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Monarch is an ex-cop with extensive mental powers. Some years ago, in her former life as a detective on the LAPD, Kirsten Lamont took a bullet to the brain which left her comatose for several months. When she finally awoke, she discovered that the injury had somehow altered the neural pathways in her brain, granting her the power to focus her mental energies to both control and punish... The injury had also altered her personality substantially, numbing her emotions, and leaving only a drive for harsh, uncompromising justice, something beyond what the police were willing to commit to. Kirsten left her husband (Lawrence Coldwren) and daughter (Penelope Coldwren) to pursue the criminal element on the streets of LA as a merciless masked vigilante until her arrest by fellow police officers. Convicted of several homicides, and labelled a high risk for reoffense, Kirsten was sentenced to life in prison.

A few months in, however, the prison was directed to transfer her to another government facility. There, she was offered a spot on the Suicide Squad; an offer she was really in no position to refuse... She served with them for years, with a regime of therapy and an instinct for self-preservation keeping her more antisocial and violent tendencies in check. She took the name Monarch as a secret identity, underwent extensive plastic surgery to alter her appearance, in order to avoid being connected with her former life. As far as her ex-husband and family know, she elected to serve in the military rather than be incarcerated; she has no contact with them other than child support checks. She now lives under the name of Kirsten Marseille.

Now that the Suicide Squad is defunct, the government, and Rosa Enterprises, have a new need for her skills, as part of Project Menagerie...