Tara-Nar, 11/16/2002

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  • Morwen is appointing several people at once because it is more expedient, and it means a bigger party. ^-^
  • PM_Misener stood beside the High Queen throughout the ceremony, presenting her with the various signs of office that are being given to people. He is a rotund Boggan Grump, the newly elected Prime Minister of the Parliament of Dreams.

<PM_Misener> (Tara-Nar looks beautiful; the black and silver Ailil hangings are gone and have been replaced with the green and silver of House Gwydion - except in the grand hall, where a banner of each House is hung, including Balor, etc. (and Liam and Scathach, though they’re at the back)

  • Rachel_ looks very elegant in a simple black gown shot through with silver that catches the light here and there. She is the last to receive her symbols of office, and when she stands, it is time for everyone in attendance to applaud the new nobility, and then mingle.
  • Janus probably got seated behind a post :/
  • Rachel_ and the others turn to face the court, smiling. The ceremony is done, although it certainly wasn't tedious; High Queen Morwen has a sense of humour and told a few stories which got some laughs. ^-^
  • Kolya would be slightly nervous at being here, probably being one of the few kinain present who aren't servants ;)
  • Morwen addresses the audience - she of course looks amazing in her Queenly robes.
  • Seraph is excited and presumably sitting with her Sweet Taliesin

<Morwen> We welcome these new nobles to our ranks and wish them well in all their endeavours. It is time to celebrate.

  • Morwen makes a sweeping gesture with her arms and people applaud.

<Seraph> . o O ( Yay! Rachel looks so pretty, as always... *Sigh* Tally's whole family are so beautiful... ) <Morwen> (The new nobles, not all Sidhe, head into the audience and people start to mingle.)

  • Rachel_ moves towards her family and friends, radiant. She has a simple silver circlet now, with an opal set right in the middle.
  • Rachel_ is flushed and happy, but she also looks modest.
  • Nikolai tries to wade through the crowd towards Rachel.
  • Nikolai 's father, however, has been accosted by some other noble, and cannot yet escape!
  • Tally turns to Seraph and smiles.

<Tally> I thought it would never end!

  • Tally says as if in great pain.
  • Kolya hangs back for now to let Rachel talk to the poeple she actually likes ;)

<Seraph> heh <Seraph> You're just excited for Rachel :) <Seraph> I need to stand up though :o

  • Seraph hops up and stretches
  • Isabel edges through the crowd, smiling and saying hello to the people she knows. She seems like a different person, or like she's putting on an act...
  • Isabel is wearing a skin tight strapless gown which appears to be coated with thousands of tiny rubies. She is also sporting white elbow-gloves, and her golden hair is piled atop her head, secured with a ruby hairpin.
  • Aidan moves towards Kolya, to keep him company.

<Kolya> Hey Aidan, not going up to swarm your sister with everyone else? ;)

  • Janus is not overfond of crowds.

<Aidan> I couldn't hope to get in there at the moment, so I shall wait. <Tally> Come on!

  • Janus stays back a ways, waiting for things to calm down.
  • Tally pulls on Seraph's arm.

<Isabel> Hello Kolya! <Isabel> Wasn't that a lovely ceremony?

  • Seraph is dressed in a dress which subtly sparkles in the light, beaded in earthtones, and is wearing the gold and stone belt that Tally gave her around it
  • Rachel_ is cornered by a crowd of well-wishers and can't seem to get through to her family!
  • Seraph lets herself get pulled along by her boy ;)

<Kolya> Yeah, I've never been to a high court, of course :o

  • Rachel_ smiles pleasantly for everyone.

<Isabel> I have, once or twice. <Isabel> Quite a spectacle.

  • Isabel 's eyes convey the feeling of KILL ME

<Kolya> ..un huh

  • Rachel_ scans the crowd for people she'd *really* like to see, though... she darts a "help me" sort of smile towards Nik.
  • Kolya grins
  • Nikolai is trying to get through, but he is only a lord, and so some people don't feel the need to move aside for him.

<Kolya> Well, it's done with now, anyway <Aidan> Lady Isabel... you don't seem well. <Isabel> Oh, I am perfectly fine, Aidan. <Aidan> We could go to the balcony for some fresh air, if you like. <Isabel> I am so looking forward to the ball. <Isabel> What a lovely pageant it will be. <Rachel_> Thank you... thanks... excuse me.

  • Rachel_ manages to extricate herself at last without pissing anyone off.
  • Luca comes up behind Isabel (I think only Kolya has met him of you people)
  • Aidan raises an eyebrow towards Isabel.

<Aidan> My sister was glad you could make it, Lady Isabel.

  • Aidan says with gratitude.

<Luca> And how is the most lovely lady at the ball this evening?

  • Kolya blinks in surprise

<Kolya> . o O ( of course he would be here :o ) <Luca> (The unfamiliar wilder sidhe slips his arms around Isabel's shoulder's and hugs her! <Kolya> :o

  • Isabel is surprised!
  • Rachel_ glides up to Nikolai, smiling shyly/modestly.

<Nikolai> Free at last? <Rachel_> It would seem so. At last! <Seraph> Count Morningstar :o <Luca> My reputation precedes me, I see?

  • Luca smiles.
  • Aidan looks with polite curiosity towards the newcomer.

<Isabel> Hello Father.

  • Isabel smiles at the man.
  • Aidan bows.
  • Tally does as well.

<Isabel> Uh, everyone... This is my father, Luca Morningstar, Count of Twin Rivers. <Rachel_> Do you think you might be able to help me fend off others, so that we can rejoin my family and friends? <Nikolai> It would be my honour to serve!

  • Nikolai strikes a gallant pose.
  • Kolya smiles strangely at the count

<Nikolai> Come on, I shall cut a swath through these knaves.

  • Rachel_ laughs.

<Rachel_> You are too kind, my brave and noble lord. <Isabel> This is Seraph, and these two are Tally and Aidan Gwydaine, and this is Kolya. <Tally> Good day, mate.

  • Nikolai takes her hand and tries to forge a path toward her brothers.

<Aidan> Good evening, Your Excellency. <Seraph> pleased to meet you, your excellency :) <Luca> I am always *most* pleased to make the acquaintance of such a beauteous maid. :)

  • Luca gallantly kisses her hand.
  • Rachel_ looks around for Janus and distractedly accepts congratulations from various strangers.

<Luca> But alas, even she cannot compete with my lovely daughter.

  • Isabel blushes like a little girl.
  • Tally grins.

<Luca> Isabel, darling, what would you say to a breakfast date tomorrow morning? <Isabel> That would be wonderful... It's been a long time. <Luca> Perfect!

  • Luca says jubilantly.
  • Aidan smiles, happy for his cousin.

<Luca> I will come and fetch you, around ten. <Luca> A pleasure to meet you all, but duty calls...

  • Seraph blushes at the hand kiss ;)

<Aidan> It was our pleasure, Your Excellency.

  • Luca bows graciously to the group, before giving Isabel a kiss on the cheek and departing with a swirl of his violet cloak.
  • Kolya stays quiet

<Seraph> ...your dad seems nice <Isabel> He is... <Isabel> We don't always get along. <Isabel> But he means well. <Kolya> ..yeah.

  • Kolya sighs
  • Morwen has spotted Janus. ^-^
  • Morwen heads towards him. She has *no* trouble cutting a swath.
  • Janus is trying to look occupied with studying a tapestry, in the hopes that people will leave him alone.

<Morwen> It is a lovely one, isn't it? So realistic.

  • Morwen admires the tapestry with Janus.
  • Janus looks behind him, startled.

<Janus> Your High Majesty... I did not hear you.

  • Rachel_ and Nikolai finally reach the group of her brothers, Seraph, etc.

<Isabel> Hello my Lady.

  • Morwen smiles.
  • Isabel says with a small curtsey.

<Isabel> You looked most elegant this evening. <Morwen> It is so good to see you, Baron. <Seraph> oh, you do look lovely!

  • Seraph has a huge smile
  • Rachel_ looks surprised, but can't say anything at the moment because Tally has enveloped her in a big hug!
  • Seraph curtseys too

<Janus> You are looking quite well, my queen. <Seraph> :D <Seraph> Tally, put her down! :D <Nikolai> Yeah, she's mine

  • Tally is encouraged to pick her *up* instead then!

<Nikolai> :D <Rachel_> Tally!

  • Rachel_ fends him off, laughing.

<Seraph> eep! :o

  • Nikolai laughs.

<Janus> . o O (ohhh.... this is uncomfortable)

  • Morwen nods acknowledgement of the complement.

<Morwen> As are you. <Morwen> How are things in Hibernia?

  • Morwen is not at all reproachful.
  • Morwen is quite pleasant, actually. ^-^
  • Tally sets his sister down.

<Janus> Oh, quiet as always, I'm afraid.

  • Rachel_ catches her breath.

<Rachel_> Thanks, Lady Isabel, Seraph. <Rachel_> But don't get all formal on me, please!

  • Rachel_ pleads.

<Kolya> Yeah, congratulations, Baroness :) <Nikolai> Well, I don't know, I wouldn't want to be thrown in the dungeons for being insolent to a noble. ;D <Rachel_> All right! That's quite *enough* of that! <Rachel_> . o O (Don't do this to me, guys, please?) <Janus> Things will be quieter still, with Rachel's departure, I imagine.

  • Rachel_ says in mock stern tones.

<Seraph> oh, okay ;)

  • Morwen nods.

<Seraph> I can’t keep it up for long anyway :D

  • Seraph gives Rachel a little hug
  • Rachel_ hugs her back.

<Janus> I imagine she will be kept quite busy. <Morwen> Probably. <Morwen> But I'm sure you will be able to visit her, and vice versa. <Morwen> She cares very much for you, you know.

  • Rachel_ smiles at everyone.

<Rachel_> Thanks for coming... it meant alot to me.

  • Rachel_ tucks a loose tendril of hair behind her ear.
  • Kolya feels lost in the sea of fae and nobles :o

<Rachel_> Was that your father the Count I saw earlier, Lady Isabel?

  • Isabel nods.

<Morwen> Would you like to go to her, or are you enjoying viewing the tapestry?

  • Tally tickles Seraph quietly.

<Janus> Oh, I don't wish to intrude when she is with her friends. <Seraph> :o <Morwen> Ah, well *I* mean to.

  • Tally grins.

<Seraph> Tally be good :o

  • Seraph pokes him

<Morwen> You may come along if you wish. <Janus> In that case... <Janus> It would seem the appropriate thing to do.

  • Janus says with a small smile.
  • Tally frowns petulantly then grins.

<Tally> All right.

  • Tally says reluctantly.
  • Rachel_ glances up at Nikolai, who is quiet.
  • Morwen holds her elbow out for Janus.
  • Janus will suavely take her arm.

<Janus> (;D) <Janus> (damn, stupid curse) <Janus> (I always forget what a fox Morwen is :D) <Morwen> (hee) <Seraph> ...Is that High Queen Morwen and your father? :o

  • Rachel_ glances over.

<Rachel_> Mmm-hmm. <Isabel> Oh my, the High Queen... <Rachel_> They're old friends.

  • Kolya looks more nervous

<Nikolai> . o O (That's not what *I* heard)

  • Nikolai keeps that to himself ;D

<Kolya> <m> maybe I'll just go hide behind a curtain or something...

  • Rachel_ slides her arm around Nikolai's waist and squeezes gently.

<Rachel_> . o O (Hush you.) <Rachel_> Kolya, she won't eat you. <Nikolai> . o O (I didn't say anything!)

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Nikolai fears Rachel's apparent psychic powers.

<Rachel_> (hee!) <Kolya> yeah, I know.. it's just a bit intimidating, that's all :o <Rachel_> ...

  • Isabel wishes *she* had someone to hold on to.
  • Isabel wonders if the Baron is seeing the High Queen again.

<Rachel_> . o O (You work for someone much more intimidating than the Queen will ever be!)

  • Rachel_ smiles at her father and the Queen as they approach.
  • Rachel_ curtseys to the Queen, and her brothers bow.
  • Isabel curtseys deeply to the nobles.
  • Nikolai bows.
  • Kolya bows nervously
  • Morwen smiles.
  • Seraph curtseys very gracefully

<Morwen> Rachel, you look lovely tonight.

  • Morwen untwines from Janus to embrace Rachel (awkwardly)! :^o
  • Rachel_ tries not to look startled.
  • Isabel is shocked and confused.

<Seraph> :o <Rachel_> Ah... thank you, Your Majesty.

  • Morwen pulls back and smiles.
  • Kolya blinks, but stays quiet and probably invisible to the Queen anyway ;)

<Morwen> Who are your friends? <Rachel_> This is Lord Nikolai Garland, and the Lady Isabel Morningstar...

  • Morwen eyes Nikolai with interest, and seems to approve, of something.
  • Isabel curtseys again when her name is called; Nikolai bows his head respectfully.

<Rachel_> You know my brothers, Taliesin and Aidan already. <Rachel_> This is Seraph, and Kolya. <Morwen> A pleasure to meet you all. <Isabel> It is an honour, your high majesty.

  • Seraph curtseys again, energy barely contained
  • Morwen inclines her head to everyone.
  • Kolya bows again also, taking his cues from other people :o
  • Kolya doesn't even peep unless specifically adressed

<Morwen> (Other people noticed the Queen embrace Rachel and things hushed momentarily but now they are back to normal)

  • Morwen smiles towards the kinain who seems deathly afraid of her.

<Morwen> I am sure your father the Baron would like to congratulate you, Baroness Rachel.

  • Morwen turns towards Janus.
  • Kolya isn't really deathly afraid, just nervous because he doesn't know what the proper protocols are for dealing with a High Queen
  • Kolya never really expected he would have to do so :o

<Janus> Indeed... <Morwen> Shall I see you later on? <Janus> You have made me proud, daughter.

  • Janus smiles, while still looking formal.

<Janus> Certainly, my queen.

  • Morwen smiles and moves on - can't spend too much time with one group!

<Seraph> oh wow :o <Seraph> I've never met a Queen before :o <Tally> Ah, 'snothin' special. <Seraph> Not at all :p

  • Tally shrugs nonchalantly.
  • Tally grins.

<Tally> If Her Ladyship will permit, would you like to go scout out the food?

  • Rachel_ hugs Janus since he isn't making any moves to hug *her*.
  • Janus stands there rather stiffly
  • Janus prefers formality in these situations, for the most part!

<Rachel_> <w> Father... lighten up!

  • Janus is also not especially comfortable around Rachel's young friends.
  • Rachel_ lets her recalcitrant father go.

<Seraph> sure.. <Rachel_> All right... let's move along then.

  • Seraph will head off with Tally then ;)

<Aidan> Hey, wait!

  • Aidan hugs Rachel too. ^-^

<Aidan> <w> I'm so proud of you. <Nikolai> Where are we moving along to, now? <Kolya> Um, Rachel... do you think I could get a word with you at somepoint?

  • Rachel_ glances at the Kinain, curiously.
  • Isabel shoots a nervous glance at Rachel and Kolya.

<Rachel_> ... Certainly, Kolya.

  • Rachel_ wonders if he's had a vision?
  • Kolya nods.

<Kolya> thanks <Rachel_> Would now be appropriate? <Kolya> I don't see why not...

  • Rachel_ glances at everyone else.

<Rachel_> I'll meet you in the ball room?

  • Rachel_ suggests.

<Kolya> alright

  • Kolya nods

<Janus> Enjoy your evening, Rachel.

  • Janus says pleasantly.

<Rachel_> Thank you father. I do hope you'll reserve at least one dance for me.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Janus> Of course. <Kolya> I'll just slip out then... I'll see you in a bit, I guess... <Isabel> It's nice to see you again.

  • Kolya says to Rachel, and kind of the group in general
  • Isabel says quietly.
  • Kolya will slip off, then

<Isabel> I'm Isabel. <Isabel> Maybe you don't remember... <Rachel_> Oh, I'm so sorry, Is- <Janus> Oh... of course!

  • Janus looks surprised.
  • Rachel_ looks chagrined at her lack of courtesy.

<Janus> It has been... a very long time! <Rachel_> (oh, wait, he heard her name when Rachel introduced them all to the Queen)

  • Isabel smiles.
  • Rachel_ is apologetic anyway.

<Janus> Lady Rachel speaks quite highly of you. <Isabel> She's too kind...

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> Not at all, Is. <Rachel_> You're one of my best friends.

  • Rachel_ is sad that Isabel is unable to come to help raise horses and stuff with her, but understands.
  • Rachel_ glances up at Nikolai.

<Nikolai> I'll meet you inside... Go on, talk to Kolya. <Nikolai> I will try and restrain my jealousy. <Nikolai> ;)

  • Rachel_ laughs.

<Nikolai> Perhaps I'll try to rescue your grandfather from certain boredom. <Rachel_> You are too kind. <Janus> ...

  • Rachel_ glances at Janus and Isabel... will they be all right?
  • Isabel glances at Janus, who looks kind of uncomfortable

<Tally> Hey come on, you all, let's *go*! <Tally> My stomach is gnawing on my intestines.

  • Rachel_ curtseys and heads into the ball room after Kolya.

<Seraph> I can hear them from here ;)

  • Kolya is looking at all the fancy decorations

<Isabel> Well, cousin... How about a dance? We could catch up a bit, maybe?

  • Janus looks around, and realizes Isabel is in fact talking to him
  • Aidan begins to ask Isabel if she’d like to dance, then stops.
  • Aidan smiles and bows to his father and Isabel.

<Aidan> I'll see you later, then.

  • Aidan heads into the ball room.

<Janus> Well... <Seraph> You can dance with me, Aidan, then Tally won't have to worry about getting jealous ;p

  • Janus looks surprised.

<Janus> Certainly.

  • Janus will go into the ballroom with Isabel.
  • Rachel_ finds Kolya.

<Rachel_> Kolya?

  • Kolya is standing off to one side

<Kolya> Oh, there you are... <Kolya> I figured it would take you longer to get extricated...

  • Nikolai goes off to find his father.
  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Kolya> So many well wishers and all that <Rachel_> Ummm, yes, I suppose.

  • Rachel_ casts her eyes down modestly.

<Kolya> Anyway....

  • Rachel_ is rather embarrassed by it all. ^-^

<Kolya> I don't mean to kill the mood or anything.. <Kolya> I just wanted to, um, warn you, I guess. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Very well. <Rachel_> Is it something you can say here, or would you rather find a more secluded spot? <Kolya> I saw something this morning, but it was all very vague... <Kolya> That's up to you, I guess...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Walk with me, if you don't mind. <Kolya> It isn't anything very specific, so it probably doesn't matter too much though

  • Kolya nods and will walk with her
  • Rachel_ strolls along the periphery of the ballroom with Kolya, then.

<Rachel_> Well, anything might prove useful. <Rachel_> I'm going into a rather volatile situation. <Kolya> It probably won't <Kolya> I know <Rachel_> Enough modesty, Kolya. <Rachel_> Just tell me.

  • Rachel_ smiles encouragingly.

<Kolya> I just have this sense that there is some.. powerful evil force that wants to control you... <Kolya> To turn your heart to hatred. <Kolya> I know it sounds kind of tacky. <Kolya> And I don't know anything else. I only saw a shadow <Rachel_> . o O (Soleil...?) <Kolya> Probably there are all kinds of people who are going to be trying to manipulate you <Kolya> Just, be careful, I guess. <Rachel_> Could you make anything out? <Rachel_> Any identifying characteristics on the shadow?

  • Kolya shakes his head

<Rachel_> Did you get a clear view of its hands?

  • Kolya shakes his head
  • Rachel_ nods.

<Kolya> It was only a shadow, really. Nothing distinct at all. <Rachel_> Very well, then... <Kolya> There was a very bitter taste though.

  • Jennie peeks her head into the large room...

<Kolya> Something else though.... <Rachel_> Mmm hmm? <Kolya> Well, you probably know I'm supposed to tell all of the things that I see to your grandmother <Kolya> This was just this morning, so I haven't yet. <Kolya> But she probably isn't going to like to hear it, if you know what I mean. <Kolya> :/

  • Jennie slips in timidly... her hair is black like Snape's, but still frizzly like Shan's... just a bit less dry :) A pretty thing, for a goblin, if you think about it. Her face shows a tracery of faded scars.

<Rachel_> Yes.

  • Jennie is wrapped up in a voluminous forest green dress, very elegant, even though the lower reaches are a bit worse for wear (and there are a few holes in general)
  • Jennie 's fingers flicker in the air as she looks around for her new Neighbour
  • Kolya nods

<Rachel_> If you feel that you can tell me any more visions you might have that pertain to me, without angering her, I hope you will continue to do so. <Rachel_> Write to me, and give them to my brothers, if you must. <Jennie> ... <Jennie> Yoohoo? <Jennie> Have I missed it all?

  • Kolya nods

<Kolya> If I see anything else... <Janus> (Rachel is talking to some human dude)

  • Kolya looks up at the green dressed green person :o
  • Jennie hasn't the faintest idea who any of you are.
  • Tally gets a drink for himself, and offers to get one for Seraph. :^D

<Kolya> (Rachel is very distinct looking. She is the most beautiful person in the room) <Janus> (You would probably know who Rachel is... everyone else does :/) <Seraph> sure :)

  • Jennie spots the pretty lady... "Oh YOU must be my new neighbour!"

<Tally> (Unfortunately for Rachel. She is a target.)

  • Rachel turns to the newcomer.
  • Kolya has never met a Thallain ;)
  • Jennie scurries over, her stiletto heels clicking a quick staccato of metal (sharp metal) on stone.
  • Kolya seems to be just a human, not even enchanted
  • Rachel_ curtseys. Her face does not betray her thoughts on you being Thallain. ^-^
  • Rachel_ curtseys in greeting.
  • Jennie curtsies back, rather awkwardly

<Jennie> Ooh, I'm so excited to have a new girl in the neighbourhood. Things get so BORING.

  • Kolya bows, just in case, and because Rachel did ;)
  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Jennie> Oh, oh... sorry... I'm Jennie! <Rachel_> (Hazel, did the fruit basket say who it was from?) <Davos> (Courtesy of Baroness Jennifer :D)

  • Jennie holds out her hand, the scars a bit more pronounced there*

<Rachel_> Pleased to meet you, Baroness Jennifer.

  • Rachel_ takes her hand and hopes there's no explosive device connected. ^-^

<Jennie> (For the record, Jennie looks a bit more youthful, less scared, etc. Not young, but not quite grizzled anymore) <Rachel_> I received the fruit basket. How kind of you.

  • Rachel_ smiles warmly.

<Rachel_> . o O (A Goblin neighbour? This is going to be even *more* interesting than I thought...)

  • Jennie shakes it enthusiastically.

<Jennie> I think we shall be the best of friends!

  • Rachel_ has Empathy up the wazoo. What are Jennie's emotions at the moment?
  • Davos glides up behind Jennie like a ghost, dressed all in grey, without any accoutrements save the silver bells in his hair, which make no sound at all.
  • Kolya eyes the Goblin Sidhe group
  • Jennie seems to be almost hopping in place with suppressed energy.
  • Davos passes Jennie a cup of something to drink.

<Jennie> I think we'll be the best of friends! <Jennie> Sharing sugar and the like! <Jennie> The occasional pointy thing <Jennie> Aah! Davos! *takes the drink* <Kolya> If my Noble lords and ladies willl excuse me....

  • Kolya glances at Rachel
  • Davos nods to Jennie
  • Jennie appears to pay little to no attention to Kolya
  • Rachel_ smiles and nods towards Kolya.

<Rachel_> Thank you for your company, Kolya. <Jennie> I'm just introducing myself to my new neighbour... quite the charmer she is. <Davos> I know. <Kolya> Of course, Baroness...

  • Kolya will escape! escaaaaape! :o

<Rachel_> I'm afraid I don't recognize your companion, Your Ladyship.

  • Kolya will try and find Isabel and Windrider to tell them that he is going back to his room...
  • Rachel_ says politely.

<Jennie> Who? <Jennie> Oh, this is Davos Lankin... a companion of mine from just after the war. <Rachel_> (I never was introduced to him there.)

  • Davos nods.
  • Rachel_ curtseys.

<Jennie> (Rachel is Seelie, eh?) <Davos> (No, but the boggan ranted at you :D) <Kolya> (Her father was a war hero for the Other Side ;) <Rachel_> A pleasure to meet you, Lord Lankin. <Davos> Yes.

  • Jennie 's expression has a little bit of "And look how I turned out after the war"
  • Rachel_ 's expression remains carefully neutral.
  • Jennie smiles, however it's a goblin smile, so it's not like it'd be pleasant even if she was a sweetie

<Rachel_> I look forward to speaking with you about the politics of the south.

  • Jennie sips her drink demurely... however not even centuries of being a hobbyist Baron can remove a certain crassness.

<Rachel_> I expect we will be seeing a lot of one another, since we are neighbours.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Davos> Yes.

  • Jennie smiles... "I'm sure, I'm sure. Even though politics are such a BORE. I suppose you'd call me a "Yankee". I was a weapons designer in Washington after all...
  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> I'm a Limey, so we are both outcasts, it seems. <Rachel_> If you will excuse me, Your Ladyship, My Lord, there are others anxious to meet me. <Jennie> Funny that. <Davos> Have fun. <Jennie> And to think, I got MY title from a coupon.

  • Davos smiles at Jennie. It's frightening.

<Davos> . o O (Ninjas...)

  • Rachel_ smiles, curtseys, and exits.
  • Jennie grins in malicious glee. Whispering... "Did you ever use your buy two get one free coupon?"
  • Rachel_ looks for people she knows who don't want to stick pointy things in her.

<Rachel_> (er...) <Davos> Not yet. <Rachel_> (metal pointy things, any way.) <Davos> (lol) <Jennie> You know, it's almost a shame... decades of saving them up. I mean, it's like the fancy china you never use except for special occasions, then leave in your armoire. <Jennie> Perhaps some day I'll have to just... indulge myself. <Davos> I plan on it. <Jennie> (q, to herself) I wonder what the going rate is on Ninjas anyway... <Rachel_> (what are Rachel's friends doing?)

  • Seraph hangs with Tally and looks at cute sidhe
  • Seraph will play a game of pointing out cute girls to Tally to see his reaction ;)

<Jennie> (for the record, if you're checking, jennie doesn't have any SPECIFIC urge to stab Rachel. No more than anyone else in the room really :P)

  • Janus is talking to some woman you don't know, who is from the Crystal Circle, which you also don't know.
  • Isabel is dancing with some guy.
  • Kolya escaped :o
  • Nikolai is trying to extricate his father from some boring Dougal Countess' clutches.
  • Kolya doesn't like social functions
  • Jennie yawns cutely, and makes her way to the door.

<Jennie> Have a wonderful evening all, I'm off to the lab! *lets out a cute little goblin cackle and steps out* <Jennie> Ciao