Statues in the Spire

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Riddles and descriptions known by all, names translated by Ysabeau with Comprehend Languages

Hrzyrr'trin Rilynvra = Faithful-Protector of-the-House-of-the-Serpent (a thin male of middle years, riddle: "I turn my head, and you go where you wish. I turn it again, and you stay until you rot." Answer: a key)

Ildiira yrr'Anquarra = War-Sister Protector-of-the-Dead-Legions (a young-looking woman in armor with intricately-braided hair, riddle: "You must keep it after giving it." Answer: a promise)

inil'Phryne = Blessed Lady-of-Oracles (an elderly woman, riddle: "Two bodies have I, though joined in one. The more I stand still, the quicker I run." Answer: an hourglass)

Melurden Vierdiira = Mother-of-Darkness Sister-of-Night (a woman, tending toward stoutness and with a hint of a smile on her lips, riddle: "If you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you don't have it." Answer: a secret)

Merzt d'Adindor = Doom-Hunter Blood-of-the-Savage-Arm (a short, balding old man with a stooped back and a raspy voice, riddle: "You kill it if you name it." Answer: silence)

Erthika'drin Kenrahel = Resolute-Thief-Lord Sword-of-Victory (a tall, strikingly handsome man with a cape, riddle: "Seas with no water, coasts with no sand, the towns hold no people, and the mountains no land." Answer: a map)

Olorvyll ra'Luneyl = Skin-scourge Prey-of-the-Bright-Archer (a woman with a husky voice, beautiful if not for a scar that mars her brow and descends halfway down her cheek, riddle: "I can bring back the dead, make you weep, make you laugh, make you young again; born in an instant yet lasting a lifetime." Answer: memory)