Arathka Trestelle

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Arathka is an anomaly even among half-elves. Her grandmother, Eideline, came to Diablotin from Cozovode close to a century ago, and her mother Vica Trestelle was born here. Arathka’s father was another half-elf, but other than their heritage, he and her mother had little in common, and their relationship did not last long. Arathka was raised by her mother and grandmother, and eventually attended the Castalia to study sorcery with Professor Elisabet Lawfeld, one of the foremost experts in arcana. She also made the acquaintance there of Professor Sanadhil Orecalo, a scholar and beguiler, mainly because he was also a half-elf like herself - indeed, there were some rumors around the department that he could be her father, or at least showing her favoritism because of her race (rumors that Arathka gave no credence to.)

However, Arathka ran into difficulties after she graduated. Without the privileges afforded to a student, she no longer had ready access to the library or lab facilities that she had come to take for granted. In order to fund her continued research, she had to seek alternative sources of income - which led her to the Corriveau family’s criminal network, who provide good money for what ought to be easy work. In particular, her ability to Hypnotise people without sound or gesture has proven useful for them. This is the first time they’ve called on her for a group job, though - but if successful, the payment should cover her library and lab fees for a year at least.

Arathka is slim and short, with mousy brown hair and hazel eyes. Her elven features give her a more distinctive look, but otherwise she is fairly plain. She normally wears spectacles for reading. She tends to be bookish and academic, passionately interested in matters of arcana and spellcraft. However, she also has an unexpectedly good knowledge of the city and its denizens for a scholar, due to her amused interest in gossip and scandal, particularly gleaned from the pages of the Scourge.