Homoventures Chapter 4, Epilogue part 1

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Homoventures session logs
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Justen and Xan return to Diablotin. After a day to recover, they stop in to visit Sirris. They ask him to marry them, and also talk to him about some of their recent sexual experiences.


Session date: December 19 2014
Diablotin date: Spring 2275

<DiablotinNarrator> After several more weeks of work, Sleyght's expedition is ready to wrap up. The artifacts and valuables found in the tomb are boxed and shipped to wherever they're going - some to Nys, others back to Diablotin for more extensive study. The photographs and notes and so on are also distributed amongst the various scholars who wish to peruse them.
<DiablotinNarrator> Are you planning to teleport home, or take the train for the fun of it? ;)
* Xandhil would liek to travel back with the artifacts on the train because he is paranoid about bandits
<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, that can be arranged
* Justen will go with you, of course
* Justen does insist on stopping back in the village to update Athos on what you found ;)
* Xandhil is down with that!
<DiablotinNarrator> Eventually, though, you will arrive home.
* Justen is happy to sleep in a real bed again
* Xandhil too
* Xandhil is mostly happy to have *real privacy
* again
<Xandhil> I missed you, real walls @_@
<Justen> it's good to be home
* Justen agrees
<Xandhil> mmph
<Xandhil> We should probably let people know we're back
<Xandhil> but I kiiind of just want to take a day to be here and decompress >.>
<Justen> True. I'm sure Mercy will want to know - and Solange. And our parents. But a day might not hurt.
<Xandhil> Oh... maybe Solange. And Mercy...
<Justen> maybe we could see if we can go over there for dinner?
<Xandhil> okay
<Xandhil> KI'll probably feel more normal after a nap
<Justen> and then be so busy we couldn't get to the other people's houses until tomorrow ;)
* Xandhil smiles
<Justen> so... nap, you say?
<Xandhil> yes
* Xandhil says, emphatically
* Xandhil pulls yuou into the bedroom with him ^-^
* Justen will gladly let himself be pulled ^-^
<DiablotinNarrator> (is there other stuff you wanted to play out before going to see Sirris?)
<Xandhil> (no, we can save family char=ts for another time :3
<DiablotinNarrator> (okay)
<Xandhil> (so we just go over to his house? What's the best approach here?"
<DiablotinNarrator> (I think you are good enough friends that you could just go to his house - or to the temple if you didn't find him there I suppose)
<Xandhil> (maybe give him some warning/make a date? Send him outr calling card ;)
<DiablotinNarrator> (hee - if you want :)
<Xandhil> 9I suppose it depends on if he's been fairly stable in the last few years and we don't thik there is too much risk of popping in on him when he can't handle it)
<DiablotinNarrator> (let's say you can send a note and set up a time - just in case he's busy with temple or family stuff or whatever)
<Xandhil> (cool)
* Xandhil will head with Justen to meet him at the appointed time then
* NPC1 is now known as Sirris
* Sirris will greet you both at the door with a warm smile and a hug.
* Xandhil hugs back
* Justen as well
<Xandhil> it's great to see you
<Sirris> you as well - come in, please
<Sirris> How was your trip?
<Xandhil> it was, ahh... pretty amazing. Very eventful.
<Sirris> can I get you some tea while we talk about it?
<Xandhil> thank you, that would be great
* Sirris 's home is fairly simple, and he doesn't have servants
* Sirris will put on water for tea, and get settled with you two in the parlour
<Xandhil> :where shoudl we start?
<Justen> :well.. maybe with the good stuff first? like that we want to get married?
<Xandhil> :okay!
<Justen> :save the more weird and complicated stuff for after
<Xandhil> So...
<Xandhil> actually
<Xandhil> we had something to ask you
* Xandhil says, with a glance at Justen
* Justen smiles
<Sirris> oh?
* Sirris looks from one of you to the other with a hint of a smile
<Xandhil> uh, yeah
<Xandhil> We decided that we wanted to get married.
* Sirris 's smile broadens
<Sirris> That's wonderful - I'm happy for you both
<Xandhil> ...and we wanted to know if you would do that for us?
<Sirris> oh!
<Sirris> yes, of course, if that's what you'd like.
<Xandhil> we would.
<Sirris> I would be honoured, then
<Justen> Thank you :)
<Xandhil> yes, thank you.
* Xandhil takes Justen's hand and give sit a little squeeze
* Justen squeezes back with a smile at you
<Sirris> When do you want to do it? and, at the temple or somewhere else?
<Xandhil> Uh...
<Xandhil> me looks at Justen
<Justen> I don't think we've gotten that far in planning it yet...
<Xandhil> stillll working on the details, yeah
<Sirris> All right :)
<Sirris> Let me know whenever you decide, and we'll make the arrangements.
<Xandhil> okay, we will!
* Sirris stands and gives each of you another hug as he goes to get the tea :)
* Xandhil happily hugs back
* Justen as well
<Xandhil> :well there's the easy part...
<Justen> :yeah...
<Justen> :maybe should we talk about the ...visit from my father next? or is that too much to just jump into?
<Xandhil> :we could give him some options?
<Justen> :okay
<Xandhil> :I'm not surwe what hyou want to tell him about that, anyway?
<Xandhil> ;And I think it needs some context
<Xandhil> :so... maybe context? Start with the Angels?
<Justen> :yeah... maybe I guess explain about the tomb, and the djinn and stuff
<Xandhil> :okay
* Sirris returns shortly with cups of tea for each of you
<Sirris> Here you go...
<Justen> Thanks
<Xandhil> thanks!
<Justen> It's nice to have comfortable chairs and ready access to hot food and drink again :)
<Xandhil> yes
<Sirris> Sometimes it's little things like that that let us know we're home, and safe.
* Sirris agrees
<Xandhil> the ability to have tea whenever I want it... yeah
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> most of the trip wasn't dangerous, at least
<Sirris> I'm glad to hear that.
<Xandhil> the last month or so was just... academic stuff. I think Justen was bored, except for the camera stuff
<Justen> That part was so neat!
<Justen> I want to get a camera now :)
<Xandhil> Maybe I can get you one for an engagement present
* Xandhil teases
<Justen> heh, that'd be fun - we could use it for ... engagement photos ;)
* Xandhil rolls his eyes
<Xandhil> un huh
* Sirris chuckles
<Xandhil> anyway - the begining of the trip was a lot more, hmm, fraught?
<Xandhil> Maybe?
* Xandhil tries to decide if that is a good word for it, and shrugs
<Justen> yeah... more complicated I guess
<Xandhil> there wound up being a lot more metaphysical stuff than we expected from an old tomb >.>
<Sirris> oh?
<Xandhil> yeah
<Xandhil> And uh - it gets..
<Xandhil> well
<Xandhil> There are reasons we wanted to come and talk to you, other than just that we haven't seen you in months
<Sirris> All right...
<Sirris> I'm intrigued
<Xandhil> okay, I'll try and give the short version, then, but you can stop me and ask stuff whenever.
* Sirris nods, sipping his tea
<Xandhil> So. Theyre building a new railroad out to Psyra, and they stopped work whe they ran into a really old tomb that seemed important
<Xandhil> reverand Mother Alman owns the railway, and she hired someone from the Antiquarian society to investigate it - we went out to help them.
<Xandhil> the tomb turned out to be the tomb of Orelius, who is kind of the founder of Psyra
<Xandhil> he's the one who basically made it into a country
* Sirris listens intently
<Xandhil> to do this, he had the help of four Djinn
<Xandhil> Djinn are a kind of elemental, sort of, that live in the area
<Xandhil> but the Djinn that joined him were more than that - they were refugee angels from Am
* Xandhil gives that one a moment to see if he has questions or whatever, before continuing
<Sirris> they used to be angels?
<Xandhil> yes
<Xandhil> these four
<Sirris> and they wanted to help this man?
<Xandhil> they became djinn, or a kind of djinn, to survive during the war
<Xandhil> one of them convinced the other three that it would help make things more stable in the area
<Xandhil> Djinn are creatures that are... well, I guess they are susceptible to oaths, in a sense, and having their names can give yo great power over them
<Sirris> in Am, the angels used to help, in what ways they could... not usually so directly as it sounds like you're saying.
<Sirris> but it isn't out of character for them I suppose.
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> well - as Djinn, they can grant wishes
<Xandhil> I don't know all of the details
<Xandhil> they can do it voluntarily, but I think if you have their name you can make them do it?
<Xandhil> anyway
<Xandhil> they initially bound themselves, through oaths, to orelius
* Sirris nods
<Xandhil> but one of them resented the arrangement, and he betrayed orelius - he got him killed
<Xandhil> I think that he might have been even more destructive, but the others didn't give him a chance
<Xandhil> they were all four of them bound in the tomb
<Sirris> :/
<Xandhil> yeah :|
* Sirris makes a bit of a ... 'that sounds familiar' unhappy face
<Xandhil> it was a different sort of thing, I think?
<Xandhil> I don't know how aware they were of the passing time
<Justen> I think wherever they were, it was sort of an ... other plane or something. not sitting right there in the tomb the whole time.
<Justen> they were kind of living in bottles.
* Justen tries to explain
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> do you want me to go on?
<Sirris> yes. I want to know how they got out. ... they did get out, yes?
<Xandhil> they did!
* Sirris seems slightly relieved at that
<Xandhil> We made our way through the various traps and such in the tomb, we recognized that the rooms were elemental themed
<Xandhil> In the final room, we - well, I - found an inscription
<Xandhil> it said: Herein Lies the Black Djinn, the Traitor Who Shall Not Be Named, the Breath of Corruption, May His Name Be Forgotten From All Worlds In Creation, Until Such Time As Ophion Puts Right The Stars And Justice May Be Done Upon Him
<Sirris> @_@
<Xandhil> and we realized that, well... those conditions had been met?
<Sirris> yes...
<Xandhil> and so, we weren't sure exactly what would happen.
<Xandhil> we debated with the other people whether it would be wise to open the bottles, because we'd figured out how to do it by then
<Xandhil> but we decided to go ahead, partly because we were curious, but also because we wanted to make sure the tomb was safe for other poeple to work in
<Xandhil> so, we released them
* Sirris nods
<Xandhil> But it turned out that one of the Psyran scholars who was working with us had already learned the black Djinn's name, and she took control of him
<Xandhil> pretty much immediately - I think he might have killed us otherwise, to be honest.
<Sirris> :o
<Xandhil> anyway the other Djinn killed her, because they didn't trust that he could be controlled, I think
<Xandhil> but then, of course all of us knew the name.... it got complicates
<Sirris> that sounds awful :(
<Xandhil> a little bit.
<Xandhil> but, uh.... I knew the names of the other thre too
<Xandhil> We found them on a pillar under a lake, which is a whole other side story....
* Xandhil looks at Justen
* Sirris nods
<Justen> Getting to go underwater was pretty fun, at least
<Xandhil> yeah.
<Xandhil> anyway - the Djinn.
<Xandhil> we wanted things to be resolved, and for them to have some kind of chance at freedom that wouldn't involve anyone getting killed.
<Justen> ... anyone else...
* Justen adds under his breath
<Xandhil> yes, sorry :|
* Xandhil takes his hand again
<Xandhil> so...
<Xandhil> Justen prayed to his father for help
<Xandhil> and, um.... he came.
<Sirris> ...
<Xandhil> yeah.
<Justen> yeah
<Justen> I didn't know what to expect, or whether it was a good idea or not - but it seemed to me like... that's supposed to be his job, isn't it?
<Sirris> It's supposed to be.
* Sirris agrees
<Sirris> What happened?
<Justen> Well, he showed up, and ... kinda had a little trial there.
<Justen> He gave them a choice of what they wanted.
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> they coudl remain as they were,
<Xandhil> or go back to the Court of Stars and be reformed
<Xandhil> re-formed
<Sirris> what did they choose?
<Xandhil> three of them, including the black djinn, chose to be reformed
<Xandhil> the Fire djinn, Epher, chose to stay as he was
<Sirris> ...interesting...
<Xandhil> yes
<Xandhil> he came and visited us later
<Xandhil> to thank us for freeing him
* Sirris nods
<Sirris> did he seem like he was pleased with his choice/
<Sirris> ?
<Xandhil> he did!
<Xandhil> we talked for quite a while, and I think he wanted to see if he could find other who might have survived, in some form
<Sirris> that's good
* Sirris nods
<Sirris> did you mention about Arek?
* Sirris asks curiously
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> I said he would like to come and talk to him at some point
<Xandhil> (he rather)
<Xandhil> he - Epher - didn't know him
<Xandhil> but he knew his name
* Sirris nods
<Sirris> Do you think if he actually comes, I could talk with him too?
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> I do
<Sirris> I would be interested in that
<Xandhil> if he comes, I will definitely introduce you!
<Sirris> Thank you
<Sirris> as for the others... it's fascinating that they are taking them back, in whatever form that might mean.
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> yes
<Xandhil> we thought you might want to know about that, anyway >.>
<Sirris> yes...
<Sirris> are they making more? are they *able
* to make more? or is this all they can do?
<Sirris> I know you probably don't know either.
<Xandhil> sorry :|
<Sirris> it's all right
<Sirris> I don't expect anyone to have all the answers :)
<Sirris> we're all just trying to figure things out as best we can
<Xandhil> yeah...
<Xandhil> that's...
<Xandhil> somethign else too.
* Sirris gives you a curious look
* Xandhil looks to Justen again
<Xandhil> I don't know how to explain this one well
<Xandhil> well - its a sex thing
<Sirris> oh?
<Xandhil> well, not just, maybe
<Xandhil> but its like.... a feeling...
<Xandhil> :little help?
<Justen> :about the ... circle praying thing?
* Xandhil sighs
<Xandhil> :yes
<Xandhil> like... its more than just sex?
<Justen> We think... sometimes... when we're having sex, we're also talking to them.
<Justen> if that makes sense.
<Xandhil> not *talking*, maybe
<Sirris> praying?
* Sirris suggests
<Xandhil> communing
<Xandhil> yes
<Sirris> there are rituals that facilitate that sort of communion - so I'm sure it's possible
<Xandhil> its sort of not intentional but also not - *not
* intentional?
<Xandhil> I don't know
<Sirris> sex is one way of building that energy, that offering to Serpent - is that what you think is happening?
<Xandhil> Maybe?
<Xandhil> It's not something we've ever set out to do
<Xandhil> not on purpose
<Sirris> hmm
<Xandhil> but in the moment
<Xandhil> it always feels right
<Xandhil> :right?
<Justen> :yes
* Xandhil nods
<Sirris> is it something you would feel comfortable trying? either with me, or allowing me to observe?
<Sirris> I might have clearer answers for you if I could see what you're talking about
<Xandhil> we've never really *tired
* to do it before
* Xandhil eyes Justen
<Justen> yeah.. I don't know how it would work if we were actually, uh, aiming for it?
<Justen> I mean, I don't object to the idea :)
<Justen> I just don't know if we can do it on command >.>
<Justen> :do you think we should?
<Justen> :or I guess... how do you feel about it?
<Xandhil> ;I don't know - maybe it ewould be good to knot if we *can*?
<Xandhil> (know -_-)
<Xandhil> (brb tea)
<Justen> :maybe, yeah
<Xandhil> :I think, with Sirris, I could try...
<Justen> :okay
* Xandhil thinks in a tone of 'with someone else that might be kind of weird >.>'
<Justen> :umm ... now?
<Xandhil> :I...dont' know if that was what he meant?
<Justen> :we can ask I guesss
<Xandhil> When we were in the shadow plane, I did a ritual with one of the priests there....
<Xandhil> this isn't as crazy intense as that, I guess?
<Xandhil> less... seeeing things and... prophecies :p
<Sirris> I ... don't know, but I don't anticipate that?
<Xandhil> I don't twither
<Xandhil> I think that might have been the drugs, honestly
<Xandhil> I mean, brought on by them
* Sirris nods
<Justen> :that and the fist up your ass ^-^
* Justen thinks but doesn't say
<Xandhil> >.>
<Xandhil> Anyway
<Xandhil> we could try?
* Justen nods
<Sirris> All right
<Sirris> When would you like to conduct this.. experiment? :)
* Justen glances over at you
<Xandhil> Um.
<Xandhil> ...whenever?
<Sirris> I'm supposed to have dinner with Silvia and Iris - would you like to join us for that, or come back later tonight?
* Sirris offers
* Xandhil looks at Justen for that one
<Justen> well, if it wouldn't be an imposition to stay for dinner?
<Justen> we can come back if it's easier
* Xandhil nods
<Sirris> It wouldn't be an imposition, I'm sure. but if you would rather come back, I will still be here :)
<Xandhil> :up to you - at least we have interesting stories?>
<Justen> :maybe we can set up a playdate for Solange too while we're at it
<Xandhil> :okay!
<Xandhil> :she'd like that
<Justen> We'd be happy to stay for dinner, then.
* Justen says with a smile.
<Xandhil> yes, thanks
<DiablotinNarrator> (I'll assume dinner goes fine, then - over at Silvia's adjacent house ;)
<DiablotinNarrator> (where there are such things as servants, because Duchess ;)
<Xandhil> (indeed. Well, I am sure X&J can behave themselves and tell cool anecdotes about their discoveries and such ^-^)
* Xandhil will tell Silvia about the other houses because she will probably find that reaaaaaaaally interesting >.>
<DiablotinNarrator> (yes!)
* Sirris will take you home afterwards, once Iris has had some bedtime stories :3
<DiablotinNarrator> (hee)
* Sirris probably doesn't read to her from books, but just tells her stories that... he knew when he was in Am? or that he made up? not sure
* Xandhil tries to give them space for that >..
* Gen (~Ysabeau@docsis-67-22-71-20.rev.lynxnet.ca) has joined #gnomeland
<Xandhil> (Just in time for sexytimes >.>)
<Sirris> Is there anything you want to talk about before we start?
* Sirris asks gently
* Xandhil looks at Justen
<Xandhil> I don't know?
<Justen> Maybe this is a weird question, but are *you
* comfortable with this?
* Justen asks Sirris
<Justen> I know you offered and all, but ... I just wanted to be sure. It's been a while.
<Sirris> Thank you for asking.
<Sirris> I know this won't be like it might with members of my temple. You're my friends - more than friends.
<Sirris> There are likely to be strong emotions because of that... but I feel prepared to deal with them.
<Sirris> I know that before I was ... clingy >.>
* Sirris says like he isn't too fond of the word
<Xandhil> it was a rough time
* Sirris nods
<Justen> you needed support... I hope we were able to give you at least some of that
<Xandhil> yeah
<Sirris> Yes.
* Xandhil really can't complain about someone *else
* being clingy >.>
<Sirris> and I have other people to help with that support now too.
* Xandhil nods
<Sirris> so... while I know this might be... complicated, in some ways, I think that I can keep my ... distance?
* Sirris says as if he isn't quite sure that's the right word
* Xandhil nods again
<Xandhil> :do we... need that?
<Justen> :how so?
<Justen> :I mean... physically, I don't think he needs to be distant, as far as I'm concerned. I don't know if that's what he means, though.
<Xandhil> you mean like... emotionally?
<Sirris> <c> objectivity
<Xandhil> ahh
<Xandhil> oh us
<Xandhil> so
* Sirris says because he knows the word in Celestial at least
* Xandhil switches to celestial
<Xandhil> Epher, the djinn - he gave us each a wish
<Xandhil> and.... so Now Justen and I can both speak and understand any language
<Justen> It's pretty great - Xan doesn't have to always translate for me now
* Justen says, also in Celestial
<Sirris> ahh :)
<Sirris> does that make sense, then?
<Xandhil> yes :)
<Xandhil> but if it is too difficult, let us know?
* Sirris asks in celestial
<Sirris> I will
<Xandhil> so, then...
<Sirris> my room?
* Sirris offers
<Xandhil> okay