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Jorlund is one of the Five Kingdoms, and lies to the north west, on the shore of the temp-Ocean. To the north of Jorlund is Orsh territory, to the east, across the temp-River is Medeira, and south, across the Eura Sea is Khet. To the far north, Jorlund extends further east to meet Lycadros, north of Medeira. Its major city is called Den and is almost in the centre of the kingdom. The actual capital changes depending upon where the current ruler is living.

Jorlund is a heavily forested land that is known for the furs and lumber that it produces.


  • Den, Jorlund's major city.


Jorlunders tend to have some of the largest people in the Five Kingdoms and tend to be blonde haired and blue eyed. Many rangers and barbarians come from Jorlund. The people are generally reserved around strangers but can be quite loyal to friends and family.


The current ruler is Vis Hilden, Chief of the tribes of Jorlund, also known as “Orshbane” because of his bloody ongoing campaign against the Orsh. He is very large even for a Jorlunder. He has long blonde hair in numerous braids – it is said one for each person that he has killed – and a thick beard. He is very aggressive and will take any opportunity to fight.

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The main inspiration for Jorlund comes from the Germanic tribes.