Rachel gets Janus to free Sleet, 6/16/2005

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  • Rachel_ arrives in Aberystwyth. She is wearing a dove grey gown that has loose trinagular folds of shimmery grey silk organza at the back
 to hide the slits from which her wings protrude. She looks remorseful.
  • Janus meets you in the portal room at the palace. He is wearing a long, high collared silver-trimmed charcoal-grey vest which sweeps the
 floor behind him as he walks, over a black waistcoat and white shirt with generous sleeves, and leather trousers.
  • Janus is carrying his scythe with him.
  • Rachel_ is a bit surprised by the scythe. He never used to carry it around with him everywhere.

<Rachel_> I'm unarmed.

  • Janus is followed by a handful of valets, and a hooded figure which makes you vaguely uneasy.
  • Rachel_ says drily and only with a ghost of a smile.
  • Rachel_ is not really in the mood to joke around.

<Janus> And so you are. <Janus> It's good to see you, Rachel.

  • Janus lays a hand on your shoulder.

<Janus> Shall we repair to the library? <Rachel_> It's good to see you, as well, Father. Yes, that is as good a place as any, I suppose.

  • Rachel_ glances at the hooded figure... does it move like Sleet?

<Janus> Well, our guest will not be so comfortable in the castle. <Janus> (No.) <Rachel_> (Does it move like Rook in his human form?  ;D )

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Janus> (Why yes, yes it does!) <Janus> I have sent word that we wish to see her there this evening.

  • Rachel_ is glad she has ascertained who that hooded figure is, but wonders why Rook is back. He had disappaeared for a while.

<Janus> Hayley knows where best to find her.

  • Janus talks as you walk.

<Rachel_> (Hayley does?  :o) <Rachel_> Oh. How interesting. <Rachel_> . o O (What does *Hayley* have to do with Sleet. GRR!) <Rachel_> How did they meet? <Janus> By chance... Or so it would seem. <Janus> Perhaps not. <Janus> She is a friend of one of the local sluagh; it is possible that she discerned who Hayley was and sought her out.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I wonder who else she knows. <Rachel_> . o O (Probably screwing around on you! >:P ) <Janus> Well, she lives with this fellow, as far as I can tell.

  • Janus says, assuming you mean Sleet.

<Janus> Probably she knows quite a few of the sluagh in the area by now.

  • Rachel_ lets you talk on without correcting you.

<Rachel_> How long has she been here? <Rachel_> . o O (Is she the 'friend' Trolius came to spend time with?) <Janus> Ah... Hayley says that she first met her a week or two before your arrival. <Rachel_> Ah. <Rachel_> Isn't that a happy coincidence. <Janus> Well. <Rachel_> I begin to understand, I think. <Janus> ...

  • Rachel_ glances up at you and flashes a quick smile.
  • Janus looks down at you questioningly.
  • Rachel_ is just changing tracks.

<Rachel_> Have you spoken to her much yourself or was everything passed along through Hayley? <Janus> I have met with her.

  • Janus says vaguely.

<Rachel_> That must have been an interesting discussion. <Rachel_> I am surprised I heard nothing about it. <Janus> It ... did not seem necessary to trouble you. <Rachel_> Oh well. You know best. <Rachel_> Has the geas already been removed? <Janus> No. <Janus> I have not seen her since I received your message.

  • Rachel_ nods. At least you didn't do that without mentioning it to her.

<Rachel_> Your conversation must have been a little awkward. <Rachel_> Sorry.

  • Janus half-shrugs.

<Janus> Sleet is of academic interest to myself. <Janus> She is possessed of certain curious qualities which I wish to study, and she offerred to make herself available for such endeavours.

  • Rachel_ regards you with a tiny hint of an indulgent smile.

<Janus> . o O ( Of course now she will have no reason to stay... >_< ) <Rachel_> You do collect the oddest acquaintances, all throwing themselves at you to be studied.

  • Janus frowns down his nose at you, but says nothing.

<Janus> ...

  • Rachel_ glances at him questioningly. She didn't mean it cruelly. She was teasing.

<Janus> Well. <Janus> We are nearly there.

  • Janus says unnecessarily.

<Rachel_> Quite.

  • Janus begins climbing the steps to the library, past the guards on duty.
  • Rachel_ keeps abreast of her father.
  • Janus leaves the various attendants in a second floor salon and the two of you can settle into his own study.
  • Rachel_ settles when it seems appropriate to do so.
  • Janus sets the scythe into a little nook behind the desk and gracefully takes a seat.

<Rachel_> Are you expecting trouble? <Rachel_> I don't remember you carrying your scythe around with you everywhere you go... <Janus> Oh no, nothing of the sort. <Janus> Don't worry about it. <Janus> Sleet should be arriving shortly...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I'm not sure how to make amends... <Janus> Ah. <Janus> She is here. <Janus> (The door swings open soundlessly as Rook opens it to usher in a certain sluagh.)

  • Sleet steps into the room, and the door is closed behind her.
  • Rachel_ stands up gracefully and curtseys to Sleet as a gesture of good will.
  • Sleet is wearing a hooded white half cloak which covers much of her face, and a dress that looks almost as though it were made of layer
 after layer of cheesecloth.

<Janus> Greetings. <Rachel_> Good evening, Sleet. <Sleet> My Prince. <Sleet> Princess.

  • Rachel_ says quietly. She looks controlled but contrite.
  • Sleet carefully pushes back her hood, taking in the room with a sweep of her violet eyes.
  • Sleet seems suspicious and wary.

<Rachel_> You are probably wondering why I asked to see you, so I will not drag it out. <Sleet> You wished to see me. <Rachel_> I owe you an apology, Sleet.

  • Janus sits back in his chair.
  • Sleet says nothing.

<Rachel_> I am sorry for what I did to you. It was uncalled for and heavy handed. <Rachel_> I am sorry. <Rachel_> I have asked my father to remove the Geas he placed on you at my request.

  • Sleet turns her eyes to Janus.
  • Janus just nods...
  • Rachel_ seems to have more to say, but if Janus or Sleet have something to say here she won't interrupt.

<Janus> It is done; you are released. <Rachel_> I also feel that I owe you something in return for the injury I caused you. Therefore, if you will accept it, I grant you a boon

 proportional to the injury caused.

<Rachel_> (No asking for my firstborn child! but other things, i can do.) <Sleet> I want nothing from you.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> If that is your decision, so be it. <Sleet> May I leave now?

  • Sleet asks Janus.

<Janus> ...

  • Janus looks to you.

<Rachel_> I will not keep you here. <Janus> As you wish, then.

  • Sleet flips her hood back over her head and moves to leave.
  • Sleet stops just before turning the doorknob.

<Sleet> I've changed my mind. There is something that I want.

  • Rachel_ regards her calmly.

<Rachel_> Very well. State your wish. <Sleet> Sir Trolius. <Rachel_> ... <Janus> . o O ( ? ) <Rachel_> He is not mine to give, but if he desires it, I will release him from my service.

  • Rachel_ looks outwardly calm but is panicking inside... down to Zahra and Firmin alone, if he goes...
  • Sleet leaves the room!

<Janus> ... <Janus> Sir Trolius?

  • Janus says once the door is closed again.
  • Rachel_ remains standing for a moment, looking at the door Sleet left through.

<Rachel_> They are close. <Janus> I see.

  • Rachel_ turns to look at you, smiles half-heartedly, then sits down once more.

<Rachel_> I guess that went well... <Janus> Well, it did not go *poorly*. <Janus> :)

  • Rachel_ doesn't seem confident about herself. She smiles at you gratefully, though.

<Rachel_> I guess it's upi to Sir Trolius now... <Rachel_> If he goes, I'll only have two guards left. <Janus> Well, I'm sure that Mother would be willing to send a replacement for him...

  • Rachel_ rubs the back of her neck.

<Janus> I have also heard that the King has been doing some research on your behalf into suitable assistance.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I asked him to... I can't carry on the way I have been. <Rachel_> It's taking its toll on me, and it's not fair to my people. <Janus> Support is essential, yes... <Rachel_> I miss having Tally and Aidan around...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Janus> Why not invite them to your barony to stay a while? <Rachel_> We always used to have these long debates about the best course of action. <Rachel_> Oh, well... <Rachel_> Tally is busy in the Sahara with his family, and Aidan has his sights set on someone here, I think... <Rachel_> It wouldn't be right to ask them to give up their lives for me. <Janus> It's hardly giving up their *lives* to visit.

  • Janus looks at you oddly.

<Rachel_> "Visit" and "stay a while" seem two rather different things to me. <Janus> Well, do what you will...

  • Rachel_ tries to explain her interpretation of what you said.
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<Rachel_> They do visit, anyway. Just not at the same time.

  • Rachel_ half-smiles.

<Janus> Lady Isabel was here for nearly a fortnight; she did not seem to feel that she was being robbed of her life. <Janus> Hm... If I am not mistaken she will be here again soon, actually. <Rachel_> So soon? <Rachel_> I guess Belfast is a bit too much for her at times... <Janus> Well, your grandmother has invited Anastasius to send a representative to her court. <Rachel_> Ah, and it might be Caelan? o.O <Janus> It is likely. <Rachel_> That will be... interesting.

  • Rachel_ seems dubious as to the sanity of the idea.

<Janus> I expect it will be interesting regardless of who he sends. <Janus> :/ <Rachel_> No doubt... but Caelan? <Rachel_> He is so hot-tempered. <Janus> He is the leader of their armies. <Rachel_> I know. <Janus> And he is known to the court. <Rachel_> He has a mouth on him. I hope he won't insult too many other hot-blooded Wilders. <Janus> These decisions are not made lightly, Rachel. <Janus> If General Rea comes to Wales, it will be because he is *required*. <Janus> Do you understand? <Janus> :/ <Rachel_> What is going on father? You are preparing for war, aren't you. <Janus> Hopefully not. <Rachel_> And it will be against some terrible foe. House Balor has never fought alongside us before. <Janus> . o O ( That you know of ) <Janus> Mmm.

  • Janus makes a noncommittal noise.
  • Rachel_ crosses her arms and stares at you coolly.

<Janus> We prepare in the hopes that we may avoid it. <Rachel_> Why are you so reluctant to tell me the nature of "it?" <Rachel_> :P <Janus> It is not something that you need to be worrying about. <Janus> You say you have troubles enough of your own, and I do no wish to add to them. <Janus> (not) <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Well, you already have. Obviously, it is something bad. I'm wild with curiosity about it now, too. <Janus> Kolya has seen the Church attempting to make inroads here.

  • Janus relents.

<Rachel_> Oh. <Janus> They are bringing a weapon of terrible power. <Rachel_> Which is? <Janus> A bell of iron. <Elanya> the iron bel... of Deaaaaaaaaath! <Rachel_> o.O <Janus> All who hear it will be... Well. It would be awful. <Janus> But... we aim to stop them before they can use it. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> I am very curious about this. <Janus> Rachel, you should not concern yourself with it. <Janus> Court is to commence as soon as the last of the nobles arrive. We will take care of it. There are more than enough of us.

  • Janus gets to his feet, picking up his scythe.

<Rachel_> There's only a handful of us who are still so susceptible to the old wives' tales about Faerie Folk, like not being able to stand a

 church bell ringing.  And of course I understand the dangers of being cut or stabbed by cold iron, but... a bell made of it?

<Rachel_> It's really quite ingenious. <Janus> Quite. <Rachel_> And also pretty creative, you have to admit. <Rachel_> Kind of ironic.

  • Janus says dryly.
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  • Rachel_ looks up at you.

<Rachel_> I guess it's time for me to go. <Janus> Would you like to stay, for some dinner perhaps?

  • Rachel_ stands up gracefully, a bit disappointed that the conversation's to be cut short, but understanding that you must be busy.

<Janus> At the palace? <Rachel_> . o O (Dinner with *Hayley*.)

  • Janus casually flicks his hair back off his collar.
  • Rachel_ remembers your trick from last time!

<Rachel_> Oh, I don't know... <Rachel_> I'm wondering about the Church in Concordia now, and if they're going to try anything there. <Janus> We have reason to believe their attention was drawn here by a specific incident. <Rachel_> Perhaps I should get back, and summon Father Gabriel... <Janus> Anyway, surely a few hours will not make a difference?

  • Rachel_ muses.

<Rachel_> A specific incident?

  • Rachel_ looks back up at you, curious again.

<Rachel_> What might that have been, pray tell? <Janus> A specific incident which I am not at liberty to discuss.

  • Rachel_ frowns.

<Rachel_> Not even with your daughter, hmm? <Rachel_> How very secret.  :P

  • Janus pinches the bridge of his nose, making a bit of a face.

<Janus> Rachel, I have responsibilities to people other than yourself.

  • Janus says tiredly.

<Rachel_> Of course. <Rachel_> But I am House Eiluned, same as you. It's not sporting for you to hint about all sorts of things when you know I'll just want to

 know about them.

<Rachel_> Anyway, I accept that you can't tell me. <Rachel_> But I'm going to wonder and wonder and wonder now, when I should be doing more important things. That's all. <Janus> Rachel, I only mentioned it so that you would not worry so for your Kingdom. <Janus> Forget it. <Rachel_> Do you also wish to forget about dinner? <Janus> The invitation stands, as always. <Rachel_> Very well... I accept. <Rachel_> . o O (>_<) <Janus> Wonderful! <Rachel_> . o O (An hour at least of having to listen politely to Hayley. I hope you appreciate the things I do for you.) <Janus> I shall send a messenger ahead of us, then. <Rachel_> Of course. Hayley will be joining us, as usual? <Janus> Of course.

  • Janus nods.

<Janus> Mother is meant to be, if she is still feeling well enough.

  • Rachel_ brightens at that prospect.

<Janus> She will be pleased to see you. <Rachel_> I hope she is feeling well enough!

  • Rachel_ is enthusiastic about seeing and talking with Diamond. If you had a heart at all, you might worry about how comfortable this will
 be for poor Hayley. ;)
  • Rachel_ follows you back to the palace for dinner, then.