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Khet is probably the oldest of the Five Kingdoms. It lies to the south and spans from the temp-Ocean eastward to a small border with the Agathan peninsula. To the north, across the Eura Sea lie Jorlund and Medeira. Towards the center of the Kingdom, the Khetan peninsula juts out, nearly meeting the Medeiran peninsula, with Freistadt just across a narrow strait. Most of Ket is rugged desert, but a river the Geb feeds the Eura Sea, and produces a narrow band of agriculture along its banks. The capital of Khet, Shu, is on the river's delta. To the south lies desert, and lands unknown.


  • Shu, the capital.
  • The Geb delta


Khetans are black with yellow eyes. Many rangers and sorcerers come from Khet.


The ruler of Khet is King Rhet-sa II. He is the youngest ruler in the Five Kingdoms at the age of 17. He is shy, awkward, and rather gangly. He was in training to be a priest of Hath before his father and eldest brother drowned during a trip on the Geb.

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The major influence for Khet is the Kushite dynasty of Egypt