2280s Fashions

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Fashions in the Empire are changing rapidly, particularly in Diablotin. Some would argue that the rise of factory work and the popularity of the bicycle and automobile have encouraged women to cut their hair and wear less elaborate and cumbersome clothing, while others would point out that even the upper classes, who have no need to work in the dangerous conditions of industry, have affected some of these changes.

Women's Fashion

A young, trendy woman will likely have short, bobbed hair, and wear skirts that reach to knee-length rather than ankle-length, or even trousers.

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Corsets are becoming unpopular, being replaced with simpler undergarments (for those who can afford to go without the support, that is.) Lipstick and rouge are often applied with a more generous hand for evenings, and evening dresses will likely be adorned with sequins or sparkling jewelry. Headbands and hats are often worn, as suited for short haircuts.

Older or more conservative women typically still wear longer dresses and longer hair. Particularly among the upper classes, proper evening wear remains more traditional, with long gowns, although skirts are no longer full and sleeves may be short.

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Men's Fashion

Children's Fashion

Shadar-kai Fashion