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Session date: May 31, 2020
Fair Cycle date:

The group receive instructions from Utus that they are to return to Pashas

<AshnabisGM> It's been a while, you'd just been thinking to yourself, since you got one of Those Looks at work. That not-too-threatening but still intimidating look from Utus as he steps out of his office and issues a command for your presence.
<AshnabisGM> It had been so quiet, so peaceful, here at the registry, even as everything else around you in the world is in disarray. One could even forget that you still work here, if one chose.
<AshnabisGM> But you knew it had to end sometime - and a sunny crisp day in Loster is as good as any.
<AshnabisGM> There is an old Imperial proverb - "The unmet gaze pierces still" - which you suppose to mean that it doesn't do any good to avoid a matter. Even so.
<AshnabisGM> And so fifteen minutes later, you all find yourselves in Utus' office, along with Sizhif Suster, the master of sail for the colony. A well-made latched cypress chest, about two feet long, sits atop the central table.
<Utus> Good morning. Sit, please.
* Utus seems more serious than usual, perhaps.
<Jimba> Mornin', sir.
<Veznara> Good morning.
* Veznara returns the greeting, and sits as indicated.
<Katenzhi> Mornin' all
* Sizhif nods in greeting as well.
* Sizhif is a plump, middle-aged woman with grey hair pulled back in a braid. She wears a blue-green dashi and a black cloak thrown over her shoulders.
<Jimba> Good morning, Sizhif. What brings you by today?
<Sizhif> As some of you no doubt have already heard, an attack is planned against Yeggun's pirates, with the aim of driving them out of Pashas.
<Sizhif> Prior to the strike, we want to get some supplies to the locals - some fos, and something to help us communicate with them to aid in coordinating the attack.
<Jimba> Oh?
<Sizhif> Since you've had some dealings with the people there already, you seemed like ideal candidates to make the delivery.
* Sizhif gestures to the wooden chest that is on Utus' desk.
<Sizhif> If you can get this to Sileshu Heptachei, the lineage elder, we think he will be best placed to distribute it to those who can make good use of it.
<Sizhif> However, if by some chance he's met with misfortune or is unable or unwilling to assist, use your best judgment about how to distribute the materials.
* Llillilli nods
* Daifan sits in their usual corner, listening for now
<Junan> what exactly are we bringing?
* Daifan is interested in this answer :x
<Sizhif> A large quantity of fos, and a magic ring that lets the wearer communicate with another wearer within a limited distance. The general will have the other during the attack.
<Sizhif> When she is about a mile off, which is the limit of the ring's power, she'll send a message to indicate that they're close, so that he can warn his people and make any necessary preparations.
* Jimba nods thoughtfully.
<Jimba> Makes sense.
* Veznara nods
* Daifan nods
<Utus> Obviously we expect this to be kept confidential. Can't have Yeggun learning about our plans.
<Junan> do we have any news from Pashas since we were last there
<Jimba> Of course, sir.
<Junan> ?
<Utus> Very little, unfortunately.
<Sizhif> I would recommend, if you can, making the trip at night, and landing somewhere outside the town. You'll be less likely to be noticed that way.
* Jimba nods.
<Utus> I don't think I need to tell you that if Yeggun or the Cormorants catch you ... it will not be good.
<Llillilli> Are we staying or just delivering
<Sizhif> Just make the delivery and get out, if you can.
<Katenzhi> Probably not a good idea to stick around.
* Veznara nods
<Llillilli> Hm.
<Sizhif> Of course, any information you can bring back about the conditions or circumstances there would be helpful.
<Junan> Implying that we have enough time to get there and back?
<Utus> But otherwise, yes, get out of there and leave the soldiering to the soldiers. I won't have my teams caught up in a war.
<Sizhif> But don't put yourselves at unnecessary risk - if you can make the delivery, talk to the locals, and leave in one night, that would be best.
* Daifan raises ther eyebrows at that because , like, tha's eactly what is happenig right now
<Daifan> (re: being caught up in a war)
<Junan> (I know, right?)
<Llillilli> I am happy to help the people of Pfaeshes.
<Sizhif> Very well. Utus, maybe in light of their valuable service tonight, you want to give them the rest of the day off to rest up and prepare? ;)
<Utus> Ahh ... well, yes.
<Utus> Yes, you may have the day to prepare. Not a day off - because of course you are at work when serving the General in this way.
* Daifan nods
<Junan> ok
<Veznara> Thank you, Commissioner.

Sizhif has a word with Jimba about the accusations of piracy

* Sizhif will gesture for Jimba to come aside and speak with her privately before she leaves.
* Jimba goes with her.
<Sizhif> Look - I've heard about the complaint from this captain, Salozh Zastorifti. I'm sure you know what it's about.
<Jimba> Yeah...
<Sizhif> Don't worry, I'm not going to come down on you - or your, ahem, associates - too hard. After all, just a few weeks ago, they were our enemies, and their ships were valid targets.
* Sizhif says with a shrug
* Jimba scratches his neck awkwardly.
<Jimba> Thanks, I appreciate that.
<Sizhif> But we need Zastorifti to be cooperative, not angry - we're going to need her ship, and her support, to help this mission succeed.
<Jimba> I'm willing to cut her a deal, but if I just give it away I'll be taking a loss.
<Sizhif> So... do what you need to in order to smooth things over. Give her back the rest of the shipment, or pay her off, or whatever will satisfy her.
* Sizhif nods
<Jimba> Okay.
<Jimba> Helping Pashas is more important than my bottom line.
<Jimba> ;)
<Sizhif> I'll owe you a favour for helping resolve this, too.
<Jimba> I'll put it on your tab. :)
<Sizhif> I had a word with Liraula recently too - figured she ought to know about the attack, if only to stay well out of the way. When I let her know you'd be going back to Pashas, she asked if I could give you this, to take to her nephew Aptan.
<Jimba> Oh?
* Sizhif removes the leather cloak she was wearing and passes it over.
<Sizhif> I think she's expecting he might need to make a quick getaway if things go bad. This should help.
<Sizhif> Lets you swim like a fish - or a manta ray, technically.
<Jimba> Oh. interesting.
<Jimba> I'll make sure he gets it.
<Sizhif> Thanks. Honestly I don't know if he'll want to leave - he's pretty embedded with the pirates. But Liraula's worried for him, so I said, sure, we'll try to help.
<Jimba> Better safe than sorry.
<Jimba> And it's not a bad item for a pirate to have.
* Sizhif nods
<Sizhif> Well - good luck, enjoy the day off I got you ;)
* Junan will give Daifan the "day off" eyebrow raise and wink
* Sizhif will give a nod and head out.
* Jimba smiles and waves as she leaves.
<AshnabisGM> All right, you have some time now today to make whatever plans you have for your trip to Ruur.
* Daifan smiles back at Junan

They make plans and perform a sending to Sileshu

<AshnabisNarrator> Okay, so, what is your plan here? Bearing in mind that a) they probably could have got any manifest or mystic to teleport in and give some fos, so probably they wanted you to go because of your connections with the locals, and that b) if only 3 of you go, the other 3 are gonna have a real quiet session today ;)
* Katenzhi will check in with Bivizmi and let her know I'll be gone for a bit.
<AshnabisNarrator> ok, sounds good
<Veznara> (Well, I can go check in with Dezmali and see whether there's any news on that end. Last time the Temple was unmolested, but is that still true?)
* Jimba can let anyone he needs to know that he'll be gone.
<AshnabisGM> Dezmali doesn't have any news on the temple in Pashas - although she certainly would like to know how things are there, and how the priestess Shima is doing.
<Veznara> (OK. I will certainly check in if I can. )
<AshnabisGM> Anyone else have anything they need to do / prepare / check on ?
* Daifan can let their allies know what's up too, esp Balinteze
<AshnabisNarrator> okay, can do
<Daifan> (Though I have apparenty promised most of my day to Junan.... maybe he and I can meet up after lunch or something ;)
<AshnabisNarrator> heh
<AshnabisNarrator> Okay - so are you actually planning on the teleport? If so, who is going, and what is your plan?
<Daifan> (Iwuld suggest bringing the ship in closer and then teleporting, if we are going to do it that way. I alsi think bringing the chest will affect how many ppl Kat can bring anyway, so it might not work out quite how we were hoping)
<AshnabisNarrator> also, I think there was mention in oog about trying a Sending to Sileshu or someone else first? did you want to do that, maybe to get a sense of what is going on there currently?
<Katenzhi> (No, I can carry up to my max load along with me. Depends how much the chest weighs.)
<AshnabisNarrator> I'm sure it's not more than your max load. all it has in it is some fos and a ring ;)
<Daifan> (oh cool(
<AshnabisNarrator> but - did you want to try your Sending?
<AshnabisNarrator> because that might inform your decision too, on how to go and where/when to arrive, and so on.
<Daifan> (yeah, that's a good call - what do we want to say though :x)
<Katenzhi> (How much does the chest weigh?)
<Katenzhi> (Because if it's more than 100 pounds the point is moot)
<AshnabisNarrator> (idk probably like 20 lbs tops? it's really not that much. probably the chest itself weighs more than the contents ;p)
<Katenzhi> (ok)
<Veznara> (Something non-specific, in case Sileshu has been captured? "What is happening with you? Is all well? What are Yeggun and pirates doing?")
<Veznara> (And then Send a follow-up to mention our upcoming visit if it seems good?)
<Katenzhi> (Key your headset if you're under duress...)
<AshnabisGM> OK, Kat, you're in charge here. You want to try a Sending?
<Katenzhi> (Sure)
<AshnabisGM> OK, what's your message/
<AshnabisGM> ?
<AshnabisNarrator> and who to? Sileshu?
<Daifan> (like "we have been asked by the general to deliver supplies and and discuss plans for assistance are you in a position to receive them" maybe)
<Katenzhi> (Well first we want to make sure they aren't captured)
<Katenzhi> (Oh, but only Sileshu would be able to see the sending, right?)
<AshnabisGM> (yes, only the target can hear the message)
<AshnabisNarrator> yeah, it's audio only, to just one person, only they can hear it.
<Veznara> (Is it seen? I thought it was telepathy, basically)
<Katenzhi> ("The General is sending supplies and communication artifact. We will deliver them. Can you recieve them? Are you all right? What is the situation?" Does that sound good?)
<Daifan> (yeah :)
<AshnabisNarrator> Ok - to Sileshu?
<Katenzhi> (Yes)
<AshnabisNarrator> ok - you'll need to roll to cast it, of course.
<Katenzhi> yeah, sec
<Katenzhi> !roll 1d20+12
* Daifan rolls for Katenzhi: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 22 ].
<AshnabisNarrator> ok, looks good.
<AshnabisNarrator> (just give us a sec to figure out our response :)
<AshnabisNarrator> it takes 10 minutes to cast, so you can do that when you're able.
<AshnabisNarrator> Okay, here is the reply you get back from Sileshu, after the spell is completed.
<AshnabisNarrator> "Captured by Yeggun, held prisoner on the Cormorant for weeks. Much danger, be careful if you come here. Make sure my family are safe."
<Katenzhi> Well... fucksticks.
* Katenzhi will relay that to the group.
<Llillilli> Hm.
* Llillilli frowns.
<Daifan> then it sounds like we should go and see what is happening.... and let the general know of this as well.
<Katenzhi> Yeah.
* Jimba nods.
<Llillilli> We should get him out. When the attack comes.
<Katenzhi> How?
<Daifan> let's find out what is happening first, and then see what we can do.
<Daifan> we know we can pass messages back to the general as well with this spell
<Jimba> I'm guessing teleport may be less of an option there?
* Llillilli shrugs.
<AshnabisNarrator> (If you might need to extract him or anyone else to safety, it is more of a risk - you wouldn't be able to bring more people than you started with)
<Llillilli> (I can swim to safety :eyes:)
<AshnabisNarrator> (heh)
<Jimba> (Unless they had other...yeah)
<Katenzhi> (Also Teleporting to the Cormorrant would be much less likely to work)
<Jimba> (I was going to say, with Llillilli's abilities, and me with the cape...)
<Jimba> (We have people who wouldn't necessarily need a teleport to get away.)
<AshnabisNarrator> Well, it's certainly your call - however you want to approach it :) I'm not trying to stop you from teleporting, just checking you've thought it through. If you have and want to do it, that's fine!
<Daifan> (and teleporing *away* with the prisoners if we can get there some other mens is also a good plan)
<Katenzhi> (Yeah, it is good to have in reserve for getting out of a tight spot for some of us.
<Daifan> (I think we shoudl go by boat, find out the situation on the ground, and then potentially plan a rescue if we think we can carry it off)
<Katenzhi> (Agreed)
<Jimba> (*nod* Makes sense to me)
<AshnabisNarrator> okay.
<Daifan> (park where we did before and see if we can get in that way again)
<AshnabisNarrator> All right. Ready to go, then? Assuming you have made any preparations (or spent the day boning, as appropriate ;)
<Daifan> (I mean maybe some extra extra fos for ourselves but I don't kwo what other kinds of supplies/praparations we could make)
* Katenzhi will take plenty of fos
<Junan> (enchanted arrows?)
<AshnabisNarrator> (I mostly just meant people who wanted to check in with various folks or whatever.)
<AshnabisNarrator> Did you want to try and buy enchanted arrows, or are you hoping maybe the office will issue you some? ;)
<Junan> (ill let Kikhash know what I discussed with Llillilli in case I dont come back)
<Junan> (office? Im Daligashi, why buy when you can borrow?)
<AshnabisNarrator> lol
<AshnabisNarrator> okay to Kikhash, makes sense. No to magic arrows, the office don't love you that much ;)
<Junan> (I can blink really good and make doe eyes!)
<AshnabisNarrator> heh
<Junan> (Suggest they lend me some?)
<Junan> (jk)

Junan asks Llillilli about the likely hith response to an attack

* Junan will catch up to Llillilli
<Junan> Hi, you have a minute to talk?
* Llillilli shrugs.
<Llillilli> Sure.
<Junan> were you thinking of staying on Ruur to help?
<Junan> sorry... are you?
<Llillilli> It occurred to me.
<Llillilli> Plan is a strong word
<Junan> please don't surprise everyone if you do decide, you may not be the only one to think that way.
<Junan> So how are the Hith dealing with all of...
* Junan waves his hand generally
<Junan> ... this mess?
<Llillilli> Hm.
<Llillilli> I'm not fully privy to the king's council.
<Llillilli> I hope that they are... less close to war with the humans since my visit.
* Junan nods
<Llillilli> Thelef says that the test I went through will hopefully force the more... volatile elements to consider that we are all people under the same sun.
<Junan> you've taken the whole test experience in stride
<Junan> which I'm sure helps too
<Llillilli> How else should I take it?
<Junan> You think there are other test they could have tried that had less potential for extreme outcomes?
<Junan> its done now and you're through it so, I guess the question doesnt really matter
* Llillilli shrugs.
<Junan> You think this effort against Yeggun is gonna be any help in smoothing things over?
<Llillilli> No idea. Depends how it goes I guess.
<Llillilli> MOst of the People have already left Pfaeshes.
* Junan nods
<Junan> just wouldnt want to step in thier way if they already had plans to deal with Yeggun... make things worse.
<Llillilli> (I don't think I'm aware of any such plans... can a GM remind me if I am forgetting something?)
<AshnabisGM> (not that you know of)
<Llillilli> Not that I'm aware of.
<Junan> glad that's one mess that is less likely to be stumbled into
* Llillilli nods.
<Junan> I still worry about the cause of this whole Ruur situation to begin with... I feel like a big piece of the puzzle is missing
<Junan> but thats just me looking for a way out of this mess
<Junan> glad you're back and coming with us
<Llillilli> It will come out one way or another.

They travel to Ruur after nightfall and return to the Heptachei lineage hall

<AshnabisNarrator> As the sun is setting, casting a pall of crimson over the water, you begin the trip to the island of Ruur. The journey takes a couple of hours, so this should ensure you arrive well after dark.
<AshnabisNarrator> You aim to make anchor at the same place you've landed before, the sheltered but rocky cove some way outside of the main town, near the isolated hut of the family of Batsrau.
<AshnabisNarrator> Jimba and Kat, you want to make a Sailing roll to see how you do? I forget which of you has higher, but the other can assist :)
<Jimba> (sure)
<Katenzhi> !roll 1d20+12
* Daifan rolls for Katenzhi: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 20 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 32 ].
<AshnabisNarrator> well!
<Jimba> !roll 1d20+11
* Daifan rolls for Jimba: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 12 ].
<AshnabisNarrator> amazing.
<Katenzhi> ...
<Jimba> (Oh my god)
<Jimba> (Save me Kat)
<AshnabisNarrator> Katenzhi, you're quite familiar with this place now, and can navigate it smoothly even in the dark, despite Jimba's assistance ;)
<Jimba> (hee, I'm halping!)
<Daifan> (hah)
<AshnabisNarrator> You land safely and can disembark onto the beach.
<AshnabisNarrator> The small house on the shore is still at this time of night, but you can see a curl of smoke drifting from its chimney, suggesting its inhabitants are hopefully safe inside.
<AshnabisNarrator> You walk the path towards the town of Pashas, keeping to the shadows as much as possible. Are you heading to the lineage house?
<Llillilli> (seems like a plan)
<Jimba> (*nod*)
<AshnabisNarrator> It's at the outskirts of the town so it's probably the easiest place to get to in order to try and talk to someone in somewhat safe surroundings.
<AshnabisNarrator> Okay, everyone make a Stealth roll to approach it unobtrusively.
* Junan is now known as Junan_AFK
* Daifan rolls [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 15 ]
<Daifan> (bah)
<Katenzhi> !roll 1d20+3
* Daifan rolls for Katenzhi: [ 1d20+3 ] getting [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ 3 ] totals [ 12 ].
<AshnabisNarrator> (if you want to refer to the map of the town, I have it up in roll20)
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+1
* Daifan rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+1 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 1 ] totals [ 6 ].
<Jimba> !roll 1d20+13
* Daifan rolls for Jimba: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 21 ].
<Llillilli> !roll 1d20+15
* Daifan rolls for Llillilli: [ 1d20+15 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 15 ] totals [ 19 ].
<Veznara> (hmmm. I can re-roll that, if needed - is this individual, or group?)
<AshnabisNarrator> (mostly I'm just keeping an eye on the overall scores - if someone rolls super terrible it might matter :)
<Llillilli> (VEZNARA)
<Veznara> (Let it stand, then, I guess. :P )
<AshnabisNarrator> (ok)
<Veznara> (With my luck, the re-roll would be a 1.)
<AshnabisNarrator> The lineage house still looks rather the worse for wear, although there are signs of some efforts at repair that have been made to the roof - probably in anticipation of a rainy season that has not yet arrived.
<AshnabisNarrator> A wary young man, maybe about mid-teens or so, peeks out of the door to see who might be approaching this late at night.
* Sizhif is now known as Salidu
<Salidu> who's there?
<Jimba> Friends from the mainland.
* Salidu still looks cautious, but seeing that at least you don't appear to be pirates, he opens the door for you to enter.
<AshnabisNarrator> Inside, the Heptachei, or what remains of their lineage, take shelter. Some lie on pallets or cots, trying to sleep or to soothe a crying child, while others are gathered around the fire.
* Jimba frowns with concern.
<Llillilli> (do any appear injured or ill, or are they just sleeping because it's night time)
* Utus is now known as Soba
<AshnabisNarrator> Just night time, you think, although people generally look sort of thin and unwell overall.
<AshnabisNarrator> While of course you don't see Sileshu, his wife Soba rises to greet you.
* Soba looks thinner and more weary, and she was already quite thin when last you saw her.
<Llillilli> :|
<Soba> Why have you come back here?
<Llillilli> To help, we hope
<Soba> You must be careful that no one sees you - there are some who would sell any information about strangers in town to the Cormorant, trying to get a bit of extra food or stay on their good side.
* Veznara frowns
<Katenzhi> I don't think anyone saw us. Hopefully.
<Jimba> Hopefully, the Cormorant won't be a problem for too much longer.
<Soba> What do you mean?
<Jimba> Aid is coming.
<Jimba> Some is already here.
<Jimba> (We have the chest with us, right?)
<AshnabisNarrator> Yes.
<Veznara> I'm so sorry, obviously things have been getting even worse since the last time.
<Daifan> :/
<Veznara> They took your husband - what happened?
<Soba> Sileshu was taken not long after you were last here - after you rescued Liwhis. They seized him in the marketplace and took him on board the big ship. We haven't seen him since.
* Soba looks worried about her husband, but there is a definite anger in her voice as well.
<Veznara> I'm sorry.
<Jimba> He's alive, we know that much.
<Soba> We surmised that. If Yeggun had wanted to kill him, his body would have been displayed in the town square.
<Soba> But whether he is sick or well, injured or healthy, we don't know.
<Soba> Is Liwhis safe?
<Llillilli> He is in Sulise.
* Soba breathes a sigh of relief at that.
<Soba> We have no real way to communicate outside the island.
<Soba> Yeggun controls the port completely.
<Veznara> What of the Temple of the Hand? How is Shima?
<Soba> She's here. With Sileshu gone, Shima has been serving in his place, as our eldest daughter.
* Salidu is now known as Shima
* Shima is a short, plump woman of around forty or so, with thick black hair reaching to her shoulders. She wears the simple white robe of a Hand priestess, and you might recall seeing her lead the ceremony on your first visit here, under happier circumstances.
* Shima comes over to greet you as well, at her mother's gesture.
<Shima> What is in the chest?
* Shima asks, nodding to it.
<Katenzhi> Mostly fos. And a magical item that will let you communicate with the mainland.
<Shima> Ah, that's helpful. We can't even send out fishing boats right now, Yeggun forbids it in case we use them to escape, or deliver a message.
<Veznara> (Not the mainland, though.)
<Katenzhi> (Yeah, sorry, my bad, change that to "a mile out")
<Shima> And with the rains not coming, even the harvest has been meagre. We are living off our stores of food, but they're getting low.
<Soba> I hope the General's plan is to string his body up for everyone to see.
<Katenzhi> I don't know exactly what the general is planning, but when it happens it will probably happen fast.
<Katenzhi> You'll need to all be ready.
* Shima nods
<Veznara> Has Yeggun been preparing defenses?
<Soba> Soon, then?
<Soba> No defenses, no, nothing like that.
<Katenzhi> They didn't say when, but I would guess sooner than later.
<Shima> We can do our best, but some of our strongest are dead or fled. I will do what I'm able to guide people, and hopefully it will be enough.
<Jimba> Really? No preparation for attack?
<Soba> Not on land, at least. I'm sure he keeps his fleet in good order.
<Shima> I imagine he expects any attack would come by sea.
<Soba> Perhaps he doesn't expect an attack at all. Perhaps he presumes that no one cares about Ruur.
<Jimba> So there's a good chance to take the town back, when the time comes.
<Katenzhi> He's a pirate, not a general. More comfortable with naval combat. Maybe that will give you all an opening when the time comes.
<Jimba> And we'll have to trust the fleet.
* Shima nods, looking worried but determined.

Shima asks them to take a baby hith to safety

<Shima> I hate to place any additional burdens on you, but there is another issue you might be able to help us with...
<Soba> Again, you should be careful around here, who you tell of all this. There are eyes and ears.
<Katenzhi> What can we do?
* Shima goes back behind a screened-off part of the room, an area you might assume was used for bathing or other private activities, and returns carrying a large tub of water, such as might be used for washing clothing.
* Shima struggles a bit with the obvious weight of the tub, trying not to splash water as she goes.
<Ashnabis_GM> Within the tub, wriggling and squirming, is a creature like a large salamander - pale green skin mottled here and there with spots of brown, a large tail, and four stubby, flailing limbs.
<Llillilli> Oh no...
<Ashnabis_GM> It is a hith hatchling - a hifis, for those of you who are familiar with the language - and certainly a very young one.
<Ashnabis_GM> It looks up at you with large, curious eyes, and hisses.
<Daifan> :o
<Katenzhi> What...
<Llillilli> A baby :(
<Shima> When the People had to flee, there were some eggs left behind in the birthing pools. We took them and cared for them as well as we could, but I fear that some were damaged by being moved away from their nests...
<Shima> This is the only one that has hatched...
<Daifan> oh my....
<Daifan> do you know how to care for it?
<Jimba> [Hith] Oh, poor little one.
<Llillilli> (I assume I have ... a vague idea?)
<Shima> We have fed it, as well as we know how - they eat mushy fish or shellfish at this age.
<Shima> We've kept the little one hidden so far, but I'm afraid that if Yeggun's folk find out about it, they would do it harm. Or if we were no longer able to care for it.
<Ashnabis_GM> (sure, you have a pretty reasonable sense of how to care for it)
<Llillilli> S... some
<Llillilli> (how close are Shulilae & their partner's eggs to hatching again?)
<Ashnabis_GM> The eggs are due to hatch in Chuno, two months from now, as you understand.
* Shima lifts the squirming baby out of the water and holds it carefully. It seems to grow calmer once she's cuddling it - or maybe it just can't move as well out of water.
<Llillilli> We could take it back with us...
<Katenzhi> It's... really cute...
<Jimba> Do you think that's best?
<Shima> That would be safer, at least for now.
<Veznara> Have you named it?
* Jimba nods.
<Katenzhi> Better than it being here when things happen.
<Shima> It is my responsibility as a Hand to ensure that any child who needs care is properly looked after. But we can't do that for this child, not here, not like this.
* Veznara nods
<Shima> Maybe if circumstances were different... but if that was the case, then this little one would not have been left behind either.
<Jimba> Then we'll do that.
<Shima> I am not certain who its family might be. In the confusion, we didn't take as much care as we should have to keep track of which eggs were in which nest.
<Shima> My worry is that it may have belonged to Llufi - I know they had eggs that would have been close to hatching, and they were killed in the attack. But it might have family somewhere... I don't know.
<Shima> In any case, if you can take the little one to safety, you would have my deepest gratitude.
<Veznara> The most important thing is that you saved him. Them.
<Jimba> We'd be quite happy to.
<Llillilli> Oh dear. :(
<Shima> We didn't think it was our place to give it a name. We just call it little one.
<Jimba> Llillilli, I assume you can get him to the People once we're back?
<Llillilli> I can send word to Sulise when next I speak with Thelef
* Veznara nods
* Jimba nods.
<Llillilli> I can ask Shulilae for... advice how to manage their environment and things in the meantime
* Shima nods
<Llillilli> Sould I hold them? So they... get used to me?
<Shima> Of course you may.
* Jimba smiles at that.
* Llillilli holds her hands out a little warily
<Daifan> :3
* Shima passes the baby over to you. It's about the weight of a large human child - maybe 12 or 15 lbs, and sort of slippery, but you can get a good grip under its little stubby arms and hold it safely.
<h> Hello little one, I'm Llillilli.
* AshnabisNarrator changes topic to 'Ascotolotl'
<h> We are going to take you somewhere safe.
* Shima smiles
<Shima> It is truly a weight off my mind to know that whatever happens here, at least the child will be safe.
* Llillilli nods.
* Llillilli will sort of... cuddle? the baby?
* Llillilli is not used to cuddling.
* Daifan caan show you all the best coddling techniques ^-^
<Shima> It can be out of water safely, although it needs to go back there to rest at some point. If you need help with carrying it, I can give you an old dashi to wrap it up.
* Llillilli nods.
<Llillilli> That would be easiest for getting back to the boat.

They learn more about the local situation in Pashas

<Daifan> can you tell us more about the situation here? Have things changed much?
* Shima will get you a long, rather worn strip of cloth that you can use to tie the baby to your back, so it's safely strapped in for portability.
<Soba> The people are weary and hungry and tired. Yeggun has shown no interest in governing this place. Simply being in charge.
* Llillilli will experiment with the cloth until she gets the hang of wrapping securely, while others are talking >.>
<Jimba> Has he made any demands of you? I know he's taking food and wealth, but after the first round of looting, there wouldn't be any more to take, right?
<Soba> We are a simple people. We have nothing of real value.
<Jimba> So he's
<Soba> For now - it seems so. It's complicated, though. Yeggun was born and raised here on Ruur - Naguur to the south is not so far away. He has kin and social ties with many of the folk here.
<Shima> He's always wanted to gain control of the entire island. I imagine he hopes that with time, wearing us down enough, he can use this as another base.
* Jimba frowns deeply at that.
<Veznara> How do those kin of his feel about his being here?
<Daifan> are there going to be more complicaions if the general does send military relief?
<Daifan> how will that be taken?
<Shima> If they do it carefully, I hope it will be all right. They would need to be careful who they target - I can imagine things going very badly if they are indiscriminate in who they attack, if any of our friends and family are hurt.
* Jimba nods.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> we can take that back to them, but I do hop they wll be careful.
<Daifan> The more we can tell them, hthe better it will go
<Daifan> Charadio is allied with them for this purpose also so... we will see how that goes
* Shima nods
<Soba_> Charadip is ... allied with them?
* Soba_ asks incredulously.
<Daifan> for this, at least
<Daifan> (Junan can explain maybe?)
<AshnabisNarrator> (sure, I'll assume Junan can give some background on the treaty they made)
* Veznara frowns
<Soba> So ... what are your intentions now?
<Daifan> I think - if there are prisoners being held on the Cormorant, we should try and get them off there, so hey are not used as hostages or worse when it coemes time for the attack.
<Shima> I know we can't.... ask that you rescue my father. It would be dangerous for you. But I feel out of my depth here - I will do my best to lead my people as well as I can, but he would be much better.
<Katenzhi> I just don't know how we could...
<Veznara> I'm sure the Cormorant is heavily guarded.
<Jimba> It would certainly have to be a stealth operation.
* Daifan nods
<Jimba> If it's possible.
<Llillilli> If we could sneak aboard and use magic to get him out.
<Daifan> some of us could lure the guards away, or distract them
<Llillilli> Maybe.
<Daifan> and then yes - that
<Daifan> we talked about using it to get here, but I think it would be easier to do this
<Katenzhi> Wait, wait... if we do that, won't they retaliate on the city?
* Daifan looks to Shima
<Llillilli> If the attack is imminent hopefully they won't have time
<Shima> Maybe. But if you think this attack is coming soon - we might be able to resist until then.
<Daifan> we could stay here and wait until it is closer to the time of the attack, though that ahs hits dangers, and this place has little enoug as it is.
<Daifan> ber we could stay and help give protection after it is done, also
<Daifan> and witness how this all goes down.
* Jimba nods.
<Katenzhi> We don't know when the attack is coming though.
<Daifan> we have the ring.
<Veznara> No. But rescuing him just before the attack could be a good idea.
<Katenzhi> Hmm
<Veznara> Can we stay here that long, safely? Or go back and return just before?
<Daifan> we have your sending spell too
<Daifan> we can ask
<Katenzhi> True
<Jimba> Sizhif did say it would be best if we could return as soon as possible.
<Katenzhi> Though I don't think they'd tell us exactly. The less people who know the better.
<Jimba> I would prefer to stay and help, but that's something to keep in mind.
<Shima> We can shelter you for a short while, if that is best. If you can communicate with the people on the mainland, it's a help to us.
<Shima> But would you be able to get the child to safety?
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> There is that.
<Katenzhi> I can get the child to safety. If nothing else I can do that.
<Veznara> Perhaps we should do that, come back soon - with food and medical supplies - and wait for the signal?
<Daifan> We brought fos, so there are many more pssobilities open to you as well
* Shima nods
<Shima> I think we should save the fos for defending ourselves if necessary - hiding or taking shelter during the attack, for those who are not able to fight.
* Daifan nods
* Veznara nods
* Katenzhi nods.
<Daifan> I thik we could take the child back now, and return and tell the general what we know
<Shima> And then you would come back to help?
* Shima asks, trying not to get her hopes up too much.
<Daifan> then we can plan to come a day or so ahead of their attack, to get your father and any other prisoners from the boat and help wth the defenses
* Daifan speaks quietly so their words don'tdrift
<Veznara> We can at least bring provisions, I hope.
<Daifan> that may give us a chance to locate other supplies as well
* Llillilli nods.
<Llillilli> Yes, I would not want the baby to here during the fighting...
<Veznara> We should probably leave soon, before we are detected.
<Llillilli> Yes.
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> And the sooner we leave, the sooner we can return.
<Shima> Very well. We'll await a signal from the fleet, or your return, whichever comes first.
* Veznara nods
<Katenzhi> Please be careful.
<Veznara> May the Ancestors continue to grant you strength, courage, and perseverance.
<Daifan> we will leave the ring with you
<Shima> Thank you. You as well.
* Katenzhi will say a quick prayer to the ancestors for them.
<Soba> Thank you. I have little hope, but what little I have comes from those such as yourselves.
* Shima will take the chest of fos and hide it somewhere out of the way, in case it might be discovered.
* Jimba will be ready to head out as soon as people are ready.
* Daifan hesitates
* Daifan shakes their heand though and will leave with the others :x
<Katenzhi> We'll be back, Daifan.
<Daifan> Yes.

They head back to Kaskind and report to the General

<AshnabisNarrator> Okay - you can depart stealthily from the lineage house, with the baby hith safely carried by Llillilli. It hisses quietly but doesn't make a lot of noise that might lead you to be discovered.
* Daifan wans to fuss over it do bad :3
<Daifan> (so bad)
<AshnabisNarrator> You manage to make your way back to the boat, it's still early hours of the morning, and you can slip away well before dawn.
<Jimba> (whew)
<AshnabisNarrator> So, once you make it back to town, what do you want to do? We can split up if needed to cover more scenes.
<Veznara> Well, we have to debrief.
<Jimba> *nod*
<Veznara> (And new mommy Llillilli will doubtless want to make arrangements for her little bundle of hissing joy...)
<Daifan> (debroef, deal with the baby, find supplies for the town)
<Veznara> (Oh - Shima never answered my question about what Yeggun's kin think of his being there. )
<Jimba> Who would we talk to about relief supplies for Pfaeshes?
<Veznara> We can start with the General.
<Jimba> Good a place as any.
<AshnabisNarrator> Okay, you can make your way to the fort and request an audience, then.
* Soba is now known as Ghurtai
<AshnabisNarrator> It seems that the guards have been instructed to let you in, and you will be escorted before the General, despite the early hour.
<Veznara> Good morning, General. Forgive us for disturbing you at such an hour.
<Ghurtai> It's fine. This is about Ruur?
* Jimba nods.
* Daifan takes their usual corner spot ;p
<Jimba> We were sent to bring supplies for the attack, and get more information.
<Jimba> The villagers' situation is quite difficult.
<Ghurtai> Yes, I requested you do so.
<Katenzhi> They're starving.
* Jimba nods.
* Ghurtai nods.
<Ghurtai> We wondered about that. The fishing boats can't get out.
<Ghurtai> Yeggun isn't supplying the town then?
<Veznara> No, it seems no. Sileshu Heptachei has been taken hostage.
<Veznara> We delivered the items to his eldest daughter, Shima, instead.
<Ghurtai> Hostage, to what end?
<Veznara> For the good behaviour of the people, I think. The Heptachei lineage is extensive in the area.
<Katenzhi> We know he's being kept aboard the cormorant.
<Veznara> If he could be rescued just before the operation begins, that could hearten the people. He is also their natural leader; having him to direct them could help.
<Daifan> and it woudl also stop him from being killed
<Ghurtai> That's risky. It might tip Yeggun off that the attack is about to happen.
<Veznara> It would win Sileshu's gratitude, and that of his lineage, however.
<Ghurtai> Only if the rescue succeeds - and then if the attack succeeds. If either fails ... the situation could be much worse
<Veznara> If it were timed well enough, perhaps it would not give Yeggun enough warning to make a difference.
<Veznara> Or if he were led to believe there were some other cause, perhaps... something that would not make him suspect an imminent attack.
* Shima is now known as Shulilae
<Ghurtai> What sort of cause?
<Veznara> I don't know... the most obvious would be his own people rescuing him. But of course that would only get them in more trouble.
<Veznara> I would not wish that.
<Ghurtai> What if the rescue team were made to seem to be hith?
<Jimba> (to Kat) Is that workable?
* Veznara looks up in surprise
<Ghurtai> Sileshu is a hithkindred, yes?
<Ghurtai> That's a hith name
<Veznara> An intriguing idea, General! Would that work? Certainly he's been living in peace with the Hith...
<Veznara> And Yeggun's actions against the Hith have been monstrous.
<Katenzhi> (To Jimba)Ummm... maybe?
<Ghurtai> And Yeggun can blame the hith all he wants, but it's not like he can attack Sulise
<Ghurtai> Magic can make a team appear to be hith, that is not a hard problem.
<Katenzhi> An illusion wouldn't be that difficult...
<Jimba> (Is Llillilli present for this meeting?)
<Daifan> we should perhaps.... consult the Hith before appearing to involve them in this
* Veznara nods.
<Llillilli> (I think I took hith baby)
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> That's my concern.
<Jimba> Yeggun can't attack Sulise, but he's already attacked the Hith.
<Jimba> If he escapes the battle, he could come down worse on the Hith elsewhere.
<Jimba> (kk)
<Veznara> We must make sure he doesn't escape, then.
<Ghurtai> Are you my military advisors, now?
<Katenzhi> Are you looking for some?
<Jimba> Apologies, General. We have a habit of thinking out loud.
<Veznara> Forgive us, General. It's just that after seeing what Yeggun has done to the town, we are eager to see him gone.
* Daifan smiles a bit at Kat's comment
<Daifan> We are very capable, and we work very well together.
<Ghurtai> It's all fine. I have asked much of you, beyond your ordinary duties, already.
<Daifan> I know that we could do this - it is something we are asking to do
<Ghurtai> Because ... you feel guilty?
<Katenzhi> Because we care.
<Katenzhi> About the people there.
<Daifan> they needs help, and we can help them.
<Daifan> we feel... compassion.
* Ghurtai looks strangely at Daifan.
<Ghurtai> Well.
* Jimba nods.
<Ghurtai> The challenge of a quick attack may be coordinating with our apparent allies in Zhardif.
<Daifan> that was always the case, was it not?
<Ghurtai> I do not know that I can promise an attack tomorrow, or the next day.
<Katenzhi> We can take them some supplies. Hide out on the island outside the city until the time is right.
<Veznara> Or at least, bring them the supplies.
<Ghurtai> So you're committed to this - you want me to send you to Ruur, with supplies, and to rescue Sileshu?
<Daifan> yes.
<Daifan> wel.... we would go of our own will.... but we would rather it be coordinated wth your plans
* Ghurtai stares at you again.
* Veznara raises an eyebrow at that
<Ghurtai> And the others of you agree as well?
* Daifan sits in their corner calmly
<Veznara> I certainly want to help the people, General. Though not at the cost of endangering your plans to liberate the village, of course.
<Veznara> But I do think that freeing Sileshu is both moral, and good policy.
* Jimba nods.
<Ghurtai> I agree with that. Both for good relations with the islanders, and because maybe if we help Sileshu, he can help us with the hith.
* Veznara nods, and smiles
<Veznara> I'm glad.
<Jimba> So it is both good and pragmatic. :)
* Daifan nods
<Jimba> That's always nice.
<Ghurtai> Most pragmatic things are good, I've found, ultimately.
<Ghurtai> But in any case - what supplies, then?
<Jimba> Food, bandages...
<Veznara> Food, most of all, I think. As you say, the people are not allowed to fish - and the harvest has been poor.
<Veznara> Medical supplies would also be appreciated, I'm sure.
<Ghurtai> And you'll be bringing that in by ship
<Daifan> yes
* Veznara looks to Jimba
<Veznara> It's worked twice so far...
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> That would be the plan.
<Ghurtai> And then, you'll lay low until we coordinate with you to let you know the attack is imminent. At which point you'll get Sileshu off the ship and then get yourselves out of harm's way.
* Veznara nods
<Jimba> Yes.
* Daifan also nods
<Ghurtai> I don't want to have you in the way when the attack happens. That defeats the purpose.
<Ghurtai> Am I clear?
<Jimba> Of course.
<Jimba> Our goal is to get Sileshu out of the way.
<Jimba> I fear his survivability on the Cormorant is going to drop precipitously when your attack begins.
<Jimba> So, we do that, and get out of the way ourselves.
<Ghurtai> All right, then.
* Daifan nods
<Ghurtai> Unless there's anything else, you are dismissed.
<Veznara> Thank you, General.
<Jimba> Thank you, General.


Llillilli brings the hith baby to Shulilae and Helithae for now

<AshnabisNarrator> Llillilli, you can take the baby hith to Shulilae and Helithae's home once you get back.
* Llillilli knocks on their door.
* Shulilae answers the door.
<Shulilae> Ah, Llillilli, what brings you here this early morning?
<Llillilli> I've been to Pfaeshes again.
<Shulilae> How was it there?
<Llillilli> Very bad.
<Shulilae> That is unfortunate.
<Llillilli> People are hungry, afraid. Yeggun has taken the leader of the Heptachei lineage.
<Llillilli> Sileshu.
* Shulilae nods, looking troubled.
<Llillilli> And... there is something else
<Shulilae> oh?
<Llillilli> In the first attack, the pirates attacked the pools. The Heptachei tried to save as many young as they could.
<Llillilli> This is the only one who has hatched.
* Llillilli turns around to show the little hith on her back.
<Shulilae> oh, poor little one!
<Llillilli> They fear their parent may be among the dead.
<Llillilli> One whose eggs were definitely due to hatch soon and did not make it.
<Shulilae> Oh, how awful...
* Llillilli nods.
<Shulilae> It is good they were able to save this one.
<Llillilli> I have agreed to look after them, at least until word can be sent to Sulise, to see if they do have any family...
* Shulilae pets its head.
<Llillilli> But I am... I never planned to have a child. Certainly not.. so soon. I was hoping you could... guide me.
* Llillilli carefully takes the little hith of her back.
<Llillilli> (off)
<Shulilae> Of course we could. We will help however we can.
<Shulilae> It may not be that they did anything wrong - of most nests, only one or two will hatch. This might have been the only hifis even if nothing had gone badly with the nesting.
* Shulilae adds, trying to be reassuring
* Llillilli nods.
<Llillilli> Poor little one...
<Shulilae> It is a little sooner than we expected, but we have been preparing for a child in any case - we can take care of it for you. But... if the child's parent or family cannot be located, you will keep it?
<Llillilli> What.. what kind of sounds or... movements do they find soothing?
<Llillilli> I... could.
<Llillilli> I would have to seak to Thelef.
<Shulilae> Of course.
<Llillilli> (speak)
<Shulilae> It is not a decision made lightly, but it would be a ... strong bond with the People, to raise a child.
<Shulilae> Ah... let me show you.
* Llillilli nods slowly...
* Llillilli lets them take the baby.
* Shulilae takes the baby and holds it against their chest, making rocking and low shushing sounds, perhaps mimicking the sensation of being under water.
<Shulilae> Like this... it makes them calm, if they cannot be in water, to feel like they are in water.
<Shulilae> They eat much like we do, except that they need the fish and foods to be mashed for them before they can swallow it. They sleep best under water - when we raise our young on land, we still try to keep them in water when we can, as it settles them.

Katenzhi tells her parents about her intention to marry Gefraz

* Katenzhi will (reluctantly) go in search of her parents.
* Shiklazh smiles as she spots you.
* Romoga is working on his ship, making a few small repairs.
<Katenzhi> Hallo there. What did you break on her this time?
<Romoga> Hmm? Oh, Katenzhi. Come over here, hold this.
* Katenzhi will do so.
* Romoga holds out a bucket for you to take.
<Katenzhi> This better not be fish guts.
<Romoga> No, no, it's vinegar and herbs. The bugs hate it.
* Romoga takes a thick brush and swabs it on some areas of the hull.
<Katenzhi> Ahhhh... yeah. You know, when I was a kid I always wondered how people knew we were around as soon as we pulled into dock. Turns out they could smell your bug repellant long before they saw us.
<Romoga> This isn't just to protect your thin skin from some pests, you know. This protects the ship from termites, beetles, all kinds of things that would have their way with the ship if I gave them half a chance.
* Katenzhi grins.
<Katenzhi> I know, sorry, I'm just giving you a hard time.
<Katenzhi> How are you two doing?
<Shiklazh> We're well. A little worried about the pirates and such. The master of sail tells us it's not safe to leave port right now.
<Katenzhi> Yeah, it's a bit rough out there. Best to stay to the shore for now.
<Katenzhi> Hopefully it won't last too long.
<Romoga> Not much to do here once your cargo is sold. Pick up a new load, but the fos crop isn't ready yet.
<Katenzhi> Hey... if you two have a minute there was something I was hoping to talk to you about.
<Shiklazh> Of course, we have time for you, always.
* Katenzhi smiles.
<Katenzhi> So...
* Katenzhi takes a breath.
<Katenzhi> ...I went to see Gefraz again yesterday.
<Romoga> Oh?
<Katenzhi> Yeah. We talked about a lot of stuff.
<Katenzhi> And I don't want you to get overexcited, mom, but I think we have a preliminary agreement.
<Katenzhi> Nothing final yet, of course. He still wants to meet you guys for one thing.
<Shiklazh> Oh, that's wonderful!
* Shiklazh beams with joy.
<Romoga> It's a good match. The Argolda are a good family.
<Katenzhi> It's... workable. I think we'll both be good with it.
<Katenzhi> I mean it makes good sense business-wise.
<Shiklazh> We're so happy for you, Katenzhi!
* Katenzhi smiles, albeit a bit wanly.
<Romoga> Has Gefraz talked to his kin back home?
<Katenzhi> No, I don't think so. Like I said, it's still preliminary. He'll need to send word I imagine.
<Romoga> Negotiating a contract like this, not an easy thing at a distance.
<Romoga> I'll need to sit down with the Argolda, make our case.
<Katenzhi> I'm sure it will be fine. We'll figure that out as we go.
<Katenzhi> Besides, I'm sure you could convince a gator to give up its dinner if you have a mind to it.
<Shiklazh> Your father's just nervous - he's done many business deals over the years but never one quite so momentous!
<Katenzhi> Yeah...
<Romoga> The Argolda, they're aristocratic. They have their own rules. But I think we can make a deal work. We wouldn't have suggested Gefraz to you if I thought otherwise.
<Katenzhi> I mean, I won't say you brought it on yourself, but...
* Katenzhi grins.
<Shiklazh> We're just thrilled.
<Katenzhi> I'm glad.
<Shiklazh> You'll be establishing your household here, then?
<Katenzhi> For now at least. We both have business deals here and we know the town. It's a good place to be.
* Romoga nods.
<Romoga> Well, I will speak to Gefraz first. But I imagine the deal has to be sealed in Choradan, unless the Argolda ifti is coming down to the colony for some reason.
<Katenzhi> We talked about possibly making a trip back to his Choradan sometime soon. Maybe once our crop comes in if there's time and money.
<Romoga> Makes sense.
<Katenzhi> (his home in Choradan)
<Katenzhi> I don't know why they would be coming out here but you never know.
<Shiklazh> Better for us to go there anyway, for any number of reasons.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> I'm actually really curious to see Choradan. I always heard you guys talk about it but I don't remember too much.
<Shiklazh> We'll need to find you some new fashions, find out what they are wearing in Choradan, that sort of thing.
<Katenzhi> ...fashions?
<Shiklazh> Well we aren't presenting you to your future husband's lineage in an old dashi, now are we?
* Katenzhi looks down.
<Katenzhi> What's wrong with my dashi?
<Shiklazh> Nothing, dear. But you know what I mean. The Argolda are aristocrats, and they'll have *expectations*.
<Katenzhi> Ah.
<Katenzhi> I ummm... do you think I can live up to that?
<Katenzhi> I'm not exactly the most refined girl around.
<Romoga> Well, we'll see.
<Katenzhi> :/
<Shiklazh> Of course, you'll be fine!
<Shiklazh> They'll see your intelligence and your beauty and your business sense. You are running your own enterprise here.
<Katenzhi> Well... I'll probably be ok if I don't say anything.
<Shiklazh> We'll get the deal done. Leave it to us.
<Katenzhi> Ok... I'm glad you guys are happy.
<Shiklazh> We're overjoyed, Katenzhi. Thank you so much!
* Katenzhi smiles again.
<Katenzhi> Let me know when you want me to set up a meeting with Gefraz.
<Romoga> We'll do that.