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Aveyronnais Sorcerer, male, age 26

Background: You were born on the Iles Furneaux, in Eleucina, to a barmaid and (presumably, although you can't know for sure) a sailor passing through the port. Growing up you were a rather odd and isolated child, and always felt drawn to the sea. When your magical talents manifested themselves, you initially were frightened, but soon came to embrace the gift you had been given. This was what made you special, unique - unlike the others who'd made fun of you. There were relatively few sorcerers of considerable skill on the island, and you might have remained untrained but for the attention of Duke Verlangis. He took you under his wing and even brought you to the mainland, to the great city of Diablotin, to receive proper instruction in using your arts. You spent several years there, but you were never entirely content that far from the ocean, and as soon as you were finished with your training, you returned to your home island and established a comfortable (isolated) tower for yourself - although not for long. The duke expected your support after his generosity towards you, and so you accompanied him to war when needed. You were there when he lay dying, when he instructed you to make sure Kaldruss's remains were brought back to the islands along with his.

As such, it's really quite annoying that the skull has been misplaced, when you went to all that effort to bring it back (which was not an easy task!) Besides, you feel somewhat responsible for making sure it reaches its final resting place, and for not allowing what is already a rather tense situation to erupt into greater danger. The young duchess needs all the help she can get, under the circumstances.