Ile Nyara Oorun, ọmọbinrin kẹta, Wahala

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Name: ile Nyara Oorun (House of the Rising Sun), ọmọbinrin kẹta (third daughter), Wahala ("Trouble" (nickname))
Player: Zari
Race: Kimbari
Nationality: Kingdom of the Thousand Winds ( Ijọba ti Ẹgbẹrun Afẹfẹ)
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Eyes: Brown
Fur: Gold
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 200lbs


Wahala is tall and muscular, with the golden mane the women of ile Nyara Oorun tend to grow. She keeps hers around shoulder length, and braids many gold coins, jewels, trinkets, and ribbons into it for luck and wealth. She tends to wear basic sailing garb, sturdy stamp-dyed linen with sashes, and uses an obsidian spear and knife, and a steel shortsword. She has tattoos on her palms and the soles of her feet, and designs dyed on the fur of her arms and shoulders.

She also has a small drakeling pet named Iyebiye, which means 'precious'.


Wahala (Trouble) is the third daughter of ile Nyara Oorun (House of the Rising Sun), given her use-name because of her rambunctious nature and [oh snap now it's my time to say things in game]

ile Nyara Oorun