Juan Sanchez Rodriguez

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Juan Sanchez Rodriguez (Also known as Juanito) is the half brother of Esperanza, Scion of Baldur. His father was Julio Rodriguez, a baker who his mother Carmen Sanchez married after Esperanza's father disappeared.

Juan was a small time gang member and drug dealer in his home town of San Antonio until he received a batch of drugs tainted with an unknown magical substance by a the Aztec titan Coatlicue. The substance transformed Juan and many others into reptilian chubacabras which fed off of the blood of living creatures. After determining that the Coatlicue was actually recruiting an army to fight on the side of the gods at Ragnarok, Esperanza and her friends managed to secure Juanito's eventual release and freedom in exchange for his temporary service to the titan.

Juan is currently in a cave on the outskirts of San Antonio in a state of hibernation.