Rachel and Rhydian meet, 7/4/2005

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  • Rachel_ is standing by a window in the salon she had arranged to meet Rhydian in, waiting for his arrival. She came early in case he also did.
  • Rhydian is escorted in and announced by a page.
  • Rhydian is wearing a cream-coloured shirt of fine linen, under a deep maroon and gold brocade vest with a matching half cloak slung around his neck, tied with gold cord; and chocolate-brown leather leggings with knee-high boots.
  • Rhydian 's long dark blonde hair is tied back in a loose ponytail.
  • Rachel_ is wearing a simple, light grey gown that looks as though it is woven of gossamer. Her hair is up in a French roll.

<Rhydian> Good afternoon, Princess.

  • Rhydian says with a deep and courteous bow.
  • Rachel_ looks around and smiles politely, but she seems too sad for the smile to really reach her eyes.
  • Rachel_ makes a small, courteous curtsey back.

<Rhydian> I am honoured that you would take the time to speak with me... <Rachel_> Good afternoon to you as well, Sir Rhydian. I am pleased that you forestalled your departure so that I could speak with you. Will you take a seat? <Rhydian> Yes, thank you.

  • Rhydian sits down.
  • Rachel_ glides over to the little table and chairs she had set up for their meeting. There is a teapot under a cozy and a small plate of sweets.
  • Rhydian seems calm and collected, outwardly at least.

<Rachel_> Would you care for some tea? <Rhydian> Yes, thank you.

  • Rhydian accepts graciously.
  • Rachel_ bows to Diamond this once and has a page pour tea for the both of them.
  • Rachel_ thanks the page and he goes back to his post outside the door.

<Rhydian> I see the weather has turned once again to rain...

  • Rhydian remarks conversationally.

<Rachel_> Yes, father is rather partial to rain. <Rhydian> Ah well, at least it held out until after the celebrations were over. <Rhydian> (outside it is somewhat cool and windy compared to the past few days) <Rhydian> It is good welsh weather, anyway.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> Indeed it is. Georgia is quite different - hot and often humid. <Rhydian> So I hear. <Rachel_> And so many mosquitos. >_<

  • Rhydian chuckles a bit.

<Rachel_> But it is nice to eat peaches fresh off the tree.

  • Rachel_ smiles slightly again.

<Rachel_> Have you enjoyed your stay at the castle? <Rhydian> Yes... it's nice to have a change of scenery now and then. <Rhydian> And the people here are most hospitable. <Rachel_> I hope you found plenty of activities to keep you occupied. <Rhydian> Oh yes, quite so.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> Did you visit the libraries at all? They're my father's pride and joy... <Rhydian> On this particular occasion, no... <Rachel_> Ah, a shame. He has gathered quite a collection of books. <Rhydian> Of that I am certain... <Rhydian> His reputation as a scholar is well known.

  • Rachel_ inclines her head graciously. Her dad rocks out. ;D

<Rachel_> So, if you didn't have an opportunity to visit the star attraction, what did you do to keep yourself so busy?

  • Rachel_ smiles kindly.

<Rachel_> (So you won't think I'm criticizing you, that is) <Rhydian> Well, with so many people here right now, I have taken the opportunity to renew some old acquaintances, I suppose... Sharing information, passing on advice... exchanging gossip. ;) <Rachel_> Gossip?! Really? <Rhydian> Also, I do enjoy the Cambrian landscape... there are some lovely trails up through Cwm Rheidol.

  • Rachel_ looks amused.

<Rachel_> Yes, did you get up to Devil's Bridge? <Rhydian> Yes, quite a pleasant ride. <Rachel_> There are some fine horses here... I guess you made their acquaintance. <Rhydian> Exquisite animals. I understand the King has a passion for equestrian pursuits.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> You should see some of the animals he has at his Duchy in Concordia... <Rachel_> I have a colt out of his finest mare and I hope to establish a farm in Emerald Fields some day, with him as the founding sire.

  • Rachel_ seems to brighten up a bit, actually, talking about horses.

<Rhydian> Oh, really?

  • Rachel_ nods.
  • Rhydian seems interested.

<Rachel_> Supposing I can get it off the ground, that is... <Rachel_> We don't have the best pastureland there. <Rhydian> Oh, well, surely that can be managed somehow. <Rachel_> I hope so, but we might have to argue over water rights for irrigation with some less than pleasant neighbours.

  • Rachel_ looks rueful.

<Rhydian> Perhaps a new well...? <Rachel_> If we can find a suitable location, yes. <Rhydian> Of course, I don't know the full details, forgive me if I sound foolish.

  • Rachel_ waves your apology off.

<Rachel_> Well, if you were interested in coming, rest assured I'd fill you in.

  • Rachel_ takes a sip of her tea.

<Rhydian> Of course, I am most interested... <Rhydian> It's a great opportunity.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rhydian> When the King approached me I was quite honoured to have been considered...

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Rachel_> His Majesty believes you show a great deal of promise. <Rachel_> It's pretty far away, though, and no one in my barony yet has mastered Wayfare, though I'm working on it... so I have to rely on others' kindness to come home. <Rachel_> Not to mention, once there, we're pretty isolated too... the Barony is bound on one side by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the rest by other jurisdictions, not all of which are friendly. <Rhydian> I've never been to America... <Rhydian> I've seen some very old books depicting its southern regions, though... <Rhydian> It sounds challenging... and exciting... <Rhydian> Quite different from the Gower. Well, at least from my perspective.

  • Rachel_ smiles again. You get high grades for enthusiasm, anyway.

<Rachel_> Are you at least somewhat familiar with the political structure there? The smaller kingdoms, and the High Queen, then the re-established Parliament of Dreams? <Rachel_> It's a little more complicated than it is here... they seem to cherish bureaucracies on the other side of the ocean.  :P <Rhydian> Yes... Well, it's a much larger area, so you have that many more nobles around to squabble over it. :) <Rachel_> Quite. <Rhydian> I am familiar with the Kingdom of Apples, yes... <Rhydian> Enough to name its subkingdoms at least. <Rhydian> (/s/Apples/Concordia, wtf)

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Emerald Fields is, of course, in the Kingdom of Willows, which has long been held by an Eiluned royal family... <Rhydian> I know something of the Kingdom's tumultuous recent past, of course... and how the Kingdom of Willows was rather a sore point in all of that business. <Rachel_> Yes. <Rachel_> They were among the strongest supporters of the Common Laws that High King Meurig put in place, and High Queen Morwen abolished. Currently, the Willow Throne is empty and being contested at Tara Nar. <Rachel_> There's a lot of political sensitivity between the Commoners and the Sidhe right now, as you can imagine... <Rhydian> Ineed I can. <Rachel_> I'm supposed to be smoothing the way for a commoner Baron or Baroness in Emerald Fields, and hopefully finding someone to fill that position... <Rhydian> (Indeed)

  • Rhydian nods...

<Rachel_> So... I'm not supposed to be there forever. <Rachel_> But I think it's going to be a while yet before things are settled enough to throw a commoner leader to the wolves in the Kingdom of Willows... <Rachel_> If I ever get that task accomplished, I'm not sure where I'd end up next, if anywhere at all. <Rhydian> Well, these things can often take quite some time.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I'm just letting you know that I may not be able to guarantee you a position forever. <Rachel_> But, I'm sure an accomplished advisor would be in demand pretty much anywhere. <Rachel_> And you could probably move on to greater things with ease as well. <Rachel_> . o O (If you're as good as grandfather says... Me, on the other hand... -_-)

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rhydian> I am eager for the experience, however long it may prove to be. <Rachel_> Well, this is new for both of us... but you do come highly recommended. I'd be willing to give things a try if you are. <Rhydian> I would be honoured to assist you.

  • Rachel_ smiles again. This is so weird, she is thinking.

<Rachel_> Well... we're not a terribly rich barony yet but I can offer you a salary of (blah), and of course room and board... <Rhydian> I'm sure that will be more than fine...

  • Rhydian is visibly trying to contain his excitement. :V

<Rachel_> And perhaps a trial period would be advisable, in case you decide that you aren't overly fond of the humidity and mosquitos, after all.

  • Rachel_ smiles again, to put you at ease. She is teasing, kind of.

<Rhydian> I am confident that I will be able to manage, but it is of course up to you... <Rachel_> Let's set a period of six months, after which you are free to stay or go as you wish, and no hard feelings... <Rachel_> . o O (You might hate working for me, who knows...)

  • Rachel_ smiles at his excitement.

<Rhydian> Very well, that is quite fair. :) <Rachel_> You certainly look like you're eager for the challenge.

  • Rachel_ wonders what it's like to be so young. She can't really remember... :o

<Rachel_> How soon would you be willing to come? You'll need time to make arrangements here, pack, say good-bye to friends, etc.. <Rhydian> Well.

  • Rhydian thinks for a moment.

<Rhydian> Would a fortnight be too long? <Rachel_> Not at all. This is a rather large change for you, I think. Are you sure that will be enough? <Rhydian> It should be fine... Things are quite calm at home, and I'm hardly indispensable to my uncle's court...

  • Rachel_ smiles sympathetically.

<Rachel_> Well, than... I'll look forward to having you arrive in a fortnight. <Rhydian> Thank you very much for this opportunty, your Highness... <Rachel_> I'm sure my staff will be excited to meet you as well. <Rhydian> I will not disappoint you.

  • Rhydian says sincerely.

<Rachel_> If you're half as good as His Majesty says, I'm sure you won't.

  • Rachel_ stands up and extends her hand for a shake to seal the deal.
  • Rhydian will take your hand firmly, but not too firmly... His is warm, but dry. :)
  • Rachel_ 's is cool and dry. Her skin is very pale.
  • Rhydian is rather tanned... quite a contrast!