Bakar de la Plaga

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Player: Tuck

Race: Human

Homeland: Asturia

Class: Swashbuckler

Alignment: Neutral Good

Vital Statistics:

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 105 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown

Skin: Olive


Bakar was born only a year before the worst plague in nearly a century swept across northern Asturia, killing thousands and leaving him an orphan. He was young enough at the time that he has no real memories of his birth parents, and isn't even sure if he ever had any siblings or other relatives. His first memories are of the Pangaian monastery where he was raised, and the monks who brought him up within its walls.

From an early age he was taught the arts of manhood, fencing, riding, manners, and above all servitude. He grew into a handsome boy and when he was fourteen he was selected to be the husband of a noblewoman, Doña Conchita Molinero De Los Cruces, a wealthy and influential merchant who lived in the colony of Fuente Dulce. He made the long, arduous journey across the ocean only to find his new mistress to be a cruel, domineering woman possesed of a fierce temper and a sadistic streak that terrified Bakar. After less than a year of abuse at her hands he fled, heading out into the unknown world, taking only what he could carry with him. He managed to cross the border into Promessa but quickly ran out of money. In his desperation to not return and face the wrath of his spouse, he resorted to the only things he knew how to do. He became a prostitute and a sell-sword, taking whatever work he could find and heading further north to be as far as possible from where anyone might recognize him. He eventually settled down in Porto Bispo, finding steady work with the local militia and supplementing his income with prostitution for wealthy women and even men, although he has mostly given this up in favor of more honest work.


Bakar is a strange mix of gregarious and dour, at home both in the quiet of the church and the boisterousness of a party. As an orphan and a runaway he is used to living in poverty, but he aspires higher than that, often dressing and acting as someone above his own station despite firmly believing in a religion which preaches humility and austerity. He has the optimism of youth, the charm of a true extrovert, the piety of a believer, and the humility of the downtrodden, all mixed into one - often contradictory - package.

Associated NPCs:

Name - Age - Occupation/Class

Doña Conchita Molinero De Los Cruces - 35 - Merchant