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Session date: April 19, 2020
Fair Cycle date:


<Ashnabis_Narrator> It is now well into Latas, and there is still no rain. The west wind blows in each dawn, but the skies do not obey. The planting is nearly done, the farmers crane their necks, and yet all they get is an ache.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The mystics do what they can - they can bring rain from time to time, but as they emphasize, the Source is fickle and ought not to be toyed with. Rain must come from somewhere, after all, and premature rain is like as not to bring drought at harvest.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> There is an old proverb in Daligash: "A dry tongue bears sharp words", and you know its truth all too well. While no one goes thirsty here as long as the mighty Kaskos flows, there are too many here in the Territory to be supported if the fos crop fails.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Or what if there is enough water for the fos, but not for the goats and pigs? Where that leads, you prefer not to think.

Jimba is present at the re-awakening of Lentus Odazhi

<Ashnabis_Narrator> Jimba, you are no master of protocol even at the best of times, but you think you have good sense. You know what to wear to a wedding, or even a funeral. But what do you wear when a man is being brought back to life, released after centuries imprisoned in stone? On that matter, you're sure, even the masters of etiquette say nothing.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> You have been invited by Liraula and Bohin - specifically requested, in the way that makes it very clear that your agreement is part of your duties to the Black Stork, even though you surely would have gone anyway. Apparently they want you to say something? You'll need to find out more.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Today is the day when, with great fanfare, the statue of the Stone Prince, Lentus Odazhi, will be (it is hoped) restored to life, after you and your team recovered it from the swamp where this mighty Omban war leader was imprisoned by his peers, remembered only in legend.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Along with his kinsman, the Iron Knight Buhin Odazhi, Lentus has given your Bohin both his names - or else this is all some great coincidence. You don't think that, but you do question still whether any of this is wise.
* Jimba will attend in his nicest clothes. He'll arrive early so he can talk to Bohin and Liraula.
<Liraula> Thanks for coming, Jimba. You look very respectable :)
* Jimba smiles.
<Jimba> I try.
<Liraula> I know this is weird. I'll admit, this isn't usually how publicly I care to do my business. But for Bohin ... well, you know I'm soft for the old guy.
* Bohin is dressed as formally as you have ever seen him. His often-scraggly beard has been neatly trimmed, and his dashi is clearly newly purchased, of what you think must be Daligashi blue silk. He wears the iftijasi, the inscribed slate of his lineage, around his neck, handling it uneasily in his clammy hands.
<Jimba> Looking very nice, Bohin.
<Bohin> Ah, thank you.
* Bohin says nervously.
<Jimba> How're you feeling?
<Bohin> Just hoping everything will go all right.
<Bohin> I've asked Hishkobal Wartibar to serve as reckoner for this event. I want it to be remembered, but more importantly, I want it to be official, you know? Written down, put alongside the legend of the Stone Prince as witness.
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> Makes sense.
<Jimba> On a related note, I wasn't quite sure what is expected of me here.
<Bohin> Well, that's what I need from you too. Witness - to what you saw and did to save my ancestor from simply sinking into the swamp, neither alive nor dead. To attest that this statue is the same as the one you found, and the circumstances where you found it.
<Jimba> Ah, okay. I can do that.
<Bohin> Thank you.
<Bohin> Do you know they say that we don't even know if he may have been conscious the whole time? Ahh ... I don't know what to think about that. What a nightmare...
* Liraula pats his arm reassuringly.
<Liraula> We don't know if that's true.
<Bohin> That's the manifest saying that kind of thing, anyway. Sagishmaal Lerushti, actually ifti of his lineage on top of that. Figure the best way to make this all official is to have official people in place. And fuck the Belidomis if they don't send anyone - this is not their day, anyway.
* Jimba gives a sympathetic look.
* Jimba tries to smile encouragingly.
* Bohin takes a deep breath, trying to compose himself.
<Jimba> Hey, it's going to be fine.
<Bohin> Yes... yes, of course. The worst that can happen is that it doesn't work, and I look like a fool in front of my entire family and half the rest of Timiil as well...
* NPC6 is now known as Fusal
* Liraula looks like she's resisting an urge to suggest worse things that could happen, and just nods and puts an arm around her husband.
<Jimba> I'm sure that's not going to happen.
<Liraula> Whatever happens, of course we'll handle it.
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> What she said.
<Liraula> Well - no sense in delaying further. Let's go wake the old fellow, hm? Hopefully he's not as grumpy in the mornings as you are ;)
* Liraula says with a smile meant to comfort her husband, who nods in return.
* Jimba smiles at that.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The statue - the body, you suppose you should say - of Lentus Odazhi has been laid out in front of the Lentu lineage house in Timiil, under guard from a bunch of the Lentu lads - Boradein and Satsein among them.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Timiil's not such a big place, just over a thousand folks, probably, but it seems like most of the town has come out to see this. You do note a shortage of Belidomis and Aanilaus and the other esteemed noble folk lineages of the Aummesh - perhaps to show their disdain for the whole process.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> A cloudless sky - what else, of all things? - and a light breeze make for comfort for the group. The manifest Sagishmaal stands nearby for when he is needed. Beside him, Hishkobal of the Wartibaar stands at the ready, an old book full of the linear writing of the Aummesh in his hands.
* Bohin steps forward to speak first.
* Bohin clears his throat, then speaks loudly enough for his voice to carry over the assembled crowd.
<Bohin> Before you, you see the remains of Lentus Odazhi, a great war leader and ancestor of my lineage. He was turned to stone by the magics of his enemies, and has lain undisturbed in the swamp for some three hundred years.
<Bohin> Today, I intend to free him from this prison, to restore him to life and freedom, so that we might speak with him as we would an ancestor - to learn from his wisdom and gain his counsel.
<Bohin> To bear witness to this great deed, you have been invited here. I ask that you etch this day in your memories, to one day speak of it to your children and grandchildren.
<Bohin> To attest to the truth of what I have said, Jimba of the Ghughife was present at the discovery of these remains, and can vouch that they are as I have said.
<Jimba> (Is that my cue?)
* Bohin looks over at you with a nod.
* Jimba will step forward.
<Jimba> Good folk of Timiil, as Bohin Lentu has said, my companions and I discovered Lentus Odazhi in the ruins of Fort Kinjilai. We returned the remains here, to receive the proper rites and respect.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The reckoner records this in his book, making it part of the official account.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> At a nod from Bohin, the manifest takes a considerable dose of fos and steps forward, prepared to cast the necessary spell. He raises his hands over the stone body, summoning the power of the Source...
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The stone quivers, then wobbles, then relaxes - as if melting away in the sun. The white marble turns slowly to its original nature - flesh and clothing, the latter no longer a clean white, but stained with blood.
* Jimba frowns.
* Lentus stirs and then screams in pain.
* Lentus tries to sit up, but is still quite badly injured and struggles to rise. The crowd murmurs in alarm.
* Bohin quickly goes to his side, trying to comfort him.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> !roll 1d20
* Jimba will step closer, but can't really help much.
* Lentus trails off into quiet moans, whether out of pain, or an awareness of what was happening to him in the moment all those years ago, you cannot say.
<Lentus> What place is this? Who are you?
* Lentus 's speech is old fashioned, with a strange accent, but you can understand his words.
<Bohin> I'm Bohin Lentu... You're safe, we will help you.
* Liraula steps up to address the crowd, as her husband is occupied.
<Liraula> All right, you've seen what you came to see. He needs quiet and time to recover now. Thanks for coming.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Murmuring, the crowd begins to disperse slowly. You're not sure whether they are pleased with what they saw, confused, or concerned.
* Jimba will step up next to Liraula.
<Jimba> (quietly) Well, that could have gone better.
* Liraula sighs.
* Liraula will also address you quietly.
<Liraula> Look, Bohin wanted to take this guy to the lineage house and keep him there, but I'm worried that everyone in town now knows where he is, and it might get complicated - some might want to come gawk at him, some might have ... less favorable intentions.
<Jimba> All right...
<Liraula> Besides, it's clear he needs some help to recover. If we send a healer with you, do you think you could keep him out of the way for a little while? Just until he's doing better.
<Jimba> Uh, yeah, I can do that.
<Jimba> Stash him at the warehouse, maybe?
<Liraula> Wherever you think is best - someplace safe.
<Jimba> I'd be happy to keep him on the Menagerie, but I never know when we're going to have to head out.
* Liraula nods
<Liraula> We'll help transport him wherever you recommend. I just hope he'll be okay...
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> Honestly, I know someone who can see to him, unless you have a healer in mind in particular.
<Liraula> You do? That makes it even easier, then.
<Liraula> We owe you one for this, Jimba.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Okay, you can make arrangements to have him moved - at least he's a lot lighter now.
<Jimba> (heh)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (okay, where do you want to take him?)
<Jimba> (I think the warehouse for now. I'll get stuff together to try to make him as comfortable as possible under the circumstances.)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (okay, sounds good)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> We can move on to Katenzhi, then, as you help take care of that.
<Jimba> (kk)

Katenzhi and Bivizmi check on Oignestros and find the fos crop is prospering

<Ashnabis_Narrator> Katenzhi, you and Bivizmi take the opportunity of a calm day to make your way out to the plot where you have set up Oignestros to farm your unique fos.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> With the dry weather, you aren't expecting much, but it's a good excuse to spend some time together while also checking up on your investment.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> You head out to the land claim, making your way along dusty paths that would normally be sticky with mud at this time of year.
* Liraula is now known as Bivizmi
<Katenzhi> This weather does not bode well for our first crop.
<Bivizmi> No... it's not normal.
<Bivizmi> Some people are saying it's the hith who did it, in revenge for the attack on Ruur, or maybe it's the mystics messing with the weather... but it could just be a bad growing season.
<Katenzhi> My mother wants me to find out and fix it. I'm pretty sure she was only half joking.
* Bivizmi chuckles at that.
<Katenzhi> But the land office doesn't pay me enough for that.
<Bivizmi> How have they been? I mean... as far as the marriage prospects are concerned, I mean?
<Katenzhi> ...insistent. They introduced me to two prospects.
<Bivizmi> oh? how were they?
* Bivizmi asks cautiously
<Katenzhi> Not what I expected. One is a sentinel at the fort. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. Not pushy at all. The second is a trader from my Choradan, like me. He does a lot of long distance trading. And... he's kind of in the same situation we are.
<Katenzhi> Or similar at least.
<Bivizmi> well... it could be worse, I guess.
<Bivizmi> Maybe whichever one you don't pick, I should propose to ;)
* Bivizmi says, teasingly
<Katenzhi> Heh... it could be worse yeah. At least the second one could help us expand our business.
* Katenzhi stops for a second.
<Katenzhi> Fuck... I sound like my parents.
* Katenzhi shakes her head.
<Bivizmi> it's not a bad idea, though. If you do have to do this, it should at least come with *some
* kind of benefit to you - to us.
* Bivizmi takes your hand.
<Katenzhi> Yeah. And it would be helping him too.
<Bivizmi> well, of course it's your decision. But do you think it's worth my meeting either of them? I mean... I don't know what you told them so far.
<Katenzhi> The one with the family is named Gefraz Argolda. The sentinel is Sarduvos Ghorokron. I don't know if you know either of them.
<Katenzhi> I did mention to Gefraz that I had a... partner. He seemed actually relieved to hear it.
<Bivizmi> Argolda, yes, I know of him at least, although I don't know him well or anything. The other one I have no idea about.
* Bivizmi nods
<Katenzhi> If you want to meet him, I could arrange that. It might be good for everyone involved.
<Katenzhi> He has good taste in wine.
<Katenzhi> So that's a plus.
<Bivizmi> Well, if you're considering marrying him, he'd better ;)
* Katenzhi laughs and pulls her closer.
* Bivizmi leans over to kiss you.
* Bivizmi pauses partway through the embrace, looking down for a moment.
* Katenzhi kisses back.
* Bivizmi reaches into a pouch at her waist and draws out a little bundle of twigs and vines, which she sets on her shoulder. It stirs, moving into a recognizably humanoid shape - head, arms, legs, but all made of plants, and peers at you curiously.
<Bivizmi> Sorry for the interruption - someone got tired of riding in my pouch.
* Katenzhi smiles and laughs.
<Katenzhi> Oh man...
<Katenzhi> It's so cute!
* Bivizmi smiles
<Bivizmi> This is Vuchu. My effigy. I had to make a new one after... you know.
* Bivizmi says with a slight shrug.
* Katenzhi reaches a finger out to the little plant creature.
<Katenzhi> Nice to meet you, Vuchu!
* Bohin is now known as Vuchu
* Vuchu pokes at your finger with a little forked twig that serves as a hand.
* Katenzhi laughs
* Bivizmi smiles
<Katenzhi> Man, Jimba has all his pets, Daifan has her monkey and now you have this cute little guy! I'm jealous!
<Bivizmi> Maybe you need an animal friend too ;)
<Katenzhi> Could you... maybe teach me how to make one?
<Bivizmi> Oh, hm. I don't know :o
<Bivizmi> Let me give it some thought and I'll see if I can think of something.
<Bivizmi> I mean, if you want to learn, I can try!
* Katenzhi smiles.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> As you enter the area of your land claim, you begin to notice that it feels less dry. The dirt and dust of the ground gives way to a more typical damp, marshy terrain. The greenery is more lush, and plant and insect life more abundant.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The fos plants, although still newly sprouted, seem to be growing well under the shadow of the persimmon trees.
* Katenzhi raises an eyebrow.
* Bivizmi also peers around
<Katenzhi> This seems... not normal.
<Bivizmi> It seems good, but yeah... unexpected.
<Katenzhi> (Is there like a clear dividing line? Like a magical effect might produce?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (it's not a sharp dividing line, but it is definitely weird. Like a gradual but unexpectedly dramatic transition, if that makes sense.)
<Katenzhi> (Yeah, I think so. Are there any hills or other tall things nearby that I could climb to get a better view of it?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (there are trees)
<Katenzhi> (Hmmmm... climb of 0. Maybe not :V )
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (you could fly I suppose ;)
<Katenzhi> (Oh, true! or at least levitate)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (yeah)
<Katenzhi> Hang on a second... I want to check something out.
* Katenzhi will down some fos and cast levitate on herself then.
<Katenzhi> !roll 1d20+11
* Daifan rolls for Katenzhi: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 23 ].
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (okay, you can certainly do that - you want to go up and look at the area?)
<Katenzhi> (Yeah, see if there's a pattern to what's going on.)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Well, you can see that it does appear to be focused on your plot. It isn't a sharp line around it, but more like say extending over 50 or 100 feet out from the edge, the land gradually changes from dry to damp.
<Katenzhi> (focused on our plot specifically or the persimmon trees?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> In theory it could be that the plot might have a little bit lower elevation, like a slight bowl shape, and gathers what little water there is to have? I mean... it *could
* theoretically be natural. But it does seem very odd to you.
* Katenzhi lands again.
<Bivizmi> What did you see?
<Katenzhi> This is... weird. It seems focused on our plot.
<Katenzhi> I mean it could be natural I guess but... I don't know.
<Katenzhi> I wouldn't bet on it.
<Bivizmi> maybe the Hrofnand have some kind of methods for increasing the flow of water...
* Bivizmi says doubtfully
<Katenzhi> Maybe?
<Bivizmi> We can ask him.
<Katenzhi> We can ask Oignestros if he's seen anything weird.
<Katenzhi> (heh)
* Bivizmi nods
* Katenzhi laughs.
<Katenzhi> Great minds ;)
* Katenzhi takes her hand and squeezes it.
* Bivizmi squeezes your hand in return, smiling
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Heading further, you find the odd rounded peat hut that Oignestros has built for himself in the middle of the plot, and the man himself sitting outside, cheerfully eating nuts which he cracks one at a time between his large fingers.
* Lentus is now known as Oignestros
* Katenzhi waves hello!
<Katenzhi> Greetings!
<Oignestros> Ah, welcome to new house belonging Oignestros! You want nuts?
* Katenzhi will take a few gratefully.
* Bivizmi also accepts some
<Katenzhi> How's the land treating you?
<Oignestros> Also one for little vine-brother!
* Oignestros gives Vuchu a nut, and the little creature takes it and happily stuffs it into its chest cavity.
<Oignestros> There you go, little one, be full and happy!
<Oignestros> Land is good. Little plants are a-growing well, soon be big and strong harvest!
* Oignestros says, turning to your question.
<Katenzhi> Good good.
<Bivizmi> Have you seen anything, um, strange while you've been here?
<Oignestros> Little children come round here, to peep at Oignestros. They do no harm, run away when I wave at them.
<Oignestros> Two old men come too - they look and talk quiet and then go away.
<Katenzhi> Has there been any rain?
<Oignestros> Little and little rain, not as much as should be so.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> How is everything so green then?
<Oignestros> Ah, I talk to plants, they grow as I say! ha!
* Katenzhi smirks at that.
<Bivizmi> Well, I guess they must like what they hear.
<Katenzhi> I'm glad you've settled in so well then.
<Oignestros> Oignestros makes his home anywhere in the swamp, thus. All is home :)
* Oignestros waves his hand in an expansive gesture.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> Man am I glad we hired you, then!
<Bivizmi> Yes - everything's looking great. I brought you a bottle of liquor, too - it's no fire and blood, but I hope you'll like it.
* Bivizmi draws out of her pack a hefty sized bottle which Oignestros accepts with a nod.
<Oignestros> Thanks to you.
<Katenzhi> Is there anything we can help with while we're here? Any issues?
<Bivizmi> Yes - I hope nobody's giving you any trouble?
<Oignestros> Ha! Old men not be happy I am here, but they know better than to befool Oignestros! Ho!
* Oignestros cracks another nut between his fingers with a snap and a grin.
<Katenzhi> Did they say anything to you?
<Oignestros> No, no. They just look and a-walk around, then go.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> Well, if anyone does give you trouble let us know.
<Katenzhi> Though I'm... quite sure you can handle pretty much anything.
<Oignestros> Hah, yes, I handle.
<Oignestros> When little plants grow big, then you handle :)
* Oignestros says, pointing at you and Bivizmi
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> That's the deal
<Oignestros> You need look more?
<Katenzhi> No, I think you have things handled here. As long as the plants grow I'm happy. I just wish I knew how you did it!
<Oignestros> Oignestros give 'positive reinforcement'.
* Oignestros says, sounding out the words carefully
* Katenzhi breaks out laughing at that.
<Bivizmi> Well, whatever you're doing, it definitely seems to work!
<Katenzhi> Just keep it up.
<Bivizmi> we'll check back in another month or so, unless there's any problems before then.
<Katenzhi> Let us know if you need anything.
<Bivizmi> Yes, and thank you!
<Ashnabis_Narrator> You can look around further before you go, but other than the lush growth despite the lack of rain, it all seems relatively normal.
* Katenzhi will head back to town with Bivizmi, then.

Junan confers with Oskor, Fusal, and Dezlas before the kelta

<AshnabisGM> Junan, you are meeting at the kelta with representatives from Charadip and representatives from Kaskind in a short while, to try to resolve their differences.
<AshnabisGM> Junan, when an envoy trains, one thing they learn very early on is that their job is to learn what their job is - that you are to be infinitely flexible, to bend as a reed, to fit where you are needed, and find where you can be most useful, without limiting your potential.
<AshnabisGM> It's been a while since you've been pushed in that direction, though, but managing a diplomatic crisis between two colonies at the brink of war is well beyond anything you've done before. Still, you keep in mind that Jaigadu has always trusted you, and Kikhash clearly thinks you're capable of this as well.
<AshnabisGM> And on top of all that, you work in the knowledge that your host, Zefa Teltai, may be working against you. All very well to bend like a reed, except when the scythe is at hand.
<AshnabisGM> The delegation of three from Charadip arrived last night. It is led by Shubir of the Ampushu, a bookish Basaian fellow who you understand is the vice-chancellor of the Academy, but hardly seems likely as a diplomat, despite his noble name and high rank.
<AshnabisGM> With him is another mystic, Lakusla Uvergesa - you know from the reports that this is the person whom your colleagues interacted with during their mission to Charadip a couple months ago. Another professor at the Academy, if you had to guess, you'd think she's the one really in charge.
<AshnabisGM> Finally, there's Tora of the Gamboshi, who until last year was the Basaian liaison to the Fort, known well to the governor, but now withdrawn and in exile in Charadip. Of middling years, she has piercing blue eyes, as some northerners do, but otherwise is plain and unremarkable.
<Junan> (I have vague recollections of a scandal associated with her?)
<AshnabisGM> (who, Tora?)
<Junan> (i may be thinking of something else)
<Junan> (sorry phone)
<Junan> (ok back... nvmind that scandal part... who is here from Kaskind?)
<AshnabisGM> (basically it wasn't a scandal, it was more like the folks at Kaskind were treating the Basaians like spies from their Academy, and tensions got high and they withdrew all their people)
<AshnabisGM> The Fort has three representatives plus you. Oskor Vostizi, the chief magistrate for the colony and a powerful friend of the General, leads the group. A giant of a man, he towers over the rest of you, and as one of the most powerful reckoners in the colony, you know that the greatness of his spirit matches his body.
<AshnabisGM> Dezlas Nanusesti is a middle-aged white-haired sentinel, a revenant and the General's captain and second in command. You don't really know him at all - he seems mostly concerned with military matters, but you suppose that's good to have if war is on the line.
<AshnabisGM> And Fusal of the Tesudai looks as if chosen to appease the Academy - he is a sentinel, but from Daligash, not Choradan, and is both very senior and very aristocratic. He seems very fusty and conservative and disinclined to take nonsense from anyone.
<AshnabisGM> You will meet with the three of them first, to see what they want and how you can help them achieve their goals, if possible.
<AshnabisGM> Zefa has provided you a quiet room in the kelta for you to have your discussion.
<Fusal> I don't understand why we can't have Kikhash here. This whole business is a farce! Why are we even agreeing to meet?
* Fusal is an elder, and a sentinel and noble of some renown, clearly accustomed to saying and doing whatever he pleases.
* Fusal is also, you know, at least nominally a member of the Ruby faction, although Sentinels normally set aside such petty affiliations in favour of their loyalty to their order.
<Junan> I agree as well that I wish Kikhash could be here. The fact remains that he is not.
<Junan> Efforts have been spent making this meeting happen. Even if you just hear eachother out, is that not better than walking away having not met at all?
<Oskor> While I am sure that you will do very well, Junan, I share my colleague's mistrust of this whole business. I am here because the General has asked us to be here, not because I think it is likely to be productive.
<Junan> If anything is to be achieved at all, I need to know what your goals are then.
<Fusal> They should acknowledge what they have done, and pay reparations. And then acknowledge that they are subject to the authority of the Fort.
* Dezlas scowls a bit.
<Junan> I suppose if you expect to achieve nothing, asking for the moon never hurts.
<Oskor> The General, I believe, has a somewhat more ... restrictive view of what is to be asked for here.
<Oskor> No one is interested in a war with the mystics, we can all agree, yes?
<Fusal> Well. They should not want a war with us, I agree with that.
<Junan> averting war sound like a reasonable goal then
<Dezlas> The General has charged us with ensuring that there is no war. But we do need the pirate Yeggun out of his new base at Pashas. We should not forget that he is the aggressor here, even though incited to his actions.
<Oskor> He needs to be brought to a proper trial for his crimes. That is something I look eagerly forward to.
<Junan> It is predictable that they will claim Yeggun is no agent of thiers and they have no power to bring him to justice.
<Dezlas> The challenge is that we might, if we chose, go to Pashas ourselves and capture him. But then we would seem to be the aggressors on Pashas.
<Dezlas> Charadip could claim - with fairness - that we, not they, attacked the island first.
<Junan> Then we could aim to have Charadip distance themselves from Yeggun... he alone is the aggressor and they will conceed that it is the Fort's right to deal with him.
<Fusal> Why should we let them lie freely? We know that's not true!
<Fusal> Have them concede that they provided aid to the pirate, then we can talk about how to deal with him!
<Junan> And what would you offer them to make such a concession?
<Fusal> We would offer that we do not wipe them off the map!
* Dezlas shifts uncomfortably.
<Junan> Thier are times for such bold statement, and I agree they can be effective, but is this really such a time?
* Junan looks at the three
<Junan> If we open all in, then we have only one way to go to reach an agreement.
<Dezlas> The General aims for an approach that allows our opponents to keep some dignity.
<Junan> If our task is truely to avoid conflict, I have to advise I do not feel its the best tactic.
<Oskor> We wish it to be agreed that the pirate Yeggun is a scourge on both our lands, and that he should be brought to trial for the attack on Pashas.
<Junan> Then what I proposed offers a means to achieve it while keeping dignity to Charadip.
<Junan> The Mystics are well known to not be unified. It will be easy for them to build a narrative of a rogue lone actor.
<Oskor> And you propose that we allow them to do that.
<Junan> If they choose to walk down that road, to achive the justice you are looking for, but to avoid open conflict with them, then I would say yes.
<Junan> but they would have to make the disassociation public
<Junan> in thier own words
<Junan> be aware things may not go that way... it depends on what thier goals are here.
<Junan> so justice for Yeggun, avoid war... is there anything else you are looking to achieve?
<Oskor> I think we should begin with the insistence that they cannot simply deny having had anything to do with it - we should request that they apologize. They may retort that it was some sort of lone actor mystic working with Yeggun - but they will need to insist on that, we should not open that door for them.
<Oskor> Let them tell their own lies.
<Junan> I agree, we just show them the door, let them step through it.
<Dezlas> And then, what, we invade Pashas to take Yeggun? That will raise further issues.
<Junan> At least Chiradip will be out of the mix in that regard.
<Fusal> Hmm.
<Junan> So what else?
<Oskor> More than that ... it's hard to know until we're in there. They will surely have their own demands. They may believe that we are the aggressors - or at least claim it.
<Junan> which in itself can be benificial. Understanding where they feel they are agreved will allow us to better know how to bridge the gap.
<Junan> To that end, are there other burning issue with Charadip that I do not know of?
<Dezlas> The bigger question is what their plans are in the long term, for expansion eastwards from their current boundaries. Right now there is still some space between us, but that will not be for long.
<Dezlas> But that is perhaps for another day, another time.
<Junan> it could be... but knowing where the tensions lay can help even now.
<Oskor> The Academy at Zhardif takes its orders from the Great Academy in Dundures, in Basai.
<Oskor> And the Basaians have not come to terms with the fact that fos is no longer the sole province of mystics.
<Oskor> But they are not here for us to negotiate with. Merely their proxies, who are teachers and scholars, not interested in governance.
* Junan nods
<Junan> It's these proxies who will be on the front lines if negotiations do not go well. Thier posture will be informative.
<Junan> As will ours
<Fusal> War is inevitable, sooner or later. It may be better to get it out of the way now, before they have time to prepare.
<Dezlas> That is a possibility - but it is not the one the General would like us to pursue at the moment.
* Junan nods
<Junan> Fusal, you can stand angry and aggressive as much as you feel you need to during these discussions, it will be a good reminder to all of the potential consequence, I would ask to you restrain your words.
<Junan> Unless I call on you to be so forceful.
<Fusal> Unless you call ... well. Well.
* Fusal frowns.
<Junan> I am here to help you achieve the goals you've presented. Try and trust in this.
<Fusal> Here, in the kelta, I recognize your authority to guide us.
<AshnabisGM> (OK, we can probably stop here until it's time for the actual meeting)
<Junan> (thats fine although I did want to talk to Oskor alone for a minute)
<AshnabisGM> (ok, sure, you can do that)
* Oskor steps out of the room where you can speak to him privately.
<Junan> I assume you'll be leading the discussions for the Fort, yes?
<Oskor> That is my intention.
<Junan> Also, who chose Fusal to participate?
<Oskor> The General approved all the decisions.
* Junan nods
<Oskor> I know she felt it would be useful to have someone on our team who was not Choradani - and also, the Tesudai are a very important noble family.
<Oskor> He is highly esteemed among our Order for his many years of service.
* Junan nods
<Oskor> But more than that, I cannot say.
<Junan> He is good at the role he is playing... I do hope I can have faith in him to play as I have asked.
<Oskor> He is no fool. But he also disagrees strongly with the course we have laid out, as you see, no doubt.
<Oskor> He truly believes we would be stronger if we were to simply attack the Academy now, take its territory, assert our dominance, and not let them have time to build up their own strength.
<Junan> I suppose he's considered that such aggression is just as likely to unite a very disorganized group with a clear direction... one that can wield significant power if they were to be so organized.
<Oskor> I'm confident that it has been noted to him.
* Junan nods
<Junan> we will see how things go then

Junan aids in mediating the meeting with the mystics of Charadip

<AshnabisGM> Junan, a while after your conversations with the party from the Fort conclude, you gather, along with the group from the Academy, in the great hall of the kelta. She's not your favourite person but you grant that Zefa knows very well how to accord distinguished guests the appropriate honour for their station.
* Bivizmi is now known as Zefa
* Zefa certainly provides ample drinks and refreshments for both parties.
<AshnabisGM> A great table has been laid out with refreshments, organized so as to provide just enough space between you to allow for discussion without being cramped or too distant. This is an exemplar of the envoy's craft, and you have to admire it.
<Junan> (well she wouldnt have been left in charge if she sucked at things like this)
* Junan will at least get some of the good wine
<AshnabisGM> The two groups come in and greet each other cordially. The group from the Academy: the vice-chancellor Shubir Ampushu, the professor Lakusla Uvergesa, and the former liaison Tora Gamboshi, take their seats. Zefa stands before the one remaining open chair.
* Zefa raises her hand to gain everyone's attention and begins to speak.
<Zefa> Under the roof of this kelta, no violence or harm is to be done. We welcome you with hospitality and will provide our aid and guidance to you as you work to resolve your differences.
<Zefa> Each party will designate a speaker to represent them. Others may confer with their speaker, but may not interject out of turn. Each speaker will present their party's grievances and requests in turn. Then together we will work towards a resolution that is satisfactory to all sides.
* Zefa turns first to the party of delegates from Fort Kaskind.
<Zefa> Which among you will be your speaker?
<Oskor> I will. We recognize the authority of the kelta in this matter.
* Zefa nods, then turning to the party from Charadip.
<Zefa> Which among you will be your speaker?
* Tora stands.
<Tora> I will. We also recognize the authority of the kelta in this matter.
<Zefa> Very well.
* Zefa turns to Oskor.
<Zefa> Present your case.
<Oskor> Very well. Thank you, good day. I am Oskor of the Vostizi, High Reckoner and Magistrate for the Kaskind Territory and the Lands of the Western Provinces, speaking on behalf of General Ghurtai of the Kiftiga.
<Oskor> We come today with a simple demand: that the pirate Yeggun be brought to justice for his unlawful attack on the town of Pashas and the island of Ruur, that his forces and any who aid them be removed from that land, and that those thus aggrieved be brought to justice. We would further have all agree that we in Kaskind played no part in that attack, despite scurrilous attempts to speak otherwise.
* Zefa turns then to Tora, and bids her speak her case.
<Tora> I am Tora of the Gamboshi, once liaison to the fort at Kaskind, now resident of Charadip. I speak on behalf of the Academy and its members, with the authority of Chancellor Zabim Dimuna.
<Tora> We reply that we had no part in the attack on the island of Ruur - the pirates attacked under the guidance of their leader Yeggun and bearing the flag of Choradan. While we do not accuse Choradan of such an assault on free people, we also did not have any involvement in the attack.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> There is an outburst of vocal complaints from the contingent for the Fort, which Zefa has to gesture for silence.
* Junan will give a subtle nod to Oskor
<Oskor> We know, of course, that not all our kinsmen in Zhardif are necessarily complicit in the actions of their government. So I could take my colleagues at their word that they know nothing of the secret aid given to Yeggun by the mystics. They may not. Of course, there is a ready way that we could assure their truthfulness, if I be permitted to exercise my authority as a reckoner in this matter. We could see what they know to a certainty.
* Zefa turns to the other party to allow them to respond.
<Tora> We are not on trial here, nor do we recognize your right to sit in judgment of us. You are not a neutral party in this, and we would have no way to trust your account.
<Fusal> Then perhaps you should just admit your complicity now and spare us all the agony!
* Oskor glances at Fusal and tries not to scowl
* Zefa raises a hand again for silence, as the party from Charadip mutter angrily.
<Zefa> No interjections. Do you need a moment to confer with your speakers?
<Tora> We accept a break to confer.
<Oskor> Likewise.
* Junan moves in to speak with his group
<Junan> This is exactly what we expected. Why are you snapping out of turn?
* Junan looks a Fusal
<Fusal> They are making no sense! Why should we simply accept their lies as fact?
<Junan> (do I think they were just playing the tactic I guessed they would or do they actually believe what they are saying?)
<AshnabisGM> (hard to say really - but since you weren't surprised, it seems totally plausible it was their tactic)
<Junan> (Cant I use Sense Motive to give me an indication?)
<AshnabisGM> (ok, sure)
<Junan> (with moment of prescience)
<Junan> !roll 1d20+16
* Daifan rolls for Junan: [ 1d20+16 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 16 ] totals [ 17 ].
<Oskor> (good job. you know nothing)
<Junan> !roll 1d20+16
* Daifan rolls for Junan: [ 1d20+16 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 16 ] totals [ 20 ].
<Oskor> (well, better?)
<Oskor> (you really do think it is most likely a tactic on their part - maybe Tora herself doesn't know the truth of the matter though?)
* Tora returns, waiting her turn to speak.
<Oskor> We do ourselves no favours by insisting on this discussion of who knew what about Yeggun.
<Oskor> I want an apology, of course. But I want a resolution more.
<Junan> What we planned should work. Name the mystic involved if you need to.
<Oskor> All right.
<Fusal> Very well.
* Zefa will give Tora the first turn to speak, since she came back to the floor first.
<Tora> In a show of good faith, and accepting no responsibility for the attack, we offer to send a contingent of mystics to drive Yeggun out of Pashas.
* Oskor considers that.
<Oskor> We are willing to recognize, jointly with you, that the pirate Yeggun is a threat to all civilized folk, and needs to be brought to bear for his crimes.
<Oskor> But we are not willing to leave it to you alone to address this issue. We do know that there are some in Zhardif who would aid the pirate, and would just as likely help him escape as bring him in.
* Tora frowns slightly at that, but does not retort.
<Zefa> If it suits you both, there may be a solution that would allow both sides to gain satisfaction in this matter.
<Zefa> You both agree that Yeggun is responsible, and both are willing to send forces to oppose him. The solution seems plain - send a joint expeditionary force against the pirate Yeggun, joining your strength together to defeat him.
* Oskor looks over to Junan questioningly.
<Tora> I would confer with my fellows once more.
* Junan looks to Oskor to confer as well
<Zefa> Certainly. Both sides may take a moment to confer.
<Oskor> Hmm, do you see any reason to reject this?
<Junan> My initial thougths go to will you be able to work together without leading to even higher tensions?
<Oskor> Perhaps, perhaps not. I don't know whether they would behave civilly.
<Dezlas> Sentinels will not accept leadership from mystics or anyone else than the General.
<Junan> that doesnt not preclude working jointly
<Junan> and coordinating
<Junan> The Aumesh if they get ruffled will blame both you and Charadip, at least neither gains in that.
<Oskor> That's true. The folk of Ruur are strange.
<Oskor> But we should be able to deal with these sorts of problems, or how can we ever expect to hold this territory?
* Junan nods
<Oskor> Very well.
<Junan> Its a bigger concession than I ever expected from them.
<Junan> Maybe they want access to the island for something and didn't get exactly what they wanted from Yeggun
<Oskor> Well ... we will need to be alert to that
<Junan> His efforts were more focused on antagonizing the hith... framing the General, no matter how unbelievable, was just icing
<Oskor> Then we accept
* Junan nods
<Fusal> Reluctantly.
* Tora returns, having conferred with her delegates
<Oskor> We are willing to accept a joint expeditionary force to remove the pirate Yeggun from Pashas, and that, if captured alive, he will be tried by the Fort in Kaskind on a capital charge.
<Oskor> We are willing to set aside the question of what aid, if any, he received in this matter.
<Tora> We are willing to accept this agreement, with appropriate provisions in place to ensure neither side gains inappropriate advantage in the result, or seeks command over the other's forces. Yeggun's trial will be in your hands if he is captured alive.
<Zefa> Very well! The details can be worked out, but it seems we have the foundations of a settlement in place.
<Zefa> Thank you all for your cooperation and please feel free to remain as guests until you have concluded your negotiations.

Llillilli is tested by the solars and meets Loeluth

<AshnabisGM> Llillilli, your time at Sulise has been wildly strange. You are treated, on the one hand, as an honoured guest of the king, as the consort of an important advisor, and a huwhi of the People. At the same time, the occasional glances and raised ridges suggest that not all is completely well.
<AshnabisGM> It is impossible to forget that you are here for a purpose, to be tested by the solars in the hopes of some that you will fail to demonstrate that Sellu touched you with purpose at your pfullaes. You never asked to be the representative of all humans before the People in this respect. Yet here you are.
<Llillilli> (it's about what I expected :/)
<AshnabisGM> You have been told that the leader of the solars, Fellis, will be retrieving you this morning for a test. This is not a public event - for which you are grateful - but at the same time, you have little reason to trust that Fellis or the solars have your best interests at heart. You have only met them once before, and never in such a personal way.
<Llillilli> (what should I address them as?)
<AshnabisGM> (uhhhhh)
<AshnabisGM> (maybe ... 'Revered Elder', let's say?)
<Llillilli> (kk)
* Fellis comes into your chamber unannounced, as if it is the most natural thing in the world.
* Fellis is short for one of the People but deeply majestic in bearing, with mottled green and grey skin flecked with gold. Although they are hesethi as evidenced by the green crests atop their head and flowing down their neck, Fellis is no elder in years, and appears physically strong. They look at you up and down.
<Llillilli> Revered Elder.
<Fellis> Blessed dawn to you, child.
<Llillilli> (is there an expected response to that)
<Fellis> You have come here to be tested. Whether that means you are brave or foolish, or both, I do not know. Are you ready?
<Llillilli> I am ready.
<Fellis> What have you been told of what is to happen?
<Llillilli> Very little.
<Fellis> Good. All is as it should be.
<Fellis> You will need me to breathe. Come here.
* Llillilli steps forward.
* Fellis lays a mottled hand upon you and you feel a rush as airy water flows through you.
* Fellis leads you out of the palace compound and through the ocean.
<Fellis> Are you frightened, youngling?
<Llillilli> No.
<Fellis> Hmm.
<AshnabisGM> As you walk towards the exit to the ocean, a small globe of light appears from your left and floats above Fellis' head
* Llillilli glances at it.
<Fellis> Sesithilaelluthi, my companion.
<Llillilli> What ... are they>
<Fellis> They are a lluthi. A creature of pure light, possessed of Sellu's grace and wit, a being of swamps and caves and corals, that lives among the People.
<Llillilli> They speak to you?
<Fellis> Yes, they are no beast. They are a kind as old as yours or mine - perhaps older.
* Llillilli watches the light ball wide eyed as we walk
<Fellis> A very few lluthi choose to live as companions to solars, and so it is my blessing to have them.
* Llillilli nods.
<AshnabisGM> After a time you come out of the sea into a rocky area of cliffs and moss at low tide. You think you must be somewhere along the north coast, perhaps near or on the Auggi. A hole, perhaps fifteen feet wide and seven feet high, sits around fifty yards ahead in the cliff wall, semi-submerged in knee-deep water.
<Fellis> Here we are.
<Llillilli> The cave?
<Fellis> Indeed.
<Llillilli> What's in it?
<Fellis> Not what, but _who_.
<Llillilli> Who then.
<Fellis> It is Loeluth. It has lived here since the eldest among us was alive. Its kind have preyed on our hatchlings since the sun was young ... and on your kind, whenever they are too arrogant to know their place.
<Llillilli> And what am I supposed to do?
<Fellis> If you are really selleluf, then you, like any who would seek to be solars, must be judged by Loeluth, to bring it peace - or risk your own existence. While I know that humans do not value life the way the People do, I presume you still value your own.
<Llillilli> Bring it peace?
<Fellis> It is a thing of great anger. It is perhaps the last of its kind, who once were many within the seas
<Llillilli> Bring it peace how?
<Fellis> If you are truly selleluf - even a touch should suffice. If.
<Llillilli> And if I'm not, it eats me, one assumes.
<Llillilli> (I assume I'm unarmed :v)
<Fellis> Well, kills you, at least.
<Fellis> (yes, unarmed)
<Llillilli> Hm.
<Llillilli> Well. I guess let's get it over with either way.
* Fellis leads you forward into the cave mouth.
* Llillilli wades towards the hole.
<AshnabisGM> You head in - the light is dim from the cave mouth soon enough, despite its size, so only Fellis' companion provides any real vision. You can clamber down without too much difficulty - the rocks are worn smooth from the tides. You also see signs, here and there, of scraping against the walls and roof of the cave.
<AshnabisGM> Eventually, the sunlight has dimmed almost to nothingness, but you hear a great rhythmic groan ahead. Straining to see, you spot a great beast, a turtle of enormous size, many times the size of a human, its breaths raspy and coupled with overtones from deep within it, that resonate against the walls.
<Llillilli> Oh... :o
<Llillilli> A turtle :o
<Fellis> Loeluth. I bring before you this unhatched child, hairspawn, for your discernment.
<Fellis> Eat, if you would eat. The child is surrendered to you.
* Llillilli takes a small step forward.
<Llillilli> They sound unwell...
<Fellis> They are ancient beyond all reckoning
<AshnabisGM> The beast churns in the low-lying water, stirring up the thin layer of silt at the bottom. It senses your presence, you can tell, and shifts angrily.
<AshnabisGM> As you approach, you feel decades, perhaps centuries, of its rage lashing out as it moves away from you, backing to the wall.
<Llillilli> Oh...
* Llillilli waits a moment
<Llillilli> (I'm assuming we've been speaking hithaeli this whole time, but just in case I definitely am now)
<Fellis> (yes definitely. You don't have any idea if Fellis speaks any human language)
<Llillilli> I'm Llillilli. I am... sorry for your suffering.
* Llillilli moves up a lil bit
<Llillilli> I do not wish to disturb you. But the revered elder wants to see if you'll eat me.
<Llillilli> I hope you won't :x
* Llillilli moves up a little more.
<AshnabisGM> Loeluth turns towards you as if considering a decision.
<Llillilli> You are so amazing @_@
<Llillilli> (how close am I now)
<AshnabisGM> (maybe almost close enough to reach out, just another step or two)
* Llillilli inches closer
<AshnabisGM> You are definitely close enough to reach the creature now.
* Llillilli reaches a hand out slowly, slowly.
<AshnabisGM> All right ...
<AshnabisGM> Loeluth seems unfazed ...
* Llillilli gently lays her hand on the great turtle.
<AshnabisGM> You feel a gentle presence in you. At first it seems to be flowing from Loeluth into you - but then upon reflection, it seems just as plausibly to be flowing from you, from your organs, out your arm into this ancient entity. Or perhaps it is both.
* Llillilli closes her eyes to focus on it.
<AshnabisGM> The creature's breathing becomes a little more regular, and it settles upon the rocks a little more easily.
<Fellis> Very well. Stand aside.
* Llillilli reluctantly steps away.
<Fellis> Loeluth, thank you for your mercy.
<Fellis> Well, come on now, child! Don't dawdle.
<Llillilli> :/
* Llillilli gets out of the way then.
<Fellis> Come here, then, you'll need to breathe on the way back.
* Llillilli approaches him.
* Fellis touches you to grant you the power to breathe.
<Fellis> Come along, then, your husband will be expecting you back.
* Llillilli looks back at the turtle again before following... "Farewell Loeluth."
* Fellis accompanies you back without saying another word.
* Llillilli is jsut thinking about the turtle anyway :3

Daifan talks with Fuska about what the escaped Corpseborn should do

<AshnabisGM> Daifan, you have been checking regularly on the liberated prisoners, taking time to talk with them and make sure they're well cared for as they recover.
<AshnabisGM> Most of them seem to have limited memories of the worst of what happened to them during their captivity. What they can recall is certainly very troubling, but they also speak of memories being blurry or blank at certain points, suggesting Galdai might have interfered with their minds.
<AshnabisGM> You've also been undertaking some basic training with Ughiva as she teaches you some of the elements of the magic she practices - the ways to join your will with another's to increase your power and diminish the risks.
<AshnabisGM> The other, perhaps more pressing issue, is that Fuska is getting close to giving birth. Any decision about whether some or all of the group are going to leave, stay in hiding, or if they leave, where they might go, is now divided between those wanting to take action before that point, and those wondering whether it would be more prudent to wait until after.
<AshnabisGM> At the center of this debate is Fuska herself, who seeks you out to try and gain some clarity on the issue.
* Fuska is young, in her early 20s, and heavily pregnant by this point - perhaps a month or so away from delivery, by your estimate.
<Fuska> Daifan - I think we should talk.
<Daifan> okay
<Daifan> I don't know how much help I can be.... But I'll try to help
<Fuska> I'm worried about what will happen to the baby. If whatever was happening to the others has to do with pregnancy, then maybe it affects this child too? Even if it wasn't conceived as part of the ... project.
<Fuska> If Lady Galdai has allies among the priestesses of the Hand - or even if she doesn't - what if she tries to take the baby?
<Daifan> Hand Dezmali would not allow that
<Daifan> She is the head of the temple in Kaskind
<Fuska> Can you be sure of that?
<Fuska> Do you trust her?
<Daifan> I do.
<Daifan> She's done nothign but try to help you all, as much as she can, since she learned you were brought here
* Daifan thinks
<Daifan> I don't think the old bitch would try to claim a child on her own - but she might have someone in her power do it
<Fuska> Like who?
<Daifan> hmmm... her granddaughter? BUt I don't think she would do that... I don't think it goes with all of their noble customs
<Daifan> but maybe a servant?
<Daifan> anyone she could bribe or ensorcel >.>
<Fuska> I know the child isn't mine... but I still don't want it to be hers either, or for it to be in danger because we stayed here too long.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> well.
<Daifan> YOu could sk that it be raised by the church
<Daifan> or.. if you are leaving here anyway.... you could just keep it >.>
<Fuska> Yes ... but it wouldn't be budal. I don't think I can keep a hedal baby.
<Daifan> I don't know, Fuska. Maybe it would be.
<Daifan> or.... enough
<Fuska> If we were going ... But I don't know where we could go. Most of us aren't farmers or hunters, really - we wouldn't be able to make our own way in the swamp without help.
<Daifan> :/
* Daifan thinks more
<Fuska> Some think we should go back towards more familiar lands - maybe not all the way home, of course, but to Choradan or Daligash, where we might find other budal to let us stay with them.
<Fuska> Others say, let's go even further away, but I don't know what that would mean. Go live among people we don't know, don't speak the language, who might not be so welcoming of strangers?
<Daifan> Daligash woudl be better than Choradan >.>
<Daifan> further away... well. Who kows if here would be budal at all. But then you could make yourselves whatever you wanted to be.
<Fuska> I've never been anything else ... and I don't know if I could be tetem.
<Daifan> I don't think it would be the same as that, either
<Daifan> YOu wouldnt have to deny what you are
<Daifan> Your magic already makes you different, though
<Daifan> And I think.... some of the things the Hand believe about us... are wrong.
<Fuska> What do you mean?
<Daifan> I've met a budal revenant.
<Daifan> here is a man here in Toadtown who insists that he is the prophet of a budal saint
<Daifan> and that my daughter is part of his lineage as well
<Daifan> I don't know what to believe, when it comes to that.
<Daifan> But the rvenant - he I know is real.
<Fuska> How strange.
<Daifan> I have hedal friends who were born budal....
<Fuska> Well, they're just tetem then?
<Daifan> Their mother died when they were born, fleeing from th war in CHoradan, and her sister raised them.
<Daifan> they didn't know, until they were older.
<Daifan> I don't think its the same.... maybe now
<Daifan> But they know nothing of our ways
<Daifan> they have a lineage, though
<Fuska> I think Spoons wants to stay. Wants me to stay, all of us. "In our power", like she says.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> That's what she told me
<Fuska> And part of me wants that too. To simply refuse to flee.
<Fuska> What do you think? You've been here longer than we have - do you think we can manage here, if we stay?
<Daifan> I think it will be difficult, no matter where you go. but here you do have friends. The world here is in flux - so I think we can use that to our advantage.
<Daifan> So, yes. I do think so.
<Fuska> And your priestess friend - she can be trusted in all this?
<Daifan> Veznara? or Dezmali?
<Fuska> Either, I suppose. But you already told me you trust Dezmali.
<Fuska> And I know her better, from my time at the temple. I do believe you.
<Fuska> But Veznara, she is Taizian and noble. Like the Princess.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> Dezmali is a sid
<Daifan> she's sympathetic, and she has power
<Daifan> Veznara.... shes a traditionalist. She doesnt like having her ways challenged... but she's not a bad person. She doesn't want to see people come to harm, but I don't know if she really understand what all that means
<Daifan> She did help free everyone, but her position is precarious in all of this
<Fuska> That's the same word that Spoons used. Precarious.
<Daifan> Mmhmmm.
<Daifan> What did she say?
<Fuska> That she wants to stay, that she thinks that Hand Veznara would support us as best as she can, but that she may care more about her own station than our well-being ... if it came down to that.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I dont know about that.
<Daifan> I think she is more committed to the church than to the empire, when it comes down to it
<Daifan> it might be hard, but I think she would make the right choice.
<Daifan> and hopefully - it wouldn't.
<Fuska> So ... you want us to stay?
<Daifan> Yes.
<Daifan> I think it might be rough at first but Banei will adjust, and it will be worth it to all of us.
* Fuska smiles.
<Fuska> All right. I'll think it over.
* Daifan also
<Daifan> let me know if there is anything more I can do...
<Daifan> If you want to talk to Dezmali, or for me to, to take her your concerns about Galdai...
<Fuska> That might help - if you can talk to her safely
<Daifan> I can.
<Fuska> Thank you.

The Stoneguard Ikhavor asks Veznara for help and they discuss the Sashnirs

* Ikhavor is not in her stoneguard armor, presumably being off duty at the moment. She is a short but powerfully built woman in her mid-thirties or so, with long, wavy brown hair tied back in a braid and a broad, freckled face.
<Ikhavor> Hand Veznara, I hope I'm not interrupting you?
* Veznara smiles pleasantly and sets down her stylus
<Veznara> Quite all right, Stoneguard Ikhavor. I could use a break.
<Veznara> How are you?
<Ikhavor> I'm well, thank you. May I join you for a conversation?
* Oskor is now known as Fellis
<Veznara> Certainly.
* Veznara gestures to a nearby seat
* Ikhavor will come and take a seat on a bench near the window.
<Ikhavor> I know that when we first met, I was somewhat... wary of your intentions, and may not have been overly friendly, for which I apologize.
<Veznara> Oh. Well, thank you... but I assure you, I didn't take offense.
<Ikhavor> I come to you today hoping to seek your assistance with a rather sensitive matter.
<Ikhavor> Perhaps we can help one another, if there is something you seek in return.
<Veznara> Ah. What is the matter?
<Ikhavor> I heard recently about the recovery of the stone warrior and other artifacts and remains in the ruins of Fort Kinjilai. I understand you were present for this momentous discovery.
<Veznara> Yes, that's correct. It was in the course of my work with the Registry.
<Ikhavor> It must have been amazing - I would like to see the fort at some point, before the area floods again.
<Veznara> (Can I tell whether she has some ulterior motive? Sense Motive?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (you can roll)
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+12
* Daifan rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 20 ].
<Ashnabis_Narrator> She seems genuinely curious about the fort, you don't sense an ulterior motive behind her wish to see it. She presumably has other things she wants to ask about, though.
<Veznara> (Was there anything particularly secret about our assignment there? I don't remember :P )
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (not especially. You were theoretically looking for a lost sentinel's sword, but you didn't find it there.)
<Veznara> (Right, Derzen's.)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (Dezren, yeah.)
<Veznara> I could tell you where it is, if you like. Was there a particular reason why it interests you?
<Veznara> It was mostly ruins, I'm afraid...
<Ikhavor> Well, my area of study is the role of the stoneguards in this area, and the period of the occupation is one that interests me greatly. And I understand that some artifacts suggesting stoneguard presence there were recovered along with the remains.
<Ikhavor> But that is not what I wished to ask about today - merely a side-note, I suppose.
<Veznara> Oh?
<Ikhavor> I have heard that the soldier has just recently been restored to life, his stone imprisonment ended after centuries, by some who consider that they might be his descendants, the Lentu clan.
* Ikhavor says, lowering her voice slightly
<Ikhavor> Their claim may or may not be true, and honestly that aspect matters little to me. The fact that they might have a survivor from the days of the Imperial occupation, however, is of great interest.
<Ikhavor> He might be able to tell of things that have been long forgotten, to speak of the end of the occupation, the role the Stoneguards played at that time...
* Veznara raises her eyebrows at that
<Veznara> Indeed! I didn't realize...
<Veznara> If he has been brought back, restored, then you're right - he could indeed be a treasure trove of information.
* Ikhavor nods
<Ikhavor> But right now, there is no way to speak with him. They keep him secreted away in order to protect him, or to prevent others from gaining access to him
<Veznara> I didn't realize that anyone had moved him, though. Where did you hear this?
<Ikhavor> Half the town of Timiil was there to watch him be restored to life - the rumours have been flying since then.
<Veznara> By whom? I remember there was some talk that he might have a descendant here...
<Ikhavor> Bohin Lentu, who is head of the Lentu clan.
<Veznara> Ah. Yes, I see. So he heard of this, and must have made the arrangements.
<Ikhavor> I assume so, yes.
<Veznara> And you believe I could help persuade him to grant you access to the restored Lentus Odazhi?
<Ikhavor> Well, perhaps. I was able to learn that he'd been taken to a secret location by a man named Jimba Ghughife - I believe you're acquainted with him.
<Veznara> Ah.
<Veznara> Yes. Yes, he's a member of my team at the Registry.
* Veznara frowns slightly
<Veznara> I suppose he must have tracked down Bohin Lentu and let him know about his ancestor.
<Veznara> I do remember that we were uncertain as to whether there were anyone with the right to claim him, and that there might be someone on the Lentu side.
* Ikhavor nods
<Ikhavor> If you were able to help me gain an opportunity to talk to the ancient soldier, I would be extremely grateful.
<Veznara> Well; I suppose I can speak to Jimba on your behalf, if you wish. I don't know how he - or Bohin Lentu - will feel about it, but I can do my best.
* Ikhavor nods
<Ikhavor> Perhaps there's something I can offer you in return. You once inquired about stoneguards in this region. It is, of course, my area of interest and expertise, so if I can in any way aid you in your inquiries, of course I'd be willing to help.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> Yes, of course. Thank you. I'll be sure to ask Jimba about this, and see what can be done.
<Ikhavor> Thank you.
<Veznara> Is there anything in particular you want to find out?
<Ikhavor> Well... of course, anything he could tell of the time he lived in would be interesting. But in particular, I want to know more about why the Stoneguards fell. We used to be a military order, fighting alongside Sentinels and others, but now we are relegated to guard duties, and our numbers are much fewer than they used to be.
<Veznara> (Do I know anything about that? History roll, mebbe? :D )
<Ikhavor> (you can roll, sure)
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+17
* Daifan rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+17 ] getting [ 14 ] which, after the modifier [ 17 ] totals [ 31 ].
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Your knowledge concurs with her assessment, anyway - the Stoneguards were once much more prominent and powerful than they are now. You don't know of a specific incident that caused their fall - rather, you imagine it was a gradual decline over decades or centuries, as the Sentinels' role likewise changed from being Imperial bodyguards to a more independent military order.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> Yes, I see.
<Veznara> You know that there was another whom we found at the Fort, of course? Buhin Odazhi?
<Ikhavor> I do know of him, yes. His remains are honored. But the knowledge one can gain from a departed ancestor, though valuable, is not the same as what one could learn from a living one.
<Veznara> (Sense Motive - is she also hesitant, perhaps because she doesn't want to go through the Voice for answers? :P )
<Ikhavor> (it's possible she hasn't been allowed to consult him as an ancestor. They did say they didn't want to bug him too much, essentially.)
<Veznara> (Pffft. Why would he care? It's not like he remembers being woken up each time...)
<Veznara> I suppose not. Well, I'll certainly ask Jimba about this, then, if it will be of help to you.
<Ikhavor> I appreciate it, thank you.
<Veznara> It's my pleasure. :)
<Ikhavor> And please let me know if there's anything I can help you with in return.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> Well... there was something we came across a few months ago that seemed odd.
<Ikhavor> oh?
<Veznara> It was an old temple, a ruin. It seems it was a local temple. I had a stoneguard ancestor who apparently had been left as a guardian. One of the Sashnir lineage?
<Ikhavor> Ah.. yes.
<Ikhavor> I know of the site you speak of.
<Ikhavor> A local ... cult site, I suppose you could say.
<Veznara> Do you know whether it had any particular significance? There were things about it that were... well, different, I think.
* Ikhavor nods
<Veznara> "Cult"?
<Ikhavor> Well. Perhaps that term is too harsh. The Sashnirs are a local lineage who have some ... unusual practices, and keep to their own ways.
<Ikhavor> I have some knowledge of their practices, although not too much - as I said, they do not share easily with outsiders, and indeed can be quite defensive. Most of what I've gleaned, as come from people who know *of
* the group, but are not in the group.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> There was a persimmon grove nearby... I take it this has special meaning to them?
<Ikhavor> I can tell you what I've been able to learn, but please understand that they have been known to go as far as to kill those who know too much about their secrets.
<Ikhavor> They have only Voice priests, no Hand. They have stoneguards, which is the main interest I have in their practices.
* Veznara nods solemnly at her warning
<Ikhavor> I believe the persimmons are perhaps symbolically important, although more important is the fos they grow. It is of a rare subtype and I understand it particularly enhances divination, which they use in some part of their rituals.
<Ikhavor> Looking at the future, more than at the past.
<Ikhavor> Although what precisely they do with it, or what they might be looking towards, I don't know.
<Veznara> I'm sure they guard it jealously.
* Fellis is now known as Fuska
<Ikhavor> I believe so.
<Veznara> There was also a saglikom there... but it was pointed the wrong way, as though to keep something in rather than out.
<Ikhavor> I believe that custom means something bad happened at that site. Perhaps a plague or fire or other disaster. They abandoned the location, moving to a new temple, and left it like that in order to contain the negative energy, so that it would not pursue them to the new site.
<Veznara> Hmmm. One of us did have a nightmare there... it was Jimba, in fact.
<Ikhavor> oh?
<Veznara> Yes... he later described it. He dreamed of a woman, glowing, carrying a persimmon fruit and branch.
<Veznara> She warned him to flee before he was cursed.
<Ikhavor> It sounds too specific to the details of their customs to be an ordinary nightmare. Perhaps it was a warning they tried to send, to keep people away from the site.
* Veznara frowns and nods
<Veznara> Well, I can assure you none of us were in a hurry to return after that.
<Ikhavor> That's understandable.
<Veznara> Anyway, it did make an impression.
<Ikhavor> Perhaps if I have the chance, I can talk to him about it.
<Veznara> Perhaps. As far as I know, it hasn't affected him since...
* Ikhavor nods
<Ikhavor> That's fortunate.
<Veznara> It was just a disturbing occurrence.
<Veznara> Anyway, I will approach him about letting you speak with the revived Lentus Odazhi.
<Veznara> I'd like to speak with him myself... all the things he could tell us!
* Ikhavor nods
* Veznara is getting a bit taken at the idea of speaking with this living part of history!
<Ikhavor> I appreciate your help. And of course, let me know if there's anything further I can do for you, as well.
* Ikhavor will stand to take her leave.
<Veznara> Yes. Thank you, Stoneguard Ikhavor. I'm glad you came by.
* Ikhavor nods and bids you farewell before departing.


Daifan talks to Dezmali about Galdai's intentions concerning the children

* Daifan will go to the hand temple on some of their down time, then
* Dezmali can be found supervising the cleaning of the bubun
* Daifan eyes the process wth cautious curiosiy
<Daifan> Hand Dezmali?
* Dezmali turns and sees you.
<Dezmali> Ah, hello, child.
<Daifan> I was hoping to speak to you in private.
<Daifan> I can come back, though if you are busy
<Dezmali> Ahh ... no, I can talk.
<Dezmali> Carry on as with before. And make sure not to neglect the armpits this time!
* Dezmali instructs the acolytes.
* Dezmali leads the way to her office.
* Daifan will follow
* Dezmali sits.
<Dezmali> What's the matter, child?
<Daifan> Mmm, nothign it *wrong*, exctly
<Daifan> I came to speak wth you on behalf of Fuska
<Dezmali> Is it time?
<Daifan> it is close, but she has concerns, about the outgoing tide
<Daifan> given all that was happening.... she is concerned what might happen if Galdai go her hands on this child... or any of the others.
<Dezmali> Ah. Hmm.
<Dezmali> This has concerned me as well.
<Daifan> oh?
<Daifan> is there not anyone else?
<Dezmali> Of course - dozens of families who might take a child.
<Dezmali> Fuska is concerned, and I understand the concern, because she does not know me, that I might give Galdai a child.
<Dezmali> I am concerned, not about that, because I know my own heart.
* Daifan nods
<Dezmali> But rather, that whoever I give a child to might be coerced, or cajoled, or bribed, or bought, by Galdai.
<Daifan> I didn't think you would - but why are you concerned, then?
<Daifan> ahh.
<Daifan> yes, I had considered that too...
<Daifan> her magic makes her very persuasive >.>
<Dezmali> She has enormous wealth and power. It is almost impossible for me to imagine how I can prevent her from obtaining a child if that is her desire.
<Daifan> *a
* child is, mmm...less of an issue, perhaps >.>
<Daifan> but oen of the children from the captives... I don't know.
<Daifan> hat sounds callous
<Daifan> I don't want her to have a child at all
<Daifan> but the children from this aizer...
<Daifan> I think that might be... worse?
<Dezmali> She is a Princess-Imperial. If she wants a child, she can have the Pretender ship her one.
<Daifan> Especially one who may have come from her experiments >.>
<Dezmali> Do you know if that is what she wants?
<Daifan> Galdai?
<Daifan> I think it must be.
<Dezmali> Why do you think that?
<Daifan> Well >.>
<Daifan> What did you hear about what she was doing?
<Dezmali> I heard ... enough.
* Dezmali sighs.
<Daifan> so.... yes. That is why.
<Dezmali> But we don't know if whatever - experiment - she was doing was successful or complete.
<Daifan> No.
<Dezmali> I agree that it may well be so.
<Daifan> But also, from what Hand Veznara said, she seems happy enough to let them go. She hasn't been pursuing them, and I don't thinkit is just becuase she is old, or whatever.
<Daifan> she's not the kind of give up and relent
<Dezmali> So you would like the children to be raised here in the temple. Not all will be happy with that. There are many who want a child, and far more priestesses already than we need.
<Daifan> mmm..... There's only three, that I know of. tha's not *so
* many
<Daifan> but could they be sent somewhere else?
<Dezmali> Of course. To Timiil, or Zhumne, or Zhardif. Or farther afield.
<Dezmali> But far enough that she could not find them? I don't know.
<Daifan> :|
<Dezmali> The farther away they go, the less likely I could exercise any influence on the tide-mothers there.
<Daifan> mm... I know the one in Timil is very... relaxed >.>
<Dezmali> Diyur? No, you must mean Omoshla
<Daifan> Maybe?
<Dezmali> I would need to think on that.
<Dezmali> We do not always have good relations with our Aummesh counterparts.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> but are there not other temples, even, where they could be raised?
<Dezmali> There are.
<Dezmali> I will need to think on this matter.
<Dezmali> Nothing seems foolproof. Everything seems to leave some way that she gets one of the children.
<Dezmali> Well, except...
<Daifan> what if there's no way for her to know if i is one of them.... somehow?
<Dezmali> Well, that's something that there are surely magics to discern.
* Daifan huffs
<Daifan> stupid magic.
* Daifan sighs
<Daifan> I'm glad we're at least agreed on the principle. Mybe there won't be anything we can do, but we can try.
<Daifan> maybe the stress of all this will go to her heart >.>
<Daifan> If she has one >.>
<Dezmali> We do not wish such unkindnesses, child.
<Daifan> Mmhmm >.>
<Dezmali> I should return to my tasks. The acolytes do need some supervision still. But thank you for coming.
* Daifan nods
* Daifan also sighs
<Daifan> Thank you. If I think of anything else, I will let you or Hand Veznara know.

Veznara asks Jimba about talking to Lentus

* Veznara goes to find Jimba at the Registry the day after her conversation with Ikhavor
<Jimba> (What time of day?)
<Veznara> (Just before lunchtime, of course! )
<Jimba> Good morning, Veznara. How's your day going?
<Veznara> Fine, thank you, Jimba. And yours?
<Jimba> As well as ever.
* Jimba smiles companionably.
<Veznara> I was thinking that I should return the favour from a while back when you bought me lunch. Are you free today?
<Jimba> Oh, sure. Hate to pass up free food.
* Veznara smiles
<Veznara> Let's go, then!
* Veznara takes him to a good place for lunch, somewhere they can talk privately...
* Jimba will follow along.
* Veznara waits until they are settled in and their orders have arrived, and then broaches the subject.
<Veznara> So, I was approached yesterday by Stoneguard Ikhavor. Do you know her?
<Jimba> I don't believe so. Should I?
<Veznara> No, no particular reason why.
<Jimba> Who is she?
<Veznara> She's a stoneguard here, at the Temple of the Voice.
<Veznara> Anyway, she asked me about our mission to that ruined fort, Fort Kinjilai.
<Veznara> In particular, about the statue of the Stone Prince.
<Jimba> Oh? What's her interest?
<Veznara> She said that she had just heard that he was freed from his imprisonment, brought back to life.
<Veznara> By his descendant, I suppose. Bohin Lentu?
* Jimba smiles.
<Jimba> Yeah, I was at the ceremony. It, ah, it didn't quite go according to plan, but everything seemed to work out okay.
* Veznara 's eyes go wide
<Veznara> By the Ancestors!
<Veznara> Literally, I suppose!
* Jimba chuckles.
<Veznara> He's alright? Lentus Odazhi?
<Jimba> Uh, I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to be discussing this, but he's stable.
<Veznara> Is it a secret? Ikhavor said that half of Timil witnessed the whole thing.
<Jimba> Oh, yeah, but I think they're wanting to let him rest.
<Jimba> Not getting a bunch of people coming to see the Stone Prince, you know?
<Veznara> Oh, well. That's understandable. But, ah... that's why Ikhavor came to see me. To ask me to speak to you on her behalf.
<Jimba> To me?
<Veznara> She said that you were involved - that you were the one who arranged for the statue to be brought to a secret location.
<Veznara> And she knows that we work together.
<Jimba> I didn't have much to do with him when he was a statue, really.
<Veznara> Well, I think the point is that she believes you could help her get in to see him.
<Veznara> She wants to ask about the Stoneguards; what they were like in his time.
<Veznara> And... why they seem to have declined.
<Jimba> Hmm.
<Jimba> I'm not part of his lineage. I'm not sure I'm the one to make that call.
<Veznara> You must have influence with Bohin Lentu, though, after the favour you've done him.
<Veznara> Or at least be in a position to ask?
<Veznara> Not as a favour to you, but just to let him know and see what he says?
<Jimba> Yeah. Yeah, I can do that, certainly.
<Jimba> Why doesn't she just talk to him herself, though?
<Veznara> Hmmm. I guess I assumed she had... she said that he was being secreted away to keep people away from him.
<Veznara> Now that you mention it, I don't actually know for sure that she had spoken to Bohin Lentu herself, though.
<Veznara> I gather she may want to keep this quiet, though.
<Veznara> Maybe... maybe there are those who would not want her to learn about her order's true past.
* Veznara frowns
<Jimba> Oh, huh. I wonder why?
<Veznara> The same reason they don't want anyone looking too closely into what happens at the Sashnir temples?
<Veznara> I don't know. I can only speculate.
<Veznara> Anyway, she seemed sincere. I have no reason to think she means him harm.
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> Well, like I said, I can ask.
<Veznara> Thank you.
<Jimba> And I'll pass that along to Bohin.
<Veznara> While you're at it.. would you ask on my behalf, as well?
<Veznara> I've long been a student of history, and the opportunity to talk to him!
<Jimba> Uh, sure, I don't see why not.
<Veznara> Oh, *thank* *you*!
* Veznara is obviously very happy about this!
* Jimba smiles.
<Jimba> Happy to help.

Jimba delivers the weapons to Dekhesh, who is slightly injured in the process

* Jimba will bring the boat over sometime when the others aren't around.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> You can head out to meet up with Dekhesh at the rendezvous spot you agreed on, some ways out of town along the coast.
* Dekhesh has a lantern to signal you, and you see it blink a couple of times, giving you the go-ahead to approach the shore.
* Jimba will do so carefully. (Though I don't think it's particularly treacherous here?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The area you chose is lined with trees, giving some cover to the shore, and has a sandy patch of bank where you can pull up reasonably safely.
<Jimba> (Do I need to roll or anything, or are we good.)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (we good :)
* Dekhesh steps forward to greet you once you've arrived.
<Dekhesh> Thanks for coming. No trouble, I hope?
<Jimba> If there was, I'd be a bad smuggler.
* Dekhesh smiles at that.
<Jimba> Are we good on this end?
* Dekhesh gives a signal and a group of about five strapping young folks step out of the trees to help with unloading.
<Dekhesh> I brought some assistance.
<Jimba> What exactly am I trading for here? ;)
<Dekhesh> I mean... I was planning on offering money, but if you'd rather, I can have them beat you up and take what we came for :)
* Jimba chuckles.
<Jimba> I hear some people would pay you for that, but, alas, I am not one of them. Gold will have to suffice.
<Dekhesh> You know, in case anyone asks questions - we could make it look convincing ;)
<Dekhesh> But I suppose cash will have to do.
* Jimba snaps his fingers with faux disappointment.
* Dekhesh takes a pouch off his sash, handing it over to you.
* Jimba takes the pouch with a smile.
<Jimba> Thank you kindly. Can I help you carry things, or is it better if I don't know where things are going?
<Dekhesh> Probably best if you don't know.
<Dekhesh> But if you want to help unload things, of course I wouldn't object. Show off some muscles :)
* Jimba is probably only wearing his dashi around his waist, so he's happy to show off some muscles.
* Dekhesh and his pals can make quick work of getting the crates unloaded, with your help :)
* Dekhesh is helping with bringing the last one off the boat when he winces and all but drops his side of the box.
<Jimba> Oh, crap, are you okay?
* Dekhesh 's arm is bleeding from a deep scrape along its side - you can see the cause shortly, as there was a nail protruding from the side of the crate.
<Dekhesh> It's okay... just a bit of a war wound
* Dekhesh says, with a weak chuckle.
* Jimba grimaces.
<Jimba> We should take a look at that.
<Jimba> Or, I guess, you should have it looked at. Don't want it to turn bad.
<Dekhesh> No, true. If you have a bit of wine or something to douse it with, and some cloth for a bandage, that will probably do until I can get back to Banei.
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> Sure, come on board. Thanks to my cousin, we're basically never out of wine.
* Dekhesh gestures for the others to go on ahead and not wait for him.
* Dekhesh steps on board, then.
* Korivan is now known as Daifan
* Dekhesh examines it in the better light and winces again.
* Jimba will go into the cabin for a moment and come back with cloth and wine.
<Jimba> That bad?
<Dekhesh> Would it be ironic if I said I hate the sight of blood?
<Dekhesh> I mean... my own :p
<Jimba> I think most everyone does.
<Jimba> Hold out your arm.
* Dekhesh holds it out
* Jimba pours wine over the wound carefully.
* Dekhesh sucks in his breath, squeezing his eyes shut.
* Jimba frowns.
<Jimba> I can wrap it, but why don't we send for Daifan? Or go see her? She actually knows what she's doing.
<Dekhesh> That might not be a bad idea. I've seen wounds like this go bad before... and it would be really embarrassing to lose my arm because I scraped it on a nail.
<Dekhesh> Let me see if someone can get th-her.
* Jimba smiles sympathetically.
* Dekhesh can ask one of his pals to go get Daifan, before they head off with the crates.
<Jimba> Who knew this would be the danger tonight?
<Dekhesh> I mean, I didn't realize the crates themselves were the weapons ;)
<Dekhesh> in the meantime, where did you put that wine?
* Jimba chuckles and hands it over.
<Dekhesh> It works better applied internally.
<Jimba> Moonlight, wine, good company. But for the bleeding, this would be a nice night.
* Dekhesh smiles at that.
* Dekhesh takes a drink of the wine and passes it back to you.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Daifan, it's probably the middle of the night when you get woken up by someone telling you Dekhesh is injured and needs your help.
* Jimba will take a drink of wine.
* Daifan will sleepily crawl out of their bed
* Daifan will go with them
<Ashnabis_Narrator> It's a kilometer or two through the woods, so it will take you a little while to get there.
* Daifan will bring their medkit
* Daifan will try and get the deets on what's going on along the way
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The person (who I should probably give a name to) is kind of cagey with the details but can tell you that they were unloading some supplies and Dekhesh hurt himself.
<Daifan> Ugh *how* is he hurt :p
<Ashnabis_Narrator> "Uh, he hurt his arm on a nail or something?"
* Daifan nods and will accept that
<Daifan> not like crushed to death or stabbed then, that's good ;p
* Dekhesh will wrap his arm in the bandage so at least it isn't bleeding too much, but is not averse to a bit of distraction until the medic arrives ;)
* Daifan will recognize that boat, when they arrive
<Daifan> (If I notice they're making outbefore they notice me, I'll not interrupt ;)
<Daifan> 9I'll takr it as a sign he's not about to keel over or die of bloodless :V)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (lol)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (let's uh... have Daifan and Jimba roll perception checks and we'll see who does better ;)
<Jimba> (hee)
* Daifan rolls [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 17 ]
<Jimba> !roll 1d20+11
* Daifan rolls for Jimba: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 3 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 14 ].
<Jimba> (Nicely done, Jimba)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Okay then, Jimba is more distracted and Daifan can realize they're having makeouts before just jumping on board and interrupting ;)
* Daifan will give them a bit of time and the get bored and casuallylet them know they've arrived
<Jimba> Oh, uh, hey Daifan.
* Jimba says cheerfully and awkwardly.
* Daifan smiles
* Dekhesh slides back a bit and tries to look casual
<Daifan> (smirks, really)
<Daifan> I was dragged out of bed for something i was needed for? ^_^
<Dekhesh> Sorry to get you up in the middle of the night.
<Jimba> Yeah, sorry. He's got an injury we thought it'd be good to have looked at.
<Daifan> something about getting nailed?
* Jimba laughs.
* Daifan asks innocently?
<Daifan> you'd best let me see ;)
* Dekhesh clears his throat, trying not to blush too much, and will let you take a look at his arm. You can see that it's got a relatively deep scrape.
* Daifan will come up and have a look
<Daifan> Mmmm... I'll need to clean it well, and stitch it up
* Dekhesh nods
<Dekhesh> I know rusty metal makes wounds go sour... we did dump some wine on it, hoping that would clear it out.
<Daifan> I have some other things that will help, but that's a good start
<Daifan> but no needs to waste....
<Daifan> well I was going to say good wine, but I assume it's Kat's...
<Dekhesh> It wasn't too bad ;)
<Daifan> (do you want me to make any kind of roll?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (you can make a Heal check, sure.)
* Daifan rolls [ 1d20+14 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 14 ] totals [ 24 ]
* Jimba makes a noncommittal gesture, re: the wine.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Daifan, you can tend to the wound and you think it should be all right as long as he doesn't use it too much for a few days and gives it time to heal.
* Daifan will tell him as much
<Daifan> you might need a friend to help you handly anything heavy ;)
<Dekhesh> Good thing I'm right-handed.
* Dekhesh says with a semi-straight face.
<Daifan> mmhmmm
<Daifan> anything else?
<Dekhesh> Thank you, though, seriously. I'm sorry for dragging you all the way out here.
<Jimba> Really appreciate it, Daifan.
<Jimba> Oh, while you're here...
<Jimba> I had been meaning to talk to you, actually.
* Jimba glances at Dekhesh for a moment.
<Dekhesh> do you need me to, uh, get going so you can talk in private?
<Jimba> I was wondering if you could come take a look at someone else when you have a chance.
<Jimba> No, it's fine.
<Jimba> It's not like a huge secret.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> who?
<Daifan> and where?
<Daifan> I take it is isn't urgent?
<Jimba> Not especially, but it might need attention over time.
* Daifan nods
<Jimba> You remember Lentus Odahzi?
<Daifan> uh... That was the statue guy who got left in the swamp?
<Jimba> Yeah...
<Jimba> He's not a statue anymore.
<Daifan> :o
<Daifan> what? How? :o
<Daifan> Of course I will go and help him :o
<Jimba> The Lentu de-stone-ified him.
<Jimba> He has an injury that he sustained before being turned to stone.
* Daifan frowns
<Daifan> what kind of injury?
<Jimba> (Was it a gut wound? Am I remembering correctly?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> He basically seemed like he had been beaten/possibly tortured - I don't think he had a stab wound but more like a lot of bruising and cuts and some broken ribs and things like that.
<Jimba> Well, injuries, really.
<Jimba> He's in pretty bad shape.
<Jimba> Bruises and cuts, probably some broken ribs.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (nothing that seemed immediately fatal or anything, but could use some tending)
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> well, I can go after work?
<Jimba> He's pulling through, but it'd be good for him to get some healing.
* Daifan nods
<Jimba> Yeah, they patched him some.
<Jimba> But I know how good you are at that sort of thing.
* Daifan smiles
<Jimba> I'd consider it a personal favor, and you'd be doing a favor for the Lentu as well.
<Daifan> Mmmm.... well, we'll see about the last part. They may or may not be grateful :p
<Daifan> But I am just glad he wasn't left alone.
<Daifan> And besides I am pretty sure I already owe you enough.
* Jimba smiles.
<Jimba> I don't really keep track. ;)
<Jimba> ...I may not be the best merchant.
<Daifan> well goodthing *I*'m not buying anything ;p
* Jimba chuckles.
<Jimba> I can at least buy you lunch at work.
<Daifan> any day :)
<Daifan> but now I think I am going to go home and try and get more sleep.
* Jimba nods.
<Dekhesh> Want me to walk you home?
<Daifan> well, no need for you to rush away I'm sure ^-^
* Dekhesh gives Jimba a glance
* Jimba tries not to look too hopeful.
<Dekhesh> Well, I *was* injured. I probably should rest up...
* Dekhesh suggests.
<Jimba> You could rest here, if you like. Save you the nighttime walk.
<Dekhesh> That's not a bad idea.
<Daifan> mmhmmm
<Daifan> now you might owe me *two* lunches, Jimba... ;)
* Jimba smirks.
* Daifan will give a little wave before the head off
* Jimba waves back.
<Dekhesh> Now... where were we?
<Jimba> I think we can figure it out.
<Dekhesh> okay, but, you know, take it easy - I'm in a weakened state ;)

Llillilli bids farewell to Thelef

* Thelef will have a talk with you after you've had a chance to rest from your testing by the solars
<Llillilli> So what now?
<Thelef> Well... people are talking about how you passed the test. I think Fellis is quite shaken by that. If they were a less holy person, they might have been tempted to lie and say you failed, but they cannot.
<Llillilli> I sort of expected them to stab me.
* Llillilli shrugs.
<Thelef> I feel sure you would have put up a good fight if they had ;)
<Llillilli> still nobody has told me what any of it means.
<Thelef> Well... the solars may put their own interpretation on it, but to me, it means that you - that all of us - are part of the People. We are not humans pretending to play at their ways, their ways are our own, in our hearts.
<Thelef> I knew this already, of course - but for people who were less certain, it is a valuable demonstration.
<Llillilli> I feel that way as well.
* Thelef smiles, embracing you.
<Llillilli> Do you really think it will make a difference?
<Thelef> I hope it will.
* Llillilli nods and hugs you back.
<Thelef> I hope that this, and my continued efforts here, will help to smooth over the troubles and remind those who might seek to cut off from the humans that we are stronger together.
<Thelef> It means so much to me that you were willing to do this.
<Llillilli> I couldn't not...
<Thelef> I hope the experience was meaningful for you too. I know that you don't feel drawn to the path of the solars - but if you ever changed your mind, it would be there for you. And even if not, it is a blessing you continue to carry with you.
<Llillilli> It was.... Loeluth was so amazing...
* Thelef smiles at that
<Thelef> I'm glad.
<Llillilli> I felt sad for them though.
<Thelef> oh?
<Llillilli> I would like to visit them again...
<Thelef> Perhaps that might be possible.
<Llillilli> They are so full of anger and sadness. So alone.
* Thelef nods
<Thelef> If it is destined to be, your paths will cross again, I feel sure.
<Llillilli> Well, once I can breathe under the water...
* Thelef nods
<Thelef> You're learning quickly - I'm sure it won't be long.
* Llillilli grins.
<Thelef> But for now ... as much as I would like to keep you close to me, here... perhaps it is time for you to return? Jimba and Katenzhi will want to know you're all right, and your other friends.
<Llillilli> Oh... I guess. I'm sure they're fine.
<Llillilli> You're staying here, then.
<Thelef> For a little longer, at least. But I will visit you as often as I can.
<Thelef> I love you, Llillilli. I can't wait for us to be reunited :)
<Llillilli> I love you too :)
<Llillilli> I'll look forward to your visit.
* Thelef smiles and holds you close for as long as he can
<Llillilli> :)