Kolya tells Michael about his vision, 10/4/2005

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<Kolya> (alright then. Di and whoever have been off working on their scrying crap, I will have been helping when possibel trying not to get in the way the rest of the time. But one of the times when I am not ther.... whoever you want, really, will get a message from one of the staff that I was out in the gardens, and collapsed, as though in a trance, and have been out of it for a while)\

<Longpig> (Who would be best for me to be? :/ Help me out here, I'm sick)

<Longpig> (I don't wanna be more than one person, either)

<Kolya> (Who would be the most likely to care? It'll probably end up going to one of the top gwydaines though)

<Longpig> (But whatever happens you're well taken care of and someone is to fetch [person I am playing] when you wake up :V)

  • Hayley has made Kolya as comfortable as she can until more help arrives.
  • Hayley has covered him with a coat to keep him warm in the cold weather and is, at the moment, checking his vital signs.
  • Hayley sent a page not long ago to get one of Kolya's bosses, and a healer.
  • Kolya is awake but kind of out of it.
  • Kolya 's pulse was really really slow while he was out, but is starting to recover now
  • Hayley keeps her courage up and is asking you simple, distracting questions, like, what's your name, what day is it.

<Kolya> oh, god, my head...

  • Kolya cradles his head in his hands, but more or les manages to

<Kolya> (answer)

  • Michael_ sweeps into the room, dark and foreboding. He is wearing a long black cape trimmed with sable, over a long, deep red robe with slit sleeves.
  • Hayley glances up and nods courteously at Michael, and hopes he understands why she isn't leaving her patient to jump up and curtsey.

<Hayley> Your Majesty.

  • Kolya sits up a little

<Hayley> He's coming to... he was out for about five minutes.

  • Michael_ looks like all that is terrible and awe-inspiring in the Sidhe; the lines of his face seem more hard and commanding than ever, and the gaze of his black eyes is enough to make even the staunchest of men cringe.
  • Kolya 's forehead seems to be seeping blood... but there is no wound.

<Michael_> Can you stand?

  • Hayley mops at it gently with a clean handkerchief.

<Kolya> Yes.

  • Kolya pulls himself to his feet, partly by leaning against the wall

<Michael_> Good, this is no place to hold counsel.

  • Hayley helps you up, not wanting you to fall again.

<Michael_> Come with me.

  • Hayley regards Kolya with concern... is he wobbly or steady on his feet?
  • Kolya nods, and will follow, with Hayley's help
  • Michael_ is without staff accompaniment, unusually enough.
  • Hayley helps Kolya as best she can - though she is strong, she is very short compared to him.
  • Michael_ will lead you to the room he most commonly uses as an office.

<Kolya> (wobbly.... but not for physcical reasons. more disoriented than weak)

<Michael_> Sit down.

<Kolya> (it's mostly a matter of making sure I don't trip over myself or walk into something/one)

  • Kolya sits
  • Hayley regards the king questioningly... should she stay or leave?
  • Michael_ says as you arrive.
  • Kolya is like a well trained dog -_-

<Michael_> (He does not seem concerned with your presence and is in fact not paying you much attention at all)

<Michael_> Tell me what you have seen.

  • Hayley decides to stay, then.
  • Kolya closes his eyes, and then wipes at his forehead again.
  • Michael_ stands behind the heavy desk in the centre of the room. Backlit by a large window, his winged silhouette seems particularly imposing.

<Kolya> Everything?

  • Hayley is of course hoping to learn something more about Rachel, though it could have been anything that knocked you out this time.

<Michael_> Everything.

  • Kolya asks confirmations that the King wants to know all the horrible details
  • Michael_ 's black eyes seem to bore into you.
  • Kolya glances at Hayley

<Kolya> I was seeing through her again.

  • Hayley waits, torn between wanting to know anything about Rachel or not.

<Kolya> (a quick uncertain look at hayley, I shoud say, as though I'm not sure *you* want to hear everything...)

  • Kolya can't help but fix his full attention on Michael, though.

<Kolya> She was young, just a child. Playing cops and robber with her brothers.

<Kolya> Hiding in the hedge maze.

<Kolya> Tally found her first. Then they changed games. Playing.... veterinarian.

  • Hayley is focused on what Kolya has to say.
  • Kolya sounds like is he repeating by rote... he can't not obey, but on the other hand, it's really disturbing

<Kolya> Aidan was there, but just to watch. Tally started tickling her....

<Kolya> And then...

<Kolya> It changed to rape, again.

<Kolya> Only then, she was back in the room, with Tally, and Aidan watching.

<Kolya> And she's so confused, she can't tell what is real anymore. She thinks it has always been like this.

  • Hayley 's face pales and her eyes change, reflecting the pain she feels about what is happening to Rachel.

<Michael_> Is that everything?

<Kolya> no.

<Michael_> Continue.

<Kolya> I left her. To see if I could learn more.

  • Hayley 's knuckles are white, gripping the back of Kolya's chair.

<Kolya> Everything there was overwhelmingly glamourous... I don't know if any of it was 'real', except for Rachel, or if it was *all* just glamour.

<Kolya> Even the...doubles.

<Kolya> The room is just grey stone, no windows or doors. Small.

  • Kolya gives approximate dimensions.

<Kolya> When they left, something shifted in one of the walls to let them pass, and then everythign was plunged into complete darkness.

<Kolya> I tried to reach her, but she couldn't hear me...

<Kolya> I couldn't leave the room.

<Kolya> After a while.... It seemed like a long time, and she got off the bed, and lie on the floor in a pile of sheets.

<Kolya> I wanted to see if I could touch her, if she could realize I was there, but I never had a chance.

  • Michael_ 's face seems carved of stone, but for a small muscle twitch in his jaw.

<Kolya> I mean... to see if she was wearing the ring

<Kolya> but it was too dark

<Kolya> And then, He shut me out.

<Michael_> Do you think he only realized you were there just then?

<Kolya> I don't know.

<Kolya> Either that, or he didn't want me to touch her.

<Kolya> It seemed like... a long time, that I was there.

<Kolya> Maybe he didn't notice until then.

  • Kolya still sounds a little distant
  • Hayley turns her attention back away from the Sidhe, where it had been inevitably drawn, and looks at Kolya, concerned about him.
  • Hayley gives one of Kolya's shoulders a gentle, sympathetic and grateful squeeze.

<Michael_> Do you have any other impressions?

  • Hayley 's attention is still pretty much transfixed by the kingly sidhe, though.

<Kolya> I don't think he was there at all.... he is just directing this.

<Kolya> I can't think right now.

<Michael_> I see.

<Michael_> Return to your room and rest. We will speak of this again when Janus and the Queen are at liberty to join us.

<Kolya> Yes, your majesty.

<Michael_> As always, your contributions are highly valued.

<Kolya> Thank you, Your Majesty.

<Michael_> That will be all, then.

  • Michael_ seems to loom over the desk.
  • Kolya will stands, more or less manage a bow, and turn to go
  • Hayley can't help but shrink away a bit. She executes a curtsey and is prepared to help Kolya out if he needs it.

<Michael_> Hayley, assist him.

<Hayley> Yes, Your Majesty.

  • Kolya hesitates

<Kolya> Your Majesty, there is one other thing.

  • Hayley stops when Kolya does.

<Michael_> What is it?

  • Michael_ frowns darkly.

<Kolya> About the vision that I had, on my quest...

<Kolya> The child, with the dark wings.

<Michael_> I recall it.

<Michael_> Go on.

<Kolya> ...It might be hers.

<Michael_> I see.

<Michael_> (The room seems to darken a shade..)

  • Kolya shrinks against Hayley
  • Hayley looks away, grieving over this possible new development but not letting Kolya fall.
  • Hayley can't look away long, though. ;_;

<Michael_> Are you quite sure you have told me everything now?

<Kolya> All that I know, Your majesty

<Michael_> Very well.

<Michael_> You may go now.

  • Kolya nods, and bows a again, with a *little*, more dignity
  • Hayley curtseys and assists Kolya out.

<Hayley> (Well, a half curtsey, since she doesn't leave off supporting him)

  • Kolya will leave the room, then, with H's help.
  • Hayley just helps you quietly for a while until she's recovered from being in the presence of a very angry sidhe.
  • Kolya stops once we're out of the room

<Hayley> They're not always like that, are they? When you have something to tell them? It's just because he's so angry already...

<Kolya> what?

<Kolya> ...yes.

<Hayley> ...

<Kolya> Oh god, Hayley, it's *true*

<Hayley> ...

<Hayley> What is?

  • Hayley asks hesitantly.
  • Hayley had assumed it was all true.

<Kolya> The child...

<Hayley> Oh...

  • Hayley nods.

<Kolya> Its all so horrible. how can someone be so horrible?

<Hayley> ...

<Kolya> You can't... you can't imagine how she feels

<Hayley> <w> No, I can't...

  • Kolya slumps down in the hallway

<Hayley> Poor Kolya, you feel it too, don't you?

  • Hayley squats down next to you.

<Kolya> so hurt, so confused...

<Kolya> lost

<Hayley> I never realized...

  • Hayley 's eyes fill up with tears, and she brushes some hair gently off your forehead, in a motherly fashion.

<Kolya> it's never just seeing

  • Hayley enfolds you in a hug.

<Hayley> You're very wonderful, to go through that, for my little girl. But we probably should move elsewhere, Kolya...

<Kolya> So much pain..

<Hayley> (If you're going to keep talking about Rachel not being dead, is what she leaves unsaid.)

<Hayley> I know. I know, Kolya. Can you stand up? Let's get you to your room. We can talk about it more there.

  • Hayley 's eyes are brimming but she doesn't break down. She urges you to get to your feet.
  • Kolya looks over at you, and focuses after a minute, , and then nods, and pushes himself back up to standing against the wall

<Kolya> Sorry

  • Hayley smiles encouragingly.

<Hayley> It's all right. I don't mind.

<Hayley> But we have to be careful.

<Kolya> I'm not really with it

<Hayley> I kind of figured, you're about as coordinated as a drunken moose.

  • Hayley 's voice cracks with strain as she tries to joke.

<Kolya> mmm...

  • Kolya will be led back to his room, and way
  • Hayley frees up one hand to dash at her eyes, and pulls herself together before helping you back to your room.
  • Hayley settles you down on your bed and pulls the covers up over you.

<Hayley> How are you feeling now, Kolya?

<Kolya> ...like an icepick in my brain...

<Kolya> and out the other side

<Hayley> Do you have any painkillers for times like this?

  • Kolya shakes his head

<Kolya> I just feel sick. I can't sort thing

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> It's okay. You don't have to.

  • Hayley strokes your hair away from your forehead.

<Kolya> it would help

<Kolya> Thanks, Hayley

<Hayley> No... thank *you,* Kolya.

<Hayley> You're our strongest connection to Rachel, right now...

<Kolya> maybe not now.

<Kolya> maybe he'll stop me

<Hayley> I suppose it's always possible...

<Hayley> But don't count it as a sure thing until we know it's true.

<Kolya> I don't know what he did

<Kolya> or how he knew I was there

<Hayley> It's all right, Kolya.

<Hayley> Even if you are cut off, Her Majesty still can scry that ring, and His Majesty and Janus are going to make progress with their work, too. I just know it.

  • Hayley smiles bravely.

<Kolya> I hope so.

<Hayley> Well, we'll get her back somehow. I am sure of that.

<Kolya> I just wish I understood

<Kolya> wish it didn't *hurt* so much

<Kolya> Poor Rachel

<Kolya> How will she even know what to think?

<Hayley> I don't know, Kolya... :/

<Hayley> But there are a lot of people who care for her and that's got to count for something.

<Hayley> Especially when you consider who those people are.

<Kolya> I wish she could hear me

<Kolya> I can't reach her, in the dark

<Hayley> :/

<Hayley> We'll have her back, in the light, soon I hope.

<Hayley> Whoever did this has fucked with the wrong family. >:(

<Kolya> yes...

  • Hayley sounds quite murderous there.

<Hayley> You saw His Majesty. I, for one, am glad that anger is not directed at me.

<Hayley> And I could almost feel sorry for the person it is directed at.

<Kolya> its hard to tell though, isn't it? When he looks at you...

<Kolya> you can't say no.

<Hayley> No... you can't. :P

<Kolya> all that hate... it leaks out around the edges, and blots out the sun

  • Kolya sounds just really really drained

<Hayley> ...

<Hayley> Kolya, you should try to sleep.

  • Hayley says gently.

<Hayley> I think it would do you some good.

<Kolya> I'll try

  • Hayley slips her small hand into one of yours and gives it a comforting and grateful squeeze. She then leans over to kiss you gently on the forehead.

<Hayley> Thanks again, Kolya.

<Hayley> (On the part that is not oozing blood)

<Hayley> (So, more on the temple)

<Kolya> (It has probably dried up by this point.)

<Hayley> (Well, it's probably still sore!)

<Hayley> (It wouldn't be nice of me to kiss you right where it hurts)

<Kolya> (fair enough)

<Kolya> (the last little bit of blood has dried into a tear shape, that looks almost like a shining gem)

  • Kolya half smiles a little
  • Hayley smiles back, her eyes a little misty. She looks exceptionally beautiful. Then she gets up and quietly closes the door behind her as she leaves.