  • Enver keeps on kissing, then!
  • Denise is not really sure how long is a good amount of time for a kiss, and will pull back when it starts to worry her too much to enjoy it
  • Enver starts to worry it might be going on too long though - what if he's being pushy? so he'll draw back after a little more.

<Enver> ... was that better?

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> that was real nice

<Enver> yeah

<Enver> I like you an awful lot, Denise.

<Denise> I like you too...

  • Enver smiles shyly

<Denise> ...

  • Enver is a bit tongue tied and not sure what to say
  • Denise will lean forward and kiss him!
  • Enver 's eyes widen but that is very okay with him!
  • Enver puts his arm around you too
  • Denise sets down her hot chocolate to make this all a little easier
  • Enver also
  • Enver reaches up to brush a few stray curls off your face
  • Denise has really no idea what she's doing @_@
  • Enver neither really >.>
  • Enver takes a moment to breathe, staying close to you though, arm around you

<Denise> um

<Enver> mmm.

<Denise> I ain't really know what I'm doin >.>

<Enver> me neither really.

<Denise> but its nice?

<Enver> I mean... I never had a girlfriend before, an'... this is real nice, yeah.

  • Enver says, stammering a little

<Enver> I hope we can do it again.

<Denise> yeah :)

<Enver> ... the goin' out skating together. an' the kissing too :)

  • Denise nods
  • Enver smiles
  • Enver might need a moment to compose himself before more skating ;)
  • Denise can finish her hot chocolate, keeping hold of his hand :3

<Denise> (and we can call it there?)

<Enver> (sure :)