Dream diary

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Requested by Ilphere, also read by Dom and Ysabeau

7-21. Dreamed again of that white-robed smith or whatever he is. He carries a hammer. He said, or I heard in my head, "The wheel must turn true."

7-25. Dreamed there was a rat in my room. I cornered it and caught it under a bowl, but when I lifted it up again, the rat was gone.

7-27. Dreamed I was fucking lying with Phedre when her hair turned into a mass of snakes. One bit me on the forehead, and blood and venom were running down my face. I have no idea if this is relevant, but it was pretty vivid.

8-13. Just the sound of wheels and bells for two weeks now, nothing else I can remember.

8-14. Two huge (stone?) arms encircling a rat, crushing it.

8-18. Dreamed I lay with Yanina and Ilphere together on the Down, by the Arch. Ilphere's arms turned into snakes. Possibly irrelevant? Sorry, cousin, but you did ask me to write this stuff down. (PS - you were great.)

8-24. A black serpent forcing its way into my mouth, coiling its way through my guts. I grabbed a knife and cut it in half, and the half that fell to the floor turned white, like it was drained of blood.

9-1. In a stone room with no doors, no way out.

9-5. I thought there was ink on my hands, but it turned out to be some sticky blood-like substance that wouldn't wash off.

9-8. Walking through a desert, I tripped over something in the sand. I started clearing it away, and it was a piece of stone. I swept more away, and more, and I could tell it was the Arch, buried under sand. The wind kept blowing and covering it up with sand again, so I could never finish clearing it.

9-12. The old dream about Dom and the dogs - the one where they kill him and it's all my fault.

9-13. My father gave me a book that he said would explain things about our family, important things I had to know, but when I opened it the pages were all blank.

9-19. Smith (?) dream again. He tried to speak to me, but I couldn't understand, so he broke both of my legs with his hammer. I think I'm going to stop writing these down now, it just makes it worse when I remember them clearly.