Boden of Gouge

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Boden was born in the small village of Gouge near the northern border of the Empire. This village is frequently plagued with kobolds and sometimes more serious goblinoids. He is part of a noble family that has fallen considerably over the last few generations. His father is still the Baron of Gouge, but the land is pretty poor. They get a good house and a few servants but that's about it.

Boden has an older brother, Franek, who left for the big city. They had both been trained as rangers to help protect the community, but neither boy was satisfied to live in the middle of nowhere. Franek got a cushy job as captain of the hunt for a nobleman from Diablotin, Count Corentin vak Andras. Boden got word that there was a position opening up and came to the city. Unfortunately this nobleman's son got the stupid idea that he was going to join the city guard and the Count wanted a member of the household to join too to make sure nothing embarrassing happens. Since Boden was the new guy he got signed up...

Boden has one son, Halden of Gouge, whose mother, a musician named Lygia, died in childbirth. Lygia's father, Boden learned after she died, was the Prince-Imperial Patric Dyess. Boden is now married to Tigranne Vaillancourt, the granddaughter of the Count and Countess of Greenforge, but they have a pretty open relationship so far and she hasn't tried too hard to change him. He is using the money he makes to help out his family with their taxes and stuff. He is very proud to be one of the Empress (or, as he still calls her, Dizon)'s Imperial Guards.

If Boden gets excited about something he can have boundless energy but the rest of the time he can be pretty lazy. He smokes hafling tobacco and frequents prostitutes. He is, however, very loyal to people he likes. Boden isn't exactly a epic noble filled with blue blood and born to lead. He is, however, very, very big. His lips move when he reads but he can run fast and can build a good camp fire. He does ok with the ladies, but sometimes forgets to check if they have boyfriends. He has an honest face, the kind of face that makes people think that if he was a bit smarter he might have something to hide.

Boden was eventually elevated to the position of Warlord of the Empire by Empress Tristane Dizon.