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Diablotin 3 session logs
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Session date: December 21, 2014
Diablotin date:


(This session was a collection of solos since Christmas prep took precedence over game prep!)

Argent tells Briony about the possible demon in Crouch End

  • Briony can meet you at your usual spot
  • Argent smiles when he sees her seated, and head over.

<Briony> Good afternoon.
<Argent> Yes good afternoon to you. Thank you for meeting me.
<Briony> it's no trouble
<Briony> how are you doing?
<Argent> I'm waiting tables, listening in on conversations, and lying to my friends. I know its what I signed up for but it hasn't been easy... but thats not the reason I wanted to meet.
<Argent> I have an interesting lead.
<Briony> oh?
<Argent> One of my old gangmates heard a story about a loot stash of the Duke of Crouch End... nothing exceptional about that.. but the women who told her said that the Duke had summoned a demon to guard it.
<Argent> claimed they had to do "dark things" to make it happen.

  • Briony looks a bit skeptical, but leans forward, interested nevertheless

<Argent> Skeptism was my initial reaction as well, could be just a guy in a mask to help scare people away... but regardless, they want to investigate the stash to I agreed to help.
<Argent> (thats so, not to)
<Briony> All right...
<Briony> So what's your plan? Break into this place?
<Argent> The current plan is to scout it out first, which I will be helping.
<Argent> I figure if I can get close enough, I should be able to detect it, if there really is one.

  • Briony nods

<Argent> after that there is a whole lot of depends...
<Argent> if its weak, I could try and deal with it.
<Briony> Do you need any assistance?
<Argent> I need tools... appropriate weapons.

  • Briony nods

<Briony> We can arrange that - a temporary loan, most likely.
<Argent> This is what I had in mind... some silver and cold iron bullets, a few vials of holy water, and maybe some better armor.

  • Briony nods

<Briony> You'll need some kind of story about where you got it, unless your associates are very unobservant.
<Argent> the bullets are easily concealed.
<Briony> The armor might be more difficult, though.
<Briony> What about an amulet or something of that sort?
<Briony> You could tuck it under your shirt
<Argent> Yeah an amulet would be easier. The gang isn't exactly skilled in magics, so they're not likely to notice enchanted items.
<Briony> okay
<Briony> Something concealable then.
<Argent> holy water, I can just say I got from you... people know I have a friend in the church. I'll just say I had to promise to bring it back.

  • Briony chuckles

<Briony> If you've tossed it at a demon, I'll forgive you for not bringing it back in that case.
<Argent> I would hope so :)
<Argent> Honestly I don't trust the word "demon"... it really could be anything.
<Briony> More seriously, though - you're right that the odds are it's nothing but a story to scare away thieves.
<Briony> And even if there is something, it might not technically be a demon.

  • Briony agrees

<Argent> hence why I scout first to confirm.
<Argent> Honestly its a little more interesting than waiting tables.
<Briony> understandable :)
<Argent> you heard about that staff vanishing?
<Briony> But if it does turn out to be something worth our notice, don't go in half-cocked, okay?

  • Argent changes the subject.

<Argent> hey, if its stronger than I think we can handle, no way I'm risking people over that.
<Briony> okay
<Briony> I know you're smart enough to not do something dumb - try to keep your friends from doing the same.
<Briony> About the staff, yeah, I heard. I don't like it, but I heard about it. Maybe it's nothing, I don't know...
<Argent> I'm trained to be convincing when I need to be.
<Argent> I had two thoughts on the staff... either someone magiced in and took it... in which case thats that, nothing else to do... or someone was convinced to open the vault.

  • Briony nods

<Argent> possibly even charmed.
<Briony> Could be
<Briony> it seems like bad planning to have left it behind in first place.
<Briony> but maybe things didn't quite work out as expected
<Argent> It's just not something I can easily follow up on. I can detect magic and I'm practicing recongnizing the different auras, but its not something I can do subtly.
<Argent> Well the quickling was killed and the boiler didn't go boom so it may not have been all as planned.
<Briony> yeah
<Briony> probably the best thing you can do is keep an eye out for people acting strangely, I guess.
<Argent> ... well now that you mention it... hmmm
<Briony> As I'm sure you're finding, there are lots of differences between what we trained for, and real life, unfortunately.

  • Argent nods

<Briony> you're not doing too bad so far, though. at least by the sounds of it.
<Argent> Its the decieving old friends that the hardest part.

  • Briony nods

<Briony> Some things, it's safer for them not to know about.
<Argent> If I end up fighting a demon or whatever, im not going to hold back.
<Briony> no - you do what you have to do, in that case.
<Argent> I'll deal with the aftermath afterward

  • Briony nods

<Briony> All right. Stay safe, and don't be afraid to withdraw and report to me if it's something you can't handle.
<Briony> And I'll hope it turns out to be a guy in a mask, like you said ;)

  • Argent nods

<Argent> so do I, but better ready than not. I'll swing by our drop and get the stuff before we go in.
<Briony> Sounds good.
<Argent> I appreciate your confidence in me.
<Briony> Hey, like you said - you've got the training. I want you to use it.

  • Argent nods
  • Briony pats your shoulder as she gets up to go
  • Argent starts to move his hand but stops

Gen gets some advice from a crazy cat lady

<DiablotinNarrator> (picking up from this thread: http://scionbcs.forumotions.net/t559-drunken-pilgrim)

  • Gen hopes it's too dark to see that she is crying. Crying is for the weak!
  • Old_woman continues petting her ... cat? and listens to your lament

<Old_woman> Well, you don't trust yourself, you don't trust anyone else, but you trust the heavens?

  • Gen wishes she hadn't drunk quite so much; pushing thoughts through her head was like trying to push a stick through a mortared stone wall.

<Gen> No... I don't know...
<Old_woman> There, there.
<Old_woman> They're working through you.

  • Gen nods.

<Gen> Someone is.
<Old_woman> And you don't feel like you have a choice about it.
<Gen> No... I feel like... I made my choice, not fully aware of what choice I was... making.
<Gen> And now, I will honour that choice as best I can.
<Gen> Because I owe it... to the ones who have helped me.

  • Old_woman sort of chuckles, but it turns into a cough.

<Old_woman> You didn't see both sides of the bargain, but you'll honour it anyway. Oh, they picked well with you, didn't they.
<Gen> Please... you speak as if you know them.
<Gen> Who are they?

  • Old_woman looks up at you directly, and you can see that one of her eyes is white and clouded, while the other is a clear green.

<Gen> For that matter... who are you?

  • Gen finally regains some basic level of common sense.

<Old_woman> Nothing but the rain.
<Old_woman> When they talk to you for long enough, who 'you' are doesn't matter so much.
<Old_woman> you think you're a person with a name and a story, but you're not.
<Old_woman> you're a tool. the question is, what kind are you?
<Gen> That person already disappeared...
<Old_woman> good. forget her.
<Gen> But you didn't... didn't answer my other question yet.
<Gen> Who are they?

  • Old_woman points up to the sky
  • Gen looks upwards and nods.

<Old_woman> They're not the stars. that's too simple. stars are signs, just like everything else. they're the ones showing us those signs.
<Old_woman> all we can see are glimpses... little pieces here and there
<Gen> That sounds... more like... what I hear, than what I see..

  • Old_woman nods

<Old_woman> we can't know what they are
<Old_woman> talk to Silvia. tell her what you hear.

  • Gen looks confused.

<Gen> Who... is... Silvia?
<Old_woman> A channel.

  • Gen looks more confused.
  • Old_woman gives her cat another scratch under the chin and stands up from her crouching position. She's taller than you might have expected.

<Gen> Like... a river?
<Old_woman> Hah. Like a flood.
<Old_woman> You'll find her, or she'll find you first.
<Gen> How will I know her?

  • Old_woman points to her eyes.

<Old_woman> Like these.
<Gen> Did they do that to you?

  • Gen wonders if their eyes are like her arms.

<Old_woman> they did it to let me see.
<Old_woman> She's holding back that flood for now. find her before it breaks.
<Gen> ...
<Old_woman> You should go inside - don't sleep out on the downs.

  • Old_woman walks off with her cat
  • Gen stands there for a bit, trying to make sense of things, then gives up and tries to get home.

Gen and Sanadhil have a rather turbulent encounter

  • Sanadhil scowls at the large woman passed out in front of his house as he is leaving in the morning
  • Sanadhil prods her once with his cane, but gets no response.
  • Gen, passed out, remains largely oblivious to Sanadhil's scowls.
  • Sanadhil casts Rouse instead, snapping his fingers

<Sanadhil> (Rouse will instantly wake you up)

<Gen> Wake up! Psyrenes!

  • Gen reacts very quickly indeed.

<Sanadhil> Hardly.

  • Gen stares blearily up at you.

<Gen> You're an elf...

<Gen> Are you Cosovode?

<Sanadhil> You are on my property.

  • Sanadhil is dressed in Aveyronnois style, at least, but is carrying a cane
  • Gen looks around tiredly.

<Gen> (Is it obviously a yard with a fence around it?)

<Sanadhil> (it is not fenced)

<Sanadhil> (but it is clearly a private yard - though the down is very close by)

  • Gen stands up unsteadily, then one of her legs gives out under her as she tries to hold back a yelp of pain.
  • Gen stands up again, more carefully, favouring a rather swollen ankle.

<Gen> Please accept my apologies.

  • Gen offers formally.

<Gen> I seem to have twisted my ankle, which is probably why I fell in your yard.

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Gen glances back up towards the Downs before hobbling to the edge of your yard.
  • Gen finds some crumbling stone wall to lean on, off your yard, as she assesses the damage.
  • Sanadhil watches to make you you are really going away >.>
  • Gen doesn't seem to have any intent to set foot back on your lawn, but she is not going away right away, as she tends to her ankle.
  • Gen glances towards you, debating the efficacy of using her particular brand of healing magic on herself in front of you. She probably hasn't ever actually used it on herself, yet.
  • Gen looks around for something she could use for a more traditional treatment, but the gentrification means someone cleans sticks and everything up, probably. :/ Also, she'd have to tear her clothes, and she doesn't have enough of those to be able to start tearing them for bandages. :P

<Gen> You don't have to worry about me going back on your property, sir.

  • Gen kind of hopes he'll take the hint and go away so she can ask the Ones for healing without an audience.
  • Gen isn't sure that the Ones would heal her, so it would be embarrassing to ask and then not be answered. Plus, you'd think she was crazy. Which would probably be right, actually, but she has let enough people know how fucked up she is already, without adding more. :P

<Sanadhil> That's not my concern, at this point.

  • Sanadhil is going to read your mind though >.>

<Sanadhil> (sec, checking the saves >.>)

<Sanadhil> (dc 20 save, mind affecting)

<Gen> (will, right?)

<Sanadhil> (yes)

<Gen> !roll 1d20+3

  • Zola rolls for Gen: [ 1d20+3 ] getting [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ 3 ] totals [ 12 ].

<Gen> (I fail to resist)

  • Sanadhil reads your delicious surface thoughts >.>
  • Sanadhil was expecting somethig more innocuous than that, and seems, maybe, almost mildly surprised

<Sanadhil> INteresting

<Sanadhil> :What are the Ones?

  • Gen is mostly concerned about how to fix her ankle so she can get home. But she is also annoyed that you are watching her like she is some sort of criminal. And she is also thinking about that elf dude who wrote about star substance.
  • Gen jumps up, very angry and confused, when she hears your voice in her head.
  • Gen yelps when she puts the weight on her ankle, and falls to the ground again.

<Gen> Get out. Get out of my head.

  • Gen glares up at you.
  • Sanadhil seems unperturbed at your reaction
  • Gen tries to right herself again, shooting you venomous glances.
  • Gen feels as sick and as angry as if you had physically violated her.
  • Sanadhil will cast calm emotions :V

<Gen> !roll 1d20+5

  • Zola rolls for Gen: [ 1d20+5 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 5 ] totals [ 17 ].

<Sanadhil> (actually sec, I might be thinking of somethig else, and maybe I can't do that :V)

<Sanadhil> (I can't, but I can cast charm :V)

  • Gen scrambles to get away from you, in shock.

<Sanadhil> (if you want to keep that roll, ir will fail, but you mighht have a chance to resis since it is a lvl one spell if you want to re-roll))

<Gen> (Dude, I get +7 to save vs Charm Person right now, since my perception is that you are threatening/attacking me so I will be re-rolling)

<Gen> (well, +5, +3 so actually +8 for me)

<Gen> !roll 1d20+8

  • Zola rolls for Gen: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 13 ].

<Gen> (Destiny reroll)

<Gen> !roll 1d20+8

  • Zola rolls for Gen: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 14 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 22 ].

<Gen> (heh, I get to still be angry)

<Sanadhil> (yup)

<Gen> Leave me alone!

  • Sanadhil couuuld still get you with a higher level spell, but if you seem intent on runnign away, please feel free :V
  • Gen can't really run, due to her injury.

<Sanadhil> (well, hobble, anyway)

  • Sanadhil will detect magic out of curiousity but I assume there is nothing apparent?)

<Gen> (nope...)

<Gen> I fell and twisted my fucking ankle, you bastard. I'm not a thief - if I was, do you think I'd let myself fall asleep in my target's yard?

<Gen> I'm sorry that I happened to lose consciousness in your yard. Had I known your eminence lived there, I'd have made sure to fall asleep in some other fucker's.

  • Sanadhil is unperturbed by your rantings
  • Sanadhil looks down the row of houses lining the street before the down

<Sanadhil> Oh, I'm just being neighborly.

<Sanadhil> But I am curious now

<Sanadhil> There's no need to be so angry.

  • Gen 's reaction is mostly just angry bewilderment and pain; that would be obvious.

<Sanadhil> If you can heal yourself, you should

<Gen> You poked around in my *head*. You might as w-

<Sanadhil> That's simply a matter of listening

  • Sanadhil says as if he is not overly concerned

<Sanadhil> hardly 'poking around'

  • Gen makes an effort to rein her anger back in; being angry does not solve anything. She of all people should know that.
  • Gen closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

<Sanadhil> :if you mean the telepathy - it is simply a matter of projection

<Sanadhil> :I can only hear what you tell me

<Sanadhil> :Like any other conversation

  • Gen 's eyes fly open and her pale features cloud red again.

<Gen> Stop it! Stop it stop it stop it!

<Sanadhil> Interesting

<Gen> I don't care if you can only hear what I tell you; I can't ignore you when you're in my head, the way I can when you're out of it.

<Gen> You're forcing yourself on me, when you do that.

  • Gen tries to explain her visceral response to it, though as far as she's concerned, you don't really deserve any explanations.
  • Gen just can't leave because of her ankle, or she'd have left long ago.

<Sanadhil> My apologies.

<Gen> >.>

<Gen> <.<

  • Gen isn't sure whether to believe in your sincerity.
  • Sanadhil is very hard to read >.>
  • Gen takes another deep breath to try to steady herself.

<Sanadhil> I didn't intend to threaten you

<Sanadhil> there is little to be gained by that kind of behaviour

  • Gen opens her eyes again.

<Gen> On that, we can agree.

<Sanadhil> But you have made me curious

<Gen> Sir, if you would just continue about your business - inside your home, or wherever you were headed before you found me - that would probably be for the best.

<Sanadhil> would it?

<Gen> I'm just an ex-soldier with a lot of problems to overcome; hardly an object of curiosity.

<Gen> I am not really inclined to speak with you after your violations of my privacy, and I already apologized to you for my violation of your property.

<Gen> I do not see that we have anything further to discuss.

<Sanadhil> that's a shame

<Sanadhil> what's your name?

  • Gen gives you a look, as if to say "Really? You are *really* going to persist?"
  • Gen sighs.
  • Sanadhil shrugs

<Sanadhil> Very well

<Sanadhil> Mine is Orecalo - should you change your mind about your....problems... you can find me at the Castalia.

<Gen> Sargent Genevriel Doucette, Chasseur of the Fifth Squadron, Princess Tessera's Royal Infantry.

<Gen> The Castalia?

<Sanadhil> a pleasure

<Gen> Do you have access to the library?

  • Gen seems piqued by that.

<Sanadhil> I have access to a great deal more than that.

<Gen> Do you have access to Jahrom's works, translated out of the Cosovode?

  • Sanadhil smiles

<Sanadhil> The most common translation available is one I provided.

  • Gen stares at you briefly.

<Gen> M. Sanadhil Orecalo?

<Sanadhil> indeed.

<Sanadhil> . o O (close enough)

  • Sanadhil has probably softened a little on the 'no one pronouncing his name properly' thing overt the last 30 years

<Gen> Well. This is a rather serendipitous turn of events.

<Gen> I should like very much to read a copy of your translation, M. Orecalo.

<Gen> My parents only had a few books that discussed the science and philosophy of the stars, and I saw Jahrom's works mentioned only in passing by other writers.

  • Sanadhil nods

<Sanadhil> Does this interest relate to your problems?

<Gen> I've been interested in the stars and knowledge of them since I was a young girl.

<Gen> (That is true, Mr. SM, but not the whole truth.)

<Sanadhil> Surely, surely

  • Sanadhil looks back up at his roof.
  • Sanadhil does have a large telescope

<Sanadhil> one moment

  • Sanadhil turns to go back inside

<Sanadhil> (you coudl run away if you wanted to though, but maybe he is coing back out wth that boooooook @_@)

  • Gen will attempt to ask for healing while no one is watching.
  • Sanadhil returns shortly with a copy of the book

<Sanadhil> Sargent Doucette

  • Gen looks at the book in your hands.
  • Gen softens a little.

<Gen> I'm not a Sargent anymore; the war is over. It never really suited me, anyway.

<Sanadhil> you seem too intelligent for that nonsense

  • Sanadhil has Opinions >.>
  • Gen has a Psyrene accent, if you are familiar with them... so you might be able to piece together some reasons why an intelligent young woman would have joined the military.
  • Sanadhil is, in fact

<Sanadhil> Take it, then, Ms. Doucette.

<Sanadhil> If you should care to discuss it's contents.... you will find my card inside

<Gen> Thank you, M. Orecalo. You can't know what a gift this is. Truly.

  • Gen apparently likes the quest for knowledge.
  • Sanadhil nods
  • Gen cradles the book carefully and with respect.

<Sanadhil> (It does look like a new copy, anyway - authorial perks ;)

<Gen> I shall return it to you when I am done, at the very least. I shall see you then.

<Sanadhil> Very well.

<Sanadhil> then I will wish you good day.

<Gen> Good day to you, as well.

  • Sanadhil says with a polite nod, and will head off towards the castalia where he won't be getting as much early work done, but still considers it a potentially productive morning >.>
  • Gen heads homewards, without so much as a limp.

Hettienne tries to comfort Serge-Yves, and then Denise shows up

  • Serge-Yves is fairly morose and gloomy
  • Hettienne figures there's not gonna be a great time to talk about this, so it might as well be now.

<Hettienne> Hey hon...

  • Hettienne approaches him as he is moping on the sofa.

<Serge-Yves> Hey

  • Hettienne sits down next to him.

<Hettienne> I wanted t'talk to you before you ship out...
<Hettienne> ...'bout your boy. :/
<Serge-Yves> oh... yeah. I guess so.
<Serge-Yves> what'd you wanna talk about?
<Hettienne> I just... I got a real strong feeling he weren't just roughed up for his dough.
<Serge-Yves> yeah... me too.
<Serge-Yves> someone went lookin' for him. maybe me too.
<Hettienne> I'm thinkin it must have somethin t'do with this new world.
<Hettienne> Yeah, you might well've got whacked if you were out, too... :/
<Serge-Yves> could be. could be about the drugs... but it's so fast for that. do they even know about it, to wanna bump someone off that quick?
<Hettienne> I got a thought.
<Hettienne> I saw.. I saw Nycky there.

  • Hettienne bites her lip unconsciously.
  • Serge-Yves looks surprised

<Hettienne> I dunno why. But I don't believe in coincidences.

  • Serge-Yves nods

<Serge-Yves> you think she was involved with it?
<Hettienne> I... I dunno. I guess I can't say what she's capabable of no more.
<Hettienne> She ran off when she saw me.
<Serge-Yves> :/
<Serge-Yves> She seemed like a smart lady... if she was in on killin' him, why'd she stick around that long?
<Hettienne> Maybe she were checkin' out what happened.

  • Serge-Yves nods

<Hettienne> Or maybe she were there to check the job got done, by whoever else

  • Hettienne frowns.

<Serge-Yves> maybe
<Hettienne> Anyway... I wanted to ask your thoughts 'fore I do anything like goin' to Ander.
<Serge-Yves> yeah?

  • Denise chooses that minute to wander back in the door, holding a basket of stuff from the market

<Denise> hmm?
<Hettienne> Just 'cause... it's more your fight; I don't wamma get you more involved if'n... oh!
<Denise> Whasis about Ander?

  • Hettienne glances over at Serge-Yves...

<Hettienne> >.>
<Hettienne> <.<

  • Denise glances between the two of you, confused

<Denise> what fight?

  • Serge-Yves looks to Hettie

<Hettienne> ...
<Hettienne> *awkward silence intensifies*
<Hettienne> well, ah...
<Denise> what's goin' on?
<Serge-Yves> About the friend of mine who got killed...
<Denise> Oh.
<Denise> You know who done it?
<Hettienne> Not as such
<Hettienne> ...
<Serge-Yves> we were thinkin' maybe Ander might know somethin'
<Denise> o_O
<Hettienne> Yeah.
<Denise> well I guess maybe, he here's a lot a things...

  • Denise says somewhat defensively

<Hettienne> Not like he *done* it, you silly girl.
<Serge-Yves> not like we think he mighta done it!
<Hettienne> (S-Y owes me a coke)
<Serge-Yves> (heh)
<Denise> oh well... maybe?
<Hettienne> We got a theory that it mighta been because of stuff he, ah, saw in th' new world.
<Denise> Oh yeah?
<Denise> >.>
<Hettienne> They mighta got Serge-Yves too if he'd been there.

  • Denise frowns at that

<Denise> well.
<Hettienne> We got some descriptions of the thugs what left with him.
<Serge-Yves> Maybe someone thought he knew somethin' about ... I don't know what.
<Denise> Well.....
<Denise> >.>
<Denise> I know the Corriveaus got somethin' off the agenereux right the day you got back....
<Denise> Genereux
<Hettienne> Oh really...
<Serge-Yves> they did?

  • Hettienne thins her lips.

<Hettienne> You know what it was?
<Denise> nope
<Denise> Big box a somthin' heavy
<Hettienne> That's what you were cartin' through the tunnels.
<Denise> >.>
<Denise> they just hired us to move it, ya know?
<Serge-Yves> It ain't your fault.
<Serge-Yves> it might not have anythin' to do with Vairon... I dunno.
<Denise> No but....you'se family an' all but like, I prolly sholdn't be sayin' about none of that :/

  • Hettienne shrugs.

<Hettienne> Who we gonna tell?
<Serge-Yves> We ain't gonna tell Ander you said anythin'

  • Denise nods
  • Denise looks a little guilty though

<Denise> you want me to talk to 'im?
<Hettienne> Well...
<Hettienne> I was gonna go see him at Tits' joint.
<Serge-Yves> I don't wanna see you get mixed up in this, but... maybe he'd tell you stuff he wouldn't tell us.
<Hettienne> But yeah,
<Hettienne> That's true.
<Denise> well
<Hettienne> What d'you think, Den?
<Denise> you come see him an I'll prolly be there anyway
<Hettienne> You know 'im better.
<Hettienne> SHould I talk to him, or you just do it?

  • Denise considers

<Denise> wellll
<Denise> if I talk to him, then its a thing he's doin' for me, right, not so much a thing he's doin' for you >.>
<Hettienne> Is that better, or worse?
<Denise> well, like, it ain't *bad* neither way, really
<Denise> but it's prolly easier
<Hettienne> Right then.
<Serge-Yves> okay
<Hettienne> 'Preciate it, Den.

  • Hettienne smiles.

<Denise> might be he wasnts to talk to y'all anyway

  • Serge-Yves stands to give you a hug
  • Denise gives him a big hug back

<Hettienne> Well, he knows where t'find me.
<Denise> 'kay
<Serge-Yves> Thanks

  • Denise will put away groceries then, and get on with making lunch :3

Denise enlists Enver's help; together with Argent they scout a route

  • Denise will search him out probably at The Cellar
  • Enver can be located :)

<Denise> hey man
<Enver> oh, hey Denise
<Enver> what's up?
<Denise> wellllll... >.>
<Denise> Got a thing I wan'ed to talk to ya' about, actually
<Enver> oh yeah?
<Enver> what sorta thing?
<Denise> a thing thing
<Denise> but like
<Denise> come on let's go for a walk
<Enver> okay...
<Denise> and you can tell me if Geon ever said anythin' bout that rat
<Enver> oh, yeah, sure
<Enver> well, he said undead just sorta happen down there sometimes - there's a big giant graveyard, like, where our folks useta put their dead, an' it's kinda gross and you gotta be careful there

  • Enver recounts as you wander out

<Denise> huh
<Denise> is there bigger stuff than rats comes outta there?
<Enver> sometimes I guess
<Denise> huh
<Enver> he has some stories 'bout things huge... like big as a house, huge, that he's seen bones of down there.
<Denise> wooooooah cool :o
<Denise> I mean
<Denise> maybe I wouldn't wanna see nothin' like that while t was....un...alive?
<Enver> yeah, no
<Denise> can you imagine, like though - oh time to bury grandad, just gotte get through all these zombies first o_O
<Enver> gross
<Denise> prolly it weren't liek that then though
<Denise> prolly sgtuff got better taken care of, ya know?
<Enver> yeah... prolly when folk were takin' care of it, it was better
<Denise> :/
<Denise> anyway
<Denise> So, like
<Enver> the thing thing?
<Denise> yeah :D
<Denise> Like, I know you ain't supposed to be pullin' other jobs >.>
<Denise> But, like... I got this other job
<Enver> yeah, Georn gets pissy about that
<Enver> but what is it?
<Denise> well, look, here's the thing.
<Denise> I already told Ander 'bout it, first off, ;cause I had some things I wanted to settle for me, like.
<Denise> but it needs soeone who knows the tunnels, like
<Enver> oh?
<Denise> so i though, I could see if you might, like, helpus *plan* stuff, like before we go, for some kinda cut
<Enver> well, that's me, obviously :D
<Denise> so then, like, you wouldn't really *be* there and there wouldn't be no trouble
<Denise> right?
<Enver> I guess... but you might get in trouble, an' I wouldn't want that.
<Denise> yeah, well, there's lots of kinds of trouble >.>
<Denise> My big wirry is that we got some good info for this thing but we ain't got a real *guarantee* of a payoff :p[
<Enver> ah, yeah...
<Denise> so I figured I would put that to ya and see what you thought
<Denise> 'cause like - you know if there is, I'll make sure you get what's yours.
<Enver> well, where you gotta go with the tunnels?
<Denise> down in pearl
<Enver> Pearl's hard... they build a lot there, an' rip stuff up... things change faster there.
<Denise> hmm
<Enver> but if you tell me where you gotta get to, I could take a scouting trip
<Enver> or... we both could. I guess.
<Denise> okay
<Denise> well, how 'bout one more?
<Denise> 'cause my Friend Argent is on on this too, and he's got a better head than me for rememberin' stuff
<Enver> oh. okay, sure...
<Denise> he's solid

  • Enver nods

<Enver> when d'you wanna do that?
<Denise> whenever, really
<Enver> now?

  • Enver suggests

<Denise> sue, that'll work
<Denise> I gotta get changed though, an grab argent.
<Enver> 'kay
<Denise> YOu wanna come or should we jus' meet you somewhere?
<Enver> I'll come along I guess
<Denise> 'kay

  • Enver shrugs
  • Denise will stop by her place to get changed and then drag him along to Dorien and Argent's place
  • Denise knocks

<Denise> hey Argent!
<Denise> 'kay!

  • Argent calls out
  • Argent will open the door, hair a mess and shirt untucked.

<Denise> you up for gon' scoutin' the tunnels down in Pearl?
<Argent> Hey Denis, just crashing for a bit before work, whats up?
<Argent> Oh yeah, let me get changed... who's your friend

  • Argent will welcome the pair into his home and get ready

<Denise> this is Enver
<Enver> Hey
<Denise> Enver this is Argent
<Argent> Pleasure

  • Enver does the guy chin nod thing, because whatever, he's cool, doesn't matter

<Denise> Enver's gonna be our guide, like, see if we can figure out where all we need to go
<Argent> Sounds good!

  • Argent calls from his room

<Denise> So, we're goin' down to Crouch End

  • Denise tells him
  • Argent will walk out, sturdier clothing on, dagger on his belt, gun holstered under his coat.

<Enver> 'kay. how far from there d'you wanna get in an' out? like, somewhere nearby, or pretty far

  • Denise looks to Argent
  • Denise is Not the brains of this operation

<Enver> close means less tunnels to remember
<Enver> far means less chance someone can track you
<Argent> I can navigate fine, lets go father away, and you point out a quick exit spot if we need it.
<Enver> okay, let's go then
<Denise> right

  • Argent will let the pair lead on
  • Enver and you guys can get over to Pearl, then

<Enver> Okay, so I'd say go in at Maiden Court. it's not too far from where you wanna get to, but the entrance's pretty well hidden

  • Argent nods, quietly paying attention to Enver
  • Enver takes you past a boarded-up, vacant building, and around the back of it in an overgrown courtyard is an old pump house of some kind.

<Enver> in here

  • Enver takes you in, and leads you down a ladder into the undercity
  • Denise follows
  • Argent takes the rear, mentally marking the passage

<Denise> see, then I just wonder, like - there's all these ways in and out, how often did folks come out, before?
<Enver> A lot of it's like... ways down into cellars, or storage stuff, or sewers.
<Enver> this one, water pipes, obviously

  • Denise nods

<Enver> From here, you're gonna head north - so walk the way the water isn't runnin'

  • Denise tries to fix this stuff in her head
  • Enver leads you along the narrow, somewhat slippery ledge above the running water

<Enver> so, where in Crouch End are you goin to?

  • Enver asks as you walk

<Denise> you ever heard of the Duke of Crouch End?
<Enver> there's a pub called The Old Duke. That one?
<Denise> yeah...
<Enver> okay
<Denise> there's a gang what runs out of there, I guess, an we got some info on 'em >.>
<Enver> yeah?
<Denise> yeah

  • Enver takes a moment to get his bearings at a cross-passage, then turns left

<Denise> Argent 'n I used to run with a gang. Our heads just got outta ther creux and they heard some stuff while they was in.
<Enver> that's cool
<Enver> so you're gonna need to carry stuff out, then?
<Denise> yeah
<Denise> not sure all what yet.

  • Enver nods

<Argent> we scout cause this could be a big nothin'
<Enver> makes sense
<Denise> I'm sure they're'll be *something*...

  • Enver 's route through the passages is a bit roundabout, since a few times he has to backtrack when there's a way that is blocked or too narrow
  • Enver takes out a screwdriver from his pocket to undo the fastenings on a grate

<Denise> I guess Pearl changes up a lot

  • Denise says to Argent

<Enver> so past here, it should be like... just a bit further
<Denise> building stuff up an all
<Denise> we can make sure to have this open afore we come though >.>
<Argent> any idea how far?

  • Enver leads you past the area the grate was blocking
  • Enver puts a hand on the stonework of the tunnel walls

<Enver> it should be right above us

  • Enver says after a bit

<Argent> well lets start lookin
<Denise> how can you tell that?

  • Denise asks
  • Argent will search for a potential hidden opening

<Enver> well... I got kinda a map in my head of the city. an' then I walk around under it.

  • Enver tries to explain.

<Denise> huh
<Denise> the whole city?

  • Denise sound impressed

<Enver> yeah, well.. I'm still learnin' the whole thing. but some parts I know real well.
<Denise> that's reaaly cool, though
<Denise> I still get lost in parts of Rhenea, upsides :p
<Denise> I know the Shambles real well, though, an' the Shade
<Enver> Georn has me walk around upside a whole lot. it ain't just knowin' the tunnels, it's knowin' where you are when you're in the tunnels, so's you don't pop out in the wrong place.
<Argent> good to remember
<Enver> anyways - the grate up above, that's prolly their drain for if it floods or whatever
<Argent> ah
<Enver> was there supposed ta be another entrance? like a secret passage or whatever?
<Argent> not sure
<Argent> was going to check just in case

  • Enver nods
  • Denise idly looks around but doesn't have confidence in her ability to spot secret passages

<DiablotinNarrator> You three can have a look around, and Argent, you can locate a different option aside from the grate Enver pointed out - there's a switch in the wall that you think might open... something. wanna push it? ^-^

  • Argent will NOT push the switch he found
  • Enver comes to look at it too
  • Argent will identify it to the others

<Denise> huh
<Enver> that's weird
<Argent> door switch or just a trap?
<Enver> I mean, someone built it in later...
<Enver> it'd be a weird trap if it was... hard to notice, hard to activate. I think it'll open something. now, there might be traps once you go in.

  • Argent nods

<Denise> yeah...
<Enver> maybe your folks will know more about it
<Enver> but I'd guess this is where you gotta go

  • Denise nods
  • Argent will focus on detecting evil on the wall where the switch is... 3 feet of stone will block it... but any warning is better than none.

<Denise> looks like :D
<Denise> now we gotta figure good ways out
<Enver> you don't detect any evil, Argent
<Enver> (ww)
<DiablotinNarrator> you don't detect any evil, Argent
<Enver> yeah. so back this way to get out... we can go faster now I know the way.
<Argent> ok

  • Enver will lead you back out, more efficiently this time
  • Argent will take some time to conceal thier presence as they leave

<Enver> okay, so ... think you can remember that?

  • Enver asks you both

<Denise> I got the basics...

  • Denise looks to Argent

<Argent> I can follow that
<Enver> okay
<Enver> so... you said somethin' about a cut

  • Enver says as you exit the tunnels

<Denise> yes

  • Denise says definitively

<Denise> Like I said - I don't know what all we're gonna get out of this
<Denise> but I'll..

  • Denise eyes Argen

<Denise> We'll make sure you get hyours, whatever it be
<Enver> all right.

  • Argent nods in agreement

<Argent> Thanks for taking the time.
<Enver> hey, no problem
<Denise> yeah, thanks man!
<Denise> an like...
<Enver> nice meetin' you
<Denise> depending on how this goes....

  • Enver says to Argent

<Denise> >.>

  • Argent nods to him

<Denise> maybe we can talk more about other stuff >.>
<Enver> sure, 'course we can
<Denise> I gotta talk to the others 'bout some things still though'

  • Enver nods

<Denise> great!

Hugo fails to get a raise from Titania

  • Hugonel will have arranged in advance to meet Titania in her office.
  • Titania will be there at the appointed time
  • Hugonel is wearing his longest, purplest silk scarf.

<Titania> Hey Hugo. Looking elegant as usual.
<Hugonel> Thanks. I do try my best.

  • Hugonel takes a seat.

<Hugonel> I've been meaning to talk to you for a while.
<Hugonel> I've been wondering ...
<Hugonel> How do you see my role here? I mean, here at the cabaret?
<Titania> Well, you're the face of the place - the voice of it, anyway.
<Hugonel> I'm glad you think that ... that makes me happy. That's a role I'm glad to play.
<Hugonel> I hope you know that I care about this place and the people who work here. That's not just an act.
<Titania> Of course I do.
<Titania> Is something bothering you, Hugo?
<Titania> ... did you have an offer from somewhere else?
<Hugonel> No, no ... nothing like that. Well, not quite.
<Hugonel> It's just that, for the first time in a long time, my life has some stability.
<Hugonel> And it's because of the cabaret, in large part. So I'm extraordinarily grateful.
<Titania> well, I'm glad to hear that
<Hugonel> But inevitably that means that there are the usual pressures - to do something more with my life, to settle down and get married ... to think about my family's legacy.
<Hugonel> I'm almost respectable enough to show my face in public!

  • Hugonel remarks with a twinkle in his eye.

<Titania> Almost?

  • Hugonel laughs.

<Hugonel> Well, almost enough for civilized society. I was at Bright Rionet's party recently, as a guest of Thera Rademacher.
<Hugonel> Nobody sneered at me. That's something.
<Titania> well, that's almost civilized.
<Titania> depending on the type of party.
<Hugonel> Right. Well.

  • Titania smiles

<Hugonel> So inevitably I've been thinking about ... well, obviously you were born into the highest heights. I presume your father still talks to you despite the low company you keep.
<Titania> Yee--eees... my father still talks to me.

  • Hugonel laughs.

<Hugonel> Don't worry, I'm not about to ask for a favor. Well, I am, but not related to him.
<Titania> all right... you have me intrigued, I'll admit
<Hugonel> I've just been thinking that ... well, you know, I wasn't born into any means. Just ordinary life. All I carry around with me is my name ... and my hair ... and my devilishly charming good looks and demeanor ... and my rapier wit ...
<Titania> is that all ;)
<Hugonel> Exactly. But despite all that, or rather, because of that, because of my name, people still look at me as that Silveira boy who hangs around in bars.
<Hugonel> I'm sure my cousins do.
<Titania> Are you worried about what people think of you?
<Hugonel> Aren't you?
<Titania> I hate to break it to you, but I'm not the person to help with that ;)

  • Hugonel laughs.

<Hugonel> Well, right. And I don't want to be disloyal - after all you've done for me, I'm not about to jump ship for some fancy gig somewhere else.
<Hugonel> I'm just thinking, maybe that there is some way to have both. To be like - your ambassador, to high society.
<Hugonel> Maybe with a little extra something to line my pockets, just to keep up appearances.
<Titania> how do you mean?
<Hugonel> Well, I mean, we've been treating the Count of Radstock's demise here as a grave tragedy. Which it is, of course. But it's also an opportunity, right? I mean, a Count can't get assassinated in your club unless a Count is patronizing your club, if you see what I mean.
<Titania> Yes... I do see what you mean.
<Hugonel> But to get that sort of clientele here regularly, the sort of clientele where your lineage and mine are not something to be hidden behind nicknames, we need to take advantage of what we have.
<Hugonel> And, I might suggest, what you have ... is me.
<Titania> I'm not sure what you're proposing
<Hugonel> Ah, right. Well, I haven't really proposed it, yet.
<Hugonel> First, I was thinking that you could get a few of us, me, Zola, maybe a few others, to do some shows outside of here. Like, teasers. Get us seen by the right kinds of people.
<Titania> Well, people are already free to take gigs elsewhere, as long as it fits in around their work schedule.
<Hugonel> Sure, of course. But my talents aren't exactly the sort of thing that I can sell to the highest bidder. Well, not my oratorical talents, anyway.
<Titania> hah
<Hugonel> We want people to know that I'm here, at the cabaret, where you can sell them your fine liquors at your fine prices. That this is the kind of place where the best kind of people can let their hair down and feel at ease. I can do that for you.
<Hugonel> And then ... perhaps a title of some sort to go with that. And just a small budget would do a lot. Of course, solely for expenses related to our work. Like wardrobe, for instance.
<Titania> You want a raise.
<Hugonel> No no! Well, yes, of course. Do you think I deserve one?

  • Titania chuckles

<Titania> Hugo, I trust that no matter where you go, you're advertising. You can't help yourself.
<Hugonel> Right ... but you do understand that despite my appearance, I don't actually have my own independent income. I can't go anywhere where you want me to be, even on the ample sum you pay me.
<Hugonel> I only own three cravats!

  • Titania laughs

<Titania> Do you have someplace you're actually planning to go? Some big date?
<Titania> I can spot you a loan for a new suit if that's what you need.
<Hugonel> Well, not yet. But I do have a number of connections and my social schedule is at your disposal. I mean that, really. I acknowledge that ... these new responsibilities ... come with certain perquisites for the distinguished gentleman of good character. But if I just wanted to pick up ladies ... well, Titania, you know that the avenue is already well-paved for my arrival at the doorstep of whichever damoiselle I would care to attach myself too.
<Hugonel> I'm offering to help here, to let you use my talents to their maximum extent, to the benefit of your bottom line.
<Titania> I appreciate that...
<Titania> look, let me give you a bit extra - a one time offer. If you need a new suit, go get one. Talk up the club, whatever you want.
<Titania> I'm not giving you a new job title and a raise though :p

  • Titania offers you 50 imps.

<Hugonel> All right. How about ... well, I understand, not all at once, of course. How about ... how about I talk to some people and we find a nice venue, I can think of a couple of possibilities already. And I'll take you up on that new suit, and we'll get the word out.
<Titania> Sure - when you have something concrete, come on back and we'll talk :)
<Hugonel> I appreciate your investment in my career.

  • Titania laughs

<Titania> I appreciate your... enthusiasm.
<Titania> now get to work ;)
<Hugonel> Of course. Thank you.

  • Hugonel departs with a swish of his scarf.

Zola takes Elianne out for a makeover

  • Zola will hire a cab for the afternoon to follow us around, if her sister doesn't have a car for her visit.
  • Elianne does not, so cab sounds good
  • Zola will pick her up in the afternoon then, after she's had proper sleep.

<Zola> We'll stop for a coffee quick, something to keep us perked while we make the rounds :)
<Elianne> All right :)
<Elianne> How was the show last night?
<Zola> Good... pedestrian almost :)
<Zola> Nothing too exciting happens in the middle of the week most of the time... not as much alcohol flowing maybe :)

  • Elianne nods, chuckling and mildly scandalized (not in a bad way, just in a 'oh my!' sort of way ;)

<Zola> I brought my Hat as well, in case we want to try on any ... ideas without actually having anything to try on yet.
<Elianne> Oh? How do you mean?
<Zola> Well, imagine you have something in mind, but can't spot in on the racks, well...

  • Zola puts the hat on...

<Zola> If I'm thinking something sultry...

  • Zola makes a few tweaks to her hair and face and her casual look is replaced by a smokey, sultry look.

<Zola> It helps sometimes to know what you're looking for before you find it.
<Elianne> oh :)
<Elianne> well, that's very handy!
<Elianne> I was considering a shorter haircut... I know the girls today are cutting theirs very short, but I'm not sure...
<Zola> Well, all the more handy the hat'll be... once we get to the salon, we can let you look in the mirror before we lop the real stuff off :)

  • Elianne nods

<Elianne> For all that I'm in charge of a store where people buy clothing, I'm not very expert in choosing my own, I suppose.
<Elianne> So I'll appreciate having your insight :)
<Zola> I admit, I'd spend a lot more time in with the dresses than would be productive, I'm sure :)
<Elianne> You have such lovely taste in clothes... it's... well, I suppose it comes with the territory.
<Elianne> I mean the entertainment business!

  • Elianne clarifies

<Zola> Well, not just that... I mean, there are performers who can't dress themselves, and I've met some ... new women who can't either. But for me... I just spent so much time looking at them in the shop, in magazines...

  • Elianne nods

<Elianne> Does it bother you? I mean... that I took over the family business? Was it something you ever thought about doing?
<Zola> And even with the Hat, you need to know what look to go for... and you never want to rely entirely on the hat, in case there's someone in the crowd who's got magic eyes or something :)

  • Elianne nods

<Zola> No. I can't say business has ever really interested me.
<Zola> I didn't pay much attention to Mother when I was following her around the shop, and you always seemed on the right track for that sort of thing, it never really crossed me mind.

  • Elianne nods

<Zola> It was liberating in a way.
<Elianne> Was it? That's good... I'm glad.
<Zola> I'm beginning to think maybe you weren't quite as happy to be the heir apparent as I thought...
<Elianne> well, I don't mind the work - it's not always exciting, but there are some interesting challenges.
<Elianne> Sometimes I feel like I missed out on... things a girl is supposed to do when she's younger, though.

  • Zola laughs somewhat ruefully

<Zola> There I was a few years later, wishing I could do some of the same things.
<Zola> Like, I've been meaning to learn how to sew, or knit... I couldn't fix my own costumes if I had to.

  • Elianne smiles

<Elianne> Well, there's still time to learn that, surely.
<Elianne> I suppose I mean more things like... going to dances, or dating.
<Elianne> Having fun.
<Zola> There's still time for that, too :)
<Elianne> Well, maybe.
<Zola> What's stopping you?
<Elianne> I suppose it depends if M. Dannecker likes to dance.
<Elianne> I don't really know too much about him yet.
<Zola> You talk about it like it's already a done deal.
<Elianne> Well... it's not quite that, certainly. But .. I'm thirty, and I don't have a lot of other offers. If he's nice and we get along well enough, then why not?
<Elianne> If he isn't, and we don't... then Mother and I will have to talk.
<Zola> If all you do is get along, then why bother?
<Elianne> You think it would be settling?
<Zola> Of course!
<Zola> Maybe you're not getting offers because you're not out living... being SEEN.
<Zola> People aren't like catalogues, as much as Mother would like us to be... you can't just pull out a list and pick someone off of it.
<Elianne> Husband, size medium, dark hair?

  • Elianne says with a smile
  • Zola laughs

<Zola> Exactly... that's a terrible way to go about it.
<Zola> Instead... you need to walk through the store and run you fingers along the fabric and even try one or two on before you decide to take them home.  :)
<Elianne> Well... like I said, I'm not very good at shopping for myself.
<Elianne> But if you know a good... place to shop, I'd be willing to go with you :)
<Zola> Ahaha
<Zola> I promise, we'll find you some nice threads and I'll take you someplace where your only job is to be as pretty as you can.
<Elianne> All right :)

  • Elianne will go and spend lots of money on new clothes and a stylish haircut, with Zola's helpful advice
  • Zola aims for stylish but not quite as tarty as she'd look :P

Aubrienne and Titania have a friendly chat

  • Titania flips her long silver hair back over her shoulder

<Titania> My hair's plenty down, darling :) But I appreciate the concern. It's rough sometimes, keeping things in check.
<Aubrienne> I can imagine.
<Aubrienne> Most of us got a freakout and a week's vacation last month. Not so much for you.
<Titania> I got a lot of quality time with the guards, and arranging for some new security measures, and worrying.
<Aubrienne> And again we come back to the worrying. I'm really not on my game tonight.

  • Titania smiles

<Titania> it's all right...
<Titania> I know that maybe .. it seems like this is a game for me, sometimes. If the club folded, I could go back to being Princess-Imperial Titania Kizer, and that would be fine. But it's not.
<Aubrienne> I know that, sweetie. This is important to you.
<Titania> For one thing, I know a lot of other people depend on it, and I wouldn't want to leave everyone high and dry while I skip back to parties and dinners.
<Titania> But I don't want to go back to being ... her. The princess.
<Aubrienne> Her?
<Titania> Sometimes I wish Father would just disown me, it'd be easier. Except, I'd miss my brothers and sister.

  • Aubrienne extends her arm, placing a hand as innocently as possible on Titania's knee

<Aubrienne> Titania, is everything okay?
<Titania> I don't know...
<Aubrienne> What's wrong?
<Titania> Since my mother died, it's been tense. Family stuff. Everyone has family stuff, right?
<Titania> Mine's just more public.
<Aubrienne> Do you want to talk about it?

  • Titania manages a smile

<Titania> You probably didn't come here to hear stories from The Scourge's royals pages.
<Aubrienne> No, I came here to try to make sure my friend had a decent night.

  • Aubrienne smiles

<Titania> And that's what you're doing :)
<Titania> how about some more of that wine?
<Aubrienne> Sounds like a plan.

  • Aubrienne knocks back the rest of her glass and rises

<Aubrienne> I'm happy to talk about whatever you'd like. Family, work, gossip, which I suppose could be related to either...whatever.

  • Aubrienne grabs the bottle off the desk, refills her glass, and crosses back to fill Tits'
  • Titania holds her glass out

<Aubrienne> Say when

  • Aubrienne fills the glass appropriately

<Titania> hmmm... when

  • Titania says when it's full

<Aubrienne> We may have to retrieve more at this rate.
<Titania> well, fortunately there's an ample supply
<Aubrienne> And I'd comment about tongues wagging with us drunkenly meandering about the club in the middle of the night, but I guess that wouldn't be too far off normal.

  • Titania chuckles
  • Aubrienne sets the bottle down and returns to the sofa

<Titania> No, not very

  • Titania smiles, putting her arm back behind/around your shoulders once you sit
  • Aubrienne returns the smile, settling in

<Aubrienne> So, and I hope you take this as the personal interest it is, as opposed to a purely mercenary inquiry, but how are we doing? The club, I mean.
<Titania> Financially?
<Aubrienne> Socially, etc.
<Aubrienne> I mean, we seem pretty full most nights, so it looks to me like we're doing all right.
<Titania> Business has been down lately, since the mess last month. I hope it'll pick up again enough to make up for any shortfall.
<Aubrienne> Anything we can do about that?
<Titania> It's been harder to book guest acts, too.
<Aubrienne> Well, he's not a guest, but you got a new act tonight. ;)
<Titania> that's true :)
<Titania> we might see about making that a more regular part of the show - at least, not throw him on stage without time to prepare next time ;)

  • Aubrienne chuckles

<Aubrienne> Yeah, he had a bit of a nutty, but he did fine.
<Aubrienne> And he'll do great next time.

  • Titania nods

<Titania> I'm sure he will
<Aubrienne> As for guest acts, maybe I'm biased now, but I'm a little leery.
<Titania> that's fair...
<Aubrienne> I mean, we gave Hugo some crap, but if something had happened to him...
<Titania> but for everyone who comes in because they love the regular performers, there's another who says "oh, I saw that already" - so having some variety is important.
<Aubrienne> Well, I've been working on some new stuff, but I take your meaning.
<Titania> I know - I don't mean it as a dig at you guys, you do great work, and it isn't all the same every night, of course.
<Aubrienne> Oh, I know, though.
<Aubrienne> There's only so many times you can catch the same play, or movie, or what have you.

  • Titania nods

<Aubrienne> Then again, I know our liquor selection, and the show is only one draw.

  • Titania chuckles

<Titania> well, we do what we can to appeal to various tastes
<Aubrienne> Oh, I think we manage to cater to a variety of tastes.
<Titania> I certainly hope so :D
<Titania> But work is inescapeable, and families are frustrating - let's talk about the movies instead ;) Maybe we could catch one some afternoon, if you're not busy.
<Aubrienne> Oh, that'd be great! Have you seen Moonrise of Ariege? A friend of mine did some work on it, and I've been feeling guilty I haven't seen it yet.
<Titania> No, I haven't - that would be fun :)
<Aubrienne> It's a date, then.

  • Titania gives you a more definite hug with that arm that's behind you

<Titania> Looking forward to it!

Denise approaches Ander for a real favour

  • Denise has mostly been excited lately with the prospect of Crimes, but seems more thoughtful tonight

<Denise> hey boss?

  • Ander is half-paying attention to the show, but he turns when you speak to him

<Ander> What's up, kiddo?

  • Denise asks, eventually, when it is quieter/a less interesting performer

<Denise> I gotta ask you about somethin', maybe even a real favour like.
<Ander> oh, yeah?
<Denise> yeah.
<Ander> You wanna talk somewhere alone, or is it okay here?

  • Denise looks out arouns at the people in the club who are mostly chatting or watching the show and such

<Denise> Uh...
<Denise> <r> prolly here's alright, but you can tell me if I'm wrong

  • Denise just switches ro Rat >.>

<Denise> So, you know I said my uncle was in town right? the sailor?
<Ander> Yeah, I heard about that.

  • Ander replies, also in rat

<Denise> well... I guess his boyffiend got killed the other night, out in the Shanbles
<Ander> :/
<Denise> which you know - that were sad, an all, but like.... it happens, right?
<Ander> Sorry to hear that.
<Denise> 'specially if you're out alone, it ain't your part of town....
<Denise> yeah
<Denise> But like - I caught Aunt Hettie talkin' to Serge Yves about it, and it sounds liek maybe there's more to it

  • Denise says grimly
  • Ander nods, listening

<Denise> Like, maybe it had somethin' to do with stuff they got mixed up in with explorin' the New World, like whatever that stuff was comin' off that other ship, or somethin'...
<Denise> I guess what happened is, couple a guys found him out drinkin', he goes out of the place with' em, winds up shanked and pulled outta the river in the morning.
<Denise> there was some guy with a metal arm with 'em?
<Ander> metal arm?
<Ander> like his own arm got blown off or somethin'?
<Denise> that's what they said. heard it from the barmaid.
<Denise> from the Gem

  • Denise says after trying to scour her brain for the name of the place >.>
  • Ander nods
  • Ander also sort of sighs

<Denise> You know who that is?
<Ander> No, but it's a pretty distinctive detail - I might could ask around about it, see what I can find out
<Denise> yeah
<Ander> but I wanna be straight with you, Denise. I trust you 100 percent, right, an' I want you to do the same for me.
<Denise> that's all - I don't knwo what it all about right, so I don't know what to do yet but like - what if Serges Yves had been there too?

  • Denise nods

<Denise> I trust you boss.
<Ander> Your uncle an' his friend *were* mixed up in something they brought back from the New World - but I doubt it had anything to do with whatever was in the box you were carryin'.
<Denise> eh?
<Ander> Some kinda new drug, they wanted to try and sell.
<Denise> ....didn't say nothign about that to me.

  • Denise says, not entirely sure how she does or ought to feel about that.

<Ander> Prolly they wanted to keep you out of trouble - if the trouble's even connected to that.
<Denise> yeah, I guess, but like... ahh well.
<Ander> I don't wanna snitch on anyone, but I owe it to you to let you know it ain't something you did, at least.
<Ander> An' I'll look into the feller with the metal arm, see if I can't find out who he might be
<Ander> Is your uncle headin' back out on his ship soon?
<Denise> yeah.
<Denise> couple a days, I think?
<Ander> That's good - if the trouble's somethin' that might come back on him too, it's better if he's out of town

  • Denise nods

<Denise> he's real upset, too - I dont' think he's goin' out or nothin'
<Ander> :/
<Ander> I hope he'll be okay.
<Denise> yeah.... well, he's a Murodea though.
<Denise> he'll be okay
<Ander> He's tough :)
<Denise> yeah.
<Denise> so like...

  • Denise tries to make sense of things

<Denise> how'd you hear about it, then?
<Denise> the drugs, I mean'
<Ander> They came to me askin' for help with distribution.
<Denise> ...huh.
<Denise> okay.

  • Denise frowns a little, but shakes her head.

<Denise> well, thanks.
<Denise> Anything you hear 'bout this guy...
<Ander> Yeah, of course. I'll let you know.
<Ander> I want you to know too... it ain't that I spread it around, what they were up to.
<Denise> I know you wouldn't.
<Ander> Nothin' was even out on the streets or anything yet, so either someone knew some other way - like one of 'em talkin' too much - or else I'm wrong an' it doesn't have to do with this at all.
<Denise> Serge-Yeves ain't like that

  • Ander nods

<Denise> I dunno about Vairon, never met 'em but for like five minutes on the way out the door.
<Denise> but maybe smooene else on their ship knew?
<Ander> Maybe, yeah.

  • Denise sighs

<Denise> right.
<Denise> thanks boss :)
<Ander> you doin' okay? you want a drink maybe?

  • Ander offers, obviously a bit concerned for you

<Denise> Uhhh, sure!
<Denise> I mean - I'm alright - I just don't like to see my family get messed with, ya know?
<Ander> Yeah, I know how that goes.

  • Ander will get you a beer
  • Ander gives you a pat on the shoulder too
  • Denise smiles at that