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Diablotin 3 session logs
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Session date: September 27, 2015
Diablotin date:


Hettie and Denise get a visit from Serge-Yves

<DiablotinNarrator> Gonna start with Hettie and Denise

<DiablotinNarrator> So, you need to get your hands on some more rope before you can go back to the undercity - I had said 'buy' but let's be honest, nobody in this group is buying rope ;p

<DiablotinNarrator> In the meanwhile, however...

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie and Denise, you're both home, it's mid-morning so you're probably sleeping. Up to you if you want siginficant other(s) to be there too.

<Denise> (sure?)

<Hettienne> (sure, more drams with the fams)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay)

<DiablotinNarrator> You're awakened by a knock at the door

  • Denise grumbles and will crawl out of bed to see what is gong on

<DiablotinNarrator> C'mon, open the door, I'm freezing my ass off!

  • Denise will throw on pants and a shirt at least
  • Denise opens to see who it is

<DiablotinNarrator> You recognize the voice as your uncle Serge-Yves

<Denise> :D

<Denise> SERGES YVES :D :D :D

<Hettienne> whuh?

  • Denise throws open the fdoor to give him a huge hug
  • Serge-Yves has grown a mustache since he's been away
  • Serge-Yves hugs back

<Denise> come on in an' I'll make coffee :D

  • Denise is much more awake now
  • Hettienne stumbles out of her room.

<Hettienne> Serge Yves is here?

  • Denise drags him in and closes the door

<Denise> yes :D

<Denise> You on leave again?

<Serge-Yves> Hey Hettie :)

<Serge-Yves> Yeah, I got a couple weeks.

<Hettienne> Hey little brother :D

<Hettienne> Nice soup-strainer

<Serge-Yves> Yeah, you like it? I'm givin' it a try.

  • Denise hops up and gives him anotheer hug, before dancinfg off to the kitchen

<Denise> (because when family comes by you feed them :3)

  • Nycki peeks her head out of the bedroom

<Nycki> hi?

<Serge-Yves> ....hello?

  • Serge-Yves gives her a Look, and Hettie a Look

<Hettienne> Uh, you remember Nycki right? :v

<Serge-Yves> Sure do.

  • Denise stays in the kitchen >.>

<Serge-Yves> Didn't figure on bumpin' into you here. ever. again.

<Nycki> Hey, things change, sweetheart. It's swell to see you. Like the lip-rug.

  • Hettienne laughs nervously...

<Hettienne> <.<

<Hettienne> Lots has changed, Serge...

<Serge-Yves> I guess so.

  • Enver can save the day by making his way out from Denise's room in an awkward teenage boy way ;p

<Enver> uh hi?

<Serge-Yves> well hello :D

<Denise> Um I'm just in the kitcheeeen

<Serge-Yves> Lots of company I guess - you gonna even have room for me, Hettie? ;)

  • Denise calls

<Hettienne> ALways, hon.

  • Hettienne gives him a big hug.

<Hettienne> . o O (thank the gods for Enver @_@)

  • Serge-Yves hugs back

<Serge-Yves> <w> gonna have a talk about this later, sis

  • Hettienne sighs quietly
  • Denise pokes her head out
  • Enver wanders towards the kitchen

<Hettienne> Den, what we got for breakfast?

<Denise> Um, that's my uncle Serge-Yves...

<Serge-Yves> So, Denise has a boyfriend? ^-^

<Denise> and this is Evnver...

<Denise> and I'm seein' what we got for five :3

<Denise> eggs an toast maybe, maybe some ham?

<Serge-Yves> That all sounds good :D

<Hettienne> SOunds great!

<Denise> 'kay

  • Denise can manage to rustle up more or less enough food for everyone

<Serge-Yves> But seriously, it's an important question. You got a boyfriend, Denise?

<Denise> uh, yeah...

<Enver> Ah, yeah, that's me.

  • Denise bites her lip

<Enver> nice to meet you, sir.

  • Serge-Yves laughs

<Serge-Yves> Gods, I'm not gonna bite your head off, kid. That'll be her da's job ;p

  • Denise sighs

<Enver> uh... thank you?

  • Hettienne snickers.
  • Nycki retreats back into the bedroom to put on some more clothing before re-emerging

<Hettienne> I'm gonna get dressed.

<Hettienne> Be down in a tic.

  • Hettienne will go get decent too.

<Denise> come on you can help me with breakfast

  • Enver will take that offer @_@

<Denise> if you want, anyway :3

<Enver> sure

  • Denise understands household prioriies and make sure ther is coffee soon

<Nycki> Sorry >.>

  • Nycki says to you, Hettie, once the door's closed

<Hettienne> Ain't nothin' to apologize for...

<Hettienne> We gotta deal with it sooner or later.

  • Nycki nods

<Hettienne> ANyhow, out of all my brothers it could be worse than Serge-Yves, heh.

<Nycki> I guess so.

  • Hettienne gives you a little kiss.

<Nycki> Although prolly last he heard, I was pokin' around his boyfriend's corpse.

<Hettienne> Yeah...

<Nycki> so... that ain't a real good ice-breaker

<Hettienne> He ain't been back since then

<Hettienne> I'll talk to him, babe...

<Nycki> :/

<Nycki> okay

<Enver> Everything okay?

  • Enver asks Denise, in the kitchen

<Denise> >.>

<Denise> my uncles ain't real big fans of Nycki on account how she treated Aunt Hettie afore.

<Enver> ah...

<Enver> so they don't know they're back together?

<Enver> or... didn't, I guess?

<Denise> plus some other stuff 'cause she was lookin' into his boyfriend's death 'cause of her work I guess

  • Denise nods
  • Serge-Yves gets his stuff moved into the living room, where he'll presumably be sleeping on the couch
  • Denise can get fod sorted with Enver's help
  • Nycki gets presentable enough to have breakfast

<Denise> (food)

<Serge-Yves> So, there oughta be a big family get-together while I'm back, I wanna see everyone :D

  • Serge-Yves says, sitting down to the table, and with a slightly pointed look at Nycki

<Denise> yeah :D

<Serge-Yves> New babies, new girlfriends, whoever.

<Denise> Oh yeah you ain't aseen Avionne :3

<Denise> She's so cute ;3

<Serge-Yves> Can't wait :)

<Serge-Yves> What else is new?

<Denise> Um

<Hettienne> Well, uh...

<Serge-Yves> I come back into town an' gotta get caught up, apparently

<Denise> We're tron to Get Mickey to move in with Alain

  • Hettienne exchanges looks with Denise

<Hettienne> Oh yeah!

<Serge-Yves> oh, that's a good idea :)

<Hettienne> I think it'll be real good for both of 'em

  • Serge-Yves nods

<Serge-Yves> Ain't good for Alain bein' alone so much :/

<Denise> an we got someone comin' in to help with mam some days to now

<Serge-Yves> yeah? that's great :)

<Serge-Yves> Sounds like things are doin' good

<Denise> that's most of the good news, anyway

<Serge-Yves> you say that like there's bad too.

<Denise> well, there's lotsa stuff bee' happenin' in town

<Denise> it ain't mostly family stuff

<Hettienne> Some spooky shit's been happenin'

<Denise> though we poked around after some stuff for you too

<Denise> but like

<Denise> there's nasty fey all over town

<Serge-Yves> o_O

<Denise> and some other weird things

<Denise> stuff goin' on in the undercity an; stuff

<Denise> Mushroom people tryon' to take over >:|

<Serge-Yves> that don't sound good

<Hettienne> Those fuckin' mushroom rats.

<Hettienne> The channel said it was ... what, some kinda mushroom disease?

<Hettienne> What like, turned them into mushrooms, and took over their thinkin'

  • Hettienne shudders.

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> reall creepy like

<Serge-Yves> ew

<Denise> like them things we saw when we were lookin' at thenm trees in the shade

<Denise> I knew no good would come outta that :|

<Serge-Yves> well, mushrooms go good in omlettes anyway ;p

  • Denise makes a face

<Denise> after seein' that I ain't wantin to be eaten any mushrooms for a loooong time

<Denise> but there's all kinds a freakiy stuff goin' on

<Hettienne> Faeries.

  • Serge-Yves nods

<Hettienne> Fuckin' creepy lil shits.

<Serge-Yves> hey

<Serge-Yves> I'm right here, bitch.

  • Serge-Yves smirks

<Denise> but the mala Tajna's helpin' get folks organized round these parts to do patrols and keep folks safe, at least

  • Denise sticks out her tongue at her aunt and uncle

<Hettienne> :p

<Denise> an aside from all that....

<Denise> we tried lookin' in to some stuff.... from when you left before... >.>

  • Serge-Yves nods, more gravely

<Denise> it didn't come too too much, but we know a bit

  • Denise lookes to hettie

<Hettienne> Well that one armed bird...

  • Denise scowls

<Hettienne> He were part of some kinda project where they took some veterans what were missin' bits, and tried to fix 'em with machines.

<Hettienne> Kinda like that fella at the club, Haft.

<Denise> like, part folks, part Warforged, yeah

  • Serge-Yves o_Os again

<Denise> his name's Servan Aigel

<Serge-Yves> He killed Vairon?

<Hettienne> Seems like.

<Denise> Well... he's the one was with 'em right before he got killed

<Hettienne> What we ain't got is a real good clue *why*...

<Serge-Yves> Guess I got a little project for the next couple weeks, then.

<Denise> he's real dangerous

<Denise> He can shoot fire and stuff out of his arm

<Denise> an he's got a friend to, to cover his back

<Hettienne> PLease don't do anythin' t'get yourself in trouble, hon.

<Denise> They tried to jump Ander just for askin' after him

<Hettienne> At least not all on yer own like.

  • Serge-Yves nods

<Serge-Yves> I ain't gonna run off half-cocked.

<Denise> YOu need anythin' you know you just gotta ask

  • Serge-Yves nods

<Denise> I already clocked 'im a few times :p

<Denise> but he's real tough

<Serge-Yves> good for you :)

<Denise> anyway I dunno how Vairon got all mixed up with him

<Denise> but he's real bad news

  • Nycki looks like she probably has things to say but is not going to give Serve-Yves advice at this juncture ;p
  • Serge-Yves nods
  • Hettienne squeezes Nycki's hand under the table

<Serge-Yves> I'm gonna take a rest after breakfast - I prolly woke you all up, huh?

<Denise> that's okay!

<Denise> You ain't home so much that we're gonna be bothered by you showin' up :D

<Denise> But you rest up

<Denise> 'cause you're gonna have to tell us all *your* stories later ^-^

  • Serge-Yves smiles

<Serge-Yves> It's a deal

<Hettienne> You wanna come to Tits' tonight?

<Serge-Yves> Sure :D

  • Denise nods

<Serge-Yves> You can introduce me to any cute boys ;p

<Hettienne> Hah, like I'd know. ;p

<Serge-Yves> Let's say it was a long trip this time :p

<Hettienne> Heh.

<Denise> we'll find ya someone good :)

<Serge-Yves> I guess I better rest up, then!

Zola, Hugo, Argent, Lathra, and Aubrienne chat with Eirlys

<DiablotinNarrator> So the question remains - do you want to talk about this amongst yourselves first, or do you have questions/things that need NPCs there?

  • Zola tags along with Hugo, curious to meet the Flower Queen again

<DiablotinNarrator> You can meet at the Orecalo house, they'll give you privacy (or the appearance of it...) if you need to talk about things before talking to Eirlys.

  • Lathra stashes a bottle in her purse - "somebody" may need it.
  • Zola gives Lathra and Aubrienne a hug and kiss when she sees them.
  • Lathra hugs back
  • Aubrienne does likewise

<Lathra> Zola dear!

<Hugonel> Ah, hello, everyone. So good to see you all outside of work.

<Zola> Ladies!

<Zola> How's your brother, Aubrienne??

<Aubrienne> He's adjusting. It's all been quite the ordeal.

  • Zola nods sympathetically

<Zola> It's good he has you to help.

<Aubrienne> Well, he's staying with our parents, so he has them, and I'm sure about a dozen other family members at any given time.

  • Zola gives Argent and Jed a smile and a wave as well.

<Aubrienne> I think he'll be okay, he's just concerned about Eirlys.

<Jedrezej> (yay I'm part of the group!)

  • Argent smiles back

<Aubrienne> As am I, but likely not in the same way.

<Zola> So they couldn't figure out if she was responsible for his amnesia then?

<Aubrienne> Not yet, anyway. M. Orecalo wasn't sure if was deliberate or some result of exposure to that plane.

<Zola> I guess it would be rude to put up a Zone of Truth around a houseguest >_>

<Hugonel> That does seem rather crass, yes.

<Aubrienne> Assuming she is a guest. I'm not entirely clear on her status right now.

<Hugonel> Especially here, though, in this house, one would assume that efforts have already been made in that regard.

<Aubrienne> They seem confident she's not *actively* dangerous right now.

<Zola> Especially with all the other guests... you'd think they'd have her in a dungeon by now if they wanted.

<Lathra> Yes... I don't know what the... diplomatic(?) status is here? Is she considered an emissary of some sort?

<Zola> .oO( Did no one just come right out and ask her if she befuddled him? )

<Aubrienne> I think that may be what they're defaulting to. She's the only fey who seems to actually have spoken to anyone official.

<Hugonel> Well, the only one we know about, in any case.

<Aubrienne> Right.

<Hugonel> Since apparently there are far more fey in the city than any of us had presumed a few months ago.

<Lathra> Oh I am glad.

<Zola> Well she might have no relation to the others ... the ones who've been here a while.

<Zola> But I suppose she might know what's brought the troublemakers.

<Jedrezej> We probably shouldn't presume they're all the same. It sounds like they have factions and different groups amongst them.

<Hugonel> Right, on the one hand, I don't think they are all the same, but on the other hand, their presence here, and the unusual occurrences over the past several months, must surely be more than coincidental.

<Aubrienne> Well, there does seem to be some connection between that creature we fought at her home and the things we encountered in the Shade.

<Jedrezej> If they're having problems on their home plane, it could explain why more are coming here. Not that I'd know anything about that ... ;p

<Zola> Why to the city, though? Why not to some forest where there aren't people who are going to shoot them.

<Jedrezej> Maybe they are. We just don't see those ones...

<Zola> I suppose... are there reports of fey in other citieS?

  • Zola looks around, not sure who we might ask that.

<Lathra> Maybe this place is special to them? Or maybe the Arch makes it... easier to get to?

<Hugonel> Or simply that, as the heart of the Empire, it's the most obvious target.

<Aubrienne> Target?

<Hugonel> If we attacked them, during the war, intentionally or not - for them, the war may be ongoing still.

<Aubrienne> We've had two attacks. One of them seems to have been motivated by Seda Grove. The other I'm more concerned has to do with this Blight thing.

<Aubrienne> Those two instances do not account for the influx we've seen.

  • Hugonel nods.

<Zola> Maybe they blame us for the blight?

<Hugonel> Which leads me to think there are more attacks forthcoming - maybe even, as Zola and I have seen, fey attacks not yet recognized as such.

<Argent> were only scratching the surface to undestand the motives of what is happening. More information is needed and that is what should be the focus, instead of guessing.

<Aubrienne> We need to find out more about this Blight, and more about these various factions of fey.

<Aubrienne> Argent's right.

<DiablotinNarrator> (you are free to go talk to Eirlys, if you feel like you've said all you need to)

<Aubrienne> (Seems like a good idea to me)

  • Eirlys is in one of the spare rooms upstairs. There are, you will note as you go in, small flowers growing on the carpet and bedspread, which give the air a pleasant scent.

<Zola> .oO( Ooh, how lovely. )

<Aubrienne> Eirlys, do you have a moment?

  • Zola is careful not to step on any.
  • Eirlys nods

<Aubrienne> We had some questions for you, if you don't mind.

<Eirlys> I'll try...

  • Eirlys 's voice is soft and musical, and she speaks Aveyronnais with an unusual accent

<Aubrienne> Can you tell us more about the Blight? You've said it's sentient, and also that you think you know it's source?

<Eirlys> Amanita

  • Eirlys scowls

<Eirlys> She's behind it, I'm sure

<Zola> (Do I recognize either of their names from legendy things?)

<Aubrienne> Who is she, exactly?

<DiablotinNarrator> (Cat - you could make a ... some kind of roll?)

<Zola> (I got like, erryting. Nature?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (sure I guess)

<Lathra> (Could I roll k:planes?)

<Eirlys> She is the Lady of Fungus

<Eirlys> she rules the life that grows in darkness and decay

<Lathra> Then that assumption does seem pretty straightforward!

<Zola> (Nature 23, Planes 29)

<DiablotinNarrator> (sure, Lathra)

<Lathra> (13)

<Eirlys> (no idea)

<Lathra> (kk)

<Aubrienne> Are there other monarchs?

<DiablotinNarrator> (Zola, you do think it sounds sort of familiar? the idea that there are fey in charge of the various aspects of nature, anyway, if not the specific names)

<Eirlys> Certainly, there are many

<Aubrienne> Any others you know who have been affected by the Blight?

<Eirlys> Well, I don't know if it can affect water, or stone... but perhaps. Trees, and grasses, and such living things are all at risk.

<Aubrienne> Out of curiosity, does the phrase "winter's night" mean anything to you?

  • Eirlys shivers

<Eirlys> The winter is dark and cold

<Aubrienne> You're not wrong.

<Zola> Something was summoned here to the city that said " Let the winter's night begin "

  • Zola offers

<Eirlys> When the Lord of Winter spreads his cloak over the First World, we take shelter

<Aubrienne> The Lord of Winter?

  • Eirlys nods

<Eirlys> Once he was the most beautiful, the most fair of all, but his heart grew cold when his love betrayed him.

<Argent> That was?

<Zola> :/

<Zola> (Nature 25 on Lordo)

<DiablotinNarrator> (he hates being called Lordo)

<Zola> (I hate wrapping up like a fur mummy every time I go to get in the cab too, so tough!)

<Lathra> (planes 16)

<Eirlys> (Argent, are you asking who his love is/was?)

<Argent> (yes(

<DiablotinNarrator> (Zola, you think you remember a story of that sort - a fairy tale, if you will, about a mortal woman who was loved by the winter)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Lathra - perhaps there are elemental representations of natural forces such as winter? if you're talking to the queen of flowers, it seems possible anyway?)

<Zola> Was it a mortal woman? ...

<Zola> This sounds familiar

  • Eirlys nods

<Eirlys> He took her from your world - he would have made her his queen. But when he found that she betrayed him, he encased her in a tomb of ice forever.

<Lathra> (thx!)

<Zola> Is he angry at our world now, or something, or was he always associated with our winters?

<Eirlys> I don't know

<Aubrienne> More things to look into.

<Aubrienne> I have yet another possibly strange, possibly oblivious question: Do you have subjects?

<Hugonel> Is there an association between the Lord of Winter and Amanita? Are they ... allies?

<Aubrienne> Oh, yes, good question, Hugo.

<Eirlys> The small fey and spirits of the flowers and fields are my subjects.

<Aubrienne> I hope we're not endangering people by having you here.

<Aubrienne> Your subjects, I mean.

<Eirlys> And, as much as I hate Amanita, she is a force for life and growth. I don't know if she would ally with a force of cold and ice.

<Argent> what can you tell us about the servants of the Fungus Queen? We fought one, but would this be another (describes the thing from the grove that ran away).

<Zola> And those rats that Denise was talking about...

<Eirlys> yes, the polevik and such creatures are her subjects, spreading her spores wherever they can reach.

<Aubrienne> That thing we fought, back at your home, was that one of her usual minions?

  • Eirlys nods

<Argent> Do you have any insight what the Fungus Queen would want in this plane, in this city, where the Arch is located?

<Eirlys> If the irminsul is gone, then ... perhaps to regain some link between our planes?

  • Eirlys guesses

<Zola> You mentioned a friend... is that the hamadryad of the Irminsul?

<Eirlys> yes, Linthira... do you know if she survives?

  • Zola looks to Aubrienne

<Aubrienne> We don't know just yet, but I have a feeling she does.

<Aubrienne> Can you describe her?

<Eirlys> She has hair like autumn leaves, fair skin...

  • Hugonel shivers.
  • Zola eyes Hugo
  • Lathra also eyes Hugo

<Zola> Maybe the others can find her with divination magic...

<Hugonel> Is there ... for what reason would a hamadryad interfere with human affairs?

<Zola> .oO( I knew I should have learned to share memories. )

<Eirlys> Maybe she would seek regrowth, rebirth...

  • Hugonel sits, unsettled.
  • Eirlys lays a hand over her own rounded belly

<Zola> There's some people who were near the Irminsul when we think it was destroyed...

  • Zola looks to Aubrienne?

<Eirlys> I feel weary... I hope you don't mind if I rest now.

<Aubrienne> Of course. Thank you for your help.

<Lathra> Thank you so much, Eirlys

  • Aubrienne will reach out to give Eirlys' hand a reassuring squeeze briefly before leaving
  • Lathra walks alongside Hugo as we leave, and quietly offers him her bottle.

<Argent> A little bit more information, I guess

  • Argent muses to the group

<Zola> I think I should learn that spell to share memories, Hugo. Maybe she'll share a memory of what the hamadryad looked like?

<Hugonel> That would be ... useful, I agree.

  • Hugonel seems a little disturbed.

<Zola> And maybe I could share it with someone who could divine for her...

<Zola> Maybe someone is already working on that...

<Argent> Thinking of the girl from that night at Tits?

<Zola> Well...

  • Hugonel nods.

<Zola> And maybe the Flower Queen can help with the dreamers, do you think?

  • Zola looks to Aubrienne.

<Zola> Maybe she knows what might happen if an irminsul is destroyed...

<Aubrienne> I was just about to ask her more about them, but I suppose it will have to wait.

<Aubrienne> There's just so little we know.

<Zola> I keep thinking there's something like a seed trapped inside them... maybe if we could get them out safely we could help them and help regrow the irminsul...

<Hugonel> I suspect that Princess Ilphere, at least, knows a lot more about these matters. Not to mention the Orecalos. I'm sensitive to the interest in helping here, but ... once again, I must ask whether we ought to be getting directly involved further in this.

<Zola> True...

<Zola> I wanted to ask her to sing her song again, but ... more pressing matters..

<Argent> The only fey we know where to find is her (points back there), and the mushroom people.

<Argent> I say we go get some answers from them.

<Aubrienne> You want to go track down the mushroom people?

<Zola> Have you forgot about Jonas and the others?

<Argent> Are they giving any answers?

<Zola> We haven't asked any...

<Aubrienne> In part because we didn't know the questions.

<Zola> (Hugo did you tell Zola about your meeting?)

<Aubrienne> We might be able to get more information now.

<Hugonel> (which one?)

<Zola> (With Jonas)

<Hugonel> (yes)

<Zola> ... about the broader picture at least >_>

  • Zola gives Hugo a look

<Hugonel> There are fey far closer to home, whose motives, if not entirely clear, are far less opaque to me.

<Hugonel> This business with the Flower Queen is being handled by some of the most eminent among our Empire. Let them handle it.

<Hugonel> Let us do what we can, within the confines of our knowledge.

<Zola> For all we know she just wanted a roll in the sack.

<Hugonel> I am, of course, always willing to oblige in that regard, for a good cause.

<Aubrienne> (brb)

<Zola> My point is that Eirini isn't necessary our main concern, even if we aren't worrying about the Flower Queen.

<Hugonel> What do you see as the most pressing concern?

  • Zola is maybe still a little bit miffed that you went and did something foolish when we had a Plan even though it was a very loose and poorly designed Plan

<Zola> How about the fey marauding around the city? Or the creepy trees? Just about anything...

<Zola> We were going to try to talk to Jonas and find out more about �everything�.

<Hugonel> You're welcome to do that, of course.

<Hugonel> I do think that Eirini's appearance at the cabaret, and the King of Winter or whatever his name is doing the same, are hardly coincidental.

<Zola> What, you're not going to help, now that he's passed on your message?

<Hugonel> I didn't say that. But Jonas is so tight-lipped about anything relating to all of this.

<Zola> That's why the plan was to find out if Tits was charmed and then ask her for help...

<Hugonel> Let's be realistic - he's gone well past where many would have gone, in his situation.

<Hugonel> ...

<Hugonel> I don't think that is the only plan, and I also don't think any of that is excluded now.

<Hugonel> But obviously since the most recent business, plus the Blight, well, it's all much more complicated.

<Hugonel> I'm trying to simplify, focus on aspects that I can manage.

<Zola> Oh? Well you were too busy being chicken to tell me what your other ideas were, so that's the one we came up with... then you went around and skipped a few steps to get to the end you liked.

<Zola> No, you're trying to focus on aspects that benefit YOU, Hugo :/

<Hugonel> That's not fair. I've helped whenever I was asked to do anything.

  • Zola hmphs.

<Argent> Please both of you, this isn't helping. Can you tell us what Jonas did say Hugo and what you talked about so the rest of us have a clue what you're arguing about.

<Zola> You didn't exactly set yourself up to be asked for anything...

<Zola> I didn't go run off and ask Klara a bunch of questions when you said it was too dangerous.

<Zola> Oh he went to ask if he knew anything about Eirini... nothing else.

<Hugonel> I'm not sure why me asking Jonas about one thing means that I've betrayed you all.

<Zola> What if now he's tired of being pestered?

<Hugonel> I'm not angry at people for investigating the Blight. I'm not angry for people being involved in retrieving Jean-Faust.

<Zola> GOOD.

<Zola> I'd have to give you a slap if you were.

<Hugonel> So why are you angry with me for investigating Eirini?

<Zola> I said we'd help find out about Eirini... so why did you have to go run off doing something foolish and then act like the rest of it's none of your concern?

<Hugonel> I'm sorry, I just don't understand - truly - what exactly I did that was foolish. Talking to Jonas without you there?

<Zola> Yes, YOU were the one who said that was dangerous.

<Zola> You didn't even want to talk to Klara together, let alone just one of us.

<Hugonel> I changed my mind about the degree of risk. Jonas is known to us, far better than Klara.

<Zola> Hrmph.

<Hugonel> You were the one who convinced me that Jonas wasn't as dangerous as I had previously worried about.

<Hugonel> And I don't see any reason to suppose that he's done being helpful. He may have his own motives, but he cares about Tits and the cabaret.

<Zola> I didn't say he wasn't dangerous ...

<Hugonel> No, but you did suggest that I was being ... excessively cautious.

<Hugonel> I decided you were right.

<Zola> Well I'm apparently very convincing.

<Hugonel> As you know, you are.

<Zola> Hrmph.

<Hugonel> But it isn't that I don't care about any of the other things going on.

<Hugonel> It's just that this one thing, that's been with me for twenty years or more ... that's in my head ... that's what is mine to deal with.

<Hugonel> Not anyone else's.

<Hugonel> My own private business.

<Zola> Don't be silly.

<Zola> You'll need help. Or are you going to learn to share memories yourself, hmm?

<Zola> Not that you can't... but you get my point.

<Hugonel> Your point is that you wanted to help me with this. I understand.

<Zola> Not only that -_-

<Zola> I'm not that much of a diva.

<Hugonel> I never said you were, although I think that word might apply to both of us.

<Hugonel> It's just that this is something I want to be able to do for myself. And I do tell you about it afterwards.

<Zola> And what if it is all connected, like you say, and you're too busy looking for Eirini and miss something important?

<Hugonel> I wasn't too busy to come to faerieland when you asked.

<Zola> That's not what I meant, and you mostly wanted to meet the Princess anyway -_-

<Hugonel> All I got Jonas to do was pass a message to her. I haven't heard back, yet. There isn't anything more I can do.

<Hugonel> Well, I could go and talk to Klara or any number of ridiculously dangerous things.

<Zola> I know it's important to you... I just wish you'd be a bit more patient.

<Zola> Not without us, I said.

<Zola> :P

  • Zola gradually remembers there's other people here >_>

<Hugonel> I'll try to remember.

<Zola> I know where you keep your scarves.

  • Zola makes an exaggerated ripping gesture.

<Hugonel> Oh, you! :P

<Zola> You think I'm kidding, I know which one to start with.

Dorien finds out he is not free of Puce after all

<DiablotinNarrator> Dorien, you and Misery are having a morning canoodle when there's a knock at your door. You think Argent is home too, but probably sleeping?

<DiablotinNarrator> (i.e. Terry, you can listen in on this and/or come in if you want, or ignore it, it's up to you ;)

<Dorien> (Heh, canoodle :3 )

<Argent> (Ill wait and see)

  • Dorien will sigh and reluctantly get up and throw some pants on to answer the door after three knocks or so
  • Misery puts on a robe at least, in case ;p

<Dorien> Back in a sece

<Dorien> (O.O)

  • Puce is at your door with two burly SK ... associates?

<Dorien> Oh.

<Puce> Mornin'

<Dorien> Ummm...

<Puce> Hope I didn't wake you

<Dorien> Hi, there. Puce.

<Dorien> No, I was just... what can I do for you and your... friends?

  • Puce strolls into your house, accompanied by his ... pals.

<Puce> Nice place you got here.

<Dorien> It's a fixer upper.

<Dorien> But by all means, come on in.

<Puce> Well, looks like you been doin' some fixin upppin' too.

<Puce> I'm just checkin' in to make sure your new obligations ain't interfering with our previous agreements.

<Puce> You're a busy fellow, Dorien. Got a lot on your plate.

<Dorien> Of course not.

<Dorien> Yeah, well, I'm easily bored.

<Puce> Your girl, she keepin' up on her end of the bargain?

<Dorien> Have we been late on a delivery yet?

<Dorien> We're keeping up our end.

<Puce> Just makin' sure it'll stay that way.

<Dorien> Listen, you'll get what's yours. Just leave me and my personal life out of it.

  • Puce chuckles

<Puce> your 'personal life'?

<Dorien> Look, just... what is it you want, exactly?

<Puce> Might be we need to up our usual order. Lotta business lately.

<Dorien> Hey, we had a deal. I keep up the orders, No one said anything about increasing them.

<Puce> Lotta competition.

<Puce> Well, I'm sayin' it now.

<Dorien> -_-

<Puce> There's two of you workin, should be able to do twice as much.

<Dorien> That wasn't the point of this. I was supposed to be getting out, remember?

<Puce> I remember you thought that.

<Dorien> So that's how it is, huh?

  • Misery steps out of your room, frowning.

<Misery> What exactly are you going to do to us, huh?

<Misery> You still want your supplies, you can't kill us.

<Puce> Nah, not you anyway.

<Dorien> What's that supposed to mean?

<Misery> Do you really wanna go that path with us?

<Misery> Because I'm sure you don't wanna piss off my father.

  • Dorien glances at Misery at that, but says nothing
  • Puce just smirks

<Puce> your father won't do a damn thing, girl.

<Puce> 'cause he knows what's good for him

<Dorien> Yeah? Well what about mine? What do you think would happen if he found out about your little two-bit operation?

<Puce> I heard he ain't been so well lately. Real shame.

<Dorien> He's still plenty well enough to lock your skeezy ass up

<Puce> An' I bet he'd give you a big hug for bein' such a good boy

<Puce> Double order this month.

  • Puce nods to his goons and will turn to leave your house
  • Dorien will clench his fists
  • Puce departs, and about 10 seconds later you hear a scream

<Misery> o_O

  • Dorien will run outside
  • Misery follows
  • Argent will come out in response to the scream
  • Puce is hiding behind his wall of bodyguards, looking pale and staring down the end of your street

<Puce> what the fuck?

<Dorien> ?

<Puce> Some big motherfucker with antlers! he was right there!

  • Puce points, but there's no one there now, at least not that you can see

<Dorien> Antlers?

<Dorien> Son of a bitch...

  • Argent will move past the bunch of people and check for any signs of tracks... also detect evil and chaos for lingering auras
  • Dorien will go with him

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can roll for the tracks - you do detect a lingering aura of evil and chaos, Argent)

  • Dorien will look at Puce. "I think you were just leaving?"

<Argent> (33)

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent, you can see some faint tracks - it's icy, so they're very hard to see, but they don't look like regular horse prints

<Dorien> Was it here? Do you know where it went?

  • Argent points out the prints to Dorien

<DiablotinNarrator> You can't track them, however - you just feel it's enough to sense that someone/something *was* physically there.

<Dorien> Fuck.

<Dorien> And here today started out so lovely.

<Puce> Let's get the fuck out of here

  • Puce says to his meat-shields

<Argent> It definitely was here... but why?

  • Puce and his associates will depart hastily in the opposite fucking direction

<Dorien> (w)Keep walking, you piece of shit.

  • Misery shivers

<Misery> Was it looking for me?

<Dorien> I... no. There's no reason to think that.

<Argent> Why do you think that Misery?

<Misery> if it was that ... thing... that came through the night I was stabbed

<Misery> maybe it's got my blood... trail... or something

<Dorien> There've been a lot of sightings of fairies lately. It's probably just coincidence.

<Argent> I wont deny there are magics that work that way

<Misery> it's freezing, let's go back inside >.>

  • Argent will pad back inside
  • Misery retreats back into Dorien's room to hide under the blankets ;p
  • Dorien will stare at the street for a few moments after the other two go in.

<Dorien> Fuck...

<Argent> (do I think there is any way to detect if there is some sort of link between Misery and something... detect magic, poison, alignments, anything?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (could talk to someone who knows about blood magic... those nice Serpent cult folks probably? ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I mean particularly the more crazy sort, that's kind of their bag. but maybe even the less-crazy kind? ;)

<Dorien> On the way inside, Dorien will punch the wall hard and probably bloody his knuckles.

  • Argent begins to catalogue the names of all the other SK that were stabbed but survived that night.

<DiablotinNarrator> (I can give you that list - although not right this second)

<Argent> I know you're mad, but that's not going to help things.

<DiablotinNarrator> (brb bio and then moving on to Zola and Hugo, and Argent - busy day for Argent ;)

<Dorien> Well... then it's about as effective as everything else I've done.

<Dorien> (heh)

Zola, Hugo, and Argent meet Osmyn

<DiablotinNarrator> Zola, Geff is bringing his fiance by the club for dinner, as promised. Tits will be there, and you can invite a +1 if you want, perhaps Hugo? if you're not still too miffed with him ;)

<Hugonel> (nahh, she has to forgive me, I have a 21 Diplomacy)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay Harpoon)

  • Zola has fiesty attitude and a fairly good SM.
  • Zola is all excited, and Hugo has to help pick out a suit for Geff!

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent, you're going to be waiting on them this evening ^-^

  • Hugonel will arrive exquisitely dressed, with a scarlet scarf and a coat with tails.
  • Zola has certainly coordinated with Hugo, despite him being a reckless selfish butt

<Argent> (as I guessed)

  • Geffrard arrives, more than usually dressed up, although his best suit is still pretty plain compared to Hugo's splendor ;p
  • Osmyn accompanies him. He's quite small and thin, with dark hair and eyes and a neatly-trimmed beard.
  • Zola waves to Geff when she sees him and goes over, all bright red lipped smiles, to give him a hug.
  • Osmyn has a slightly Psyrene flair to his clothing, although not too flashy

<Zola> Oooh!

<Geffrard> Good evening

  • Geffrard hugs Zola back

<Zola> And this must be Osmyn!

<Geffrard> Yes

  • Zola gives him an excited tiny hug

<Geffrard> Osmyn, this is Zola, and Hugo

<Zola> I'm so glad to meet you finally :D

<Osmyn> It's a pleasure

<Hugonel> Gentlemen, a pleasure.

  • Osmyn kisses your cheek, Zola
  • Zola smiles :D

<Zola> Come! Sit!

  • Titania has arranged for one of the private booths for the group
  • Titania arrives only a little late, wearing a shimmery pale blue dress

<Titania> Sorry I'm late! That's what I get for planning a dinner in the middle of work, I suppose...

  • Zola blows a kiss at Tits across the table
  • Titania smiles and catches it

<Geffrard> Well, it's weird to be sitting and having people wait on me instead of being at work myself.

<Zola> Hah, Hugo and I are used to loitering about the place...

<Zola> I guess when you're in charge of security it's a little different.

<Zola> Constant vigilence!

<Hugonel> Titania, either you aren't paying this man enough or you're not giving him enough nights off! He deserves to be served now and again!

<Zola> Or... he has better things to do on his nights off >_>

  • Geffrard smiles

<Titania> Believe me, he gets nights off :)

<Geffrard> I don't usually spend them at the club...

  • Hugonel laughs.

<Hugonel> Fair enough, I suppose.

<Geffrard> But it's nice, for a change.

<Hugonel> You shouldn't argue with me when I'm helping you get a raise though, you know. I'm very good at getting my way.

<Geffrard> I had to drag him out ;)

<Zola> Well, we need drinks to start.

  • Geffrard says with a nod to Osmyn, who smiles back
  • Zola will wave to Argent

<Zola> A necessary evil, Osmyn... we just had to meet you.

<Osmyn> I'm glad to meet you as well.

<Zola> So, how long have you been in the city? Just since the end of the war?

  • Osmyn nods

<Osmyn> It's certainly a different experience, being here. But I'm getting used to it.

<Zola> I'm from Ariege, which is pretty big, but it's got nothing on Diablotin... so much life!

<Hugonel> Some days I wish I hadn't spent my entire life here in the city.

<Geffrard> He doesn't much like city life, but he puts up with it.

<Osmyn> There are certain advantages.

<Zola> Awww.

  • Argent steps in
  • Zola orders another cherry bomb :D

<Argent> Anyone else for drinks?

  • Argent will sweep up Zola's empty glass

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent, as you're taking their orders, you make eye contact with the guy you don't recognize here at the table, and you can make a Perception check.

<Hugonel> Yes, white wine for me, please.

<Argent> (26)

<Argent> Your ususal?

  • Hugonel nods.

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent, there is something just slightly off about him.

<Argent> For you sirs?

<DiablotinNarrator> You'd have to take a closer look or spells to figure out more, but you get a weird feeling from his gaze.

  • Argent looks to Geff and his companion.
  • Geffrard will order a beer, and Osmyn will ask for a red wine.

<Argent> (will do once I've slipped away from the table)

  • Argent nods

<Argent> I will be just a moment

<Zola> So what do you do with your time? Wile them away in the city's big libraries? :)

  • Argent steps away and once the conversation picks back up will do the detect alignment (Evil, Good, Chaos, Law) and detect magic on the new fellow.
  • Zola detects as Smokin'

<Osmyn> Ah... close - art galleries :)

<Zola> Oooh, yes, now that I can get behind :)

<Zola> Are you an artist yourself, or simply an appreciative soul?

<DiablotinNarrator> (moderate chaos, and he probably has some magic on him - I hadn't actually considered what, but probably some transmutation at least)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I mean, chaos with a moderately strong aura)

<Osmyn> An artist, yes. I enjoy seeing the many wonderful creations people have made here.

<Zola> Oooh.

  • Zola gives Geff and appreciative look

<Zola> (an)

<Zola> What is your medium?

<Osmyn> Well, once I created murals, mosaics, and such - large pieces for homes and buildings. Here, that is not so much in demand, so I paint for myself.

<Geffrard> He's got all these notebooks with little watercolours... I keep saying he could sell them, but he doesn't want to.

<Zola> It seems a shame there's no demand for it here, what wall couldn't do with art splashed across it :/

<Titania> Maybe we should re-do the green room with some artwork ;)

<Zola> Oooh, yes, or perhaps some of the notebooks could go on display here sometime?

<Zola> Maybe it's just a matter of getting your work out there...

  • Osmyn smiles

<Osmyn> Perhaps.

  • Argent returns with the drinks, and will hand them out.

<Zola> Thanks :)

<Geffrard> Thank you

  • Zola takes a sip
  • Osmyn nods politely
  • Titania gives you a generous tip and a wink ;)

<Hugonel> (does Osmyn look like he's independently wealthy?)

  • Argent smiles at the wink and accepts the tip

<Hugonel> (and/or do I know anything about the Devos family?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (he's well-dressed, and seems cultured. he has a couple items of jewelry - a ring, and an earring. You can roll k: nob to see about the family)

<Hugonel> !roll 1d20+19

  • Zola rolls for Hugonel: [ 1d20+19 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 19 ] totals [ 24 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> (you don't know the name)

<Argent> Zola, I hate to be a bother but, Neva wanted to talk to you about something really quick. About a drink she wanted you to try.... I can bring you over.

  • Zola looks puzzled... "A drink?"

<Hugonel> So what brought you here originally, M. Devos? Business?

<Zola> Did she find some more of that strange wine?

<Argent> I think that's what she said.

<Osmyn> Ah, no... I accompanied Geffrard here at the end of the war.

<Zola> And it can't wait?

<Hugonel> Ah, I see, of course.

<Osmyn> we had met some time earlier, and found that we did not wish to separate when he was to return home. so, I came with him.

<Argent> I got the impression it would only be a moment, but I can let her know it can wait.

  • Hugonel nods.

<Hugonel> Perfectly understandable.

<Zola> No... it's fine, I'll just be a moment, Hugo will keep things moving :)

  • Zola takes a substantially larger sip of her drink and scootches out past Hugo
  • Zola then decides to take the whole thing for a refill
  • Argent will escort Zola away to the bar
  • Zola skitters off ahead of Argent to the bar

<Argent> Sorry about the ruse but I needed to ask you who that shorter gentleman is.

<Zola> Ruse?

<Zola> ...

  • Zola will heading towards the bar though, because now she really does need a refill

<Zola> That's a ... friend of Geff's... why?

<Hugonel> You should come by to see the show - we have a great deal of talent.

<Hugonel> Zola is absolutely wonderful.

<Osmyn> I hope so - Geffrard says she will be performing at the ceremony :)

<Argent> There is something strange about him... I'm not sure what, but it reminds me of the Fae... I'm not saying he is, but its just a feeling.

  • Zola sighs

<Zola> Just a feeling?

  • Hugonel sips his wine.

<Hugonel> Marvelous!

<Zola> Valeen said the same thing... he's just quiet... an artist... and he's from Psyra

<Argent> It was his gaze

<Zola> I didn't notice anything about his gaze...

<Hugonel> Geff, I don't know how you've been keeping this fine gentleman from us.

  • Geffrard smiles
  • Zola will get Neva to give her a refill anyway.

<Geffrard> Like I said, he's kind of a homebody.

<Zola> Well, I don't have anything that ferrets out faeries...

<Zola> Unless you want to ask Jonas if he knows him.

<Argent> I just wanted you to know, see if you get any clues since I can't pay attention all night.

<Hugonel> Well, believe it or not, I do understand. The city can be a daunting place when you're new in town.

<Zola> Alright, I'll watch to see if he tries to steal my soul.

  • Zola sighs, puts her smile back on and heads back to the table.

<DiablotinNarrator> All right - you can have a nice, pleasant rest of the evening, no further weirdness or creepy vibes ;)

  • Zola will ask him for a business card or something ... to promote his art of course >_>

<DiablotinNarrator> (he doesn't have one, but he can give you his number at least?)

  • Zola will also ask him if there's any songs he'd like her to sing, since she knows Psyrene
  • Osmyn will suggest a few, then
  • Zola steals his pen? :P

<Zola> (j/k)

  • Zola will tell Argent she tried to get something for Reverend Mother Larceny but failed

Aubrienne and Lathra are jumped by the Colour Guard

<DiablotinNarrator> Aubrienne and Lathra - I assume you're still checking in occasionally with Raimond and Dasra. He's still weak and tired, doesn't seem to be getting worse, but also not better.

<Lathra> (Yup, definitely still doing that)

  • Lathra finishes checking Raimond's health

<Aubrienne> (Yeah, though at this point she probably feels all she can do is bring him sweets or something)

<DiablotinNarrator> You're heading home from a visit with them, driving in Aubrienne's car. It's late evening - let's say you're headed to the club for opening time.

<Aubrienne> I hope they can help him soon. This is so awful for both of them.

<DiablotinNarrator> The streets are pretty quiet, as it's cold and icy and windy out.

<Lathra> Yes... I've mostly been helping Raimond, but Dasra's suffering too - I do what I can, but the amount of effort she puts into that poor man - there's a toll.

<DiablotinNarrator> You are approaching the Eagle Bridge, chatting away, ready to head across the river, when suddenly something shatters your windshield.

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can open roll20)

<Aubrienne> (eep)

<DiablotinNarrator> (and Aubrienne, you can make a drive check to keep control of the car)

<Aubrienne> (Is that just a Dex check?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (ah, I think I've been treating Drive as a special kind of Ride - so yes, that's Dex-based)

<Aubrienne> (kk)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay you can manage to get the car stopped safely. Up ahead from you there is a small pedestrian walkway over the road - something could have fallen/been thrown from there, maybe

  • Aubrienne looks around and sniffs

<Aubrienne> (Perception and Scent, I'm thinking)

<DiablotinNarrator> You can make Perception and Scent

  • Lathra gets out and helps to look

<Aubrienne> (Not so much on the scent)

<Aubrienne> Lathra, you okay?

<Lathra> Yes dear, not hurt at all - bravo for that fabulous stop!

<Aubrienne> Mostly luck, but thanks. What hit us?

  • Lathra checks the road behind

<DiablotinNarrator> A fist-sized rock is lying there. Aubrienne, as you're looking around, a flash goes off in front of you. You can make a Fort save.

<Aubrienne> (Well, I can attempt one...)

<DiablotinNarrator> yes, that :)

<DiablotinNarrator> not so much

<Aubrienne> (Nohoho)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, you're dazzled for 1 min: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/gamemastering/conditions#TOC-Dazzled

<Aubrienne> Void!

<DiablotinNarrator> Lathra, a voice from the shadows around those trees there says 'Hi there, darky bitch'

<DiablotinNarrator> and now we can roll init

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, Aubrienne is up first

<Aubrienne> Are they armed?

<DiablotinNarrator> It's hard to tell. At the least they have access to a big rock, and magic?

<Aubrienne> (heh. Okay. I'll use the car for cover and Acid Jet the lady nearest to us.)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<Aubrienne> (That was sad)

<DiablotinNarrator> yeah...

<DiablotinNarrato> I feel like you should acid your car's paintwork with a roll like that

<Aubrienne> (Least of my worries at the moment, but Aubrienne will be upset about it later.)

<DiablotinNarrator> Lathra's turn

  • Lathra moves behind the car as well, and draws her gun
  • Lathra points it at the nearest enemy and casts Cause Fear

<DiablotinNarrator> okay - that'd be the one in the trees. what's the save DC?

<Lathra> (15 yeah)

<DiablotinNarrator> wow, and she has a terrible will save...

<Lathra> Booo

<DiablotinNarrator> She steps out of the shadow of the trees and you can see she is armed with two axes, and has a pretty crazy glint in her eye as she attacks Lathra (or tries to, anyway)

<DiablotinNarrator> fortunately she sucks, apparently. I'll say that one dings off the bumper of the car, doing yet more damage to it, though ;p

<Aubrienne> Dammit, people! :p

<DiablotinNarrator> One of the guys up on the bridge will shoot a crossbow bolt at Lathra. I'll say you get partial cover from the car.

<DiablotinNarrator> does 21 hit your AC+2?

<Lathra> (Yeah, AC w/o armour is 13)

<Aubrienne> Lathra!

<DiablotinNarrator> crossbow bolt to the shoulder

<Lathra> Aah!

<DiablotinNarrator> Blondie will cast... something. no visible effect. the other dude will also fire a crossbow bolt at Lathra. Now it's Aubrienne's turn

  • Lathra grits her teeth

<Aubrienne> (Can I use K:Arcana to see what she just cast?)

<DiablotinNarrator> it's dark and she's up on a bridge over you... I think it would be difficult to tell

<Aubrienne> (Fair. Uh, I will cast Vanish on Lathra.)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<Aubrienne> (6 rounds duration, unless she takes an offensive action.)

<DiablotinNarrator> *Lathra gives them all the finger

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - are you done, Aubrienne, or did you want to move or anything?

<Aubrienne> (I'll try to keep the car between me and them. For one more round, at least.)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay. Lathra, you're invisible. what do you want to do?

  • Lathra casts Shield of Faith on Aubrienne

<Lathra> (+2 deflection 5 mins)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

  • Axe girl will shout in surprise/frustration as Lathra disappears, and swing her axes in the general direction of where she was. second one I think could hit, but there's a 50% miss chance. High or low, Ian?

<Lathra> (high?)

<Lathra> (Boo)

<DiablotinNarrator> 6 damage from an axe. The dudes on the bridge are getting antsy - "come on, it's good enough, let's go" says this one. The blonde girl will cast magic missile at Aubrienne

<DiablotinNarrator> The other guy chucks another rock at your car, which thuds off the hood, denting it. Aubrienne's turn

<Aubrienne> (Grr, I don't have a lot that might disable this lady)

<Aubrienne> (I'll try Hypnotism on this lady.)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<Aubrienne> (And spend an Arcane Reservoir point to bump it. So Will DC 16, but she has a +2 because we're in combat.)

<Aubrienne> (Technically, it could affect the others, depends on their hit dice)

<DiablotinNarrator> she goes glassy-eyed. roll 2d4 I guess, to see how many?

<Aubrienne> Hey now, let's calm down, maybe put down the axes, huh?

<DiablotinNarrator> She'll lower her weapons, looking confused

<DiablotinNarrator yeah, I don't think you can tell yet, as they're not right in front of you, but potentially. Lathra's turn. These are people's houses all along here, btw, if you did want to try and get help/shelter

  • Lathra summons a celestial hyena on the close end of the bridge

<Lathra> (Yup! Takes a round to appear)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<DiablotinNarrator> No particular actions from axe girl and her friend on the bridge. The blonde girl, however, is freaking out - "what is wrong with you, let's go, come on!" and shaking/slapping her pals to try and get them to snap out of it

<DiablotinNarrator> it's a standard action for her to shake them out of it <DiablotinNarrator> so she can work on her two pals on the bridge but not the girl with the axes. Aubrienne's turn

<Aubrienne> (I don't think Aubrienne carries her pistol around normally)

  • Aubrienne will walk calmly around to axe girl, kicking her axes out of the way.

<Aubrienne> Why don't you have a seat, or lean against the trunk here, while we figure things out?

<DiablotinNarrator> She'll look a bit uncertain, but leans against the trunk. On lathra's turnl, I guess a hyena appears

<Aubrienne> (Lathra can also act, if she wants)

<DiablotinNarrator> well they're going to book it screaming, but I wanted to know what Lathra wants to do as well :)

  • Lathra stands near axe girl in case Aubrienne needs help

<DiablotinNarrator> (that's assuming she wants it to maul that dude and not just scare them)

<Lathra> (Starting with scare, see how they react)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay. well, the ones on the bridge are all going to run screaming

<Lathra> (wuff)

<DiablotinNarrator> they're really further than that, but I'll leave them at the edge of the board in case

<Aubrienne> I'm not sure what to do with this one. I've got some questions, certainly. Are you okay?

<Lathra> Perhaps the city guard do, too?

  • Lathra winces

<Aubrienne> Can you handle her if I go knocking to find a phone?

<Lathra> I don't know... what's keeping her this way?

<Aubrienne> A spell, and not for long, but, you know, you are also armed.

<Lathra> I could Hold her. And I have a gun?

<Aubrienne> (Hypnotism isn't a very long-lasting spell :/)

<DiablotinNarrator> (her axes are some distance away now, also)

<Lathra>: I don't have any rope here...

<Aubrienne> Okay

  • Aubrienne leans over to the lady

<Aubrienne> Hey, how we doing there? You okay?

<Hypnotized_Lady> uh huh

<Aubrienne> Okay, good. You think you can wait here a moment?

<Hypnotized_Lady> okay...

<Aubrienne> Good.

  • Lathra readies her pistol, and her spell

<Lathra> Maybe I could sit on her...?

  • Aubrienne will bring her face right up to the woman's, as well as bringing her hand up wreathed in flame with a prestidigitation or small illusion.

<Aubrienne> Because if you try to hurt my friend again, I will burn your racist head off. Got it?

<Lathra> Oh yes!

  • Lathra also casts cure moderate wounds on herself

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - you are able to find a telephone in one of these houses that someone will let you use - who are you calling? cops?

<Aubrienne> (Yeah, cops.)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay. you're in the Grand, so cops probably show up pretty quickly ;p And they'll arrest axey mcracist and take her off

<Aubrienne> (Is it possible to get any information from them? Like if they get her name or anything?)

<Lathra> Were you hurt at all, Aubrienne?

<DiablotinNarrator> probably not instantly, but they can take you along to the station if you are willing to go and press charges

<Aubrienne> I'm a little banged up, but their sorc wasn't shit. You?

<Lathra> Not any more

  • Lathra will go to the station to press charges.

<Lathra> (If the cops seem to think it's important)

  • Lathra casts cure light wounds

<DiablotinNarrator> they're anti-attempted-axe-murder, even if you are Shadar-kai.

<Aubrienne> Thanks, Lathra.

  • Aubrienne will give you hugs.

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - you can head along to the station, do your necessary paperwork, and you'll only be slightly late for work. Your car's kind of a mess, though, Aubrienne.

<Aubrienne> That'll be a civil suit. ;)

  • Lathra encourages them to investigate the motive, gives descriptions of the others.

<DiablotinNarrator> Axe girl's name is Marika Dejazet, you can get that much from the cops at least. She's a known colour guard member.

  • Aubrienne can produce decent illusions of the others for a sketch artist. Fucking colour guard.
  • DiablotinNarrator they say they'll try to track down the others
  • Aubrienne will be bitching about this with everyone at work that night.


Korisse and Hettie meet for lunch

  • Korisse has made time to meet with hettie over lunch to talk about life and some things for the film

<Korisse> (Pre Serge-Yves)

  • Korisse is waiting for you in one of your usual cafés, sitting quiet;y alone at a table in the corner
  • Hettienne plops down, unwinding her scarf from her neck.

<Hettienne> Afternoon!

<Korisse> Good afternoon, Hettie

  • Korisse smiles

<Korisse> how have you been?

<Hettienne> Busy, heh.

<Hettienne> Got a lot of extra-curriculars, y'might say

<Hettienne> ;)

<Hettienne> You?

<Korisse> oh, the same, always busy...

<Korisse> I'm thikning about a new art show, maybe as a project after this film

<Korisse> but I've been thinking of taking on an apprentice

<Hettienne> Oh?

<Korisse> Well, an old colleague approached me about it, sort of out of the blue

<Korisse> I hadn't really put much thought into it before

<Hettienne> From Hesperange?

<Korisse> no, from when I was working at the plant

  • Korisse frowns a little

<Korisse> His name's Dorien, he was one of the researchers for a while, but there was an accident...

<Hettienne> Dorien, the slinger kid?

<Korisse> pardon?

<Hettienne> Dorien Voclain?

<Korisse> yes, that's him...

<Hettienne> He sells junk down at Tits'.

<Hettienne> He used to work with you? O_o

  • Korisse blink

<Korisse> yes...

  • Aubrienne (Mibbit@ has joined #gnomeland

<Korisse> I... hmm

<Korisse> he came to me, asking if I would be take n someone he had been training as an apprentice...

<Korisse> A shadar kai woman name Misery...

<Hettienne> Yeah, I think I've seen her with 'im at the club.

<Korisse> oh.

  • Korisse looks pertrubed

<Korisse> you mean.... slinging... as well?

<Hettienne> Yeah, lookin' for rubes.

<Korisse> Oh.

<Korisse> :|

<Hettienne> What's she meant to be doin' for you?

<Korisse> I had rather liked her...

<Korisse> That was still under consideration.... but assisting with some of the alchemical preccesses involved in film effects, film processing.... that esort of thing.

<Hettienne> Uh-huh...

<Hettienne> Brie knows 'im too

<Hettienne> She uh, does business with 'im.

  • Korisse sighs

<Korisse> hmm :/

<Korisse> I love Aubrienne dearly, but her habits do make her unrelable at times....

<Korisse> Honestly the actors I work with hardly need any encouragement for tht sort of thing already.

<Hettienne> Listen, I ain't gonna tell you what t'do, but better you be in the know...

  • Korisse stirs her coffee glumly

<Korisse> I suppose I will at least he to talk to her about it, but I admit I am very disappointed

<Hettienne> I'm sorry hon :/

<Korisse> We shall see how it goes at least

<Korisse> I suppose I could try and recruit someone but the whole process sunds so exhausting

<Korisse> having someone just turn up was a different matter. She even liked my movies.... though I suppose that could have been a sham :/

<Hettienne> Maybe she's tryin' to turn a leaf... but they shoulda said.

  • Korisse nods

<Korisse> I don't know, maybe they alluded...? :/

<Korisse> I suppose it could be difficult to bridge

<Hettienne> Yeah, maybe.

<Korisse> she was recommended by Dorien's old teacher too!

<Korisse> Maybe she doens't know either

<Hettienne> Well, why would she, unless she comes to Tits' on the regular, heh.

  • Korisse nods

<Korisse> Well.

<Korisse> I shall have to consider that, I suppose

<Korisse> but how are things with you?

<Hettienne> Kind of... odd?

<Hettienne> Went down under the city sorta for old times' sake, and we found these rat things...

<Hettienne> They were sick, but with mushrooms?

<Hettienne> Like the mushrooms had got in their blood, and in their heads, and took over everything.

<Hettienne> Heh, sounds like it could make a movie now I think of it.

<Korisse> it does, they sound revolting :o

  • Korisse says with interest

<Hettienne> I could try 'n' draw you one...!

<Korisse> yes please! :D

<Korisse> but it does sound quite concerning outside of a film...

<Hettienne> Yeah... I can't stop thinkin' what if it got in a person.

<Hettienne> What would it make 'em do?

<Hettienne> they were puffin' out some kinda spores. I don't think they got any of us though

<Korisse> ugh D:

<Korisse> that's good

<Korisse> and with all those attacks happening around the city

<Hettienne> Gotta think it ain't coincidence

<Korisse> We certainly live in interesting times, yes

  • Korisse nodd

<Hettienne> (we can move on to other topics and blah blah blah :)

Hettienne faces Serge-Yves' disapproval of Nycki

  • Hettienne has been quasi-dreading this conversation with Serge-Yves, but at the same time doesn't want to avoid him :x

<Serge-Yves> (is this the same day he arrived, or later?)

<Serge-Yves> (just curious how long he has had to stew ;)

<Hettienne> (maybe later? certainly after Nycki's gone obvs)

<Hettienne> (maybe after work later >.>)

<Serge-Yves> (okay. I expect he'll pick up at your job and roll in sometime afternoon the next day ;)

<Serge-Yves> (on the plus side he might be in a better mood? ^-^)

<Hettienne> (haha)

  • Serge-Yves shows up sometime early afternoon the following day
  • Hettienne is bustling around making a token effort to tidy her sewing area.

<Serge-Yves> hey sis

<Hettienne> Oh hey!

  • Hettienne flashes him a grin.
  • Serge-Yves smiles back, but seems a bit tired

<Hettienne> Rough night? :v

<Serge-Yves> well, busy anyway :)

<Hettienne> Heh.

  • Serge-Yves sits down on the couch, stretching lazily
  • Hettienne stuffs a bunch of knitting needles into a basket.

<Serge-Yves> seems like you been busy too

<Hettienne> Oh, well, y'know.

<Hettienne> KOrisse got me workin' on somethin' for her...

<Serge-Yves> yeah?

<Hettienne> Some arty stuff for her flicks.

<Hettienne> Really swell :3

  • Serge-Yves nods

<Serge-Yves> She's a stand-up dame. You got some good friends, Hettie.

<Hettienne> You should come out for coffee with us; she'd love t'see you...

<Serge-Yves> sure, that'd be nice

<Serge-Yves> so... house's quiet. Denise an' her boy must've gone out ;)

<Hettienne> Yeah, I s'pose...

<Hettienne> They're awful cute, ain't they?

<Serge-Yves> Cute until it's the third time they're goin' at it in an hour an' you're tryin' to sleep ;)

  • Hettienne barks a laugh.

<Hettienne> Teenagers...

<Serge-Yves> Yeah.

<Serge-Yves> They seem happy, though. I hope he treats her good.

<Hettienne> She wouldn't stand for nothin' else...

<Hettienne> He'd get his ass beat, heh.

<Serge-Yves> true enough

<Serge-Yves> An' what about you?

<Serge-Yves> What'd you do to someone who don't treat you good?

<Hettienne> . o O (oh I walked into that.)

  • Hettienne thins her lips, her jaw muscles tightening.

<Hettienne> Look, I know seein' Nycki were, uh, kind of a surprise...

<Serge-Yves> you don't say

<Hettienne> It ain't as simple with her as... as I wanted to think, Serges!

<Serge-Yves> she got you sent to *prison*

<Serge-Yves> she took those years of your life away. took you away from *us*.

<Hettienne> That weren't what she wanted to happen, though!

<Hettienne> She thought her bosses would take me on with her.

<Hettienne> SHe didn't know all ... all that was gonna go down.

<Serge-Yves> is that what she told you?

<Hettienne> I know you're gonna say she's lyin'.

<Serge-Yves> she lies all the time

<Serge-Yves> it ain't even her job, it's like... her calling :p

<Hettienne> Why would she have left all that stuff for me to find if she didn't care some?

<Serge-Yves> I don't know, hon. She could care an' still be a liar. She could care an' still care more about savin' her own skin.

<Hettienne> I know she ain't perfect. *She* knows she ain't.

<Hettienne> BUt she's tryin'... :(

  • Serge-Yves sighs

<Serge-Yves> I just don't wanna see you get hurt again.. or end up in trouble over her.

<Hettienne> Me neither...

<Hettienne> I didn't set out to get back with her.

<Hettienne> I was tryin' t'find out why she was snoopin around after Vairon. :/

<Hettienne> And then I heard some things that really got up my nose and I sorta broke into her house >.>

<Serge-Yves> o_O

<Hettienne> Yeah...

<Serge-Yves> an' from that you got back together?

<Hettienne> ... Yeah.

  • Serge-Yves shakes his head in amazement/disbelief

<Serge-Yves> you've thought about this, huh? like, how crazy it all sounds? an' you're goin' with it anyway?

  • Hettienne sighs.

<Hettienne> I guess so.

<Hettienne> I just... once I couldn't be mad at her no more, I couldn't stop feelin'.. t'other way

<Serge-Yves> she got some kinda magic cooch powers or somethin'?

<Hettienne> Hah

<Hettienne> I don't think you really wanna know :p

  • Serge-Yves smiles slightly at that

<Serge-Yves> I'll take that as a yes.

<Serge-Yves> ... are you happy, Hettie?

<Hettienne> ... Yeah. Yeah, I am.

<Serge-Yves> well... I ain't gonna be a dick about it, so long as you're happy. But if she jerks you around again... it ain't gonna be pretty.

<Hettienne> That's a deal I'll take.

  • Hettienne grins.

<Serge-Yves> You told the rest of the family yet?

<Hettienne> Aw hell no.

<Hettienne> Just Denise.

  • Serge-Yves nods

<Hettienne> I don't need to give Pat that kinda ammo.

<Hettienne> They gotta find out sooner or later though...

<Hettienne> <.<

<Serge-Yves> yeah...

<Serge-Yves> Maybe if you mix it in with a bunch of other news, they won't notice ;p

<Hettienne> I could start with Alain and work up :p

  • Serge-Yves nods

<Serge-Yves> You tell one or two, the word'll get around anyway.

<Hettienne> No one gossips like family.

  • Hettienne says wryly.

<Serge-Yves> ain't that true

<Serge-Yves> I think I might take a nap 'fore dinner

<Hettienne> Poor, worn out muffin :P

<Serge-Yves> well, that guy with the guitar at your club has a lot of energy ;)

<Hettienne> Hah!

<Hettienne> Alright... if Den comes back to cook I'll get her to wake ya...

<Serge-Yves> sounds good

<Hettienne> Otherwise it'll probably be the smell of burnin' :p

<Serge-Yves> heh

  • Serge-Yves settles down for a nap on the couch, then

Aubrienne visits Eirlys

  • Eirlys is mostly confined to her room and resting
  • Aubrienne knocks lightly on the door

<Aubrienne> Eirlys?

<Eirlys> yes?

<Aubrienne> Can I come in? I brought you some food.

<Eirlys> all right...

  • Aubrienne enters with a salad and [whatever she drinks]

<Aubrienne> How are you?

<Eirlys> weary

<Aubrienne> I'm sorry.

<Aubrienne> I'm sure all of this must be difficult.

<Eirlys> how long must I stay here?

<Aubrienne> I'm not sure. I don't think they mean to hold you prisoner. We brought you here because you were injured.

<Aubrienne> Well, if I'm being honest, also because we had questions we thought you could answer.

  • Eirlys nods

<Aubrienne> Which is actually part of why I'm here. There are still some questions I'd like answered, if possible, that don't really concern the others so much.

<Eirlys> I can try... what do you wish to know?

<Aubrienne> Why Jean-Faust?

<Eirlys> because he listened.

<Aubrienne> All right.

<Aubrienne> Why keep him there?

<Eirlys> it wasn't safe to send him back... your people were killing each other.

<Aubrienne> That's fair. But that hasn't been true for a while.

<Eirlys> hasn't it?

<Eirlys> besides, he wanted to stay

<Aubrienne> Did you want him to?

<Aubrienne> He cares for you very deeply.

<Eirlys> I enjoyed his company

<Eirlys> I am ... fond of him.

<Aubrienne> How gracious.

  • Aubrienne scowls.

<Eirlys> you think that is not enough.

  • Eirlys guesses

<Aubrienne> He's in love with you.

<Aubrienne> Crazy, desperate to see you, live on another plane kind of love.

<Eirlys> he is.. but he is also a human.

<Aubrienne> And you're *fond* of him.

  • Eirlys sighs

<Eirlys> I've seen what happens when my folk love humans. it ends badly for all concerned.

<Aubrienne> How so?

<Eirlys> Humans have short lives, and shorter attention spans.

<Aubrienne> I suppose I'm not exactly the person to argue that, but what about it?

<Eirlys> When a fey's emotions are engaged, it can ... overwhelm a human. destroy them, even.

<Eirlys> I care for him enough to not subject him to that

<Aubrienne> You care for him enough not to love him.

<Eirlys> yes

  • Aubrienne says with as little recrimination as possible.

<Aubrienne> That...must be difficult.

<Eirlys> It's better than the alternative

<Aubrienne> I'm really in no position to say otherwise, but it still seems sad.

  • Aubrienne sighs.

<Aubrienne> Are you in danger if you return to your home?

<Eirlys> probably... but I don't know what will happen if I remain here

<Eirlys> my land, my people, will be in danger without me

<Aubrienne> Is there anything we can do to help?

<Eirlys> I don't know

<Eirlys> my daughter must be born safely...

<Aubrienne> Does she need to be born there to be born safely?

  • Eirlys shakes her head uncertainly

<Eirlys> I don't know... I don't think so

<Aubrienne> Well, you seem to be safe here for the time being.

<Eirlys> yes...

  • Eirlys plucks idly at the bedspread, and a few tiny leaves fall to the floor

<Aubrienne> If you want your daughter to be safe, going back right now seems like a bad idea.

  • Eirlys nods

<Aubrienne> Maybe we can go back? Try to help your people in the meantime?

<Eirlys> they think she may be infected with the blight

<Aubrienne> What will that mean?

  • Eirlys puts a hand over her stomach

<Eirlys> it means that rather than see her taken by decay and darkness, I would kill her myself first.

<Aubrienne> ...Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

<Eirlys> yes

<Aubrienne> I'll let you rest.

<Eirlys> thank you...

<Aubrienne> And I'll see what we can do for your people in the meantime, but I don't really have any pull.

  • Eirlys nods

<Eirlys> thank you, again

<Aubrienne> You're welcome.

Zola, Aubrienne, Justen, and Xanadhil compare notes

  • Zola has been waiting for Aubrienne in one of the sitting rooms, for moral support and also in case Eirlys might be up for another visitor...
  • Aubrienne will enter, looking worried and lost in thought.
  • Zola is also lost in thought, thinking of Xan and Justen >_>

<Aubrienne> Every time I talk to her, I just come away more scared.

<Aubrienne> And sad, I suppose.

  • Zola blinks
  • Xanadhil has been pressed into bringing up some tea for visitors, and peeks in bearing a tray

<Zola> Oh... it didn't go well then?

<Aubrienne> It went...about as well as it ever goes.

<Aubrienne> Oh, hello M. Orecalo.

<Xanadhil> Mlle. Romilly, Mlle Zola

<Xanadhil> Tea?

  • Zola 's cheeks flush briefly, and she gives him a little wave.

<Zola> Please :)

<Zola> So, you think I should come another time then?

  • Xanadhil sets down the tray
  • Justen will emerge from the study on hearing Xan's voice
  • Xanadhil smiles at him and ours an extra cup

<Justen> thanks :)

<Justen> how are things going?

<Aubrienne> Frustrating.

<Xanadhil> Father says you were going to try and talk to her....yeah

  • Zola also gives Justen a little wave with her spare hand.

<Zola> Did you learn anything helpful about Jean-Faust?

<Aubrienne> Well, I learned she's 'fond' of him.

  • Aubrienne scowls.

<Aubrienne> She says that it's not wise for a faerie to love a mortal, but it still bothers me.

<Zola> Hrmph.

<Justen> :/

  • Zola will get Aubrienne's tea ready and hand it to her

<Xanadhil> none of the stories i've found have turned out well.... but I'm not really convinced it is the sort of thing one can choose or not

<Xanadhil> and it isn't like this is going all that swimmingly either.

<Aubrienne> Thank you, Zola.

<Aubrienne> I'm not sure if I should be comforted or concerned about the idea that it's not a choice.

<Aubrienne> I don't like the idea of a one-sided love here, but I also don't want Jean-Faust to be in any more danger.

<Zola> Well we still don't know what mucked about with his memories.

<Zola> Do we?

  • Zola looks at Xan?

<Xanadhil> No

<Xanadhil> not really

<Zola> Does your father know any spells that might restore them? He's a pretty powerful sorcerer isn't he?

<Xanadhil> There are spells....

  • Xanadhil considers

<Zola> I've been looking into one lately, but I don't think it'd be of any use...

<Xanadhil> I don't think they are ones he knows, but I have a friend who might be able to help to some extent

<Zola> It only shares memories, but I'd think if some were missing it still couldn't find them.

  • Xanadhil nods

<Xanadhil> The one I'm thinking of is a more powerful version - Modify Memory. It can help someone remember particular events that they experienced

<Zola> Yes, I looked into that one too but... I'm not quite there yet...

  • Xanadhil nods

<Xanadhil> If you and Jean-Faust would want to try that though, I can talk to Sirris.

  • Xanadhil says to Aubrienne

<Aubrienne> I'll talk to him about it.

<Aubrienne> I think he'd like to get his memories back, but he's also afraid of what they might be.

<Xanadhil> okay, you know where to find us, if you decide you do want to try it.

  • Xanadhil nods to Justen
  • Justen nods

<Justen> we'd be happy to help, if there's anything we can do

<Aubrienne> I appreciate it, really.

  • Xanadhil nods

<Justen> this must all be very difficult to deal with

<Aubrienne> I realize all this has been intruding upon your home and hospitality.

<Justen> well, Xan's bedroom might have to be mowed at some point, but it isn't so bad for us :)

<Xanadhil> yeah... it isn't like I've been using it

  • Aubrienne gives a weak smile
  • Zola laughs a bit more freely

<Aubrienne> I think I'm just upset that it's not over. I was just trying to get my brother back, and hopefully help Raimond, and we only accomplished the first, and it seems to just lead to more problems...

<Xanadhil> Plus, hey, now I have a contract form the Court Sorcerer's office to keep looking in to things...

  • Aubrienne sighs.

<Justen> getting paid is a plus :)

<Zola> Has Eirlys had any ideas about the dreamers?

  • Zola looks more to Xan

<Justen> because let's face it - it's not like you could stop yourself from doing more research at this point anyway...

<Xanadhil> yeah.... I don't think I could have really stopped myself at this point anyway...

<Xanadhil> heh

  • Xanadhil smiles at Justen, but looks back to Zola

<Xanadhil> nothing useful, unfortunately

<Xanadhil> She's just been concerned for her friend

  • Zola nods... "She might know more too... if we could find her."

<Xanadhil> yeah, but we don't have much of use to go on, unfortunately

<Xanadhil> We could ask the Reverend Mother, but she's got a lot of things on her plate

<Zola> I was thinking maybe if Eirlys was willing we could share a memory of what she looks like... that might help with divination, right?

  • Xanadhil nods

<Zola> Aubrienne could do a minor image if I pass the memory along to her...

<Xanadhil> it might be worth someone trying it, but we have no idea what plane to start on - here, or the First world or the dream realm...

  • Zola nods :/
  • Xanadhil considers

<Zola> We'll figure it out.

<Xanadhil> if we could learn a little more about her, it might be worth tryig a sending

  • Zola sets her hand on Aubrienne's and gives it a squeeze

<Aubrienne> She said something else that worries me.

<Xanadhil> oh?

<Aubrienne> She said her daughter needs to be born safe, but, if she has the Blight that Eirlys is so afraid of, she said she'd rather kill her daughter than 'see her taken by decay and darkness'.

<Xanadhil> Ahh.

<Xanadhil> :|

<Justen> how terrible :/

<Aubrienne> Yeah.

<Aubrienne> I don't entirely know what to do with that.

<Zola> Maybe she's just imagining the worst of what this blight might do?

<Xanadhil> WE really dont know much about it yet

<Justen> do you think there'd be any benefit to going back to talk to Feoras? or his, ah, associates?

  • Justen asks Xan

<Xanadhil> It might. At least we could get an idea of how much of the First World is affected, and what might be happening to cause all of this

<Xanadhil> Feoras is an Austvagoy shaman

<Xanadhil> They're elves that live on the edges of the Silver Desert

<Zola> Ohhh...

<Xanadhil> He was able to take us to the First World once, and meet with some spirits that they consider ancestors

<Zola> Yes, you'd said something about that when we were at your offices reading.

  • Xanadhil nods

<Justen> well, it'd be a faster trip this time, potentially

<Xanadhil> yes

<Justen> although they're nomadic, so we'd have to track them down

<Xanadhil> Well, him I can definitely Send too :)

<Justen> but I thought maybe his ancestors might have some insight

<Xanadhil> yeah

<Zola> I wonder how that works... if your ancestors go to the First World, but you can just plane shift there... is that like... cheating?

<Aubrienne> Oh, fair question.

<Xanadhil> It wasn't really planeshifting...

  • Xanadhil makes a face, recalling the vile drink involved

<Xanadhil> We travelled through the astral plane

<Zola> Ahhh. I meant like... if a sorcerer just sortof popped in...

<Xanadhil> I wouldn't recommend dropping in uninvited

<Justen> they're a bit ... dubious about strangers

<Xanadhil> even if they are your ancestors, that doesn't mean they're friendly

<Zola> Hmm.

<Justen> especially human strangers >.>

<Zola> I wonder what they think of Shadar-kai... Eirlys seemed pretty spooked.

<Aubrienne> Yeah

<Zola> We didn't get a chance to ask about that...

<Aubrienne> Well, I think she'll be around for a little bit.

<Xanadhil> I think that has to do with the relationship between the planes

<Xanadhil> Shadar-kai's... essence, I guess, is formed out of the stuff of the Plane of Shadows

<Xanadhil> they don't have the same kind of soul as us, essentially

<Xanadhil> and Fey are similar

<Xanadhil> made of the stuff of the First World

<Zola> But why didn't we give her the heebie jeebies then?

<Justen> I don't know. Maybe there's some more fundamental opposition between the First World and the Shadow Plane.

  • Xanadhil nods

<Zola> Like the elemental planes? Huh...

<Xanadhil> something like that, anyway

<Xanadhil> certainly the relationship is different between here and the First world

<Justen> Maybe it has to do with the ... difference between Shadar-kai and the elves, too. if the First World is where the ancestors of elves came from, or went, or ... whatever.

  • Xanadhil nods

<Xanadhil> Im sure it ties in

<Xanadhil> and that might be related to why the Shadar-kai seem to have been targeted here to some extent

<Xanadhil> that might be somethign else to ask Feoras about

<Aubrienne> Well, it's not like they're only targeted by the fey.

<Justen> they're a lot older and there's probably been plenty of time to develop philosophical disagreements ;p

<Aubrienne> Speaking of which, we really need to find out more about these various factions of faeries.

<Xanadhil> heh, there's taht too

  • Xanadhil nods
  • Zola sighs at Aubrienne's reference to the attack on her and Lathra

<Zola> Well I guess we can probably assume the mushrooms under the tree are tied up with this Amanita..

<Xanadhil> :/

<Zola> But nothing that's happened at the Cabaret's been mushroom themed:|

<Xanadhil> yeah... unless they alo came here to get away from the blight

<Aubrienne> That's my thinking.

<Zola> It seems strange that they'd come to the city except... there was something I read about the irminsul, that made it sound like they attract other fey...

<Zola> Or was that the hamadryads?

<Aubrienne> There's sort of a...refugee kind of feel to some of these other fey.

<Xanadhil> They're kind of connected.... but the irminsul is definitely the known attractant.

<Zola> So... is it here? Should we be looking for it?

<Xanadhil> As far as anyone can tell, the trees in the Shade are at least related, and might be becoming one

<Xanadhil> the fact that they might be affected with this blight is pretty concerning

<Zola> That might not be new though... if the fire wasn't really the kind of thing that should have destroyed the old one.

<Zola> Has Eirlys confirmed it's the same thing?

<Zola> The creepy talking fungus...

<Xanadhil> I don't think she's been in a position to do so

<Xanadhil> we'd have to take her out there

<Zola> Well, not necessarily... I could take a trip down, I guess...

<Zola> Share that memory too.

<Zola> They must be guarding them now, yeah?

<Xanadhil> there are guards, and some other protection, is my understanding

<Zola> Maybe Hugo can get an OK from his uncle...

<Xanadhil> maybe

<Zola> The trees didn't attack, right? It was just the mushrooms underground?

  • Zola looks at Aubrienne >_>

<Aubrienne> Yeah, the trees themselves didn't seem to be dangerous.

<Aubrienne> But the mushrooms definitely were.

<Xanadhil> if you just wanted to look at them I don't think that would be a problem

<Zola> Want's not really the word for it, but it'll do.

<Xanadhil> :/

<Zola> I'm a firm believer that mushrooms don't belong anywhere other than on a plate :)

  • Justen chuckles

<Xanadhil> heh

<Xanadhil> well, that's some thing to look into anyway.

<Xanadhil> I know none of that is going to help your brother directly... but knowing more about the blight, and if there is anything we can do about it, might be good for his kid, at least

<Aubrienne> I'm very concerned for my brother, but I'm also worried about the city and its people. The influx of dangerous fae, the incursion by this alien Blight...it's awful.

<Aubrienne> Anything I can do to help, I'll gladly do so.

  • Xanadhil nods

<Xanadhil> I'm happy to keep you guys up to date too, as we learn more

<Zola> Thanks :)

<Aubrienne> Thank you. :)

Denise and Argent hang out

  • Denise will come hang out for a bit after work one night then :)
  • Denise has not been around for general hangouts as much lately, for Reasons >.>
  • Argent welcomes Denise into the chilled appartment... damn winter.

<Argent> welcome to the chilled hovel.

<Argent> I believe you know where the couch is

<Denise> you guys need one of them little coal heater things

<Argent> I'll see if the kettle has frozen and get us something warm to drink

<Denise> I kinda figured Dorien an' Miz would have the place all chemical heated or somethin'

  • Argent goes and fiddles with the heater to see if he can coax any more warmth out of it.

<Argent> Oh those two have thier own way to keep warm

<Denise> I bet >.>

<Denise> You could always go an' stay with Mireva ^-^

<Argent> Our work hours are not that compatible and its farther from work.

<Argent> for me

<Denise> yeah :/

  • Argent does some quick work in the tiny kitchen and rejoins Denise, plopping in a chair

<Denise> how'ere things goin' there?

<Argent> We're good

  • Denise inquires innocently >.>

<Denise> just good? ^-^

  • Argent smiles

<Argent> Her world is very different from mine... I'm enjoying it but it's been eye opening.

  • Denise grins
  • Argent shifts a little uncomfortably
  • Denise thinks better of her followup comment

<Argent> and Enver? How are things?

<Denise> They're real great :D

  • Denise says with a big dopey grin

<Denise> we been spendin' a lotta time together, 's why I ain't ben around so much... partly

<Argent> Oohh.

  • Denise says, considering all the other stuff she's been up to!

<Argent> I understand being busy

<Denise> yeah...

<Argent> the crap that's happened in the past week or so has been crazy

<Denise> yeah, with that faerie Queen an all...

<Denise> I told ya about them rats in the sewers, right?

<Argent> mushroom rats

<Argent> yeah

<Argent> I think that needs to be looked into more

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> I think the channels are

<Denise> they weren't real happy, form what Mickey said

<Argent> those mushroom guys are tied to the fungus queen

<Argent> whos that boss of that thing we fought in the dream

<Argent> If we found some more, I bet I can track them back to thier home.

<Denise> huh

<Argent> mushroom rats, or fungus folk

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> I'm worried too 'bout what they're after down there

<Denise> We could go lookin' for where they're at though

<Denise> I bet Enver'd be up for it

<Denise> though we may want some other folk

<Argent> a few more at least...hmmm

<Argent> I'll need another list

  • Argent sighs

<Denise> I dunno if ant Hettie'd want in, but maybe Nycki would

<Denise> I could ask 'em

<Argent> yeah

<Denise> I bet her folks wanna know what's up too >.>

<Argent> who else has tunnel skills... someone with magic skills may be good as well

<Argent> Think Aubrienne would go?

<Denise> I don't knwo that she'd be real keen on it, but I figure she wants to know what's goin' on enough she would

  • Denise grins

<Denise> Now, imagine trin' to get Mlle Zola down there :D

<Argent> we could buy her some nice rubber boots?

<Denise> heh heh

<Denise> do they make 'em in heels? ^-^

<Argent> hahaha... how should I know?

<Argent> she's putting out a brave effort to help though, so I shouldn't make fun

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> She's swell

<Denise> I just can't picture her trompin' through the tunnels

<Argent> speaking of tracking, there was another fae visit near this place

<Argent> guy with antlers showed up to be all spooky in the street while a thug named Puce was harrassin Dorien and Misery

<Denise> huh

<Denise> ...they weren't together, were they?

<Argent> Puce and antler guy... for sure not, Puce screamed real good when antler guy showed up

<Denise> heh

<Argent> anyways tall dark and antlery disappeared but I found some trace of him... so he definitly was here.

<Denise> what were they doin' around, then? both of 'em, I guess

<Argent> The business between Puce, Dorien and Misery is their business... I only listened in case things came to blows... you have to ask them about it if you want to know.

<Denise> >.>

<Argent> as for the antler guy... I think he was lookin for Misery

<Argent> Don't give me that look

<Denise> no, it ain't that

<Denise> the look I mean

<Denise> I don't know what the Antley guy is after but I hope it ain't her :|

<Argent> I'm suspecting it is.. she was at Tit's when the portal opened... she was cut.

<Denise> yeah.... lots of folks were though...

<Argent> the blood may tie her or the other Shadar-Kai to these ice fae

<Denise> you think they're all in trouble?

  • Argent nods

<Argent> thats the othe list I'm trying to put together and follow up on, see if they've had similar experiences

<Argent> I mean its twice that Fae showed up here, and Misery was here both times.

<Argent> but then so was I and Dorien

<Argent> I think its worth a little effort to confirm

  • Argent will head to fetch hot drinks

<Argent> I'm glad Mireva didn't get cut that night.

<Denise> huh

<Denise> yeah

  • Denise agrees strongly

<Denise> did it actaully come here?

<Denise> :o

<Denise> what did it do?

  • Argent returns with steaming mugs

<Argent> Just stood and stared

<Argent> I ran out right when I heard the scream... probably saw me coming and thought better of it.

<Denise> heh

  • Denise grins

<Denise> I just bet ^-^

<Denise> Maybe you're right though

<Denise> maybe since it needed 'em to get here it's gotta like... keep an eye 'on 'em or something

<Argent> me shirtless, storming out into the street, its an impressive sight.

  • Denise chuckles

<Denise> well clearly you weren't afraid of it bein' cold :V

<Denise> so it just gave up :V

<Argent> I'm glad we agree

<Argent> so two steps there, find out of my blood magic conection holds any water, and then check to see if others are being harrassed.

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> if it is just comin' close maybe they don't know...

<Argent> step three, if its true, is to lure one of these things using it, and take em down.

<Denise> I wish we knew more for real 'bout where folks are seein' fey

<Argent> really anything that has us more acting than reacting is where I want to be.

  • Denise nods

<Argent> I'm all worked up.

  • Argent shakes his head

<Denise> I was just thinkin' that if they were more in places where folks from the club were, that would maybe mean somethin'? I dunno though

<Argent> Names... follow up... we can do it.

<Argent> if its true

<Denise> Can we? Like... when? @_@

<Denise> ugh

<Denise> I wish we could trust other folks to do more :p

<Denise> like, official folk

<Denise> guards or whoever

  • Argent rolls his eyes as well

<Denise> yeah

<Argent> I talked to someone to see about getting help... who knows if anything will come of it

<Argent> you should have seen Hugo and Zola argue

<Argent> about what to do and not to do

<Denise> oh yeah?

<Argent> I think Zola's all in but Hugo... I don't know.

<Argent> he seems more keen on letting others solve it for him

<Argent> I don't know... they were really heated.

<Denise> huh

<Denise> I dunno, I was kinda surprised to see him in on stuff at all, though Mlle Zola told me all about that party they were at

<Denise> with the fey an all

<Argent> If Zola can convince him to help, I'm all for more help, but I'm not gonna spend alot of effort on him.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> yeah

<Argent> So to change subject... how are things with your mom? She doin' ok?

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> she likes her carer, an' things are goin' a bit better at home 'cause of the help, I guess

<Argent> you guess? What's worrying?

<Denise> Well, I just ain't ben there much to see, is all :/

<Argent> She's probably happy you got a boy in your life and understands you're busy.

<Denise> yeah...

<Denise> Serge-Yves is home for a few weeks, he wants to get everyone together

<Denise> an' mam wants to have Enver come over for dinner sometime

<Denise> It just feels like there's so much goin' on, I dunno when any of it'll happen :/

<Argent> I'm sure it will happen, and when it does you'll be able to find the time.

<Denise> yeah.... I guess

<Argent> It sucks worrying though

<Denise> You got anythin' to keep you busy other'n the Fey stuff? and Mir, I guess, when you can see her...

<Denise> like

<Denise> good stuff

<Denise> not more stuff to worry about :p

<Argent> good stuff?

<Argent> Well there's you

<Denise> :p

<Denise> Well I hardly count, I ain't around that much :p

<Argent> I don't think alot about me.

<Argent> I have my job, my other job, my faith, the hunt for fae, my friends... its enough.

<Denise> I guess

  • Denise doesn't sound entorely convonced though

<Argent> I appreciate the concern, but I'm good.

<Argent> I would tell you otherwise

<Denise> Okay

  • Denise seems willing to accept that

<Denise> Just like.... sometimes sgtuff gettin' too mcuh creeps up on you, an you don't always see it comin' 'til you're there

  • Argent will go and hug Denise

<Argent> I know you'd help me if that came up.

  • Denise hugs back

<Denise> yeah

<Argent> and you know that works both ways

<Denise> I just worry there ain't enough folks around to look out for you

<Denise> I got plenty of folk watchin' put for me :)

<Argent> sometimes its not the number but the quality

<Denise> heh, I like havin' both.

  • Denise grins though
  • Argent chuckles

<Denise> but okay, like

<Denise> I know you got your church folks an all

<Denise> an its supposed to be al secret

<Denise> but for serious

<Denise> if somethin' happened to you an you couldn't get to 'em...

<Denise> is there someone I should fine?

<Denise> Find

<Denise> That Priest lady?

  • Argent thinks

<Argent> Yeah, Briony de Jazet or...

<Denise> . o O (I knew it was a B name, anyway... >.>

  • Denise tries to commit that to memory

<Argent> Margeaux, although she may be harder to get to for you.

<Denise> the Arch lady?

<Argent> I think you met her.

<Denise> Oh yeah!

<Denise> when she came lookin' for you at the club

<Argent> if you can't get to Briony, find her

<Denise> where would I loook for Briony?

<Denise> a church?

  • Argent gives an address
  • Denise repeats it back, because that's what Ander makes her do when he wants her to remember something like that, and it seems to help >.>

Aubrienne and Tits talk about fame and fortune

<Aubrienne> (Is there a specific point at which we're setting this? Just sometime after last session?)

<Titania> (yeah, unless there's a specific time that you prefer?)

<Aubrienne> (Not especially. Any specific setup

<Aubrienne> (Ack)

<Aubrienne> (I think their usual thing is going back to Tits' place to chill, right?)

<Titania> (yeah, I think that is pretty frequent)

<Titania> (so that works for me)

<Aubrienne> (I guess as much as the two of them party individually, quiet/alone time is the more unique thing to share.;))

<Titania> (heh, yeah)

  • Titania probably tries to make sure it's at times when Gabby isn't home, although honestly by this point, Gabby has probably run into you a few times at their place ;p

<Aubrienne> (Fair)

  • Aubrienne will make her way to Titania's office at the end of work.

<Aubrienne> Knock knock, pretty lady.

  • Titania is at her desk, but looks up when you arrive

<Titania> Hey :)

<Titania> are you heading out?

<Aubrienne> I miiiight be.

<Aubrienne> But I was more hoping *we* could be heading out, so I can wait if necessary.

<Titania> I'd like that.

<Titania> I'll just be a few minutes, okay?

<Aubrienne> Take you're time. I appreciate the view.

  • Aubrienne will take a seat on the couch, lounging.
  • Titania smiles and finishes whatever paperwork she's working on

<Titania> There - now we can be sure the club's liquor license won't lapse. It seemed important to finish that up.

<Aubrienne> Gods forbid. I don't know what we'd do without it.

<Titania> Exactly. I don't need a riot on my hands.

<Aubrienne> From your staff as much as the customers.

<Aubrienne> Shall we?

<Titania> Absolutely

  • Titania gets her fur coat on to brave the cold

<Aubrienne> I'm parked out back.

  • Aubrienne looks around before offering her arm.
  • Titania takes it

<Titania> (is Aubrienne's car fixed up, or still damaged? and would Tits know about the attack yet?)

<Titania> (just so I know how to react :)

<Aubrienne> (Oh, that's a fair point. Maybe I should erase the parked part.)

<Aubrienne> (If we can back up to there...)

<Titania> (I think your car was still driveable, but might be in the shop if you were having repairs done)

<Titania> (sure)

<Aubrienne> I feel like a real heel, but would you mind driving. I took the trolley today; car's in the shop.

<Titania> Aw, sure. Is it acting up?

  • Titania will lead the way to her car, then

<Aubrienne> It's fine, just a little banged up. Lathra and I had a little run-in with some Color Guard [yesterday?]

  • Aubrienne is happy to follow.

<Titania> What?!

<Titania> What did they do?

<Aubrienne> Threw a rock through my windshield, took a couple potshots at us with crossbows of all things...one of them had a couple of axes. Real psycho, but at least the guard got a hold of her.

<Titania> Ugh :(

<Titania> Are you and Lathra both all right?

<Aubrienne> The car took more damage than Lathra and I did, thank goodness. Lathra got a bad nick, and they had a sorc or something that tagged me with a double-m, but Lath patched us up all right.

  • Titania takes your hand as you walk

<Titania> I'm glad you're okay. How awful :/

<Aubrienne> I put the mind whammy from my act on the axe crazy and Lath scared the others off with a big dog or something.

  • Aubrienne squeezes your hand.

<Aubrienne> Thanks. It was pretty terrifying at the time, but, honestly, after that thing in the First World, a couple of hoodlums don't seem so bad.

<Aubrienne> The thing that does scare me is they must have been waiting for us.

<Aubrienne> Which means they'd been keeping tabs on us to know which way we came from Raimond's to the club.

  • Titania nods

<Aubrienne> I don't want anyone else in danger.

<Aubrienne> Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be in danger, either, but I'd be really upset if someone else got hurt because of me.

  • Aubrienne squeezes your hand again, giving a slightly worried-looking smile.

<Titania> It's just terrible that people think they can get away with something like that

<Aubrienne> Well, they're Color Guard, so I'm thinking they had a screw loose to begin with.

<Titania> I suppose so...

  • Titania arrives at her car

<Aubrienne> Hey, it's okay. The guard came, we were fine.

  • Aubrienne leans over to give you a reassuring hug and kiss.
  • Titania hugs back before getting into the car
  • Aubrienne hops in on the other side.

<Titania> How many other people have they attacked who weren't fine, though...

<Aubrienne> Yeah...

<Aubrienne> Can I ask you a strange question?

<Titania> sure

<Aubrienne> Let me preface this by saying that I love my job here at the club, and I'm very grateful for it. But do you think I should be doing something more?

<Titania> It depends what your goals are.

<Aubrienne> Well, they were to be very famous, hopefully also very rich, and find fun, beautiful, and interesting women to romance.

<Aubrienne> So, you know, one of three is a good start. ;)

<Titania> I mean... I think you should be doing what you want, and what makes you happy, or at least what might help you be happy in the future.

  • Titania smiles at that

<Aubrienne> Believe me, I am doing what I want. Well, right this moment I'm having to refrain because you are driving, but we have all night.

<Titania> Heh

<Titania> Are you asking if there are other things you should do if you still want that whole fame and money thing?

<Aubrienne> No, I just mean...I don't know. I had a conversation with Denise a while back that got me to thinking about trying to make a difference.

<Aubrienne> I've never been political or anything, but I'm a Rat, and my best friend is a shadar-kai, and it's not like things are going great for either of my peoples...

<Titania> Denise, Denise... oh - Ander's girl friday?

  • Titania has to place the name ;p

<Aubrienne> Heh, yeah. She's Hettie's niece, too.

<Aubrienne> And good friends with Argent.

  • Titania nods

<Aubrienne> It's a small world. ;)

<Titania> So you're thinking about whether you can do something more to help?

<Aubrienne> Yeah, essentially.

<Aubrienne> I did the USO stuff during the war, but that was largely to meet girls.

  • Aubrienne smiles and looks shiftily away for a second.

<Titania> how'd that work out? ;)

<Aubrienne> Pretty great. I could give you details sometime if that's your sort of thing. ;)

  • Titania smiles

<Titania> Sounds fun

<Titania> But as for the other stuff...

<Titania> I'm probably not the best person to ask about Rat or Shadar-kai politics. I mean, I know a bit, but mostly just what I hear from people at the club, or read in the papers.

<Titania> I could hook you up with people who might know more, though.

<Aubrienne> Oh, uh, thank you?

<Titania> Only if you want.. No pressure.

<Aubrienne> I mean, I'd love to talk to some people about this, I was just kind of asking if...well...

<Aubrienne> I'm a performer, and I'm great at that, but I worry about being something else, if that makes sense?

<Titania> You worry you wouldn't be good at something else? or that it would take time away from your performing?

<Aubrienne> I guess the former.

<Aubrienne> I mean, the latter is a concern, sure, but, I'm you know, pretty good at what I do.

<Aubrienne> As you well know. ;)

  • Titania smirks

<Titania> I think you could be good at anything you set your mind to, babe.

  • Aubrienne smiles

<Aubrienne> Thanks, sweetie.

<Titania> But maybe your performing could be useful, too. I mean - say for things like fundraising or drawing attention to the cause, that sort of thing.

<Aubrienne> That had always been my line of thinking. I mean, I hate to say it, but it seems easier to help more people if you're rich and famous than not.

<Titania> True enough...

<Aubrienne> But maybe I need to integrate the two ideas more?

<Aubrienne> You do charity events, right?

  • Titania nods

<Titania> We've done a few, yeah.

<Titania> You want to put something together?

  • Aubrienne 's eyes go big for a second.

<Aubrienne> You think I could?

<Titania> Sure, why not?

<Aubrienne> What do you think? Some kind of charity performance?

  • Titania nods

<Aubrienne> I don't want to co-opt anything, but what about that big number Zola's wanting to put together? We could find a good cause, get some big names to come maybe, make it a real event to be at for a premiere?

<Titania> Well, if Zola doesn't feel shoehorned into it, sure.

<Titania> Maybe get some other Rat or Shadar-kai performers in on it, if you want to go that route, but I think it could be good.

<Aubrienne> Like I said, I don't want to steal someone else's thunder.

<Aubrienne> But I'll definitely be thinking about this now.

  • Titania smiles, as she pulls up to her parking space

<Aubrienne> But maybe I'll think about it later. ;)

<Titania> And if Zola isn't keen on it, there's no reason you couldn't do your own thing :)

  • Titania leans over to give you a kiss once the car is stopped
  • Aubrienne will lean into that kiss for a bit, sighing happily.

<Aubrienne> You're the best, you know that?

<Titania> aww, you're sweet

<Aubrienne> Shall we? It's freezing.

<Titania> Sure.

  • Aubrienne will head inside with her arm around Tits, 'for warmth'

<Titania> But really - I'm a selfish, spoiled rich girl who ran away to run a nightclub and sleep with disreputable people. I'm not the best anything, except maybe tabloid fodder :)

<Aubrienne> Aww, I'm disreputable?

<Aubrienne> ;)

<Titania> Well, clearly! ;)

<Aubrienne> But I have quite a good reputation for being disreputable.

<Titania> mmhmm

<Aubrienne> Clearly that makes me reputable, merely in a different way.

<Aubrienne> I'm 'differently reputable.'

  • Titania laughs

<Aubrienne> And you *kiss* are not *kiss* a selfish * kiss* spoiled *kiss* rich girl, and you should be proud of your club.

  • Titania blushes a little, or maybe it's the cold

<Aubrienne> (Has she been in the tabloids recently? I feel like Aubrienne is certainly a reader :p)

<Titania> (trying to think what the most recent things might have been...)

<Titania> (probably nothing toooo much since the incident with the SK stabbings and the Cold Rider - basic fashion and 'seen at this party' kind of things)

<Aubrienne> Besides, most of what they write about you is about you looking fabulous at the best parties. I'm sure the attention can be grating, but it's not necessarily *bad* to be in the papers.

<Titania> I suppose

  • Titania brings us both into her apartment, out of the cold

<Aubrienne> I know it's rough, sweetie, and that you want your own life.

<Aubrienne> You've made a pretty good one, but my estimation, but I guess it's really up to you.

<Titania> Maybe like you, I feel like there's something more I should be doing.

  • Aubrienne hugs.

<Aubrienne> Like what?

<Titania> I don't know

<Aubrienne> Charity, like I was talking about, or getting into the family business...?

<Titania> No, no family business.

  • Aubrienne laughs a little.

<Aubrienne> Okay, so, what would you like to do?

<Aubrienne> I have every confidence you can do whatever you put your mind to.

<Aubrienne> And I'm happy to help as I am able.

<Titania> In a weird way, I'm grateful that someday, who knows when, but someday, the palace won't be home anymore, it'll be someone else's, and I'll just be me. even though it'll mean my father is dead :/

<Aubrienne> Oh, sweetie. :/

  • Aubrienne will take Tit's coat and hang both coats up.

<Titania> He's doing fine, don't worry.

<Titania> Busy enough to have a new girlfriend ;p

<Aubrienne> Oh ho?

<Aubrienne> Juicy gossip?

  • Titania rolls her eyes a bit, but nods

<Titania> Don't tell the Scourge I told you, but yes

<Titania> Very pretty, red hair, bit older than me ;p

<Aubrienne> Oh, I think I've been told to avoid redheads at the moment, but I guess the Emperor can do what he likes.

<Titania> heh

<Aubrienne> Do you know her?

<Titania> Yes. We aren't really close, but we travel in the same sort of circles, I guess you could say.

<Aubrienne> :/

<Aubrienne> Is that awkward?

<Titania> My father's girlfriends are always awkward >.>

<Titania> I mean... I want him to be happy, and not be lonely with Mother gone and so on, but...

<Aubrienne> It can't be easy, I'm sure.

<Titania> How do you date someone when you're the Emperor, you know?

<Titania> There's no way that it could ever be on an equal footing

<Aubrienne> Yeah, I can imagine.

<Aubrienne> How does he even...you know, maybe not the best idea to ask you about your father's love life.

<Titania> heh

<Titania> I don't know if I even know the answer to whatever that question was :)

<Aubrienne> Probably best that way. ;)

<Aubrienne> I have to say though, it does make me question dreams of fame and fortune a bit.

<Titania> Well, there's degrees of these things - you could probably get a little bit famous without it reaching the point where you can't step out your door without someone taking a picture

<Aubrienne> I know. I'm not saying I don't want those things it's just...well, that's it. I *do* want that, in hopefully non-embarrassing, manageable ways. I just feel bad that you have to deal with it whether you want it or not.

<Titania> It was weird when I was little.

<Titania> I just thought that was how things were.

  • Titania shrugs
  • Titania gets out her pack of 'special' cigarettes and will offer you one
  • Aubrienne will gladly take one, producing a small flame to light them.

<Titania> thanks

<Titania> how are things going with your brother, by the way?

  • Titania asks as she settles onto the couch in a cloud of fragrant smoke
  • Aubrienne settles in with you

<Aubrienne> Uh, complicated.

<Aubrienne> Which was inevitable, in hindsight, but is still worrisome.

  • Titania nods

<Aubrienne> He's missing chunks of memory, and I think he's not entirely sure how he feels about Eirlys now.

<Titania> that's rough :/

<Aubrienne> Yeah.

<Aubrienne> Tell the truth, I'm not sure how I feel about her myself.

<Aubrienne> I get the impression she's not especially fond of humans, or at least doesn't think much of us as a whole.

<Titania> hmm

<Titania> Well, there are a lot of humans I'm not too fond of either, but I wouldn't rule out the entire race.

<Aubrienne> She says...she says she's 'fond' of Jean-Faust, but that she can't 'allow' herself to feel any more.

<Titania> what's that supposed to mean?

<Aubrienne> She said it's bad for the fey to love humans. That it can harm the human, somehow.

<Aubrienne> She seems to only be able to communicate vaguely, even though she speaks Averyonais fine.

<Aubrienne> :/

<Aubrienne> It's frustrating.

<Titania> It sounds messy

<Aubrienne> Unbelievably so, but I don't know what to do.

<Aubrienne> Obviously I want Jean-Faust to be happy, but I'm not sure what that means I'm hoping for here.

<Titania> yeah... he might not know either at this point.

<Titania> maybe all you can do is give him time and safety to figure it out :/

  • Titania rests her head on your shoulder

<Aubrienne> I'm certainly trying. My parents are keeping an eye on him, which I'm sure is grating for a grown man.

<Aubrienne> Maybe I should bring him to the club sometime. Try to let him have some normalcy.

<Aubrienne> Well, as normal as the cabaret gets. ;)

<Titania> If you think he'd enjoy it, of course :)

<Aubrienne> I'll bug him about it when I see him. I'm sure he could use getting out of the house.

  • Titania nods

<Aubrienne> Speaking of, I'll be happy when this damn winter is over. It's not fit for man nor beast out there, and, as much as I love your place, I very much enjoyed our previous trip, and I wouldn't mind a drive without freezing.

<Titania> Yes... it's miserable.

<Titania> I don't know whether to blame the weather, or the fey, or some combination of the two.

<Aubrienne> I'm beginning to suspect a combination, but I think we're still a while from finding out exactly what's going on.

<Titania> Ugh... it should be almost spring, so I hope it happens soon.

<Aubrienne> Me too.

<Aubrienne> It's been strange, being party to all of this.

<Aubrienne> Every bit of it feels like I'm way in over my head.

<Titania> well, just keep on swimming

<Titania> it's all any of us can do

  • Titania kisses your cheek

Denise and Enver discuss loss

<Denise> :)

  • Denise shiftes over to snuggle up better to a warm drowsy boy, when there is a sound of tearing fabric...

<Denise> oh shoot :(

  • Enver sits up, looking concerned

<Denise> My toe got stuck :/

  • Denise sits up to try and get free wthout doing more damage

<Denise> Sorry, I know you don't got any other blankets...

  • Enver tries to pull the quilt up to look at the (new) damage

<Enver> I... it's okay... they're pretty beat up already :(

  • Enver looks upset though

<Denise> I'm sorry....

<Enver> It was an accident, it's ... it's not so bad...

  • Enver plucks at the torn fabric

<Denise> how come you don't just get new ones?

  • Denise sits up better to see as well, pulling her knees up to her chest

<Enver> [q] my ma made these

<Denise> oh :(

<Denise> Now I'm real sorry :(

<Enver> it ain't your fault

  • Enver puts his arm around you

<Denise> well I coulda been more careful if I'da known...

  • Denise reciprocates

<Enver> I know I should get some new ones, but it's just... they're all I got to remember her by.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> I prolly could mend it if you wanted...

<Enver> it ain't too wrecked up?

<Denise> well, not yet, anyway

<Denise> but prolly they'd keep better if you weren't always usin' 'em

<Enver> yeah...

<Denise> I guess maybe that ain't the same though :/

<Denise> did she make 'em?

<Enver> I had 'em when I was on the street, an' when Retha took me in...

<Enver> yeah, she did

<Enver> she sewed a lot, takin' in jobs for other folks mostly

  • Denise nods

<Enver> but these she made... one was the one on her bed, an' one was mine

  • Denise nods

<Enver> this one with the blue flowers was hers

  • Enver indicates the (very faded) pattern
  • Denise nods

<Denise> I bet it was real nice when it was new

  • Denise smiles

<Enver> prolly... it was pretty faded when I was little, already

<Enver> She told me once the bits with the flowers was from a dress she had

  • Denise nods

<Denise> yeah, lots of quilts are liek that

<Denise> Aunt Hettie made oen for her friend for the holidays all out of baby clothes from her little one

<Enver> aw, that's sweet

  • Denise nods

<Denise> what was your quilt from, do you know?

<Enver> some was leftovers from things she made for her customers... if she had a little bit leftover, she'd keep it for stuff like that, or for patches

<Denise> what was she like?

<Enver> the ones that are white... or that used to be anyway... was from a man's shirt

<Enver> well... I don't remember her ever bein' mad with me or anythin'. She was always real soft an' kind.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> you know anythin' 'bout her folks?

<Enver> Her name was Mauna.

<Denise> I never heard that name before

<Denise> its nice

  • Enver smiles a little at that

<Enver> She never talked bout family too much, but once we were goin' someplace, I forget where, an' we walked by Daisy Lane, an' she said it was where she grew up. Showed me the house an' that.

<Denise> (is that in the shambles?)

<Enver> (yes)

<Enver> so... after she was gone, I went there, 'cause I thought maybe... I dunno.

  • Denise listens

<Enver> that maybe there was someone there who'd know what to do

<Denise> but there weren't?

<Enver> But the woman there didn't know my ma... she said the lady who had the house before her, she moved to live with her son in Ariege.

<Denise> :/

<Enver> she was nice though... gave me some lunch anyway :/

<Enver> anyway, I didn't know what to do... our neighbour, Mme. Gerron, she took care of the stuff from the house an' all that.

<Enver> but I heard her sayin' I was gonna have to go to an orphanage now, so... I took off.

<Denise> just took your quilts?

<Enver> yeah

<Enver> an like... when I think about it now, I think, there was stuff in there that woulda been smarter to take - or to sell at least an' get the money.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> you were pretty little though

<Enver> but I was all messed up

<Denise> yeah :(

<Enver> or if there was stuff about her family

<Enver> letters or any of that kinda thing

<Enver> it prolly all just got tossed

<Denise> well, maybe

<Denise> there's folks who keep track of stuff though, for rats

<Denise> old folks

<Enver> yeah?

<Denise> yeah

<Enver> so.. you think they'd know who her folks were?

<Denise> they come 'round when folks get hitched or when they're havin' babies an all

<Denise> maybe

<Denise> they might know if she had folks

<Denise> maybe not where they're at

  • Enver nods

<Denise> at least you got her whole name

<Enver> uh huh

<Denise> I told Argent he shod go and ask but he ain't even got that :p

<Enver> :/

<Denise> but I ain't sure he even really wants to

<Enver> who do you go an' ask?

<Denise> uhhhh..

<Denise> well

<Denise> I dunno exactly, but I could find out >.>

<Denise> I bet Ander knows

  • Enver nods

<Enver> ... would it say about my father too?

<Denise> or maybe Uncle Thierry will remember who came an seen him an' Rosalie when Avionne was born

<Denise> maybe

<Denise> I dunno

<Denise> you wouldn't have to ask though

<Denise> prolly

<Enver> I don't know all that much about him

<Denise> well, prolly some is bettern nothing?

<Denise> what do you know?

<Enver> He did some kinda work for the city... an inspector or somethin'? Inspectin' what, I dunno.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> well, maybe it would help, can't hurt to ask I guess

<Enver> I think his name was Luc.

<Enver> She never said it, but once I remember we went to the rooming house up the street where there was a telephone

<Denise> an she called 'im?

<Enver> An' she phoned someone - askin' for money, I guess. Someone whose name was Luc.

<Enver> I think he was married to someone else >.>

<Denise> ahh :/

<Denise> yeah...

<Denise> I think one of my aunts is like that

<Enver> yeah?

<Denise> no one ain't never come out an said

<Denise> but, like, I heard enough to figure it now

<Denise> on mam's side, her oldest sister, Fran

<Enver> the fella keeps on with her, or was it just for a little while an' then it was over?

<Denise> If I'm gettin' all right

<Denise> gran thought that he'd leave his wife an' tke up with her instead, but he never did

<Enver> ah :/

<Enver> I dunno what my ma thought :/ or even for sure if that's what was goin' on.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> coulda been lots of things

<Enver> yeah...

  • Denise rubs your back some
  • Enver leans against you
  • Enver runs his hand over the torn quilt

<Denise> YOu must still miss her lots :(

<Enver> yeah

<Enver> She used to make buns with raisins in 'em, an' she sang when I was goin' to sleep.

<Enver> an' I wish I could've known more about her

<Denise> well, we'll see what we can' find out, okay?

<Enver> okay

  • Enver 's face scrunches up a little like he's trying not to cry

<Denise> Awww, come 'ere

  • Denise pulls you closer
  • Enver buries his face in your shoulder
  • Denise strokes your hair
  • Enver 's chest hitches as he stifles tears

<Denise> you wanna talk about it more or....?

<Enver> dunno

<Denise> well

<Denise> ...

<Denise> you can cry on me, its okay...

<Enver> you don't think it's stupid?

  • Enver mumbles

<Denise> No.

<Denise> When Mam had her accident..... I was so scared, an angry, an' sad an all that.... worryin' she wasn't gonna make it

  • Enver nods

<Denise> That were bad enough, it still makes me upset, thinkin' too hard on it

<Denise> I can't figure actualy loosin' her

  • Enver nods

<Enver> your mam weren't even sick or nothin'... just all sudden like that, must've been bad :(

<Denise> yeah :(

<Denise> an, like, cause it weren't just her

<Denise> like, lots of her work friends, an all, they didn't make it

  • Enver nods

<Denise> an, like...

<Denise> mmm... it still makes me all mad :|

  • Enver nuzzles you a bit
  • Denise sighs, relaxing little

<Denise> I just mean though

<Denise> it ain't stupid to be upset still

<Enver> it was a long time ago...

<Denise> or to be sad about things you have form her gettin' m\essed up

<Denise> yeah, but you only get one mam

<Enver> for a long while the blue one still smelled like her :/

  • Denise nods

<Denise> now it mostly smells like you :3

<Enver> an' a bit like you

  • Denise smiles

<Denise> a bit :3

<Enver> I could get new ones though.

<Enver> an' these ones could go away an' then they wouldn't get more wrecked up

  • Denise nods

<Denise> you could still use 'em some.... just maybe just for special things

<Enver> what sorta special things?

<Denise> uhh

<Denise> I dunno.... :3

<Denise> special... bed things

<Enver> oh @_@

<Denise> or whatever!

<Denise> I didn't mean it like that

<Denise> >.>

  • Enver smiles a little

<Denise> like... Holidays

<Enver> well, it ain't like it *really* means my ma is here - 'cause that'd be a bit awkward sometimes :)

<Denise> or somethin' >.>

<Denise> yeah

<Enver> ...thanks Denise <3

<Denise> huh?

<Enver> just... for listenin'

<Enver> an' tellin' me it was okay

<Denise> aww

<Denise> well, that ain'tr nothin, really :3

<Denise> if you're goin' with someone, you;re supposed to be there for 'em, right? :3

<Denise> or even just regular friends

<Enver> yeah...

<Denise> but like

<Denise> especially if you're goin' with someone one, it means you care for 'em more ;3

<Enver> yeah

<Enver> I... feel that way 'bout you too

<Denise> :3

<Denise> Well

<Denise> that's why we said, we wanna look out and do for each other, right? :3

<Enver> yeah

  • Enver kisses you
  • Denise kisses back :D

Guillame and Ander talk politics

  • Guillame is more prudent than to invite Ander to his house, but he can make a reservation at a fancy-but-discreet restaurant perhaps ;)
  • Ander will show up, of course!

<Guillame> Good evening

<Ander> Evenin'

<Guillame> How are things?

<Ander> They're alright, given everythin' going on in the city

<Ander> Things busy for you?

  • Guillame nods

<Guillame> Yes, quite.

<Ander> I bet

<Ander> But probably not as bad for you as for some

<Guillame> That's true... there are always some who have it worse.

<Guillame> Please, let me give you time to look at the menu. I can wholeheartedly recommend the venison if that's to your liking.

<Ander> hm.

<Ander> last time I have venison was in Psyra - nothing this fancy, that's for sure.

<Guillame> I can imagine.

  • Ander skims through the menu

<Ander> Well, why not.

<Ander> let's see how it compares

  • Guillame nods
  • Guillame will also order the venison, and a bottle of wine for the both of us.

<Guillame> So... I don't wish to rush you into business talk, but I admit I'm curious to know if you've had some thoughts about my previous offer.

  • Guillame says once the waiter is out of the way

<Ander> I have... some thoughts and some questions

<Guillame> I'd be a bit worried if you didn't, to be honest.

  • Ander grins

<Ander> well, lets say they fall into two groups mostly - process, and then expectations

<Guillame> Very well. I'm happy to try and answer them as best I can.

<Ander> alright then. Process first, so as not to put the cart before the horse. You seem pretty confident you can swing me a popularly elected position, so I'm pretty curious exactly how you expect that to work out.

<Guillame> Short answer: money.

<Guillame> Longer answer: I can put a good deal of financial support into your campaign. I'm not planning to bribe voters, but I can make you into a considerably more compelling candidate.

<Guillame> Not that you aren't compelling already, of course.

  • Guillame says with a smile.
  • Ander smiles back

<Ander> well, money's good, and it seems a good bet you'd have more at your disposal than anyone else who might be running

<Ander> at least in the Shambles or Rhenea

  • Guillame nods

<Ander> Shambles for sure.

<Guillame> I believe the Shambles is our best bet.

<Guillame> For a few reasons - not least that it's the strongest concentration of Rats in the city.

  • Ander nods

<Ander> (how close is that between shambles and rhenea?)

<Guillame> (like, percentage wise? I don't know)

<Ander> (well, is there a big difference? I'm sure he's right, but I'm not sure if Ander would have necessarily been sure of that before)

<Guillame> (Rhenea has a fair number of Rats too, but I imagine it's less than the Shambles overall?)

<Ander> (we be po :( )

<Guillame> (yup)

<Guillame> It also has a considerable population of veterans, and I believe your military record would serve you in good stead there.

  • Ander gives that a conceeding nod

<Guillame> And, I say this with the greatest respect to your abilities and skills, the opposition is likely to be less strenuous.

<Guillame> The Shambles has... a difficult reputation to contend with.

<Ander> Not a strong voter turnout

<Guillame> No, traditionally not.

  • Ander will light a cigarette, and offer one to Guy
  • Guillame accepts it politely

<Ander> so what, the elections gonna change all that?

<Guillame> Perhaps, with a candidate who better represents their interests

  • Ander nods

<Guillame> You can't win with the Rat vote alone, but if the Rat turnout is high, it will certainly make a difference.

<Ander> So what do you imagine running a campaign in the shambles will look like?

<Guillame> I imagine you'll get a lot more people out to your rallies and speeches if you offer food and drink.

  • Guillame says bluntly

<Guillame> Granted, that's true in the Grand as well... just that there, the food and drink comes in the form of cocktail parties

  • Guillame says with a slight smile

<Ander> heh

<Ander> Well, I got some experience with those sorts of shindigs.

  • Guillame nods

<Ander> I know how to get people out, but not how to get them to give enough of a shit to come back when it's time to vote

<Guillame> I imagine it will be challenging. The population of the Shambles has a healthy mistrust of government.

<Ander> Can't really blame 'em

  • Ander grins

<Guillame> No, indeed

<Ander> an you said it was the easy path

<Guillame> Yes... well, easier in some respects, I think.

<Guillame> For you, specifically. I have another candidate in mind in Rhenea.

<Ander> oh really?

  • Ander leans back in his chair

<Ander> who's that?

<Guillame> A talented young lawyer named Noren Errazuris.

  • Ander grins

<Ander> A lawyer eh? I see how it is

  • Guillame smiles

<Guillame> Sometimes a veneer of respectability matters, I'm afraid.

<Ander> yeah, the Shambles ain't the place for that

<Guillame> indeed

<Guillame> In the Shambles, the more ... checkered... aspects of your background may be a positive selling point.

  • Ander nods

<Ander> I can see that

<Ander> alright

<Ander> so, rallies, free food, big talks

<Ander> crossin' our fingers

<Ander> i can do that

<Guillame> yes. and - I think this is something you would probably do anyway, but addressing at least certain of the issues that are specific to the Shambles

<Guillame> For instance, problems of infrastructure, of policing and public safety... I'm happy to suggest ideas but I do want to leave some of your policies up to you.

<Ander> mmhmmm.

<Ander> Well that does brong us to the second group - which is, for all this help, just what are you expectin' out of me?

<Guillame> The primary issue on which I would depend on your support is one that I can't guarantee when it may even happen.

<Guillame> The selection process for the next Emperor.

  • Ander nods

<Ander> you got someone in mind for that?

  • Ander asks, not en tirely expecting a straight answer
  • Guillame looks momentarily ... ambivalent? torn?
  • Ander raises his eyebrows at that

<Guillame> Someone close to me has considered the candidacy. Whether I fully support it or not... is difficult to say at present. But I can wholeheartedly say that I want, before I die or am removed from office, to see a Rat on the throne of the Empire.

<Ander> Well, that last part would be nice to see

<Ander> but that's it?

<Guillame> I would also hope - expect - that you would work more generally for the betterment of our House. But I'm not going to tell you specifically how to do that. For one thing, I expect you're more aware of the pressing issues that face people in the less-fortunate parts of the city than I am.

  • Ander nods

<Ander> That is the point, after all, ain't it.

<Guillame> Well... it ought to be.

<Ander> so here's a question then, goin' along with that

<Ander> the Shambles being whsat they are, havein' the rep they do, do you think there's actually much anyone can do to make things better?

<Ander> It's gonna take more than just one voice for that.

<Guillame> One voice is more than no voices.

  • Ander sighs

<Guillame> And for what it's worth, you would have my support in the Inner Council.

  • Ander nods

<Ander> alright then - well, I guess we'll find out.

  • Guillame nods

<Ander> There is one other thing...

<Guillame> yes?

<Ander> A personal-life issue, say

<Ander> which is mostly - is that going to be an issue?

<Guillame> I assume, given that we already addressed, at least in passing, your family connections, that you're referring to your ... companion.

<Ander> mmhmm

<Guillame> I don't think that his presence in your ... general entourage, or indeed household, is a matter for great concern.

<Guillame> People can overlook, hm, what should I say - atypical relationships? particularly when they are able to come up with some plausible reason to overlook them.

<Guillame> For instance, a friendship formed during the war, a brother in arms who needed a place to stay...

  • Ander nods slowly

<Ander> Well, it ain't ideal

<Guillame> I understand.

<Guillame> It's a difficult dilemma...

  • Ander doesn't sound surprised, at least

<Guillame> How to remain true to your own commitments and feelings, while preventing those who would use those feelings against you from being able to do so.

<Guillame> Do you think he'll understand if you need to keep him out of the spotlight for a while, or tell half-truths in public about him?

  • Guillame seems honestly understanding/sympathetic about this... as though maybe speaking from personal experience >.>

<Ander> I expect he'd be less bothered than I would.

  • Guillame nods :/

<Ander> but apart from relationships an' commitments, there's also an issue of occupation

<Guillame> I presume that your organization relies on his... skills. And that they have ways of keeping such matters to themselves.

<Guillame> But if it was possible for him to maintain some sort of cover occupation for a time, it could help deflect rumours.

<Ander> mm.

<Ander> Well, I guess I'll talk to him about that

  • Guillame nods

<Guillame> The nature of your relationship is your business. You're not obliged to explain it to anyone, including me.

  • Ander nods.

<Ander> If only everyoe could be so respectful.

<Guillame> I know this may not be easy for you.

<Guillame> For you both.

<Guillame> But I hope that, if it works as planned, it will be a first step towards helping redress some of the injustices and imbalances in our government.

<Guillame> I can only hope that you'll consider that worthwhile.

<Ander> I know it is, but I feel like it ain't just on me to decide whether that oughtta be me, considerin' the rest

  • Guillame nods

<Guillame> Do you need more time to discuss it?

  • Ander sighs, knowing exactly how the discussion will go in his head

<Ander> No.

<Guillame> all right

<Ander> We already have, it was mostly a matter of confirming what I figured.

  • Guillame nods

<Guillame> So, is that a yes?

<Ander> It's a yes

  • Guillame smiles broadly

<Guillame> Wonderful!

  • Ander smiles more grimly

<Guillame> I look forward to working with you

<Ander> likewise.

<Guillame> and... if there is anything I can do to help, outside of campaign matters... even if you just need a short break from things, or some time to talk, I'm willing to provide that.

  • Ander nods, considering that

<Ander> Alright

<Ander> So, I got him readin that book of yours...

  • Ander goes on, sorta changing the subject ;)
  • Guillame brightens and is happy to talk about other matters for the rest of the meal (which is excellent, of course)

Genevriel brings good wishes to Lathra

<Genevriel> (So I figured that this would probably take place a day or two after the attack - so that Gen could conceivably have heard that it happened, and then either find you at your home or at work. Do you have a preference for home or work?)

<Lathra> (Not really - either makes sense for us)

<Genevriel> (Gen will feel less guilty about chatting with you on free time at your home, I think)

<Lathra> (Yeah, makes sense :) )

  • Genevriel makes her way to Lathra's home the day after the Colour Guard attack, having heard at work the night before that it happened...
  • Genevriel knocks or rings the buzzer, whatever.
  • Lathra is showing a client out the door Do take care with that knee! Have a nice weekend, dear!

<Genevriel> Lathra!

  • Genevriel looks you over, concern written on her face.

<Lathra> Oh! Hello Gen, dear!

  • Genevriel holds out a modest bouquet of colourful carnations with a "Get Well Soon" type little card nestled among the greenery.

<Genevriel> I heard that you were attacked! Are you all right?

<Lathra> Oh my! How lovely!

<Lathra> Yes, yes I'm quite fine! Thank you SO much for asking. I was all healed up before the guard arrived, thanksss be to the Serpent.

  • Genevriel smiles a little but also looks a little confused by Lathra's sibilant 's'.
  • Lathra makes a little gesture of piety, and winks at Gen

<Lathra> Will you come in?

<Genevriel> Oh, thank you, only if it won't be any trouble for you.

<Lathra> It will be a delight, as it always has been, Genevriel

  • Genevriel looks a little embarrassed by Lathra's warmth.

<Genevriel> (as she always does)

  • Genevriel follows Lathra in, though.

<Genevriel> So, you're really okay? I don't know much of this 'Colour Guard' group, but they sound absolutely reprehensible.

<Lathra> Well I'm shaken up, I must admit. It's not every day that somebody tries to murder me, although I rather expected it to be when I arrived in the city. But no; this is the first time that somebody's tried in earnest.

<Genevriel> :/

<Genevriel> I can't understand people who push others around based on something as shallow as appearance.

  • Genevriel seems to be speaking from experience, though she recognizes that her past troubles don't really approach the scale of racism.

<Lathra> Yes; I *did* wonder at first if I should be flattered, but it seems it's all down to how I look after all.

<Genevriel> If I ever meet some of those people I will be hard-pressed not to knock their heads together.

<Genevriel> I am glad to hear the guard came, though... Did they take anyone into custody?

<Lathra> Oh I shouldn't worry about it - knock away, if you can get away with it.

<Lathra> Yes, they did - a rather upset and rather fierce young lady. I shall try to go and meet with her tomorrow.

<Genevriel> Oh? Why?

<Lathra> Oh well... I... hm, how to put it?

<Lathra> I'm angry with them, the Color Guard, of course. But the ones who attacked me? I'm not sure yet. It seems like probably it's one of those "fear of the unknown" sort of cases. So I thought I'd go and be known, and if she handles it well maybe I'll drop the charges.

  • Genevriel nods slowly.

<Genevriel> That's good. We're all one.

<Genevriel> Hopefully educating her might set her on a better path.

<Lathra> That's my thought, yes. Or not. Might as well "give it a shot", as they say.

  • Genevriel nods again.

<Genevriel> I'm glad you're all right.

<Lathra> And *I'm* ever so touched that you came to see me! And these flowers are just divine!

<Lathra> I shall have to find a vase.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Would you like help trimming the stems?

  • Lathra picks up an especially bloated candlestick and considers its utility as a flower-holder

<Lathra> ... if that's a thing that should be done, then I would appreciate help with it tremendously.

  • Lathra scrapes out the candle residue.
  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Yes, you need to trim about an inch off the ends, before you put them in water. When the plant's cut, the vessels that transport water and nutrients can get air bubbles in them if they aren't put in water immediately; trimming the ends helps get rid of the air bubbles before you put them in your vase, so then they'll last longer.

<Genevriel> That being said, carnations are one of the longest-lasting cut flowers...

  • Genevriel realizes she must sound like she is lecturing you and blushes.

<Genevriel> Sorry.

<Lathra> Well let's get those bubbles out then.

<Genevriel> If you put a little sugar in the water that helps keep them going, too.

  • Genevriel mentions as she trims stems for you.

<Genevriel> Aren't there any... flower-like things in the Shadow Plane?

<Lathra> Oh yes, of course. I just haven't ever taken care of any.

<Lathra> I do hope I don't kill them *immediately*.

<Genevriel> They'll be fine.

<Genevriel> I used to be a farmer, I know what I'm talking about.  ;)

<Lathra> Well then I shall take confidence in *your* confidence.

  • Genevriel smiles slightly.

<Genevriel> How long- how long have you been in Diablotin?

  • Genevriel tries to be sociable,

<Lathra> Just a few years. Oh gosh, it's nearly six now!

<Genevriel> I guess you must like it, then?

<Lathra> I really do.

<Genevriel> What do you like about it...?

  • Genevriel sounds like she isn't sure what there *could* be to like here.

<Lathra> I... I don't have to fight myself here. I just do what I think is right for people, and people appreciate it.

<Genevriel> Fight yourself?

  • Genevriel 's curiosity seems piqued,

<Lathra> I can be myself, instead of having to try to be what I'm supposed to.

<Lathra> Am I making sense at all?

<Genevriel> I... don't know?

<Genevriel> I don't know much about Shadar-kai culture.

<Genevriel> But I'm guessing something about it is what you're happy you don't have to deal with, anymore...

<Lathra> It's just more strict. Everyone has their role, their place, rules about what's expected and appropriate.

<Lathra> I mean, that exists here, too. But it's more fluid. You can choose your role, if you can afford it and do what's needed.

  • Genevriel nods slowly.

<Genevriel> And as long as some celestial being hasn't decided they need a pawn for their own inscrutable purposes.

<Lathra> Yeeees. That does rather limit your options, I suppose.

<Genevriel> Well, I'm working on it.

<Genevriel> Oh - I solved the mystery of the Orecalos.

<Genevriel> My Orecalo is M. Sanadhil Orecalo; the father of your Orecalo, M. Xandhil Orecalo.

<Lathra> Sandhill?

<Lathra> Oh no wait I see

<Genevriel> Close - three syllables.

<Genevriel> Yours only has two syllables in his name.

  • Genevriel smiles.

<Lathra> Oh, that makes so much sense - I had no idea there were two, although of course he must have a father!

<Genevriel> Anyway, M. Orecalo - the elder - identified the language that the Ones speak as Celestial.

<Genevriel> So I'm trying to find some books so I can teach myself to speak it. Then hopefully the inscrutable purposes will become more scrutable.

<Lathra> How enterprising! That sounds invaluable!

  • Genevriel shrugs.

<Genevriel> I'm both excited to have this lead and terrified.

<Genevriel> Considering the words you were able to translate, knowing what they want from me might not really be comforting.

<Genevriel> But I'd rather know than live in ignorance.

<Genevriel> If I know, I can at least make plans.

<Lathra> Yes indeed! Knowing is half the battle, as it were.

<Genevriel> Yes... I guess I have yet to stop being a scout.

<Genevriel> There, all done.

  • Genevriel eyes the bouquet and moves one or two carnations to balance the colours a bit better.

<Lathra> Oh, they're magnificent!

<Genevriel> Just check on their water regularly and top it up as needed, so they don't run out and wilt.

<Lathra> Oh I will! I hope. I'll try!

<Genevriel> You could add another teaspoon of sugar once a week to keep them going until the petals start browning; then it will be time to say good-bye to them.

<Genevriel> Flowers have such an ephemeral beauty...

  • Lathra gazes at them, then starts looking for a spot to put them.
  • Genevriel suggests a couple of good places.

<Lathra> (I'm gonna have to go for the shopping - was there anything else?)

<Genevriel> (Well, not if time is up. :) Thanks)

<Lathra> (Np, thanks to you!)