Technology of the Ombesh and Aummesh

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Technology levels in the areas of the former Empire are low to moderate in general:

  • Most weapons are cast iron, not steel - steel weapons are known, but are extremely expensive and most agree not worth the effort.
  • Gunpowder is not known, nor the printing press, nor spectacles, nor mechanical clocks.
  • Watermills (tidal or river-based) are commonplace and are a major source of mechanical power.
  • Agriculture uses the horse-collar plough and two-crop rotation, where pertinent.
  • Parchment is used as a writing medium, but not paper.
  • Horses are ridden with saddles and stirrups, but not spurs.
  • Medicine is a complex set of folk beliefs, herbal knowledge, trial and error, and, naturally, a course of leeches.
  • Chariots, carriages, and wagons are widely used, especially in areas with decent roads. The Imperial system of wide, levelled stone-paved roads is still in partial use, though mostly in its core.
  • Gold, silver, and copper coins are widely minted and standards exist across the various Ombesh countries for their production and use.
  • Artificial lighting comes from torches, oil lamps, and candles, and simple lanterns. Flaming oil is used as a weapon of war.
  • Writing and literacy are restricted to perhaps 15-20% of the population - many others might be able to recognize their name or a few words.
  • Glass is in regular use as a luxury good but glass window panes, vessels, etc., are normally only used by those of some means.


The following armors are readily available. Others may not be ordinarily purchased, although they may exist somewhere. Masterwork versions of these may be constructed or purchased.

Light: padded; quilted cloth; reinforced tunic; leather; hide shirt; studded leather; chain shirt; lamellar (leather)
Medium: armored coat; chain coat; hide; lamellar (horn); scale; breastplate; chainmail
Heavy: banded mail; lamellar (iron); splint mail
Shields: buckler; light wooden; heavy wooden


The following weapons are available. Items in bold are particularly common. Others may not be ordinarily purchased, although they may exist somewhere. Masterwork versions of these may be constructed or purchased.


Unarmed: gauntlet
Light: cestus; dagger; mace, light; sickle; wooden stake
One-Handed: club; mace, heavy; shortspear
Two-Handed: longspear; quarterstaff; spear
Ranged: blowgun; dart; javelin; sling


Light: Axe, boarding; axe, throwing; hammer, light; handaxe; machete; pick, light; sap; sword, short
One-Handed: ankus; battleaxe; flail; gandasa; longsword; pick, heavy; scimitar; trident; warhammer
Two-Handed: falchion; flail, heavy; glaive; greataxe; great club; greatsword; guisarme; pickaxe; scythe; voulge
Ranged: longbow; shortbow


Light: aklys; knife, deer horn; pfethe (quadrens); siangham
One-Handed: estoc; khazkamma (falcata); khopesh; bastard sword; whip
Two-Handed: axe, butchering; fauchard; flail, dire; garotte; harpoon
Ranged: bola; lasso; net