The Red Legion

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The Red Legion is Freistadt's mercenary army, headquartered in the city. This is the mercenary army that founded Freistadt. It is so named because of its standard which is crimson red with no markings on it. Any freeman can join the Red Legion as long as they have no pending criminal charges and they agree to serve for a term of at least five years.

There are nine cohorts with each cohort having about 5,000 men. There is a cohort garrisoned in each kingdom with the remaining cohorts guarding Freistadt, being sent where needed, or on leave. There are always two cohorts in or around Freistadt.

The captain of the Red Legion is chosen by vote of the members of the Red Legion. Once voted in the captain retains their position until they are killed or retire (becoming the Magister of Freistadt also removes the captain from the leadership of the Red Legion).

The Red Legion is technically paid by the city of Freistadt to guard its territory and protect its interests. They have no legal authority within the city, that is the jurisdiction of the sheriff, but they are occasionally used to quell riots.

While a member of the Red Legion a person also gives up all citizenship rights and privileges that they may have in other kingdoms. If a Red Legionnaire is caught aiding or siding with someone from their home land they are severely punished and kicked out of the Legion.

The current captain of the Red Legion is Cid d’Aqui.