Anastasius, Faren & Hayley, non-canon, 10/23/2001

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<Faren> . o O (Now is /not/ a good time, Anastasius...) <Faren> Hello, Tierney. <Faren> What can I do for ye? <Anastasius> Really, don't you two have enough free time?

  • Faren doesn't look embarrassed, the way evil people don't when they are caught in situations that might make someone else turn beet red.
  • Anastasius doesn't either.

<Anastasius> I need to see something from your beastiary... the early records <Faren> Certainly. <Faren> Get up, love. <Anastasius> (early records being the stuff from when they were trying to get back from the war ;) <Anastasius> (deep dreaming stuff :o)

  • Hayley smirks at Ana and stands up, holding her dress mostly covering stuff, but letting a glimpse of it show since by now she knows the effect she has on men.
  • Hayley tosses her mane of curls aside.
  • Anastasius seems to be a bit preoccupied ;)

<Hayley> Would you like a drink, while we wait? <Anastasius> yes

  • Anastasius seems a bit distracted... because Heather is ;)

<Faren> I have a few books on that period of time, Tierney. Could ye be a bit more specific? <Anastasius> the first one <Anastasius> the very earliest..

  • Hayley goes over to a side counter which magically appears and brings out some wine glasses.

<Faren> Right.

  • Faren nods.

<Faren> Be right back.

  • Faren heads off to his library.
  • Hayley pours something alcoholic for Ana and herself and glides over. Her dress is staying up on its own now.

<Hayley> Have a seat, Anastasius.

  • Hayley uses his name familiarly to see if it will annoy him.
  • Hayley gestures to a table with two chairs that rises out of the floor.
  • Hayley takes a seat and crosses her hooves as she sits gracefully and sets the glasses down for herself and Anastasius.
  • Hayley eyes Ana over the rim of her wine glass, swirling its contents with one hand while the other rests on the table.
  • Hayley is much more sophisticated than when Ana first met her.

<Hayley> So, how are things going?

  • Anastasius really seems to be thinking about something else, but sips his wine.

<Hayley> Is Irene well? <Anastasius> ...fine <Hayley> Hmmm... something troubles you. <Hayley> Now, if only I were still in my last incarnation, I could find out what. <Hayley> Oh well. Things end.

  • Hayley shrugs.
  • Hayley sits silently since Ana is not being very talkative.
  • Faren comes back with a book bound in blue leather.
  • Faren lays it carefully on the table, which grows to support it and accomodate Faren as he sits down as well.

<Faren> There ye go. <Anastasius> thank you... <Faren> Might I ask what ye need it for?

  • Anastasius flips through it quickly but carefully.... very used to dealing with books

<Faren> Planning a foray into the Dreamin'? <Anastasius> no.. <Anastasius> something else.

  • Anastasius reads a bit of a page

<Faren> Too bad. A vacation would be nice. <Hayley> Tired of me already?

  • Hayley smiles.
  • Faren shoots her an amused glance.
  • Faren leans back in his chair and waits for Ana to find what he's looking for.
  • Hayley watches both of the men with an unreadable expression, taking the occasional sip of her wine.
  • Anastasius is reading something in fair detail...
  • Anastasius speaks without looking up

<Anastasius> Faren, might I borrow this? <Faren> Hmm... were it anyone else, I'd say no, but I know ye'll take good care of it.

  • Faren says with a tone as if to say "You'd better take good care of it!"

<Anastasius> of course I will. <Faren> Ye'll not be lending it to anyone else? <Anastasius> no. <Faren> Very well, then. How long will ye be needin' it? <Anastasius> hopefully, not very long at all..

  • Anastasius closes it carefully and picks it up

<Faren> Has somethin' come out of the Dreamin', Anastasius?

  • Faren asks, a bit worried.

<Anastasius> not yet

  • Anastasius smiles wanly

<Anastasius> But I may call again on you soon <Faren> What are ye expectin'? <Faren> I don't remember the last time I saw /you/ look a bit troubled. <Anastasius> I'm not certain if it is anything...

  • Hayley gets up and comes round to stand behind Faren, laying an arm on his shoulder possessively.

<Anastasius> just an odd omen <Anastasius> You can come now, and I can explain in detail...

  • Faren stands up too.

<Faren> Certainly. <Anastasius> or, it might be nothing, and I will let you know more when I do. <Hayley> I'm coming too.

  • Hayley says, challenging.

<Anastasius> very well <Faren> Better change into something more suitable, Hayley.

  • Faren smiles.
  • Hayley gives him a scathing look as if to say "Duh"
  • Hayley 's clothes shimmer and change into leather pants and a loose shirt that nevertheless shows off her chest quite nicely.

<Hayley> Much better... <Anastasius> good...

  • Hayley pats her pants down.
  • Faren shakes his head, amused by her antics.
  • Anastasius waves a hand and whisks them all away back to his castle at Slieve Aneirin
  • Anastasius will end this here, because although I do have an IC idea, I don't have time for an IC :?