Current Fashions

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The following are some examples of current fashion in Diablotin and the Empire in case you want to write elaborate descriptions about what your characters are wearing. Bear in mind they're only rough guidelines, used for inspiration!

Ladies' Travelling and Riding Kit

bloomercurrierives.jpg LucyStone1853.jpg FlowerGirlGodeyCA1850.jpg 53.jpg Miss-Annie-Oakley-peerless-wing-shot.jpg


Ladies' Everyday

1852iris37.jpg 1852iris41.jpg 1852iris42.jpg 36_fashion_Liris_48.JPG 1852iris43.jpg 1852iris44.jpg 1852iris47.jpg

Ladies' Formal Wear (Party, Court & Bridal)

1854december.jpg 58.jpg 1852iris40.jpg 36_fashion_Liris_38.JPG c1855monitor28.jpg c1855monitor30.jpg c1855monitor43.jpg c1855monitor59.jpg c1855monitor62.jpg c1855monitor66.jpg c1855monitor75.jpg (this one must be first communion or something... I hope) c1855monitor79.jpg

Men's Everyday

1856a.jpg 1856b.jpg 1856c.jpg 1857a.jpg 1864a.jpg 1864b.jpg

Children's Wear