Trolius informs Firmin of his plans, 6/17/2005

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  • Trolius will approach the captain, then, probably sometime when I am off duty but he is busy doing sme sort of administrative stuff
  • Firmin is in his little office in the building that will someday be a barracks, if they ever gain more knights than they lose to attrition.
  • Firmin frowns slightly as he reads some sort of report.
  • Firmin looks up as you enter.

<Trolius> Ahh, hey... you busy? <Firmin> Ah, Sir Trolius. You're off-duty, aren't you?

  • Firmin smiles.
  • Trolius nods

<Trolius> So I am, captain. <Firmin> Well, not so busy that I can't take a break and see what one of my knights has to say. <Firmin> Please, have a seat. <Trolius> thanks.

  • Trolius will come in and settle himself down.

<Trolius> So...

  • Firmin sits back in his chair and regards you with a pleasant expression.

<Firmin> So, indeed... things seem to have settled down, at least until the next big disaster. At least I hope that's what the balanced

 scales mean.

<Trolius> yeah... me too. <Firmin> We've lost enough people in this mess already.  :/ <Trolius> Although we still haven't found that kid :/ <Firmin> No... I don't think we will, either. <Trolius> yeah :/ <Trolius> Well.

  • Trolius half sighs.

<Firmin> Rachel tried to find him with a Wil-o-the-Wisp, but the Realm she had to use was not a good one, if you know what I mean... <Firmin> And they took him up into the Ailil barony, for whatever reason...

  • Trolius shakes his head

<Trolius> I hope that is the end of things

  • Firmin nods.

<Firmin> I sincerely hope so too. <Trolius> But since they *seem* to have settled down... <Trolius> ¬_¬

  • Firmin smiles.

<Trolius> I am goign to ask Rachel to send me back. <Firmin> What? <Firmin> For more time off? Or for good? <Trolius> For good. <Trolius> :/

  • Firmin looks surprised and rather taken aback.

<Firmin> Oh. <Firmin> Well, I guess Zahra and I will be getting lots of overtime. <Trolius> It's got nothing to do with Emerald Fields..

  • Trolius half lies

<Trolius> it's personal reasons. <Firmin> :/ <Trolius> I'm not just goign to takle off <Trolius> (take) <Firmin> Well, we'll - we'll miss you. <Trolius> yeah, I'll miss you guys too. <Trolius> I'll be in touch.

  • Firmin nods.

<Trolius> I just tough....I'd better at least bring it up now, while things are calmer. <Trolius> I haven't told her yet <Trolius> I know she'll take it personally, even if it isn't.

  • Firmin is wondering how they're going to protect everyone with only two guards. Rachel is going to have find more, somewhere, somehow.

<Firmin> It is rather surprising, after our earlier conversations. <Trolius> I want things to be a bit more arranged too... <Firmin> But I am sure you have your reasons.

  • Firmin rubs his temples wearily.

<Trolius> I know :/ <Trolius> I do.

  • Trolius says firmly.

<Trolius> It isn't something that I decided on easily..... <Trolius> Well, whatever, <Trolius> I talked to the captain back home, and he is goig to feel things out and make sure there won't be a problem at his end, and also

 find someone to send out here as a replacement

<Trolius> I'm waitign to hear from him before I bring uit up with rachel.

  • Firmin nods. He does seem a little... disappointed. Or unhappy. Or both.

<Firmin> Well, I hope he can find someone. <Firmin> This is a big place for only two knights. <Trolius> he will. <Firmin> Thank you for- for working on that. <Trolius> And if they can't.... I'll have to stay.

  • Trolius fidgets

<Firmin> Would you like me to make some inquiries too, on this end of things? <Trolius> I know this seems like a big change... I feel like I'm really letting everyone down.

  • Firmin offers. He is still a bit stunned but he doesn't bear you any ill will.

<Trolius> This place needs all the poeple it can get :; <Trolius> :/

  • Firmin shrugs.

<Firmin> We can't afford to pay salaries for a huge standing army.

  • Firmin smiles slightly.

<Trolius> well, there is that ¬_¬ <Firmin> She mentioned that she is looking for an advisor. Someone who is older, more experienced. <Firmin> I hope things will get better. <Trolius> me too. <Firmin> She has made mistakes, but... she has done some things well, too. <Trolius> I just hope she isn't loking for someone to hide behind...

  • Trolius nods in agreement with Firmin's comment

<Firmin> Well, no one will know until he or she arrives.

  • Trolius nods

<Firmin> ... <Firmin> If she finds anyone. <Trolius> She's got good people looking out for her

  • Firmin nods, though he has never met her family, really, except for her brothers maybe.

<Firmin> Let us hope they don't give up on her. <Firmin> I get the impression she isn't exactly here with their blessing.

  • Trolius narrows his eyes slightly, tryign to figure out if that that meant to be mean :p
  • Firmin doesn't bear you any ill will at all.

<Trolius> (okay, good :) <Trolius> I don't know. it is hard to tell with them. <Trolius> They are pretty big on family though

  • Firmin is just wondering how to make ends meet...

<Firmin> Well, that is good to know. <Firmin> ... <Trolius> Well... <Trolius> Thanks. <Trolius> I'll let you know when I hear anything. <Firmin> Thank you for letting me know, so I can start planning on a new arrival who has to be broken in. <Firmin> I'll see if I can find anyone here, too... <Trolius> heh <Firmin> I hope it will be someone with a little bit of experience already, anyway.