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Junan takes Lutsi's necklace to Ghendalt for analysis, and learns it is magic. Katenzhi introduces Ommas to Sajan for training as a manifest. Veznara reads up about missionary activity in this territory in previous centuries. Daifan, Jimba, and Llillilli go shopping, and although they are turned away from one shop, have more success at the next, owned by Atsa Lerushti.


Session date: March 24, 2019
Fair Cycle date: Khurar, I.E. 765

Junan brings the necklace to Ghendalt and learns it is magic

<AshnabisNarrator> Junan, you've opened and closed the box containing the strange pearl necklace a dozen times or more since Lutsi gave it to you. Every time, it's still there. You don't know what to make of it, but it certainly is intriguing, not least because of the story that goes along with it.
<AshnabisNarrator> You know an opportunity when you see one, and so you've decided to head off to see Ghendalt Rumordi who is the most likely one, you imagine, to know what this thing is.
<AshnabisNarrator> The doorman at the Senator's house recognizes you and immediately opens the door and escorts you to a small waiting room. Seated next to you is a young man who you don't recognize.
<Junan> Hello
* Junan says to the stranger
* Kivis is a pale young man, from Daligash you think by his manner of dress, no more than fourteen or fifteen. He has short-cropped black hair and his boots are notably very expensive and fashionable.
<Kivis> Ah, hello. Are you here to see the Senator?
<Junan> why yes I am. Junan Ghez
<Junan> you are?
<Kivis> Kivis Pinikheso. Pleased to meet your acquaintance.
<AshnabisNarrator> (As he reaches out to shake your hand you see a bronze bracelet studded with sapphires on his wrist.)
* Junan will smile and shake his hand
<Junan> (have I ever heard of the Pinikheso;s?)
<Kivis> I'm not actually here to see the senator. I'm glad you are, so maybe I don't have to wait too long.
<AshnabisNarrator> (do you have k:nobility?)
<Junan> (I do...)
<Junan> !roll 1d20+5
* Lan-werk rolls for Junan: [ 1d20+5 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 5 ] totals [ 9 ].
<Junan> (but I dont care)
<AshnabisNarrator> Junan, you've heard the name. You think it's a Daligashi noble family, but honestly that doesn't tell you much more than you already knew, just looking at this kid.
<Junan> If you're not here to see the Senator, what brings you here, Kivis?
<Kivis> Ah, I have an appointment with his colleague Iftos Kemnaizo.
<Junan> Ah Iftos... I suppose he's a colleague.
<Junan> I don't think I've seen you around before. Are you new in Kaskind?
<Kivis> Yes, we arrived just recently.
<Junan> The Rumordi is always keen to bring new friends to the territory.
<Kivis> Yes, ahh, that's true.
<AshnabisNarrator> Junan, the doorman comes back and says "The Senator will see you now."
<Kivis> Well, it looks like you have the luck to not be waiting here too long, at least.
<Junan> Nice meeting you Kivis. I'm sure I'll see you around.
* Junan will accompany the doorman
<AshnabisNarrator> The doorman escorts you to a well-appointed room where a warm fire is burning. Ghendalt is seated next to it, a glass of some concoction in hand.
<Ghendalt> Junan, a pleasant but most welcome occasion to see you, as always.
<Ghendalt> I apologize for the delay - business, you understand. I hope I haven't kept you too long.
<Junan> No need to appologize. I got to meet the new young bronze in territory.
<Ghendalt> Oh? Oh, the Pinikheso boy. Yes, well.
<Junan> That's the one.
<Ghendalt> His father Vimus is a colleague.
<Junan> Trying to impress Iftos it looked like, since that is who he was meeting
<Ghendalt> That'll be a hard nut to crack.
<Junan> He invested sufficiently on the effort... I'm not familiar with the Pinikheso's
<Ghendalt> No, I don't imagine you would be.
<Ghendalt> So, what has brought you here today? Or just looking to get out of the rain?
<Junan> getting out the rain and drinking wine is always a good excuse, but I had other reasons today
<Junan> a friend of mine found something, I guess you could say unusual.
<Junan> As a favour, I agreed to get your opinion on it.
<Ghendalt> All right, I'm interested.
<Junan> There is a story, but I don't want to colour your evaluation.
* Ghendalt nods.
<Ghendalt> Sensible.
* Junan will hand Ghendalt the box
<Ghendalt> Eleven of a dozen folks coming here would start with the story, trying to sell me on it.
* Ghendalt opens the box.
<AshnabisNarrator> (give me a Sense Motive just to entertain me)
<Junan> !roll 1d20+9
* Lan-werk rolls for Junan: [ 1d20+9 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 9 ] totals [ 10 ].
<AshnabisNarrator> (yeah no)
* Junan is looking for something to drink
* Ghendalt pulls out the pearl necklace.
<Ghendalt> Hmm ...
<AshnabisNarrator> (As if by magic a valet appears with a tray with a glass for you)
<AshnabisNarrator> (ok, it's not magic, you said the word 'wine' and Ghendalt's staff is very, very good)
* Junan will take the glass with a nod and taste the vintage
<Junan> My family are merchants, but its a bit outside our area of expertise
<Ghendalt> Do you like the wine? Malfander. The Hulti make wine in the countryside, they're very good for heretics.
<Junan> funny how the heritical tend to be better at the pleasures in life
* Ghendalt summons his valet to him with a glance and whispers something to her.
<Ghendalt> I've found the same thing.
<Ghendalt> I'm drinking an infusion of wine with raumak, which is a gourd the locals seem to prefer. It's ... well, they try hard.
<Ghendalt> I thought, perhaps good for a morning drink ... but no, alas.
* Junan chuckles
<Junan> what of the trinket? Anything intersting?
<Ghendalt> Trinket.
* Ghendalt remarks cryptically.
<AshnabisNarrator> The valet returns with something wrapped in cloth, and a cup full of purplish liquid.
* Ghendalt takes them both, downs the drink and then speaks some words.
<Junan> the necklace that you are mulling over
* Ghendalt winces.
<Ghendalt> Fos and raumak do *not
* go well together.
<AshnabisNarrator> (give me another SM, just for shits and giggles)
* Junan raises an eyebrow
<Junan> !roll 1d20+9
* Lan-werk rolls for Junan: [ 1d20+9 ] getting [ 17 ] which, after the modifier [ 9 ] totals [ 26 ].
<AshnabisNarrator> (you think there is definitely something off about Ghendalt's reaction)
<AshnabisNarrator> (he seems ... unnerved?)
<Junan> (or the fact he just invested several horns in evaluating a random necklace)
<Ghendalt> So tell me your story, then.
<Junan> My Tzameddi friend said he found it in a cave off some island... what's going on Ghendalt? Whats got you bothered?
* Ghendalt unwraps the cloth, revealing a finely-carved dagger, clearly of some age, with a handle made of the same strange dark wood as the necklace.
<Ghendalt> Found last year locally, brought to me. I bought it for a ... well, let's just say I didn't pay what it's worth.
* Junan takes a deep drink
<Junan> (ill try and appraise it, I guess)
<AshnabisNarrator> (sure you can roll)
<Junan> !roll 1d20+5
* Lan-werk rolls for Junan: [ 1d20+5 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 5 ] totals [ 15 ].
<AshnabisNarrator> (it's clearly good quality, and the wood is almost certainly the same variety. other than that: ???)
<Junan> So its made of the same material, and its an antique and fine quality. Hardly surprising if you own it.
<Ghendalt> And both of them are magical.
* Ghendalt remarks matter-of-factly.
<Junan> Well that's a surprise
<Junan> They're not dangerous are they?
* Junan says with a note of caution in his voice
<Ghendalt> The pointy end of the dagger is.
* Ghendalt sips his drink, then calls his valet to get him something better.
<Ghendalt> But as for this necklace, I have no idea. The spell I just cast was just to detect whether it was magical.
* Junan rolls his eyes
<Junan> and I've just be carrying it in my pocket
* Junan sits
<Ghendalt> I think you're fine. Most magical items are harmless to the bearer, especially if you don't know how to use, or misuse them.
<Junan> I'll have to take your word on that
<Junan> So... is the necklace something you're interested in?
<Ghendalt> I don't know enough about the theory of magic to understand much about it, especially not on a casual observation. But the magic is quite strong, and it appears to be centered on the pearl.
<Junan> how about I arrange a meeting with you and the owner/discoverer of this necklace.
<Junan> He said there were more items in the cave that he found this in.
<Ghendalt> Well. Now that is interesting indeed.
<Ghendalt> Junan, I have to say that I have absolutely no idea about the craftsmanship on either of these items. They don't look like hith artifacts I'm familiar with. They don't look Duedarcian, or Aummesh, or like any Ombesh thing I've seen.
<Ghendalt> You say your friend is Tzameddi?
<Junan> yes
<Ghendalt> Tzameddi are hardly known for work like this. But perhaps long ago? Or perhaps something else. I don't know.
<Junan> I haven't seen much Tzameddi craftsmanship, but its not typical of them either, from what I know.
* Ghendalt nods.
<Junan> of course if the necklace is Tzameddi, it's magic may not reveal to us, since, we're not worthy, cause were guys.
<Ghendalt> Perhaps. But I have colleagues who are mystics who could certainly tell us more about it, if they were to give it a sustained examination.
<Ghendalt> But I imagine you can't just leave it with me for a week?
<Junan> Its not mine to leave with you
<Ghendalt> No, I understand.
<Junan> I'll talk to my friend. Let him choose. I can put in a good word for you examining it further, though.
<Ghendalt> You don't want in on this, then?
<Junan> Honstly im conflicted
<Junan> It feels like a great opportunity
<Junan> but I just had a bad experience where magics were involved
<Ghendalt> Well, magic in the hands of the inexperienced is extraordinarily dangerous. There have been enough accidents here over the past decade, children thinking they could handle it, to confirm that for me.
* Junan swirls his wine
<Ghendalt> You're right to be cautious.
<Ghendalt> But the market is ... breathtaking. This dagger, I think I may have a buyer at twenty thousand.
* Junan eyes go wide
* Junan finishes the wine
<Ghendalt> You have to understand, permanent magic items like these, only mystics of extraordinary power can even try to make them, and the amount of fos required, well, until folks came here and found it in the Sestapor, there wasn't enough supply.
<Junan> No, I can't walk away from an opportunity like this
<Ghendalt> The little dose I just took, you have to imagine an amount perhaps fifty times that much, just to even start to make such an item.
<Ghendalt> Then add onto it the age, and the craftsmanship.
<Junan> I get it, I get it... stop being a child and hop on board
<Ghendalt> You know, Junan, I didn't come from money. I come from a deeply humble origin. I am *the* Rumordi, because I'm the only one with enough sense to take these opportunities.
<Ghendalt> I see the same potential in you, I really do.
<Ghendalt> You just have to avail yourselves of these when they come up.
<Junan> I didn't come out here for the weather, thats for sure
<Ghendalt> How well do you know your friend, and how much do you like him?
<Junan> he's a fellow envoy for one thing
<Junan> and he's studying under Jaigadu
<Ghendalt> A Tzameddi envoy, well that's a new one.
<Junan> both those factors, regardless of my frendship means I do owe him some professional courtisy
<Ghendalt> And he's the one who knows where this cave is, is that right?
<Junan> yes
<Junan> although he did tell me the name of the island
<Ghendalt> Oh?
<Junan> Sednidze - Island of Mist
<Junan> very ominous
<Ghendalt> At least it's not Island of Dead Envoys.
<Junan> more like damp envoys
<Ghendalt> Well, all right, let's resolve to not go telling others about this. Hopefully your about-to-be-rich friend feels the same way. We'll draw up a contract that is suitable for all of our interests.
* Junan nods
* Ghendalt hands you back the necklace.
<Junan> we'll he only wanted to talk to me in Tzameddi about it, so I think he's big on discretion
* Junan puts it back in its box and pockets it
<Ghendalt> Bring him to me, we'll all do very well out of this, I assure you, Junan. There'll be a nice finder's fee in this for you, just for this one, and more if you can bring me more.
<Junan> Did I mention I work with a guy with his own boat?
<Ghendalt> I did know that about you, of course. Jimba.
* Junan nods
<Junan> just saying, since the whole lack of roads to islands
<Ghendalt> Well I'm open to hiring your friend, but of course there are also other ways to hire a boat around here.
<Ghendalt> One of the disadvantages of hiring friends is that you have to be fair with them.
<Junan> true, but they tend to be fair with you
<Ghendalt> All right. Well, I look forward to our next meeting, Junan.
* Junan nods
<Junan> Mind if I visit the shop for a bit?
<Ghendalt> Of course, feel free to spend the money you don't yet have, in your mind.

Katenzhi introduces Ommas to Sajan for training

<AshnabisNarrator> Katenzhi, you've managed to partially, if not completely, convince yourself you're not a bad person. Mostly just a foolish person?
<Katenzhi> (Let's go with... impulsive.)
<AshnabisNarrator> Your not-so-chance encounter with Ommas Tsauter the other day has led to a meeting with you and Sajan at the Red Stump.
<AshnabisNarrator> Sajan has agreed to meet with you a little bit before so you can fill him in.
* Katenzhi will show up and grab a table for three, then.
* Sajan comes in and sits down.
<Sajan> So, been recruiting for me, I hear? What's this all about?
* Katenzhi will signal for two ales.
* Sajan will signal for two for himself as well, then. :)
<Katenzhi> Well... I don't know if you heard anything about the trouble I got in...
<Sajan> No, I don't think so, do tell.
<Katenzhi> Basically our group got jumped by some local thugs out in the hills. They had weapons. I overreacted. One of them... is with the ancestors now.
<Katenzhi> But that's kinda beside the point. One of his compatriots was a young guy who saw me call down lightning and apparently decided I was the best thing since beer.
<Sajan> Ahh ... I see.
<Katenzhi> So I thought you should see him. You know people and you know power. Maybe you can help him out. Make sure he doesn't do anything... stupid.
<Sajan> So you kill a man and his friend wants you to teach him now. Interesting.
<Katenzhi> I don't think they were really friends. Ommas seems to think the dead guy was kind of a dick. But otherwise, that's pretty much the long and short of it, yeah.
<Sajan> All right, so ... this fella is looking for training?
<Katenzhi> Yeah. You're the best I know for that. Because you're the only one I know for that.
<Sajan> Well I won't lie to you. I'm better than you.
<Katenzhi> Normally I'd be offended, but I'm pretty sure that's objectively true.
<Sajan> You've got potential, but I think it'd be a terrible idea for you to try to help this boy on your own.
<Katenzhi> I know.
<Katenzhi> That's why I'm here.
* Sajan takes a long drink.
<Sajan> Well, I'm happy to help out. Just ... well, you probably already figured this out, but sometimes magic can be an aphrodisiac.
<Sajan> This young gentleman may be interested in more than your skills with lightning.
<Katenzhi> I thought that was just something you told women to get them to sleep with you.
<Sajan> It works both ways.
<Sajan> You can tell them you have power, or you can just show them your power.
<Katenzhi> I didn't get that vibe from him but... I'm kinda crap at that sort of thing. I guess it's possible.
* Ommas wanders in, looking around the place.
* Katenzhi will nod to Ommas when she sees him enter and gesture him over.
<Katenzhi> That's him.
* Ommas sees you and comes over.
<Ommas> Ah, hi. This seems like an interesting place. I don't usually drink in Ombesh taverns.
<Katenzhi> Glad you made it. Ommas, this is my friend Sajan. Don't sit too close, he may be contagious.
<Ommas> Ah, hello. Ommas Tsauter.
<Sajan> Sajan Ultufe. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Come, sit down.
* Sajan calls for more beer, his own seemingly having disappeared somehow.
* Ommas sits.
<Ommas> Thank you for agreeing to meet with me.
<Katenzhi> I'm guessing you don't get down into town often?
* Ommas says in accented Ombesh.
<Ommas> No, not much.
* Katenzhi will pass Ommas one of the two beers she ended up with.
<Ommas> Thank you.
<Katenzhi> No problem. I'm trying to cut down.
<Ommas> Most of my family work on the sea or with the herds.
<Ommas> But I don't think I want either.
<Katenzhi> What do you want?
<Ommas> Well ... I have an uncle, Reindaal, he's a fos farmer, and well ... when he was younger he died ... an accident with fos. He has ... visions. So my father would never let me do that.
<Ommas> But ... I guess I just got into it. It was like, I couldn't not do it.
* Sajan takes a drink.
* Katenzhi does likewise.
<Sajan> Tapping into the Source, it lets you see things in a new way. It's hard to do just once.
<Sajan> For some people, they get lost.
<Katenzhi> Once you're hooked...
<Ommas> And then ... well, you ... you called down that lightning, and it was like. I don't know how to say it.
<Ommas> You looked at me. It was like you were about to call it down on me, not Kemiir. And then I feel like, something intervened.
<Katenzhi> Maybe. I wasn't thinking straight. It was a mistake.
<Ommas> To kill Kemiir, or to kill me?
<Katenzhi> To cast that spell in the first place.
<Katenzhi> But what's done is done, I guess.
<Sajan> That which seems like error on a day may sediment as destiny in a year.
* Ommas nods as if these were the wisest words ever spoken.
* Katenzhi will give Sajan the "Really?" eyebrow.
<Ommas> I don't want to die doing this. But if I have to take that risk I will.
<Katenzhi> Well, the goal is for that to not happen.
<Sajan> We'll try to keep you warm and vertical.
<Katenzhi> What have you been able to do so far?
<Ommas> Simple things mostly.
<Ommas> Mostly what I do is keep myself warm, make lights, mend ropes, that kind of thing.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Sajan> Sensible. You'll be all right with that kind of thing, even without my help.
<Ommas> When I was ... after Kemiir died, I tried something to get far away from there. It didn't work, though. I ended up throwing up all over the place.
* Ommas says, a little ashamed.
<Katenzhi> Yeah. That happens. Even to the best of us sometimes.
* Sajan finishes yet another beer.
<Sajan> Speak for yourself.
* Sajan half-speaks, half-belches.
<Katenzhi> I said the best of us.
* Sajan cackles.
* Ommas laughs uncertainly.
<Ommas> I know I want to do more.
<Ommas> I know that I can do more if you are willing to teach me, sir.
<Sajan> Well ... I have to say I haven't had any Aummesh students yet. My own mentors used to warn me of the ways of the savage Osnabee ...
<Sajan> But I suppose you seem unlikely to eat my face.
* Ommas stares at Sajan.
* Sajan bursts out laughing.
* Katenzhi chuckles into her beer
<Katenzhi> The first step is getting used to him.
<Sajan> You'll need to learn to take a joke, first thing. Then we can teach you to delve the twisted path to the Center of Allness.
<Sajan> All right, children. I'm done here for today. You, don't kill any other locals, they don't like it.
* Sajan points at Katenzhi.
<Sajan> You, I'll meet you tomorrow at the bridge over the North Kaskos, at dawn.
* Sajan points at Ommas.
<Ommas> Yes, sir.
<Katenzhi> Take care, old man.
* Katenzhi will slap Ommas on the shoulder as Sajan leaves.
<Katenzhi> I think he likes you. Congratulations. Also, my condolences.

Veznara consults the Espali Annals

<AshnabisNarrator> Veznara, you have been spending some time looking at the Espali Annals, really for the first time since your arrival. Maybe it is more than a doorstop given to you by your lineage ...
<AshnabisNarrator> What sorts of things are you looking for?
<Veznara> (Well, they're all about a missionary expedition to spread the word of the Ancestors to this area, right?)
<Veznara> (So I'm looking for anything that might match up with things I've already discovered about this temple.)
<Veznara> (Say, existing beliefs that they may have tried to accommodate or reconcile with their teachings)
<Veznara> (Or that they weren't able to reconcile at all...)
<AshnabisNarrator> OK, makes sense. I'll have you make a Knowledge:Religion.
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+10
* Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+10] getting [ 2 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 12 ].
<Veznara> (ARGH!)
<Veznara> (You know what? I'm Inspired, so I'll roll that again.)
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+10
* Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 11 ].
<Veznara> (Oh for...)
<Llillilli> (lmao)
<Veznara> (Guess I'm going with the 12... :( )
<AshnabisNarrator> So, fortunately for you, you don't need to make a roll for literacy, although what it all means is elusive at present.
* Veznara book good
<AshnabisNarrator> As you know, the Espali Annals are an account of Espali missionaries, who were pairs of Hand and Voice priests who travelled as missionaries to regions where priestly celibacy would have seemed odd.
<AshnabisNarrator> This was, even at the time, considered Very Odd.
<Veznara> (So did they use the same temples, say?)
<AshnabisNarrator> Eventually once they converted groups, they'd found temples of the Hand and the Voice, separately.
<Veznara> (So it doesn't seem that the temple would have served both branches, then.)
<AshnabisNarrator> It was just in their initial missionary efforts that they would work together maritally, hand in hand, or ... voice in hand, as the case might be.
<AshnabisNarrator> The Osnabi, or Usanab, or Wasanab, as they are described, were several different groups, of speakers of a language quite unlike your own.
<AshnabisNarrator> Ultimately the land came to be known as the Province of Osnabis (under the Omban Empire) which in Aummesh is now Ashnabis.
<Veznara> (Did they actually have marital relations? Or was it just for show?)
<AshnabisNarrator> They did indeed have marital relations. As you know, sex is not prohibited to Hand and Voice priests - only marriage.
<Veznara> (And children?)
<AshnabisNarrator> Whether it was really 'true love' ... only the Ancestors know.
<Veznara> (Bah, what does true love have to do with marriage? :P )
<Veznara> (Any mention of persimmons, or saints? Or saint-like spirits?)
<AshnabisNarrator> There is a passage in one of the annals that talks about a priestess who died in childbirth. Because the Osnabi/Wasanab/Usanab/whoever they were didn't believe in Corpseborn this caused some concern about what to do with the child. Ultimately a local chieftain of some sort adopted the child.
<AshnabisNarrator> There is no mention of persimmons or saints in the text.
<Veznara> (Ah. Any clues as to who the local chieftain was?)
<AshnabisNarrator> (do you have Linguistics?)
<Veznara> (Alas no - just two languages.)
<AshnabisNarrator> (there are lots of names in the text but none of them make any sense to you)
<Veznara> (Can I take note of the ones that seem significant in this regard?)
<AshnabisNarrator> Whatever local language or languages were spoken in this region back then, were nothing like Aummesh, which, after all, is basically a derivative of Ombesh spoken by the less civilized ;)
<Veznara> (Well, I could consult Yena about it. Or, I could try a new NPC and ask Dezren!)
<AshnabisNarrator> (Sure, you would certainly make a note of the names, largely of local chiefs and of communities. None of these seem to be still extant. Communities like Timiil, the main Aummesh town around here, are much much newer than 500+ years.
<Veznara> (Or rather, his wife Hegha, I meant!)
<AshnabisNarrator> (yes, of the two of them Hegha is *much* more likely to know about ancient languages. Being that I put that in her description for you)
<Veznara> (That's who I was thinking of. Perhaps I'll go consult her, then!)

Daifan, Llillilli, Katenzhi, and Jimba prepare to go shopping

* @Daifan will show up at the boat, lurking their way inobtrusively down to where you guys are docked
<@Daifan> hello?
* Jimba looks over the side.
<Jimba> Oh, hey, Daifan. What brings you by?
* Jimba is presumably doing various boat-y things.
* Katenzhi will poke her head up as well.
<@Daifan> Mmm, well.... I was hoping I might ask a favour. May I come aboard?
<Katenzhi> Hey!
<Jimba> Of course!
<Jimba> Come on up.
* @Daifan asks more quietly, after glancing round to see if there is anyone else paying attention
<Katenzhi> Did you bring the monkey?
* Jimba grins at that.
<@Daifan> Not this time
<Katenzhi> Awww
<Jimba> (Presumably the dogs will come to greet Daifan)
* @Daifan will let them sniff their hand and give them pets, as long as they aren't jumpig all over me >.>
<Jimba> Behave.
<Jimba> (They'll sit politely, but wag their tails excitedly)
* @Daifan will then gve them scritches
<@Daifan> good dogs :3
<Jimba> Most days.
<Katenzhi> What brings you by?
<@Daifan> welll....
<@Daifan> There are some things that I wanted to buy in town...
<@Daifan> but that's difficult for me to do.
<@Llillilli> What do you need?
<@Daifan> well, need is a strong word >.>
<@Daifan> I had wanted to get some make up, toiletries, that sort of thing...
<Jimba> Truly, the necessities.
* Jimba smiles.
* @Daifan smiles a bit wryly
<Katenzhi> So you need a go-between?
<@Daifan> indeed.
<@Daifan> yes. If any of you would be willing...
* Katenzhi shrugs. "Sure, why not? Beats sitting around here ."
* @Daifan nods.
<@Daifan> Thank you.
<@Daifan> I can tell you what I need...
* Katenzhi smiles.
* @Daifan says, eying Katenzhi a bit dubiously
<Katenzhi> Yeah. That kind of stuff isn't really my... niche.
<@Daifan> well, I would be happy to teach you if you were interested.
<Jimba> Could you just go with us?
<Jimba> Like, we'd be on hand if anyone hassled you.
<@Daifan> that would not do any of us a service, I don't think.
<@Llillilli> We don't... really know anything about make up. What if we get the wrong thing?
<Katenzhi> Psh, how hard can it be?
<@Daifan> uhh. More than it looks :x
<@Daifan> it would be easier if I could go with you, but they wouldn't let a corpseborn or anyone associatig with them into that kind of shop
* @Daifan considers
<Katenzhi> What if like... we smuggle you in a big bag...
<@Daifan> I suppose I could go if... I didn't look like a corpseborn. But that woudl be illegal ;x
<@Llillilli> What if you just wear katenzhi's clothes
<@Daifan> Well. If anyone figured it out it could be a lot of trouble... but I feel liek that isn't *tooo
* likely...
<Katenzhi> I could give you my armor.
<@Daifan> but she, or one of you, woul have to allow that...
<Katenzhi> You can be our bodyguard :3
<@Daifan> it wouln't matter if I was a bodyguard.
<@Llillilli> You can wear a dashi of mine, I don't care.
<Jimba> Seems like we're willing to chance it if you are.
<Jimba> There's so many people here, who's going to pick out one person to scrutinize?
<@Daifan> Mmhmm. You're probably right.
* @Daifan nods
<@Daifan> okay then... let's do it
<Katenzhi> We might have a helmet somewhere you could wear so no one sees who you are.
<@Daifan> oh, I can just.... wear my hair wrap differently, it will be fine
<@Daifan> can I just change in the back...?
<Katenzhi> Sure, we won't peek.
* @Daifan can go get changed then (and if steve wants me to make a disguise roll lemme know ;p)
<AshnabisNarrator> (sure, make a roll)
<@Daifan> !roll 1d20+8
* @Lan-werk rolls for Daifan: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 19 ].
* Daifan will come back out of the boat wering a modlesly wrapped daishi of llillilli, and a scarf they've fashioned into a more elaborate headwrap... impressive what a change of clothes can do ;p
<AshnabisNarrator> All right, so Jimba, Katenzhi, Lllillilli, and Daifan are all going shopping? What sort of fine establishment are you looking for?
<Daifan> (let's start with makeup ;p)
<Daifan> (also I am assuming we've got paid and have a little cash on hand, but I'm not looking to buy a million dollars woh of things :x)
<Daifan> there, how is that?
<Katenzhi> Not bad!
<Llillilli> You look so different!
<Jimba> Impressive.
<Daifan> Mmmhmm... nw imagine i I had different makeup... maybe you wouldn't even recognize me.
* Daifan smiles
<Daifan> lets go then, I know where I wanted to gi first.... maybe you will see soemthing you like too :3
<AshnabisNarrator> (so you are looking for someplace that sells makeup, probably an Ombesh place in Kaskind, probably not toooo fancy?)
<Llillilli> o...kay
<Daifan> (yeah)
<Daifan> (I'm assuming I've done some scoping out ahead of time)
<Katenzhi> (Definitely not tooooo fancy or we'll probably get kicked out too :p )
<Daifan> (hee)
<Daifan> (also I'm still fairly poor ;p)
<AshnabisNarrator> (just trying to find someone good)
<Daifan> was there anything any of you were looking for?
<Llillilli> uh...
<Daifan> Not necessairly here... but since we are out.
<Llillilli> Maybe some more oil for my hair... I don't really know what to do with anything else.

They visit the fancy shop of Edai Ozlochena but are rebuffed

<AshnabisNarrator> All right, there are two likely places. One is a small establishment on the west side of town, run by one Atsa Lerushti, an Aummesh woman who apparently has many contacts with local herbalists / the sort of people who have access to local ingredients.
<Katenzhi> We could probably use some more wax for the boat.
<Katenzhi> (That's a thing, right?)
<Jimba> Sure, boat wax, yeah.
* Daifan nods
<AshnabisNarrator> The fancier one is Edai Ozlochena, an older Ombesh woman who is definitely more upscale, and helps find foreign (Ombesh) products for those of discerning taste.
<Daifan> (Daligashi suff maybe?)
<Daifan> (Maybe oooone thing from the fancy store if they have it :x)
* Daifan will take you guys to the fancy place
<Katenzhi> So what all are you looking for exactly?
<Daifan> This place is.... more fancy. But they might have some things from back home.
<Daifan> Mmm, different things.
<AshnabisNarrator> Edai Ozlochena has an establishment clearly designed and decorated with the most refined and current Ombesh tastes in mind. You enter her well-apportioned shop, attached to the front of her home, and she greets you.
<Daifan> To conceal blemishes, or make your skin more even
* Daifan tries to remember they're suppsed to act liek they are allowed to at least go into this store ever :x
<Jimba> Good afternoon, ma'am. Lovely establishment you have.
<Daifan> it is so humid here so your skin can be so oily...
* Edai is an older, very thin woman, though her age is hard to discern, with a magnificent green-gold wig of shoulder-length (you think) real human hair.
* Llillilli lurks by the door, unsettled by the fanciness
<Edai> Can I be of assistance?
* Daifan blinks and nods.
<Daifan> Yes please...
<Jimba> Very possibly, I think. My friend here is interested in perusing your merchandise.
<Jimba> What did you say you needed again?
<Daifan> Well, I was wondering what you might carry from Daligash?
<Edai> What are you looking for? Rouge, perfumes, powders?
<Daifan> oooh....
* Daifan gives a sort of wistful sigh
<Daifan> I think.... powders. Foundational sorts of things....
* Daifan says trying tp be rctical but relaly wanting to sniff all the perfumes
* Katenzhi pokes at some of the jars and bottles on the shelves.
<Edai> Are you aware of bastazki?
<Daifan> (I dunno, am I?)
<AshnabisNarrator> (probably not)
* Daifan shakes their head
<Daifan> no, what is that?
* Llillilli just tries not to break anything.
<Edai> It is the latest thing out of Daligash, exclusive to my shop here in the entire territory.
<Edai> I have access to some of the finest materials.
<Daifan> Mmmhmmm.... what is it for?
* Llillilli has never been in a shop like this in her entire life
<Edai> It's a white mineral product, used for balancing skin tones.
* Daifan asks, curious but also wary
<Daifan> hmmm...
<Daifan> do ou have a sample?
* Edai looks at you critically.
<AshnabisNarrator> !roll 1d20+16
* Lan-werk rolls for AshnabisNarrator: [ 1d20+16 ] getting [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ 16 ] totals [ 25 ].
<Edai> Hmm ... it doesn't seem right for you. Perhaps something locally produced?
<AshnabisNarrator> (what are the rest of you doing?)
<Daifan> There are other places to buy things that are locally produced.
* Katenzhi is pondering what "Balancing skin tones" means.
* Daifan says, sounding disappointed but unsurprised.
<Edai> That's true. Bastazki powder is five horns an ounce.
<Daifan> Mmhmm. How much do *you* need to use to get your skin to look so lovely and even?
* Daifan asks innocently
* Edai smiles.
<Edai> Well, my dear, just a couple of pinches each day are enough. But of course it is worth it.
<Edai> Was there anything else I could help you with?
<Daifan> perhaps I will look at your perfumes after all. Do you have any Eghispe's Mystery?
* Daifan names a fairly fancy brand from Daligash
<Edai> Ah, I'm afraid my stock is already committed to advance customers for the next six months. I'd be happy to ad your name to my list though.
<Daifan> (she's lying, isn't she :p)
<AshnabisNarrator> (SM?)
<Daifan> !roll 1d20+9
* Lan-werk rolls for Daifan: [ 1d20+9 ] getting [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ 9 ] totals [ 16 ].
<Edai> !roll 1d20+12
* Lan-werk rolls for Edai: [ 1d20+ ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 16 ].
<AshnabisNarrator> You suspect she's lying, yeah.
<Daifan> a shame, a shame, when I had set aside money to buy something special today. IN six months, who will know what I will have.
<Edai> I'd be happy to take your deposit today.
* Daifan touches their hand to their money pouch to jingle ther coins
* Katenzhi is following this exchange like someone watching a tennis match for the first time.
<Daifan> I am sure, but life is so short, who knows when your fortunes will turn.
<Jimba> Hey, Kat, do you think there's anything in here Sizhif might like? I know she's usually aware of what comes into port, but I just worked with her on that thing for the General. Some small token seems like a good idea.
* Katenzhi considers taht for a moment
<Jimba> Maybe this isn't the right shop.
<Daifan> Mmmhmm, it seems hey do not have too much in stock here
<Daifan> but you can tell her that you looked :x
<Jimba> She'll appreciate the thought, at least.
* Edai narrows her gaze at you.
<Daifan> I'm sure we can find something appropriate elsewhere
<Edai> I'm sure you can.
<Daifan> Mmhmm. Have a good day. So sorry to have wasted your time.
<Edai> And to all of you as well.
* Daifan will totes curse her on the way out and hope she drops something really expensive :p
<Jimba> We'll be sure to tell all our friends what great service we experienced.
* Jimba smiles and follows the others out.
* Katenzhi will likewise follow Daifan out
<Katenzhi> I'm confused. What just happened?
* Daifan sighs once we are away though
<Daifan> She thought we were too poor to deserve her wares, so she decided not to sell
<Jimba> Sorry, I guess I'm not dressed well enough to pull off name-dropping today.
<Daifan> its okay, thank you for trying. I think we were beyond that point already.
* Jimba shrugs.
<Jimba> Worth a shot.
<Llillilli> Withered old cunt
<Daifan> I am sorry for wasting *your* time though :/
* Llillilli mutters.
* Daifan nods to Llillilli
<Jimba> Eh, time spent with friends isn't wasted. Where to?
<Daifan> well, the other place shoudl be better, if you are still intersted in going.... probably I could manage on my own, and just.... return things later :/
<AshnabisNarrator> (all right, are you guys going there then?)
<Jimba> Well, let's head that way, then.
* Jimba will get street food on the way.
<Daifan> (yeah, but since Tuck has to leave anyway, if you wanted to do somethign short with Charles before he has to go that woudl be fine)
<Veznara> (Nah, it's already 4: - I doubt we could manage anything. Thanks, though!)
<AshnabisNarrator> (you have been known to go on and on ... ;p )
<Veznara> (Bah. You should be glad I'm exploring your world so fully! :P )
<Veznara> (And less than 1/2 hour really isn't enough for an NPC encounter.)
* Daifan can take people to the other place then, with a stop to eat snax on the way

They find a warmer welcome at the shop of Atsa Lerushti

<AshnabisNarrator> After a delicious seabird kebab you can head over to the west side of town where Atsa Lerushti keeps a simple shop. As you approach, fragrances of sweet flowers burst forth from the open window.
<Daifan> ooooh
<Llillilli> It smells nice there.
<Llillilli> Less like old lady.
<Daifan> That si a good sign, I hope!
* Daifan will go in
<AshnabisNarrator> You enter the shop and are greeted by a tall woman with short black hair, although she doesn't look especially old. She wears a colorful red dashi and a sprig of some plant is pinned to a thick belt.
<Atsa> Good afternoon!
<Daifan> hello!
<Daifan> I am looking to buy some make up, and related things...
<Atsa> All right, I'd be glad to help you as best as I can. My name is Atsa, it's a pleasure to meet you all.
<Daifan> thank you.
<Daifan> I'm mostly looing for foundational things, and maybe then some colours....
<Daifan> My friends are not make-up people.... at elast not yet :x
<Atsa> All right, I definitely have some of that, although my specialty is in fragrances.
<Atsa> I see that you are Ombesh people and I have often found that my Ombesh clients find that the odors of the Sestapor require some ... coverage.
<Atsa> If you know what I mean.
<Daifan> ahh, yes >.>
<Daifan> I do appreciate fine fragrances on their own
<Atsa> I should also say that all of my products are produced locally here. We sometimes buy a few products from suppliers outside of the immediate area of the territory, but I am very proud to be able to provide local materials that my clients are very happy with, but also that support my kin.
* Daifan nods
<Llillilli> neat
<Atsa> So, tell me about yourself. What do you like? Or what are you looking to be like?
<Daifan> well, I would like to become familiar with what is available locally.
<Atsa> And ... the rest of you?
* Daifan looks at the others
<Llillilli> uhhhh
* Llillilli looks from Jimba to Daifan with a panicked expression
<Daifan> She likes.... the sun. But I think mostly they just came with me to be friendly.
<Atsa> All right, well, let's get started.
* Atsa starts pulling out some clay pots and small vials full of various things.
<Atsa> For you ... I think this might be good for you as a foundation.
<Atsa> Have a look.
* Daifan is very curious about it all, and will try anythign they are given :x
<Daifan> what is it?
<Atsa> It's made of oils from a marsh reed, along with a blend of light pigments.
<Atsa> As for you ...
* Atsa turns to Llillilli
<Llillilli> ...
<Atsa> If you spend a lot of time in the sun, well, you should think about whether you're looking to cover those amazing beauty marks or accent them. Obviously I'd recommend the latter.
<Llillilli> beauty... marks?
<Atsa> Ahh, I don't know the word in Ombesh, I'm sorry.
<Atsa> What's the word?
<Llillilli> I speak aummesh
* Atsa turns to any of you
<Atsa> [a] Oh, how wonderful. Ahh, freckles!
<Llillilli> Oh those.
* Llillilli touches her face self-consciously.
<Atsa> Oh no!
<Daifan> [a]They're so pretty!
<Atsa> They're lovely!
<Llillilli> I uh, I never really think about them
<Llillilli> I mean, now I am
<Atsa> You wouldn't want to cover them up too much, because it is the sort of thing that is so rare.
* Atsa pulls something else out.
<Atsa> If you spend time in the sun, you may want *something*
<Atsa> Some coverage. But something that accents the things that you want to share, of your inner essence.
<Atsa> And then here, for you, try this fragrance.
<Llillilli> My inner essence?
* Atsa hands one to Daifan.
<Atsa> Why yes, your ... the quality about you that you want to show forth.
* Daifan sniffs it :3
<AshnabisNarrator> It seems familiar Daifan but you can't place it.
<Llillilli> I don't know what that would be.
<Atsa> Well ... then perhaps experiment with what you might like to be?
<Daifan> what is in this? it smells familiar...
<Atsa> Your Aummesh is exquisite, by the way. Have you lived here long?
<Atsa> Oh, it's an extract of persimmon flowers.
<Atsa> And as for you, sir, would you like something? Or are you just here with your ... friends?
* Atsa turns to Jimba
<Llillilli> I grew up in Ratsla.
<Atsa> Oh how wonderful! I've never been down there.
<Atsa> How do you like the fragrance?
* Atsa asks Daifan.
<Daifan> it is very nice...
<Daifan> but maybe not what I am looking for right now :x
<Atsa> Ah, well, I understand. It's not to everyone's taste.
* Daifan nods and will give it back
* Jimba has been looking around distractedly.
<Jimba> Hmm? Oh, I don't know. I haven't usually used...any of this.
<Jimba> Maybe I should be, though? Just to look like I made the effort?
* Daifan smiles
<Atsa> Well ... you work on boats, yes?
<Daifan> Like I said, I woudl be happy to help you :3
<Jimba> And at the land claims office.
<Atsa> Yes, but your hands. They're rough like a sailor's
<Jimba> I also hunt, and do trading when the land work permits.
<Atsa> Which isn't a bad thing.
<Jimba> Oh, uh, yeah, I guess so.
* Jimba looks at his hands like he hasn't really seen them in a while.
<Atsa> But sometimes, when a man is looking for a more ... gentle touch ... he doesn't want his hands to be gritty and tough.
<Atsa> I have just the thing.
* Atsa pulls out another vial and practially throws it at you.
* Daifan is curious
* Jimba catches it and give it a look.
<Jimba> What is it?
<Atsa> I have cousins who work on the sea. The problem is that the combination of the salt and the rough work with ropes causes cracks. This is like a wax that helps fill that in, and also treats any small injuries, without taking away the overall toughness.
<Jimba> Oh, huh, that sounds really useful.
<Atsa> You don't want anything that's going to soften your hands too much - that'll hurt much more, in the long term.
<Jimba> Yeah.
<Jimba> I also work with animals. Thick skin is kind of a plus.
* Jimba smiles.
<Atsa> Oh, what kinds of animals?
<Jimba> I have two hunting dogs I trained myself, and I'm working with a young hippopotamus right now.
<Jimba> (presumably I'm speaking Aummesh, since we switched over)
* Daifan will poke around and sniff some other things while she is busy with jimba
<Atsa> Oh my goodness a hippo! How wonderful! You know that hippopotamus sweat can be extracted to prevent sunburn?
<Jimba> I did, actually, though that's not too much of a problem for me. :)
<Daifan> you shoudl still take good care of your skin :3
<Atsa> Well ... that's fair, for now. But I will say that my uncle went bald when he was forty, and he found that an extract of hippo sweat kept his scalp, which was very sensitive, from becoming burned.
<Atsa> Not that I think you have anything to worry about in that regard.
* Jimba laughs.
<Jimba> I'll keep it in mind, though, thanks.
<Atsa> Now, what else can I get for you folks?
<Daifan> Can I try some of this?
* Daifan asks, having picked out a scent they are intrigued by in the bottle
<Atsa> Yes of course!
* Daifan will see how it smells on, then
* Daifan feels vaguely guilty corpseborning up this place and resolves to spend some decent money, at least
<Daifan> there, what do you think?
* Daifan will see if anyone else wants a sniff
<Llillilli> It's nice.
<Atsa> Guess what it is.
<Atsa> I'll bet you can't.
* Daifan shakes their head
<Llillilli> um.
<Llillilli> Not persimmons?
* Daifan smiles at that though
* Atsa laughs.
<Atsa> No, not persimmons.
<Atsa> I've heard people guess almonds, although I don't honestly know what that is, other than it's a kind of nut. But it's made from a local mushroom, actually!
<Llillilli> Oh, huh.
<Daifan> interesting
<Daifan> I will take some of this, and the foundation though, and maybe some of this mask... and maybe something that is... good for your skin, in all the humidity here?
<Atsa> Sure, of course, let me just get you something.
<Atsa> I will tell you, I think that these Ombesh ladies who pay highly inflated prices for goods brought from Khutu and Basai or Masai or Pasai or whatever, they are a little silly. If anyone ever finds out about my products, we may be exporting a lot more than just fos!
* Atsa laughs.
<Daifan> Mmmhmm :|
<Atsa> All right, and for the rest of you, do you have what you would like?
<Llillilli> I... I don't really know
<Daifan> you can think about it and come back if you decide, or if you have more questions?
<Jimba> No pressure, Llillilli.
<Atsa> Of course! Oh, and how rude of me, I introduced myself but I'm afraid I don't know your names. I'd love to have you as return customers.
<Jimba> Jimba.
* Jimba smiles.
<Llillilli> Llillilli.
<Atsa> Oh, that's a beautiful name. Llillilli, I meant. Well, Jimba too, that's a fine name. I didn't mean to suggest otherwise.
* Jimba laughs.
<Llillilli> Do you... do you have anything for hair?
<Jimba> That's fine. It's pretty plain.
<Llillilli> Hair like mine I mean
<Jimba> My name, not my sister's hair.
* Daifan pretends to be distracted looking at somethign while they think of a fake name they can remember if they ever come back here >.>
<Atsa> Ah, of course, what are you looking for for your hair?
<Llillilli> Just some oil, like to seal it...
* Daifan looks up
<Daifan> hmm?
<Atsa> Oh, yes, of course. In all this rain, it's just awful sometimes.
<Atsa> I end up looking so bedraggled when I grow my hair long.
<Atsa> Here, this is what I recommend. It has a very light odor only, nothing too strong. Because you wouldn't want anything to conflict with your fragrances, when you wear them.
* Atsa hands you a vial.
<Llillilli> I worry more about drying out when it stops raining
* Llillilli eyes the vial curiously.
<Atsa> This is very protective, but won't interfere with your curls.
<Llillilli> Okay.
<Atsa> All right, are we all done? My, you have a good pile of things here.
<Daifan> I think so... Well, I will prioritize and see what I can afford.
* Llillilli will buy the oil, anyway :3
* Daifan says, realizing they don't actually know what these thngs cost eyt
* Jimba buys his hand cream :)
<Atsa> Ahh, well, you have a lot ... your total is .... five, three, and two, altogether. Or do you need me to break those down by each of you?
<Daifan> no, thank you, that is fine
<Jimba> (Have we gotten paid at all? And, if so, how much?)
<Jimba> (Also, is that something we need to worry about?)
<Atsa> (yes, and "some money")
<Jimba> (Heh, okay)
<Atsa> (nope, you have "some money")
* Daifan is very pleased and will totes shell out five horns for it
<Llillilli> (yay I will pay "some money" for this then)
<Atsa> Thank you very much, miss ... ?
<Daifan> Oh. Um. ...Zola
* Daifan steals one of their cousin's names, figuring she won't mind >.>
<Atsa> I appreciate you taking your time to ask questions today.
<Jimba> Thank you for taking the time to answer them.
* Atsa smiles warmly.
<Atsa> See you next time then!
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> yes, I am sure :3
* Daifan will fortune her as we are leaving and silently wishes her many good sales :3


Dekhesh visits Daifan and meets the baby, as well as talk about the corpseborn arrivals and Ufrim

* Dekhesh comes by one afternoon to see little baby Shira
* Dekhesh just sort of wanders into your house.
<Dekhesh> Hey.
<Daifan> oh hey Hangnail
<Dekhesh> You look tired, Smiles. But, you know, good.
* Daifan is sitting with the baby on their lap looking through their new cosmetics
<Daifan> Well I try
* Daifan says, holding up a little bottle of something
<Dekhesh> What's all that stuff?
<Daifan> there is nly so much one can do about dark circles other than sleeping
<Daifan> oh just... little indulgences.
<Daifan> How are you?
<Dekhesh> Good, haven't pissed off too many people lately, which maybe says I'm not working hard enough.
<Daifan> hmm
<Daifan> Well...
<Dekhesh> Well what?
<Daifan> I heard a little bit more about the budal who are supposed to be coming to work on that plantation
<Dekhesh> Oh?
<Dekhesh> And?
<Daifan> Well
<Daifan> they will be here soon... sometime in the next month
<Daifan> and they are all coming from Gagambor
<Dekhesh> What's that?
<Daifan> a town in taizi that has an azier nearby :/
<Daifan> I don't know, maybe it is a port and that is where they are shipping from but... I don't think so >.>
* Dekhesh smiles.
<Dekhesh> No, probably not.
<Daifan> More than that, I don't know. I want to go and see what is being built for them, so I can have a better idea of how many there will be...
* Daifan braces themself for being told this is a terrible and too dangerous idea :p
<Dekhesh> Hmm, sounds risky.
<Daifan> Mmhmm.
<Dekhesh> Cool.
<Dekhesh> Want any help?
* Daifan smiles at that.
<Daifan> I think it will be better with fewer people. I have a hedal friend who wants to help. She is good at being careful, and tough if things go wrong.
<Daifan> But I don't think they will. I just want to look....for now, anyway.
<Dekhesh> Well, what you need to do is figure out exactly what you're going to say, as to why you're there, if you get caught
<Daifan> mmhmm... yes, that is somethign to think about.
<Dekhesh> Cause this lady, Princess Galdai or whatever, she seems like a powerful enough mystic to find out who was trespassing on her land, even after you're there
<Daifan> We cudl say we are from the land registry and that is true, but if she gets angry about it then that will be more difficult to manage
<Dekhesh> So you can't assume you're safe just because you get in and out on the day you do it.
<Dekhesh> She can probably just go ...
* Daifan sighs
* Dekhesh makes magic wavy hands
<Dekhesh> And say 'Who has gone here?'
<Dekhesh> I don't know, I don't touch the stuff, but fos is serious.
<Daifan> she woudl have to know to look, though
<Dekhesh> Oh yeah, sure. But I'm just saying, figure out what exactly you're pretending to be doing there, before you go there.
* Daifan nods
* Daifan considers
<Daifan> perhaps I Can some up with something
* Dekhesh nods.
<Dekhesh> I see you have a goat outside now. That's new.
<Daifan> that's Useir >:D
<Daifan> she's so helpful
<Dekhesh> You learned how to transform her into a goat, that's awesome!
* Dekhesh cackles.
<Daifan> I wish
<Dekhesh> She's much handsomer this way.
<Daifan> much more personable
<Daifan> so supportive of our little community
<Daifan> we really couldn't make do withou out her
<Daifan> ...she gives us milk for Shira.
<Dekhesh> Ah, I get it.
<Dekhesh> Maybe you could "lose" your goat on her plantation.
<Daifan> Our own little Goat ^-^
<Daifan> maybe, but I would not wan her to seize it, and I think she would
<Dekhesh> Yeah, I guess.
<Dekhesh> Maybe you could steal someone else's goat, then lose that one.
<Daifan> but, I think, perhaps if I am doing exercise to read maps, for work, well, I'm not very good at that.
<Daifan> I suppose though
<Daifan> I don't need to actually have a goat to lose one
<Daifan> but also, I thik if her magic is so powerful to know who has been someplace, it is powerful enough to snif out a simple lie
<Dekhesh> Sure, if she doesn't believe you in the first place.
<Daifan> that is true
<Dekhesh> Although if I were leading a conspiracy to bring a bunch of budal to work my lands, I'd probably be a little skeptical of people lurking around.
<Daifan> well, I will thikn about that some more
<Dekhesh> Especially shifty ones like you.
<Daifan> Me? Shifty?
* Daifan puts on their best more inocent look
<Daifan> I am wounded
<Dekhesh> So, ah, how's the baby?
<Daifan> she is very good
<Daifan> do you want to hold her?
<Dekhesh> Oh .. nahh. She'd probably shit on me or something. I don't know.
* Daifan rolls their eyes
<Daifan> that's what the rags are for
<Dekhesh> All right, I'm just saying, if she shits on me, that's your problem.
* Dekhesh holds out his hands as if unsure how to take her
<Daifan> like this
* Daifan demonstrates and then will pass her over carefully
* Dekhesh takes the baby, then.
<Daifan> there, see?
<Dekhesh> Ahhhh ... heheh.
<Daifan> Not so hard
<Daifan> and just look into her big brown eyes :3
* Dekhesh does so.
<Dekhesh> Ufrim's being all weird about this.
<Daifan> yes, I know -_-
<Daifan> what has he told you?
<Dekhesh> That you have a magic baby saint, or whatever? Or a forerunner of the new age? I mean, I don't listen to him usually.
* Daifan sighs
<Daifan> is he telling everyone this? >:|
<Dekhesh> We don't call him 'Small Mouth'.
* Dekhesh looks at you as though the answer to that is obvious.
<Dekhesh> I mean, I don't think everyone believes him. But he clearly believes himself.
<Daifan> he does
<Daifan> Apparently he did not believe me when I told him his body wold be just as hard to find as this fabled "ancestor" of his >:|
<Dekhesh> You know he's not to be trifled with, right? He might be crazy but he has the gift of the major pengi.
<Daifan> ugh.
<Daifan> well, who is left for me to trifle with :P
<Daifan> I'm tired of bing told 'oh there is nothign you can do about that'
* Daifan grumps
<Dekhesh> Exactly, that's the spirit!
<Dekhesh> The revolution will soon be upon us and we can stand together!
<Daifan> Mmmhmm
<Dekhesh> You'll stand with me, little Shira, won't you? I mean ... once you can stand.
<Daifan> well she will have to if someone is getting her all mixed up in this saint business. :p
<Daifan> before she is even old enough to remember what she is holding in her hand
<Daifan> usually her little feet :3
<Dekhesh> I'll help however I can, but trying to get Ufrim to back off is, well, I don't know how we could do that.
<Daifan> But still! It is a cruel thing to single her out like that, I can't believe he doens't see that. Or care.
<Dekhesh> Yeah.
<Daifan> well, plase let me know if you have any thoughts about that matter... or the other one. And I will see what I can come up with as well
<Daifan> But I know that fce she is making now, and you had better give her back >.>
<Dekhesh> Aieee! Zozh! Zozh!
* Dekhesh passes her back.
* Daifan chuckles
<Daifan> zozh, yes, better find you a clean rag, little goat...
* Daifan will go about that
<Dekhesh> I'll come back another time. Ahh ... thanks.
<Daifan> later!

Veznara consults with Lady Hegha about historical matters

* Hegha is a member of an important aristocratic lineage from Omba. She and her husband Dezren, a member of the even more aristocratic Tertizhi lineage, live in relative opulence in a fine home in Kaskind.
* Veznara dresses in one of her courtier's outfits - a shade humbler than the noble couture she is entitled to, as she is now a priestess - and jewelry that incorporates Vumuri shells
* Hegha welcomes you in.
<Hegha> Hello, Hand Veznara! What a lovely surprise!
<Veznara> Lady Hegha, how delightful to see you again!
<Veznara> I hope I am not intruding.
<Hegha> No, not at all. Dezren is out exploring, you know, and so I am here, managing the house, doing my research when I get a chance.
* Hegha is wearing a long, conservative cloak embroidered with gold, and a green and gold silk headdress.
<Veznara> Ah, yes. I was actually hoping to consult you about your research - or at least about local history.
<Veznara> I've been doing some research of my own, and I would appreciate your input on what I've been looking at.
<Hegha> Oh? How exciting! I'd be happy to talk.
<Veznara> Wonderful! Should we perhaps go to your study? I have something to show you.
<Hegha> Of course, of course!
* Veznara follows Hegha into her study
<Veznara> Is there a table where we can look at documents? I have brought some books with me...
<Hegha> Yes, of course. You can ... here, just lay them here.
<Veznara> (I assume actually that I hired somebody to come and carry them? Keeping a careful eye on that person all the time, of course.)
<Hegha> (ok, if you want to have done so)
* Veznara indicates for her porter to place the small chest on the table, and has him wait outside while they confer - perhaps getting refreshment from the kitchens, or whatever.)
* Hegha leads you to a long table made of beech that you know must have been imported.
* Veznara take a key and opens the chest, and carefully lifts out the volumes of the Espali Annals
<Hegha> Well, what's this now?
<Veznara> When it was determined that I would come here to Kaskind, my great-uncle Umurt was kind enough to present these to me as a gift.
<Veznara> They are my family's copies of the Espali Annals, about the Corps' missionary efforts in this area long before the conquest.
<Hegha> Hmm, may I?
<Veznara> By all means!
* Hegha examines them.
<Veznara> I am afraid they date back to long before the Tertizhi silksword was brought here.
<Hegha> Ahh, I was going to chide you for not telling me about them. But I can see this, yes, this is earlier.
<Veznara> I suppose they *may* have indirect clues that would help you. I would be happy to loan them to you for a time, so you can examine them for yourself.
<Hegha> You've read them, then?
<Veznara> I've only had a chance to read them more fully in recent days, I'm afraid.
<Hegha> Well, that's all right. You may not be fully developed yet as a scholar but I am confident that your reading is correct, these have no bearing on the issue.
<Hegha> Frankly, I sometimes have to keep Dezren on track and bringing strange volumes into the house is often a source of anxiety for him, the poor dear. He doesn't know how to sort the wheat from the chaff, in terms of his project I mean of course.
<Hegha> The volumes themselves, these are remarkable, and I don't think I've seen them before.
<Veznara> Thank you.
<Hegha> So, you have a question about them?
<Veznara> As I say, there was nothing in there that would be of direct use to you as far as I can see, but I have not attained your own level of expertise.
<Veznara> In particular, I think there are names and references to older language that I do not understand.
<Veznara> I was thinking particularly of this section of the work...
* Veznara opens one of the volumes to the pages she was reading earlier, and points out some of the names in question
<Hegha> Here, let's sit.
<Hegha> Mmm, yes, I see.
<Veznara> I am familiar with Aummesh, but not the languages that preceded it. I have a feeling that they are relevant here, however.
<Hegha> Yes. Well, that is a complex question, to be sure.
<Hegha> As you know, the Aummesh language is a debased offshoot of Ombesh. It only exists because of the missionary and military encounters of several hundred years ago.
<Hegha> But there were many different peoples here at the time, naturally. Most of them are extinct, or we know very little about them.
<Hegha> Aummesh has a number of loanwords which reflect these older cultures, words now being some of the only survivals of that long-ago time.
* Veznara nods
<Hegha> Now, I say they're extinct, but that's not quite true.
<Veznara> Oh?
<Hegha> To the north, the Tzameddi, or their ancestors, were clearly here long ago.
<Hegha> But these words are not Tzameddi.
<Veznara> What can they be, then?
<Hegha> This text, it seems to reflect people in the south of Ashnabis, is that so? This area and even further south?
<Veznara> Yes, that is my understanding.
<Hegha> What do you know of the people who live to the south of the territory of Imperial Osnabis?
<Veznara> Umnaka, Fliitangir, and Hrofnand? Very little, I'm afraid.
<Hegha> Well, the Enskrai, the herders of Umnaka, occupy the territories to the east and south, the plains and steppes.
<Hegha> And so it has been for many centuries.
<Hegha> The Fliitangi are a mystery even to me, but these texts are clearly describing humans.
<Hegha> But Hrofnand, that is indeed, in my view, much like what Imperial Osnabis must have been, before the Omban conquest.
<Hegha> And there are indeed some speakers of the old tongues still there ... and indeed, still here.
<Veznara> Languages other than Duedarcian?
<Hegha> Oh yes.
<Hegha> Duedarcian, that's a civilized language. These are something else.
<Veznara> Ah. Do you recognize any of the words, or word roots?
<Hegha> Hrofnanders are a mix, today. Some of them speak Aummesh, and probably some Enskrai, but there are many others down there.
<Hegha> One of the challenges in recognizing a specific language is that these words are recorded by an Ombesh speaker, hundreds of years ago.
<Hegha> Not only has their language surely changed since then, but there is also the issue of transcription.
<Veznara> Ah. So the phonetic transcription may be slightly off.
<Veznara> All the more so in languages that used sounds we do not use in Ombesh.
<Hegha> The ancient scholars were not always fastidious, and as you know, sometimes we hear sounds differently in the mouths of others.
<Veznara> Were they at least consistent in their mis-transcriptions?
* Hegha laughs.
<Hegha> Oh goodness no.
<Veznara> Oh dear.
<Veznara> That will make it even more of a puzzle, then.
<Hegha> Yes. So what you have here is a book with names and places of a language five hundred years old, or more, written down by a naive transcriber, and every likelihood that the language has left no modern trace.
<Veznara> But you know something of those languages?
<Hegha> Well .. just enough to be dangerous.
<Hegha> But I do know someone you could talk to.
<Veznara> Yes?
<Hegha> His name is Wu'aranxe, and he's a Hrofnander, from one of these descendant tribes.
<Hegha> Thoroughly savage but possessed of a good intellect, he is a storyteller of his people, living in Timiil, of all places.
<Veznara> My goodness!
<Veznara> Well, I suppose I can ask him if I must.
<Veznara> He does speak Ombesh? Or Aummesh, at least?
<Hegha> But some of these strange names with their unusual consonant clusters, remind me of his tongue, which I don't speak but which I did get him to say some words for me.
<Hegha> He speaks Aummesh well enough.
<Hegha> They mostly do, here.
<Hegha> Ombesh, I don't imagine so.
<Veznara> Yes, that makes sense.
<Veznara> How did you come to meet him? In your research, I suppose?
<Hegha> Yes, exactly so. I won't say we have a fully trusting relationship, but he has provided some insight into some potential materials that may be in the far south of the province, or even in Hrofnand itself.
<Veznara> Do you know how he views the Corps?
<Veznara> I fear our reverence for the Ancestors may not be well received in his land.
<Hegha> Honestly I don't think he cares much. He's not a follower of course, but unlike the Enskrai or even the Tzameddi, who we've spent a lot of time converting, down in Hrofnand, well, I don't think anyone's ever bothered. He may be concerned that you would be trying to convert him, in which case you should probably go to some effort to demonstrate otherwise.
<Veznara> Is there anything else I should keep in mind when approaching him? A traditional gift to offer, or some such?
<Hegha> Honestly I don't know enough about their customs or culture to say. As I say, he lives in Timiil so it's not like he's completely unaccustomed to our ways.
<Veznara> Yes. He's been here for a while, I take it?
<Hegha> A few years, yes, that's my understanding.
<Veznara> Is he an older man?
<Hegha> Oh, no, not at all. Perhaps your age or a little older?
<Veznara> I see. He sounds like a scholar, though - or for what passes for such among his people.
<Hegha> Yes, that seems like an apt description.
<Veznara> Then I hope he will be able to help me understand these passages better!
<Hegha> Do let me know if you have any success in your efforts. This sounds like a wonderful project.
<Veznara> Thank you so much for your help, Lady Hegha.
<Hegha> Oh, you're welcome. It's so nice to have civilized company now and again.
<Veznara> I will certainly let you know what happens.
<Veznara> I feel the same way. :)
* Veznara carefully packs her treasured books away in the chest, locks it, and summons the porter to carry it back to the temple after politely taking her leave of Lady Hegha

Jimba presents Liraula's offer to Sizhif, who grudgingly accepts

* Jimba will go track down Sizhif (assuming no one else needs this channel)
* Sizhif can be found at the harbor, as usual.
* Jimba will wave and smile.
* Sizhif is barking orders at various lackeys, and being obeyed.
* Sizhif spots you and trudges over.
<Jimba> Good morning!
<Sizhif> Jimba, hello! Ahh ... is this about business?
<Jimba> It is. Does this conversation need to take place somewhere a little...quieter?
<Sizhif> Yes, just give me a minute to yell at these people.
* Sizhif does so, using invectives rarely heard except among sailors.
* Jimba grins and watches her work.
<Sizhif> There. You know, I'm not really a nasty person. But sometimes you have to know the language that people will respond to.
<Jimba> Whatever it takes to get the job done.
<Sizhif> Your boat, then? Closer than my office.
<Jimba> It's an honor to host you.
* Jimba smiles.
* Jimba will lead the way over there, chatting about how things are going in general.
<Sizhif> Permission to board, captain?
* Jimba smiles and rolls his eyes.
<Jimba> Permission granted.
<Jimba> Something to drink? Presumably Kat left some of our wine intact.
<Sizhif> No, thank you, not while I'm working.
<Jimba> Of course.
<Jimba> Tea or something?
<Jimba> (Something being, I guess, water? >.>)
<Sizhif> Sure, tea would be fine. I feel like I'm always wet and cold these days.
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> The way of things here.
<Sizhif> It doesn't rain like this in Choradan.
<Jimba> Oh?
* Jimba will start getting tea ready, putting a pot on, etc.
<Sizhif> Well, not usually.
<Jimba> There are places is the world that are actually dry for extended periods?
* Jimba says jokingly.
<Jimba> So, I have some news about...what you asked me to look into.
<Sizhif> Oh?
<Jimba> I spoke to Liraula of the Gadali.
<Jimba> She felt she could work out an alternate deal with the Fort regarding the release of the hostages.
<Sizhif> Hmm. On what terms?
<Jimba> Are they still willing to pay the cash portion of what Shotser is demanding?
<Sizhif> Five thousand horns? Arrrrrrghhh.
<Sizhif> Fucking pirates.
* Jimba shrugs.
<Jimba> They are what they are.
<Jimba> Besides, I thought you said the Fort would get reimbursed.
<Sizhif> They'll pay it, as long as it can be done discreetly.
<Sizhif> No one wants to create incentives for more activity of this sort.
<Jimba> Well, I think discreet is best for everyone, yeah.
<Sizhif> Yes.
<Jimba> She thinks her people should be able to relieve Shotser of his captives and release them to you, for the same price he demanded. Just without having to deal with that whole ship and crew mess.
<Sizhif> And I suppose I shouldn't ask too many questions other than that.
<Jimba> It would be impolite, I think.
* Jimba smiles.
<Jimba> Fuckin' pirate she may be, but Liraula's better than Shotser.
<Jimba> You're better off dealing with her than giving him any sort of a win.
<Sizhif> That's true. You should still be careful around her, Jimba. She's dangerous.
<Jimba> My cousin just killed a man. Everyone's dangerous. But I'll keep my eyes open.
<Sizhif> All right, and you are authorized to make this deal on her behalf? We can't be seen to be dealing with her directly.
<Jimba> Yeah, she entrusted me to act as her proxy in this.
<Sizhif> All right then, payment in full upon the safe and discreet release of the Vunughi noblewomen into our care, five thousand horns.
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> Simple enough on this end.
<Sizhif> All right.
* Sizhif shakes her head.
<Sizhif> This better not go to shit on us all.
<Jimba> Well, now, I don't know how much of a guarantee I can make.
<Jimba> Shotser is unpredictable.
<Sizhif> Right.
<Sizhif> Exactly.
<Jimba> But I imagine he's going to want to keep this quiet and just seethe, rather than let out that he lost something he was holding.
<Jimba> I get the impression he was trying to buy favor further afield, from what Liraula said.
<Sizhif> Hmm, that's interesting. Maybe.
<Jimba> Discredit the General and such, put her in an impossible situation.
* Jimba shrugs.
<Jimba> I'm not as involved in all that political stuff, but I thought you'd want to know.
<Sizhif> All right. I'll take that insight to the General as well. Thank you, Jimba.
<Jimba> Happy, and somewhat terrified, to help.
* Jimba grins.
<Sizhif> I assume you want your name to be kept entirely out of this? Or are you looking for recompense from the General?
<Jimba> Oh, no, I don't need any more part of this than necessary.
<Sizhif> Understood.
<Jimba> Keeping the peace, such as it is, is in everyone's best interest, my own included.
<Sizhif> All right, thank you for your time, Captain. And now, I should get back to yelling at people.
<Jimba> This is enlightened self-interest. And a favor to a family friend, of course.
<Jimba> Anytime.
<Jimba> Honestly.
<Jimba> Have fun yelling at people. Tell Kiche and Kechin to call on us sometime for dinner or something.

Veznara meets with the Stoneguard Ikhavor

* Veznara goes to the Temple of the Voice in Kaskind, in search of the Stoneguard Ikhavor
* Ikhavor is a short but physically imposing woman, perhaps in her mid thirties. She is wearing full armor, as would be typical of stoneguards on duty.
* Veznara approaches her
<Veznara> Stoneguard Ikhavor?
<Veznara> I am Hand Veznara Kezondo.
<Veznara> (Or I guess I might not include my last name?)
<Ikhavor> How may I serve?
* Ikhavor shifts her weight as if trying to assess the situation.
<Veznara> I was hoping you could provide me with information. I have arrived in Kaskind relatively recently, and I am still trying to find my bearings here.
<Ikhavor> All right.
<Veznara> I also am something of a historian, and I am interested in learning more about local history.
<Veznara> Naturally, I have started with the history of this area vis-a-vis the Corps.
<Veznara> I was wondering if you could tell me more about the role of stoneguards here?
<Ikhavor> Hmm, what do you mean exactly?
<Ikhavor> The role of the stoneguards in this temple?
<Veznara> I suppose that's a good place to start. Are there any differences from other places that I should be aware of?
<Ikhavor> Well, here, the main difficulty is that Ombesh people don't have ancestors here, mostly.
<Ikhavor> So my role here is different from most stoneguards in that I'm not really assigned many duties in terms of guarding this temple specifically.
<Ikhavor> Rather, I was sent because I have some expertise and interest in ancient mortuary practices of this region.
<Veznara> Oh, I see! That's very interesting.
<Veznara> Can you tell me more about them?
<Ikhavor> What is this concerning?
<Ikhavor> It is not the place of the Hand to be intervening in this part of the Corps.
<Veznara> (Can I roll Sense Motive to get a sense of what sort of person she is based on what I've seen so far?)
<Ikhavor> (not really?)
<Ikhavor> (SM isn't a personality test)
<Veznara> (OK, how about to get a sense of whether she's asking because she's hiding something specific?)
<Ikhavor> (nope, that's well beyond what SM can do)
<Veznara> (Ah well, never mind)
<Veznara> Well, I have been assigned to work at the Land Registry.
<Veznara> (Just a sec - I have to review whether it's a good idea to discuss the temple with him or not)
<Veznara> (Like, as far as I know, we weren't explicitly ordered not to discuss it with anyone, right?)
<Ikhavor> (no I don't think so)
<Veznara> (Dezmali warned me that widespread knowledge of it could cause problems within the Corps, though.)
<Ikhavor> (yeah)
<Veznara> (I'll keep it quiet for now, then...)
<Veznara> This means that I am part of a team that assesses claims. Since I know the Aummesh are, ah, not always glad to see us, I wish to be as sensitive as I can to matters that the local people care about.
<Ikhavor> Well, that's certainly true.
<Veznara> Also, I am the only Corps member on the team at present. So they turn to me whenever a question about religious matters comes up.
<Veznara> I have no wish to interfere in Voice matters, of course. But if there are any local practices I should be aware of, I would like to be informed of them.
<Ikhavor> There are any number of old cemeteries, abandoned temples, and other religious monuments in need of care and protection. One of my jobs here is to enumerate them to ensure we can do our job.
* Veznara nods
<Ikhavor> My advice to you is to stay away from Aummesh temples. They will see you as an interloper, which, of course, you are.
<Veznara> I will certainly not seek out trouble.
<Veznara> However, our purview may require us to investigate a rather large area. I don't know what will be out there.
* Ikhavor nods.
<Ikhavor> That's entirely true. In my experience the temples in Timiil are basically the same as ours at home. The ceremonies are conducted in Aummesh and the lineages are much larger with more ancestors, but basically the same.
<Veznara> Are there particular signs I can look out for to indicate when a temple may be nearby?
<Ikhavor> No, not really.
<Ikhavor> A temple could be anywhere.
<Veznara> I see. Well, thank you for you time, Stoneguard Ikhavor.
<Veznara> I hope I may come to consult you in the future, if need be.
<Ikhavor> You're welcome. I am available to serve.
* Veznara smiles and nods, and takes her leave