Rachel & Nikolai, 11/10/2002

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  • Nikolai is... waiting for Diamond to acknowledge his existence

<Rachel_> (Well, that's up to you, since she's your character.  :^) )

  • Rachel_ is in a section of lawn closed off for archery practice, practicing her archery.
  • Nikolai will be in the garden, because he likes it there.

<Rachel_> (he can hear the twang-thwack of the arrow being loosed from the bowstring and its subsequent hit of the straw target)

  • Nikolai is reading a book... I can't think of a good one for him to be reading right this second, though.

<Rachel_> (Utopia.  ;^D ) <Nikolai> (I've never read it)

  • Rachel_ 's practice is probably making it hard to read...

<Rachel_> (me neither) <Max> (Walden!) <Nikolai> (I've never read Walden either :() <Nikolai> (I led a sheltered adolescence) <Max> (Walden is about Thoreau living in the woods for two years, and the nature and stuff he observed.) <Rachel_> (how about Machiavelli's the Prince, since he is of House Eiluned... well, I guess that's more an Ailil thing, but the two houses /are/ closely related.) <Nikolai> (I should say the Prince. That would be the obvious choice.) <Nikolai> (The Prince it is) <Rachel_> (I have a copy of it right here in my lap... never read it, though) <Nikolai> (I've *started* to read that quite a few times... ^-^) <Rachel_> (heehee, too boring to continue, or something else?) <Nikolai> (Pretty dry)

  • Nikolai is kind of dozing off...

<Nikolai> *thwack* <Nikolai> *blink* <Rachel_> *twang- THwack*

  • Nikolai closes the book, and stands up.

<Nikolai> . o O (Archery, eh?)

  • Nikolai stretches.

<Rachel_> (the sound of the bow stops momentarily as Rachel moves to collect her arrows from in/around the target)

  • Nikolai strolls towards the archery yard.
  • Rachel_ whistles a tune as she tallies up her score.

<Max> (well, have fun... I'm sleeping.) <Nikolai> (bye Max) <Rachel_> (ok, lates, Max)

      • Max has quit IRC (Karma Timeout.�)
  • Nikolai walks into the yard.

<Nikolai> . o O (Oh, it's her.)

  • Rachel_ is at the far end, near the targets, inspecting the arrows she has gathered. Her bow is at the near end, close to where Nikolai is standing.
  • Nikolai wonders if examing the bow will get him yelled at.
  • Nikolai decides he doesn't care, and picks it up to look it over.
  • Rachel_ is wearing soft brown suede pants, a white, roomy blouse with celtic knotwork trim and leather greaves (like the time Janus saw her).
  • Rachel_ 's hair is tied back out of her face which brings out her delicate pixie-like features.
  • Rachel_ notices Nikolai handling her bow but does not explode as he expects.

<Rachel_> Good morning, Lord Nikolai. <Rachel_> Are you an archer yourself?

  • Rachel_ asks, as she comes towards him.

<Nikolai> Good morning to you, Lady Gwydaine. <Nikolai> I've dabbled.

  • Nikolai says noncommitally.

<Rachel_> Rachel, please. <Rachel_> Lady Rachel, if that makes you more comfortable. <Nikolai> . o O (I wouldn't want to create some crazy sense of *familiarity* between us... :P) <Rachel_> But the last name- that's much too formal. <Nikolai> I would not wish to seem overly familiar, Lady.

  • Nikolai kens the bow.

<Rachel_> Is not 'Nikolai' your given name? <Nikolai> It is. <Rachel_> (it's a plain bow; no magic effects. So when she uses it, it's all her own skill) <Rachel_> Then would you accuse me of being too familiar with you whenever I speak your name?

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Nikolai> I certainly would not.

  • Nikolai is still intent on the bow.

<Rachel_> Well then, my point is made. <Nikolai> . o O (but I have a feeling that if I happen to breathe on you, that would be too familiar)

  • Rachel_ comes to stand beside him, at a chaste distance.

<Rachel_> Would you like to take a few shots? <Nikolai> My Lady, my ideas of familiarity may be different from yours.

  • Rachel_ offers him a fistful of arrows.

<Nikolai> I haven't practiced in a great many years...

  • Nikolai shrugs.

<Nikolai> But it might be amusing.

  • Nikolai takes them from her hand.

<Rachel_> The pull's probably too light for you, but it is a lady's bow.

  • Nikolai watches her face.

<Nikolai> HM.

  • Nikolai turns toward the target.
  • Nikolai takes a few shots... It's obvious he's a bit rusty, but he does alright... Not nearly as skilled as Rachel, probably.
  • Rachel_ is not alarmed by him taking the arrows. There's plenty of room to take them without /touching/ her, unless you touch her intentionally, and that would probably set her off.

<Nikolai> (Right, they're long) <Rachel_> (they are indeed) <Rachel_> Not so bad, my Lord. <Rachel_> I can see that you once were quite a hand with a bow. <Nikolai> I wouldn't say that.

  • Nikolai hands the bow back to her.

<Nikolai> Hm...

  • Nikolai smiles nostalgically.

<Nikolai> Reminds me of summer camp. <Rachel_> Summer camp?

  • Rachel_ laughs.

<Rachel_> Are you telling me I am playing a child's game?

  • Rachel_ isn't offended.

<Rachel_> If so, then it is a very gentle admonition.

  • Nikolai shrugs, almost sheepishly.

<Nikolai> I forget myself, Lady.

  • Rachel_ shrugs.
  • Rachel_ fires off the last couple of arrows; one hits the first ring, the other the second ring.

<Rachel_> I enjoy the bow and arrow because it takes some skill, yet it also gives me time to think. <Nikolai> I take it you've not had to use it in combat, then.

  • Rachel_ turns to look at him.

<Rachel_> I wouldn't say that.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Nikolai> I see. <Nikolai> Hm. <Nikolai> Well, I must be returning to my studies.

  • Nikolai pulls a corner of the book out from his jacket pocket to illustrate.
  • Rachel_ grimaces.

<Rachel_> Ugh, The Prince. <Rachel_> Dry reading. <Nikolai> A bit. <Rachel_> But Machaivelli certainly did understand politics. <Nikolai> Indeed. <Rachel_> Not that I agree with his brand of politics...

  • Nikolai tucks the book away.

<Nikolai> It is nonetheless, an effective one.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I know.

  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Rachel_> I could wish it weren't, but if all my wishes were dross, I'd never lack for Glamour again.

  • Rachel_ looks down at her feet briefly.

<Rachel_> Well-

  • Rachel_ seems awkward suddenly.

<Nikolai> Well? <Rachel_> I suppose I should let you get back to your reading, and fetch my arrows.

  • Nikolai arches an eyebrow.

<Nikolai> . o O (What's this coy routine, now?) <Nikolai> . o O (Bah.)

  • Nikolai nods his head very slightly.

<Rachel_> (hehehe, now who's the suspicious, sexist one? She isn't trying to hit on him... but she thinks it might be nice to discuss politics with someone, and she just said something she probably should not have.) <Nikolai> (I don't think she's hitting on me, exactly) <Nikolai> (More like I think she's trying to suck up because she was such a brat the other day) <Rachel_> (The wishes thing, 'cause it kind of opens a door to her inside... and that's not something you should do, in the backstabbing Eiluned world) <Nikolai> I shall be in the garden... <Nikolai> If you should require someone to hold an apple for you.

  • Rachel_ laughs musically again.

<Rachel_> Do you trust my aim that much, my Lord? <Nikolai> I trust my instincts. <Nikolai> Good day, Lady. <Rachel_> Good day, my Lord. <Rachel_> I will pack up my bow now. <Nikolai> So soon? <Rachel_> Had I known you were trying to study, I wouldn't have come down to disturb your efforts. <Nikolai> Well... <Nikolai> I wasn't trying especially hard, if you can keep a secret. <Nikolai> The Prince doesn't get much better the second or third time through.

  • Rachel_ gives him a slightly incredulous look.

<Rachel_> You didn't have it memorized the first time through?

  • Rachel_ teases.

<Nikolai> Memorization and understanding rarely equate. <Nikolai> I find that rereading texts often provides additional insight... <Rachel_> You're quite right of course... <Rachel_> But one session was quite enough for Machiavelli and I, I'm afraid. <Rachel_> One of my failings, I suppose.

  • Nikolai arches an eyebrow.

<Rachel_> Well. <Rachel_> There are arrows to collect, and you have a book to read. <Nikolai> I shall assist you...

  • Nikolai walks towards the target.

<Rachel_> I /am/ quite capable of collecting them myself, but thank you.

  • Rachel_ walks quickly so she can catch up to him.

<Nikolai> . o O (Always confusing chivalry with chauvinism...)

  • Nikolai has rather nice legs, incidentally.. ^-^

<Rachel_> Have you received word from my grandmother yet? <Nikolai> I've received a few words, but they weren't pleasant. <Rachel_> (Is he wearing those white stickings with knee breeches?  ;^D )

  • Nikolai smiles to himself.

<Rachel_> Oh dear. <Nikolai> (Sure, he is, today... let's say he's dressed in a more spartan version of the outfit I drew Aidan in) <Rachel_> She is a formidable woman, and usually the epitome of etiquette, but I am afraid that when she is in one of her moods, she gets quite carried away... <Nikolai> (fewer ruffles, less lace crap... Niko isn't big on frills) <Rachel_> . o O (Why am I apologizing for my grandmother? /His/ Duke slighted her...) <Nikolai> Well, I can't say that I've minded the visit.

  • Nikolai bends over to pick up some arrows.
  • Rachel_ pulls arrows out from the target.

<Nikolai> The craftsmanship is quite admirable...

  • Nikolai says, looking over one of the missiles.

<Nikolai> Straightforward, but effective. <Rachel_> Oh, one of the stableboys is a fine fletcher. I can't claim any credit for those. <Nikolai> He makes them for you? <Rachel_> Yes.

  • Nikolai asks idly.
  • Nikolai straightens up.

<Rachel_> Little Colin. <Nikolai> . o O (Interesting.) <Rachel_> He is a nice young boy, and if I have my way he will not be a stableboy much longer. <Nikolai> Truly?

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Nikolai> And what would you have him be? <Rachel_> The carpenter needs a new apprentice, and Colin has a fine talent with wood. You can see that in the straghtness and general quality of the arrow shafts.

  • Nikolai nods.

<Rachel_> I discussed it with Colin and he would like to try his hand at larger things... <Rachel_> It's only on hold now because I have to clear things with my grandmother, of course. <Nikolai> And what do you think she will say? <Rachel_> I'd hate to be seen as 'meddling' in her household affairs.

  • Nikolai rocks back a bit on his heels.

<Rachel_> Well, I don't see why she would have a problem with it. <Rachel_> I think it will go over smoothly. <Rachel_> But- it's hard to tell with her, sometimes.

  • Rachel_ shrugs.
  • Nikolai appears thoughtful.
  • Nikolai tucks the hand with the arrows under his other elbow as he taps his chin.

<Rachel_> A penny for your thoughts?

  • Rachel_ tries, smiling.
  • Nikolai looks at her.

<Nikolai> I truly do admire the craftsmanship of these arrows... <Nikolai> I might like to acquire a few for my father... <Nikolai> He collects weapons. <Rachel_> Would you like me to introduce you to Colin? <Nikolai> How much did you pay for them? <Rachel_> He'd be flattered that 'some foreign Lord' would be interested in his arrows. <Nikolai> Hm. <Rachel_> Oh, he gave them to me for free. <Nikolai> I see.

  • Nikolai files that little factoid away for future use.

<Nikolai> Well, that would be smashing.

  • Nikolai smiles charmingly.

<Rachel_> Well, come along then.

  • Rachel_ leads him off towards the stables.
      • Colin_ has joined #changeling

<Rachel_> (note that she never puts out her elbow to be escorted or anything, like another Sidhe woman might...) <Nikolai> (yeah... I'm a bit worried people might think I'm the rude one for not escorting her...)

  • Rachel_ leads Nikolai through the stable doors and rubs the noses of horses affectionately as she passes each one.
  • Nikolai looks appreciatively around the stables.

<Rachel_> Hello, Greyling, how are you this morning? Ah, Tammy, you're looking pretty today, with your mane all braided up... <Rachel_> (etc.)

  • Nikolai smiles to himself as he watches Rachel with the horses...
  • Rachel_ seems to have a real love for animals. (Wonder where she got that from...?)

<Nikolai> . o O (Really is lovely...)

  • Nikolai begins to forget what a snot Rachel was yesterday.

<Rachel_> (until he says something flirtatious and pisses her off, anyway...  ;^D ) <Nikolai> My father keeps horses.

  • Nikolai says for no reason in particular.

<Colin_> Over, Gorse, over! Ow, stepping on me 'oof, you big oaf... <Rachel_> Does he? What kind- oh, that'll be Colin. <Rachel_> Colin? <Nikolai> He has this one Arabian mare he's rather fond of... <Colin_> Yes, Lady? <Nikolai> Calls her... 'Godiva'. <Nikolai> Heh.

  • Rachel_ smiles at the reference.
  • Colin_ pokes his head over a stall door.
  • Colin_ is a ruddy-cheeked Satyr Childling, on the verge of becoming a Wilder. He has a curly brown mat of hair and warm, kindly brown eyes.

<Rachel_> There you are.

  • Rachel_ smiles a friendly smile at Colin.

<Rachel_> But you know what I told you about 'Lady'.

  • Nikolai is still looking around at the horses.

<Colin_> I know, but Her Excellency might be watching, and I don't want her to hear me calling you just plain Rachel.

  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Rachel_> I know. <Rachel_> Look Colin, I've brought someone to meet you.

  • Nikolai swivels his head in the direction of the conversation.

<Rachel_> This is Lord Nikolai. He was admiring the arrows you made for me.

  • Rachel_ gestures towards Nikolai.
  • Nikolai nods.

<Nikolai> Quite well-crafted, I must say.

  • Colin_ blushes and ducks his face down into his chest.

<Colin_> <m> Thank you, my Lord.

  • Colin_ gets over his momentary bashfulness and looks up at Nikolai cheekily.

<Colin_> So, you want some? <Nikolai> I'd be interested in acquiring some, for my father, yes.

  • Colin_ grins a big, wide, white smile.

<Colin_> (he's a cute little bugger of a Satyr) <Colin_> Well... what size is his bow? <Colin_> I can start making some this evening. <Nikolai> (didn't I tell you I'm not interested in pageboys? Well, that also goes for stable boys. ;) <Nikolai> Oh, he has several. <Colin_> (I know, but he is a cute kid) <Nikolai> He's a collector. <Colin_> Oh. Well, how many arrows do you want, and for what sizes of bows?

  • Rachel_ clears her throat.

<Nikolai> Oh just a few. <Rachel_> "How many arrows /would you like/", Colin.

  • Rachel_ corrects his language gently.
  • Nikolai arches an eyebrow at Rachel.
  • Rachel_ seems to have done it almost absently.

<Nikolai> Perhaps eight... Like the ones you made for Lady Gwydaine.

  • Rachel_ 's relationship with Colin seems to be almost motherly. Older sister, anyway.
  • Colin_ flashes a mischievous grin in Rachel's direction.

<Colin_> Sure, I'se can make eight. Eight for each bow, or eight total?

  • Rachel_ shakes her head.

<Nikolai> Eight total... <Rachel_> <m> incorrigible... <Colin_> All right, and what sizes /would you like/, my Lord? <Nikolai> As I said, Lady Gwydaine's would be a perfect size. <Colin_> Sure thing.

  • Colin_ raises his hand to his mouth, ready to spit on it as an Eshu would, but then thinks better of it.
  • Colin_ extends a (somewhat grubby, from grooming horses) hand towards Nikolai to seal the deal.

<Colin_> When /would you like/ them? <Nikolai> I expect I shall be here another few days, so there is no great rush.

  • Rachel_ rolls her eyes in indulgent amusement at the boy's antics.
  • Nikolai takes the offered hand.

<Nikolai> . o O (Ewww... sticky...) <Colin_> All right, my Lord, I'll try to have them ready for when you leave.

  • Nikolai nods.

<Nikolai> Thank you.

  • Colin_ pumps Nikolai's hand.
  • Colin_ lets go after an appropriately-timed length of shaking.
  • Nikolai glances over at Rachel/
  • Rachel_ seems amused by the whole proceedings.
  • Rachel_ turns to look at Nikolai.

<Rachel_> All right? <Nikolai> Quite so.

  • Nikolai smiles.
  • Rachel_ says, by way of asking whether he is satisfied with his business here.
  • Rachel_ directs another sisterly smile towards Colin.

<Rachel_> Thank you, Colin. Have a good afternoon. <Colin_> You too.

  • Colin_ ducks back into the stall and continues grooming Gorse.
  • Rachel_ seems to have a real way with Commoners, if she doesn't with Sidhe. ;^)
  • Nikolai idly wonders what will happen to the sisterly relationship when the kid becomes a wilder...
  • Rachel_ waits for Nikolai to move back down the corridor towards her.

<Rachel_> He reminds me of my brother Tally, a bit.

  • Nikolai ceases his wondering and catches up to Rachel.

<Nikolai> . o O (Oh yes, the common siblings.) <Rachel_> They both have a bit of the Puck in them. <Nikolai> Tally? <Rachel_> Yes, short for Taliesin, after the famous Welsh bard? <Rachel_> Tally himself has a way with words, though they are somewhat more nonsensical than the original's were... <Nikolai> I'm a bit behind on my survey of welsh bards, sadly. <Rachel_> Is that so? <Rachel_> They are a good deal more entertaining than Machiavelli. <Nikolai> It is.

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Nikolai nods solemnly.

<Nikolai> But far less practical, I imagine. <Rachel_> Actually they served a very important purpose within the mortal Welsh society. <Rachel_> They were the historians and teachers of the people. <Rachel_> It was one of the offices of the Druids, being a bard. <Rachel_> But you must know all that and I am just prattling. <Nikolai> Heh. <Rachel_> Well my Lord, you have your arrows. As good as, anyway. Is there anything more I can do for you? <Nikolai> I'm not certain...

  • Nikolai furrows his brows thoughtfully.

<Nikolai> There is one question that perhaps you can answer for me.

  • Rachel_ furrows her brows seriously.

<Rachel_> Well, I can try. Ask away. <Nikolai> Let us say that a young lord were to find a certain young Lady quite intellectually fascinating, and was interested in discussing her particular views and opinions with her further, say, perhaps, over dinner.... *pause* How might he ask her, without putting her on guard?

  • Nikolai looks up.
  • Rachel_ looks like she was taken quite off guard.
  • Nikolai has lovely eyes, with long black lashes... ^-^
  • Rachel_ quickly collects herself, attempting to draw a hand through her hair which is, of course, bound back at the moment so as not to get caught in the bowstrings. So it looks kind of funny, the aborted attempt.

<Rachel_> Ah... <Rachel_> I suppose he might pose the question hypothetically, in a fashion which says it is really not hypothetical at all and is rather endearing, and see what hypothetical answer she might give. <Rachel_> And if she were to answer yes? Hypothetically, of course. <Nikolai> Hypothetically... <Nikolai> He would be pleasantly surprised?

  • Nikolai says honestly.

<Rachel_> No more so than the lady.

  • Rachel_ smiles a bit timidly.

<Rachel_> . o O (What just happened?) <Nikolai> . o O (Did she say yes?) <Nikolai> ... <Rachel_> So... what time, and where?

  • Rachel_ asks, a bit sheepishly.
  • Nikolai smiles.

<Nikolai> This evening?

  • Rachel_ nods, swallowing.

<Rachel_> And... the location? <Nikolai> Well... What would you recommend? <Rachel_> Ah... some place public but quiet. So as to allow for conversation, but not to cause rumours to run rampant? <Rachel_> The garden is nice... <Nikolai> I'm not familiar with the local establishments, I'm afraid. <Nikolai> Oh, the garden. <Nikolai> THat would be... lovely. <Rachel_> Oh- you want to go down into the village? <Rachel_> There is an inn there... but I've never eaten there. It's mortals, and my grandmother prefers to believe mortals don't exist. <Rachel_> The thought of going down there simply had not crossed my mind. <Rachel_> We could do that, or remain here. <Rachel_> The garden is nice, isn't it? <Nikolai> Yes... <Rachel_> And I am getting all giddy. <Rachel_> My apologies. <Nikolai> And we would not have to be as careful with our words. <Nikolai> No apologies needed...

  • Nikolai smiles again.
  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Yes, it would be difficult to discuss political views and the like if we had to couch our words for mortal ears.

  • Rachel_ blushes finally, as the realization of what she has agreed to sinks in. The colour flushes into her cheeks, lighting her whole face up prettily.
  • Rachel_ rolls her eyes up to the sky briefly.

<Rachel_> <m> Honestly, you'd think I was a schoolgirl or something. <Rachel_> So... 7:00 pm? <Rachel_> Or earlier? <Nikolai> I'll look forward to it. <Nikolai> No, seven is a perfectly civilized time.

  • Nikolai grins.
  • Rachel_ nods, smiling with closed lips (it's a genuine smile though; her eyes are swirling cheerful colours)

<Nikolai> (hee hee)

  • Rachel_ looks as if she is preparing to depart.

<Rachel_> Until then? <Nikolai> Well... <Nikolai> Until then.

  • Nikolai bows his head to her.

<Nikolai> ... <Nikolai> Rachel.

  • Rachel_ suppresses the urge to offer her hand to him to kiss. Gah, that's so courtly...
  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Rachel_ nods slightly at him, high colour washing out of her cheeks as she regains control of herself.

<Rachel_> Nikolai.

  • Rachel_ grins in a very ladylike fashion, and then turns to head back to her quarters.

<Nikolai> (so cute. heh heh.)

  • Nikolai will return to his own, with a bit more spring in his step... ^-^

<Nikolai> (the end... for now) <Rachel_> (awwww) <Nikolai> :D <Rachel_> (yes, indeed) <Nikolai> Now I really have to draw Nikolai! :D <Rachel_> heehee!