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Session date: February 23, 2020
Fair Cycle date:


<Ashnabis_Narrator> Who knows, once the game is begun
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Who struck first, and who bore the first blow?
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Who remembers, when the dance is done
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Whose heart first grew hollow, whose throat tight?
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Revenge is the memory-killer
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The shade across time's window.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> These lines are from The Silver Children by the Omban poet Silikam, whose epic dramas are still performed in the great city to this day, and taught to the children of the well-bred.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> One thinks of them, as the mystics at Charadip, the hith at Sulise, and the colonists at Kaskind, engage in their dangerous dance, a prelude to ... what, exactly?
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Your own hearts are more clear on the matter before you. The corpseborn prisoners held by Galdai, tortured, forced against their will into unspeakable things, demand action, if not revenge.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Having learned that Galdai and her granddaughter Ziftu are headed home for a wedding, your bold group has decided to act swiftly to rescue them, with the aid of your corpseborn allies.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The sun of late Kerai is setting, and the cloudless sky reminds you that it still has yet to rain. You wonder idly whether this can possibly be normal. At least the stars will provide some light for your endeavor.

The group gather in preparation for the rescue mission

<Ashnabis_Narrator> You gather, in advance of the assault, in the town of Banei where you can convene without being noticed.
<Daifan> (where in Banei)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> You convene in the 'granary' where the other escapees have been hiding.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (since I don't think there are a lot of other large buildings where you can reasonably have this many people without attracting a lot of attention.)
* Ughiva has a look about her of deep anticipation. Although unarmed and dressed simply, she looks enormously capable of taking on this task.
* Llillilli has her hair wrapped and her pants-dashi tied up, wearing her lithus armour and pfethes.
* Daifan can make any necessary introductions
* Kemai is dressed in a nondescript dashi, hair unkempt, with light footwear.
* Jimba has his armor, shield, and machete with him, but will wait to put the armor on.
* Daifan is alsp quite plainly dressed in an old dashi, but also had thier armor with them
* Veznara is there dressed in simple brown robes, no sign of her Hand status apparent.
* Junan is dressed down with his hair styled much simpler than normal
<Daifan> Thank you all for coming, once again.
<Daifan> I think we are all agreed that we need to seize the opportunity we have been set by fate.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Fuska and Zarogalo are also there but mostly for moral support. She is very pregnant by this point and wouldn't be in a good position to accompany you, and he wants to stay with her.
<Daifan> (is Wolf here?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (did you want her to be? She can be if you want.)
<Daifan> (I'd have invited her, at least for providing intel)
<Daifan> (between her and Veznara I think we shoudl be okay on that front)
<Daifan> (she doens't have to be more directly involved)
<Daifan> This will be our best chance to move people away from the compound, and to get them here to safety.
* Nezha is there, nervously looking around at all these people
<Jimba> (How far is that?)
<AshnabisGM> (it's maybe about 5 miles across country)
<Jimba> (kk)
<Daifan> (and there's not really any other route is there?)
<AshnabisGM> (basically, the compound is halfway between 3 (Zhumne) and 4 (Baziri) on this map, and Banei is 11:
<Daifan> (do we know a place we can cross the river?)
<Daifan> To get them away from the compound, we need to distract or otherwise....mmmm... neutralize, the guards
<AshnabisGM> (other than in Kaskind itself, you mean? There are no bridges but there are a couple places where you could ford the North Kaskos, just outside of town)
<Jimba> (Can I roll K:local or K:Geography to determine the easiest spot?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (places where you could move from rock to rock, or wade in places. You will get wet on this task)
<AshnabisGM> (sure you can roll)
<Llillilli> (oh nooo... oh nooooooo)
<Daifan> If we can do so without too much violence, it will mean less chance of retaliation
<Daifan> so.... let us aim for that
<Veznara> Yes. Please.
* Ughiva shifts from one foot to another.
<Veznara> Here... I've brought a map of the area.
<Jimba> !roll 1d20+12
* Daifan rolls for Jimba: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 13 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 25 ].
<Daifan> That is the first obstacle - the next is to move peopole here wthout attracting too much attention.
<Daifan> I have thoughts for both of these obstacles, but welcome input....
<Llillilli> I don't know a lot about spells but what about an illusion
* Daifan nods to Llillilli
<Llillilli> To make it look like... not people.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Jimba, as someone who has taken a boat up and down this river many times, you certainly know which spots are the most shallow and risky for boats, and where people usually cross the river on foot.
<Daifan> yes, that was my thought - if we can create an illusion of.... normal activity
<AshnabisGM> Jimba, you think that there is a reasonable ford just west of the Firsting, the swampy area just east of Kaskind. At least, given how dry it's been, you don't imagine it's too much trouble at all.
<Daifan> then we can simply have them disappear.
<Llillilli> Kat should be able to handle that
<Daifan> I think there are enough of us who have the woodcraft that we can help cover theit physical trail
<Jimba> How many people are we talking about again?
<Ashnabis_Narrator> This place in particular, where travelers often cross, has wooden planks that can be placed across the deepest parts for the assistance of foot traffic, which can then be moved aside for boats as they pass.
<Daifan> (Yeah good question, I forget :V)
<Daifan> and Ughiva
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (roughly 50)
<Ughiva> Around fifty, plus ourselves.
<Llillilli> And Kat, you brought fos, yes?
<Daifan> it may require a large illusion, or to cover several areas. Those we are rescuing can.... help with that too, I think.
<Daifan> A few of us will have to slip in to signal them what will happen next
<Jimba> (Tuck said she would :) )
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Between Kat's sources and others, you have managed to procure 100 doses of fos to assist in your plan.
* Daifan looks to Ughiva to confirm that we can probably pull off the magic aspects
<Daifan> I don't know how your magics work - how close epopel need to be to work with you...
<Llillilli> Excellent
<Ughiva> I believe it is time that I share some information with you, then.
<Daifan> but it will also be easiest if we can do this when people are supposed to be close together - at night, say
* Daifan nods
<Ughiva> As some of you know, but others do not, I am a witch, a folfi, among my people.
* Llillilli nods.
<Ughiva> Although we are forbidden from access to fos, we have done so for some time. I will not say that I am innocent of witchcraft. If that is the word that the Pretender chooses for me, I will take it.
* Llillilli snorts.
<Llillilli> A meaningless word
<AshnabisGM> (Daifan, you have never heard that word before, folfi)
* Jimba nods.
<Veznara> . o O (The *Emperor*! Oh, well...)
<Ughiva> My power is not my power alone. Such is the arrogance of other fos-weavers, to think that it is an individual pursuit.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (Kat probably looks offended at that ;)
<Ughiva> Rather, I draw together others of my kind, corpseborn, and we jointly form a web, sharing in the Source and its risks.
<Ughiva> Together this web, with its strandings and interweavings, build something far stronger than any one could do.
<Jimba> Huh.
<Ughiva> My people will not have fos with them, at first, of course. So I will be relying on those of you who are of my people to build a web. Those who come.
* Ughiva nods to Kemai and Daifan.
<Ughiva> Once we rescue my people, we might build an even stronger web, to make our escape.
<Veznara> Is the fos we have already enough?
* Nezha looks intrigued, but uncertain
<Nezha> Is it something I can help with too? or the people would need to be near to you to help?
<Ughiva> To build the web, we must hold hands. Once it is established, we can travel some distance apart.
<Ughiva> The web only lasts for a relatively short period. Are you coming with us?
* Nezha looks conflicted, but shakes her head.
<Daifan> its okay/me reassures her
<Nezha> I can't risk her finding out I was there. I will do what I can to help before you go, but I can't be with you.
<Daifan> You have already helped us so much
<Ughiva> I understand. And we may need your bravery after this is all done, in ways we do not yet know.
* Llillilli frowns slightly
<Nezha> But perhaps later, if it's possible, I would like to learn more about this type of magic.
<Veznara> This is why Galdai did all this, then. How much does she know?
* Daifan shakes their head
<Daifan> We don't know
* Ughiva nods.
<Kemai> If there are notes or something like that, we can find them, perhaps. But once we succeed in our mission, it is perhaps not as relevant?
<Nezha> I do sometimes have access to her research notes. It's something I could try to determine later, if we feel it's necessary.
<Daifan> if there is an opportunity to look, it coud be worth while, but f there is not - so be it
* Daifan nods
<Junan> lets get one monumental task done at a time
* Daifan smiles a little
<Daifan> mmhmm, yes.
<Ughiva> Once we establish the web, it joins us together as one, for the purpose of using fos. Only those who are witches can use the Source throughout its existence, but anyone who is part of the web can take more fos, and all contribute to our strength. And any risks are shared among us all, but are much less than if one of us alone took the fos.
<Daifan> How do we bring others into the web?
<Daifan> once it is established>
<Daifan> ?
<Ughiva> Once it is established, its participants are set.
<Ughiva> If we succeed in the rescue, we would need to establish a larger web at that time.
* Llillilli frowns again.
* Daifan nods
<Jimba> How long does that take?
<Ughiva> Establishing the web only takes a few seconds, with hands clasped.
* Llillilli side eyes Jimba
* Jimba glances at Llillilli, then nods to Ughiva.
<Llillilli> :|
<Daifan> well - if Kat can get us in, then we can distribute fos and reform the link.... and thencreate an illusion and other magic strong enough to cover our escape?
<Nezha> How are you planning to enter? There are two gates to the grounds - the main one, and then the back one that goes to the pond.
* Veznara sets down her map so everyone can see
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (if you pull up roll20 you can see the map ;)
<Daifan> I would mimagine the rear entrace is more discrete
* Junan quickly peers over it and steps back for others
<Ashnabis_Narrator> So, for purposes of quickly summarizing - the front gate is the one at the top of the map, the back gate is at the bottom and backs onto a pond, basically. The buildings in the upper right are the ones where the prisoners are.
<Jimba> How many guards again?
<Daifan> (well ignore my comment then ;p)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> center building is Galdai's house, lower left building is a barn, the ones that are sort of yellow roofed structures are guard posts - one by the gate and one more centrally located.
<Veznara> Normally about three at a time, though the full complement is closer to a dozen, I think.
<Jimba> Do they keep both gates guarded?
<Nezha> Usually there is at least a guard stationed near the front gate. The others will patrol around the grounds, but there is usually not one stationed at the back all the time.
<Veznara> There's also that homunculus... but I suppose that only stays at the main house?
<Veznara> I mean, it's not a guard per se. But I imagine it doesn't need to sleep.
<Jimba> How tall is this wall?
<Daifan> ...the what?
<Nezha> About six feet.
* Daifan looks at Veznara, then at Nezha
<Jimba> So, more like a fence.
* Nezha nods
<Jimba> Why don't we just go over where the prisoners are being kept?
<Llillilli> Wait what?
<Veznara> Sorry. No, I was thinking of the main house here in town. The steward there has a homunculus.
<Llillilli> ... Gross.
<Daifan> ahh...
<Veznara> There is nothing like that at the estate house. As far as I know.
<Nezha> I think just Endu, the steward, will be at the main house.
<Ughiva> Will this Endu present any obstacle to us?
<Nezha> oh... no, I don't think so? She's not a warrior or anything like that. It would be best if she doesn't detect us, because I don't know if she might tell Galdai what happened, but she is not a threat herself.
* Veznara nods
<Ughiva> Do we want to alert my people that we are coming? So far, I have kept most of my fos in reserve, but ... we could contact them in advance, so they know to prepare.
<Jimba> That seems wise.
<Llillilli> That seems like a good idea
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> yes, that would make it much easier
<Veznara> Once there's a plan.
<Nezha> If you are thinking of going over the fence near the prisoners' buildings, there are some trees that grow near there that you might be able to climb. Getting back over might be the more difficult part. The fence is made of wood - it might be possible to break through it somehow?
<Jimba> Or just bring ropes.
<Veznara> Or a ladder?
<Llillilli> That would be quieter.
<Jimba> *nods.*
<Jimba> That was my thought.
<Jimba> We might be able to do this without ever alerting them.
<Nezha> The buildings will be locked at night, for certain. Someone will need to be able to open the locks.
<Llillilli> Can spells do that?
* Daifan looks to Balinteze
<Daifan> Kemai?
<Kemai> I can handle any lock you would need to get through
<Kemai> Unless it's magical, of course
<Daifan> when I was here before, they were not magica, but they had a spell o them that alerted the guards
<Jimba> So someone will need to take care of that.
* Ughiva nods.
<Ughiva> We will, in our joined power.
<Daifan> okay.
<Daifan> then - we go in at night, when they will all be together. We sneak over the fence, and we can disable the locks and bring everyone quietly into the womens barracks.
<Daifan> Then we will ...remake this web
<Daifan> and use it to cast an illusion that will cover our escape - hide us from sight while we get the rests out.
<Jimba> Sounds like a plan.
<Daifan> I think perhaps Kat can wait with someone else to keep watch and onfound any guards who come paroling so that they bypass the area for now
<Nezha> (Kat can agree to that)
<Daifan> so then - how do we get everyoe back out through the fence, and what is our best route back to Banei?
<Daifan> My thought is that idf there is somewhere we can hole up alog the way, we can take smaller groups back to the own and attract less attention
<Daifan> does that make sense? And is there such a place we could safely hide?
* Junan thinks on it
<Daifan> Ughiva can stay with the oes who are waiting to come nto the s=city, and use their combined power to stay hidden, if necessary...?
<Kemai> We can always hide in the Firsting, if need be.
<Veznara> Daifan, you were the one who was able to examine them. Will any of them need special help getting out?
<Daifan> (do I know what that is? and are there?)
<Daifan> everyone was fairly healthy
* Daifan considers
* Daifan nods to Kemai
<Daifan> Llillilli can probably keep everyone safe in there well enough :3
<AshnabisGM> The Firsting is area K on the map I linked earlier, it's the area outside of town where fos was first discovered (by Omban colonizers ;p), a swampy region now largely uninhabited because there's no fos left there
<Jimba> (Do we know any place in there that would be a good hiding spot/staging area?)
<AshnabisGM> You're confident, given how dry it is, that there are plenty of areas that are usable for that purpose.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> It's fairly lightly occupied now, so there are probably some old farmsteads and the like - partly reclaimed by the land but with some walls or foundations still standing, where someone could shelter.
<Jimba> (Cool)
<Jimba> There's plenty of places for us to hole up there for a while.
<Daifan> good - hopefully it won't be too long
<Daifan> but smaller groupswill be easier to move than one large group
* Jimba nods.
<Daifan> then.... should we plan to act tonight?
<Jimba> No time like the present, right?
<Llillilli> Yes, let's not leave these people to her whims any longer.
* Daifan nods
* Daifan looks to Ughiva
<Daifan> Then if you can let them know to expect this, it will go all the more smoothly
* Ughiva nods.
<Veznara> Is there enough fos?
<Ughiva> Thank you, all of you.
<Ughiva> Katenzhi has ensured that we are very well supplied.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (you have 100 doses in reserve. Sending will take uhhh... 8 I think? is that right, Steve?)
<Jimba> Let's save thanks for when they're all safely away.
<AshnabisGM> (10, but yeah ... you're fine)
* Veznara nods

Ughiva establishes a web of corpseborn to help cast a Sending

<Ashnabis_Narrator> Okay, with your plans in place, Nezha will leave you to your preparations and Ughiva can prepare to cast Sending to Kida.
<Ughiva> Would you like to join the web now, just to experience it, before we do it at the prison?
* Ughiva looks to any corpseborn who would join her
<Daifan> .... it might be good to know what to expect, yes
<Nezha> (oh actually, maybe Nezha will stay for that)
<Kemai> I'm game, sure.
* Nezha pauses on her way out and will return to assist with this.
<Nezha> What do we need to do?
<Ughiva> Come here, then, and join hands. Together, in our power, let us form the strands of a web that joins us to one another, and to the Source.
<Daifan> do we need to take fos?
* Ughiva extends her hands.
* Llillilli watches curiously
* Daifan will take her hand though
<Ughiva> Not yet. Once the bond is established, we can all take some fos.
* Jimba tries to look disinterested.
* Nezha takes Ughiva's other hand.
* Daifan will happily take Kemai's hand ;)
* Ughiva takes some fos. You feel a connection that is hard to explain - not quite a sensation, but an ineffable connection to the others in the circle, emerging from Ughiva initially, and then coming from you back into her.
* Ughiva releases your hands after a moment.
<Ughiva> All right, now here, take some fos.
* Ughiva distributes a small amount of fos to each of the three of you.
* Daifan looks a bit wideeyed
* Daifan will take it
* Nezha as well
* Kemai takes their fos.
* Ughiva takes an additional small amount herself.
<Ughiva> So now, we are joined, for a time. The fos you have taken, none of you can use it while the web exists. Only witches can draw on the web. It is our unique burden.
<Daifan> (does it feel any different once we have taken it?)
<Ughiva> But while we are joined, we also share the world's burdens. If one of us should fall, we can instead share that burden among us, so we stand strong, in our power. If one of us should be laid low by some effect, we can come together, in our power, to sustain you.
<AshnabisGM> You definitely feel the Source running through you, as you would whenever you take fos. But it is different, because you can't release it yourself - it is, rather, that you feel it continuing to course towards Ughiva.
<Ughiva> Now, I will reach out to Kida.
<AshnabisGM> You feel the Source drain out of you as Ughiva draws on your power.
<Ughiva> !roll 1d20+19
* Daifan rolls for Ughiva: [ 1d20+19 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 19 ] totals [ 24 ].
* lan_phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity�)
<AshnabisGM> The connection is still there, though there is no more power to be drawn.
* Ughiva stands quietly for a moment, then returns to alertness.
<Ughiva> Hmm.
<Daifan> what?
<Ughiva> Something is not quite right. She was happy to hear from me, but seemed ... worried, or afraid, of leaving, in her response. That is not like Kida.
<Daifan> coud that have been... Could Galdai have done soemthitn to make them feel that way? Some compulsion?
* Nezha looks concerned, and nods
* Llillilli frowns.
<Llillilli> So this may be more complicated.
<Nezha> It could be. She uses those kinds of magics for other reasons... I can imagine if she knew she was going away, she might place one on them before she left.
<Llillilli> Unless someone can break the spell
<Ughiva> In our power, we will need to do it.
* Llillilli nods.
* Daifan nods also
<Veznara> It's good that you know about this ahead of time, then.
<Daifan> hopefully, we can get them to join the web first...
<Veznara> Could they even have been enchanted to raise an alarm?
<Ughiva> It is possible.
* Jimba frowns.
* Daifan looks very frustrated
<Llillilli> *This* is what should be illegal.
* Llillilli growls, frustrated
<Daifan> we will have to take the chance, and hope that our illusions and other plans will stand until we can free their minds, as well as their persons.
<Veznara> What about sleep?
<Veznara> Would you be able to put everyone in the area to sleep, and only wake the prisoners once any other enchantment on them had been lifted?
<Daifan> thas 50 ppl
<Daifan> its too many
* Veznara looks at Ughiva
<Veznara> Is it?
<Daifan> (lol I tough this was ooc, but I stand by my assessmnt ;)
<Ughiva> It could be done. It would never affect them all, but it could be done, perhaps. But it's risky, because some would always be unaffected.
<Veznara> They are separated in three different areas, so you might not have to do them all at once...
* Veznara points out the three different buildings
<Ughiva> How many are in each building?
<Daifan> there are many fewer men than women
<Daifan> and only two in here
* Daifan taps the new building
<Veznara> Yes. It varies. The biggest one will be the women.
<Nezha> Most of the women are here - so probably 40 or so, minus those who are pregnant. The ten men are in this building.
* Nezha points to the various buildings
<Daifan> we could try with the men first, and then if they are okay, join them to the web and use that to free the women
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (er, 9 men, should be.)
<Llillilli> Sound.
* Jimba nods.
<Veznara> Or perhaps an area of silence? If that won't interfere when you lift the enchantment...
<Ughiva> I can cast spells silently.
<Ughiva> That would work, as long as no one else needs to speak.
<Daifan> I think we can manage
<Ughiva> It does not last very long. But perhaps long enough to lift the enchantment.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Okay - you can set off, planning to time your arrival at the plantation so that it will be fully dark when you get there. Any supplies you are planning to bring? I heard talk of ropes and ladders.
<Jimba> (Both, if we think we can manage.)
<Llillilli> (yeah rope for sure... mayhaps... a rope ladder? >.>)
<Daifan> (could we make ladders once we're closer? :p)
<Daifan> (also that)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Rope ladder should be doable, as well as just some plain rope. There are many of you so you can take turns carrying things if they get heavy.
<Jimba> (Cool cools)
* Kemai will ensure that anyone who needs a decent disguise gets adequately disguised.

The group make their way to the estate and begin breaking the prisoners out

<Ashnabis_Narrator> You make your way through the swamp, rather than following the roads, which makes your passage somewhat slower and more challenging. Who has the highest Survival in the group? Jimba maybe?
<Daifan> (mine is 13 - probably Jimba or Llillilli)
<Llillilli> I have uh 13 yeah
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Balinteze and Ughiva might have decent Survival too, I guess
<Llillilli> (my wisdom isn't great)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> anyway, I just want one roll for the group so whoever is best can make it :)
<Jimba> (11)
<Jimba> (I'll assist, if I can.)
<Daifan> (I'll also assisit - I trust llillilli ;)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Ok, let's have Llillili roll and the others roll to assist :)
<Jimba> (Oh, 12 if it's for making your way through wilderness. Though higher with my dogs, but they're back home. ;) )
<Llillilli> !roll 1d20+13
* Daifan rolls for Llillilli: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 3 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 16 ].
<Llillilli> ((i'll use destiny. that's dumb)
<Jimba> !roll 1d20+11
* Daifan rolls for Jimba: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 20 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 31 ].
<Jimba> (Heh)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (heh)
<Llillilli> !roll 1d20+13
* Daifan rolls for Llillilli: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 14 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 27 ].
<Ashnabis_Narrator> well that's good :)
<Jimba> (Twin powers activate!)
<Daifan> (plus 4 for the assists.... I think we're good ;)
<Daifan> (with that good a roll, can we scope out somewhere we can stack ppl on the way back?
<Daifan> )
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Yeah, I think that makes sense. You can find the remains of an old abandoned barn where you think you could hide out about 50 people.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> You manage to lead the group through the swampy terrain, keeping to drier patches of land and staying to less travelled areas, so you believe you make it through to the plantation without being noticed or leaving very obvious tracks.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> It is fully dark when you reach the fenced compound, although through the trees you can see stars that shed a little bit of light.
<Daifan> (So send one person up the wall to get a sense of things and if there's any guards around, then the rest over)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> You make your way to as close as you can get to the prisoners' buildings, hiding in the trees and bushes so that you can avoid detection by any guards who might be in the area.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (I've put your minis in the trees near there but you can move if you wish)
<Daifan> (what happened - they disappeared :o)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (sec)
<Daifan> ( oh no - the map moved, heh)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (okay I think we're back to normal ;p)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Okay - do you want to establish your web before doing this, also?
<Ashnabis_Narrator> I mean before anyone goes over the fence
<Daifan> (yeah probably)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (Just because if you go over and something bad happens, you might want to be able to cast immediately, if need be)
<Daifan> (yeh)
* Ughiva takes the hands of her compatriots and establishes the web between you.
All right, let's do this.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Okay - so Llillilli and Jimba are going to go over the wall first and check things out?
<Llillilli> (yup)
<Jimba> (*nod*)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Okay, you can both make a Stealth check.
<Llillilli> !roll 1d20+14
* Daifan rolls for Llillilli: [ 1d20+14 ] getting [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ 14 ] totals [ 30 ].
<Jimba> !roll 1d20+12
* Daifan rolls for Jimba: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 21 ].
<Jimba> (Not great for me, but not terrible overall.)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> okay, you climb over and can have a look around. The grounds are about as expected, quiet at this time of night and the buildings are just ahead of you. you don't currently see any guards in the vicinity.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> You're directly behind the men's barracks - the door is on the other side.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> What do you want to do from here?
<Llillilli> (This building is made of wood right? Can we try to listen through the wall?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Sure, you can try. It's wood.
* Llillilli makes like, a cup with her hands and listens to the wall
* Jimba will keep an eye out around us, just in case.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> okay, Perception checks for both
<Llillilli> !roll 1d20+11
* Daifan rolls for Llillilli: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 13 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 24 ].
<Jimba> !roll 1d20+10
* Daifan rolls for Jimba: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 11 ].
<Ashnabis_Narrator> All you can hear through the walls is someone snoring. It seems like people are asleep, or at least being quiet.
<Jimba> (Oh my god, seriously?)
<Jimba> (*sigh*)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Jimba, you think you hear a guard coming - a twig snaps and you turn around to get ready to fight, but there's nothing there.
* Jimba is a little jumpy.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> All right, what do you want to do - go back to the fence for the others?
<Llillilli> (alright I'll creep around the side and see if the doors are guarded rn)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> ok
* Jimba will try to accompany her and not screw up.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> I won't make you make another roll for that. You can slip around the side of the building carefully and see the sort of common area that is in between the structures is empty currently.
<Llillilli> (noice. ok *now
* back to the fence.)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> ok, you head back to the fence where the others are waiting
* Llillilli will give some kind of 'ok' signal
<Daifan> (okay then - over we go :x)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Ok, everyone can head over the fence, as quietly as possible.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Daifan, Balinteze, and Ughiva, once you have made it to the other side, please make a Will save.
* Daifan rolls [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 19 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 27 ]
<Kemai> !roll 1d20+14
* Daifan rolls for Kemai: [ 1d20+14 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 14 ] totals [ 20 ].
<Ughiva> !roll 1d20+13
* Daifan rolls for Ughiva: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 21 ].
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Okay - Daifan, you feel fine (well, nervous, probably, but normal)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Balinteze and Ughiva both re-roll at Ughiva's score (13)
<Kemai> !roll 1d20+13
* Daifan rolls for Kemai: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 20 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 33 ].
<Ughiva> !roll 1d20+13
* Daifan rolls for Ughiva: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 19 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 32 ].
In our power.
<Daifan> (cool. I can also give a reroll to one of the others if they failed but looks like they're fine, thanks web!)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Okay - you can proceed, then. You want to go to the men's building first?
<Daifan> (yes)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> everyone?
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Kat and ... someone? can hang back as lookouts/to help in escape if necessary?
* Junan is just gonna find a convenient spot to watch and provide cover with his bow
<Daifan> (no - I'm going to indicate to Kat and Junan that they shoudl find a good place to watch the area, in case any guards come, so she can deal with them, and have LLL and Jimba keep watch more mmediately.)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> sounds good
<Daifan> (yeah)
<Daifan> (then have Ughiva check the door for magical traps and disarm that before B picks the lock - assuming LLL tld us that it seems like everyinr is asleep inside already)
* Ughiva takes some fos and motions for others to do that too.
<Daifan> (TBH U may be able to tell thorugh the door whether the men are enchated too I think?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> ok so that means Ughiva, Balinteze, and Daifan go around the building to the door and can work on disarming the lock etc.
* Daifan will do
* Llillilli keeps watch then
* Kemai takes fos then moves forward as well
* Ughiva creates some magical silence, then casts a second spell on the door
* Ughiva pauses, then casts one more spell.
* Ughiva nods to Kemai to unlock the door.
* Kemai moves forward and gets to work.
* Kemai nods after a moment and turns to the rest of you.
* Daifan looks to see if the otehrs are ready, and then will open the door
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Inside, you can see men sleeping in simple bunks.
* Ughiva moves in and starts to awaken the men.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> They aren't restrained or anything of that sort, that you can see.
* Daifan looks to Ughiva then, too see where we're at on that front.... and then will follow her lead
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The prisoners awake one by one - some try to speak or call out, startled, but the silence centered on Ughivan prevents that from being a problem. However, it's clear that they are confused and don't seem eager to leave.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> They do know Ughiva, however, and are happy to see her
* Daifan tries to seem reassuring, and will try and get them to at least hold hands so we can do the Thing
<Ashnabis_Narrator> They aren't putting up a fight or trying to sound an alarm or anything like that - just generally reluctant to leave.
<Daifan> (that's fine. hand circle, then!)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The prisoners know the routine here, and each will put a hand on another, forming a chain of corpseborn leading back to Ughiva.
* Daifan nods to her
* Ughiva nods, a bit uncertainly.
* Ughiva establishes a new web.
* Ughiva passes around some fos to her community.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> They each take some, familiar with the ritual.
* Ughiva casts a spell.
<Ughiva> !roll 1d20 + 17
* Daifan rolls for Ughiva: [ 1d20 ] getting [ 15 ].
<Ughiva> (oops, well, you get the idea)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (15+17?)
<Ughiva> (15 + 17 = 32)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (yarr)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The men seem to shake off whatever effect was on them, and are now much more eager to get out of here.
<Daifan> (great)
* Daifan will check with our scouts outside if the way seems clear
<Daifan> (although - maybe now we can cast our illusion, also, if Ughiva has enough peeps?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> It's all clear for now. The women's building is the next closest to you, although now there are a lot more of you to hide. Do you want to direct the men to go hang out near the fence or something so they're out of sight?
* Llillilli gives them an all-clear sign
<Jimba> (We could start getting them over the fence.)
<Daifan> (yeah, that works - they can go with Jimba and do that?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Ok, sounds good.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> They can move away from Ughiva and still contribute, since the web is established.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> You can head over to the women's barracks and repeat your plan with the lock, then?
<Daifan> (yes)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Ok - same deal, I will assume that it can proceed as before - Balinteze can pick the lock. This time when the door opens, however, the prisoners are all standing there, looking determined and ready to go.
* Ughiva smiles as she sees Kida there.
* Daifan is surprised but pleased
<Ashnabis_Narrator> about 45 women, all ready to throw down if necessary. The silence can't cover this entire area, so you can hear some footsteps and murmurs but they are generally trying to be quiet as best as they can.
<Daifan> (but can I maybe SM to make sure it isn't a trick?)
<AshnabisGM> (sure, you can do that)
* Daifan rolls [ 1d20+14 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 14 ] totals [ 26 ]
<Ashnabis_Narrator> You don't think it's a trick - they seem sincerely eager to leave.
<Daifan> (sweet)
* Daifan is pleased and relieved, then
<Ashnabis_Narrator> This exit is going to be less silent and controlled - there's just a lot more of them, and the area of the silence can't cover everyone.

As a guard approaches, they make their escape

* Daifan will signal that it is definitely time for the illusion, because it will take time and coordination to get them alll over the wall
<Ashnabis_Narrator> okay
* Llillilli gets ready to deal with Problems
* Daifan can pass out more foss if we need to
* Ughiva creates an illusion to make it appear that nothing is amiss
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The scene appears so that it looks like the buildings are peaceful and calm and definitely not all the prisoners escaping over the wall.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The last building remains - the one containing the prisoners known to be pregnant. It's also the closest/most visible to the guards, and will require the most caution.
* Daifan is both anxious and hopeful at the same time :x
* Jimba will be helping folks over the wall, but also trying to stay alert.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> As you help prisoners along, a lot of them whisper a thanks or give you a Fortune in way of gratitude.
* Ughiva motions to Daifan and Balinteze once the prisoners have all gone over the wall.
My silence spell is done. But too, the web I created has withered - such things are temporary. We will need to do this last one on our own.
* Daifan nods
* Daifan will hold out their hands again, then
* Kemai does as well
* Ughiva reestablishes the web with just the three of you
* Ughiva takes some more fos
* Daifan also
* Kemai too
* Ughiva reestablishes the silence, then
<Ashnabis_Narrator> You make your way surreptitiously over to the newly-constructed cabin, and can begin your work, then. You feel more exposed here, and you can see the guard post at the front gate, with a guard standing on watch there.
* Daifan will signal to Kat to keep her attention on the guard, to interefere if necessary
<Ashnabis_Narrator> You can really just make them out faintly, by the glow of a lantern they have. If there are others, you can't see them.
* Daifan will have to trust the others to watch our backs :x
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Once again, Balinteze can kneel down to pick the lock on the door.
* Ughiva checks for magic on the door, then gets rid of it.
<Kemai> !roll 1d20+11
* Daifan rolls for Kemai: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 27 ].
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The door swings open silently, thanks to Ughiva's spell.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The prisoners inside wake swiftly, startled, and one screams but again, the silence covers any sound that might escape the area.
* Daifan will slip inside quickly
* Daifan will try and calm her
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Once she sees you and Ughiva, who she recognizes, she will calm down, but still seems frightened.
<Daifan> (we did have a long chat, so I shouldnt be totally unfamiliar...)
* Daifan will offer their hands fr the circle
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Those who are keeping watch outside - Kat and Junan, I guess, if Llillilli and Jimba are helping people over the fence - please make a Perception check.
<AshnabisGM> !roll 1d20+10
* Daifan rolls for AshnabisGM: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 15 ].
<Junan> !roll 1d20+13
* Daifan rolls for Junan: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 15 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 28 ].
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Junan, you spot a guard coming down one of the paths. I'll put them on the map so you can see where they are.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> he's in the middle area next to the big house. I also put down the one who is up near the gate.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Ughiva, Balinteze, and Daifan are in the building right now so he can't see them but if he keeps walking this direction, he might spot them as they come out, or see that something is amiss.
* Junan will motion back to Llillilli and Jimba and over to Kat about the incoming issue
<Jimba> (We should have established some kind of warning signal.)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (caw cawwww!)
<Junan> (Kat could have had Message cast on us pretty easily)
<Junan> (but that wont go through the silence the other group has up)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The guard continues down this path. He's definitely heading into the area of the prisoners' quarters.
<Jimba> (The guard is pretty close. Is there anything we can conceivably do before he gets to that building?)
<Daifan> (I don' have a better idea than sleep him, and DD to get us out)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Someone could cast a spell at him, or shoot him, I guess. It depends what measures you want to use - if you want to try non-violent/subtle means or just go straight for 'he's too close, shoot him'.
<Daifan> (I'd rather more subtle but I don't know what that would be that doens't require direct interaction)
<Daifan> (so sleep)
<Junan> (lets let Kat try and spell him and if that doesnt work...)
<Daifan> (yeah)
<Jimba> (*nod*)
<AshnabisGM> !roll 1d20+11
* Daifan rolls for AshnabisGM: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 17 ].
<AshnabisGM> (the spell works fine, but has no effect)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (hang on wait, read your messages Steve ;)
<AshnabisGM> (sorry)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (sorry about that)
<AshnabisGM> !roll 1d20+4
* Daifan rolls for AshnabisGM: [ 1d20+4 ] getting [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ 4 ] totals [ 11 ].
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The guard who is walking towards the building suddenly drops to the ground, as Kat's spell renders him unconscious.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> This makes something of a clatter as he's wearing armor. A guy in armor falling down is not quiet. So you can imagine the other guards likely heard that and will be coming soon.
<Daifan> (how many ppl are left on this side of the wall?)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> If you want to try and dimension door out, you can do that, folks in the building. the rest of you are close enough to the fence that probably just running for it would be doable.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Just your folks - the prisoners are all over the wall now, apart from the ones with you in the building.
<Daifan> (yeah lets do it :V)
<Ughiva> !roll 1d20+11
* Daifan rolls for Ughiva: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 27 ].
<Ashnabis_Narrator> Ughiva is able to take the two prisoners, plus one other person. One person is going to have to run for it.
* Kemai will scoot out on their own then.
* Daifan gives them a hug before we go, thoughv they are absolutely the right choice for this
* Llillilli will make sure everyone gets over the wall
* Ughiva looks around to make sure everyone is out before heading over herself
<Daifan> (Oh I assumed we could DD to the other side)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> (yeah you have plenty of range, you can get to the other side, idk what Steve is on about ;)
* Daifan will worry until Balinteze is back with us though

Once on the other side, Ughiva and her people form a web to destroy the buildings in an earthquake

<Ashnabis_Narrator> You find yourselves on the other side of the wall, in the forested area there, hiding out until everyone is together again. There is a long, tense moment as you wait for Balinteze to rejoin you, Daifan, but at last you see them clambering over the wall to safety.
* Daifan will hug them again - but now e have to get out of here pronto, and try and cover our tracks best as we can
* Ughiva calls her people to her, and holds their hands.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> One by one, the corpseborn in her community link hands, placing a hand on her shoulder or back or wherever they can reach, all facing back towards the fence.
<Ughiva> !roll 1d20+20
* Daifan rolls for Ughiva: [ 1d20+20 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 20 ] totals [ 24 ].
<AshnabisGM> !roll 1d100
* Daifan rolls for AshnabisGM: [ 1d100 ] getting [ 12 ].
<AshnabisGM> spell is accompanied by auditory effects (harmless but obvious)
<Daifan> (maybe no one is close enough to hear >.>)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> The ground rumbles and you feel a bone-shaking earthquake beneath you - or rather, beneath the former slave quarters and the building where Galdai conducted her experiments. The wooden structures collapse into rubble as fissures open in the ground and grinds them to dust. The sound of shrieking accompanies this spell, as if the very rage of the prisoners is unleashed.
<Ughiva> In our power!!!
<Daifan> ....
<Daifan> well so much for subtle...
* Daifan sighs
* Jimba shoots a concerned look at Daifan and Llillilli.
<Daifan> let's go.
<Jimba> I mean, it's not like they didn't deserve it...
* Jimba will lead the way towards the temporary hideout.
<Daifan> (I don't think we know if anyone was caught i that)
<Jimba> (Screaming?)
<Daifan> (I think that was spell effect. >.>)
<Daifan> (<.<)
<Daifan> (also the important part is done.)
<Ashnabis_Narrator> You can lead the escaped prisoners to the barn you scouted out earlier, and allow them a chance to rest, as you take them in smaller grounds to Banei.
<Ashnabis_Narrator> They are all weary and grateful to you for your help.
* Daifan is just so relieved, though they know there is much more to do :x
<Llillilli> Well, that went well
<Daifan> yes. On the whole. Now we see what fallout comes of it...
<Daifan> and we keep them safe here... and find a path forward for them
<Junan> Ughiva's last act will really muddy the waters
<Llillilli> Very flashy.
<Junan> its not like they can admit they were holding a bunch of corpseborn mystics.
<Junan> so they either keep quiet on the whole thing... or they are forced to point the finger at someone else
<Llillilli> Someone like...?
<Junan> Charadip
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> Thank you all, so much
<Daifan> I am in all of your debt
<Jimba> Nah.
<Jimba> This was just something that needed to be done.
* Llillilli nods solemnly.
* Daifan will give you all hugs i you;ll accept them though :x
* Jimba will happily return a hug.
* Junan accepts his hug as well
<Junan> <w> we'll talk about the whole debt thing later
* Junan gives a quick wink
<Daifan> >:)


Daifan tells their roommates about what happened

<Idovo> (ok, when do you want this to be? right when Daifan gets back, so maybe like ... early morning or something?)
<Daifan> (sounds good)
<Idovo> (ok)
* Chimi is up early with the baby, while Idovo is at least trying to sleep
* Daifan will come home, and poke around to see if there is any food stashed that they can eat
<Daifan> oh.... I should have guessed someone might be awake :3
<Chimi> (did they know you were doing the thing tonight?)
* Daifan will offer to take Shira
<Daifan> (maybe vaguely)
<Chimi> (ok)
* Chimi hands off Shira to you and will set about getting you some food.
<Chimi> How was it?
* Chimi asks a bit warily.
<Daifan> Banei's a bit bigger this morning, is how it went.
* Chimi smiles at that
<Chimi> everyone okay? is there anything I can do?
<Daifan> so one hard part done.
<Daifan> No, everyone is okay for now.
<Daifan> We'll need to keep them supplied.... and figure out what to do form here, and how to keep them safe
<Daifan> but for now.... its okay
* Daifan hugs the babye
<Daifan> I feel so relieved, and so tired....
* Chimi puts together some leftovers from the previous dinner, some rice and a couple of boiled duck eggs, and will pass it to you and take Shira back for the time being.
<Chimi> hopefully you can get some rest today.
* Daifan devours everything tiredly
* Idovo stirs and sits up, stretching.
<Idovo> hey - you're back :) I guess that means things went all right?
<Daifan> It went smoothly.... mostly. Spoons destroyed the compound, right before we left
<Idovo> ooh. well... they'll notice that.
<Chimi> They deserved it.
<Chimi> But I hope it doesn't come back to haunt her later - or anyone else.
<Daifan> Well, I dont *know* if anyone was caught it in..... maybe a guard.
<Daifan> She didn't get the main house, jsut the baracks, and... those buildings >.>
* Chimi nods
<Daifan> maybe it will be to our advantage.... its ike the earth just swallowed everything up @_@
<Idovo> I guess it might hide evidence of what happened.
<Daifan> *nod*
<Daifan> yes...
<Daifan> that's what I hope. And someone else can take the blame, maybe...
<Idovo> that's usually a good strategy. blaming someone else.
<Daifan> well, hopeully it won't make too much more trouble.... or not for anyone who can't handle or deserve it
<Daifan> I Feel so worn out, and I'm still afraid, even while I'm so relieved...
* Chimi bounces Shira on her lap and the baby giggles.
<Idovo> Take a rest. The bed is free, sleep in there, we can take Shira outside so she won't wake you.
<Idovo> Everything will look a little better after you aren't exhausted.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> .... maybe I will....
* Daifan will go climb into their bed, and maybe have a nice quiet stress relief cry
* Idovo and Chimi will go outside to give you some privacy, and maybe rustle up something for breakfast.
* Daifan will probably sleep for a good long while after all of that :x

Daifan is consoled by Sulidein

* Sulidein will get back from work and probably come to check in on you at your place.
* Daifan will check in on the rescuees later that day and make sire tey are being cared for, but will go and wait for Moss on his way back from work along the usual route at the usual time
<Sulidein> (or he can meet you there, that works :)
<Sulidein> Hey... how are you doing? Were you not feeling well today?
* Sulidein asks, concerned as he comes over to put his arms around you and give you a hug.
<Daifan> I had a really big night.
* Daifan says, returning the hug
<Sulidein> well, why don't you come to my place and I'll make us some dinner and you can tell me about it.
* Sulidein suggests
<Daifan> that sounds nice....
* Sulidein will walk the rest of the way back with you, then
* Daifan will make themself comfortable wheile he cooks
* Sulidein puts on some water to start heating up once he has the fire going, and will toss in some noodles to boil.
<Daifan> ooooh, where dod you get those?
<Daifan> or did you make them? :x
<Sulidein> I picked them up in town.
<Sulidein> Haha, no, I didn't have time for that :) but there are some good vendors - more choices than there used to be, even for us.
<Daifan> hmmm, good to know, I shoudl bring some home sometime
* Sulidein sits to chop some onions and ginger
* Sulidein nods
* Daifan watches him work
<Daifan> I.... we rescued the corpseborn prisoners that were being held on that Taizi princess's plantation.
* Sulidein adds those to the hot water so everything can steam and boil together - the aroma is delicious.
<Sulidein> oh :o
<Sulidein> how?
<Daifan> my whole team helped.... plus Spoons. She is one of the ones who was with the Hand
* Sulidein nods, listening
<Sulidein> and everyone got away safely?
<Daifan> Yes. And that aprt of the compoumnd was destroyed, with magic
<Sulidein> that was very brave of you... of everyone, really.
<Daifan> so they might not even be sure what happened, let alone be able to follow
<Daifan> well, it isn't over yet
<Daifan> They're all here in town now
* Sulidein adds some dried prawns to the soup, and some watercress.
<Sulidein> oh... do you think people will come looking for them? if technically they're 'criminals' or whatever?
<Daifan> maybe. The princess is out of town
<Daifan> but I don't think for long. I don't know if her guards have any way to contact her other than the usual ways
* Sulidein nods
<Daifan> so - maybe? They might have other things to worry about. We are hoping to have other put pressure on her to let them go
<Sulidein> well... she isn't the princess of Banei. if she tries to make a fuss, it isn't like people here will just roll over for her anyway.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I hope they curse her into dust >:|
<Daifan> She's awful
* Sulidein nods
<Daifan> The things she was doing are unspeakable.
<Daifan> were.
<Daifan> at least that is over
* Sulidein nods, looking sad and angry as he serves up the soup in a couple of bowls for us both.
<Sulidein> Those people are here because of you - because you were brave enough to go rescue them. Whatever happens next, there's that.
<Daifan> Everyone keeps saying that, but that's not how I feel.
<Sulidein> how do you feel?
* Sulidein asks, coming to sit beside you with the soup.
<Daifan> Angry.... and helpless, despite what we managed
<Daifan> there is no real way to make her pay for all the harm she has caused, or even to know if we can stop her again.
<Daifan> We still can't really protect them
<Daifan> their home is gone, and may of them were killed already...
<Daifan> before they were even sent here
<Sulidein> We can't know what the future will bring. But I suspect the people who are free now are glad of it, even if their situation is uncertain.
<Daifan> I know. It's hard to be a hopeful person though. Or hard for me.
<Sulidein> And who knows... maybe there will be some repercussions for what she's done. Even if they aren't official ones.
<Sulidein> There are other kinds of justice for us. We can get revenge in our own ways.
* Daifan nods
<Sulidein> But for now, just helping these people get free from her, and finding a new path forward for them, is a good start.
<Daifan> I'm not even strong enough to lay a real pengi on he
<Sulidein> Soon everyone in town will know what's happened. And there are people here who definitely can.
<Sulidein> The biggest thing to remember is... you aren't alone.
* Sulidein offers, putting his arm around you for a slight hug.
* Daifan hugs him back tightly
<Daifan> thank you
<Sulidein> You're incredible, okay? And I'm so lucky to get to know you. And whatever happens, I'll be here to help.
* Daifan nods, and will just snuggle quietly a bit
* Sulidein is glad to snuggle with you