Rachel and Trolius talk, 8/26/2005

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  • Rachel_ has seemed happier since some time between her going to Aberystwyth to attend on her grandmother (who, rumour has it, was very,
 very sick indeed) and having her father and Hayley come visit Emerald Fields for a couple of days.

<Rachel_> (Inviting Hayley was surprising to most everyone at EF...) <Trolius> (I thought we didn't know how much you loathed her?) <Rachel_> (I don't remember that. You probably had an inkling, anyway...) <Trolius> (back) <Trolius> (for the record ;)

  • Trolius has been pretty cheerful lately s well.... everything seesm to be going well :)
  • Rachel_ is sitting outside in the peach orchard where there is a bit of a breeze, going over some accounting books.

<Rachel_> (So... did Sleet move back with you or what? I still don't know...) <Trolius> 9She waited until janus was done with her, and then came over) <Rachel_> (okay) <Trolius> (I am just trying to think what i shuld be doing here ;)

  • Rachel_ is dressed in a loose white cotton blouse and a long wraparound skirt.

<Rachel_> (You're a guard, if nothing else comes to mind.  ;) )

  • Trolius is wearing trousers that have been hacked off into shorts, and a light unbleached linned shirt, that is stuicking to him in the
 heat..... he looks sprt of lazy and indolent.... so hot :o
  • Rachel_ 's fine hair is pulled back into a (very) loose bun and there is a sharp pencil tucked behind her ear, and another in her hand.
  • Rachel_ murmurs to herself and frowns occasionally, then sets the book aside and stretches.

<Trolius> Afternoon rachel!

  • Rachel_ looks around.

<Trolius> I see I'm not the only one trying to find a nice spot of shade <Rachel_> Oh, hello Trolius.  :) <Rachel_> It's just too stuffy in the house, even with all the louvres open.

  • Trolius nods

<Rachel_> I hope Sir Rhydian isn't suffering too, too much. <Trolius> No kidding. <Trolius> I'm not sure I'l ever *relaly* get used to it :/ <Rachel_> I did warn him, many times.  ;) <Rachel_> But he insisted on coming anyway. <Rachel_> It's hard to get used to it when you keep going back and forth to Aber.

  • Rachel_ agress with you.
  • Trolius nods

<Trolius> I imagine. <Rachel_> But I guess I'm more adaptable than my father, anyway. <Trolius> ceridigion has such nice summer weather\ <Rachel_> He actually wilts here. Seriously. <Trolius> not like here, with the sweltering heat and daily thundershowers... <Trolius> I do like the lightshows though

  • Rachel_ nods.
  • Trolius looks up at the sky, as though expecting it to be darkening already

<Rachel_> It is nice to watch the lightning. <Rachel_> And here at least, you can wear cut-off shorts and no one will raise an eyebrow.

  • Rachel_ smiles at your attire.
  • Trolius grins

<Trolius> Well, I like to think that a comfortable knight is an efficient knight ;) <Trolius> Besides, I'm off duty.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I had guessed as much.

  • Rachel_ regards you pensively for a moment.
  • Trolius raises an eyebrow

<Rachel_> You'll probably kill me, but... I can totally picture you as a beach boy or California surfer. If only it were another age. <Rachel_> ^-^ <Trolius> a what?

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> I'm dating myself again.

  • Rachel_ rests her head back on the tree trunk and reaches up lazily for a peach.

<Rachel_> Has Sleet settled in? <Trolius> eh? <Trolius> that's not fair!

  • Trolius grins

<Trolius> But yes, she's stelling <Trolius> so, who's this? <Rachel_> (I have no idea what you just said, or who you're asking about...) <Trolius> (settling) <Trolius> (and now I'm asking who you are dating ;) <Trolius> whos the lucky guy?

  • Rachel_ gives you an odd look, then ducks her face in her hands and laughs.

<Rachel_> You're funny. <Rachel_> So optimistic. <Trolius> what? <Rachel_> I meant that your not getting my reference to surfers and beach boys was making it painfully clear how old I am, again. <Trolius> ahhh. <Trolius> well, that's a shame. <Rachel_> :P <Trolius> what? <Rachel_> I probably shouldn't be dating anyone anyway, yet. Not until I'm completely back on my own two feet. <Trolius> well, that's fair. <Rachel_> So, there are no boys for me, no. <Trolius> some people might say that meeting the right guy might help you out, but...

  • Trolius shrugs

<Trolius> I'm not saying I'm one of them.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> The King would approve.  ;) <Trolius> heh\

  • Trolius shakes his head

<Trolius> I wonder what happened to me sometimes <Trolius> I never used to get hung up on people...... <Rachel_> How so? <Rachel_> Oh - with Sleet, you mean?

  • Trolius looks soprt of pensive for a minute, and the shakes the thought out of his head

<Trolius> yeah.

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Rachel_> You fell in love.

  • Rachel_ says simpley.

<Trolius> I guess so.

  • Trolius smiles

<Rachel_> I know so. <Rachel_> Well... I'm glad things worked out well for the two of you. <Trolius> I am too

  • Rachel_ smiles slightly, still feeling guilty about the way she treated Sleet.

<Trolius> and thanks. <Trolius> so!

  • Rachel_ shrugs, then bites into her peach, which is very juicy.

<Trolius> what are you working on? <Rachel_> Oh...

  • Rachel_ licks some juice off her chin.

<Rachel_> Just balancing the books... <Trolius> how's that going? <Rachel_> I've been sloppy and neglectful of late. It's quite disgraceful and I don't want Sir Rhydian to see them until I've brought

 them up to date.

<Rachel_> Oh well we're not in the red yet, if that's what you mean. <Trolius> heh\ <Trolius> I was just thinking that he was supposed to be handling them, but that's fair. <Trolius> and about what I expected <Trolius> what have you got him doing? <Rachel_> Right now just familiarising himself with the barony... <Rachel_> He's got a stack of books to read, on loan from Queen Morwen. <Rachel_> Lucky boy.

  • Trolius nods

<Rachel_> I hope to alleviate the tedium by taking him out on a tour of the barony fairly soon. <Trolius> heh, that shoudl kill an hour or two ;p <Rachel_> Oh, you.  :P

  • Trolius grins again
  • Trolius picks a peach

<Rachel_> It will probably be a few days because it will be leisurely and there's to be much opportunity for him to meet my people and get

 to know them a bit, get a feel for where we stand right now on the long road to recovery.

<Rachel_> What they want, what they need, etc. etc. <Rachel_> All that proper leadery stuff.

  • Trolius nods

<Trolius> right :) <Rachel_> Would you be willing to come? Or shall I ask Zahra to accompany us as bodyguard? <Rachel_> I'm leaving Firmin here to continue the sword lessons for those who are interested. <Trolius> I can come, sure <Trolius> I'm curious to see what he's like <Trolius> I haven't really seen too much of him. <Trolius> Different schedules, I suppose

  • Rachel_ nods.
  • Trolius says casually meaning "I've been spending all my tims with sleet" ;)

<Rachel_> No doubt.

  • Rachel_ smirks a bit while concentrating on her peach.
  • Trolius takes a big bite of his, resulting in juice gushing all down his chin >:D

<Rachel_> I ought to send some to Aber as usual, I guess. It's something of a tradition now. <Trolius> peaches?

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I've sent some every year since I got here. It would be a shame to stop now. <Rachel_> Surely someone there appreciates it. <Trolius> they'd be crazy not to <Trolius> it's hardf to get fresh fruit of any kind in some places

      • Longpig is now known as Dovev
  • Rachel_ finishes off her peach, then licks the juice off her fingers.

<Rachel_> Aber's usually got nice berries this time of year so it's nothing special. <Trolius> peaches are different though <Rachel_> Well, bigger, anyway. <Trolius> tastier <Rachel_> Have you never tried a strawberry grown in the hallowed soil of my grandmother's gigantic garden? <Trolius> I have... <Trolius> I don't know thugh <Trolius> Maybe peaches are just more novel still <Trolius> you can grow strawberries just about anywhere

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> Your loyalty to this tiny barony is touching.  ;) <Trolius> Well, I've never had peaches from anywhere else, so I'm not sure how they'd compare, really ;) <Rachel_> Hmmm... <Rachel_> An agricultural fair would be fun. <Trolius> I wonder if the neighbours would be interested? <Rachel_> I was wondering that, too. <Rachel_> If not the lords, then perhaps their subjects. Who doesn't want to have their carrots declared the best of all? <Trolius> true\ <Trolius> we'd need to have an impartial judge, though <Rachel_> I wonder how much it would cost to host a fair... <Rachel_> It would be good for trade, but we'd need to have the infrastructure for it... a pavilion at the very least, for the produce and


<Rachel_> That might be manageable...

  • Trolius nods

<Rachel_> People would want to show off their livestock, too, though... <Trolius> well, maybe it's an idea for the future then.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Or we could start off small. No livestock, just produce and crafts. <Trolius> yeah <Trolius> start with just the locals too, maybe <Rachel_> Well... I had better finish working out these books before launching on some quixotic scheme to build an agricultural fair. <Trolius> yeah maybe <Trolius> but hey, you've got Rhydian now too ;)

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> He has his job cut out for him, pulling my head down from the clouds. <Trolius> . o O ( better than out of your ass ) <Trolius> well, if the King hand picked him,i'm sure he's well qualified

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> I think so.

  • Rachel_ picks another peach.

<Rachel_> I wish I could just take a nap under this tree. It really is quite lovely here. <Trolius> well, why not? <Rachel_> Well, it's not *work*, is it. <Rachel_> ;) <Trolius> pfft, you're the Baroness. <Trolius> the books will keep. <Trolius> You'll work better refreshed :) <Rachel_> I suppose. <Rachel_> I hope you can find something to keep yourself occupied.

  • Rachel_ says, knowing full well that you do. ;)

<Trolius> Ohhh, I'll manage somehow >:D <Rachel_> Very well then. Try not to overexert yuorself.

  • Trolius grins

<Trolius> catch you later!

  • Rachel_ rearranges herself so she's lying on the lovely mossy/grassy lawn beneath the peach tree.
  • Rachel_ yawns and waves to you lazily.
  • Trolius grabs some extra ripe peaches, and will hurry along somewhere
  • Rachel_ cushions her head on her arms and closes her eyes.