Diablotin 3 session 46

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Diablotin 3 session logs
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Session date: December 18, 2016
Diablotin date:



  • Argent's plan is to break up into two groups to infiltrate - the first to take out the guards, and the second to use invisibility and charm magic to get through, with the other team taking but any extra guards.

Genevriel: Listen... Something's come up. I can still be your driver, but I might need one of you to try to find a file for me, unless it's all right for me to tag along after all.

Aubrienne: I think our drivers are also going in, so you're probably fine to accompany us.

  • Hettienne polishes her gun.

Denise: can you keep a secret?

Dorien: Of course. What's up, Lil' Bit?

Denise: maybe you'll see, an maybe you won't, but you'll know if you do

Dorien:...Ok? Anything I should be aware of?

  • Hettienne winks at Dorien
  • Dorien blinks at Hettienne.

Denise: nah, nothin' to worry about :3

Curtana (GM): Okay - so the plan is to wait there sneakily until one team of guards enter, so you overhear the password, then the other team of guards comes out and Team Sap jumps them once they get around the corner?

Zola: Yes. Team Charm can hide in bushes or be invis

Curtana (GM): Okay.

  • Zola will message the others that we're ready

Curtana (GM): just in case this all goes instantly to shit and takes forever ;)

Zola: in our invisibushes

Dorien: good to go

Denise Murodea: okay

Curtana (GM): You wait invisibly in the bushes for the first team of guards to enter the door. The password you hear one of them say is 'Vanquish'. A few moments later, the other team of guards emerges and begins their patrol.

Zola: (Is that different?)

Curtana (GM): (yes it's different than the one they heard before. Previously it was 'Beseech') Team Sap lies in wait...

  • Argent casts silence once the guards are in position, triggering the other members to act

Curtana (GM): Argent, then Dorien, then Denise, then Hettie. If they're still standing after that we can worry about other folks ;)

Hettienne: don't stand in front of me unless you want to get blown to bits

  • Argent starts with his Silence spell... thats me
  • Dorien will lob a tanglefoot bag

Curtana (GM): okay, and they are both tangled

Curtana (GM): the other one is in the splash area - he's entangled but not glued to the ground

Curtana (GM): Okay - Denise's turn

  • Denise Murodea will grapple the other guy

Curtana (GM): well, Hettie's turn

Hettienne: (2 shots on the non grappled dude)

Curtana (GM): okay he is grievously injured but not (quite) dead

Curtana (GM): so you have one guy grapple, and one guy extremely injured.

Curtana (GM): Extremely injured guy is screaming for help. hooray for silence!

Curtana (GM): I'll say that you can restrain them both, and if you want to heal the one guy, go ahead and do that. I trust this plan included bringing some rope...

Dorien: Yes

Zola: gags

Dorien: To both

Argent: (I have manacles)

Curtana (GM): okay

Hettienne: tie them up, gag them, chuck 'em in a bush

Curtana (GM): So they are restrained - where to you want to deposit them? Typically each patrol by the guards seems to take an hour, so you probably (if all goes well) have an hour before someone knows they're missing

Zola: Is there an old carriage house or anything nearby?

Curtana (GM): There is probably a gardener's shed

Argent: take Hettie's suggestion, and put them in the bush... have denise KO them

Denise Murodea: (I can certainly punch them into unconsciousness :p)

Hugonel: if we are concerned that they might escape I can use Suggestion or Charm on them to keep them docile

Hugonel: I'll cast Charm Person on each of them, make them my little bondage buddies ;P

Argent: (check em for keys and such)

Hugonel: "Now that's what I call a captive audience!"

  • Zola helps search
  • Hettienne rifles through their clothes with practiced speed
  • Zola looks for ID, military insignia, etc.
  • Zola is less organized, and probably gets nudged out of the way by Hettie halfway through

Curtana (GM): You can find IDs on each of them, as well as a ring of keys.

Zola: Keep the IDs.

Hettienne: jackpot :)I dunno if I can pass for a Francois.

Zola: I mean as evidence -_-

Hettienne: Hah.

  • Hettienne pockets them

Dorien: I have an alter self prepared if anyone wants to impersonate one

  • Zola has her hat of disguise
  • Hugonel swishes his favourite silver scarf around his neck and gets ready to do his thing

Hugonel: Let's go, dear :)

  • Aubrienne will whisper the password, open the door, and motion Hugo and Zola through.

Aubrienne: Lady and gentleman...

  • Zola casts Good Hope on everyone (Whoever doesn't have Heroism gets +2 to a bunch of stuff, look it up)

Curtana (GM): Okay - inside the door is a small desk with one of the guards sitting at it. He looks up in surprise, clearly not expecting anyone.

  • Zola smiles with her Friendly Face
  • Genevriel lets the others do the talking. If people mistake her for a dude, so much the better.

Hugonel: Hello, how are you today?

Curtana (GM): Guard: huh?

Hugonel: Don't you think it would be marvellous if you went outside for some fresh air while we continued on our way, good sir? (and then he rolled a 20 for a total of 50)

Curtana (GM): Guard: Yes, that sounds like a great idea.

Hugonel: Wonderful! Have a fantastic day!

Aubrienne: Hugo, I think you're going to break that poor man's heart.

Curtana (GM): I suppose if Team Sap wants to add that guy to their pile, they can

Denise Murodea: (I liek to think that this guy is like.... clearly some shit is happening, I am not paid enugh for this, I'm out!"

Hugonel: Well, team, shall we?

  • Denise Murodea will sap him up :V
  • Zola peeks in the window to the East(?)
  • Hugonel extends his arm forward to the rest of the group.
  • Aubrienne takes a peek out the door, invisibly.

Zola: Search the third guard, Hettie

  • Hugonel searches the desk

Curtana (GM): This is a guard post, it has a desk, and a little window to look out, presumably at cars as they drive in, and a door

  • Zola will cast Detect Magic on Bastien and tell him to keep an eye out

Curtana (GM): The desk has another ring of keys, and some papers - like lists of comings and goings

  • Zola has him in a purse :3

Hugonel: (yoink)

  • Zola grabs the second ring of keys for Team Charm

Hugonel: (ok we go through the next door then?)

  • Zola shoves all the papers into Hugo's bag

Curtana (GM): it's... a bathroom

  • Zola does not search that.

Aubrienne: I'll scout forward a little.

Genevriel: Anyone need to go?

Zola: Julie, does Zola see anything in the gate entryway through the window?

Curtana (GM): I just revealed that area - it's a driveway

Curtana (GM): there's a door to the courtyard, or to the north further into the building. which one are you taking?

  • Aubrienne will crack open the north door to take a peek, still invisible.

Genevriel: Anything in the office?

Curtana (GM): okay - it says 'Estate Office' but it is actually what looks like a break room for the guards - a small cot, some chairs and table, etc. It is empty, however

  • Zola peeks East
  • Lathra peeks out the window

Zola: Excellent plan, Lathra :3

Curtana (GM): The courtyard is actually a courtyard. There are a few cars parked there. Also various other doors which i think you can see

  • Genevriel will note license plates in her notebook.
  • Hugonel checks to see if any of the cars have keys already in them, or wherever it is that people stash keys in old-timey cars

Genevriel: For future reference.

Aubrienne: Let me go take a peek in some windows and whatnot.

  • Denise Murodea will go when Argent says :3

Argent: (so sap team moves up to the rest

Curtana (GM): rectangles are windows, doors have the little ... door-swingy-thing

Argent: Dorien is lookout then

Curtana (GM): there, you should be able to see the doors now I think. plus the stairs. 3 doors that you haven't gone through yet, and a small flight of stairs that leads up

  • Aubrienne will start by looking in the windows and up the stairs.

Curtana (GM): just like 3-4 steps

Genevriel: Should we split up or stay together?

  • Aubrienne is a super creeper this session. :p

Hugonel: (OK, any word on the keys in the cars?)

Curtana (GM): There are no keys, I assume some people might have left things like a bag or the like in their car though

  • Zola has Bastien check for magic while she looks for papers in the cars

Hugonel: (OK, I don't care about those, I'm not a thief, just trying to make sure they can't chase us as easily)

Argent: North door... assume it is passworded as well

  • Aubrienne will cast Detect Magic while she's scouting.

Curtana (GM): You can puncture the tires if you want

Argent: (east, sure)

  • Zola does

Zola: Or are we still together, Argent? I assumed you were splitting off N

Curtana (GM): A guard steps out from the south door and is like "Hey who are you?

Argent: yeah but we want hugo or someone with us to replace dorien

Zola: (Init or can I just sing?)

Curtana (GM): well he isn't attacking just yet, he is standing there with a sandwich, looking confused

Aubrienne: (This is why I was trying to scout invisibly.)

Zola will Stare + Sing + Fascinate

Curtana (GM): okay

Zola: DC 21 and he has a -3 to Will

Curtana (GM): rolling 1d20-2

  • Zola will Suggest he go introduce himself to Denise

Curtana (GM): okay. add him to the pile of guards? ;p

Denise Murodea: (yup)

Curtana (GM): Guard: but my sandwich :(

Zola: Oh also we searched the breakroom did we?

  • Hettienne listens at the north door

Curtana (GM): it didn't really have anything searchable. a table, chairs, a cot.

  • Zola supposes we'll look south then?

Curtana (GM): Okay, Hettie can make a Perception check. if peopel want to check out where that other guard came from, they can

  • Zola will

Aubrienne: (Did I see anything in the window or up the stairs?)

Curtana (GM): Hettie, you hear a sort of quiet clanking, like footsteps. It gets nearer, then further away, as if someone or something is walking back and forth

Hettienne: (w) something armoured patrollin' up there

Curtana (GM): Up the stairs leads into a smaller courtyard, like a little sitting area.

Curtana (GM): Aubrienne can see some stairs that go up

Denise Murodea: (w) maybe they got them constructs like at th' other place

Genevriel: Should we split up into two groups to make the search more efficient?

  • Hettienne nods.

Argent: (w) north is likely where we need to head.

Aubrienne: (w) He's right.

  • Zola will peek south real quick

Argent: (w) Hugo, can you be ready to hold the guard while hettie opens the door

Curtana (GM): it's a larder, food storage area

  • Zola leaves it and joins the rest

Curtana (GM): which door, Aubrienne?

Curtana (GM): there's one at the top of the stairs, and one across from that one

Curtana (GM): the door there is on the right. the thing across is ... i guess a window?

Curtana (GM): it looks like double doors on the map to me

Aubrienne: (gotcha)

Genevriel: So, are we going north into the blue section or into the purple section?

Zola: Directly north of hettie

Argent: Door in front of Hettie with casters ready to deal with guard

  • Hettienne waits until the footsteps are at the furthest, then signals the rest of the group to go

Curtana (GM): so this area is a short little hallway, with two closed doors (west and north) and a short stairway to the east, with an open door.

  • Hettienne darts into the stairway stealthily
  • Argent moves up to next door

Curtana (GM): those two doors are both closed, Hettie

  • Argent listens for the clank hettie heard before

Curtana (GM): Argent, you can make a Per check

Hettienne: I'm gonna listen at this door

Curtana (GM): Argent, the clanking is definitely behind the door to the north - it seems to get closer and further away, like someone or something walking up and down a corridor or pacing a room. Hettie, you can make a Per check also

Curtana (GM): Behind that door, you only hear silence, Hettie.

Argent: (w) above to Hugo to be ready, opens door when clank is farthest away

Hettienne: (can I smell anything if I get down and sniff under the door :v)

Curtana (GM): Hettie, you can try that, sure.

  • Zola prepares to sing, if Hugo fails

Hettienne: (the nose knows!)

Curtana (GM): Hettie, you do smell something weird there. Like vaguely gross and chemical.

  • Hettienne crinkles up her nose.
  • Hettienne quietly tries the door handle

Curtana (GM): okay - sec

Curtana (GM): Hettie and Argent, each make a Reflex save.

Hettienne: is this a trap?

Curtana (GM): yes

Curtana (GM): Okay. Argent, a bolt of electricity zaps you from the door handle when you touch it. Hettie, you manage to jump back so you'll only take half (or none, if you have Evasion)

Curtana (GM): ouch, 29 on Argent

  • Zola makes a note to have Bastien check the doors for magic? >_>
  • Hettienne swears under her breath, cursing herself for being dumb

Curtana (GM): it's electricity damage, idk if you have anything that helps against that

  • Hettienne will make sure the trap isn't going to go off again

Curtana (GM): Argent - I'll assume that since you touched it, you did open the door in the process. Hettie jumped back and didn't open hers.

  • Hettienne examines the trap for some kind of trigger

Curtana (GM): possibly bashing in to Aubrienne in the process ;)

Genevriel: Can I squeeze by people to heal Argent?

Curtana (GM): Aubrienne - sorry, I forget your Detect Magic. maybe you were still coming up the stairs :(

Curtana (GM): But there is evocation magic on the door that Hettie's in front of

Aubrienne: Hettie, I can try to dispel it if need be.

Curtana (GM): not on the other one

Hettienne: Awright, have at.

Curtana (GM): Meanwhile, Argent, the door opened and you can see a figure at the end of the hall ...

Hettienne: There's some kinda chemistry goin' on there.

Denise Murodea: I can open other doors, I'll be okay. An then I can zap someone >.>

  • Denise Murodea says quietly

Curtana (GM): It looks like a robot with a hammer.. a bit similar to the ones you saw at the other facility Argent

Aubrienne: (Julie, I'll cast Dispel Magic on the door trap.)

Curtana (GM): okay

Hettienne: (w) can we get Dorien in here

Curtana (GM): Aubrienne, you are able to dispel the trap on the door

Curtana (GM): Hettie, are you opening the door to that room? Or waiting until Dorien gets there

Zola: ~M~ Dorien, we found a lab, you might want to check it out.

Hettienne: (I will carefully open it)

Curtana (GM): okay - I'll describe what you see, but for Dorien to get there will take a round.

Curtana (GM): It's a tiny windowless room with a bed that you could strap someone down to. no one is currently there. okay, now we'll go into initiative. Argent acts first - you can see the robot thing at the end of the hall, it's just turning to face you

Hettienne: Void, what is this, a gas chamber? D:

  • Argent will swift action judgement healing/protection, cast Silence and close on the construct
  • Argent draws his rapier as he closes

Curtana (GM): Dorien is moving, so Denise is up next

  • Denise Murodea will charge
  • Denise Murodea punchinates

Curtana (GM): you punch it!

Curtana (GM): Your fist clangs off its head, but it doesn't seem to be too damaged by that

  • Denise Murodea is not surprised, she remembers these things

Curtana (GM): Hettie's turn

  • Hettienne is gonna make a quick search of this room

Curtana (GM): okay - Per check

Curtana (GM): There are little holes in the ceiling, where you think some kind of gas could come out - that's the source of the weird chemical smell

Hettienne: Oh gods it is a gas chamber D: D:

  • Hettienne is horrified.

Curtana (GM): Aubrienne's turn

Aubrienne: I don't think there's much I can do.

Curtana (GM): Hettie, are you inside the room? You'd sort of have to be for a search

Hettienne: (yeah)

Aubrienne: I think I'll enter with Hettie and scan with DM

Curtana (GM): Okay. You are both inside the room, and searching around, when the door closes behind you. A faint purple mist starts pouring out of the holes in the ceiling. Aubrienne, the mist is magic, fwiw :)

Hettienne: Oh Rat no no no (is there any gap under the door)

Curtana (GM): it seems pretty air-tight.

Curtana (GM): but there's still some folks who can do something... various people behind you in init order

  • Hettienne bangs on the door desperately, then shifts into a rat to get down lower, away from the gas

Aubrienne: (Any chance I can still act, or was walking in and looking around my action?)

Curtana (GM): You can act, Aubrienne

Aubrienne: Hettie, come here.

  • Aubrienne will scoop up rat-Hettie and Dimension Door them out of there.
  • Hettienne squeaks with relief.

Curtana (GM): okay. just out into the hallway?

Aubrienne: I think maybe out into the courtyard. :p

Curtana (GM): okay. Zola's turn, then

Curtana (GM): she can hear the door close, and see the fighting going on at the end of the hall

Zola: I go attempt to save them from the trap :V


Curtana (GM): All right - you open the door. Some purple fumes drift out at you. Make a Fort save.

  • Zola coughs and waves the fumes away

Curtana (GM): Zola, you feel drowsy but manage to avoid succumbing to the fumes. but make a Will save also.

Curtana (GM): Okay - you step back from the fumes, a bit woozy but unharmed

Zola: (Does it stop when the door opens?)

Curtana (GM): The cloud will quickly dissipate when the door opens, yes

  • Zola sees nothing? D:

Zola: Hettie? Aubrienne??

Curtana (GM): okay. THe robot is going to attack Denise. Okay - 20 nonlethal from the hammer, and 4 nonlethal from the eye

Curtana (GM): this thing does not seem designed to fight to kill, you would say. more to subdue.

Curtana (GM): Lathra's turn

Lathra: I'm gonna cast Locate Gate

Curtana (GM): okay. You can detect an ongoing teleportation/gate/something effect, it's to the north-east from you. As far as I can tell from the spell description it just gives you a direction, not exact location.

Lathra: On this level or higher up?

Curtana (GM): same level

Lathra: Ok, I'm gonna move closer to the action in case someone needs to notdie

Curtana (GM): Okay, Hugo's turn

Hugonel: (I cast Haste on Argent, Lathra, Denise, and myself - that's about all I can do)

Curtana (GM): okay. Gen's turn

  • Genevriel runs towards her injured comrades, but knows she can't make it all the way to them this round, so she gets as far as possible and then casts Prayer.

Genevriel: But since Lathra is standing right where I was gonna go, I can't get as far as I'd hoped.

Curtana (GM): Argent's turn, then

  • Argent will swift action construct bane, draw my pistol and shoot the robot

Genevriel: I'll stand with Lathra since I can occupy the same space as her, i guess

  • Argent hits the thing

Curtana (GM): Okay, Dorien's turn

Dorien: I'll move to here behind this corner and assuming I'm in the silence zone I'll fire from cover.

Curtana (GM): btw Dorien if you want to try to capture a sample of the purple mist stuff, you could try that before it disappears entirely

Dorien: Oh, I assumed it was gone. Then yes, I will do that

Curtana (GM): it's dissipated enough to not affect people but you might still be able to get a little sample

Dorien: nod, I will frantically wave a sample container in the air then

Curtana (GM): heh okay. Denise

Denise Murodea: Okay - power attack, just gonna hit this thng I guess 3 times - I still have the dragon thing so.... Let's see how this goes :V

Curtana (GM): okay, that leaves a good-sized dent in its head

Curtana (GM): Okay, Hettie's turn

  • Hettienne will hop down from Aubrienne's hands and de-rat, then move up into the hallway.
  • Denise Murodea also heals a teensy bit
  • Hettienne will call out STAY OUTTA THAT ROOM a she goes by the hall
  • Zola sticks her foot in front of the door so Dorien doesn't get gassed.

Curtana (GM): Aubrienne's turn

Aubrienne: Have a Cat's Grace, Hettie.

Curtana (GM): Okay - Zola's turn, then. Zola, make a Per check before you move

Curtana (GM): okay, move to your heart's content ;p

Zola: I go up and scootch in with Hettie and begin to sing. Inspire Greatness on Denise.

Curtana (GM): okay, robot's turn. or should I say robots, because another one of them is emerging from these doors.... and will move over to Hugo. 20 nonlethal on Denise

Curtana (GM): and the other one will attack Hugo. And blare its alarm since this area isn't silenced. "BEEP BEEP Return to your quarters immediately BEEP"

Curtana (GM): just the hammer, it can't do a full attack since it moved. 21 nonlethal on Hugo. Lathra's turn

  • Lathra casts boneshatter on the south construct

Curtana (GM): okay. that was on the one close to Hugo yes?

Zola: yes

Curtana (GM): okay, Hugo's turn then. That spell definitely sent some cracks through its metal casing

Hugonel: Baleful Transposition of south construct with ... Argent

Curtana (GM): Gen's turn - Denise is out of silence now, btw

Genevriel: Can I stand in the doorway next to Denise?

Curtana (GM): you would need to get by the robot. it would get an attack of opportunity

Genevriel: I changed to a door But you still have Lathra to shoot through

Curtana (GM): yes that's a door, but the door is closed - you could open it if you want to stand there

Genevriel: I'll open it then

Curtana (GM): it says WC but is actually a room containing some filing cabinets

Genevriel will start looking for files since she only moved a few feet and has had no acton yet

Curtana (GM): that one, in fact, opened okay without a trap.okay you can do that Gen. Argent's turn

Genevriel: Thovas, Alric, and Neherin, Raimond

Genevriel: Also Aigel, Servan, I guess since I don't know his real name.

Argent: (ill just shoot from here... swift to change my judgement to Curtana (GM): Curtana (GM): Okay - that one falls to the ground with a whirr of disappointment "RETURN TO YOuururrrsdgsgffb"

Curtana (GM): Dorien's turn - is anyone running him or should I assume he's still sample gathering?

Curtana (GM): Denise, then, since I think no one is running Dorien

Denise Murodea: (full attack on this guy w/ower attack again)

Curtana (GM): Denise punches a robot to death. I don't think even with DR from hardness it can survive that.

Hugonel: Consider it ... terminated.

Curtana (GM): it was already pretty injured

  • Zola IS quite impressed by both Argent and Denise
  • Lathra chuckles at Hugo
  • Argent will dismiss silence
  • Zola listens

Genevriel: There's files in here!

Denise Murodea: careful of the door

Hettienne: Oo.

  • Lathra moves north
  • Hettienne is gonna look up Alec
  • Aubrienne DMs the door.
  • Genevriel calls out once the sounds of combat have disappeared. She continues to rifle through them for the names.

Denise Murodea: lemme get it

Lathra: I'm pretty sure Raimond is this way...

Curtana (GM): Yes that door is trapped, same as the other one you saw

  • Zola will DM all the doors

Denise Murodea: okay, lemme get it then

Aubrienne: Careful, it's trapped.

  • Denise Murodea will move up and open it

Denise Murodea: I know :D

  • Denise Murodea will take the zap

Curtana (GM): the other doors on this hall on left are all trapped. the one on the right, which leads outside, is not. going to reveal some stuff as you look around

  • Zola eyes the tree :|

Genevriel: I'll only leave this room when I've got Raimond, Alric, and Servan's files or I'm satisfied that they aren't in here.

  • Dorien will certainly collect samples from the garden if he can

Hettienne: Servan Aigel ain't his real name. it's Alec Derant

Genevriel: Oh!

  • Hettienne rifles through the papers
  • Genevriel goes back to the D files

Curtana (GM): That area is a courtyard/garden. With, yes, a creepy tree, although you'd have to look closer to see what kind of creepy tree.

Aubrienne: I'm going to go check that out.

Curtana (GM): or you could send Dorien ;|)

Aubrienne: (Heh)

Curtana (GM): I hear he loves creepy trees

  • Aubrienne will go invisibly examine the tree.
  • Argent detects evil on the tree

Curtana (GM): Aubrienne, you don't need to be a botanist to see - this tree is not a natural tree. It's made of metal. Its leaves clink softly in the night breeze.

Zola: @_@

  • Zola casts Invis and follows

Aubrienne: Well that's not right... (Is it magic?)

  • Zola has Bastien DM

Curtana (GM): Cat, Bastien is puffed up and freaking out as you bring him close to this tree. Aubrienne, same for your familiar.

  • Zola steps back

Curtana (GM): Bastien is all nOOOOOOOOOOPE.

Zola: What's wrong?

Curtana (GM): Bastien: that isn't right

Aubrienne: (I'm imagining tattoo Prizrak noping around to Aubrienne's back.)

Curtana (GM): yeah

  • Zola will cast DM herself

Aubrienne: What is this thing?

Zola: I told you we should have brought molotovs

Zola: .oO( Of course it's metal ... )

Curtana (GM): Yes it's magic. The tree seems to be made of cold iron.

Zola: :o

Curtana (GM): It does not radiate evil.

Hugonel: Shall we move along then?

Aubrienne: It's concerning, but not what we came here for.

Curtana (GM): just checking - is anyone opening the other (trapped) doors, or attempting to? I'll assume Dorien wants to take a sample of the tree... maybe a leaf or something ;p

Aubrienne: Carefully. ;)

Zola: We should open the other doors...

Curtana (GM): just let me know which ones you try in which order :)

Argent: (if denise isnt opening doors, ill cast resist energy electricity on myself and start opening them)

Genevriel: (I'd like to check out the tree but I wouldn't stop finding the files in order to go look at the tree)

Curtana (GM): Denise can absorb the energy charge so I think she's willing to open the door by Lathra?

Denise Murodea: (yup)

Zola: Wow kid, that's a neat trick.

Denise Murodea: Enver got it for m :3

  • Denise Murodea heals it pretty fast though :p

Aubrienne: Nice, Den. :)

Curtana (GM): okay - the room labelled 'board room' looks like someone's office. The room labelled 'filing room' has more notes and papers and files. The room labelled 'secretary' is weird and creepy, in ways I will momentarily describe.

Denise Murodea: we oughtta find your guy though; this luck ain't gonna last

  • Argent helps search and stuff
  • Zola will help search, with Bastien DMing the creepy room
  • Denise Murodea will keep watch

Denise Murodea: (or go wth lathra if she presses on)

Curtana (GM): That room is coated on the inside with some kind of weird... chitinous resinous substance. It has a weirdly organic interior, like being inside a living creature or something extruded from one.

Zola: Gods, what is this?

Zola: Is it magic, B?

  • Lathra presses on
  • Dorien grabs some samples

Curtana (GM): It's not magic.

  • Zola saves all the chitins
  • Zola will get a good look of it, trying tofigure out if it's a Cyst office or an experiment or a monster prison

Curtana (GM): Okay - Lathra, entering into that room, you see a bluish glow suffusing the large space, which was probably once a ballroom. There are six beds set up, each containing a sleeping (?) person. The people are hooked up by tubes and wires to a large blue globe in the middle of the room. which I think you can see there. if I have everything on the right layer ;p

Curtana (GM): yeah, there are alchemical/magical/weird equipment pieces on the table and elsewhere, I just didn't mark all of them.

Curtana (GM): Anyway - Lathra and Denise, who are in the room with the beds, what do you do?

Aubrienne: Lathra, do you see him?

Curtana (GM): Lathra - Raimond is in the middle bed of the top row

  • Lathra casts Glimpse of Truth
  • Denise Murodea sticks with Lathra

Curtana (GM): this isn't from true seeing, this is just as you move into the room and can look around that corner

Denise Murodea: @_@

Curtana (GM): There's a large construct covered in faintly glowing runes there, with gems in its chest, around 14 feet tall. it is really too big to get out of this room without doing some serious damage to the building. so... if you can get to Raimond, DD out, and everyone books it, you might be okay ;)

Denise Murodea: I can hold it off while you 'nab him, if you're all ready

  • Denise Murodea whispers, but does seem a liiiittle bit daunted

Aubrienne: What about the others?

Denise Murodea: (w)I don't think we're gonna have tme

Aubrienne: Okay, then, if that's how we're going to do it, let's be smart about it. Let's get everyone out who doesn't absolutely need to be here.

Aubrienne: Denise and I can rush in, grab Raimond and maybe one other person, and I can get us out of here.

Lathra: (Does Glimpse reveal anything different?)

Curtana (GM): well no, but there are other things in this building beside the robot. so I'm not going to recommend sitting down for 10 min to cast a spell. Lathra - no, it doesn't

Lathra: OK let's get them

Denise Murodea: okay

  • Denise Murodea is ready

Denise Murodea: meet back at the cars, then

Aubrienne: Everyone else should start heading that way. Give them a minute or so head start, and then we go. Zola: We totally need to search the north office first

Curtana (GM): Id assume Argent would also try to help with the distraction maybe by shooting the thing or whatever. Those of you by the stairs - Lathra and Denise and Aubrienne - can hear someone or something starting to move around upstairs

Aubrienne: Void! We need to move.

Denise Murodea: okay

Curtana (GM): Gen and Hettie, you can find a file on Raimond and a file on Alric in this room. Do you want to try and look in the other file room or examine one of the other rooms? That's all you'll have time for. (But I am assuming Hugo, Dorien, and Zola are also examining those rooms, so someone will probably cover each one?) You can split up and each go to one room of your choice.

Hettienne: (I will keep looking for Derant's)

  • Zola is definitely heading towards the Office

Hugonel: I'll help out wherever isn't covered

Zola: (Did you see my question about whether the kitteny room was an office, lab, or prison? answer can be later)

Genevriel: (Dorien would probably do the Secretary room so he can take samples)

Curtana (GM): I think the other file room isn't covered

Hugonel: ok, other file room it is for me

Curtana (GM): I don't think you'd have any way to know Zola

Genevriel: (I'll K:N and K:P the tree)

Curtana (GM): okay, you can roll for those, and other people can roll to Search

  • Zola sings to inspire Searching confidence :V

Curtana (GM): well, it's not natural, so k: nature tells you nothing other than that it's a tree made of metal for some reason

Curtana (GM): also Gen - you're visible when walking in there, right? the others who went in were all invis, so just checking

Genevriel: (Yes, but all blacked out with dark clothes and makeup. I painted my face and tucked all my hair into a cap, if it's a human who's looking)

Curtana (GM): K: planes - you think this could be designed as a portal or gate, although it's not complete or active if so. A false Irminsul maybe?

  • Zola also has Bastien DMing

Curtana (GM): Okay - moving to the people who are busting Raimond out, then?

  • Zola also stuffs papers indiscriminately into her pack once she thinks she's found all she can
  • Zola will also grab stacks of random files from the two rooms
  • Genevriel heads out to the cars when told to skedaddle by the core rescue team, her Alric file and license plate numbers in hand.)

Zola loads everyone up with patient files

Curtana (GM): Zola there aren't just papers in here, there's some other odd stuff too. You probably wouldn't recognize most of it, but it could be useful later? Basically just grab anything that seems weird or interesting, I assume?

Zola: Yup

Curtana (GM): and if you're DMing, you can grab a few things that radiate magic

  • Bastien points you in the right areas ;)
  • Zola will use gloves and shove everything into bags, and load up other people too

Genevriel: (I would also have grabbed random files before looking at the tree, once I'd found the ones I was looking for)

Lathra: Is everyone ok if I make it dark in here?

  • Denise Murodea nods

Hugonel: ~loot, loot, loot, loot the freaky files~

Denise Murodea: i'm good, just hurry up

  • Zola helps hugo put his files in his backpack :3

Aubrienne: Just a moment, and I can make it so all of us can.

Argent: Im fine

Curtana (GM): (all of whom can already see in the dark?)

  • Genevriel collects Dorien from his sampling missions and heads out to the cars... she'll get hers all ready to start as soon as the rescue team arrives

Curtana (GM): Okay. Movements continue upstairs, coming closer, but you can get your spell cast, Aubrienne.

Aubrienne: (w) Go go go.

  • Lathra casts Deeper Darkness on the pillar closest the the nearest bed
  • Lathra sneaky sneaks over towards Raimond, watching to see what Brick Hardmeat does
  • Aubrienne follows Lathra
  • Denise Murodea as well
  • Argent follows

Curtana (GM): Make a stealth roll, those of you sneaking

Aubrienne: I can only get myself and three people out quickly

  • Denise Murodea wll try and keep herself between the thing and other peeps if she can
  • Argent will use blessed infiltration to roll twice and take best

Curtana (GM): The creature's eyes flare blue and it starts moving.

Denise Murodea whispers loudly - "Go!"

Denise Murodea: (is this Large sized, Julie?)

Curtana (GM): yes, Large

Denise Murodea will try and trip it >.>

Curtana (GM): okay

Curtana (GM): annnd it falls over... crushing that bed and probably the person in it.

Denise Murodea: D:

Curtana (GM): well it wasn't raimond -_-

Curtana (GM): Okay - so while the construct is grinding that patient into paste, you can run over, grab Raimond, and DD out?

  • Lathra drags beds together as much as possible for DD ppl to grab more patients
  • Aubrienne will grab a second patient, have Lathra grab Raimond, and DD us out.

Aubrienne: I'll have to come back for Den and Argent.

Curtana (GM): okay - so Aubrienne, Lathra, Raimond, and a random patient?

  • Denise Murodea will bookit with Argent

Lathra: No, take them, I'll catch up

  • Argent (and denise) will do a fighting retreat

Aubrienne: Okay, so, three patients then. Well, Raimond +2

Curtana (GM): Lathra, Argent and Denise, as you're left there for a moment, you see something very strange from that patient's bed that got crushed. A greenish-blue ghostly tree seems to be sprouting from where he lay. It grows very quickly, but doesn't seem to have any real substance to it - it's not quite solid

Denise Murodea: irminsul

Denise Murodea: like in Raimond's head.

Curtana (GM): The construct is struggling to its feet but the tree seems to be interfereing with it somehow

  • Lathra tries touch the tree, see if it's "here" at all

Curtana (GM): its gems are flaring with magical energy and a strange screaming noise emerges from them

Argent: Lets go!

  • Argent will call to Denise and Lathra

Curtana (GM): Okay - you guys book it?

  • Denise Murodea will grab lathra and run, yes

Curtana (GM): Lathra - it doesn't seem to have any substance you can touch. It's like pure energy

  • Lathra looks disappointed but joins the others in running
  • Argent will fire a parting searing light at the globe thing as we flee

Curtana (GM): okay

Lathra: Oo!

  • Lathra casts shatter for good measure

Curtana (GM): You run out and join the others, then, in time for an explosion to rock the building - possibly that tree wasn't good for the construct @_@

  • Zola helps stuff everyone's loot into a boot so we don't have to put a patient in there

Aubrienne: Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

Curtana (GM): All right - there is enough chaos that I'll say the people who were coming to chase you down are busy dealing with it for a while, and you can make good your escape.

Argent: yeah my plan is to go back and watch from the woods to see who shows up to investigate

Denise Murodea: oooh, good call. I was going to say that I'm not a good choice for gostaying with you though, I'm not super sneaky ;_; but I ca be a rat and you can carry me around ;p

Argent: your good in a scuffle

Argent: I just plan on flying, so you being a rat works out better and arrange for gen to do a sending at like 10 am so we can let her know where to pick us up


Denise and Argent recover from the excitement of the night

<Denise> cool

<Argent> so how are things? All good?

<Denise> limbo is how things are

<Argent> oh?

  • Argent watches the morning sun shimmer across the ponds surface as the rays pierce the treeline

<Denise> kinda pretty

<Argent> This is as good a place as any to rest until Gen gets a hold of us

<Argent> quite a night

<Argent> how you holding up?

<Denise> i dunno

<Denise> I feel real bad about that guy :(

<Denise> that big construct was supposed to fall th'other way :/

<Argent> His life probably saved at least three others and avoided alot of hurt too. We have no idea what that big thing was capable of doing. Others could have been seriously hurt by it or worse.

<Denise> I know, but still :|

<Denise> I shouldn't of tripped it if I couldn't make it go where I wanted :/

<Denise> we still coulda made it

<Denise> do you think we got what we needed from stayin' behind?

  • Argent nods

<Argent> confirmed some of the stuff we already knew

<Argent> gave us another name, which is good too

<Denise> you got any idea who it is?

<Argent> I agree, I hate that someone died cause of our actions, especially one of Claar's victims

<Argent> it wasn't just you

  • Denise nods

<Argent> I pushed for the whole raid to take place

<Denise> yeah, that's the bad part :/

<Denise> like, if it were someone who worked here, that'd be different

<Argent> We just need to take it in, and try and do better next time.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> I do think comin' here was the right thing to do

<Denise> just that onnnnnne thing coulda gone better :|

<Argent> after what we saw, I have no doubt either.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> I hope the folks they pulled out are all okay

<Argent> well find out soon enough

<Denise> you think they're all like the Raimond guy, an they all have trees in their heads?

<Argent> Its likely

<Denise> huh

<Argent> at least based on what we saw

<Denise> I wonder if they were all in that fight

<Argent> fight?

<Denise> or at that place, where the old irminsul was?

<Denise> isn't that where Raimond got hsi head-tree?

<Argent> if it was it would make sense they all were

  • Denise nods

<Argent> I hope those files we took will help explain everything, and be enough to get the rest of those people out of there

<Argent> small steps

<Argent> still dont know the full picture

  • Denise nods
  • Argent slumps to the ground tired

<Denise> it does feel like somethin' real big is still goin' on

<Argent> yeah

  • Denise will have a seat too, less tired because she got to just hang around as a rat most of the night

<Argent> so... yeah... I can fly now

  • Denise grins

<Denise> that's pretty swell!

<Denise> that's from Silver, right?

<Argent> sort of... her innate ability to shapeshift helped me figure out how to access what was already there from my celestial blood

<Denise> oh, neat!

<Denise> does that make you a shapeshifter too then?

<Argent> besides, while wings are great for flying, they suck for getting through doors

<Denise> well, I mean it does, but you knwo what I mean

<Argent> I'm not sure, to be honest

<Argent> maybe?

<Argent> I could ask someone

<Denise> I coudl hit *yous8 with some silver an see what happens ;)

<Argent> you just happen to be carrying some silver?

<Argent> or you just looking for an excuse to hit on me?

<Denise> :p

<Denise> I ain't got none but I *could* still hit you

<Denise> is it just the bird though?

<Argent> (oh... you should cut that line... I don't turn into a bird... I grow wings and fly)

<Denise> (oh, yes, man I was not envisioning this correctly at all :V)

<Denise> err, the wings I mean

<Denise> (but what o they look like? :D)

<Argent> (white feathered bird wings... like an angel)

<Denise> (cool)

<Argent> (I imagine them shimmering into existence is a pool of light... and vanishing similarly with feathers of light falling and evapourating)

<Denise> (very anime ^-^)

<Argent> (yeah)

<Argent> (better than painfully sprouting from my back)

<Argent> yeah, just the wings

<Argent> nothing else

<Argent> still getting the hang of them

<Denise> well, "just", you know ;p

<Denise> its real cool

<Denise> just be careful... I know I dn't *gotta* tell you

<Denise> but I'm gonna anyway

<Argent> I'm sure if Tit's found out, she'd want me on stage

<Argent> I'm not planning on flaunting my heritage any time soon

<Denise> yeah, I know

<Argent> unless I have to

<Argent> I'm probably stretching the just a street thug, waiter, security guard thing with our crew pretty thin these days as it is

<Denise> yeah... you're too good at plannin' stuff for one thig

<Denise> an' it's always you that does that part, even if we all come along

<Argent> I can tell Aubrienne has this... "what the fuck is up with him" look all the time when I'm around her.

<Argent> so you think I should tell them?

<Denise> well, tell 'em which part?

<Argent> the inquisitor part

<Denise> I think some folks would be pretty sore, but maybe its better now than lettin' it go on.... would you get in trouble?

<Argent> It may make my position at Tit's difficult, especially if Aubrienne tells her... although I suspect Tit's already knows 'something'

<Denise> yeah

<Argent> as for trouble... this whole thing with Claar may end up getting me in trouble

<Denise> you gotta figure, growin' up like she did, she's pretty good at spottin' the type of folks who've got covers

<Argent> there were a lot of Cat priests there

  • Denise nods

<Denise> is that why you're thinking you oughtta come clean to the rest?

<Argent> its twice I've asked them to risk thier lives... I know they all had reasons for agreeing to come, but I do feel dishonest about keeping secrets after that

<Argent> what do you think?

<Denise> I'm bad at secrets, I wouldn'ta lasted this long

<Denise> but I think folks do know somethin's up

<Denise> an you migt need other friends if *you're* gettin' in trouble with the church

<Denise> an like...

  • Denise tilts her head, trying to fnd the right words

<Denise> how do you feel, still, about the job you're supposed to be doin', knowin all this is goin' on?

<Argent> I was trained to spot and fight the monsters hidding in our society... aint that what I'm doing...

<Argent> ... if there are agents in the Church that happen to be those monsters, its not going to stop me from doing what I feel is right.

  • Denise nods

<Argent> ... just means I dont do it for them, thats all

  • Denise nods

<Denise> I think that will help

<Argent> and I know there are folks in the church who are not like those helping Claar.

<Argent> I trust Briony

<Denise> but I feel like.... you know when you told me, I ws still worried it was gonna be like the colour guard, a bit.

<Denise> 'Cuase you know, folkd got history there.

<Argent> I understand why you were worried... but its me... you know I'm not like that

<Denise> I know

<Denise> I trusted you, I was ust worried, then

<Denise> an stuff like this - that's why

<Denise> I guess, like, I trust you an all, an I met your priest lady ...frisnd, or teacher, or whatever she is, an I like her okay too

<Denise> but trustin' a whole group when we know stuff liek this is happenin, knwing stuff liek - Servan Aigel's got ties to the church, an all

<Denise> that's a bit worrysome

<Argent> Imagine how it is for me and Briony. We're part of the Church and we see this bad shit happening... and we don't even know who to trust amongst the people who should be helping us

  • Denise nods

<Denise> I know

<Denise> that's what you gotta make clear to folks, I think

  • Argent nods

<Denise> like, that the things you were doin' - ain't those kinda thngs. YOu were lookin' into the fey, and stuff, 'ecuase they coudl be dangerous, but you ever went all crazy on folks just 'cause they were different

<Argent> I'll be honest and let my actions speak for themselves

<Argent> and let them make thier own choice

<Argent> the cards will fall where they may

  • Denise nods

<Argent> and I'll live with it

<Denise> you know I'll stand with you

  • Argent smiles

<Argent> never doubted it

  • Denise grins

<Argent> speaking of silver... I'm actuall carrying a pair of silver knuckles... I mean, you never know

<Denise> never know when you're gonna run into a shapeshifter?

<Argent> lycanthrops can be mean

<Argent> also have a pair of cold iron knuckles too...

<Denise> heh

<Denise> You just need to learn to throw a better punch ;)

<Denise> then you don't need all that stuff

<Argent> we all have our own gifts... why do I need to get better when I have you?

<Denise> there's that

  • Denise grins

<Argent> and if you need to talk more about what happened, you will always have my ear and attention.

<Denise> thanks.

<Denise> I think I need some more time first, but... maybe

<Denise> I know the answers aint' gonna get any different though

<Denise> :/

<Denise> but same goes for you

<Denise> I never thought before about how trickiy its' gotta be for you right now, I guess, figuring who you can trust

<Argent> I know I can trust you and that's a big help

<Argent> and if I need to talk, I know how to find you

  • Denise nods
  • Argent closes his eyes and waves his hand randomly at you

<Argent> somewhere over there, last time I checked

<Denise> what, you know where I am without lookin' now or is that a joke ;p

  • Argent laughs

<Argent> while that would be an intersting talent, its not one I have

<Denise> well, you never know, mister suddenly-I-have_wings :V

<Denise> shoud I keep quiet 'bout them for now?

<Argent> (there is actually a spell I can get next level, Find Quarry, that does that... with a radius of 20 miles)

<Argent> yeah, some things are a little more personal

<Argent> and I like surprises

<Denise> okay

<Denise> they can wonder how we made it here ^-^

<Argent> I'm an excellent hiker, and so are you

<Argent> when you're in my pocket

  • Denise grins

<Denise> I'll act real tired ;p

  • Denise does yawn

<Denise> I aint used to bein up all night thoug

<Argent> we've got a few hours before being contacted, might as well get cleaned up and nap for a bit

<Denise> right

<Denise> if you wanna sleep I can keep watchin' though, you did all that flyin'

<Argent> up to you, we should share the load, but I'm no going to talk you out of takin' first watch